Listen to: Reminiscences of a bread round



Ref. No.: WFN84
Date of Audio: 1998.

"I was born in 1932, so you know how old I was when war broke out and there wasn't much to do, there was a shop on the corner Underwood's which had sweets and what have you, when they had sweets. Well if you look at that building on the corner of St. John's and Tarbock. If you look at it, it was Tudor style and originally built to be a pub but it never ever got the license. Coming up St. John's Road you had Baldwin's which was a bakery. I remember helping him out after I left school for a short while, taking bread out with him with his horse and cart around Huyton Quarry and Whiston, and back along Windy Arbor Road and back along Tarbock Road to Manley Road and down Wheat Hill as far as Pricket's farm"

(Jimmy Hunter)

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