Huyton Origin and History - Part 3

In the 14th Century, the lordship of the 'de Lathom' lands including Huyton, Roby and Knowsley, changed to the Stanley family by marriage. In 1485, Thomas, Lord Stanley, became the first Earl of Derby, a title given to him by Henry VII in appreciation for the Stanley family's support at the Battle of Bosworth. Also around this time the Harrington family acquired the tenancy of the manor of Huyton Hey by marriage. From that time the two families were to figure heavily in Huyton's future.

The descent of the Harringtons remained supporters of the Catholic faith throughout the Reformation period. However, due to broken lines of descent, the manor of Huyton Hey passed to the Molyneux family, later becoming Molyneux-Seel through the female line. A portion of the Molyneux-Seel land Huyton Hey Manor farm on Huyton Hey Road, is the township's oldest surviving secular building. Originally with a datestone of 1670, it was recently renovated and enlarged, and now houses a residential care home. Adjacent to Huyton Hey Manor is a small park area called Paradise, which was made into a children's playground by the local Council after the land was donated by Lady Carr-Saunders (formerly Molyneux-Seel).