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I was not looking for this web site and fell across it by mistke. Brilliant and very nostaligic.
I am trying to trace some of my old school mates from Ruffwood Comprehensive between 1973(I think) and 1979. Mr. Barnes was the Head master. I was in Wedgewood House with Mr Ireland as a sod of a House Master. I made the mistake of getting too heavily involved in the RE classes with Mr Jones, but hey they were memorable times. If anyone is out there then please get in touch. Would be great to catch up

Michael Murphy <>
Edinburgh,West Lothian,Scotland,Sat 30th Dec 2000 , 03:25:59 pm

Happy New Year to all ex-Prescot Grammar School lads and lasses. Want to catch up with old times? Track down old mates? Download some photos... then this is the website for you: PGS CONNECTIONS on

is the place to be. Tell your friends about it.... running now for seven months and 170 old faces tracked down... join now and relive those memorable days!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,England,Thu 28th Dec 2000 , 10:04:41 pm

hi merry christmas to every one in kirkby, realy enjoyed the guestbook, i used to live in westvale, by the fantail, used to go to st michaels, st kevens, remember walking down railway tracks to school, doing the jumps on the holt, bunking school hanging round mill farm, remember school hols, used to get picked up by a tractor, outside the mainbrace, and taken to caunseys farm, for bean picken. a shillen a bag, remember the tallys we used to get, november 5 bommy night, gaurden the bommy wood, or out robbin everybody else, guy forks out side the pub, penny for the guy, mind yer car pal, they were the days hey any way love yers and leave yer for now mike.
mike feeney <ringomike@hotmail>
BRISBANE,QLD,AUSTRALIA,Mon 25th Dec 2000 , 02:07:43 pm

I run the website This is about Fincham in Norfolk, and the Fincham family who originate there. I am delighted to discover there is another Fincham in Huyton. PLEASE tell me all about it, and in particular, how it got its name: after one of the Fincham family, I guess

David Fincham <>
Cambridge,England,Mon 18th Dec 2000 , 02:36:24 pm

I went to stockbridge infants and juniors(now beechwood)from 1982-1988 and I am looking for old school friends.I lived in shepton road until 1994 and now live in Reading,Bershire.
Would really like to know how everyone is getting on.

Sue Rabone <>
Reading,Bershire,England,Fri 15th Dec 2000 , 01:12:52 pm

Calling all ex pupils of Parkway Comprehensive, Stockbridge Lane, Huyton.
Please take a look at my website devoted to the history of the area, Parkway Comprehensive / Woolfall Comp school. Please leave a message on the message board/forum.

And check out the "In and around Stockbridge lane area"

My email -
Any old photos of the Stockbridge Lane area/Parkway School & Pupils welcomed!

Cheers - Wendy.
Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year!

Wendy Murdoch <>
Liverpool,Mon 11th Dec 2000 , 06:54:29 pm

The Prescot Grammar School Connections site contains loads of historic photos, many supplied by surfers on
and may be of use to local researchers as well as containing a datbase of over 150 ex Grammar School pupils form before the war, fight up to the modern day!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,East Sussex,England,Sat 02nd Dec 2000 , 06:24:17 pm

Dear Knowsley people


The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery recently acquired a watercolour by EDWARD LEAR which depicts the thylacine, or TASMANIAN TIGER. Signed and dated 1833, the drawing is presumably from the artist's time at Knowsley Hall under the patronage of Lord Stanley (the 13th Earl of Derby).

The TMAG has a (zoological and historical) interest in records of the thylacine prior to its extinction, and I am keen to determine whether Lear's watercolour was done from life or copied/adapted from a published illustration.

Was there a thylacine at Knowsley Hall? Are there records of the identities and numbers of the animals in Lord Stanley's menagerie in the early 1830s? Could anyone suggest alternative places/people to ask?

Many thanks.

David Hansen
Senior Curator - Art
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
GPO Box 1164M
tel +61 3 6211 4131
fax 6211 4112

David Hansen <>
Hobart,Tasmania,Australia,Mon 27th Nov 2000 , 11:35:54 pm

Good site, has brought back many memories of my childhood. I lived in Tallern Road, Westvale Kirkby from the mid 1950's until 1966. I went to Westvale Primary School and then to Ruffwood. Where I was in Shaftesbury House, whose headmistress was Mrs Jellis. The teachers I remember Miss Barber (a real babe I recall), Mr Forshaw, Mr Holmes, Mr Shackleton, Miss Johnson, Mr Hughes. The kids (all 50 now) Robert Judge, Fred Lewis, Arthur (Raymond) Lewis, Keith Jones, Colin Spencer, Robert Winstanley, Roger Kirby
David Major, Robert Hunter, Madeline Williams, Sonia Gross, Ann Manning, Maureen Cranham, Pamela Parry, Pauline Davis( the last 4 I fancied like mad, but never had the courage to tell them).

And many more, they will probably not even remember me, it was after all over 30 years ago. I have no doubt Kirkby has changed, but it was nice to remember it when i was young. Would I go back? No I don't think so, but it would be interesting to find out what happened to the people I knew.

Kirkby was not the greatest place to live, but I survived and it gave me a strength that I have used all my life.

If anyone does remember me and would like get in touch please do.

Neil Wells <>
Sun 26th Nov 2000 , 07:54:02 pm

I have traced my ancestors back to Whiston ( John Birchall-c1795 ). They all appear to be Colliers! Is anyone else researching this family or has any information on the history of mining in this area? Thanks

Bill Birchall

William Birchall <>
High Wycombe,Bucks,England,Sun 26th Nov 2000 , 12:24:49 pm

What a great sight,forgive the play on words, to see so many familiar places and read the notice board and connect with so many names. I went to the "Allys" about the same time as Ron Redfern went to Park view. we must have walked past each other going to school. Same time frame, born in 1944 in Greenway close. And then I noticed Diane Shaw whose mother lived in Aylton Road, just off Greenway. Its been over 40 years but I can still recall so many happy memories of Huyton. A great site and I'll be back again, and if any one goes into the Allys club tell Martin I was asking about him, Ta ra for Peter Gallagher
Peter Gallagher <>
Mount Maunganui,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand,Sat 25th Nov 2000 , 08:34:02 pm

Hello I'm looking for a friend of mine, she lives somewhere in Kirkby, all I know is she is called Sarah Stanton , she would be about 25 years old now, and that she lives / lived on a street called Eden.. well thats the only bit i know eden place, street or something, anyway if anyone knows her please pass on my email address and that I would love to hear from her as its been a couple of years, and i do have some rather tragic news to tell her about a mutual friend who is no longer with us. thanks Johnny
johnny <>
Leeds,West Yorkshire,United Kingdom,Thu 23rd Nov 2000 , 05:34:40 pm


linda rabone (nee daniels} <>
liverpool,Sun 19th Nov 2000 , 08:05:20 pm

Can anyone get me in touch with Billy Skinner (William James Skinner)? He should be about 38 years old and last time I saw him (12 years ago) he was a taxi driver. Lived in Huyton.
Hugh Diamond <>
London,Fri 17th Nov 2000 , 01:30:55 pm

great site lived in pagemoss until 92 then moved up the road to everton still miss old neighbours in aylton rd but sadly they have either passed away or moved away.attended ST ALOYSIUS twig lane from 70/77 and then gonzaga till82
everton,liverpool,uk,Fri 17th Nov 2000 , 12:23:43 am

I am looking for a brother and sister named John and Denise Cowell...their father and mother's names where Alfred and Alison Cowell...If anyone has any information please email....Thanks
Enjoyed the site very much brought back happy memories

Susan <>
Canada,Wed 15th Nov 2000 , 10:31:01 pm

My second go at this - anyone born between 1948 and 1951 and attended Ruffwood Comp School, leaving in the 60's please get in touch - would love to hear from you. None of us are getting any younger ho ho ho!!!

Pam McConnell

Pam McConnell (Nee FAULDS) <>
Halewood village,Merseyside,UK,Sun 12th Nov 2000 , 11:05:15 pm

Fell on your site by accident but brought home a lot of memories in Kirkby as a youngster b.1951 to 1974 when I got married and moved to Halewood. Went to St Chads old school at 5 years of age, then Overdale County Primary and eventually Roughwood Comp (Nightingale House - leaving school in summer 1967. Anyone leaving same year and born between 1948 to 1951 in Nightingale or Fleming house would love to make contact-may be organise a big party and discuss the OLD DAYS prior to all this IT and Internet stuff - which, incidentally I'm hooked on even at MY AGE !!!
Pam McConnell (nee FAULDS) <>
Halewood Village,Merseyside,UK,Sun 12th Nov 2000 , 10:33:05 pm

Do you know anyone who went to Prescot Grammar School? If the answer is YES, send them to the PGS Connections Website..

or send me an e-mail... you won't be disappointed!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,East Sussex,England,Sun 12th Nov 2000 , 09:31:56 am

I am looking for anyone who went to my school called Parkway comprehensive or Woolfall comprehensive of Stockbridge Lane Huyton. If you want to see photos of Huyton please go to my website at
wendy murdoch <>
Liverpool,lanc,merseyside,Thu 09th Nov 2000 , 05:40:48 pm

I know lots of people use this guestbook to try to trace old friends and thought anyone doing so may also like to try
which I found today.
Keep up the good work!!
This is an excellent site.

