Halewood Timeline

  • 13th Century

    Disputes begin over the manor lands between the Holland and Ireland families

  • 15th Century

    Halewood now a separate township from Hale

  • 1628

    The manor of Halewood became part of the dower of Charlotte, (KN137) Countess of Derby.

  • 19th Century

    Halewood still divided between two manors: The Ireland portion held by the Ireland-Blackburnes and the Holland portion by the Earl's of Derby

  • 19th Century

    Halewood crossed by two separate railway links

  • 1839

    Original Chapel of St. Nicholas (HW11) built

  • 1844

    Halewood Parish formed from the civil parishes of Huyton and Childwall

  • 1847

    St. Nicholas Chapel greatly enlarged

  • 1861

    Wesleyan Chapel was built at Halebank

  • 1868

    St. Nicholas (HW76) becomes a rectory and a true Parish Church

  • 1876

    Halewood Village School (HW66) built next door to the Church

  • 1920

    The 'Ireland' portion of Halebank becomes part of the Widnes Corporation

  • 1930

    Land in Halewood North End and part of Halebank held by the 17th Earl of Derby (KN67), was sold to Liverpool Corporation

  • 1950's

    Housing estates including tower blocks (HW63) built to cater for the surge in the population

  • 1963

    Ford Motor Company plant completed at Halewood but in the building of the plant, two ancient moated sites were destroyed: the Old Hutt, and Wrights Moat.

  • 1974

    Halewood became part of the newly created Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley (WFN176).

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