Huyton Towntrail - Part 6

At the junction with Blacklow Brow, turn left and follow 'The Rooley' until its junction with Tarbock Road. The Rooley (first recorded in 1343 as Roolowe), was a pathway until the 19th Century, when in 1878, it was adopted as a public road. Between the Rooley and Blacklow Brow stood Ewanville estate, the home of the Beecham family between 1885-1928. Thomas Beecham established a pill manufacturing business, which was continued by his son Joseph with his son Thomas being more renowned as a conductor.

Turn right along Tarbock Road towards the roundabout and just past the petrol station on the left is the old smithy building. Continue along Tarbock Road and walk past the shops on your right, turning right into Blacklow Brow and by walking up the hill you reach Huyton Station (formerly Huyton Gate Station) which dates from 1830. This station was part of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway; the first passenger railway line in the world. Walking under the subway, constructed in the 1870's, you emerge facing Nutgrove Villa on Derby Road, a type of building once common to the central Huyton Village area.