Kirkby Town Trail - Part 5

County Road was originally called School Lane and the old Church of England school was situated on the junction with Old Rough Lane. This school, pulled down in the early 1970s, was erected in 1806, and until the 1950s was the only school in Kirkby. From County Road we turn right into Park Brow Drive. Until the 1880s, at the corner of Park Brow Drive and Bullens Road, stood a cross, locally known as the Weeping Stone. In days past local Catholics were not allowed burial in Kirkby and the procession would halt here on the way to Gillmoss. The cross, which lost its cross-piece in the 19th century, now stands, as an obelisk, in St. Chad's Park. Continue to the end of Park Brow Drive and then turn right into Broad Lane, another of the old byways, and then right again into Bewley Drive, formerly called Cat Tail Lane.