Knowsley Village Timeline

  • 1435

    Sir Thomas Stanley, 2nd Lord Stanley created 1st Earl of Derby.

  • 1495

    Henry VII visited Knowsley.

  • 1589

    Shakespeare reputedly performed in a play at Knowsley.

  • 1770's

    Landscaped gardens constructed by Capability Brown.

  • 1780

    The 'Derby' horse race founded by the 12th Earl.

  • 1780's

    Menagerie founded at Knowsley Park.

  • 1820

    Prince Regent George IV entertained at Knowsley Hall.

  • 1841-44

    Church of St. Mary the Virgin built at the expense of 13th Earl of Derby.

  • 1844

    St. Mary's Church (KN15) consecrated.

  • 1871

    A Memorial Chapel including an effigy (KN83) erected by public subscription in St. Mary's Church to the memory of 14th Earl.

  • 1887

    Yew tree planted in the St. Mary's churchyard and celebrations took place in the village to commemorate the Jubilee.

  • 1890

    State dining room (LS/X/46) refurbished at Knowsley Hall.

  • 1899

    Western Gateway to Knowsley Church rebuilt.

  • 1904

    Carved tower screen added to Knowsley Church a gift, of 16th Earl of Derby in gratitude for the safe return of his children from Africa.

  • 1912

    South Wall mosaic of St. Mary's Church started.

  • 1913

    Royal visit to Knowsley by King George V and Queen Mary (KN97).

  • 1915

    Edward George Villiers, 17th Earl of Derby recruited the first Liverpool 'Pals' Battalion (KN92/11) (17th), King's Liverpool Regiment.

  • 1919

    Peace celebrations (MUS1985:20:1) at Knowsley Park.

  • 1923

    A gift of Memorial Windows - 'Victory and Self Sacrifice' given to St. Mary's Church by 17th Earl and his wife.

  • 1930

    Carved oak front cover added to the church font.

  • 1938

    Royal visit to Knowsley by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (KN99).

  • 1945

    Pulpit in memory of Rev. F.A.H. Score added to St. Mary's Church.

  • 1950

    Princess Margaret visits Knowsley Hall.

  • 1954

    Queen Elizabeth II visits Knowsley Hall.

  • 1958

    Opening by Lord Rosebury, of the Memorial Gates (KN93/5) on Knowsley Lane in memory of 17th Earl of Derby.

  • 1971

    Knowsley Safari Park (WFN28) created.

  • 1972

    Grand Lodge (KN141) of Knowsley Estate demolished.

  • 1972

    M57 motorway built crossing part of the Knowsley Park Estate.

  • 1974

    Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley (WFN176) created.

  • 1978

    Dedication of a Chapel in St. Mary's Church, in memory of Maud Cook, popular local school teacher who died in 1974.

  • 1978

    Demolition of Tincle Peg Cottages (KN43).

  • 1981

    Major restoration work carried out at St. Mary's Church.

  • 1994

    Burial in Knowsley St. Mary's Churchyard of Edward, 18th Earl of Derby (WFN138).

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