Prescot Towntrail - Part 5

If you look to your left upon reaching the crossroads of Atherton and Eccleston Streets, you will see one a former watch making factory, built by the Lancashire Watch Company in 1890. This building is usually known as the 'Flat Iron House' due to its unusual shape. Turning right down Eccleston Street which is one of the main streets in Prescot. Whilst the long thin plots and narrow streets have changed very little since the medieval times most of the buildings are Victorian or more recent. One interesting exception is the half timbered building. One gable is authentic, dating from 1614 (Jacobean) and the other is a Victorian copy. Opposite this building is a group of Georgian Shops. In the centre of this group, which is now a conservation area is Stone Street, a narrow Mediaeval cobbled passageway or ginnel thought to be the narrowest in the country.