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Very interesting website. I lived in Huyton Quarry (West View Avenue). Has anyone any information or photographs on the Musgrove family who lived in West View. This was my mother's family and the only pictures we have are one of the children at their father's funeral and one of their mother and brother (who both died before their father) in the influenza outbreak 1916-1918.
Jennifer Parker (nee Linnett) <>
Rossendale,Lancashire,UK,Tue 21st Dec 1999 , 01:59:04 pm

Hi, I'm trying to locate an old friend his name is John Tyrer, he's 52yrs old, he used to live in Oak Rd Huyton, he attended Huyton Hey, same as me I left in 1964, then came to Canada, would like to hear from him and see how he's doing, is Bryan Tyrer any relation?, if so could you put me in touch, thanks Barb Sharpe nee (Jones).
BarbSharpe <>
Port Coquitlam,British Columbia,Canada,Fri 10th Dec 1999 , 07:32:08 am

Searching for the step sister of Mary Teresa Williams (nee Winn) & Francis Winn - I only know her name is Isobella Winn (marriage name not known). Parents were James Winn b:1900 d:1951 worked on Cunard liners between 1930-1950. Isobella Williams & Step Mother Mary Teresa Winn b:1900 - 1968 - Also worked on liners & was milner. Grandparents G.Sanderson & Angelica Sanderson Married 12/09/1881 (can provide copy of original wedding certificate) at St Francis of Xavrh.
Please if anybody does know of her or any of her family, please let her know we are looking for her. My mum would love to see her. Has not seen her she was about 12 years old. PLEASE HELP
Thank you for your time.
I would love to locate Isobella as she is the only sister my mum has left. It would be great to bring them together if possible. My only other knowlege of Isobella is the married and moved to the Wirral. Date not known

Jamie Williams <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,England,Thu 09th Dec 1999 , 04:53:57 pm

I left Huyton when I was 18 - went to the Joeys from 1970 - 76, then onto the Guzzy's until I was 18. Been all over the U.K (back up North now) and can't believe the detail on Huyton - top site. My family is well known along with my mum's side the Bruders - if anyone remembers the circus on the Georgies - the "gatherings" on the Georgies & the school "strikes" give us a shout. Great to read the comments & anyone got any cool pictures of the ratty & the Alt ??
bryan tyrer <>
standish, wigan,lancs,u.k,Wed 24th Nov 1999 , 11:34:18 pm

I am looking for a John Little, born 1912 in Liverpool,
or one of his daughters.
John had a brother Leslie, born 1915 in Liverpool.
John's father was also called John William Little.
He married a Hannah Hodgson, also born in Liverpool.
He ran a pub called Walldeck in Lawence St.
His father was also called John Little and born in Liverpool, and worked for the Railways.

Yours W. Bailey

W Bailey <>
Australia,Sun 21st Nov 1999 , 09:46:18 am

Remarkable research and website design work!! I have researched the various PARKER families living in Tarbock, Cronton and Ditton from 1755 since I started my family research in 1993.

I could supply enough material to set up a Ditton section on the website if your designers want to pursue the matter, thus adding another local town (unless, of course, Ditton is considered to be part of Widnes). Love to hear from anyone connected to the PARKERs, MANIFOLDs, RADLEYs, BLUNDELLs or MOLYNEUXs of the Knowsley-Widnes part of the West Derby Hundred.

A. John Parker <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Tue 16th Nov 1999 , 07:21:21 am

This is one of the best local history sites I have ever seen. I am trying to trace my family history in Knowsley. There was a William Caldwell (b1766 presumably in or around Knowsley. He was apprenticed at a nursery over in Knutsford, Cheshire but after completion of his apprenticeship came back to Knowsley and worked at the family nursery business at a location called Radshaw Nook from about 1788 to 1796. He was by then married and his wife's name was Sarah. He had a brother called Thomas and we think his father's name was John. In 1796 he was given a partnership offer he couldn't refuse, to go back to the nursery at Knutsford. His brother Thomas continued with the Knowsley nursery at that point. If anybody can give me any information it would be great. For instance does anybody know of Radshaw Nook?
david caldwell <>
melbourne,victoria,australia,Sun 07th Nov 1999 , 06:09:50 am

