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Can anyone remember the name of the stone cottages situated at the end of Burrows Lane Lane Ends Prescot. They were opposite the Wellington Public House. I think they were demolished in the 60s.

Jennifer Chadwick <>
Rainhill,Prescot,Merseyside,Sun 30th Dec 2001 , 03:28:04 pm

Any old comrads that have served with the 17/21 Lancer may be we can all get to gether.
any 17/12 Lancers <>
Ilkeston,derbyshire,england,Sat 29th Dec 2001 , 08:11:08 pm

Well after being absent from the site for some time I've decided to add a little more. It's wonderful to read all the comments from people long gone to all points of the compass.
This time it's a message to all my family who at the time of writing are entertaining my daughter Karen. Karen has traveled to England to live there thus reversing the journey I made almost 42 years ago. I'm sure she'll enjoy touring around our little village of Knowsley and meeting all her Hewitt relatives. It's a dead cert that her sides will be aching with laughter before too long. That Scouse humour can't be beaten. So to my brothers Ken, Syd, Bob, Les, Dave, sister Christine and all Karens cousins (1st & 2nd like about60 of them) I hope you find my eldest daughter entrertaining and interested in all you show her. I'd also like to wish you all the very best for the years ahead aand who knows perhaps we'll all meet again some day. I'd also like to say Hi to Eileen Hume and any others that may know me; that I'm not aware of.
I'll be back. Best wishes to all.Allan & Maureen

Allan Hewitt <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Sat 29th Dec 2001 , 02:21:23 pm

I am trying to locate my cousin Patricia (Pat Davis) I do not know her married name. Her Father, Howard at one time owned a furniture store on Bolton Rd, Blackpool and then in Cleveleys.
They used to live on Stanley Ave, Cleveleys. He bought a Pub in Kirby
Lonsdale or Stevens (do not know which)
Pat if you are reading please contact me. Perhaps with a little luck some one may know of you. Gord.

Gordon Blundell <>
Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada.,Mon 17th Dec 2001 , 01:35:48 am
[ Webmaster replies : Again, as I have advised other peole before, I think you would be better advised to contact another web site that actually deals with information about the area you are interested in. Blackpool is quite a way fro Knowsley and most of the people looking at this site are interested particularly in the history of this area. Good luck in your search ]

Does anyone have any information on Bramcote School in Kirkby. If you do could you please contact the Archivist via this site or at Kirkby Library on 443-4291. Thank you.
Fri 14th Dec 2001 , 11:40:05 am
[ Webmaster replies : It would be polite to contact the archivist first yourself! To add any information I need to have a picture that I can add a caption to. Eileen Hume Archivistfor Knowsley MBC ]

I had no idea that my name was also the name of a place! It was fantastic seeing Roby Road and Roby Hall, and seeing the photos and reading the history.
Denise Nicholson nee Roby <>
Basingstoke,Hampshire,England,Thu 13th Dec 2001 , 10:23:30 pm

Really good site,addictive even,nice to be just a click away from memories of home..i lived in southdene (the posh part of Kirkby!!)and went to St Kevs..even Kirkby town clubs gone know what next.
Paul Jewell <>
Essex,u.k,Mon 10th Dec 2001 , 08:25:56 pm

Hello all out there,yes this is a great site.Both Denise(nee Welsh) and I went to St Edmund Arrowsmith from 1964 to 1968.(Susan kernick I have tried to contact you but it keeps coming back).Anyone out there who went to Prescot tech in 1968 on the full time Engineering course?We have lived in New Zealand since 1977.Feel free to contact us.
Geoff and Denise Lovett <>
Auckland,North Harbour,New Zealand,Mon 10th Dec 2001 , 06:45:17 am

Born in Whiston Hospital in 1956.
Attended Whiston Willis Infants (1961 ->)along with David Nuttall Anita Sharrock (sorry, that's all I remember from there).
Moved to Rainhill & attended St Anns C of E primary with John Seton, Jane Vardy, Brian Edwards, Geoff Duckworth, Brian Murphy, Carl Calvert, Ronald Jones, Suzette Key, Denise Stringer, Philip Slater, Alan Preston, Stephen Cyder.

Emigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 1965.

Anyone out there remember me ????

John Meredith <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Fri 07th Dec 2001 , 11:51:00 am

I attended Copley High School, Stalybridge, Cheshire between 1981 - 1986 if anyone remembers me please send a message!!!
Vanessa Thorpe <>
manchester,england,Thu 06th Dec 2001 , 09:28:37 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I suggest you contact Stalybridge library to see if they have a similar web site. This one is centred on Knowsley. However I hope you receive some replies to your question ]

Looking for old schoolfriends. Check out this site.

or for maps of the U.K. (some with aerial photos) try the following.

Tue 04th Dec 2001 , 11:51:34 pm

I found this site looking for maps of the road to Longview from Liverpool for my niece, Samantha. She will visit Liverpool early December to retrace the steps of her father, Edward (Eddie) Clarke.

We moved to 27 Astley Road from Stonefield Road, Dovecot when we were very little. Our house was a 'prefab'. We lived opposite the Hulses. Our friends, the Taylors lived a few doors away. Both Eddie and I went to St. Columbus School before moving the Longview Secondary Modern. We moved to 33 Morecroft when we were in our early teens before migrating to Australia in the late '60's.

I have been back to Liverpool recently with my husband. I was amazed to find that all of the 'pre-fabs' have disappeared. Although, our old school looks the same. Some of my school friends names: Diane, Shirley, Rose Anne, Roy and Ian, Marilyn and Doug.

I was born in 1944, so I was at school in 1954 - 59. I left when I was around 14 and went to work as a dental nurse in Aintree.

The area has changed dramatically since I lived there, but the memories...

Rosemarie Lorenz <>
Moscow,Russia,Mon 03rd Dec 2001 , 09:39:16 am

Hi I went to St Agustines (1989 - 1993) i went to live in sydney in 1987, been back nearly two years now, still havent bumped into many old school mates, if you remember me and want to get in touch e-mail me or use yahoo messanger jakimacuk best wishes jacqui
Jacqui McElhinney (nee Roberts <>
liverpool,england,Sun 02nd Dec 2001 , 06:22:54 pm

Hello. My dad, Arthur Weldon originated from Huyton Quarry, I was born in Liverpool and in 1968 the family moved to Pottery Lane, Whiston. My new school became Whiston County Secondary Modern and I attended from 1969 to 1974.
I'd love to hear from old friends or people who used to know the family (my dad was a taxi driver and also an ice cream man) we had many happy years in Pottery Lane and I made many good friends at School. If anyone is listening, please contact me for a chat.

Dave Weldon <>
Oshawa,Ontario,Canada,Fri 30th Nov 2001 , 11:25:58 pm

great site brings back many memoriesI was at Ruffwood 75 to 81 in shackleton used to be called spider, lived in knowsley village remember Gillian Brache
Irene Ledgesham, Tina Currie ,Carole Mathews some I can only remember first or nick names where you one of them? Drop me a line


Sandra Banawich nee Peers <>
St Helens, Newton le willows,Merseyside,uk,Thu 22nd Nov 2001 , 08:52:40 pm

St Dominic's Secondary School, Lordens Road, Huyton. Class of 60/61. Anyone out there. I was Ann McGachey and I lived in 52 Lordens Road. My sisters are Winnie, Mary and Kay. My dad was Sam and mam was Jane.
We all went to "The Doms" with Father McNamee and Father's Lawn and O'Reilly putting the fear of God up us.
Miss Breen ruled the roost in the junior school and then it was on to "The Big New School" with Mr Creedon. Our form teacher was Mr Bennett who was great. He would cane the hands off us but would not have a word said about us by anyone else. The class members who I remember are Kathleen Cashman, Teresa McGovern, Tricia Donahue, Kathleen Clayton, Geraldine Wakefield, Chris Johnson, Tony Lewis, Kenny Thornley,Francis Collergan,Joyce Jones and many more including my old mate Nancy Geary who I see on a regular basis.
We often talk about our school days and the friends of all those years ago, wondering what ever happened to them.
After leaving school I worked a while in Liverpool and then I went to London and lived there for about 6 years. I married and have two children and two grandchildren and often tell them the great stories I have about my days at The Doms. Mr. Sugden (Library) and Miss Flood,(Art) Miss Whaley,(Needlework)(There she blows)took me four years to knit one mitten on four needles!!!! it's wasn't my strongpoint, and Miss Peck (P.E).
So, that should get someone's memory jogged and if it does and you remember any of those names then get in touch. I would love to hear from you. Take Care

Ann Cox <>
Warrington,Cheshire,England,Wed 21st Nov 2001 , 08:58:27 pm

I happened upon this page by mistake when looking for something else a few months ago, but as yet have not had any replies. I was born at 25 Rusland Road, Southdene, Kirkby in 1958. I lived there with my mum and dad, Mary & Tom Robinson, and my brothers and sisters, Tommy, Brendan, Kenny, Stanley (deceased) James, Margy, Sylvia and Peter. The three older boys attended St Josephs Infant & Junior Schools and the rest of us attended St Lawrences Infant & Junior Schools. The boys then went to St Kevins Comp, and us girls went to St Gregorys Comp. I was there from 1969 - 1974. My dad played quite a big part in the running of Kirkby Sea Cadet Corp in Westvale and four of my brothers were sea cadets there. They then went on to join the Royal Navy. We used to frequent the Royal Navy Club, near to the Town Centre, especially when any of my brothers were home on leave. I have lived in Hemel Hempstead since 1976, when I met my husband,and live here with my husband and three teenage children. My mum and dad left Kirkby in 1977 and moved to Norris Green, where they still live. Tommy lives in Scotland with his wife and two children, Brendan lives in Plymouth with his wife and three children, James lives just around the corner from me with his wife and three children, Kenny, his wife and two children, Margy, her husband and four children, Sylvia and her husband, and Peter, his wife and three children all still live in Liverpool. We spent many happy years living in Kirkby when we were children and often talk about the things we all got up to. Some of the families we grew up with are the MacNamee's, Skarratt's, Linden's, Chambers, Sutton's, Bellair's, Poland's, Murray's, Whittackers (Diane and Paula actually live in Hemel as well), Kelly's, Nurse's, Mills, Brookes, Boardman's, MacKay's, Hodgson's, and loads more. They really were fun days. We come to Liverpool to visit my family and my children love going there. I think they should have been Scousers really, they all have that Scouse charm and humour. I am now a Primary School teacher and love my job, which I'm sure Sister Marie Gallagher, one of my teachers from St Gregory's (now All Saints I'm told) would be pleased to hear. I would love to hear from anyone who attended St Gregory's when I did. I would also love to hear from anyone who knew my family in Kirkby, especially old school chums. I would love to have a school reunion to catch up on the years I have been away. So come on, get in touch and let me know what's happened to all those people I lost touch with over the years.
Best wishes to all
Christine Hazell (Robinson)

Christine Hazell <>
Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire,Mon 19th Nov 2001 , 12:58:25 am

my name is lyn owens ( NEE SPEAKMAN ) i attended st augustines 1965-1970 any one remember me and want to get in touch please email me
lyn marie speakman <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Sat 17th Nov 2001 , 05:11:06 pm

I'm just posting this on the off-chance that there might be someone from my time at St Kevins looking at this site.

I was born in Aintree but moved to Kirkby as it was being built in the early 50s. We lived in the flats at the corner of Bullens Road (yes there were once flats on that corner) and I went to St Lawrences opposite.

In 1959 I was in the first ever first-year at St Kevins (in Class 1P sitting next to Andy MacDonald with Roger McGeoff as formmaster). It shared grounds with St Gregs in those days. When it moved to Roughwood Drive the next year I was put in Campion (?) House.

We moved to Northwood (Linslade Crescent) and I stayed on at St Kevins until 1967, when I went off to college.
Very few of us in the first sixth forms came back to Kirkby after college.

I had my first brush with politics supporting Screaming Lord Sutch against Harold Wilson in the 60's (we fought on a policy of lowering the voting age to 18).

I was also in the ATC and drew-up the plans for the hut that was built on the St Kevins site - and then got permission for it to be used as the 6th form room.

Paul Martin <>
Chelmsford,Sat 17th Nov 2001 , 03:54:06 am

Interesting site.Good memories growing up in Dinas Lane. Went to Park View in the 50's and then to Wade Deacon. Taught in Kirkby a couple of years before emigrating to Canada in '69. Keep up the good work.
Tom Roberts <>
RR 4 Huntsville,Ontario,Canada,Sat 17th Nov 2001 , 03:30:51 am

Visited this site again with my wife in tow... I attended St Augustine of Canterbury 1965-1971 my wife Patricia Griffiths attended Seel Road 1967-1973 Noticed that most hits from this area are from Seel road ex-pupils, come on Guzzies get in touch. Great web site .

