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My paternal grandfather was, I believe, born in Huyton on 7 March 1919 or 1920. He served in the navy during WW2, eventually staying at Rosyth until his death in 1985. I am looking for any info about him.
Barrie Davies <>
Dunfermline,Fife,Scotland,Tue 30th Sep 2014 , 02:31:22 am
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CAROL ROBERTS my "LULU" lookalike. We dated a few times in the 60s. Love to know how your life has been. You lived in the SOUTHDENE area,PARK BROW.
Tom Parry <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Thu 25th Sep 2014 , 03:01:53 pm

Anyone remember the violin classes run by deputy head Arthur Thomas at Longview Secondary Modern, Huyton, in 50s and 60s? Also the same thing in Huyton Secondary Modern by music master Harry Leader in the late 50s?
The latter classes possibly instigated by the former? The former started a friend of mine Dave Lennon playing and whom I met in the Merseyside Orchestra in late 50s - he had an exceptionally beautiful tone and only started by pure chance with Mr Thomas. The latter classes were at my old school Huyton Secondary Modern.
Phil Newton, ex head of strings at Knowsley 1980-90

Phil Newton <>
huyton,liverpool,uk,Sun 31st Aug 2014 , 10:31:35 pm

I'm looking for a family called Ellis, they lived in Knowsley Village in the thirties they were known to have come from Scotland. I believe they also lived in a cottage by where the M57 is now.
Terence Butler <>
Kirkby,Merseyside,England,Wed 27th Aug 2014 , 12:42:33 am

Wonder if anyone remembers a company called Commonwealth Curtains on the Kirkby Industrial Estate? I worked there from 1968 till 1970 until moving to Speke. I travelled to work on the 500 bus but unfortunately journey was costing too much. Would love to know if it was still there or present address. Would appreciate any feedback.
cheers x

Alexandre Williams <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Tue 26th Aug 2014 , 01:41:24 pm

Hi, looking for Kenny relatives, possibly living in the Huyton area. I know very little except grandparents' names possibly Daniel and Alice, who had children called George, John and possibly Alice [although not all confirmed]. George married Catherine [Kitty]. I think they lived in Huyton area, I know they had children but I am unsure of their names possibly Alan, Carol, Sandra.
Please get in touch if you have any information, thanks :-)

Mandie Manning <>
Liverpool,MERSEYSIDE,UK,Tue 19th Aug 2014 , 08:15:12 pm

I am looking for my birth dad Joe Dennis Dixon. I am Debbie Dixon, born in 1961. I was told I was 7 years old when he last saw me. Believed to be living in Leeds area. Any help appreciated.
Debbie Dixon <>
Leeds,Yorkshire,England,Mon 18th Aug 2014 , 08:19:58 pm
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Does anyone know Lynda Best's maiden name, cousin of Pete Best of the Beatles, formerly of Southport, England?
Eric Salter <>
London,Bromley,Kent,United Kingdom,Thu 14th Aug 2014 , 05:11:09 pm

My Mother was called Alice Pilbury from Wem Shropshire.
She had myself John Gibson, Catherine Gibson and John William Gibson.
I was adopted and I believe was my brother John.
John died in a road traffic accident, aged 10 (1958). The accident was in the Whitchurch Herald, in the Friday May 18th 1956 publication.
I am wondering if anyone can help me with the search of my sister Catherine, or have any information about my biological Mother please.
Kind regards
John (Ted)

John William Gibson <>
Newark,Nottinghamshire,England,Wed 06th Aug 2014 , 04:01:24 pm
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John Arands Re: SELEX in Kirkby.
Hi John, my old mate Trevor Davies from Knowsley worked in the stores at Selex at one time. Unfortunatley he doesn't have a computer and lives in Brighton. However if he is somebody you remember let me know.

Peter Coy
Fri 25th Jul 2014 , 09:49:00 pm
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Hi, looking for Kenny relatives, possibly living in the Huyton area, I know very little except grandparents' names possibly Daniel and Alice, who had children called George, Terry [deceased 1973], John and possibly Alice, [although not all confirmed]. Please get in touch if you have any information, thanks :-)
Mandie <>
Merseyside,Mon 21st Jul 2014 , 09:38:40 pm

Went to St Anne's school. Mum had the Snack Bar next to the paper shop on the corner. Her name was Millie, when I was 11 we moved to Whiston - Chestnut Close, I then went to Whiston Higher Side. I remember Janet Darton, Susan Jones, Phil Slater (his mum was a teacher at St Anne's), David Nuttall, Anita Sharrock, and so many more. My brother's name was Roy Roberts. I moved to Leyland. I would love to hear from any one who remembers me or my family x
Susan Roberts <>
Rainhill & Whiston,Merseyside,uk,Wed 16th Jul 2014 , 12:44:33 am

