Wherever possible we have tried to identify and acknowledge copyright ownership of images, but such details have not always been recorded. The information given below is as accurate and correct as we are currently able to determine. Unless otherwise stated all of the photographs with the reference WFN belong to KMBC and have been taken specifically for this project.
    Knowsley Village Copyright Information

  • Aerofilms (KN26);
  • Percy Brennand (KN93/1);
  • Mills Carbonora (KN92/11);
  • Earl of Derby (KN47; KN48; KN49; KN50; KN52; KN53; KN56; KN57; KN58; KN59; KN60; KN61; KN62; KN63; KN65; KN66; KN67; KN69; Kn72; KN73; KN82; KN83; KN84; KN85; KN89; KN90; KN95; KN97; KN98; KN99; KN101; KN105; KN106; KN108; KN109; KN114; KN118; KN137; WFN71);
  • J. Edwards (KN93/20; LS/X/3);
  • Frith (KN13);
  • Mr A. P. King (KN42; KN43);
  • Kingsley Publications (LS/X/39; LS/X/42);
  • Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council [and its predecessors] (KN3; KN4; KN10; KN11; KN12; KN147);
  • Lancashire County Libraries (KN92/13);
  • Stuart Bale (KN119; KN77).