Tom Kelly <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Fri 16th Nov 2001 , 06:54:37 pm

Can anyone help me with information on the Edwards family from Pennard Ave. I am looking for a Brian Edwards,who attended Longview School,his DOB is 24 August 1943. There were 5 brothers and 1 sister peggy. Parents were EDWARD and AGNES(maiden name PEAT)
Any information would be kindly received. Brian Edwards also walked with a limp in one leg,due to disease. Can anyone help?
If so please get intouched,thanks Shirlie

Shirlie H <>
Liverpool,England,Fri 16th Nov 2001 , 12:24:00 am

Very interesting. My mum and her family lived in Longview Drive in Huyton so I thought I'd have a look.She's 58 now, her maiden name was McGurty and she now lives in Burry Port.(South Wales)Two other sisters Christine & Valerie also moved down here to live, anyone that remembers them or any of the other McGurty brothers/sisters (there are 12 all together)please get in touch we'd love to hear from you.
Patricia <>
Swansea,Carmarthenshire,South Wales,Thu 15th Nov 2001 , 02:13:21 pm

Not long returned to live in Huyton after 17 years away, great to see all the old photos, attended st Augustine of Canterbury 1965 - 1971 believe there are frequent reunions, would appreciate any information
Tom Kelly <>
Huyton Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Wed 14th Nov 2001 , 12:34:35 pm

Anyone out there who went to St Dominics (1958-1963) senior school as it was then.
warrington,cheshire,england,Sun 11th Nov 2001 , 09:13:55 pm

TERRY O'BYRNE.I attended ruffwood comp between 1979-1984.I as in shakespeare,The heads were MR NEWTON and MISS BACKHOUSE.MR HOPE was are tutor. Do you remember going to ormside and the laugh's we had.Some of the people in my class of 84 were DEBBIE LEWIS. JOANNE BROWN. KARL THEAKER.CHRIS WELLER.ANDREW FITZGIBBON.JULIE HAUGE.JANETTE ROBERTS. ALAN MOON. It would be good to hear from somebody, Get in touch.
Terry O'Byrne <>
Middlesbrough,Teesside,England,Tue 06th Nov 2001 , 09:17:25 pm

My name is Muriel Brown and I am looking for my Bridesmaid some 55 years ago.Her name is Gwen Waite and she married a chap called Wilf and went to live in Emu Heights,Emu Plains Australia.
Perhaps there is someone out there who could help.

Muriel Brown <>
Holt,Norfolk,England.UK,Mon 05th Nov 2001 , 11:48:23 pm

Hi Folks,
Further to my e-mail of a couple of weeks ago, I ahve an update that perhaps somebody can help me with.
I am now looking for connections with the surnames Rushton , Thompson , Davies and Davidson in the 1800's. These people were born/lived in the village of Knowsley. If any one has any info I would love to hear from you.

Regards Susan Adams.

Susan Adams <>
tamworth,Staffordshire,England,Mon 05th Nov 2001 , 10:28:44 pm

I found this great site
You can look up old school friends there, find schools in different locations and leave your message. Try it.

Jennifer Chadwick <>
Rainhill Prescot,Liverpool,Merseyside,Sun 04th Nov 2001 , 06:39:30 pm

For anyone wishing to contact or just see what happenned to old school friends, may I suggest the following site.

I was kind of wondering if this site could do brief histories of the main school in the area. It would be an interesting read.

Good site.

Neil Wells <>
Fri 02nd Nov 2001 , 11:23:07 am

I'd Like to firstly thank this site for being here,
This is truely an awesome site and I love it,
And next...a big thankyou to all the ex-St Kev's lads who got in touch,
My St Kevins School site is now working and although it hasn't much on it at the moment I'd like to invite everyone to visit,
the address is:
I'd especialy like to thank the archavist from Kirkby library who has helped and encouraged me,
and thank her for all the hard work she does keeping this site going.

pelucider <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,UK,Tue 30th Oct 2001 , 09:15:34 pm

Thanks for a very informative site.
The old photographs were particularly useful as they show my old house at I Archway Road, Huyton. Despite all the old photos I have found I could not get one of the house attached to the old police station.I was lived in Huyton from 1953 till 1963. If anyone remembers me please get in touch. Ther are two old photos of the infants school on the friendsreunited site for all interested to see.

Stephen Wearden <>
Lancaster,Lancashire,England,Tue 30th Oct 2001 , 02:53:49 pm

any one go to st columbas comp huyton
donna dwyer <>
jersey,uk,Wed 24th Oct 2001 , 01:58:32 pm

Looking for PAULINE WYNN.lived in kirby
and moved to north wales.
She was our bridesmaid at our wedding
lost contact with her,would love to hear from someone that know's her.

TORONTO,ONTARIO,CANADA,Tue 23rd Oct 2001 , 03:34:10 pm

I would like to find anyone who attended St.Edmund Arrowsmith school in Whiston from 1964 to 1968.

Susan Kelly nee Kernick <>
Prescot,Merseyside,England,Sun 21st Oct 2001 , 08:57:33 pm

For some reason St Kevins school formally at Roughwood drive doesn't seem to have existed as far as photographs go..
I was thinking that as an ex-pupil it would be a great idea to build a website where ex-pupils could visit and leave there memories good and bad of the school,
I wonder if anybody out there has any photographs of the school that they might send me of St kev's?
A website without pics just wouldn't work and it seems such a shame that the memories of the place are seemingly lost forever,

pelucider <>
Liverpool,Wed 17th Oct 2001 , 07:26:57 pm

Well Karen, remember all those things, but can go further back! What about "Five O'Clock Club", "Crackerjack" "How?" can remember watching all of them! The long summer evenings when the mums would come out and play skipping or rounders with us. Never mind 25p , sixpence (an old one!) used to buy you a mars bar or a flake, they were the expensive sweets! But the best treat of all was a ninety-niner from Mr. Whippy the best way to end a summer play-out before you got called in to get ready for bed! Ah, those were the days!!!
Wed 17th Oct 2001 , 04:21:49 pm

got great results from first visit, and came back still brilliant - but ann pickavance australia u gave wrong e mail address and cant get through, please e mail again. wendy milner
wendy milner <>
st mattinas,corfu,greece,Wed 17th Oct 2001 , 01:06:36 pm

Brilliant site both myself and hubby been in Kirkby all our lives. If anyone has any old photo's of Towerhill would be very grateful and especially any of St Kevins School as hubby is planning to make a website about it. Thanks to all.
Wendy Hopley <>
Kirkby,Liverpool,England,Tue 16th Oct 2001 , 11:08:22 pm

Karen what a memory you have got I only remembered because of your memories and thanks for them
sharon oneill
Tue 16th Oct 2001 , 10:49:18 pm

I would like to find Valerie Halliwell who lives in Bury Has a son called Nick
She works as a Artist in waterfoot.
Also Nicholas Kirkby

Louise Johnson <>
Rawtenstall,Rossendale Valley,UK,Mon 15th Oct 2001 , 04:19:05 pm

Close your eyes ....... go back in time ....... before the Internet or the Mac. Before semi-automatics, joy riders and crack..... before SEGA or Super Nintendo.....way back.....I'm talking about Hide and Seek in the park, the corner shop, Hopscotch, Butterscotch, skipping, handstands, football with an old can, Farmer Farmer, Beano, Twinkle, Roly Poly and Hula Hoops.

Jumping the stream, Building dams, the smell of the sun and fresh cut grass, Bazooka Joe bubble gum, an ice cream cone on a warm summer night from the van that plays a tune - Chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or maybe Neapolitan.

Wait.......watching Saturday morning cartoons. Short commercials. The Double Deckers. Road Runner. He-Man. Swapshop. Why Don't You. Bugs or staying up for Star trek.

When around the corner seemed far away and going into town seemed like going somewhere. A million mosquito bites, wasp and bee stings. Sticky fingers. Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, Zorro. Climbing trees, Building igloos out of snow banks, walking to school, no matter what the weather. Running till you were out of breath. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt. Jumping on the bed. Pillow fights.

Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles. Being tired from playing… Remember that? The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team. Water balloons were the ultimate weapon. Football cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle.

I'm not finished just yet ....... Eating raw jelly, orange squash ice pops. Remember when ..... there were two types of trainers - girls or boys, Dunlop Green Flash and the only time you wore them at school, was for "gym". You knew everyone in your street - and so did your parents! It wasn't odd to have two or three "best" friends. You didn't sleep a wink on Christmas eve. When nobody owned a pure bred dog. When 25p was a decent allowance. When you'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny. When nearly everyone's mum was at home when the kids got there.

It was magic when dad would "remove" his thumb. When it was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents. When any parent could discipline any kid, or feed him or use him to carry groceries and nobody, not even the kid, thought a thing of it. When being sent to the head's office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited a misbehaving student at home.

Basically, we were in fear for our lives but it wasn't because of drive-by shootings, drugs, gangs, etc. Our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat! Some of us are still afraid of them!!!

Didn't that feel good? Just to go back and say, Yeah, I remember that!

Remember when ....

Decisions were made by going "eeny- meeny- miney-mo". "Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest. Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in "Monopoly". The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was germs and the worst thing in your day was having to sit next to one. It was unbelievable that dodge ball wasn't an Olympic event. Having a weapon in school meant being caught with a catapult.

Nobody was prettier than Mum. Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better. Taking drugs meant orange-flavoured chewable aspirin. Ice cream was considered a basic food group. Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true. Abilities were discovered because of a "double-dare". Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the fiercest protectors.

If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED!!!!
Pass this on to anyone who may need a break from their "grown up" life.......


Sun 14th Oct 2001 , 11:54:02 pm

what a great site. stumbled across it while looking for anyone who attenended whiston secondary modern schools for girls in the late 50's early 60's. there must be someone out there. lots of info and brought back some great memories. will certainly log on again. in the meantime pat hunter avril worrall rita pumford jane fenwick - anyone know where they are? e mail at
wendy milner nee ryder <>
corfu,greece,Sat 13th Oct 2001 , 01:36:17 pm

Gday everyone.....well what a good site...well im after anyone who is a Halhead or who might be related..i am about to hed around the world and would love to get in contact with anyone that mite be a rellie...drop me a line on my email...

kim halhead <>
Wagga Wagga,nsw,Australia,Sat 13th Oct 2001 , 06:44:23 am

hi, just starting the process of tracing the family tree but hitting a brick wall. mother = mary winifred francis (woolfall crescent), dad = joseph albert cavangh (fazackerley). they married 1963, i was born 1964. they then moved to halewood, and then to walton. i went to st. peters rc infants & junior, then to sfx in woolton. any leads appreciated. cheers
steve cavanagh

steve cavanagh <>
nottingham,notts,england,Thu 11th Oct 2001 , 10:01:57 pm

Hi! Thanks for the great site!
I'm after any information on my ANCESTORS that came from the area as far back as the 1820s. They were the GRIFFITHS FAMILY. The children were nearly all baptised at ST. PETERS, LIVERPOOL.
Also would like to know the origins of GRIFFITHS Street in Huyton, or any other Griffith Streets in the area.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Yvonne Hewitt <>
East Devonport,Tasmania,Australia.,Thu 11th Oct 2001 , 01:02:38 pm

Always nice to come back and see what's new, even though I speak to my family in Westvale weekly! Hi to Alison saw your entry for the 18th/9 so obviously you are ok and you are still on line, but obviously not to my part of the world! Was it something I said? Whatever!
Lorraine <>
Dubai,U.A.E.,Wed 10th Oct 2001 , 02:34:21 pm

A very useful site, especially the photographs of Knowsley Hall.

I am looking for Knowsley Estate workers lists for the period 1890 to 1915 in order to locate my great-grandfather William Robert Evans coachman to Lord Derby.
I would really appreciate any help.

Also, was there ever a pub at Prescot in the 1930's called the Swan?