What a great site.. I am researching the name Sylvia Stanley related to Lord Derby. She married my great uncle Temple Assheton DRAKE.1830c? If any one knows anything about them please email me.from sunn Perth W.A.
Carol Geddes <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Mon 01st Nov 1999 , 12:25:17 am

Did anyone attend Huyton Hey Secodary Modern from 1954-1958.We lived on the Hag Estate next to the school.Happy memories of a great school,this is also a great site.

Peter Green

Peter Green <>
Leeds,Yorkshire,England,Sun 24th Oct 1999 , 08:06:58 pm

To Anne Cormack,thanks for your memories of King Georges playing field.I too have nice memories of that field,alas the field will soon be gone.
Knowsley Council seem to think they know better than the 1100 people who signed a petition against plans to build a housing estate on the field.
The playing field now looks certain to end up the way that other
green spaces have gone in Huyton and Knowsley,sold & redeveloped for
housing that we dont really need.The
housebuilders make nice profits though.
Its just a shame that future
generations in Huyton will not be able
to experience their own local countryside,because it probably wont exist,but they always be able to buy a
house,if they can afford it!

Paul Woods
Huyton,Merseyside,England,Wed 20th Oct 1999 , 05:18:35 pm

I have an early 1900's upholstrey set that was made at the Huyton Chair Works. I am trying to find out more information about the factory and about the set. Any direction that you can provide would be appreciated.

Karen Berry <>
Denver,Colorado,USA,Thu 14th Oct 1999 , 05:53:37 pm

Great Site.
I live in Runcorn, but my Mother still lives in Cronton village.
I've printed the info off, and she has passed it around to everyone she know's.
I went to Whiston/Knowley Higherside School, and now live in Runcorn, and work in Manchester.
I still love to visit the village.
I would love to see info on Pex Hill and Cronton Colliery added.

Simon Parr

Simon Parr <>
Runcorn,Cheshire,UK,Thu 07th Oct 1999 , 01:43:53 pm

I came across a history of Lancashire including lots of comments about Prescot, Knowsley, etc. The URL is in case anybody is interested.
Steve <>
Wed 29th Sep 1999 , 11:23:27 am

This is a wonderful and helpful site for local history.

I am currently researching my PLUMBLEY family tree and some are from Kirkby / Simmonswood. I would be interested to hear from anyone researching this family as I feel they all stem from a John & Ann(nee Sutton) Plumbley who settled there from Eccleston and Rainford in 1767. I am collecting any reference to Plumbley's (or variation of the name) for the whole of Lancashire.

Also researching Hurst, Bray, Molynuex, Boyes.

Pauline Hurst (nee Plumbley) <>
Widnes,,Cheshire,UK,Tue 21st Sep 1999 , 07:22:56 pm

What a great site. Photograph and map of my road - Pilch Lane East.
I attended Sylvester School from 1949? to 1954. Then Prescot Grammar School.
In Canada since 1974.
Anybody out there who remembers me or my sister Barbara.
Born 28 Feb 1944.

Robert Whitehad <>
Hamilton,Ontario,Canada,Tue 21st Sep 1999 , 01:37:20 am

After meeting with no success in trying
to find any mention of the Bungalow
Estate, built to house war workers for the
local Kirkby ROF and Napier factories on the web site.
I was fortunate to find that Eileen Hume the librarian
was willing to devote her own time and efforts
to provide myself and other expatriates
with a map of the Estate. For this , she is to be commended
and applauded. Well done Eileen, your a treasure.
However I would like to offer this tongue in cheek poem
for posterity.
Ode to Knowsley Bungalow Estate.

No homes now stand, nor children play.
Where Murdoch's industry holds sway.
No School, no church, no shops at all.
All swept away beyond recall.

