St. Nicholas Church, Whiston


Ref. No.: WH92/14
Date of Photo: c. 1930's.

Interior view of St. Nicholas' Church, Whiston showing the altar and stained glass windows. The site was purchased and donated by the Rev. Ellis Ashton, Vicar of Huyton and on 26th May 1864 the foundation stone was laid by Daniel Willis; following on 3rd August 1865 permission was granted by William, Lord Archbishop of York, for holding divine service. The Church consecrated on 30th July 1868 was originally designed to have a spire on the tower but this could not be carried through owing to mining subsidence. Once again the influence of the Willis family can be seen: among the stained glass windows is one on the north side of the chancel erected by H.R.d'A. Willis in memory of his aunt Frances Elizabeth Willis (1799-1874). The Sanctury has an inscription in memory of Richard Atherton d'Anyers Willis, (30/3/1871 - 18/7/1923). The first wedding ceremony took place on 4/10/1869, when Edward Evans married Elizabeth Rylance, who lived at the Engine Inn. The first baptism took place on 30/8/1868, when Margaret Ellen, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Chorley of Tarbock was baptised. The first three vicars were Rev. E.S. Meade (1868-1873), J.H. Scott (1873-1892), and E.J. Wood (1893-1927). The vicarage was erected on a site given by the Earl of Sefton.

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