Sir Rex Harrison

(film and theatre actor)

Born Reginald Carey Harrison, on 5th March 1908, in Huyton (HU92/139). He attended Liverpool College before joining the Liverpool Repertory Theatre in 1924 at the age of 16, making his theatre debut the same year. He remained a member of the company for over twenty years.

He married six times

  1. Marjorie Thomas [French teacher] 1934 (divorced 1942) having 1 son Noel

  2. Lillie Palmer [actress] 1942 (divorced 1957) having 1 son Carey

  3. Kay Kendall [actress] 1957 (died 1959)

  4. Rachel Roberts [actress] 1962 (divorced 1971)

  5. Elizabeth Harris 1972 (divorced 1976)

  6. Mercia Tinker 1978

He made his first film, The Great Game in 1930 but continued to alternate between stage and screen making his Broadway debut in 1936. Due to his poor eyesight he served in the Volunteer Reserve between 1941-1944 eventually becoming Commander of a Home Guard unit.

In 1945 he began a contract with 20th Century Fox, making the film Blithe Spirit in the same year. He played a wide variety of roles including Henry VIII in Anne of a Thousand Days on Broadway (1948-49), Caesar in Cleopatra (1962), the Pope in The Agony and the Ecstacy (1965) and the lead role in Dr Doolittle (1967). Of his forty or so films he is probably best remembered for his role as Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady (1964) for which he was awarded an Oscar.

He was Knighted in June 1989 and died the following year in New York aged 82.

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