No Dump, No Tanks, No Tools of war,
remind us now, what was before.

A thriving town of friendly folk.
Quick to laugh, and quick to joke.
Who's memory was soon erased,when
industries future path was blazed.

Search Council records. Cause debate.
"Just where was, that Damned Estate"?
"Not on Computer". Thats a laugh.
But what a fitting, "Epitaph".

Greetings to all ex Bungalow estate visitors to this site.
Ed Hurley.

Ed Hurley <>
Rothwell,Queensland,Australia,Fri 17th Sep 1999 , 10:10:27 am

Brilliant site. My first 11 years were
spent in Cronton (1956-1967) until we
moved to Gt Sankey, Warrington. I would
love to live in Cronton again, always
have. It brought back many pleasant
memories as well as a few sad ones.
Is there any way of getting this
information in printed form? My machine
doesn't seem to be able to cope with
printing the information off here. Does
anyone remember Cronton Field Days? I
have a photo from the local paper with a
few of us; Patricia Walton, Jane Ashley,
Deborah Dillon, Stephen Hardy. I went to
Cronton C of E Mission School and then
Wade Deacon Girls Grammar.

Lovely memories, thank you very much.
Gillian Walmsley

Gillian Walmsley <>
Manchester,UK,Thu 16th Sep 1999 , 01:35:22 pm

Is there any one out there that went to ST Agustine of Canterbury longview drive Huyton,1962-65.
Also did the school close as there is no mention of it as a school in huyton .Did thomas Beckett replace it and if so why.
Myself and another former pupil of the school wanted to get in touch with the school.
Please send any info you have .
Anne cormack.

Anne Cormack <>
vancouver,British Columbia,Canada,Tue 07th Sep 1999 , 07:06:45 pm

This is a very interesting site. I was born in Prescot in 1944 and came to Canada in 1968. My daughter and I are presently researching our family history (GREENALL, TENNANT, SHERRATT, GLOVER).
I attended Prescot Grammar School 1955 - 1960.
We are looking forward to visiting Prescot in the near future.

Jeffrey Greenall <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Tue 31st Aug 1999 , 01:15:12 am

As an avid amateur genelogist who has the good fortune to find the Earls of Derby in his line (linking in at the 13th Earl), I would be interested in obtaining a genealogy of their lordships. Is this possible?
David Birley <>
Rock Hill,South Carolina,USA,Mon 30th Aug 1999 , 08:50:12 am
[ Webmaster replies : There is a lot of information about the Earls of Derby in the section on Knowsley Estate
including the family tree on
( ]

I lived in Bower Road from 1954 till 1965 when I migrated to Australia with my family I worked at Hunley & Palmers before we migrated it was some of the best years of my families lives and we miss a lot of the good people in that area. I came across this site while browsing for my family roots, I would welcome any emails from anybody who remembers my family John Lucktaylor 29th Aug 99
Bernard John Lucktaylor <>
Woodcroft 5162,South Australia,Australia,Sun 29th Aug 1999 , 01:26:51 pm

I was wondering if there is a place called Prescot Lanes in this area? Perhaps it no longer exists? I am doing genealogy research and was told my family came from there. I have tried to leave an email message at:, but I get error messages.
Edith Rodriguez <>
Coronado,CA,USA,Wed 25th Aug 1999 , 03:39:20 pm

Would love to hear from any descendents of the Gore family from Knowsley, worked for the Derbys for generations. My greatgrandfather was called John Gore, was the second son in the family, born around 1880 (good guess) and married Elizabeth Greenhalgh. They had five sons: John, Joseph, Matthew, Robert and Bill. There has to be plenty of you out there!!
Alison Webster <>
Orlando,FL,USA,Wed 18th Aug 1999 , 02:52:58 am

Hi !! My name is Paul Davies I lived at 87 Broadlane Southdene Kirkby. I attended Rushy Hay School from 1958 to 1963 before immigrating to Australia with my family.
I am looking for people who I would have attended school with KENNETH MULVILLE,NESTA HARRISON & AMY DALZIEL there are others I would also like to hear from but I can not remember their names, so please if you know any of the above could you please contact me.
I live in a small town in N.S.W Australia called Mathoura my postal address is PO Box 19 Mathoura NSW Australia 2710.

