Listen to: Reminiscences of walking to the colliery



Ref. No.: WFN89
Date of Audio: 1998.

(Bill Blinkhorn): Sent the first shaft down and the first coal came up about 1915, and the actual people that worked in that colliery came from the whole of the district, came from Wigan, Skelmersdale, Billinge, you name it, they came there. They lived in what were called colliery houses, which were Halsnead Avenue and Cronton Avenue.

(Frank Shuker): I was born in No. 11 Cronton Avenue. There was a footpath on the side of the railway and the remains of the turnstile, that post is still there. All the workers used to go a mile down the line to the colliery and back each night. My father eventually managed to own a bicycle which was quite something in those days. They cost a lot of money and it took him 2 years to pay for it.

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