Allan Fletcher <>
Hounslow/Heathrow,Thu 09th Nov 2000 , 12:07:08 am

PETER MATHEW DAVIES. DoB 5th August 1955
St.Kevins Comp. Kirkby. Then Hull University. Sisters Kathleen and Bernadette, brothers Jim and Chris. I last heard of Pete around 1981 but his parents moved from Quarry Green and I lost touch. He joined the Army - Engineers as I recollect. Anybody have any information? This site could prove very useful to us old exiles. I went to Sacred Heart in Northwood, the St. Kevins and on to the RAF. Here's hoping someone can help.

Terry Flaherty <TerryFly@RedDwarf57.freeserve.>
Manchester,England,Tue 07th Nov 2000 , 09:05:49 am

hi have been reading entries in the guestbook they are very interesting. Our family emigrated to australia in 1967.Our family name is mellows we use to go to knowsley woolfall heath ave school.I remember bobby blackshaw the english teacher who use to throw the blackboard duster if you lifted your head up while writing. We lived in 36 barkbeth road huyton. Before this we lived on lord derbys estate were my dad worked on the estate. does anyone have any info on lord derbys estate back in the 50's and 60's.Or any info on tracing merchant navy records for world war 2,as I am trying to trace my family history.My dad served in the merchant navy from liverpool and was on the franconia.
glenys aspros <>
melbourne,victoria,australia,Mon 06th Nov 2000 , 04:10:29 pm

I am not at present on the internet but I came upon your site when my son was trying to show me the merits of it. Peter Green,when I read the name I thought I knew him, then I realised Peter Greene was lead guitarist with fleetwood mac. Anyway I read on and realised that I attended Huyton Hey at the same time as Peter1954-1958. I wasn't in the same stream as Peter I was in 1a2 2a2 etc. I have a vague memory of a tall lad who used to play football.

My memories from that time are of Mr Hollinghurst, Mr Proven,Mr Brown,Miss Taylor the sweater girl! Miss Cameron, Mr Griffifths the woodwork teacher. I can remember the first diesel train (the deltic)going past the school. Peter may have difficuty recalling me because i was one of many Whiston lads who attended HUyton Hey.

John Watkinson <>
Netherton,Merseyside,Sat 04th Nov 2000 , 01:24:30 am

Its great to read about my old stomping ground. I'm now a Network manager of a college of all things. LOL who'd have thought I would have ended up in a school again. I miss liverpool loads. I used to go to Parkway Comprehensive School. I move to London just after it was knocked down. Hope all my old school mates are OK. I will set this site as one of my favourites and I will be visiting again. Have a good Christmas and New Year for 2000. Take care all Ian Davies.
Ian Davies <>
London,Middlesex,England,Thu 02nd Nov 2000 , 10:22:23 pm

Boy, what a find! Thanks to Jane for giving me the addy. I worked on the Kirkby Reporter in the early '70s and knew Ray Gosling. Must say that many of the stories we worked on involved housing complaints....first time I ever heard the expression "Jerry-built". I used to say we weren't reporters, but ombudsmen trying to get complaints sorted out! Then there was court reporting.....did you know Z Cars was based on Kirkby and the local nick was shown in the opening credits of the later series? But it was a good place for a "baby reporter" to start a career, even if it was a culture shock, living as I did in the Bowring Park area! Used to walk to Stockbridge Lane to get the bus to Kirkby (over half-hour walk...can you imagine anyone doing that these days?) so with a journey of well over an hour, it was like entering another world! But I wouldn't have missed it for the world....
On the subject of schools: I went to Malvern County Primary before going to Wade Deacon Girls' Grammar from 1963-70. Most of my Malvern classmates went to Prescot niece Allison is now at Prescot High School (?). Anyone remember Mr Speakman from Malvern? Best teacher they had!

Alison Bailey <>
Hamburg,Germany,Mon 30th Oct 2000 , 08:33:41 am

This site is a blast.
Lots of memories, great pictures & superb local info.
It would be great to hear from ex-Brookfield folk.

Alan Hesford <>
St Asaph,UK,Mon 30th Oct 2000 , 01:26:06 am

What a great website, would love to contact anyone who lived in Knowsley Lane up to 1965. My family name was Edwards and we lived at 115 Knowsley Lane, from 1938 to 1966. My parents were Vi & Sam Edwards and my Dad was a local County Councilor until his death in 1957. I have two sisters Hilda & Vi.
I now live in Canada please e-mail me.
Pauline Dougherty e-mail

Pauline Dougherty <>
Ottawa,Ontario,Canada,Sat 28th Oct 2000 , 10:10:26 pm

Hi it was just great to find this website, I was born on Knowsley Lane, family name of Edwards. Went to Longview
School then on to Whiston Secondary. Have lived in Canada since 1974 but would love to contact anyone who lived in Knowsley Lane. Brenda Meredith, Barbara Sprosen, Val Hudson who had a sister Hazel who lived in Huyton. Last I
heard Val was married and living in Prescot. I left Knowsley in 1966, moved to Stevenage and then on to Canada. Both my Mom & Dad are buried in Knowsley
Churchyard. Please contact me if you remember any of the folk. e-mail thanks Pauline

Pauline Dougherty <>
Ottawa,Ontario,Canada,Sat 28th Oct 2000 , 02:21:05 am

AS i sat and read all the comments on the guestbook and put my own on , I hoped someone my help me i wish to trace my family name SMART on my dads side POTAGE on my mums if you can help mail me ????
Keith Smart <>
Thu 26th Oct 2000 , 12:06:51 am
[ Webmaster replies : I note from your previous message that you live in Huyton. Why not come into Huyton library where you you find a tremendous range of resources to trace your family yourself. ]

I went to school at Park View in 1976 is and the Page Moss 1984-1988 ( Later Bowring Park ) Is anyone else here from then how my rember me and David Parkinson , Colin Spancer...????
( as you can see Page Moss did not do much for my spelling ) ?????

Keith Smart <>
Huyton,Wed 25th Oct 2000 , 11:50:29 pm

Good site
I lived in Westvale Kirkby from the early 50's until 1966. So seeing all those familiar places mentioned brought back many memories. I went to Westvale primary and Ruffwood and was in Shaftesbury House under Mrs Jellis(house mistress). Other teachers I remember Mr Foreshaw, Miss Barker, Miss Johnson, Mr Huhges Mr shackleton, Mr Holmes. Kids at school Fred Lewis, Arthur (Ray) Lewis, Pamela Parry, Maureen Cranham, Sonia Gross, Robert Judge, Madlyn Williams Ann Stanton? too many to name.

Proably all forgotten me.

It has been 30 odd years
Still nice to hear about the old place.

Neil Wells <>
Wed 25th Oct 2000 , 10:33:40 pm

Just wanted to say hello to anyone that might know me> Went to Millbrook, Infants and Juniors until 1979 and the Ruffwood Comprehensive (Fleming House) until1984. Where are you, friends and classmates. It would be great to hear what you're all up to. Drop me a line!!!
Tony Maudsley <>
LONDON,ENGLAND,UK,Sat 21st Oct 2000 , 02:42:40 am


OTTAWA,ONTARIO,CANADA,Fri 20th Oct 2000 , 02:11:46 am

Do you know anyone who went to Prescot Grammar School? If the answer is YES, send them to the PGS Connections Website..

or send me an e-mail... you won't be disappointed!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,England,Thu 19th Oct 2000 , 04:11:28 pm

Correction of e-mail address. I lived in Park View Huyton. Attending Park View infants/juniors between 1955-60. Then on to Rupert Rd secondary modern til 1965. Headmaster Mr Major, teachers Mr (Harry) Leader. Eddie Hailwood to mention just a few.

Rob Campbell <>
Liverpool,England,Thu 19th Oct 2000 , 12:01:09 am

Just found the site been glued to it looking for old mates
I am Rob Campbell I went to Park View Infamts and Juniors.1954/60 Then on to Rupert Rd would love to hear from anyone who Knows me

Bowring Park,Liverpool 14,Wed 18th Oct 2000 , 04:16:21 pm

iS THERE A bernie jones, peter longman, tommy hoban or jonny wilson out there,who recall paul mansfield from northwood [wyllin road]and ravenscroft in towerhill, we all went to st.kevins to here from you.
paul mansfield <>
calgary,alberta,canada,Wed 18th Oct 2000 , 04:21:16 am

I have been sat here for the past 2 hours and I must say the time has flown by. It was great to stumble onto this site, very well written and very informative. Well done.

I can remember the Queens visit, when I was a boy. I used to live on Rowan Drive and I remember running to the top of the road to see her drive past. I can remember the old staion office (our house backed onto the railway line) by the "top shops" on Glovers Brow.

I used to attend Milbrook Junior School and then later Ruffwood Comp. All of my family did the same. Does anyone remeber them? Roy, Pam, Gill and Peter. I left school in '82 and was sorry to leave really. Some of my mates at school were; Mark Hagan, Mick boyle, Karl Hogarth, Billy Fogg. If any of you read this, drop me a line please. (The only person I have seen since leaving school is Mick Boyle in Liverpool on Castle St. about 4 years ago).

I have been away from Kirkby since 1985 and only get back every couple of years or so. If anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line.

Once again, and excellent site which I am just adding to my "favourites" section. see you again soon

Neil Dooley <>
Löhne,Germany,Tue 17th Oct 2000 , 10:18:51 pm

The Ordnance Survey now have available free maps from 1850 - 1899 at
Steve <>
Liverpool,Mon 16th Oct 2000 , 01:15:04 pm

This page helped with the reserch of the very small town of Mathoura. I found a lot of very helpful information on the establishment of the town.

