Stained Glass, St. Mary's Church


Ref. No.: WFN128
Date of Photo: 1998.

Detail from one of the stained glass windows in St. Mary's Church, Knowsley. This window showing 'St. Michael and Victory' is a token of thanksgiving by the Earl and his wife for the safe return from the Great War of their sons, Edward and Oliver. Edward was the father of the 18th Earl but he died in 1938 and so did not live to inherit the title of Earl of Derby, for at the time of his death, he was still known as Lord Stanley. Oliver, during the Second World War, became the Chairman of the London Controlling Section (LCS) which was responsible for passing on false information to the Germans in order to mislead them. At the top of the window is a representation of the Coat of Arms of the Stanleys. Note the laurel wreath in the lower part of the Victory window and the Scales of Justice which are featured in the window portraying St. Michael.

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