Huyton Origin and History - Part 5

Railway transport brought inevitable change to the area following the success of Stephenson's Rocket at the nearby Rainhill Trials and the subsequent development of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway in the 1830's. Huyton station remains today a vital link in the local transport system.

Although much of old Huyton village was pulled down in the 1960's to make way for road widening and the Shopping Centre, there are still buildings of note remaining within other parts of the township. These include Hurst House, built around 1830 (now occupied by the clubhouse of the local golf club), and The Hazels, an impressive red brick house of 1764, which for many years was part of the C. F. Mott Teacher Training College on Liverpool Road. During the 19th Century it was also the home for members of the Pilkington family, the glass-makers of St. Helens. The site is once again being developed, with the Hazels becoming a hotel within a new business park complex.