Cherie Haywood
Mathoura,N.S.W,Australia,Sun 15th Oct 2000 , 11:56:06 pm

I found the web site during my lunch break. It's excellent and I discovered things I didn't know about Huyton even though I spent my first twenty years there. I suppose I'm the only person who didn't know the cinder path was the Corpse Way. I lived in the bungalows in Ashbourne Crescent then Windsor Road and went to Park View Primary until about 1962. People I remember are David Jackson, Phil Jones, William Fregie and Carol Parsons. Sorry Carol you made a big impression on me once in PE when we were about 7 years old.
I then moved to Wallace Avenue and later Wallace Drive and went to Huyton Hey until 1967. People I remember from then include Alice Milner, Rhona Price, Michael Carrol, Janet Beasley,Leslie Huckle, Melvyn Murphy and Susan Dalby and many others. I am still in touch with Peter Hellier and John Rimmer. teachers include Pinkie Gilmour, Packie Proven, Critcheley, Louie waring and Miss Davies.
Kep up the good work on the web site
I wish everyone I knew at Park View and Seel Road A HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY this year!

Peter Mason <>
East Anglia,UK,Thu 12th Oct 2000 , 02:36:05 pm

Yes, I remember the Ray Gosling doc. In fact, I particuarly remember part of it being filmed behind the Woodpecker Pub in Northwood, when they wre showing the state of the flats behind. I think I may even have managed to get my face on camera. I also remember the furore in the local press and from the residents saying it showed Kirkby in a bad light. Everyone kepy saying, " but what about the Swimming Pool, and the Sports Centre, etc". Apparently, we lived in a paradise, according to these people. And it was'nt the people who lived in the town who vandalised it, it was others. Dont get me wrong, I am not knocking my heritage, it's where I came from. But Kirkby in the '70's was hardly prettiest or most well kept town.

John Morley <>
London,Tue 10th Oct 2000 , 02:40:08 pm

Does anybody remember why the Old Cars was called that? And was it really iron water that came bubbling out of the well that we used to drink from? Not sure I want to know the answer to that one !!!! I hear that it's a motorway now!
Steve <>
London,Tue 10th Oct 2000 , 12:21:37 pm

I remember Tickles Farm, we lived on the Hag Estate which was right near.I think the farm was owned by two brothers.They had a son who used to drive a tractor through Huyton Quarry like some maniac.
Woe betide anyone found on their land,some of us got thick ears to prove it.Sorry no photos but loads of stories and memories.

Peter Green <>
Leeds,Sun 08th Oct 2000 , 11:13:03 pm

found your site through liverpool f.c. site very informative could anyone who has any info about knowsley woolfall heath sec mod school back in the 1960-64 pls contact me my name is glenys aspros back then it was glenys mellows we use to live in 34 barkbeth road huyton I had sister hazel brothers david brian thanks
glenys aspros <>
melbourne,victoria,australia,Sun 08th Oct 2000 , 05:35:13 am

This is a great site. I have found several people here that I knew when I lived in Prescot. I went to Prescot Board School and Whiston School in Portico Lane. Back in the 60s we had a concert party called,"The Tramps" Anyone remember us? We played for local charities and the local pensioners in Prescot. I have been in Canada since 1964 but still reminisce about the old place like The Old Carrs,Knowsley Park and fishing in Hallsnead Pond.
Hilary Everitt (Nee Brookes) <>
Chemainus,BC,Canada,Fri 06th Oct 2000 , 06:56:26 pm

I would like to know more about my home town history HUYTON can anyone Help ???
Keith <>
Huyton,Liverpool,Wed 04th Oct 2000 , 11:43:20 pm
[ Webmaster replies : As you actually live in Huyton come into the Local Studies library located on the first floor of the Central Library where you will find lots of information about the history of Huyton. ]

Gentlemen; I found your site by accident.
I have been searching,to no avail, for 2 years for info on my deceased
father's homeland and history. My maiden name is HALEWOOD. He died when
I was 12, so I never had a chance ask any questions. I don't have his
passport or naturalization papers and no living relatives here. How do
I go about finding out about my grandparents and/or relatives there in

This is what I know so far: He was born in Liverpool or Preston; I
assume he came to this country in his 30's; he had three sisters (all
here and deceased), Sarah, Gladys and Ethel; he died in April, 1956 at
the age of 67; his listed birth date was Dec. 1889.

I am looking for some kind of record back then and also want to know
where did the name of the town(ship) "Halewood" originally come from?
Any help you can give me would be appreciated . I am mostly homebound
now so it's hard for me to get out. Thank You, Bette Pollard

"Nations are judged by the way they show kindness to all living

Bette Pollard <>
Mon 02nd Oct 2000 , 10:05:30 am

A chat-room would be nice!
Sun 01st Oct 2000 , 11:58:51 pm
[ Webmaster replies : There is already a chat-room facility available on the main Knowsley site.
Go to and then enter the search term chat room. ]

Does anyone remember the early 70's documentary"Portrait of a town",presented by Ray Gosling,when it featured Kirkby?
I'd love to see it again.
It was very controversial at the time,but I think most of us who visit this site would agree it was the Kirkby that we all know and"love"!

London,Thu 28th Sep 2000 , 11:46:25 pm

LOVE DEBBIE SMITH (nee McGuinness)

LIVERPOOL,KIRKBY,UK,Wed 27th Sep 2000 , 09:14:22 pm

Reply to 'Smelly'.

A Circus was driven from St. George's fields, Huyton during 1977. The kids involved were mainly from the Longview / Bluebell / Woolfall Heath area - possibly the most unpleasant part of Huyton at that time - and it may still be. Anyone else remember the dangers of travelling on the number 10 bus from Longview to Page Moss at school closing time?

Incidentally, if people want an outsiders view of Huyton, I found this at

'What can I say about Huyton?! The place scared me to death when I first arrived. In the words of Paula Hughes of Sleaford Road, "It's dog rough." I think the residents know that and they are proud of it!'

BobCat <>
Wed 27th Sep 2000 , 07:25:29 pm

Surely the old "Kirkby Reporter"has plenty of archive photos of kirkby.The one's you have are very sort of"Tourist Guide"snaps!
Wed 27th Sep 2000 , 12:25:35 am
[ Webmaster replies : Unfortunately these photographs are all copyright protected so we can not use them. However if individuals would like to send in photographs they have taken themselves (include information about the photo and give copyright clearance to use) I can scan them and add to the site if suitable. See address on previous email ]

Somebody mentions something on this list about a circus being abused.If I remember rightly,it happened in Kirkby!
What about a mention of the thriving music scene in 80's Kirkby?
What happened to everyone?

London,UK,Wed 27th Sep 2000 , 12:19:38 am
[ Webmaster replies : Do you have information about the music scene in Kirkby in the 80's. If so send the information to Huyton Library, c/o Mrs Eileen Hume Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Huyton Library, Civic Way, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 9GD. We can then consider adding it to the site. ]

Do you know anyone who went to Prescot Grammar School? If the answer is YES, send them to the PGS Connections Website..

or send me an e-mail... you won't be disappointed!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,East Sussex,England,Tue 26th Sep 2000 , 11:48:03 pm

I found this site looking at the newsletter on the Crosby channel, you should advertise it more.
I lived in Ascot Ave, off Beach Rd from 1936-37 until I came to the US in 1957. I went to Beach Rd. school then on to Litherland Central, later Litherland Secondary Modern. Looked at the pics of St. Philips, used to march there on Sundays with the CLB (Church Lads Brigade).There use to be another swing bridge on the canal a little North of the Lift Bridge I remember falling in the canal in the early 40's off that bridge, got my backside warmed for that one. Interesting reading thank for a trip to the past.

Frank Wright <>
Reno,Nevada,U.S.A.,Tue 26th Sep 2000 , 04:59:47 pm

Wow! How the list grows. This is magic. I return here quite often to see if there
are any comments from mates long not seen. This week I learnt that one of my old mates
(Brian Fletcher) is quite ill and that his brother Allan would like to cheer him up
by relating some of the times our gang of six shared way back in the early to late 50"s.
Our gang consisted of myself, Keith Davis, my brother Les, Eddie Humphries and
Jimmy Smith. We shared many adventures together on and around the old Knowsley housing estate,
Knowsley village and Longview secondary Mod School.
We are all now in our late 50's and hearing of Brian's state of health prodded me into
thinking that our years are rapidly slipping by. Gravity and many years of use are reducing
us to bent up, balding, pot bellied, forgetful old codgers!!! That's hard to take but perhaps
,apart from a little exaduration, fairly close to the truth. I'm hoping that some of the other
old gang members will read this and contact Brian, through Allan at.
Just in case any of them do read this I'll throw in a few prompters for good measure.
1. Running accross the roof tops of the bungalow? Asbestos!
2. Raiding the vicars orchard and getting caught?
3. Raiding Whithouses orchard after camping out?
4. Cycling into wales to camp out on the river Dee and our run in with the herd of cows!!?
5. How we used to sing as we walked aroud the streets of the estate. "local Pup Stars"!
6. The day that GANG of toughs came from Liverpool to murder us. Hint. Keiths fault!
7. Damming the stream that passed under Knowsley lane. Flooding the road and Mr Smithies demise.
8. The "Balloons" we used top find in Little Woods on Sunday mornings.
9. The day we demolished Joe Gores truck cab in Three Pond woods. then being taken to the police
station by good old Joe. That sure put the wind up us!
10. Playing in the air raid shelters.
11. The day Joe Gores pig broke out of the pen and took a walk down Knowsley Lane & Knowsley Drive.
Then dragged Norman through the hawthorn hedge.
12. How about when we interrupted the power supply to Tommy Roses farm?
13. Ghost hunting in the woods along Homefarm Road.
14. Our tree top and underground dens.
15. Then there was the "borrowing" of parts off war planes that were stored somewhere up the east Lancs Road
I think. We nearly got the machine gun off one of them. Though we were after the ball bearings to
use as marbles.
I hasten to add that all these events and many more caused no harm to anyone and apart from the cab no damage to property.
But if our Dads' had known our rear ends would have been several shades of purple.
Well Brian I know you'll get to read this and I hope it gives you cause for a good many laughs. Good luck mate and here's
to a speedy recovery.
On behalf of myself & the Gang.
As for this site. Congratulations once again. It's a real winner.