Paul Davies <>
Mathoura,NSW,Australia,Tue 17th Aug 1999 , 10:18:24 am

To Paul Woods ,I use to live not far from King George playing field have such good memories growing up and playing there. We would take jam butties and bottle of water and go on a picnic and pretend we were on holiday, this was in the 60s. Walk the cinder path home from a night out. Play in the woods, Great childhood.
Regards Anne Cormack.

Anne (Owen) Cormack <>
Vancouver,B C,Canada,Thu 12th Aug 1999 , 07:44:40 pm

What a wonderful site! Particularly enjoyed the Whiston and Prescot pages, as I was born in Whiston (1968) and lived there until 1989. I was amazed to find that there was so much that I didn't know. The photographs were fascinating and quite often brought a smile to my face, remembering things and places I had forgotten. When you update, would it be possible to include more on the Willis family, and the plague that affected the area? I remember when I attended Halsnead Junior school we had a saying that the Hand of Halsnead would get us. Does anyone remember this and has anyone out there got an explanation? I look forward to logging on again soon.
Pam Ritchie
Swanage,Dorset,U.K.,Sun 08th Aug 1999 , 11:59:18 pm

I have visited the site many times and
think it is really great! The old photo's
are excellent. I would love to contact
any old friends who went to either
St.Lawrences 1972-1978 or
St.Gregory's 1978-1982.
Please e-mail me asap.
Well done to all involved

debbie smith(nee mcguinness) <>
liverpool,kirkby,Fri 06th Aug 1999 , 10:28:28 pm

Webmaster, please note corrected address from my previous message. Can you supply information about times/days when Knowsley Hall and park are open to visitors? Thank you.
Anne Stanley Webb <>
Norcross,Georgia (Gwinnett),USA,Mon 02nd Aug 1999 , 05:26:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Information about Knowsley Hall can be found at the following website:
If you need more information please contact, Thanks. ]

Excellent site. I am descended from 17th Century Stanley line in the state of South Carolina. Very interested in geneology and English history. Would like to visit Knowsley in September. Our city, Norcross, GA, is also a hub of technology parks and the Mayor is looking for a Sister City. Please contact me if any interest in these areas.
Anne Webb (nee Stanley) <>
Norcross,Georgia (Gwinnett),USA,Sun 01st Aug 1999 , 11:05:02 pm

I was looking for something else when I picked up this site. It is very well presented and includes such a wealth of local history. I was born in Kirkby in 1958 and attended St Patrick's primary (1962 - 1969) and St Kevins Comprehensive (1969 - 1977). My family moved to Australia in 1978 and they all settled very well into the Australian lifestyle. Soime of us have returned to Kirkby on occasions ( I worked for 3.5 years in Newcastle) so got to visit one of my brothers still living in Cantril Farm (sorry Stockbridge Village). The next generation is now visiting the area (my niece is presently staying with relatives in Southport while on holiday) and they find it fascinating to see where their parents, granparents, uncles and aunts grew up. I still keep in touch with only 2 of the people I knew from school, and lost touch with a third (Peter Quinn - anyone know his whereabouts??). Although I was able to visit regularly I was always surprised that I never heard of any reunions from those days.
My only criticism of the site is that the pictures do not include dates. Also, is there someone responsible for the history pages and archive photographs to whom scanned photos may be sent? They can be vetted and some selected for the picture show.

