Huyton Timeline

  • 1086

    Appears in the Domesday Book as 'Hitune'

  • c.1189

    Grant of the Church at Huyton by Robert de Lathom to the Priory he founded at Burscough.

  • 1520

    The Corpse Way (WFN97), a footpath from Tarbock to Huyton in use as a route for burial parties to Huyton Parish Church

  • 1670

    Datestone on Huyton Hey Manor (HU26)

  • 1764

    The Red Hazels (WFN106) built

  • 1819

    The original Huyton Cross (HU174) erected

  • 1830

    Hurst House (WFN45) built

  • 1830

    Huyton railway station (HU41) built; part of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, the first passenger line in the world.

  • 1856

    Parish of St. Agnes formed, followed five years later by the opening of St. Agnes Roman Catholic Chapel (LS/X/135) built on land provided by the Molyneux-Seel family (replaced by a new building in 1965)

  • 1856

    Park Hall (HU187) the original Congregational Chapel built, with a school built alongside in 1861

  • 1860

    Huyton Cricket and Bowling Club (WFN109) in Huyton Lane founded

  • 1872

    Discovery of a Norman Font (WFN145) found buried under the Tower of St Michael's Church

  • 1873

    St. Gabriel's school built in Huyton Quarry also used as a temporary church

  • 1877

    Huyton Local Government Board established

  • 1890

    New Congregational Church (WFN79) built

  • 1894

    Huyton Urban District Council, covering Huyton, Roby and Thingwall formed

  • 1894

    St. Gabriel's Church (WFN108) Huyton Quarry consecrated

  • 1897

    New Cross (HU93/238) erected, replacing the original

  • 1905

    Royal visit by King Edward VII (HU240)

  • 1921

    War Memorial (HU92/140) erected to the Great War dead

  • 1940

    Internment camp (HU94/14) established

  • 1940's

    First of Huyton's post-war housing estates under construction

  • 1960's

    Development of Huyton Village into a shopping centre begins

  • 1974

    Knowsley Metropolitan Borough (WFN176) Council formed

  • 1997

    New Huyton Library(WFN105) building opened in Civic Way

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