Ian Gerrard <>
Borough Green,Kent,England,Sun 07th Oct 2001 , 05:08:21 pm
[ Webmaster replies : At Knowsley Archives we do not hold any documents concerning the Knowsley Estate. You could try contacting Knowsley Hall directly but I seem to remember they do not have any Estate workers lists either. The other sources for information on the Derby family and Knowsley Estate is either the Lancashire Record Office in Preston or else Liverpool Record Office hold the political papers for the family ]

I am trying to locate the wereabouts of five friends of Lilly Cassidys who worked together at the jacobs factory some years ago but have lost touch they are margaret davies (norris green area)
Mary Mcnab (Everton area)
George Barnes / George Marn
and Margaret Banaman (Everton area) if any of the known are reading this Lilly would love to see you all again or if there are any friends or reletives whi know the wereabouts of the people mentioned please could you contact

David Allen
Stockbridge Village Locality Centre
Spruce Grove
Stockbridge Village
L28 1NW

Tel - 0151 489 3001

I am a care worker working at the above centre and I am helping Lilly to trace the wereabouts of these friends


David Allen <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Thu 04th Oct 2001 , 09:48:00 pm

trying to locate any sons or daughters of the late barkley and loiuse coomer. last known address 129 brasenose road liverpool near the dock my uncle use to work on the docks last time i saw him was at my fathers funeral in 1972 my fathers name was john mccormick
bill jolley <>
wigan,lancashire,england,Wed 03rd Oct 2001 , 09:52:17 pm

Thank you very much for an interesting site.
Colin Buckley <>
Liverpool,Wed 03rd Oct 2001 , 02:38:32 pm

My grandparents John Skellorn and Ethel Skellorn nee Brennand worked for the Derby/ Stanley Estates (training greyhounds) and my mother Ethel Skellorn(1920-2000) attended Knowsley School and Upholland Grammar School.
Margaret West <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Wed 03rd Oct 2001 , 09:10:20 am

I am researching the surnames Grace & Wright. Know that my gt x 3 Grandparents Thomas Grace and wife Esther nee Woods lived at the Old Hutte Halewood and also that Mark Wright and his wife Jane Grace farmed at Crofts Farm. Would appreciate any information regarding the Halewood history. I lived in the merseyside area and went to Childwall Valley High School in the 1940s. Maiden name Webster. Hope to hear from anyone who has infomation on Wright or Grace or maybe attended the same school. Thank you Maureen Reid
Maureen Reid <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Mon 01st Oct 2001 , 01:42:34 pm

Not been here for a while.I'm amazed at the number of people who revisit this site from time to i'm one of them...the name?
Age 50...yes very sad!.
Lived at:135 Cherryfield Drive
Between: 1958 - 1971
Schools: St.Josephs:St.Patricks;St.Kevins
Kirkby College Of FE:
Where are all the People I knew?
If you know the whereabouts of the
lost crowd...or are you one of them?
give us a call.

Peter Nash <>
Standish,Lancashire,England,Sun 30th Sep 2001 , 01:54:20 pm

Does anyone know me from Hey Comprehensive, attended from 1969-1974. I still keep in touch with Wendy Noonan (nee Pugh) and Lynn Clarke. The Headmistress' name was Miss Shapel (I think thats how its spelt) and my form teacher was the science teacher, Mr McHardy. He used to make naughty children eat grass on the field.
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Fri 28th Sep 2001 , 03:21:53 pm

to mathew I went to school with the girl that lived at #1 in fact ny aunt lived at #11 emstrey..Remember the big yank they had 4 boys and 1 girl who would have been the same age as you....
alison <>
Sun 23rd Sep 2001 , 12:31:11 am

Thank you very much for an interesting site.I am interested to hear if any one has any information re my grand and great grand-parents. I have only a limited amount of information so far, but here's hoping!
My great grandmother was I believe Bn in 1868. I have no surname for her.
She married a farmer/labourer surname Davies and lived/worked on the Knowsley estate around 1890 - 1900.
They lived at Tincle Peg cottages on the estate.
Ada gave birth to a daughter,Caroline on the 11th April 1900.
Apparrently 24hrs after the birth,Davis killed himself by drowning in a barrel of water at the rear of the cottages because he could not pay the midwife.
This left Ada homeless and I believe she may have been sent to the Knowsley Water works.
Ada and her daughter finally left to live at 34 Factory row, St.Helens date not known, to marry a Charles Bolton.
If any one has any knowledge of any of the above events, please please contact me. Thank you very much.
Susan Adams, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Susan Adams <>
tamworth,Staffordshire,England,Thu 20th Sep 2001 , 02:22:05 pm

It sure is a small world,to the guy from Emstrey Walk I remember Mrs. Gannon I believe I went to school with her daughter.Also my aunt and uncle lived at 11(the big yank)My aunt died my uncle moved back to the states...
xstepgirl <>
bufalo,new york,u.s.a.,Tue 18th Sep 2001 , 09:20:14 pm

maureen baker <>
orrell park,liverpool,Tue 18th Sep 2001 , 06:25:56 pm

Looking for an old friend named John Tyrer he will be 53 yeaers , went to Huyton Hey early 1960's, used to live on Oak road, had a sister named Val, if anyone knows where he is, would love to hear from him, and to know how he's doing, Thanks,
Barb Sharpe (nee Jones) <>
Port Coquitlam,British Columbia,Canada,Tue 18th Sep 2001 , 09:13:54 am

I came here to find some background or History of where my relatives lived. I found it all!! but where is LONGMEADOW ROAD please? I was told it was near to Tithebarn Road? Couldnt find it but a truly WONDERFUL HISTORICAL TOUR! Congrats. to everyone. My Family are RIMMER/KEENAN/CATTRALL. I enjoyed every minute & will visit again. Thanks
Kevin Perrett <>
Newport,South Wales,UK,Sun 16th Sep 2001 , 08:22:11 pm

Idon't know you but my aunt Teresa lived on Emstry Walk for many years and I recall Iwent to school with the girl who lived at number 1, was It Susan??
zstepgirl <>
buffalo,n.y.,u.s.a.,Sat 15th Sep 2001 , 09:58:31 am

would like to hear from anyone who attended Huyton Secondary Modern between 1958 / 1963 i resided at 57 beechburn crescent near the Dovecot pub
Les Edwards <>
Dunstable,Bedfordshire,UK,Fri 14th Sep 2001 , 02:35:36 pm

would like to hear from anyone who attended Huyton Secondary Modern between 1958 / 1963 i resided at 57 beechburn crescent near the Dovecot pub i would also like to hear from all at Martin @ Gould (clothing firm )at Tarleton St in the Pool opposite Yates i worked their from 1964 / 1966
Les Edwards <>
Dunstable,Bedfordshire,UK,Fri 14th Sep 2001 , 02:17:25 pm

Liverpool,Mon 10th Sep 2001 , 07:31:46 pm

Iam 50 years old and have lived in Kirkby most of my life from 1955 to 1972 I lived in Emstry walk in westvale i would like to get in touch with any of the Gannon family who lived in number 1 and all so any of the LENNON FAMILY WHO EMIGRATED to Australia in the early 60s
matthew paul De-gier <>
kirkby,merseyside,england,Sat 08th Sep 2001 , 12:29:20 am

hello to lorraine... alison here I left st.gregs in early seventies moved to n.y.been here 26 years I get home every few years Ill always be a scouser, write me when you get a chance...
alison w <>
buffalo,n.y. usa,u.s.a.,Tue 04th Sep 2001 , 04:24:50 am


I was born in 1978, and lived on Boundary Rd in HUYTON. I went to ST.AGNES ( 1989) and ST.THOMAS BECKETT (1995).
Have the best memories growing up on "The Johns".
I moved to the states in 1995 and I am still!
Love to hear from anyone I went to school or grew up with.

Nicky Gallagher

Nicola Gallagher <>
Columbus,Ohio,USA,Tue 04th Sep 2001 , 02:44:17 am

Great site.Iam researching my family in Knowsley and am interested in obtaining information re Delph Cottages, School Lane I was born there in 1932 Nurse Forsyth attended my mother(demolished in the 1950s)if anyone has any information photographs etc I would be grateful if they would contact me
K Chamberlain <>
Redditch,Worcestershire,England,Sun 02nd Sep 2001 , 06:46:19 pm

My family came to live in Australia 40 years ago 1961. We used to live at 12 Sandiway, Huyton and I went to Sylvesters School. I have not been back to England since we left and this site has taken me on an incredibly nostalic trip. Thank you so much. I seem to recall going to school with Susan Dalby, Ruth? Dickerson (Dickenson), Georgina Embleton. It has been a long time and I lost touch with everyone quite soon after we left so my recall of names may be a bit dim. However, if anyone recognises themselves or me I would like to hear from them. Thanks again for such a wonderful site.
Janet Hogge (nee Harrison) <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Sun 26th Aug 2001 , 03:15:05 am

great site. just surfed in but will be a regular from now on. left st. gregs. in 73 and think I recognise alison muscatelli from an entry, but I remember her mate being ann stanton? be great to hear from anyone who knows me. thanks again and god bless.
lorraine chihadeh(neewhite) <>
dubai,united arab emirates,Wed 22nd Aug 2001 , 04:14:27 pm

Great site I was a pupil at longveiw juniors ages ago remember people like james nolan ian cambel jane wright kerrod Mcall ian foxall wendy spears angela spears etc then moved to Knowsley parkway between 78/83 Like to contact Paul Antrobus, Rob Barker, Gary Brooks, and any body eles that may know me drop me aline
Paul Day <>
Shanghai,China,Wed 22nd Aug 2001 , 08:33:34 am

not been back to this site for a long time,the use people get from it is great, to be able to contact past and present friends is wonderful. we all must have enjoyed our past (I know I did)because we are all trying to contact old school mates or mates who lived by us.keep up the good work guestbook.
p.s.used to go to westvale primary and juniors from 63 to 69 then brookfield comp from 69 to 74. do you all remember the kirkby show on the fields at the side of kirkby tech.

bill shaw <>
perth,western australia,australia,Mon 20th Aug 2001 , 05:42:24 pm

I attended Longview school 1962-1972 infants/junior/secondary and I lived in Hillside rd opposite the shops. Do you remember Lee's chippy and the orange batter on the fishcakes - my kids dont believe me - they cost 6d and where mostly spud, but they tasted fantastic. Longy is a lot different to what I remember it when i last visited at Christmas - someone has knocked the flats off the shops and the clock tower has gone! but its still home. Great site and I look forward to hearing from anyone out there who may know me.
Alex Wisely <>
Mon 20th Aug 2001 , 04:36:38 pm

Anyone at Huyton Hey between 1971 and 1976 ? I hated the school with a vengeance, and vowed never to send my kid's there!! My sisters also went to the school, Suzanne Findlay (1973 to 1978) and Helen Findlay (1975 to 1981).
Steve Findlay <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Fri 17th Aug 2001 , 02:24:00 pm

Im looking for people that attended speke secondry modern school,1960-64
i was then jean bridson.

Jean <>
douglas,isle of man,Fri 17th Aug 2001 , 12:15:18 am
[ Webmaster replies : Speke Secondary Modern School is not actually in Knowsley perhaps you could add something to the guestbook of Liverpool Libraries page or else see earlier comment about contacting old school friends ]

LIVERPOOL DOCKBOARD,UK,Thu 16th Aug 2001 , 08:46:05 pm

I was thrilled to find this site, by accident.
I would love to hear from anyone who knew me in the 50/60s. (getting old now!!). My name was Shirley McCulloch, i was born and lived at 12, longview lane, huyton. left there for south africa in 1971. i went to longview secondary mod left in 1963. I was in Tom Brown's class until i left, having been in 1b2, 2b2, 3b2, 4b2. very bright pupil!! I remember names June Davis, Joyce Meek, Linda Meek, Barbara Carmichael, Colin King, Billy Woodin, anyone remember me. please e-mail me. thanks.

Shirley Silvers. nee McCulloch <>
hinckley, leicestershire,Fri 10th Aug 2001 , 11:41:22 am

Ron & Sandra REDFERN (Australia):Just a quick update on our last message (29/3). Our new Email address is now Look forward to hearing from any old friends.
Ron Redfern <>
SAydney,New South Wales,Australia,Wed 08th Aug 2001 , 07:21:15 am

I attended Longview Primary Secondary School from 1953 until 1964.Lived in Lyme Grove next door to the Labour Club before it was pulled down and a Conservative Club was built.Used to have great bonfires in the square and spent hours collecting 'bommy' wood from the woods at the bottom of KGV playing fields and Lord Derby estate.Mates from the square included the 'Robsons' John and Teddy,the'Bests',David, Peter and Donald,George Adlington,Tony and Eric Gill,Dave Williams and Paul Staunton.Anyone remember?
Alan Jones <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Tue 07th Aug 2001 , 08:20:05 pm

My name is Anne Baggaley I was Anne Soffe and attended Knowsley secondary modern school and left in 1965 that now makes me 52 years old .I then came to live in the midlands where I had a son and a daughter I have now got 2 grandchildren I married Ken Baggaley and we are still together .

I do come back to Liverpool as I still have sisters there is there anybody who remembers me from school .

Please get in touch


Anne Baggaley (nee soffe) <>
leicestershire,ENGLAND,Tue 07th Aug 2001 , 02:06:55 pm

I enjoyed this site.
I enjoyed looking at all the famous people who had something to do with Knowsley.