John Edwards <>
Adelaide,South Australia,Australia,Wed 28th Jul 1999 , 08:57:52 am
[ Webmaster replies : You may wish to contact, to discuss about sending in photographs. Thanks. ]

Great stuff. All that i have been trying to find out for ages.
I grew up in 60 cartmel road huyton and i went to st allys school in twig lane huyton and left in 1957 is there any one out there that went to that school and remembers miss carrol and also the headmaster called pop hooton
and if any one lived in cartmel road in the forties to the early sixties
i would like to hear from you
come on lads

ken aspinall <>
widnes,cheshire,england,Wed 14th Jul 1999 , 11:18:49 am

Hi this is a really good site I look in from time to time to see if there is anyone I know from the old days in Longview. I used to live in Lyme grove from 192 to 1976 Went to Longview primary and onto Longview Secondary School. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me or my father kenny aspinall or my mother /Elsie Atkinson(maidenname). Would love to hear from an old friend of mine Tina Ainsworth last known address in Pennard Avenue Woolfall heath she is same age as me 39 so if any one know her or me and my parents would love you to Email me at
Elizabeth Aspinall <myelizabeth@myaspinall.freeser>
liverpool,england,Tue 13th Jul 1999 , 12:39:07 am

I'M SO EXCITED TO HAVE FOUND THIS SITE! I was born in 1943. My parents came to Knowsley from Altrincham,Cheshire. My father (Syd Hewitt) in 1940 to work on aircraft at English Electric, my mother (Lil) and their first 3 children; (Ken, Syd & Bob) followed in 1942. I was the first of 4 born in Knowsley.
(Allan, Leslie,David & Christine). I attended Knowsley primary and Longview Secondary Modern school (Huyton). In 1960 I left my family & friends to strike out in the New World. Sponsored by the Big Brother Movement I migrated to Australia for two years. 33 years later (1993)I made my first trip home. I
walked through the grounds of Knowsley Parish church and shed a few tears.My memories were distant but strong. My parents, now both passed away, lived in Home Farm road. My sister lives in one of the old houses in Sugar Lane. Two of my elder brothers also live in Knowsley.
It's fantastic reading through the guestbook.I'll be returning regularly to keep up to date. For those who like a puzzle, there's one other Knowsley in the world that I'm aware of. It's about 120 km north of Melbourne (Australia). I recently visited my daughter in Melbourne and went to Knowsley to find
its history. All I could find out was that it's over 100 years old and has connections to Knowsley village. Can any guest elaborate. Congratulations for this excellent site.It really is a gem.

PERTH,WESTERN AUSTRALIA,AUSTRALIA,Fri 25th Jun 1999 , 04:13:51 pm

I came across this site whilst
researching my maternal family history.
I believe my great uncle, called George
Peplow worked as a
gardener on the Knowsley Estate in the
earlier part of this century. If anyone
can confirm this I would be very pleased.
The web site is excellent and very
thorough. Thank you.

Alan Shoulders <>
Hartley Wintney,Hants,England,Mon 31st May 1999 , 09:37:20 pm

Boss website, I never knew so much about Whistons History. I wish I had found this earlier when I did a project in school about Whiston. I was born here and have lived here all my life (10 years) so anyone of my age who reads this I would appreciate an E-Mail...Sarah Mackie
Sarah Mackie <>
Whiston,Sun 30th May 1999 , 11:01:22 pm

great site,great people,great place

i lived in mosslawn rd,southdene
went to park brow/ruffwood school

nice to see kirkby on the net and hope to meet some old freinds

tommy white <>
lancaster,lancashire,u.k,Sun 30th May 1999 , 07:46:25 pm

Wonderful site, brought back many memories. I lived in Huyton from 1962-1975 and attended St Aidens primary school and St Augustine of Canterbury school from 1965-1971, where I was known as Karen Williams. I would like to hear from anyone who attended the school at a similar time or who remembers me.
Karen Sheath <>
Auckland,New Zealand,Sun 23rd May 1999 , 09:46:10 pm

This is a great site i lived in kirkby my mother is still there on bewley drive it was great to look at all the pictures, brought back memories anyway keep up the good work cheers marie ;)
marie riley nee dunkin <>
brantford,ontario,canada,Fri 21st May 1999 , 11:52:30 am

A most wonderful historical site. I am currently researching my family history - my grandfather orphaned at Fazakerley Hall? then in service as a gardeners' apprentice at Knowsley Hall in the late 1800s and migrated to Australia when he was 14. This website has been a terrific find. Keep up the great work. PS. Anyone who can provide assistance researching Albert Seymour Hart family tree - please feel free to contact me.

