Edward, 13th Earl of Derby


Ref. No.: KN62
Date of Photo: 1834.

Edward, the thirteenth Earl, was the son of Elizabeth Hamilton and the 12th Earl. He married Charlotte Margaret Hornby. It is believed that during his lifetime he spent an estimated £100,000 on building schools and churches. He was an MP from 1796-1832 when he was created a Lord as Baron Stanley of Bickerstaffe.

He was also a great naturalist and his collection of natural history books is world famous. He had a menagerie which he maintained at Knowsley (a kind of forerunner to the Safari Park) and bequeathed a large part of his collection to Liverpool Museum on his death. He was noted for his consideration to his employees.

He was buried in the family vault at Ormskirk after dying on 30th June 1851, with his coffin being made from a favourite oak tree standing within the Knowsley estate. He was the last Earl to be buried at Ormskirk, with the subsequent holders of the title being buried at Knowsley. He was succeeded by his son

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