Whiston Origin and History - Part 2

Over the centuries, Whiston had many changes in land ownership. The Lords of Whiston and Halsnead were the heads of very influential, powerful families which included: Gernet; Dacre; Travers; Bold; Ogle; Case; Le Norreys; Pemberton; and latterly the Willis family whose descendants owned the Halsnead estate continuously from 1684 until 1929 when it was sold by auction. The Willis family were also the chief landowners within the Whiston district as a whole. The historical building of Halsnead Hall built in the 17th Century, stood until 1932 within the huge wooded area known as Halsnead Park. In recent years, part of the park was converted into a static Caravan Park.

Obviously agriculture was the main employment over many centuries changing little in the process and in 1955 part of Whiston's past was unearthed by the discovery of a medieval spade. Gradually, other industries developed to provide local employment.