Kirkby Waterworks


Ref. No.: KB54
Date of Photo: 1964.

Kirkby Waterworks. The St. Helens Corporation Waterworks Tower, March 1964. This stood between the railway line and the running track north of Ruffwood School. In 1888 St. Helens Corporation approached Lord Sefton with a view to constructing a pumping station for it's increasing needs. He agreed, provided he approved of the design. The Borough Engineer, D.M.F. Gaskin, designed it as a medieval donjon. It was completed in late 1889. The tower itself, including the ornamental chimney, stood 110 feet high. The building contractors were J. and T. Yearsley of St. Helens. It contained over one million bricks and twenty cubic feet of stone. The walls were four feet thick. By the 1960's the tower was redundant, so it was demolished, but not before it gave its name to Kirkby's last estate, Tower Hill.

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