Allan Keith Hewitt <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Mon 25th Sep 2000 , 03:03:18 pm


I'd just like to say what a great site this is, especially the old photos of Huyton, as my family have lived here since the 1850s. I lived in Shepton Road in Huyton between 1979 and 1992 and now live on St John's estate. I went to Parkway Comprehensive from 1982 until 1985, when it merged with Cantril High Comprehensive, and left in 1987. I'd love to hear from anyone who went there around that time.

Justine Rabone <>
Huyton,Merseyside,England,Sun 24th Sep 2000 , 08:20:53 pm

This is a great site. How about linking it up to some schools and dates pages? So many people seem to use this site to try to contact friends from their past that I'm sure it would be used.
Several years ago we had a school reunion for Longview Secondary School. Steven Cleary did some really hard work and traced nearly everyone from our year.
So, if any of of you are out there, drop me a line.
I know some of you have remarried and changed your name.
I will be sending out a mailing to those whose addresses I still have soon.

Allan Fletcher <>
Hounslow(by Heathrow airport),Middlesex,uk,Sun 24th Sep 2000 , 03:10:10 am

Congratulations on this site, I found it very interesting, it was realy nice to see the photos and read the letters,
it brought back many memories.

I was at St. Gregory's school from 1968 - 1972 I left and went to Kirkby College from 1972-1974. It would be nice to hear from anyone who knows me
my name was Marion Roberts.

Marion Kubicki <>
Warrington,Cheshire,England,Sun 24th Sep 2000 , 12:04:05 am

Attended Prescot Grammar School from Sep 1973-1980
Hugh Diamond <>
London,UK,Fri 22nd Sep 2000 , 09:59:12 am

We are trying to contact anybody who went to Prescot boys or girls grammar between September 1973 and June 1980. Some of us are getting together at the old prescotians reunion on Friday 6th October and we would love to see as many people as possible. Please contact.
Paula Simpson <>
Chester,uk,Thu 21st Sep 2000 , 11:22:55 am

I cannot tell you the joy I felt when I "stumbled" onto this site. Since my father died when I was 12, I had very little info to go on to search our family name of Halewood.

I have been trying for several years here in the states to no avail. The most I got was the name probably originated in possibly Scotland or Ireland. I tried several sites in Lancashire for info but got no response. I'm still very new into the info. i.e. do we have a "coat of arms", do I have any living relatives in the area, can I find my grandparents, etc.?

If anyone knows any additional info I can use, I would be forever grateful. I will welcome any E-mails. I really want to leave my grandchildren our history (I love England and try to follow events going on there). Please keep up this wonderful site. God Bless.

Bette (Halewood) Pollard <>
East Hartford,Connecticut, Hartford county,USA,Fri 15th Sep 2000 , 10:45:51 pm

I'm sure many more people read this site but do not sign the guestbook. I wish they would, someone might be looking for them. I'm an ex-pat and hit all the local sites. An easy way for those looking for school friends would be to register with (it's free). Enjoy this site very much and have signed the Guestbook several times. I went to Brookfield from 1958-63, lived in Colwall Walk, Northwood, and if anyone recognizes my name, I'd love to hear from you. In the interim - Cheerio, Enid SUMMERSKILL, Kessler
Enid SUMMERSKILL Kessler <>
Virginia Beach,Virginia,USA,Tue 12th Sep 2000 , 07:33:19 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your comments, if anyone has photographs they would like to send for possible inclusion on the website please send with details and copyright clearance to Mrs. Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Huyton Library, Civic way, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 9GD and they can be considered ]

Wonderful site. I am trying to catch up with CHRISTINE STEVENS who lived in Kirkby in 1969. To ascertain I find the right person, I worked for Lancashire County Ambulance Service stationed in Widnes.
Geoffrey McMullen <>
Portsmouth,Hampshire,UK,Tue 05th Sep 2000 , 11:55:28 am

Do you know anyone who went to Prescot Grammar School? If the answer is YES, send them to the PGS Connections Website..

or send me an e-mail... you won't be disappointed!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,East Sussex,England,Mon 04th Sep 2000 , 10:18:54 pm

Alan Greenall please contact me again with your email address, Reg would like to get in touch with you. Thank you.
Ann McCabe (nee Pickavance) <>
Perth,WA,Australia,Mon 04th Sep 2000 , 06:53:08 am

he worked for the 13th earl of derby as stonemason m to mary (nee)magee was supposed to have built the long wall around the estate children robert alexander catherine rachel mary alexander died 1822.son alexander became stonemason & builder at toxteth park liverpool have no record of his birth date or place nor of his sister rachel possibly knowsley or prescott have noted a number of people's early family were in some way connected with "the park" any help please ? michael j alexander miller
alexander miller <>
Fri 01st Sep 2000 , 01:24:20 pm

I was so pleased to find that Knowsley has such a wonderful website. I was facinated going through the guestbook,but a little dissapointed that there were so few entries from people who live or used to live in Prescot. I was born in Prescot in 1946 and attended the local schools, my maiden name was Simpson and still live localy in Rainhill. If there is anyone who would like to get in touch I would be glad to reply.
Jennifer Chadwick <>
Rainhill,Merseyside,England,Mon 28th Aug 2000 , 07:28:26 pm

I attended Wade Deacon Grammar school for boys between 1967 and 1972. My school memories are amongst my most treasured. I would dearly like to hear from anyone else who attended either the boys or girls school during that time in order to be able to rekindle some of those memories.
Keith Abbott <>
Seattle,Washington 98203,USA,Fri 25th Aug 2000 , 09:58:33 pm

I was not looking for this web site and stumbled across it by mistke. What a mistake!! I was trying to get some of the 'old' school guys together for a reunion of sorts as I only get bac to Kirkby once or twice a year. I went to Ruffwood School 1972 - 1976 when Mr. Barnes was the Head master. I was in Darwin House when Mr. Raymond was the House master and Miss Reddigton was house mistress. Our form Tutor was Mr Cropper (French teacher)for most of the time. I have managed to get hold of a few of the old guys, Deego, Rozzo and hopefully will get to see them when I am home in January 2001. Anybody else who wishes to come along please e-mail me or it looks like to Hen and Chickens one Saturday night in January. I seen Peter Poots when I was at home but lost him in Kirkby market before I could get hold of him. I am lookng for anybody from that set or time as I missed out on the reunion at Ruffwood a couple of years ago.
well fingers crossed and keep up the good work on a brilliant site.

Peter Grugel (Grug)

Peter Grugel <>
Miami,Fl,USA,Tue 22nd Aug 2000 , 07:29:27 am

Very interesting site, I found it through Prescot Grammar School old boys, I will be visiting it often.
WARREN,NEW JERSEY, USA,Sat 19th Aug 2000 , 07:29:45 pm

Further to the email I sent below, I now have a little more information. Pauline who I am looking for, was called Pauline Nevin before she married on 8 August 1964. She was married at St Aloyscious Church in Huyton. She lived at Cuper Crescent not street. If anyone has any information as to where Pauline or her daughter are now, please email me with details. Thank you.
Joyce Neeson <>
Cheadle,Cheshire,Wed 16th Aug 2000 , 08:30:37 pm

I am looking for a lady who was married to my brother in 1964, her name was Pauline, I dont know her maiden name but my brothers name was Gordon Holmes. My brother died tragically some months after marrying. Pauline had a daughter in 1965, I think her name was Louise, my sister thinks it was Marianne Louise. We never saw Pauline after my brothers death, nor did we meet her daughter. (I dont think this was her doing.) I am desperate to make contact with both of them. Pauline lived in Cuper Street, Huyton I was only 7 at the time. If anyone can help, please email me.

The site is really good, and I enjoyed reading through the emails from all over the world.
Thank you. Joyce

Joyce Neeson <>
Cheadle,,Cheshire,England,Mon 14th Aug 2000 , 01:44:53 pm

Does anyone out there remember the proposed
'Knowsley/Kirkby Pavilion'? I remember
attending a town meeting at Kirkby Town
Centre library some time in the mid 70's.
This was supposed to be a huge entertainment
and leisure complex. I cannot remember where
the proposed site was, but I remember there
were photographs of the site, and I think they
even started excavations. It never materialised,
of course, but would be interested to know what
happened to it. Anyone remember this?

john morley <>
London,Wed 09th Aug 2000 , 09:50:56 am

Congratulation on a very interestin site. I will be returning from time to time in connection with tracing my family history. The 1841 census shows the Owen family living at Sandy Brow, Simonswood - I believe this would have been a small farm and the Head of the household could(subject to more research) by my GGGrandfater. I'll be visiting the area so I hope there are still some remains from that era.
Well Done to the team.

