Prescot Towntrail - Part 6

At the end of Eccleston Street turn right down Market Place. Market Charters dating from 1333 and 1458 survive at Kings College Cambridge. King Henry VI founded the College in 1445 and gave them the manor and rectory of Prescot. Due to the distance from Cambridge, a local town council called the Court Leet, which used to occupy premises above the shops on Market Place, ran the town. A magnificent Round House was built here in 1812 but was replaced in the 1860s for a covered Market Hall, which has also since been demolished.

At the bottom of market place is Kemble Street which is named after another of the town's former residents. John Philip Kemble was a famous eighteenth century actor who was born at number 93 (now demolished) and was baptised in St Mary's Church in 1759.