Caroline Oakley (nee Hart) <>
Canberra,ACT,Australia,Thu 20th May 1999 , 06:49:56 am

Excellent photographs,it is strange seeing your home town the way it USED to be,before it was ruined by cheap & nasty housing,it really is true when our older generation say,"I remember when this was all countryside"
Its such a shame that the building up of Huyton continues,i.e.King Georges Playing field Huyton,which will soon be a housing estate.

Paul Woods
Huyton,Liverpool,England,Thu 13th May 1999 , 06:49:18 pm

I have been tracing my family history. They came to Prescot from Sliogo and Roscommon Ireland after the potato famine in 1845. Thanks to your web-site I now have the missing pictures of the streets where they onced lived but which does not exist today.I also enjoyed your visitors comments and agree it is an excellent site. Incidentally I went to St.Kevins school in Kirkby and know one of your previous visitors who is trying to make contact with 'old boys'.
jim collins <jamescollins@grangepark330.fre>
st.helens,merseyside,england,Sun 09th May 1999 , 05:38:15 pm

I visited this website to assist a friend who is a local girl(or was in her youth) Mary Finnigan (Cathy).
Out of curiosity she was interested, so if anyone using this site knows Cathy she would like to hear from you at:

T.Fletcher <>
Portsmouth,Hampshire,England,Fri 07th May 1999 , 11:14:09 pm

Your site brought back many memories, some good some bad. Many thanks to the people who put it together.
CJ Wilson <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Wed 05th May 1999 , 04:44:54 am

Wondered if women really played such a small part in Knowsley's life. Wondered if the site might help me understand how some people got rich and others remained poor. Wondered why Knowsley's vision of its history is so conventional,conformist, and old fashioned despite (or because?) of the new technology embodied in the website. Still, thought you might like a grumble amongst all this congratulation.
Fri 23rd Apr 1999 , 07:28:17 pm

Excellant site, loved the pictures. I attended Prescot Grammar School 1971-77, and have not seen one school mate since. (Perhaps I didnt have any!!) Anyone who knows me please say hello. Would like info on teachers Dai Davies & Mickey Danvers if anyone knows whereabouts.

Charles McHugh <>
Shrewsbury,Shropshire,UK,Wed 14th Apr 1999 , 09:20:05 pm

What a find! I stumbled across the site accidentally, and am I "chuffed". I lived in Southdene from 1953 until 1969, ( attended Cherryfield school and Brookfield when it opened) My mother still lives in Southdene, in Cleadon Road,she would be one of the oldest residents in Southdene now, almost 50 years.Anyone who remembers me or anyone who would like to know what it's like here in Australia, drop me a line, love to talk to you. Thanks to whoever puts this page together. Ken O'Flaherty
Ken O'Flaherty <>
P.O.Box 876 Buderim,Queensland,Australia 4556,Thu 08th Apr 1999 , 10:58:38 am

Thank you for such a great website. My parents came to America over 30 years ago, so I grew up here. My mother grew up in Knowsley Village (Carol Woodward-in case anyone knows her). I was home this past May and it brought back so many memories of when I was little and ran around the village with my cousins and friends. But, it was such a great surprise to see pictures of Knowsley Village on the internet. It's nice to know I have some place to go when I get homesick. So, to whoever made this, Thank You.
jennifer stock <>
Glen Burnie,MD,USA,Mon 05th Apr 1999 , 09:27:17 pm

Great site, but would it be possible to enlarge the photographs to full size without the text, for printing?
Thanks, Andy Ewing

Andy Ewing <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Fri 02nd Apr 1999 , 06:06:40 am

Sorry - my web address was incorrect!
Mike Royden's Local History Pages (includes

Mike Royden <>
Great Sutton,South Wirral,Wed 31st Mar 1999 , 03:28:07 am

Great site with mounds of information, I lived in Parbrook Road from 1952 attended Stockbridge Lane Primary and Knowsley Woolfall County Secondary, I joined the Royal Navy in 1968 and emigrated to SA in 1987
would be great to hear from anyone who knows me.

