Tarbock Origins and History - Part 1

The spelling of the township of Tarbock, named after a local brook, has changed more than any other in the West Derby Hundred. The variations have included Tarboc (1086), Turboc (1245), Terbock (1327), Tarbacke (1637) before it settled on its current form in the late seventeenth century. The township itself is 6 miles from Liverpool, 3.5 miles from Widnes and 2 miles from Prescot.

The Domesday Survey noted that the manor of 'Tarboc' was one of those previously held by the Saxon Thane Dot. The parish along with that of 'Hitune' (Huyton) was granted to Henry II in 1150 before it was given to the Lathom family. Towards the end of the twelfth century the two were split between different branches of the family with Tarbock being assigned to Henry de Lathom. His son Richard was the first to adopt the name 'de Torbock'.