Listen to: Reminiscences of the yard mine



Ref. No.: WFN91
Date of Audio: 1998.

(Frank Shuker) - Quite a lot of people worked in that, what they call the yard mine. That yard mine was a seam of coal, a yard high, the young men who worked in there could not be over 25 years of age because they worked on their stomachs with a pick and hacked the coal out up to 8 hours a day in the yard mine, and I was brought up with half a dozen of the men who worked down that mine.

(Bill Blinkhorn) - The yard seam ran right under Whiston towards Huyton and under the river Mersey right as far as Widnes and quite a lot of it was flooded as it use to drip though the ceiling.

(Frank Shuker) - This is why they closed most of the old pits by the turn of the century because of the flooding, they couldn't cope with it

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