HelenGibbons <>
Liverpool,Walton,England,Mon 06th Aug 2001 , 02:30:37 pm

I lived in Kirkby from 52 to 71 and went to Holy Angels and St Gregory's. My first love at the tender age of 8 was Joseph Tant although he knew nothing about it. Sorry Joe. Teachers of note at St Greg's Mrs Shiach and Miss Thomas, I owe a lot to those ladies. I lived in Westvale, does anyone remember Fredrick the ice cream man, he used to have a 3 wheeled bike with the ice box on the front but then got posh and ended up with a van? Was anyone out there involved in the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, remember the badges? We thought they were hilarious because they were made by Benzole. Thanks for the site, if you do remember me which is unlikely I would love an e-mail. Mr Howard and Mr Barclay from St Gregs taught me to believe in myself, I did and life is grand.
Marian Kidd (nee Murphy) <>
Auckland,Waitakere,New Zealand,Sun 05th Aug 2001 , 08:42:27 am

any body out ther who knows conney from hillside who went to longy jouinors from 76 to 81 then on to parway that joined up with canniy high from 81 til 86 drop us a line
stewart colquhoun <>
huyton,liverpool,Sun 05th Aug 2001 , 12:09:43 am

just visiting again very good sitie
i went to st columbas primary from78 to84 then to edumand arrowsmith for 3 months then on to st thomas beckkets till 90 would like to her from antbody that knows off me

joanne dwyer <>
liverpool,england,Thu 02nd Aug 2001 , 10:56:48 pm

i attended holy angels school from 63 to 69 all my brothers and sisters went there does any one remember us we lived on richard hesketh drive opposite st michaels school (which has now been demolished) my family consist of Christine James(jack) John(benny) Gerry myself Joan Kathleen and vinny. does any one have any photos of us. Who can remember the fairground that used to come every christmas behind the legion on richard hesketh drive. and can anyone remember a big bright light flying through the night sky it was like a big ball of fire the head lines in the liverpool echo read what was that bright light in the sky. thanks to kathb for emailing me
joey williams <>
liverpool,Thu 02nd Aug 2001 , 03:16:30 pm

i attended holy angels school from 1963 to 1969 does anyone have any school photo's with me on it. and to the web master where can i see archive pictures of kirkby my email add is
joseph williams <>
liverool, england,england,Wed 01st Aug 2001 , 05:33:57 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You will need to make an appointment with myself and arrange a time when you can visit the archive repository to view the photographs of Kirkby. Please contact Mrs. Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Huyton Library, Civic Way, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 9GD.
Tel 0151 443 3729. ]

i found your site very good looking to see if i new any one .
i am from hillside aged 28 have lived there all my life

joanne dwyer <>
huyton,liverpool,england,Wed 01st Aug 2001 , 10:55:37 am

G'day, found this site by accident I attended Knowsley Woolfall between 1965 and 1970. Don't recall many names from my classes, Roy Walker is one John Penswick another. I do remember my english teacher was a Mr Braithwaite and I think the guy who taught math was a Mr Kelly.
Allen Hess <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Wed 01st Aug 2001 , 04:27:09 am

Looking for any ex-classmates from Ruffwood, who where in Telford between 1985 and 1990. Would be interested to hear from you. Before Ruffwood, went to Millbrook. Some names I can remember - (David Gallagher, Kevin Hill, Lee Roof, Andrew Deary, Lee Simpson, Danny Taylor, Mark Temple & David Clarke). If you went to Ruffwood around this time or attended Millbrook and can remember me, drop us an email!

Ian Doyle
Spikey Haired Beast!

Ian Doyle <>
Mon 30th Jul 2001 , 10:16:02 pm

Only just found can not comment till i have a good look round up to now its looking good Glyn
Glyn Jones <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,Uk,Sat 28th Jul 2001 , 01:09:40 pm

Calling all former pupils of either the Prescot Grammar Schools or the present day Prescot School to visit for the stunning website with over 430 contact names, photos, message board and much, much more!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,E,Tue 24th Jul 2001 , 03:56:03 pm

Good site. I attended Roby Comp up to 1980 and moved away from Huyton in the mid 1980's. Check out for links to your old school.
Ian Baines <ian.baines@uk.arthurandersen.c>
Colchester,Essex,UK,Mon 23rd Jul 2001 , 01:20:04 pm

Since discovering this site a few months ago, have found it fascinating. Personal connections with the area that is now Knowsley Borough – lived in Prescot (Stanley Crescent and Coronation Drive) for first 27 years of life – attended Prescot Grammar School (1943-49, can only recall a few names e.g. Maurice Woods, ‘Corny’ Coppell, John Owen (now in Australia), Philip Leach, Tom Clegg, Peter Lawrenson etc) - worked in Treasurer’s and Surveyor’s Departments of the old Huyton-with-Roby Council (1949-1964) with the likes of Stan Newitt, Phil Kilshaw, Jimmy Malone, Brian Duffy, Mike Herbertson, Roger Hindle, Barry Brooke, Brian Hayes, George Martin, Geoff Lomax, Irene Halhead etc. Don’t know where any of them are now. Am now trying to piece together jig-saw of family history. Are there any Walkers around whose ancestors came from the Ormskirk area or is there anyone named Warth, Harrison, Davis, Morgan or Baldwin who knows they have an ancestor named Walker from the Lancashire/Merseyside area? If so, please get in touch.
Neville Walker <>
Llandudno,North Wales,UK,Sat 21st Jul 2001 , 04:13:56 pm

Great site!
ExSeel Road pupil circa...1971 around the departure of headmaster Mr "the stick" Whitehead.
Does anyone know anything about Carr lane, or the area called the "Carrs"
What was it all about?
cheers Dave

Dave <>
Laxey,Isle of Man,Sat 21st Jul 2001 , 01:52:49 pm

I have just re-visited this site again after several months - have heard from some friends - would like the hear from more.
Could anyone help? I have heard a romour that Saint Kevins Comprehensive school in Kirkby is going to have a reunion for all who attended.
I have heard Saint Kevs no longer exists. If anyone out there knows drop me an email.
Circa 1961-1966
Thank you

David Mansfield <>
Calgary,Alberta,Canada,Sat 21st Jul 2001 , 11:10:13 am


This site helps you find any school mates you may have lost contact with over the years.

Give it a try.



Chris Graham <>
Prescot,Merseyside,England,Thu 19th Jul 2001 , 09:14:38 pm


Go here and join NOW if you are looking for friends from school...

There are tons of people on there who used to go to school in Prescot, Whiston and Rainhill.



Chris Graham <>
Prescot,Merseyside,England,Wed 18th Jul 2001 , 05:16:54 pm

What a fab site....lots of requests ...but firstly would like to track down my half sister..Last heard of in Warrington...Linda Hannan, daughter of Ned . I attended ParkView Primary school 1965 - 1971 then Roby Comp . Worked behind the bar at St. Aidens. Worked at Roneo Vickers (kirkby) then started my nursing training in Broadgreen..Lived in New Zealand until 1998 and Now live in Aussie. Anyone Remember me? Was good friends with the Lawler twins and Sandra Meredith ,,,Huyton House road . I remember Lily Cavanagh,kim mcmanaman,Glenda Mcgovern,Raymond Parker,Paul simmons, plus many others.We had a school reunion in Prescot in 1984,,,it was great, would love to hear from anyone.
Aileen Cummins(nee Robinson) <>
perth,Western Australia,Sat 14th Jul 2001 , 10:36:09 am

I happened upon this page by mistake when looking for something else. I was born at 25 Rusland Road, Southdene, Kirkby in 1958. I lived there with my mum and dad, Mary & Tom Robinson, and my brothers and sisters, Tommy, Brendan, Kenny, Stanley (deceased) James, Margy, Sylvia and Peter. The three older boys attended St Josephs Infant & Junior Schools and the rest of us attended St Lawrences Infant & Junior Schools. The boys then went to St Kevins Comp, and us girls went to St Gregorys Comp. I was there from 1969 - 1974. My dad played quite a big part in the running of Kirkby Sea Cadet Corp in Westvale and four of my brothers were sea cadets there. They then went on to join the Royal Navy. We used to frequent the Royal Navy Club, near to the Town Centre, especially when any of my brothers were home on leave. I have lived in Hemel Hempstead since 1976, when I met my husband,and live here with my husband and three teenage children. My mum and dad left Kirkby in 1977 and moved to Norris Green, where they still live. Tommy lives in Scotland with his wife and two children, Brendan lives in Plymouth with his wife and three children, James lives just around the corner from me with his wife and three children, Kenny, his wife and two children, Margy, her husband and four children, Sylvia and her husband, and Peter, his wife and three children all still live in Liverpool. We spent many happy years living in Kirkby when we were children and often talk about the things we all got up to. Some of the families we grew up with are the MacNamee's, Skarratt's, Linden's, Chambers, Sutton's, Bellair's, Poland's, Murray's, Whittackers (Diane and Paula actually live in Hemel as well), Kelly's, Nurse's, Mills, Brookes, Boardman's, MacKay's, Hodgson's, and loads more. They really were fun days. We come to Liverpool to visit my family and my children love going there. I think they should have been Scousers really, they all have that Scouse charm and humour. I am now a Primary School teacher and love my job, which I'm sure Sister Marie Gallagher, one of my teachers from St Gregory's (now All Saints I'm told) would be pleased to hear. I would love to hear from anyone who attended St Gregory's when I did. I would also love to hear from anyone who knew my family in Kirkby, especially old school chums. I would love to have a school reunion to catch up on the years I have been away. So come on, get in touch and let me know what's happened to all those people I lost touch with over the years.
Best wishes to all
Christine Hazell (Robinson)

Christine Hazell (Robinson) <>
Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire,Tue 10th Jul 2001 , 08:34:44 pm

Just found your guestbook by chance Ifound it really interesting reading some of the stories took me back.It was great Joyce
joyce brown (wall) <>
Liverpool,England,Sun 08th Jul 2001 , 03:12:24 pm

Surely there is someone out there who went to
Whiston Secondary Modern School. I was there
between '71 - '76, I can't be the only one !!

Bedford,Beds,UK,Fri 06th Jul 2001 , 09:36:34 am

if you was in the domms let me know do you remember miss walsh mr merphy or miss foulkes forgive my spelling but the doms says it all hope to hear from you soon by for now
anita <>
merseyside,uk,uk,Thu 05th Jul 2001 , 02:51:55 am

BETWEEN 1975-76 to 1979

BETWEEN 1980-81 to 1986-7

Did you attend any of these schools around the same time as myself?
Do you remeber Mrs. Gore from St. Lukes or Mr. Walters, Mr. McGraph(sp?), Mr Eastwood or Mr. Keogh from 'Eddys'.
Do any of these names ring a bell (BTW Mr. Bell was one of the headmasters at Arrowsmiths while I was there):

Paul Rudd
Sean Coughlin
Thomas Morrisey
Paul Morrisey
Andrew Travis
Andrew Bannister
Malcom Evans
Anthony Parry
Domonic Carroll
Michael Lunn
Victor Reese
Lisa Hampson
Cathy Conolley
Gaynor Gallager

Please get in touch if anything here sparks off any memories. BTW - at the time I was small, ginger and quite good at art (sound of head inflating!).



PS/ V.Good site!

Chris Graham <>
Wed 04th Jul 2001 , 11:39:49 pm

I used to go to Seel rd left in 1962. I rember Headmaster Ned Fitton, teachers Eddie Kilshaw, we used to call the metalwork teacher Billie Blowlamp and the woodwork teacher Charlie Chisel.

I saw an message from John Fernley, do you have a sister called Toni and where you ever called Jonti. I used to live in 47 Boundary Rd, my sister Dopreen still lives in 45 now called Mc cabe. like to tak to anybody who may remember me.

Thomas Totten <>
Singapore,Singapore,Wed 04th Jul 2001 , 06:13:12 am

I am tracing my family tree. My ancestor was Robert Dickenson who was born early 1800s. His son Edward came to Australia. Robert was born in Liverpool and married Eleanor Blakey. Any information would be appreciated.

Lesley Burgess <>
Queensland,Australia,Wed 04th Jul 2001 , 04:27:28 am

hi i was woundering if anyone remembers me i went to ruffwood comp between 1984 and 1989.I was in wedgwood a few names i remember were mandy smith,amanda makin jane salter,yvonne maguiness,claire riding, karen tully, lynn obrien, denise richards, richard main,steven griffen,jon burke, peter short,john daniels,leslie ambrose.Anyone else who might remember me please drop a line, brill site brought back memories.
melanie bousfield <>
peel,isle of man,Tue 03rd Jul 2001 , 10:40:11 pm

Looking up family history. Good information.

Good website.


Jeffrey whiston <>
Canal Winchester,Ohio,USA,Tue 03rd Jul 2001 , 09:38:15 pm

Great page to read, I spent ages learning new things about Kirkby and being reminded of things I had forgotten. I was born at home in Kirkby and I have never lived anywhere else. Could you have an addition to your "famous people" page and acknowledge those people who have been honoured by the Queen? Maybe people would be interested in the ordinary people from thier region and not just the famous.