Ken Owen <>
Birkenhead,Merseyside,U.K.,Mon 07th Aug 2000 , 07:11:55 pm

great site
i lived in kirkby from about 1963 to 1981, lived in southdene, went to park brow school from 1965 to about 1969
moved to warrenhouse rd about 1969, went to overdale school then ruffwood school til 1976
my family moved to runcorn in 1981,what happened to everyone?
i remember the bells family in warrenhouse rd, also the mahers.
feel free to get in touch

bill hearne <>
runcorn,cheshire,england,Sun 06th Aug 2000 , 07:25:40 pm

I've visted this web-site a few times and I'm impressed by the number of people who are accessing the site, leaving their names and looking for friends from the past. I lived in Kirkby between the late 1950s and 1969. I attended Brookfield Comprensive and left in 1966. I emigrated to Canada in 1969. I lived at 18 Domar Close and friends that I would like to hear from or about are Ken Stanley, Phillip Goldsmith, John Lambkin, Rosaline Wagner, Lynn Hollingsworth, Christine Arrowsmith, Pat Morton, Linda Wood. I have not visited Kirkby since 1978, but I have thought about it in the last few years. The site is very well done, the history is excellent and very interesting. Keep up the good work.
Jennifer Holden <>
Courtenay,British Columbia,Canada,Wed 02nd Aug 2000 , 06:05:06 am

Anyone go to Seel Road (huyton hey) from
1968-1972, born in deepfield drive, huyton, moved to sheppard ave, Bowring Park in 1972. Went to Prescot College for 2 years, had lots of fun there!!! Emigrated to United States in 1982, worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, Would love to hear from anyone who may know me!!!

Bradenton,Florida,USA,Tue 01st Aug 2000 , 01:06:06 am

PERTH,WA,AUSTRALIA,Mon 31st Jul 2000 , 06:35:44 pm

I have enjoyed my little look at the history and famous people. I have only moved up the road to Eccleston but still tell people I am from two dogs.
Andy Dobson <>
Eccleston, St.Helens.,Merseyside,UK,Mon 31st Jul 2000 , 03:53:08 pm

Do you know anyone who went to Prescot Grammar School? If the answer is YES, send them to the PGS Connections Website..

or send me an e-mail... you won't be disappointed!

Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill,East Sussex,England,Sat 29th Jul 2000 , 08:54:09 pm

Found a great site for anyone from Kirkby its a street map of kirkby if you forget what roads where around you old address it is in sections (you will see)all you need to do is scroll down until you get to the postcodes then put your old code in and your map comes for those who have forgotten it you can start from mine L325TL (lower case)

bill shaw <>
perth,wa,australia,Tue 25th Jul 2000 , 12:13:14 pm

What a great site.
Huyton has many happy memories from boyhood, teenager to young man.


Stanley Hill <>
Dalton,Cumbria,England,Sat 22nd Jul 2000 , 11:24:36 pm

I have enjoyed this site, thank you Enid Summerskill for passing on the address. I would love to hear from any old school friends who knew me from Rushey Hey School from 1957-1962, then Brookfield School from 1962-66. I lived at 12 Lydbury Crescent, Southdene (right next to St. Lawrences Church) before leaving Kirkby to go to London for 18 months, and then on to Canada. Some of the names I recall from school, are Irene O'Shea who emigrated to Aus. in about 1959-60, I would love to get in touch with her. Another name from I recall from Rushey Hey is Irene Tweedale, and Betty Williams. Brookfield friends names are quicker to mind, Linda Rogers, Linda Murphy, Christine Arronsson, Rose Soo, Maureen Butler, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me either from Lydbury Crescent or Brookfield School, or the Post Office on the Industrial Estate (I worked there for about 18 months).
Somebody may recall one of my Brothers... Sunny, Robbie, Billy or Ian Blundell or my Sister Lilian Blundell, I would love to hear from anybody who recalls our names, keep up the work on the great site, I love it.

Susan Button nee Blundell

Susan Button nee Blundell <>
Owen Sound,Ontario,Canada,Sat 22nd Jul 2000 , 07:39:04 pm

Re: Frank Jones, John Finnen & Wendy Lilly - I know Frank and John quite well, Wendy - your name rings a bell.

I attended Mosscroft infants and juniors (born 20 September 1960). I remember Julie Seddon, Jenny Brown, Keith Morris, David Ward, Martin Spencer, David Spencer, Jackie Mackie, Dawn O'reilly, Gary Blackwell, Steven O'Rourke, Alan Blakemore etc.

Of the teachers I remember: the head was Mr Waring, wasn't Rudd Mrs Bloodworth's maiden name? or was that Mrs Hyde? I remember the films - Zulu, The Italian Job, The Time Machine, A Christmas Carol etc. Did we ever do any work?

I remember 'Mollies' and the dogs too!

Does anybody remember the farm on Whiston Lane near the bridge end called Tickles Farm? Apparantly the actual name was Whiston Hall! I'd love to see some pictures.

Great site, anyone with information or pictures should forward them for us all to share!

Phil Studdart
Huyton, Liverpool,Sat 22nd Jul 2000 , 03:06:21 am

Congratulations on an excellent site.
I am currently writing a book based on my memories of Kirkby from 1953-1961.
It is the story of my gang, a small gang of three, and the adventures we shared during childhood.St.Lawrence's St.Gregory's, St. Joseph's and St. Chad's,the river Alt etc.etc all feature within the stories.If and when it is published I hope it will do Kirkby and it's people proud !

Martin Banasko <>
Newton-Le- Willows,Merseyside,U.K.,Fri 21st Jul 2000 , 11:49:35 pm

I am looking to contact people who attended Deyes Lane Secondary in the years 1965- 69.
In particular I was hoping to contact Christine Dartmouth who resided at 4 Ambleside Rd, and
Possibly the identical twin girls June and Janet, my maiden name was Diane Gasking I also attended
St Thomas'junior school on Southport Rd Lydiate from '58-'65, I remember Dorothy Mcnight, David Biggs,
Roy Hudson? Janet and Shirley Townsend, Janet Lockyer. If anyone remembers anyone
please e-mail me.

diane shaw <>
perth,wa,australia,Wed 12th Jul 2000 , 01:18:53 pm

This site is really good. As a local community media company, we rely on information about our area. If any readers out there have any interesting stories or facts about St Chad's Church, Kirkby Keylink would be most grateful to hear of them. We are also currently researching local ghost stories and local myths for future programmes.
Neil Dempsey <>
Liverpool,Kirkby,England,Wed 12th Jul 2000 , 11:22:55 am

What a great site!
I am hoping to find some lost cousins from the Liverpool area.My grandmother lived in Parbrooke Road, Huyton.Her name was either Patricia or Elizabeth McCulloch, and I think the House was number 53. My late father was Gilbert George McCulloch,and he had a (younger) brother John who lived at homewith Gran there was also a married sister who I think was named after her mother.I remember my Uncle very well as he would spend his Holidays down at Bulmoore, near Axminster,Devon with us every year, however I can only Vaguely remember my aunt and some(older than I )children visiting when I was 4or5.I emigrated to Australia in 1962, and although I wrote after a couple of years my mail was never answered or returnedso if anybody has any info I would love to hear from you via email
or write to Stewart McCulloch, 43 Witt st., Benalla, Victoria 3672. Australia

Stewart McCulloch <>
Benalla,Victoria,Australia,Sun 09th Jul 2000 , 10:41:34 am

This is a superb, informative site. Having worked with Eileen Hume during a work placement I can understand why. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious.
St. Margaret Mary's RC Infant School have just launched their new web site at and would love to hear from any 'old' pupils. Please visit us soon. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mark Roche <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Mon 03rd Jul 2000 , 10:53:47 pm

Sorry, I put the wrong URL on my earlier entry. Please use

Stephen Nulty <>
Mon 03rd Jul 2000 , 03:28:40 pm

Hello, This is a fantastic site that had an incredible ability to make us here all home sick! My parents grew up in Southdene from the early 50's and met at the lib's club, got married and moved to Australia in 76 -ish. My dad Alex Murphy went to St Kev's while my mother went to Brookefield, her name was Dianne Holden. It would be great to hear from anyone who knows my parents and has a few stories to tell, I know they would love to hear from you all too. I have just returned from kirkby and can honestly say I had a ball, thankyou for the hospitality and for a tremendous web site.
Colin Murphy <>
Sunshine Coast,Queensland,Australia,Mon 03rd Jul 2000 , 12:03:53 pm

Still familiarizing myself with this site and have informed two other local sites ( and of it. There are many people from the Kirkby/Knowsley area who contact the other sites and I know would love this one also, especially as concerns local history and famous people. I attended Brookfield School from '58-63 - anyone who remembers me, I would love to hear from. My siblings attended Ruffwood for many years from the year it opened - The Summerskills...
Cheerio - Enid Summerskill Kessler

Enid SUMMERSKILL Kessler <>
VA Beach,Virginia,USA,Sun 02nd Jul 2000 , 12:58:13 pm

A short story about the death in the First World War of my great-uncle from Prescot has just been published at
Stephen Nulty <>
Fri 30th Jun 2000 , 03:51:09 pm

Yes Kevin Crowley of Southport I remember you I'm your brother Eddie who went to Brookie School, although my lovely wife Debbie (who was then Batt)went to Ruffwood School - (assures me it was the better of the two) So any old Ruffordians, just turned or just about to reach forty she would love to hear from you. Living here in Hereford is cool so our daughter says but you can't beat the old city for shopping.
(so she says) Any reunions planned? let us know please.

