Cronton Timeline

  • c1230

    Mill built by Adam the Carpenter from Upton.

  • 1250

    Township given as alms to Stanlaw Abbey.

  • 1537

    Dissolution of the Monastries, Cronton Manor sold to Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst.

  • 1734

    Cronton Cross (CR9) repaired.

  • 1780

    Bears Paw Cottages (CR8) used as a workhouse for the poor until 1843 when the Prescot Union Workhouse in Whiston was opened

  • 1821

    Cronton Hall (WFN5) sold by the Wright family to Mr Bartholomew Bretherton of Rainhill.

  • 1868

    Pex Hill Cross destroyed by Widnes Corporation during the construction of reservoirs.

  • 1893

    Public Elementary Catholic School built.

  • 1901

    Population of Cronton was 583.

  • 1911

    Catholic Church (WFN158) built, largely due to a donation from Frederick Stapleton-Bretherton of Rainhill.

  • 1974

    Local government re-organisation - Cronton becomes part of the new Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley (WFN176).

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