Mrs Sue Hart MBE <Sue H>
Kirkby,Merseyside,England,Tue 03rd Jul 2001 , 12:43:28 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If you send a photo and some text about the person to Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Huyton Library, Civic Way, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 9GD I will see if I can add to the site ]

Hello, Is there anyone out there who attended Roby Comp. in the early 80's ?
If so do you remember 3 lads called "Mousey,Simo and Bocker"? Well Im Bocker and I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I cant believe that after I finished my English O level and I walked out of the Annex that I havnt seen or heard anyone since. There were 300 odd pupils there so somone must still be around.Please e mail me if you remember.

col armstrong <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Wed 27th Jun 2001 , 02:15:46 pm

Calling all former pupils of either the Prescot Grammar Schools or the present day Prescot School to visit for the stunning website with over 360 contact names, photos, meesage board and much, much more!
Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,England,Tue 26th Jun 2001 , 11:10:20 pm

Excellent Website - Very informative

I am hoping to contact members of the Hill family that lived in Dinas Lane in the late 1960's or any of their relatives

Sam Kay <>
London,England,Sun 24th Jun 2001 , 11:05:07 pm

dose anybody remember st.dominics i was there between 1975 2 81 do you remember batman or the loveley miss powel frentch teatcher mr.white or anyone who knows bye for now
anita dixon&john douglas <>
liverpool huyton,merseyside,uk,Sun 24th Jun 2001 , 01:05:55 am


I ended up finding this great site because the kids have taken over the house so I am out in the back room using the computer. Sound familiar ? I went to Whiston Higherside until 1979 and before that to Halsnead. Would be great to get in touch with old school mates - Bill Robertson

Bil Robertson <>
Newcastle,NSW,Australia,Sat 23rd Jun 2001 , 01:45:52 pm

this is a great site i visit it often just wondering if anybody out there remembers me marie dunkin lived in felspar rd went to st gregory's till 64 have two brothers pat and paul went to st kev's i am now in canada my mother is still in kirkby and a cousin joe beaumont love to hear from anybody thanks marie ;)
marie dunkin <>
brantford,ontario,canada,Fri 22nd Jun 2001 , 12:07:10 pm

Great site! Stumbled across the guest book when looking for historical data about Knowsley.

Is there anyone out there related to the Copple or the Hankinson families of Knowsley?

Marjorie Stevenson <>
Thu 21st Jun 2001 , 12:50:55 pm

Here is hoping for a response: Were R U now, Peter Brennan, Stuart Hoather, Jimmy Swainbank, David Capper, David Owen, Steven Renyolds, Gary Tear, Steven Gilholie, Stephen Buckley, John Jamison, Ian Cox, Steven Williams, Clifford Robinson, Alan Critchley, Steven O'Conner, Morris Wilson, Steven Conbouy all 1B1, 2B1, 3B1 and 4Tech school chums at Longview Secondary Modern School, Longview, Huyton between 1966 - 1970, a few of the girls were Val Cookson, Doreen Scott, Beth Webb, Jaci Putson, Mavis McGovern come on someone must know, give me a shout.

Excellent site> Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson <>
Llanfair PG,Anglesey,N. Wales,Tue 19th Jun 2001 , 10:35:57 am

ATTN- omar aboo......quarry green school??????????????????????? if so e-mail me mate
paul mccomb <>
knowsley village,Mon 18th Jun 2001 , 11:02:47 pm


Is there anyone out there from the BRACKNELL AVENUE/SILCROFT ROAD, SOUTHDENE area of KIRKBY. I attended CHERRYFIELD INFANTS AND JUNIORS 1962-1969 and BROOKFIELD SENIORS 1969-1974. Please get in touch if you have any memories to share.

karen <>
Southport,Merseyside,England,Mon 18th Jun 2001 , 01:29:58 am

alison w <>
buffalo,N.Y.,United States,Sun 17th Jun 2001 , 06:22:09 pm

Came on the site by accident.It is brilliant it brings back so many memories of the Prescot that I grew up in and loved so much.Maybe someone out there remembers me? I attended the old Oliver Lyme Infants,then Maryville Road,ending up at Whiston Secondary Modern,when Mr Lloyd was the Head and Mr Quigley was the Music Master.At that time lived at No:20 Holden Road but prior to that we lived in Evans St by the gasworks. At that time I was known as Brian Heaps.
Newman.J . B. <>
Weston-Super-Mare.,Nth Somerset,,England.,Sat 16th Jun 2001 , 11:38:20 am

Hi Everyone, Now living in Australia I was born in Grappenhall Ches and spent most of my life in Merseyside. Went to Childwall Valley High School 1939 -1947 with breaks when I went to Newton Le Willows Grammer School - Went to dances at St Barnabas Church Hall in the 1950's - any old contacts from ay of these would love to hear from you. My maiden name was Webster. Promise to response to all who contact me Maureen Reid.
Maureen Reid <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Fri 15th Jun 2001 , 12:09:21 pm

Since I published the address of my website several ex pupils of LONGVIEW SECONDARY SCHOOL have contacted me. I am thinking of seting up a site for you all "old boys & girls". If you would like to be included or involved, please contact me.
Thank you.

Allan Fletcher <>
Hounslow(ex-Liverpool),UK,Thu 14th Jun 2001 , 11:07:44 pm

I love checking in on this site. Where are all the people who went to St. Edmund Arrowsmith in Prescot? I left in '79 and came to live in the states in '81.
Debbie, NJ, USA

Debbie <DMC1137@AOL.COM>
New Jersey,USA,Tue 12th Jun 2001 , 03:20:35 am

Does anyone out there know someone called MAY FLETCHER who is researching the FLETCHER/BYRON and HASSETT/EDWARDS families? I think she must be from around Huyton, as she went to the library there to research. If so, could you please ask her to get in touch? Ta muchly.
Beverley Holliday <>
Barcelona,Spain,Sun 10th Jun 2001 , 06:58:38 pm

I am currently trying to trace my family tree. My father was Thomas Walker(1910-1985), Mother Eva Walker nee Freeman(1916-1974). They lived until 1956 at Chapel House Kirkby (otherwise known as The Cocoa Rooms) before moving into the newer part of Kirkby. My Grandparents were Thomas Walker and Alice Aspinall also from Kirkby. I am trying to trace it from there and would appreciate any correspondence from anybody with any local knowledge.
Graham Walker <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sat 02nd Jun 2001 , 12:03:13 am
[ Webmaster replies : Why not come into Huyton library or since you live in Liverpool go to central library in William Brown Street and start using the resources to trace your family tree ]

i went to parkway comp.between 1976-1982.
i remember teachers like mr keen the geography teacher,mr walker physics and his side kick'beacker'
mr cooper,english,ms woods biology,mr whittaker hogg pottery,mr atkinson maths(and his slipper)mr edge,general studies.
and many more if anyone rembers me or any other teachers.let me know.

i also attended whitestone primary school from 1970-1976.does anyone rember mr chandiler, reid or mrs thomas?

paul johnson(jono) <>
knowsley,merseyside,uk,Fri 01st Jun 2001 , 12:57:27 pm

i went to parkway comp.between 1976-1982.
i remember teachers like mr keen the geography teacher,mr walker physics and his side kick'beacker'
mr cooper,english,ms woods biology,mr whittaker hogg pottery,mr atkinson maths(and his slipper)mr edge,general studies.
and many more if anyone rembers me or any other teachers.let me know.

paul johnson(jono) <>
knowsley,merseyside,uk,Fri 01st Jun 2001 , 12:55:37 pm

Cool Site!!!
Kim Allison
Sterling,Clackmannanshire,Scotland,Wed 30th May 2001 , 09:23:12 pm

Wow what a fantastic web site . I was able to relate to those who needed contacts for Huyton Hey If anyone remembers me from the mid-sixties and would wish to converse please don't hesitate ,get in touch.
Graham Ledson <graham@walkerledson.freeserve.>
Newton-le-Willows,Merseyside,U.K.,Wed 30th May 2001 , 08:16:02 pm

claire bennett <>
walker,newcastle-tyne,u.k,Tue 29th May 2001 , 07:55:21 pm

have just got onto the site after staying in Bahrain with sister who knew about it. Kirkby seems to be fondly remembered by a lot of people, which is nice to hear.Their is seven of us who lived in Scoter Road Kelly's. Is their anybody who lived around there also.
jeanstanistreet <>
kirkby,merseyside,britain,Tue 29th May 2001 , 05:56:19 pm

Were you employed prior to 1974 in one of the local authority UDC areas, or did you work for the pre 1974 Lancashire County Council? I am currently compiling work on the history of information technology (IT) in the Knowsley area and am looking for contributions from ex or current employees and council members who remember the early days of IT at either Knowsley, or the pre 1974 organisation days.
Any contribution, however small is welcome.
You can either email me at the address attached, or write to me at:
The Computer Centre
Knowsley MBC
Civic Way,
L36 9GD
Thank You, Mike Kennedy

Mike Kennedy <>
Knowsley,Merseyside,UK,Fri 25th May 2001 , 10:57:45 am

If anyone out there remembers John Johnson (Johno), of Lyme Grove, Longview, and later of Copplehouse Lane,
Fazakerley, you may wish to know, that my father passed away, 22nd May 2001, after a long and hard battle against cancer. Due to his illness, he lost contact with various friends, and work colleagues, but retained many happy thoughts about his younger years, right up to his death.

Tina Cropper <>
Southport,Merseyside,Wed 23rd May 2001 , 03:00:55 pm

Any one who went to our Longview reunion in 1990 might like to visit
where I have posted some pictures.
This site is so good, and always worth revisiting.

Allan Fletcher <>
Hounslow(ex-Liverpool),Tue 22nd May 2001 , 09:27:14 pm

What a wonderful site. does anyone know
the family of my father.Mercer.who may have come from the Kmowsley area.Born about1872 Henry Mercer and Mary Mccabe
were his parents My father's name .....
Wyndham Harry. a brother.Thomas..and sister Helen.Any help will be appreciated.He arrived in Australia in 1910/.

doris small <>
sydney,n.s.w.,australia,Tue 22nd May 2001 , 11:29:18 am

Visit the Prescot connections website, and register your PRESCOT based website on the new PRescotian webring and increase your traffic at a stroke!
Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,UK,Mon 21st May 2001 , 10:24:14 pm

I went to Longview Secondary around 1955-1960 - I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, please email me via the email address quoted (not mine but all emails will be passed on promptly)
Jacqueline Gardner (now Lowe) <>
Garrswood,Sun 20th May 2001 , 06:49:51 pm

Wow! Just browsing and what memories came flooding back. Does anyone out there remember me? St Bartholomews infants, 1960 - 62, St Michael's to '66, Prescot Grammar to 1971.
Keith Ledson <>
York,N.Yorks,UK,Sun 20th May 2001 , 09:44:14 am

I have noticed that a lot of people are from the Longview area, does anyone know or remember a Barbara Bell of then Oliver Lyme Road?. Heaven knows what her surname would be now but I knew her back in the 70's.
Duncan <>
Bedford,Beds,UK,Thu 17th May 2001 , 12:48:12 pm

Hi there again, all you Knowsely Longview Secondary Schoolies, just a few more names to add to my previous list: Susan Dutton, Linda Holmes, Graham Gallagher, 'Mouse' Carmicheal, Carol and Joyce ? (the twins), Jennifer Jones (Lyme Grove), any of the above remember me? Before I married, my surname was Johnson. Jog any memories?
Please share!?
Happy days, Tina

Tina Cropper <>
Tue 15th May 2001 , 12:21:30 pm

Hello to anyone who can remember me, I went to Knowsley Longview Sec. School in 1963/69 - just a few of the names I remember, although I must admit, I need to jot them down, as they come to me, are you out there?!
Cathy McCarthy, Vivien Davies, Anne Roberts, Pauline Foster, Barbara Collins, Netty Robinson, Sylvia Hall, Anne and Ruth Baker, Valerie James, Graham Smart, Lynette Myles, Micheal Ord, Julia Gordon, Susan Wilson, Maguerite North, Joan Liggett, Carol Mooney - where are you all now, and of course many others who temporarily evade my memory. How are you all doing, keeping well I hope. Happy days,
Tina Cropper nee, Johnson.