Eddie Crowley <>
Hereford,Herefordshire,Thu 29th Jun 2000 , 10:22:10 pm

Great site I have been talking with someone I went to school with (Keith Blundred).

Anybody out there remember me from Ruffwood school.
Cave Twins
Peter Bailey
Goodwin Twins

any teachers

Kevin Crowley <>
Southport,UK,Wed 28th Jun 2000 , 07:40:47 pm

Great site ... ex Prescot Grammar School go to


Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,East Sussex,England,Tue 27th Jun 2000 , 11:28:18 pm

An excellent site, very interesting, people from the Litherland area will definitely be interested in the following site also:
Thanks again

manchester,lancs,Sat 24th Jun 2000 , 01:39:07 pm

Please does anyone have a family tree relating to the 13th Earl of Derby?
In particular I am interested in a daughter called Mary who I think may have married a man called Brown c.1820

I believe this lady is related to me but have searched at St Michaels Huyton but seemed to have drawn a blank. It is possible that on marriage she moved to Newton le Willows Lancs and was part of a local farming family.

Please can anyone point me in the right direction and finally confirm her exsistence....

Hope someone out there can help and thank you for a informtive web site.

susan hewitt <>
warrington,cheshire,england,Fri 23rd Jun 2000 , 10:23:36 am

An excellent site
Many years ago I used to visit my Aunt
& Uncle who lived in Huyton. I can remember three cousins, Dorothy[she died
I think approximately in 1965] Stanley, & Willie.
My aunt & uncle where called Elizabeth & Bob Hughes. Uncle Bob worked at the local biscuit factory.
I am trying to trace my family tree &
my Aunt's maiden name was Bolton.
My father was Stanley Owen Bolton born
on 25 August 1898 at 14 Handfield Street Everton. Auntie Lizzie was one of my father's sisters.

If any body has any information on either Bolton family or they recognise the Hughes family I would be grateful if they would get in touch by e-mail

Marjorie Smith <>
Immingham,North East Lincs,Mon 19th Jun 2000 , 09:58:53 pm

I found a current map of Kirkby showing all the streets do you think I can find it can anyone help?
bill shaw <>
perth,wa,australia,Sat 17th Jun 2000 , 06:46:19 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Go to the towntrail in the Kirkby township or else to print out go to the information page and then to display pages for printing and go to Kirkby towntrail and the map and accompanying text will be able to be printed out ]

Great, just spent the last 2 hours glued to the moniter - visited Kirkby early this year with my children, stood outside the house I lived in in Simonswood Lane. What a change to the field opposite, I remember the old Kirkby Town Football Club, and the stock car racing that went on there. I need to come back for a longer visit and meet some old school chums.
Crowley(neeBATT) <>
Herefordshire,Sat 17th Jun 2000 , 03:14:00 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If you have any photographs that would be useful for the site please send them to me at Huyton Library (for address see Knowsley main site)and we can perhaps add them. ]

Does Anyone know the Jones' from Henlow Avenue, If you do Please contact me. Have you any family information on them? Or do u know the Blundreds?
Keith Blundred <>
Northampton,Thu 15th Jun 2000 , 05:10:03 pm

Does anyone remember me mum, she used to work at Centre 63 in Westvale? It was years ago now but probably around 1970 or so. Her name was Barbara Ball.
This is a great site and its nice to see all the old photies as well as the new ones.
I used to live on the Kirkby Park Estate(when we had a flat roof!!) and came to Canada in 1975. I still miss Kirkby and hope to return sometime soon.


Derek <>
Sat 10th Jun 2000 , 08:00:38 am

I have enjoyed browsing through this site and will be returning. Very well put together with many interesting facts and details
Luba Brodie <>
Widnes,Tue 06th Jun 2000 , 10:30:03 am

Again after another visit to the site I am still impressed. Apologies to anyone who may have tried to contact me after my last visit some months ago as I was enquiring about old Prescot Grammar or Dinas Lane friends and I posted the wrong address as my IP has changed domain names and a number of friends said they had difficulty making contact, the correct address is Regads Keith Lucas
Keith Lucas <>
Tasmania,Australia,Tue 06th Jun 2000 , 08:31:40 am

Left a message in March but my email was wrong - it is now corrected. Thanks. Cheerio - Enid Summerskill Kessler
Enid SUMMERSKILL Kessler <>
VA BEACH,Virginia,USA,Mon 05th Jun 2000 , 10:46:39 pm

elizabeth aspinall tried to e mail you but was
unsuccessful ,is your e mail address correct?

pupil of longie
Sun 04th Jun 2000 , 06:36:22 pm


perth,w.australia,australia,Sun 04th Jun 2000 , 03:14:44 pm

fist visit found site interesting and imformative , i have added it to my favorites list for easy future access

J.D`Arcy <>
Fri 02nd Jun 2000 , 10:06:09 pm

Anyone remember me? Like to hear from anyone who attended Holy Angels School in the early 70`s especially the lads from the school football team.
liverpool,merseyside,u.k.,Thu 01st Jun 2000 , 01:26:58 pm

I attended Prescot School from 1970 to 1977. It was a comprehensive school for the last two years of that period. My fondst memory is of booing (quietly) the annoncement at a summer assembly ion 1975 and the head going mad. I now work in a comp. myself.
Does anybody remember the eccentric Mr Harvey and the ruthlesslyfficient Mr Skeens the German teacher.?

James Hobson <>
Sat 27th May 2000 , 03:17:43 pm

Brilliant site, brought back so many memories! Reading through the Guestbook it was interesting to see so many familiar names and places. I attended Park View Primary School '49 to '54 and Huyton Secondary Modern (Rupert Road)'55 to '59. I then attended Wigan Tech until '61 before joining Liverpool City Police Cadets and the force proper in 1963. The last thirty years have been spent here "down under" in Sydney with my wife Sandra (nee O'Brien of Gladstone Ave, Bowring Park). We intend visiting this site on a regular basis and look forward to returning to Huyton for a visit in the not too distant future. Love to hear from anybody who remebers us, keep up the good work, Regards to all, Ron and Sandra REDFERN
Ron Redfern <>
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,Wed 24th May 2000 , 06:24:01 am

Just like to say "what a brill site"I shall be visiting it again.I went to Prescot Comp from 1980-1985 and my mates at the time were Mandy Cain,Yvonne Powell and Suzanne Hessey.Does anyone remember me?I was AnnMarie Carlin then.Does anyone remember Mr Kelly,Mr Marsden,Mr McEvoy,Mr McHale,Miss Bridge and not forgetting Mr McEverley and Mr Dunn?
They are all still teaching at Prescot.
If you know me email me Webmastersremark

annmarie hilton <>
huyton,liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 24th May 2000 , 03:28:21 am

What a great site. I used to live in Calgarth Road. I went to Huyton Secondary Modern. Left in Dec 1957. Worked in various shipping offices in the 'Pool til I joined WRAC after doing 2 weeks in Germany in 1964. Thru the Net I am in touch with Helen Ward (what was) who used to live down the other end of Calgarth Road.
They say its a small world. The woman who interviewed me for my current job comes from Pilch Lane. Now I see from your guest book there is someone from a few villages away who also went to Huyton Modern. I too also remember Freddie Fowler. He is couple of years younger than me.
Any friends out there, Jeannie Brown, Rina Wyke, Pauline Lewis or anyone else from my old school class? Who remembers Mr & Mrs Tatterstall, Miss Stranix, 'Harry' Leader or even Taffy Jone the welshman teaching us french, or at least trying to.
Could go on forever, but must leave space for others. Will be bookmarking you. Thanks to the webmaster.

Jean Parker (nee McGurn) <>
Partridge Green,West Sussex,England,Wed 17th May 2000 , 10:45:43 pm

I know the geustbook is used for comments about the site, but i would like to know if anybody knows the origin of Roby field (also called page moss field). I have lived oposite the field since i was born (although im only. an elderly neighbour (also a lifetime resident) tells me that the land does not belong to the council, but was donated to the youth of the area by Lord Derby. if anyone has ANY knowledge about the origin of the field, or any information you think may be helpfull to me i would really appreciate it. You can email me at

By the way, i think the site is pretty good, i liked the double maps, with the zoom tool. the history sections are also pretty well detailed. maybe a few more pictures would improve this area.

