Kirkby Mill


Ref. No.: KB39
Date of Photo: c. 1930's.

View of Kirkby Mill, which was demolished in the 1950s. One of the earliest references to the mill occurs with the death of Sir Ralph de Beetham in 1254. In 1323, Henry de Bootle of Melling appears to have had trouble with flooding. His lands suffered as a result of the erection of a mill dam in Kirkby. At a court hearing the dam was ordered to be taken down. In 1665, when Thomas Gerard sold his lands in Kirkby they included a mill. The mill continued it's existence down the centuries. It is clearly marked on the Manorial Map of Kirkby, dated 1769. A mill and mill pond are marked to the north of the present Mill Lane. The 1891 map shows Kirkby Mill. It appears to have created a mill pond of 1.337 acres. The outlet to the pond discharged southwards via Mill Brook, passing the church of St. Chad, eventually to drain into the River Alt.

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