Listen to: Reminiscences on bagging time



Ref. No.: WFN153
Date of Audio: 1998.

Now I was seven when the First World war was declared and I had to help to pick potatoes which I did not like, because you were out in the field at eight o'clock in the morning and what you call a break today, we called it bagging time. You would see the farmer's wife coming in a big can with tea and a basket with bacon sandwiches in and I got the name of bagging time was because the horses had to have their nose bags put on, because they had to eat as well. Anyhow, the boy's from Barlow's Lane school, Fazakerley. They were given an extra weeks holiday, to come out to the farm, because labour was very short during the first world war, because a lot of the young men had to go out, and I think that was when women started to work out in the fields.

(Alice Wharton)

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