Ian Hatton <>
Liverpool,Roby, Knowsley,England,Wed 17th May 2000 , 03:34:54 pm
[ Webmaster replies : As you live in Roby why not visit Huyton library and look through the local history books and maps about Roby ]

Very informative site hopeing it might be able to shed light on my problem.gggf.william burns m martha hinds.about 1834 .TARBUCK is listed only tarbuck in Australia is TARBUCK BAY.definitly not it .THINK maybe ***TARBOCK*** anyone assit.son was william john b 1835 tarbuck???Thank you Bill
TOWNSVILLE,QUEENSLAND,AUSTRALIA,Fri 12th May 2000 , 08:29:32 am

I have returned to this wonderful site many times to browse the contents of the guest book and to see what's new. As always, I'm very impressed. Sadly though there is very little mention of the Maypole Estate.It was a great place to grow up in. There aren't many of the old timers left now and there doesn't appear to be any recorded history.The old estate is now long gone,does that mean the memories have to go too? Anyone who would like to contact me re this subject, please feel free to do so, I am attempting to put some kind of history down so that I may pass it on to my children and theirs too hopefully.
The estate was built to house workers during the 2nd World War and there are many stories to be told. They just have to be remembered and retold.
Keep up the excellent work.

Allan K Hewitt <>
(Kingsley) Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Mon 08th May 2000 , 04:02:44 pm

Fascinating material, but dark blue print on a black background is very difficult to see even with full contrast and brightness on my screen - could we have some clearer colours, please?
M Southgate <>
Sat 06th May 2000 , 01:25:12 pm

This has the potential for one of the better local authority sites.It is very well presented and informative.Well done
MVM Construction & Building Se <>
Prescot,Merseyside,UK,Sun 30th Apr 2000 , 09:08:18 pm

Anyone attend huyton hey secondary school between 1954-1958
Headmaster Mr Fitton
Science Teacher Mr Kilshaw
Geography Teacher Miss Nixon
Anyone in class 1a1,2a1, 3a1,4a1.
Am also looking for any members of Prescot ATC 1438 squadron about same time.We used to meet beside Prescott cables football ground.Wonderful days.
Peter Green

Peter Green <>
Leeds,Fri 28th Apr 2000 , 11:11:30 pm

Anyone out there attend Huyton Hey Secondary School between 1954-1958.
The headmaster was Mr Fitton
Science teacher was Mr Kilshaw
Geography teacher was Miss Nixon
PE teacher was Miss Crean my first love.
Anyone remember those wonderful years please get in touch.Peter Green Form 1A1,2A1,3A1,4A1.Also were you in the Prescot ATC 1438 Squadron round about same time.We met by the side of Prescott Cables football ground.

Peter Green <>
Leeds,Fri 28th Apr 2000 , 10:47:12 pm

this is the first time I have read this sight, I found it really interesting.
I attended Deyes Lane Secondary School '65-69 (maiden name Gasking), I hope to contact
any of the old school friends, Christine Dartmouth, the identical twins June and Janet and
anyone else who remembers me. I attended St Thomas' infant school on the Southport road
in Lydiate, it is now an aged persons home.
I am also hoping to make contact with a Patricia Shingfield, she was my mums' bridesmaid
and best mate for many years, my mum's name was Marjorie Dickenson and she lived at
45 Aylton Road Huyton, she married on the 5 November in Knowsley to Ron Gasking. They now
reside in Kallaroo Western Australia. If any one would like to contact either of us
please send us an e mail.

I will continue reading, and enjoying

Di Shaw

diane shaw <>
perth,western australia,Thu 20th Apr 2000 , 01:24:55 pm

This is a wonderful sight. Its always nice to take a look at, especially living so far away.
Many thanks to Steve Alcock, a old school friend for dropping me a line.
Its always nice to hear from people.
I wonder does anyone remember my mums family.
The Kinsella's. They lived in Huyton for a while I think. In Shepdarn Road, I think.
My grand parents were John and Kathleen.
Their children were John,Chris,Brian,Peter,Mark,Kathleen, Irene,Rose,Pauline (my mum),Sheila.
Now they all are living in and around Merseyside.John,outside London.Irene, in wales.Sheila in wigan.
It would be nice to hear if anyone knows this family.
Keep on sending those E-mails, its always great to hear from you.

Beverley Geus <>
Ilpendam,The Netherlands,Wed 19th Apr 2000 , 11:32:50 am

I found your site while browsing Liverpool, Merseyside. I grew up at 136 Hillside Avenue on corner of the arches leading to Bruton road and Knowsley lane attended St. Columbas schools. I had one brother, Tony and six sisters,Mary, Peggy, Joan, Eileen (all deceased) two sisters Helen (Huyton) and Anne (Whiston). Left Huyton in 1960 joined the Royal Horse Guards, last trip home was in 81. and briefly in 98. Parents Patrick (Pat) (1952) and Ellen (Nelly) (1981) Penlington of Lordens close, Hilside Ave. and Barford Road.
Barney Glen was a councillor in those days. Best wishes to all the families from our block, Daly, Mangans Colins,
O,Donell, Jones, Ward,Powell, Carney, Flaherty, Burke and Heffy.Fond memories.
I visit the site often, it is very good. Please lose the black screen.

Peter Penlington (Peno) <>
Brewster, (Cape Cod),Massachusetts.,USA,Sun 16th Apr 2000 , 05:43:31 am
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your positive comments. The black screen was a deliberate choice, we thought it helped focus the images. Have you tried the display for print option to reverse the screen? Also the information section has pages to print in this reverse format. ]

Enjoyed reading your guestbook. Would like to know if there is anyone who attended Whiston Girls' Secondary Modern School from 1958 - 1963. I lived in Bryer Road, Prescot till I was married, then lived in Carlisle for 10 years before migrating to Australia in 1980.
Ann McCabe (nee Pickavance) <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Sat 08th Apr 2000 , 10:18:00 am


bill shaw < .au>
perth,western australia,australia,Fri 07th Apr 2000 , 03:54:40 pm

Hello to all. What a great site it sure brought back tons of memories of the days when I used to bike up past tower hill to go fishing in the canal way back in the 60's. The wife and I have lived in Vancouver since 1975 but we always love to go home for a visit and walk all over Kirkby. I was originally from Scotty road and the wife (Jean) is from Everton. We lived in Westvale for many years before getting married and moving out to Canada. All the best to everyone that we used to know and if you want to contact me, I would love to hear from you by email.
Tony Wilson <>
Delta,BC,Canada,Thu 06th Apr 2000 , 06:58:35 am

Marie, thanks for putting me in touch with this website. I left a message on the noticeboard at trying to get in touch with "old" friends in Liverpool and Kirkby. Marie emailed me and told me about this site.

My family, the SUMMERSKILLs, left Fishguard Street, Liverpool 6, in 1957 to move to Northwood, Kirkby.

In Liverpool I am trying to reach Muriel and Norma Sinclair, Eileen Taylor and Irene and Phyllis Campbell. In Kirkby I am trying to reach Linda or Noreen Holmes, Louise Ellson, Charlotte Donkor, Linda Vickery, Diana Rowlands, Pauline Parr and Glynis Roberts - all went to Brookfield School between 1958 and 1963. The rest of my family went to Ruffwood School in Kirkby.

I was "home" last Easter. Of course, the time went so quickly but there was so much to do and so many people to see. I have been in the States over 30 years but I guess it's where you grow up is the place you remember most. I guess I don't have much of a "Liverpudlian" accent anymore because I found when I asked people directions or how much something was, they had a tendency to raise their voice.... As most of us do when we are speaking to someone "foreign".

Love reading all the other comments - keep them coming...

Enid SUMMERSKILL Kessler <>
Virginia Beach,Virginia,USA,Tue 28th Mar 2000 , 10:47:06 pm

How fantastic to see my home town. I have lived in Australia for thirty years now. Lived in Long View Drive (born Dec. 1960) to about 1964 moved to Dorsett Road then Chester Road in 1967. I went to Mosscroft infants and juniors until 1971 I think I remember frank Jones did you have black hair? I remember Collette Hooson, Julie Guy, Shirley Griffiths, Jenny Brown, Julie Seddon, Pamela Arends, some of the teachers names were Mr Beaur(Bower?) Mrs Rudd, Miss Bloodworth, We used to watch movies in the hall on fridays like "The Italian Job." Does anyone remember me and my brother Billy mum Margaret and dad Charlie Hough? I went to St Gabriels in about '64 to '66. I remember doing brass rubbings in St Michaels Church but run like hell because the bells started to ring and there was no-one there!!!! Can't believe Georgies Fields are going. used to walk through there to the number 10 bus. I remember Dr.Macalski (cant remember how it was spelt)on Long View Drive. Does any one remember Molly's Shop on the corner of Chester Road? She had spotty dogs. Oh I could go on for ever!! Great Site Loved it, will visit again soon. Bigger photos please and some of Mosscroft School would be great. Thanks.
Wendy (Nee Hough) Lilly <>
Perth,Australia,Sun 26th Mar 2000 , 04:10:45 pm

I really enjoyed this site. After living at 82 Dinas Lane from 1945 to 1966 and attending both Park View until 1952 and Prescot Grammar until 1957 the photos really brought the memories back. Thanks a million for the hard work. Any old friends or ex school mates PLEASE give me an Email.
Many thanks from a sunny Launceston. Tasmania.

Keith Lucas <>
Launceston,Tasmania,Australia,Sat 25th Mar 2000 , 09:00:38 am

Great site, enjoyed my day looking at the old messages, keep up the good work.

