KMBC Coat of Arms


Ref. No.: WFN176
Date of Photo: 1998.

The Coat of Arms comprises a shield, crest supporters, badge and motto.

The gold and blue shield symbolises the heraldry of two families who have played such prominent roles in the history of the area. The crest of the Lathom and Stanleys depicting the 'Eagle and Child' is shown against a gold background of the Lathom shield. The Gold cross is the insignia of the Molyneux family of Sefton.

The bees on either side of the shield are from the arms of Kirkby. The crest which surmounts the shield is comprised of a double coil of cable representing Prescot's industry, with the 'Liver bird' reflecting Liverpool's strong involvement in the history and development of the region. Two griffins are supporting the shield, the gold griffin has three red roses from the arms of Lancashire County Council. The black griffin has gold beak and legs to signify the Bold family from Whiston, and the three gold fleur-de-lys are from the royal arms of John of Gaunt who once owned the manor of Prescot.

The motto is 'Fide et Industria' - By Faith and Industry.

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