William, 6th Earl of Derby


Ref. No.: KN53
Date of Photo: 1594.

William, the younger brother of Ferdinando was born in 1561. He married Elizabeth Vere, sister and co heir of Henry, 8th Earl of Oxford in 1594. William was a great traveller, and during his travels it was only by chance that he learned of his father's and brother's deaths.

He returned to England but found his estates had been settled on his brother's daughters under the guardianship of four Bishops and four Temporal Lords. After protracted disputes the 6th Earl was given back his estates in Lathom and Knowsley and the Manor Meriden in the County of Warwick.

In 1637 he made over to his son James (later the 7th Earl) all his properties, except for £1000 per year. He then retired to a house on the River Dee near Chester where he lived until he died on 29th September 1642.

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