Dave Roberts <>
Liverpool,Wed 22nd Mar 2000 , 04:32:19 pm

Enjoyed looking at the site.
I'm looking for information about Stockbridge Lane, Parkway Comprehensive School, Knowsley Lodge-known as Castle Gates. email me with any info please. Or if any one Knows me. I went to Parkway School between 1980 and 1985.
my website is

Wendy Murdoch <>
Liverpool,Wed 22nd Mar 2000 , 04:26:19 pm

Great website,I really enjoyed looking at the old photos of Huyton.
I am currently building a website of my own photographs of Huyton and Liverpool.
If anyone wants to take a look the address is

Paul Woods <>
Huyton,Liverpool,England,Tue 21st Mar 2000 , 06:29:40 pm

I'm from Anfield but me and my mates used
to go to Knowsley in the 40's,as the kids say
"it was a cool place in those days.What a great
site.Hope to hear from any old mates.

Ken Berry <>
Tawa,Wellington,New Zealand,Thu 16th Mar 2000 , 10:06:34 pm

A most informative website. I lived in Whiston from 1960-1980 attended Prescot Grammar School from 1966-1971. I am also researching my family tree. The main ancestors being from Melling and Maghull, but my Great Grandfather lived at Royal Oak Farm, Dragon Lane, Whiston, which now forms the Oak Road Estate, The Crescent and Hulton Avenue areas. Another Sumner family were at Cumber Lane Farm. If anyone can relate to these families or indeed the Melling/Maghull families please contact me.

Anyone who remembers me from the old days please give me an e-mail.

Geoff Sumner <geoffrey@sumner168.freeserve.c>
Ormskirk,Lancashire,England,Wed 15th Mar 2000 , 07:24:37 pm

Best wishes. I enjoyed looking at the old photographs. I was treasurer of Kirkby Local History Society in the 1980s and worked in Kirkby and Prescot Libraries
Anthony Martin <>
Exeter,Devon,Wed 08th Mar 2000 , 02:38:49 pm

My husband and I have just wandered down 'memory lane' thanks to your wonderful web site!
Not only have we re-lived our childhood, our youth and the first few years of our married life in the area , but we have had a lesson in history that was alas, sadly lacking from our studies as school children. However it is never too late to learn!

We found much more than we could have hoped to cover in any of the trips we have made 'back home'.

We both lived in Huyton 1939-1959,then moved to Kirkby in 1959 until 1966 when we emigrated to Canada.

I was casually looking for Park View School, Twig Lane, Huyton, out of nostalgia, I left there in 1949 to attend Cowley Girls' Grammar School St. Helens from where I graduated in 1954.
Having read ALL of the previous 'visitors' messages I get the impression I may now consider myself an "elder statesperson".
I was hoping to see the names of one or two of my peers appear on the Guestbook's pages, sadly it was not to be.
I recall attending Park View Primary School during the war years, we had to carry our 'gas masks' and every time the air raid siren sounded we headed for the shelter built in the school playground Oh! what memories that playground brings back!
I believe a swimming pool was built on the site many years later.

I returned to Huyton for six months in
1969 with my two children and the eldest also attended Park View School while we were there. I could not believe she had the same teacher I had had some 20+ years previous, a Miss MacVinnie, anyone recall that name?
If you do then you may remember me.
We lived on Twig Lane, (Where have all the trees gone!) which gets an honourable mention in your history tour,
and several of my classmates lived on Dinas Lane.
If any of you are out there, and see this message, I would love to hear from you. Some of the names that come to mind are, Beryl Blackmoore, Alma Fitzpatrick, John O'Brien,Alan Cooling, Marjorie Millingship, Gerry Goodwin, Diane and Anne Tate, to mention a few. Our last teacher was Mr.Heald..remember the 11 plus!!!!!

To our 'host' Thanks,you have made many ex-pats very proud of their roots!

Sheila Dunford (Gould) <>
London,Ontario,Canada,Sat 04th Mar 2000 , 04:22:57 am

I have lived in Kirkby all my life and did not know of this site, excellent site.
wayne edwards
kirkby - liverpool,Tue 29th Feb 2000 , 11:40:26 am

I wonder if there is anyone out there who remembers me? Then Beverley Edwards.
I lived in Whiston, until I was eighteen. When I moved to The Netherlands, to be with my now husband.I have lived here in The Netherlands, about seventeen years now.
I attended Whiston Willis infants and juniors, and Whiston Higherside.
My parents still reside at 3 weyman Avenue.Eric and Pauline Edwards. I have a brother Gareth, and a sister Sharron.
My nan resided at 54 milton Avenue until December 1999. Mrs Ethel Edwards, she had been a residient there 49 years.
If there is someone out there who remembers me or my family I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Beverley Geus Edwards <>
Ilpendam,The Netherlands,Sat 26th Feb 2000 , 07:29:57 pm

I was born March 1, 1936 at a house called "Roselynne"on New Hutte Lane in Halewood.
The place seems to have changed a lot over the years. I was delighted to find this website.

David Jackson <>
Escondido,California,USA,Wed 23rd Feb 2000 , 04:41:02 pm

Thank you so much for this great website
my family left Huyton for the USA in 1952. We lived at 102 Crosswood Crescent. Huyton with Roby. Would like to hear from any neighbours and also pupils who left Huyton Modern school in 1947, greetings to all from Pennsylvania!!!!!

Norman F Williams <>
READING,PENNSYLVANIA / BERKS COUNTY,U.S.A.,Mon 21st Feb 2000 , 10:11:01 pm

Very interesting site. I am tracing my family tree.
Around 1901 my gggf owned the Nag's Head Inn, 2 Atherton Street,Prescot. He was Dominic Hopkins, born in Ballaghadereen, Ireland. Family then split, some staying in England, some to USA.
Has anyone any further information.
Thanks. Janet.

Janet Halliwell <>
Gt. Manchester,England,Thu 17th Feb 2000 , 10:40:57 am

Great site, From 1937 to 1951 I lived at 91 Knowsley Lane, Huyton, at the Corner of Radway Road. Closest,Farm Pattersons.
Attended Knowsley Secondary School 1938 to 1946. HeadMaster was named Selwyn?
St Georges playing fields during the war years was used by the Military, as an Anti-Aircraft Gun battery, later it was used as a German Prisoner of war Camp.
Tram cars still ran from the Pier Head to Proscott. They turned around near the Co Op, and I watched one Night when the Main Tram Car Barn in Old Swan burnt down.
Most of the Fleet (97 Trams) were destroyed,that was the End of the Tram cars in Liverpool.
Stories? one could go on forever with the stories, I came to Live in Canada in 1951, and enjoy a good life here,but as an Ex have good thought
of a lot of good people, who kept the home fires burning, a long time ago. :-)

John ( Jack ) Dean <>
Barrie,Ontario,Canada,Sun 06th Feb 2000 , 12:17:25 pm

Great site - brings back lot's of memories. Interested in exchanging email with Whiston resident/s. We left Whiston in 1961 (22 Milton Avenue).
Chris Grant <>
Ballina,New South Wales,Australia,Tue 01st Feb 2000 , 11:29:24 am

As I used to say when I went to St. Kevins Comprehensive School in Kirkby this site is FAB! I am looking for any old mates I went to school with in the 60's I crave any information from Kirkby or Liverpool (Whats with this Knowsley District stuff? I love Canada - but miss home.
David Mansfield <>
Calgary,Alberta,Canada,Fri 28th Jan 2000 , 08:45:01 pm

please could anybody help we are trying to find out who did the official opening of Knowlsey in 1974. Anybody who can remember this or can help find this information would be great. We are also looking for the article printed in the paper about knowlsey in the 1980's which gave a very bad impression of kirkby. Any help would be greatly received.

Beverley Harris <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Thu 27th Jan 2000 , 09:53:03 pm

Anybody researching their family tree looking for details of family who lost their lives in the service of their country, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website at is a must.

It enabled me to find burial details of my great uncle who fell on the Somme in 1916, and amazingly also included the names and address of his parents, my great-grandparents.

Steve <>
Mon 24th Jan 2000 , 12:58:32 pm

A really interesting site - thanks.

I lived on the Mosscroft estate in Huyton from birth (8 June '61) until I moved across the Pennines around 1986. I went to Mosscroft Infants and Junior schools, then on to Longview Secondary school (later knows as Parkway Comprehensive).
I'd love to hear from any old classmates or teachers.

Frank Jones <>
Leeds,W. Yorks.,Sun 23rd Jan 2000 , 01:45:58 am

I stumbled on to this site whilst I was looking for some business information.
What a credit to the webmaster and the designers! I looked all around the Huyton area where I used to live and found it very moving.
Seeing some of the places I used to play when I was a kid brought some great memories back. Especially the smithy on Tarbock Rd.
Excellent site! Excellent Work!
While I'm spending time here and not working.....does anyone happen to know the whereabouts of my first love?
Her name was Marianne Jones and she lived on Hughes Ave in Prescot. The last I heard she was a reporter down south or in the Midlands somewhere!
She will be approx 35 years old at time of writing and it's about 18 years since we spoke and we promised one day we would meet up again.
Lets see if we can make the machine work for us instead of the other way round eh?
All the best to everyone and thanks in advance,

Shaun Wells <>
Cheshire,England,Tue 04th Jan 2000 , 01:11:20 am

Excellent history of Knowsley Village.

I have lived in knowsley 1960 to date. Attended Prescot Grammar School 1971 to 1977. If there is anyone out there from that period please contact me as I would enjoy hearing from you.


Brian Taylor
Knowsley Village

Brian Taylor <>
Knowsley Village,Merseyside,UK,Mon 03rd Jan 2000 , 11:18:59 pm