Listen to: Reminiscences of a paper round



Ref. No.: WFN85
Date of Audio: 1998.

(Jimmy Hunter) I had to take papers out along Tarbock Road, the shop's still there. I don't know what the name of the shop is now, but when I first started there the name of the people was Upton's and then it changed to Pearson's and the part of the round I had was taking the papers up Roby Road which was where the gentry lived. My mother and my aunt used to call it. Like Tom Stone who lived in the first big house in Roby Road which is demolished and gone, he was a colliery owner.

(Eileen Hume) - Was that Blacklow?

(Jimmy Hunter) - Yes, and his paper had to be there before 6.30 in the morning because he liked to read his paper before he went to work and further up we had a convent, not a convent just nuns in there. They had more big houses. I used to take papers to all these big houses, there was one High Carrs, a home now, I was very fussy about going to that one because it was down a long drive of rhododendrons hanging along the drive.

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