Pat Hindley <>
Cape Town,South Africa,Tue 30th Mar 1999 , 01:50:18 am

Excellent Site - well done. I grew up in Halewood and formed the Halewood Local History Society
(now defunct!). I have researched & written quite a lot of material on Halewood and other areas and I now lecture on
Local History in Liverpool Univ.Cont.Ed. - other reseachers may find my pages of some
use - Mike Royden's Local History Pages
Thanks again for an excellent resource, I shall recommend it to students!

Mike Royden <>
Great Sutton,South Wirral, Cheshire,Mon 29th Mar 1999 , 11:55:12 pm

I stumbled on this site by accident. It is an absolute gem.
six precious years of my life were spent growing up in Kirkby. The pictures, the maps, the text all brought back vivid memories of a very significant period in my life. I had forgotten about the watertower, for example, and visits to Kirkby had not rekindled memories of that odd structure. One picture brought instant recognition and a flood of images from those years so long ago. I shall show my son the pages, and take him on a guided tour of places and the people I knew.
Thank you for taking the time and effort to construct such a valuable resource.

Anthony Love <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Thu 25th Mar 1999 , 07:41:09 am

I found this site doing an assignment on Kirkby it was very helpful Thanks a lot.
If anyone has any info on Kirkby can you get in touch

Phily Reynolds <>
Liverpool,Kirkby,UK,Tue 23rd Mar 1999 , 01:30:52 pm

I am currently researching my family's history and was most impressed when I stumbled on your web-site.It is full of interesting and valuable information and it was staggering to see what I believe to be my grandparents' house in School Lane, Huyton Quarry.I would be delighted to hear from anyone who might have any information whatsoever of Thomas and Hannah (nee Corkhill) Speakman or members of their family.
Dr K Speakman <>
Leeds,West Yorkshire,UK,Sat 20th Mar 1999 , 04:14:07 pm

I had a look at this as a result of Eileen Hume's presentation at Liverpool University on March 18th. It is very impressive and well put together which explains the award! I like the view image to print option. It is obviously time consuming to keep this sort of reference site up to date, but I note Phil Thompson's biography does not include his latest homecoming yet!! Well done though.
Malcolm Howitt
Oldham,Lancs.,Fri 19th Mar 1999 , 01:19:35 pm

A Great Site....anybody out there was in Kirkby around 1960-70.went to St Kevs
Names to note are...Davies, Williams, Owens, Fleming, Miller, Jones, McDonagh, Ryans,
Sharock, Mellon, Redmond, Naylor, White, Clarke, Roberts, Mann, Hort, Hughes, Winn, Mannion,
Summers(2), Winstanley, to name but a few,love to hear from you

STANDISH,LANCASHIRE,ENGLAND,Sat 13th Mar 1999 , 10:21:10 pm

Thank you, thank you, website is great, spent hours browsing. My family roots run deep in Knowsley Village, my Grandparents and Great Grandparents have been "tenants" all this century. My Grandmother still lives there and she's going to be tickled pink when I tell her I saw a picture of her house. I'm sure my Great Grandparents were at the Tenants Party of 1913, and I remember a lot of the Park pictures from my own childhood visits. I'll be checking this site often, so any more info you can put on there would be brilliant.
Alison Webster <>
Orlando,Florida,U.S.A.,Sat 13th Mar 1999 , 05:24:29 am

I wish there were more sites like this.
Is there anyone out there who knows about the Johnson family who lived in the Cronton area from the 19th back to the 16th century. I thought we were Liverpool and Huyton/Roby but we seem to be firmly rooted in Cronton, as farmers.

