Carr House, Whiston


Ref. No.: WH6
Date of Photo: 1977.

Parts of this house, situated on Windy Arbour Road, Whiston, are believed to date from the mid- seventeenth century. It is L-shaped and built of red sandstone, except for the north end of the building where the sandstone is of a different variety, being mottled and yellow in appearance. The roof is of slate and there is a distinct line from the ridge down to the foundation of the wall showing the division of the two types of stonework. The windows, which have been modernised, have retained their original outline. On the front of the house is a dummy or bricked up window. On the front of the house is a block which bears the date 1660 and the initials GPA, above this is another block, badly eroded which may possibly have shown a coat of arms. In the garden at the front of the house, there is a well approximately 30 feet deep. Inside the house there are 14 rooms and a cellar. The original fireplace was approximately 9 feet long and 5 feet high. This has been filled in but the original timber beam which supported the chimney breast is still in place. The original construction of the interior can be seen in the top floor room of the south wing. The floor of the room is of the original oak boards in varying widths.

Carr House was formerly part of the Halsnead Estate which was sold by auction in 1929. There was an item in the sale catalogue which read as follows : Carr House - a farmhouse built of stone and slated, containing 2 sitting rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, pantry and dairy downstairs, 4 bedrooms and 2 attics. Farm buildings near to the above include carthorse stable for 4, four pigstys, 2 poultry houses, and a cattle shed.

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