Roby Timeline

  • 1066

    Roby listed as 'Rabil', one of the manors held by Uctred

  • 1198

    Robert de Lathom founded Burscough Priory (for Augustinians)

  • 1304

    Robert de Lathom was granted the right to hold a market (Friday) and fair at St Wilfred's

  • 1372

    Thomas de Lathom attempts to establish Roby as a borough

  • 1726

    Liverpool to Prescot turnpike runs through Roby

  • 1761

    Joseph Williamson of Liverpool rebuilt Roby Hall (LS/X/162)

  • 1830

    Liverpool to Manchester railway opened

  • 1840

    Edenhurst built by 13th Earl of Derby for Richard Earle

  • 1849

    Tithe award survey of Roby

  • 1850

    St Bartholomew's Church (HU92/41b) was built thanks to donations from Lord Derby and Ellis Ashton (vicar of St Michael's, Huyton)

  • 1853

    Tower added to St Bartholomew's Church

  • 1875

    St Bartholomew's Church rebuilt (HU192) with a spire being added

  • 1877

    Local Government Board established with Roby, Huyton and Thingwall

  • 1888

    Lancashire County Council formed

  • 1894

    Huyton with Roby Urban District Council formed

  • 1906

    William Bowring, the first elected Lord Mayor of Liverpool, bequeaths Bowring Park to the people

  • 1911

    Bowring Park becomes the first municipal golf course in England

  • 1960s

    Roby Cross (HU71) moved to its present position on Roby Road

  • 1974

    Local government re-organisation - Roby becomes part of the new Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley (WFN176).

  • 1975

    construction of M62 motorway (HU68) through part of Bowring Park

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