Listen to: Reminiscence of St Chad's lit by candles



Ref. No.: WFN154
Date of Audio: 1998.

Anyhow, that's the life in Kirkby, but I went to village school and they had oil lamps and coal fires there and I remember St. Chad's being lit by candle light. Now when St Chad's was being built, it was built by the 4th Earl of Sefton, and when it came to the design of the pillars in the church. The farmers of Simonswood and Kirkby could not agree on the design because Simonswood they didn't have a church, a school or a post office, so they had to come and join with us. Anyhow, they settled an arrangement the Kirkby farmers had a circular and the Simonswood farmers had octagonal which you will see when you go to visit the church, and when it was harvest festival, the farmers wives of Simonswood decorated their side and the Kirkby farmers wives would their side. They did not cross over or there would be trouble. Anyway, I remember as I say the church been lit by candle light, It was really lovely and mellow because it is a beautiful church,

(Alice Wharton)

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