Whiston Origin and History - Part 3

The township of Whiston is historically linked with coal mining, the first reference to which appeared in 1521. Many shafts were sunk around the area including those at Carr Colliery of 1760's; Whiston Colliery of 1802 (closed 1890); Halsnead Colliery of 1802 (closed 1895); but the most familiar pit within the area was at Cronton Colliery which was begun in 1913, the first coal from which was raised in April 1915 (this was originally called the Hulton Colliery Co.). The collieries made good use of branch lines constructed for ease of transportation to a widening market.

In the late 19th Century, the site of the former Whiston Colliery was developed. It opened in 1898 as the Whiston Metallic Brick Works, known as Tushingham's, manufacturing bricks made from a mixture of local clay and shale until its closure in the early 1970's.