Tina Cropper <>
Southport,Merseyside,GB,Sat 12th May 2001 , 03:40:16 pm

Can anyone let me know if Ruffwood School has a website.thanks
Carol Braithwaite <>
Auckland,New Zealand,Fri 11th May 2001 , 11:10:13 am
[ Webmaster replies : The web site address is currently under modification. The old URL is

This might still work on your PC but our firewall is preventing me from checking at the moment ]

good morning Huyton
I was hoping some nice huytonion out there can help,I need to know if Thomas Beckett school formally known as St Augustine of Canterbury on Longview Drive Huyton has a sight that i could contacted.I went to the school between 1961-1966 and would like to know if they kept any archive photos from the time they opened in 1959???.
I was in the track and field teams and netball,i would be interested to see old photos of the team.
I was Anne Owen(had a twin sister Kathy) i have tried to look on the net but cannot find a site,mabe some one out there can help.
This is a great site i often visit and have posted a few times looking for old mates but never really had much luck,or just didnt make that much immpression in those days,HA HA.
love to hear from those that went to the school ,you never know some one just might remember me,PLEASe
cheers for now

anne cormack <>
Vancouver,BC,Canada,Tue 01st May 2001 , 04:51:38 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Do not think the school has its own website at present. The library are currently undertaking a project with the schools in Knowsley covering the periods, WW2, Victorians and Britain since the 1930's so if any of you out there has any photos or items I could include could you contact me at Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Huyton Library, Civic Way Huyton Knowsley L36 9GD or preferably by email ]

Great site
I left Prescot in 1959 first for Cornwall and now Devon for the last 20 years.I teach history in a comp.Left Prescot Grammar SChool (in '59). Any one who remembers me please get in touch
Am I the only Prescot Cables fan in the South West?!?!

john hayes <>
Swimbridge,North Devon,England,Mon 30th Apr 2001 , 08:45:17 pm

ih does anybody remember me carol jones i went to longview school then parkway for the last year of school. remember mr stubbs, mr wright, marie carrol, sandra hinton, debbie arnold, jackie osborn , michael powell, david park, if so lets talk . also does anybody remember my brother alan jones 48 this year he will be in the uk on july 10 2001 to see mum and dad he will be staying with them so if anybody remembers him. he will be in knowsley village for about 3 weeks .
carol auerswald (nee jones ) <>
liverpool,merseyside knowsley,uk,Sat 28th Apr 2001 , 11:03:58 pm

Have tried to e-mail you at address you left with you message, but won't accept the address you gave. Are you Terry Flaherty who went to Kirkby Sea Cadet Corps, where my dad, Tom Robinson was an officer, also my brothers Tommy, Brendan, Kenny and James? If so, please e-mail back. It would be great to hear from you. from Christine Hazell (Nee Robinson)

Christine Hazell <>
Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire,Fri 27th Apr 2001 , 02:33:22 pm

I happened upon this page by mistake when looking for something else. I was born at 25 Rusland Road, Southdene, Kirkby in 1958. I lived there with my mum and dad, Mary & Tom Robinson, and my brothers and sister, Tommy, Brendan, Kenny, Stanley (deceased) James, Margy, Sylvia and Peter. The three older boys attended St Josephs Infant &Junior Schools and the rest of us attended St Lawrences Infant & Junior Schools. The boys then went to St Kevins Comp, and us girls went to St Gregorys Comp. I was there from 1969 - 1974. My dad played quite a big part in the running of Kirkby Sea Cadet Corp in Westvale and four of my brothers were sea cadets there. They then went on to join the Royal Navy. We used to frequent the Royal Navy Club, near to the Town Centre, especially when any of my brothers were home on leave. I have lived in Hemel Hempstead since 1976, when I met my husband,and live here with my husband and three teenage children. My mum and dad left Kirkby in 1977 and moved to Norris Green, where they still live. Tommy lives in Scotland with his wife and two children, Brendan lives in Plymouth with his wife and three children, James lives just around the corner from me with his wife and three children, Kenny, his wife and two children, Margy, her husband and four children, Sylvia and her husband, and Peter, his wife and three children all still live in Liverpool. We spent many happy years living in Kirkby when we were children and often talk about the things we all got up to. Some of the families we grew up with are the MacNamee's, Skarratt's, Linden's, Chambers, Sutton's, Bellair's, Poland's, Murray's, Whittackers (Diane and Paula actually live in Hemel as well), Kelly's, Nurse's, Mills, Brookes, Boardman's, MacKay's, Hodgson's, and loads more. They really were fun days. We come to Liverpool to visit my family and my children love going there. I think they should have been Scousers really, they all have that Scouse charm and humour. I am now a Primary School teacher and love my job, which I'm sure Sister Marie Gallagher, one of my teachers from St Gregory's (now All Saints I'm told) would be pleased to hear. I would love to hear from anyone who knew us in Kirkby, especially old school chums. I would love to have a school reunion to catch up on the years I have been away. So come on, get in touch and let me know what's happened to all those people I lost touch with over the years.
Best wishes to all
Christine Hazell (Robinson)

Christine Hazell (nee Robinson <>
Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire,Fri 27th Apr 2001 , 01:39:52 pm

Thank you to this site for all the historic information of this area. It has helped in making my hatch, match, and dispatch more interesting. I am researching Patten's Tyrer's & Gregson's.
Hello all Huyton Hey survivors. I was there approx 58-63.
Do you remember the New Way Society Trips with Phil Haunch and Jim Cooke?
Any chance anyone knows the whereabouts of Glenys Cumine, Irene Sharp, Linda Wapshott, Linda Worrall, Joyce Mckay.
These were the days ruled by Ned Fitton, and Mrs Cameron. Other staff I remember were Mrs Rimmer, Mrs Allen, Mr Proven, Mr McCartney, Mr Wright, Miss Davies, Mr Smith.
Bring back any memories?
A must for interested in the history of Huyton is "Beautiful HUYTON with ROBY" by Andrew G. Colwell also an ex pupil. Published around 1980.

Glenys Cooke <>
Wigan,England,Thu 26th Apr 2001 , 10:14:07 pm

What a fantastic Website, it has brought back many memories! Hello to all from Ruffwood comp, Telford House, 1979 to 1984. I am trying to remember names and details but I am struggling. I will have a good think and come back. I go back to Kirkby every fortnight to see my family and I never new how much history it really has. I intend to bookmark this site for regular visits.
Omar Aboo
Preston,Lancs,UK,Sat 21st Apr 2001 , 02:22:07 pm

Fantastic site, especially for genealogy. Stumbled upon it quite by accident. It was good to see, just where my ancestors lived and worked. Thanks for the great photos. My relatives were the Hankinsons, Anders and Pierpoints.
A,Buxton <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Fri 20th Apr 2001 , 02:00:41 pm

Great site, lots of memories.I left STOCKBRIDGE VILLAGE COMP in 1987, does anyone remember me? i used to live in PENNARD AVE and it would be great to hear from anyone i may know, i'm living inNew Zealand at the moment.(not a patch on liverpool)
auckland,New Zealand,Thu 19th Apr 2001 , 12:31:08 am

Thanks for the lead on the Prescot Weekly Times. The library had no trace.
S.Walker <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Wed 18th Apr 2001 , 07:46:09 pm

Just thought I may have relatives in Knowsley. Most of my known ancestors were from Seabrook, N.H.
An interesting site.

KENSINGTON,NH/ROCKINGHAM,USA,Tue 17th Apr 2001 , 03:02:01 pm

The Prescot Grammar School Connections

site keeps former pupils in touch, containing a datbase of over 200 ex Grammar School pupils from before the war, right up to the modern day! Contains loads of historic photos, many supplied by surfers and may be of use to local researchers.

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,United Kingdom,Mon 16th Apr 2001 , 10:14:24 pm

aresearching my family history in prescot in the 1800s to the outbreak of war. Surnames:TAYLOR, RANGE, CRITCHLEY
Has anyone ever heard of The Prescot Weekly Times published by my grandfather Joseph Critchley Taylor up to 1917?
Does anyone know the origin of Scots Barn Lane? Is it true that Scottish soldiers in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 were imprisoned in a barn? Are there any records?

sylvia walker <walker sylvia @talk>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sat 14th Apr 2001 , 03:01:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The Prescot weekly Times and Huyton, Rainhill and Whiston Guardian for dates 23rd March 1907 to 26th February 1916 and 15th July 1916 are available on microfilm at the British Newspaper Library, for further details search the British Library catalogue at and follow the links for newspapers ]

hi my name is jim flanders i went to st alleys school in the 70s lived in page moss have atwin brother gerard we had a knickname called kida i am now in australia and would like to hear from anyone who remembers us thanks
jflanders <>
perth,west australia,australia,Fri 13th Apr 2001 , 07:45:39 am

Excellent site

Can anyone tell me where St Bede's Chapel at Appleton, near Ditton Brook/Halewood, used in the 1860's, was and where are the records now,

Chris Griffiths <>
Middlesbrough,Cleveland,England,Wed 11th Apr 2001 , 10:46:29 pm

Jackie Andrews nee Longworth <>
LIVERPOOL,KIRKBY,ENGLAND,Tue 10th Apr 2001 , 10:29:57 pm

Now lets see if you can help trying to track down info on any of these people.
Jeff Barnes,Ian Kerr,Andrew Morgan,Julie McNamara,Paul Townsend,Mark Burton,Colin Bennett,David Oldham,Shelia Hayes,Margie Hayes,David Hill,Allan Hill,Kim Gibbons,Carol Cave,June Lowe,Peter Potts,Debbie Taylor,Colin Howarth,Michael Fazackley.
All these people went to Ruffwood Comprehensive school Kirkby 1973 till 1977/78/79. It would be great to hear from them.cheers,

Peter West <>
Auckland,New Zealand,Mon 09th Apr 2001 , 09:06:37 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Hopefully someone looking at the guestbook will contact you after seeing these names you mention and let you know where they are now. This guestbook is not a research service however. Please let us know if you make contact ]

I left Whiston years ago, it was nice to see old pictures of the place. Who knows maybe one day I'll come back.
Michelle Hamilton <>
Buckinghamshire,England,Wed 04th Apr 2001 , 10:31:51 pm

Just surfing around and logged on to ST KEVINS KIRKBY.
I used to teach there (and in the Admiral Nelson) from about 1963
to 1968. F Morehead was the boss!!
I be really chuffed to hear from any teaching in-mates (Jim McKay, the Blessed Tom Moyniham etc)
but most of all the guys who made it
in spite of my teaching - just initials to protect the
innocent - MP, JC(no not him!), BM BW (pic of guitar)
Call me and I reward you with the opportunity of buying me a Guinness!
Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine <>
Cambridge,Cambs,england,Wed 04th Apr 2001 , 09:44:12 pm

I came across this site while doing some genealogy research. It is one of the best laid out and informative sites I have seen. Simple colours and clear information 10/10. The map pages, very clever!! Now that I've finished singing your praises can anyone assist me in my search. How do I get access to the local birth/marriage/death records. I'm lookin for information on the following people..................
Death date of John James McMonagle, b.28/4/1898, Mercers Cottages? Wilton Road? Prescot. Child of Neil McMonagle (Copper work labourer) and Bridget McBride.
Neil Francis McMonagle b.c1900 same parents.
Hope to hear from someone soon and keep up the good work.

Stephen McBride <>
Glasgow,Scotland,Wed 04th Apr 2001 , 10:40:31 am

Its been 6 months since I last looked at this site and the list grows even longer.Anyone remember us from St.Josephs,St Patricks And St Kevins in Kirkby till 1967. We lived in Cherryfield Drive Kirkby,facing the Library.Where are the Mannions,Jones,Lyth,Gallagher,Miller,
Hughes,Hort,Winn,hegarty,owens etc???
let me know if you can

Peter Nash <>
Standish,Lancashire,England,Sat 31st Mar 2001 , 11:05:33 pm

Hi there, just to let those people who enrolled at St.Edmund Arrowsmith School Whiston between 75-77 and left around 81-84 know that there is a reunion to be held at Prescot Leisure Centre on the 20th April @7:30pm. £4:00 on the door. Any teachers who were at the school during this period are more than welcome to attend. The more the merrier. Hope to see you there !
Steve Campbell

Stephen Campbell <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Fri 30th Mar 2001 , 02:04:02 pm

Went to Huyton Modern School til 1952, lived at 75 Aylton Rd. Had 3 brothers, Chris,Roy and Neville. Anyone remember me?
Brian Jenkinson <>
Colwyn Bay,North Wales,Thu 29th Mar 2001 , 11:24:12 pm

I am trying to trace a relative on behalf of my father Brian WRAGG, son of Marjorie RAWLINGS. He is trying to trace his cousin, who was probably born in Gloucester. Her name is Clare (nee MOORE), daughter of Emily (nee RAWLINGS) & Bert MOORE who lived at Gloucester (White City). We know that Emily moved to Huyton, Liverpool, after the death of Bert, to be with her daughter. And, that Emily was born in Drybrook in the Forest of Dean.
Any information would be gratefully received.

