Huyton Towntrail - Part 7

Bear to the left down Poplar Bank and turn second right into Civic Way where you will see the new Huyton Library opened in August 1997; the Huyton Suite; and facing this, the Huyton-with-Roby War Memorial. Follow Civic Way to the right and continue forward into Griffiths Road where on the corner to the right stands the old Huyton Library building. At the end of Griffiths Road, turn left past the Post Office then cross the pedestrianised area over to your right into Huyton Hey Road. A short distance along Huyton Hey Road brings you to Park Hall, which comprised the original Congregational Chapel built in 1856, and adjoining school completed in 1861. Retrace your steps back along Huyton Hey Road until you return to the pedestrian zone; at this point, veer to the right into Derby Road which having been altered considerably from the 1960's onwards, now offers a modern block-paved shopping area. The view looking towards St. Michael's Parish Church, the starting point of the tour, having changed dramatically as a result.