Cronton Origin and History - Part 2

For over a century the manor and lands passed through a succession of owners as it became sub-divided into smaller and smaller plots and sold and resold to local land-owners. The Wright family eventually becoming sole owners of the manor in the mid seventeenth century. Successive generations of the family lived at Cronton Hall until 1821 when it was again sold, this time to Mr Bartholomew Bretherton of Rainhill who enlarged the house and grounds that were already there.

Cronton Hall is a prime example of the 'Queen Anne' style house and is now the centre of the Town End Conservation Area, which covers not only the Hall and its outbuildings but also a group of 18th Century farmhouses including Sunnyside, Town End Cottages and Town End Farm, the latter is believed to be the oldest building in the village by virtue of its 1705 datestone. Writing in 1906 the historian Charles Poole, said of Cronton that there was 'none so rich in old houses and ancient landmarks'.