Huyton Towntrail - Part 3

Turning left into Seel Road, continuing along about 100 yards after passing under the railway bridge, is a piece of open ground on your left, formerly the location of Huyton Methodist Church (known as the tin church), which was demolished a few years ago. At the end of Seel Road, turn right into Hall Lane which leads towards Huyton Quarry. It was here that Huyton Quarry Station stood until the 1960's, serving the nearby collieries by a series of branch lines. A short distance along Hall Lane on the left, is the Church of St. Gabriel consecrated in 1894 adjacent to which, are the earlier Parish Rooms. The road on the left here leading to Huyton Industrial Estate, is Ellis Ashton Street, named after a former Vicar of Huyton, who was a benefactor of many townships within Knowsley Borough.