Listen to: Reminiscences on making way for the ROF



Ref. No.: WFN156
Date of Audio: 1998.

Now Kirkby has changed very much in 1940, we were told our, well our menfolk who worked for the Earl of Sefton were told to go to Croxeth Hall as the agent had something to tell them and it wasn't very good news for the Kirkby people. And my husband, my late husband, and his uncle they went on bicycles, some went in pony and trap and one or two had to walk there and when they came back I could tell by their faces it was very bad news. So I said 'I'll make us a cup of tea and you had better tell me what you had been told.' I made this cup of tea and I don't think that they were enjoying it one bit, and I said to my husband, 'now what's the news?' he said we have to be out of here in three weeks time!!

The government has requisitioned 743 acres of farm land to build a Royal Ordnance Factory and our cottages were in the way and there was 25 families I think I'm correct in saying 13 cottages and 12 farmers and there was farm sales everyday for three weeks, but anyhow, we had a little extension, we had a terrific fall of snow. I'd never seen snow piling. It was level with the hedges and the children were walking on top of the hedges having a really good time, you couldn't get to school and we didn't have any bread, we always had flour so we didn't starve and we didn't get to any milk for about five days, we must have had Carnation or something. I never had condensed milk because I never liked it. Anyhow, when we going to go there was no houses left as people were moving out they were demolishing their homes, it was really very, very sad.

(Alice Wharton)

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