Wherever possible we have tried to identify and acknowledge copyright ownership of images, but such details have not always been recorded. The information given below is as accurate and correct as we are currently able to determine. Unless otherwise stated all of the photographs with the reference WFN belong to KMBC and have been taken specifically for this project.
       General Copyright Information

Particular thanks goes to the Diocesean Office of the Dean of Liverpool for permission to include detailed shots from the tithe maps held at the Lancashire Record Office, Preston. [LRO ref: DLR1/16 Cronton (1843); DLR1/32 Halewood (1843); DRL1/39 Huyton (1850); DLR1/43 Kirkby (1839); DLR1/78 Tarbock (1847)]

The Public Record Office, Kew for permission to include extracts from the census records. The Crown Copyright covering material from the PRO states: "This document may be copied and downloaded for personal and research use only. You must apply to the Public Record Office for permission for any other use."

The Earl of Derby for permitting us access to Knowsley Hall and the Estate and for permission to include photographs of his predecessors.

Prescot Museum for granting us access to photographs, maps and museum objects from their collections and permission to include them on these pages.

Aerofilms for permission to include a number of aerial photographs of townships within the Borough. These images are to be used on the Internet for educational purposes only. You must apply to Aerofilms for permission for any other use.