Tarbock Timeline

  • 1086

    Domesday Survey - Tarbock cited as 'Torboc'.

  • 1150

    Parish granted to Henry II.

  • 1207

    Richard de Torbock granted the manor.

  • 1611

    Manor sold to Thomas Sutton.

  • 1614

    Manor sold for £10,500 to Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton Hall.

  • 1684

    Death of William Webster, who bequests money for the poor of the parish which becomes known as Webster's Dole. (WFN148)

  • 1726

    Turnpike Trust between Liverpool and Warrington via Tarbock.

  • 1769

    Earl of Sefton conducts a survey into his estates.

  • 1838

    Hoard of 3rd Century [Roman] coins found on a local farm.

  • 1838

    'Farmers Rest Lodge' established, it held regular meetings at the Brick Wall Inn. (TB5)

  • 1839

    Tarbock Chapel pulled down with the building of a Chapel of Ease (HW11) at Halewood.

  • 1847

    Tarbock Hall appears on the Tithe map (WFN54).

  • 1866

    Tenants provide an illuminated address to the Earl of Sefton to celebrate his forthcoming marriage.

  • 1884

    Post Office and Smithy built rebuilt (WFN8).

  • 1894

    Tarbock becomes part of the newly formed Prescot Rural District Council, renamed the Whiston Rural District Council the following year.

  • 1915

    First coal raised from Cronton Colliery (WH93/20).

  • 1926

    Sale of Tarbock Estate by public auction at the Hare and Hounds Hotel.

  • 1931

    Wooden church hall built at Tarbock Green.

  • 1974

    Local government re-organisation - Tarbock becomes part of the new Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley (WFN176).

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