Caroline Wragg <CWRAGG@CWCOM.NET>
Ruardean,,Gloucestershire,England,Thu 29th Mar 2001 , 11:50:49 am

REDFERN, RON & SANDRA (nee O'BRIEN) -I'm a regular visitor to this site and look forward to seeing familiar names and places. I posted a message some time ago which resulted in me getting in touch with some old friends from the 60's. Sandra and I left the U.K. and emigrated to Australia in 1971 and we currently live in Sydney.Prior to arriving in Australia I was in the Liverpool City Police (as it was in those days)and Sandra worked as a secretary for Squibbs Chemicals in Widnes. We look forward to hearing from old friends who may have missed my first message. Keep up the good work, it is a great site which keeps us in touch with our roots!!
Ron Redfern <>
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,Thu 29th Mar 2001 , 05:57:16 am

This site brought back many memories. I lived in Prescot from 1958 until moving to Liverpool in 1963, working at the BICC as an Engineering Apprentice. My school was at Whinston, after which I spent some happy years at St Helens Tech. I was raised by the African Churches Mission under the care of Pastor G. Daniel Ekarte in the southend of Liverpool then at Fazakerley Cottage Homes. You can read my story at
Brian Lawrenson <>
Waterlooville,Hampshire,England,Thu 22nd Mar 2001 , 11:11:44 pm

Just spent the past hour in here and know it won't be the last. Great Site. Does anyone remember me? Went to Holy Angels infant & junior in the 60's and then to St. Gregs until 1975. If anyone is ever having a reunion let me know. My family still live in Westvale - O'Donnell. Love to hear from someone. Keep up the good work.
Marie Goetz <>
Wuerzburg,Germany,Wed 21st Mar 2001 , 11:43:39 am

Excellent site, a great improvement.I used
to live in Holden Rd (where my perents still
are, Sam and Sheila).
I was at Whiston Secondary Modern between
1971-1976 and would love to hear from anyone
who remembers me. Especially Mark Lyon, get
intouch ACE!
Keep up the good work......

Duncan Carrier <>
Bedford,Bedfordshire,England.,Tue 20th Mar 2001 , 11:31:22 pm

Who is Seth Powell Way named after?
Liverpool,Fri 16th Mar 2001 , 08:00:32 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Seth Powell Way is named after Seth Powell who was Mayor of Knowsley during the year 1975 to 1976 ]

Huyton Help Please. Is there anyone who could look-up Obit notices in this area. My G.G. Grandfather Walter BARR died in Pinnington Place Huyton on Dec. 26, 1904 and his wife Agnes BARR died Dec. 12, 1915 at the same place. Their son James H. Barr was a witness for both and lived at Pinnington Place when Walter died and on Tarbock Road Huyton when Agnes died. I'd love to find any of the BARRS of this family.

Shelley Prelusky <>
Saanichton,British Columbia,Canada,Thu 15th Mar 2001 , 09:38:14 am

Is there anyone out there who could help me with 2 OBIT notices. My G.G.Grandparents, Walter and Agnes (nee Clave)BARR lived and died at Pinnington Place, HUYTON. Agnes died 12th of December 1915 Pinnington Place Huyton Agnes Barr 83 years Widow of Walter Barr Greengrocer J.H.Barr Son present at death Tarbock Road Huyton.
Walter Walter BARR died on the 26th of December 1904 aged 79 years. He was a
green-grocer and died of Nephritis Uraemia? James Barr, son was present at the death.Pinnington Place, Huyton
I would also love to find any descendants of the rest of this family. All I have on them so far is the 1881 census and Walter and Agnes death certificates. Robert their son is my line and is missing. He had a son in St. Helens in 1891 and his wife Kate BRADBURY Barr remarried in B.C. in 1893. (A MYSTERY)
Descendants of Walter Barr

1 Walter Barr b: Abt. 1828 in Scotland d: December 26, 1904
.. +Agnes Clave b: Abt. 1833 in Scotland
......... 2 Alexander Barr b: July 25, 1860 in Mochrum, Wigtown, Scotland
......... 2 Robert Barr b: January 04, 1864 in Claughton, Cheshire, England
............. +Kate Bradbury b: November 07, 1864 in St. Helens, Lancashire, Eng. m: February 09, 1886 in Paris Church of St. Helens, Prescot, Lanc d: August 23, 1944 in Victoria, , BC, CANADA Burial: August 26, 1944 Colwood Buriel Park, Colwood
......... 2 John Barr b: Abt. 1866 in Claughton, Cheshire, England
......... 2 James H. Barr b: Abt. 1870 in Huyton, Lancashire, England
......... 2 William Barr b: Abt. 1872 in Roby, Lancashire, England
......... 2 Mary J. Barr b: Abt. 1873 in Roby, Lancashire, England
......... 2 Elizabeth A. Barr b: Abt. 1877 in Roby, Lancashire, England
I am also researching St. Helens for BRADBURY, BARR, WILKINSON,AND PENKETH.
Thanks so much for any help.

Shelley Prelusky <>
Saanichton,B.C.,Canada,Tue 13th Mar 2001 , 10:51:46 pm

I am searching for a document or letter signed by Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby, for my collection. If you can help, please contact me by email.
Brad Foote <>
Edmonton,AB,Canada,Tue 13th Mar 2001 , 05:50:03 am

Can anyone tell me how to obtain information on a mine accident that happened around the summer of 1918.
My great grandfather ,Ernest Timperley
(1877-1918) was killed in a mine accident around that time.After that my great grandmother(Betsy Joyce-Townsend-Timperley was asked by a mining company
in Huyton to look after a boarding house.She did this for a nimber of years until she meet a Irish Miner(Edward Connely) and she married him .Around 1926 her family(9) children and new husband moved to Canada.
I'm also looking for information of how to find out where my grandfather attended grammar school(George Desmond Timperley).Thanks.P.S. My great grandfather is buried in Huyton.

John Timperley <>
Sarnia,Ontario,Canada,Sat 10th Mar 2001 , 11:55:53 pm

To webmaster sorry but in truth we all had a ball it was the best years we at school had and will ever have .

bill shaw <>
perth,australia,Sat 10th Mar 2001 , 01:54:12 pm

I would just like to say a great big thank you for having the Prescot Girls Grammer website displayed. My name is Sheila and I left england as a 12 year old to come to live in Perth, western Australia back in 1974 with my parents. I am just so excited at the thought of maybe finding some old friends from primary school and Prescot Grammer. I have got butterflies just thinking about it. Anyone who remembers me please drop me an e-mail I would love to hear how all your lives as adults have turned out.
Sheila Varty nee. Manning <>
Kingsley,Western Australia,Australia,Thu 08th Mar 2001 , 03:02:58 pm

Hi I am looking for anyone who went to STOCKBRIDGE VILLAGE Infant,Juniors school from 1975-1982 and PARKWAY-CANTRIL FARM COMP from 1982-1986(the two schools merged around 1984). I moved area 10 years ago and would love to hear from any pupils or freinds who knew me. My surname then was Owens.
Sharn <>
Nottingham,England,Wed 07th Mar 2001 , 11:54:53 pm

Looking for people who went to STOCKBRIDGE VILLAGE Infant,Junior from 75-82 and PARKWAY-CANTRIL FARM from 82-86 (merged with Cantril Farm about 84) My name then was Sharon Owens so any
Pupils and friends who knew me please get in touch would love to chat. Moved away 10 years ago

Sharn Winfield <>
Nottingham,England,Tue 06th Mar 2001 , 09:52:48 pm

Found your site while looking for details on Cronton Colliery!! Am tracing my family history. So if there are any Causer's who are decended from the one's who came to Liverpool around the 1920's or 30's, I would love to hear from you.
Causer <>
Hitchin,Herts,Engalnd,Tue 06th Mar 2001 , 09:20:01 pm

Great site i lived lived in Kirkby and went to cherryfield & Brookfield School would love to hear from some old friends, Kevin Marsh,Freddie Bluett, Kevin McNally,Frank Grainger.Terry Kelly
Frank Wylie <>
Sheffield,Mon 05th Mar 2001 , 01:38:50 pm

I am like most others stumbled on to the site and think it is a wonderful find. I went to St Columbas's infant, junior and senior's and left in 1968 I visited Huyton whilst I have Been serving in the forces and often visited so old stomping grounds to look up old friends. These place where all pubs such as the Blue Bell The eagle and Child The oak tree and The Farmers arms not that I have adrink problem. I to wonderif any one out there remembers me or any of the folloowiing who were in my classes during senior's these are
John Croxford from Longview
Steve Cork " "
Frankie Hamilton
Teresea Swenney \From Hillside
Collette Buffton " "
Paul Clarke
Peter Fletcher Both from Hillside by St Columbas's Church
Jimmy McNalley
Irene Kelly
Johnny Monroe
Collin Baxter
John Bird
John Baker
Barbara Sarason
Tony Brennan
there are more but maybe you can help with some of these will make it a habit to visit regularly.

Peter Fletcher

John Guy <>
Boroughbridge,North Yorkshire,England,Sat 03rd Mar 2001 , 10:27:07 pm

Great site. Have been to Huyton many times doing research for family history and can vouch for the library being very helpful. The photos are brilliant as it is difficult to access anything other than modern ones now. My relatives include David Slater (born about 1791) who was landlord of The Wheatsheaf pub in 1834. His wife was Sarah Bridge and they married in 1822 - producing 10 known children. If anyone thinks they may be related, please contact me.
Maxine <>
Fri 02nd Mar 2001 , 08:23:49 pm

I'm glad this site is here-I'm trying to find a classmate.
KathyVocaturo <>
Bloomfield,NJ/Essex,UnitedSttes,Fri 02nd Mar 2001 , 06:55:17 am

Your sight was very easy to use. It contained comprehensive material that has inspired us to endeavour to develop a similar sight for the Hurstville Local Government area here in Sydney.
Gaye Pracy <>
Hurstville,NSW,Australia,Wed 28th Feb 2001 , 01:55:15 am


PERTH,WA,AUSTRALIA,Tue 27th Feb 2001 , 04:59:57 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I am sure the staff and some of the other former pupils at Brookfield during the early 1970's will have a different view!! ]

Reading your guestbook has made me very homesick!Great site,fab photos,loads of happy memories!
Was born in Southdene,kirkby(Cawthorne Ave)in 1964.Went to Cherryfield School from about 1970-76.Moved to Summerfield,Tower Hill and went to Ruffwood Comp til the end of 6th form 1982.Was in Shackleton house,had Sean Hughes and Gibson for History(great laugh),Ogilvy(Irish French teacher!),Deakin for P.E.,Mr barnes was headmaster,Mr.Duckworth -deputy head.Hung around with Shauna Jhappan,Karen Davies,Sharon Lawson.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me,or who was at Ruffwood at the same time.I've been in Canada 9yrs now,but still go back to visit Kirkby.

Christina Laishram (Gannon) <>
Courtice,Ontario,Canada,Thu 22nd Feb 2001 , 07:57:12 pm

What a great site. Really enjoyed my visit. I lived in Woolfall Crescent from 1946-1968 when I came out here.I went to St Aloysius School and Broughton Hall. It was good to read other peoples memories and relive some memories through the excellent photos. My name when I lived there was Dalton. Elizabeth McKenzie eonbli
Elizabeth Mckenzie <>
Wellington,New Zealand,Thu 22nd Feb 2001 , 09:32:53 am

Hi, I have enjoyed reading all the comments from your guest book, still looking for old school friend John Tyrer, I went to Huyton Hey , left about 1964, emigrated to canada in 1966, remember mr fitton the headmaster, and Miss Duck the math teacher, does anyone out there remember me, if anyone knows of John Tyrer's where abouts please pass on this mesage as I would love to know what has happened to him, thanks again Barb.
BarbSharpe (Nee Jones) <>
Port Coquitlam,british columbia,Canada,Thu 22nd Feb 2001 , 09:01:27 am

if anybody in knowsley has any information in relation to any of my family history could you please e.mail me. i was born on the 26 august 1979 apparently in whiston hospital any information anyone could give i would be truely grateful for.

peter parkin <>
manchester,Wed 21st Feb 2001 , 12:35:22 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Why not try and research your family history yourself? It will be expensive to pay someone to do it for you. Use the resources available at your central library or join one of the many evening classes that are available. Start with your birth details and work back. You are from Manchester so it is not too far to travel to Huyton to use the census details for the Whiston area when you reach that stage in your research. ]

I attended Huyton Hey ( Seel Road ) between 1966 to 1971. It has been great to read the many entries from other people who went to the school. Very nostalgic and a great site.
Mark Panes <>
Ainsdale,Lancashire,England,Wed 21st Feb 2001 , 11:35:43 am

Can anyone help? Someone has contacted me regarding 'Bluebell War Camp' in Huyton. I think he's refering to the Brookfield school which apparantly used to be a POW camp. Does anyone have any info on this?

Many thanks,
Ste :-)

Stephen <>
Tue 20th Feb 2001 , 11:15:08 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The internment camp was actually opened in May 1940 and was situated around the Altmoor Road and Shepton Road area of Woolfall Heath hich is part of the Page Moss district of Huyton.