Brian D. Johnson <>
Winchester,,Hampshire,England,Thu 11th Mar 1999 , 08:08:02 pm

Excellent site,but, coming from Whiston, and remembering back to my school days(Whiston infants + juniors before the fire in 1978 ish followed by Higherside Comp as it was) when I browsed through the old records there seemed to be a lot of mentions concerning plagues in Whiston. There doesnt seem to be any mention of this in the site and it was an important time as so many lives were lost. This must have been in around 1850 to 1870. My family (Rylance) have been in whiston since at least this time, and I was wondering if anyone out there had any info.
Carl Rylance <>
Weston Super Mare,Nth. Somerset,U.K.,Mon 08th Mar 1999 , 01:37:00 am
[ Webmaster replies : You may want to try emailing Thanks. ]

Excellent website
Could anybody give me some information about the apparent demise of Knowsley Woolfall County Secondary School, Stockbridge Lane Huyton? I was a teacher there in 1967 to 1968, and there seems to be no mention of the school on the Knowsley Websites.

Roger Lancaster <>
Adelaide,South Australia,Australia,Sun 28th Feb 1999 , 01:20:17 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You may wish to Email: Thanks. ]

I am reseaching my STANDISH roots in the Tarbock/Whiston/Huyton area and found your site most interesting.
It is without a doubt one of the better sites from an information & visual aspect. I will be back.

David Dobson <>
Uxbridge,Ontario,Canada,Fri 26th Feb 1999 , 02:39:02 am

I have lived most of my life in Huyton and enjoy your web page. My parents still live in Huyton. I also used to visit Mr John Cooper, who lived in the cottage that was on the corner of St Johns Road and Tarbuck Road next to lights. Sadly this was demolished and a piece of history was lost forever.
Thank you for having such a brilliant web site.

Jamie Williams <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,England,Sun 14th Feb 1999 , 01:50:15 pm

I grew up in Tarbock from 1967 until 1984 when I left to go to Coventry polytechnic.
I went to school in Whiston (Stleos) before moving upto secondary school in Whiston (St edmund arrowsmith)
If any one remembers me let me know.

Best Regards Steve Gibson

Stephen Gibson <>
Beaconsfield,Bucks - HP9 2QB,England,Fri 12th Feb 1999 , 05:49:17 pm

I lived in Huyton-w-Roby from 1945 to 1987. I came down to High Wycombe in August 1987. I attended Roby Infants School from 1948-1950,St Michaels C-of-E 1950-the opening of Malvern Junior School until 1954, Huyton Secondary Modern until July 1958. Any old school pals feel free to E-mail me at
David B Sears <>
Princes Risborough,Buckinghamshire,England. UK.,Sat 06th Feb 1999 , 10:07:40 pm

I am doing an MA project about local history on the Internet and am very impressed by your site. I wonder if it would be possible to use yor site as a case study. It would be great if I could interview someone from the project team about the project, probably later in the year.
I would also be doing a comparative study between Knowsley and 2 other local history sites. I'd be very grateful if you could get back to me about this as I need to select my case studies soon.
Thanks very much
Annie Payne

Annie Paynee <>
London,Mon 01st Feb 1999 , 11:07:36 am
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Holly King
Deeside,Flintshire,Wales,Sat 30th Jan 1999 , 08:21:20 pm

What a great site. The best yet!
Holly King
Flintshire,Wales,United Kingdom,Sat 30th Jan 1999 , 08:19:05 pm

Excellent, helped with my school project about the history of Kirkby
Mark Hughes <>
Liverpool,Mon 25th Jan 1999 , 10:19:44 pm

BILLINGSHURST,WEST SUSSEX,ENGLAND,Thu 21st Jan 1999 , 11:25:39 am