Cronton Origin and History - Part 3

The focus of the Town End part of the township is the ruin of Cronton Cross, which is thought to mark a resting place for funeral processions on their way to Farnworth Church. Such crosses were quite common in large parishes which contained several townships, but only one church, although very few of the crosses have survived. The precise age of the cross is unknown although the parish records do contain a reference to it being repaired in 1734. Another cross, on the summit of Pex Hill, was destroyed in 1868 by the Widnes Corporation during the construction of reservoirs, some of which are still in use today.

On the side of Pex Hill is a hole, called 'Molly Top's Hole', from which a stream of water runs. According to local legend, this is the site of a small cave which was used by Molly Top as a hiding place during the Civil War. At the base of the hill, on the Warrington Road, is an interesting row of cottages which were built alongside the 'Bears Paw' Inn. In 1780 they were converted into a workhouse for the poor, reverting back to cottages in 1843 when the new Prescot Union workhouse at Whiston was opened.