Brookfiels School is in Kirkby and there was no internment camp there ]

The Prescot Grammar School Connections

site keeps former pupils in touch, containing a datbase of over 200 ex Grammar School pupils from before the war, right up to the modern day! Contains loads of historic photos, many supplied by surfers and may be of use to local researchers.

Trevor Powellt <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,England,Sat 17th Feb 2001 , 10:10:54 pm

hi to all my old school friends at longview school huyton and happy 38th birthday this year
carol auerswald (nee) jones
liverpool,uk,Sat 17th Feb 2001 , 08:10:22 pm

What a great site I went to Ruffwood Comp between 75/80. My husband Alan also went to Ruffwood. And so do my kids. It would be great to hear from anyone who knows us.
Patricia Moran(nee Williams) <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sat 17th Feb 2001 , 12:40:31 am


LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,ENGLAND,Fri 16th Feb 2001 , 11:22:59 am

Hi..great site...I went to mosscroft school 1976....I loved the place...anybody out there remember me?..Peter
p wilson <>
london,london,uk,Tue 13th Feb 2001 , 05:42:32 pm

Whilst being geeky and surfing for 'Strigfellows'!! I amazingly came accross this site, I think I recognise some of the names, but thats going back about 15 years now!
I went to Sylvesters Junior School then had 2 weeks at Knowsley High, if anyone remembers me, please feel free to send an e-mail, I have a very busy social life, so if anybody is ever down in the Big Smoke then let me know and if your not a wierdo then we can meet up for a few scoops!!
Eysee Byesee!!
PS: Who remembers Mr Hall, the head of Sylvesters? Is he still with us? He was one of my nicest teachers ever! Heres to you Mr Hall!!

Laney Thompson <>
London,UK,Mon 12th Feb 2001 , 12:06:48 pm

Great Site, stumbled upon it whilst searching for a job!!
I was born in Elizabeth Rd, Huyton, and now live on Tarbock Rd. I went to St Sylvesters infants & Juniors, and Roby Comprehensive (1978 - 1982). I have lived in Huyton all my life and wouldnt swap it for the world - well unless I win lottery and move to a nice hot country! If anyone remembers me, (probably not I wasnt that enigmatic!) or my brothers David Barton & John Barton, My sisters Linda & Barbara Barton, please let me know.

Patricia Cummins <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Thu 08th Feb 2001 , 09:58:46 am

Born St John's Rd, Huyton, 1949. Lived St Anne's Rd. Family emigrated to Australia 1965. Attended both Sylvester's and Seel Rd. Looking for a few of the kids I knocked about with.
Derek and Alan Hodgson, John Partington,
The Auburn twins John and Jeanette,
Stanley Hill, Arthur Jones and anyone
who may remember me. Excellent site I'll visit more often.

John Ferneley <>
Los Angeles,California,USA,Wed 07th Feb 2001 , 05:37:15 am

Born St John's Rd, Huyton, 1949. Lived St Anne's Rd. Family emigrated to Australia 1965. Attended both Sylvester's and Seel Rd. Looking for a few of the kids I knocked about with.
Derek and Alan Hodgson, John Partington,
The Auburn twins John and Jeanette,
Stanley Hill, Arthur Jones and anyone
who may remember me. Excellent site I'll visit more often.

John Ferneley <>
Los Angeles,California,USA,Wed 07th Feb 2001 , 05:36:47 am

I was born on St. Johns Rd, Huyton; in 1949. I spent the first two years of my life in Singapore where my Dad was stationed in the RAF, returning to Huyton in 1952. I attended both the Sylvester's then onto Seel Rd, (Huyton Hey),where I was regularly 'flogged' by the notorious Ned Fitton; (nine feet tall with a stoop and a shock of white hair)In 1965 my family emigrated to Australia and I finished school in Melbourne. I served my National Service
in the Aussie Army as a combat photographer at Nui Dat, Vietnam. (69'70')Wounded in combat at Bihn Ba, and returned Aussie in 1970. Left Aussie for NZ in 73', moved to California in 75'. I am a freelance artist, photo-journalist, married with three sons. I intend to make a stopover
in the Liverpool area sometime late this year, I'd love to hook-up with any old classmates who remember me. I've seen a couple of names on this page that ring a bell, anyone have any news of John Partington from St. Annes Rd, or John and Jenette Auburn, the twins from Rose Cottage? C-YA.

John C. Ferneley <>
Santa Barbara,California,USA,Wed 07th Feb 2001 , 01:41:35 am

Does anyone know if Otis Elevator on Moorgate Road is still open? I read it was scheduler to close soon but then I heard a rumour they were going to make specialized high speed lifts.

This is a great site and it makes me dead homesick!


Derek Ball <>
Vancouver,B.C.,Canada,Tue 06th Feb 2001 , 06:12:31 am

It's a fine site but I think I'd like to see more pics and a text history of Stockbridge Village. Keep up the good work!


Ste <>
Sun 04th Feb 2001 , 03:02:55 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The reason there is so little information on the site about Stockbridge Village is that we have a very limited amount of material available about this area. If anyone would like to contact Eileen Hume at Huyton Library to loan material we could include it on the site, preferably photos with some accompanying text. ]

Hi to anyone who went to Huyton hey comp. Seel rd, between 1976 - 1982. My nickname was corni. Does anyone have any class photos of any years during this time. the classes were in the form of h-u-y-t-o-n-s-l. I was in Y at the time. teachers of the time were Mr Donnelly,Mr Langford, Miss Rouse. I have no photos of teachers or classmates and would really like to go down memory lane or seel rd in my case.
Ian morland <>
Liverpool,Liverpool,England,Sat 03rd Feb 2001 , 07:41:42 pm

Thanks to all who replied to my previous message. I have now found out about my dads merchant navy history and he did not sail on the franconia. but with the help of the vindi site I was able to get the info I needed. Also could anyone who has info on the Tilley or Fisher familys that lived in Liverpool in the 1800's please get in touch or the Mckee family who we believe was the local coalman. thanks for all your help so far much appreciated.
glenys aspros nee mellows

glenys aspros <>
melbourne,victoria,Australia,Fri 02nd Feb 2001 , 12:46:22 pm

Great site.
Looking for people who went to St Kevs,Kirkby between 1980-1985.
My names Alan Martin,Got a brother called John and I used to hang around with Andy Hilton and James Bowles.
It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers either one of us.
Please email or put reply on this site.

alan martin <>
kirkby,tower hill,liverpool,merseyside,england,uk,Fri 02nd Feb 2001 , 12:24:02 am

Top Website....
Calling Ex-pupils of Halsnead Primary School.I was there 1974-78.Do you remember the Junior School before the arson attack (circa 1980). Anybody remember Mrs Scott my primary teacher 1974-76. I lived in Ravenhurst Way I hated the walk to school!!!!!!!

Steve Jessop <>
Chester,United Kingdom,Wed 31st Jan 2001 , 12:16:53 am

Cool Site!! I found you while looking for a swimming pool for my trainings, since this week I'll be in your nice country. CIAO to all from Italy. enjoy swimming!
Data Miner

fabio <>
turin,Italy,Mon 29th Jan 2001 , 10:25:12 am


Looking to hear from any person who attended Knowsley Woolfall Sec Mod school between 1965/70 especially old school friend June Allen - anybody from the old Cantril Farm area who knows of a Leslie Kenneth Paul Wilson.

Jennie <>
Hertfordshire,Sat 27th Jan 2001 , 04:39:15 pm

Great site.Anyone here go to Whiston Sec.School? Remember Miss Howells? Miss Lucas,Miss Rimmer? Or me lived in Ward St. Prescot and Central Ave. I used to ride a big brown and white horse called Warpaint. I came to Canada in 1964.
Hilary Everitt <>
Chemainus,BC,Canada,Tue 23rd Jan 2001 , 05:30:42 am

very interesting site.
did anyone outhere go to st kevs(82-86)
house (aquinas)or anyone from southdene park brow area....drop a line .

paul jewell <>
wickford,essex,england,Sun 21st Jan 2001 , 05:11:36 pm

My Dad is Sandyland "Sandy" Lyon who went to Prescot Boys Grammar School from 1930 to 1935. He was the 14th child in his family and the only one to "pass the scholarship." One of his
older sisters, Hannah (later Hannah Taylor of Rainhill) paid for his uniform and bought him a bike so he could get to school from Whiston. He won the Victor Minorum medal for sport. Became an articled surveyor then served in the Royal Corps of Signals during the war, was part of the BEF to Norway.
Later played soccer for Prescot Cables, Wigan Athletic and Runcorn, retiring at 38. Served as a councillor on Prescot Urban District Council for 17 years, was chairman of the council twice. He and Mum (nee Maud Lyon, she didn't need to change her name) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Nov. 30, 2000. They have two daughters, myself and Elaine Swire of Rainhill; five grandchildren (3 in U.S.A) and six great-grandchildren, all in the U.S. They live at 21 Oliver Lyme House, Lavender Cres., Prescot L34 5RN; phone 051-430-6297

Sandra J. (Lyon) Provan <>
LaPorte,Indiana,U.S.A. 46350,Fri 19th Jan 2001 , 06:22:30 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have a look at some of the earlier guestbook comments there is a good link to Prescot Grammar School mentioned. ]

In addition to above comment - I meant to say that my maiden name was DANN !!!!!!
Irene Lawrence <>
Newport,Shropshire,UK,Wed 17th Jan 2001 , 10:51:23 pm

Site was very good. Not many comments referring to St. Columbas School though which I found odd. I went to the infant and Junior schools but my brother, John and sister Helen, went on to attend the seniors. Would like to hear from anyone attending the school around 1978/80. I particularly remember Mr.Luddon (deputy head) with great fondness.
Irene Lawrence <>
Newport,Shropshire,UK,Wed 17th Jan 2001 , 10:48:49 pm

enjoyed your site, I had just surfed in from a Speke site and thought you had an interesting site their URL is

All the very best
Valdis Kennedy

Valdis Kennedy <>
Barrie,Ontario,Canada,Wed 17th Jan 2001 , 01:06:12 pm

Hello I was very interested to come across your website. I have been researching my grandparents and in doing so found that the children were christened in St Mary the Virgin church Liverpool. I was wondering if this is the one. The names of my Great Grandparents were John Cropper and Elizabeth Robinson. They had a number of children and my grandfather was Henry Cropper. John and his father William were both gardeners and I think they either had a tenant farm or worked for the Derby family. The dates are John Cropper 1840-?? Elizabeth Robinson 1843-1888 And Henry was born 1879 Other children listed as being christened in St Mary the Virgin are William 1862,Mary Ellen 1864, Thomas 1866, Anne-Jane 1869,Margaret Elizabeth 1871, There are probably others but I haven't yet found them. If any one knows anything about this family I would be very grateful for the Information. I was born in Wavertree Liverpool and came to Australia in 1952. Thankyou in anticipation Doreen Trinham.
Doreen Trinham <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Sun 14th Jan 2001 , 05:17:03 am

I went to St Michaels infants junior school from
62 to 69 then Huyton hey from 69 to 74. Anyone rememebr me.
Brother Martin two years older and sister Alison 1 year younger also went to same schools.
Great web site, keep itup.

Laurence Fox <>
Devonshire,Bermuda,Sat 13th Jan 2001 , 12:46:49 pm

Good to see so many people trying to get in touch.You may find this page useful also.
Hello to anyone who knows me.

Allan Fletcher <>
Hounslow,Middlesex,Wed 10th Jan 2001 , 09:54:17 pm

We have traced our FINNEY,s to a family
of Thomas and Ann of Knowsley ,1760,s
era. Son Moses was born in 1768 and
baptised in Huyton . Trying to contact
Finney families currently from the area
with regards to genealogical research
or anyone else who may be able to assist
us. Marvellous site.
Ed Finney

Edmund Talbot FINNEY <>
Guelph,Ontario(Province),Canada,Sun 07th Jan 2001 , 09:32:11 pm

I am looking to contact anyone that went to St. Michaels Secondary Modern School, Bourne Street (around the corner from Sloan Square, London) and left in 1961.
I understand that it is now a girls' school with a different name.
Dame Edith Evans was an Old Girl from St. Michaels.

Alan Williams <>
Sarnia,Ontario,Canada,Sun 07th Jan 2001 , 02:58:57 am
[ Webmaster replies : I have tried to reply to you personally but your email keeps getting directed to someone in California. I suggest you contact one of the libraries in London since although we have a St. Michael's church here in Knowsley we are geographically about 220 miles further north situated between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. ]

This was a very nostolgic walk for me when reading some of the memories of various people. I lived in Norbury Rd and went to Holy Angels, Kirkby from 1962. Immigrated to Australia when I was nine years old with my mum and dad and four sisters and brother. My maiden name is Kershaw. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers myself or our family

Kathleen Bradburn

Kathleen Bradburn <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Tue 02nd Jan 2001 , 10:45:15 pm