Carr House Barn, Whiston


Ref. No.: WH7
Date of Photo: 1977.

This barn, along with Carr House on Windy Arbor Road in Whiston, is believed to date from the early sixteenth century. This large outbuilding, the single storey portion at the West end, which is level with the front of the house, being the original building. There is a datestone high up on the gable end but it is barely legible, being so badly eroded. The initials appear to be the same as those on the house but the date is uncertain. The owners claim that before it became illegible it was 1606. It is also built of sandstone with two small windows and a bricked up doorway facing the house and some small windows at the rear looking on to the farmyard. Huge wooden beams, which bear the signs of being hand trimmed, support the roof, which is slated. Built on to this small building is an early ninteenth century two-story barn. Over the bricked up doorway at the front is a stone bearing the initials RWC and the date 1819.These initials relate to Richard Willis and his wife Cecily. The entrance to this building is in the farmyard. The inside walls are of common brick, faced with sandstone outside to match the smaller building and the house. There is no upper floor and the roof timbers are similar to those in the smaller building. Animals had been kept in there; storage for fodder was on a wooden platform which formed a roof over the pens.

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