Did anyone work at Selex Electric on Kirkby Industrial Estate, around 1967? Would like to hear from anyone who knows of anyone who worked there.
John Arands <>
Southport,Merseyside,England,Tue 15th Jul 2014 , 06:50:06 pm

Does anyone remember Leo and Jacko, they played guitars in the Molly in the seventies? I think Jacko lived in Westhead by Sacred Heart Church.
linda <>
liverpool,england,Mon 14th Jul 2014 , 01:03:17 am

Does anyone know of the whereabouts of Paul Bolan, married to Joanie, best friend to the late Billy Burns? It would be great to hear from him.
Peter Longman <>
Liverpool,Fri 04th Jul 2014 , 02:36:58 pm

Still trying to find anyone who knew my late Aunt, Doreen Williams. She was married to Billy Williams, children were/are Billy, Stephen, Alan, Kenneth, Paul, Val and Christine. Any help would be grateful
kevin <>
Liverpool,Sat 28th Jun 2014 , 01:44:27 pm

Anyone know if Tommy Kaye and Brian Cross, both worked for J.Lucas Builders in the late 1940s, are still in the Prescot/Whiston area?
Wed 25th Jun 2014 , 03:10:10 pm
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I am one of Charlotte Pagsy's sons. Does anybody have the date of an article appearing in either The Liverpool Daily Post or The Liverpool Echo in which a field in Kirkby was designated as Charlotte's Pagsy? We would very much like to obtain a copy so that it may be republished in Rosemarkie on The Black Isle, Scotland, where she was born in 1917 as a fitting tribute.
Many thanks Stewart.

Stewart Holder <>
West Hallam,Derbyshire,UK,Wed 04th Jun 2014 , 09:55:28 pm

Hi does anyone remember the halfway house for young people on Princess Park Road around 69/70? I lived there in a bedsit and had a mixed-race friend, I think her name was Pauline, but unsure, she lived next door to me. I would really like to find her if possible. I know a film crew came to do a story on us as to why we were there and what we were doing. I used to work in St John's precinct at the time and was going out with an Indian guy called Colin Mann from the Mann brothers stall, would also like to make contact with him as well if he is out there at all. I moved from there to Blackburn but lived in that half-way house for quite some time, so if you remember me or know of Pauline, surname unknown or Colin Mann then please get in touch with me at thanks.
joanne wood <>
whitchurch,shropshire,United Kingdom,Wed 28th May 2014 , 06:40:55 am

Hi I was born in Liverpool but was fostered out in St Helens in 1957. I had 2 sisters Eva and Margaret and went to Knowsley Rd Infant and Junior School, then on to St Mary's School on Keswick Rd. I then went to Rivington Rd Comprehensive. I also lived in Lower Windle House Childrens home and also a Childrens home near Carmel Dam. Would love it if anyone out there has any class photos. A true friend Linda lived on St Peters Street in an old shop with her parents and grandparents. Also Margaret whose father was a vicar or curator who lived across the road from St Mary's school. If any one remembers me please do get in touch.
joane wood <>
whitchurch,shropshire,United Kingdom,Wed 28th May 2014 , 06:17:37 am

Message for Greg Brownbill, Re: Denstone Crescent was renamed Phoenix Drive, that's why your having trouble finding it on maps, just search for Fincham Rd and you will see Phoenix Drive in the locality.
Tue 20th May 2014 , 09:02:32 am

Message for David Felton, I remember Alice Crickson from Lincombe Rd, could this be the same person, they lived facing the park, a large family.
Tue 20th May 2014 , 08:58:54 am

I believe that the Knowsley Historical Society has closed can someone confirm or deny please.
Ken Chamberlain
Mon 19th May 2014 , 05:49:58 pm
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I was in Roughwood Drive childrens' home from 1974 to 1981 - would love to find some old photos from that time if anyone can help - thanks.
joe doyle <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 14th May 2014 , 07:00:25 pm

Thanks to this site I have now made contact with my birth mother but unfortunately have drawn a blank with my father. I now have more information about him. John Briscoe born approx. 1937, lived Stoneycroft, played ice hockey for Liverpool Leopards. Not very tall with tight curly hair- dirty blondish/red. His father had a building firm. Think he went into the army in 1957.
If anyone knows his whereabouts please contact me.

sue gregson <>
Akbuk,Turkey,Fri 02nd May 2014 , 07:58:54 pm

My grandparents were John and Margaret Penlington (nee Mcgarvey) and lived at Long Lane, Fazakeley. They had 3 children: John, Lena and June Rose. Sadly all are now deceased, so I put a post on here looking for any family members from my paternal side. Thanks to this site I have found some. Once again thank you for such a brilliant site.
Trudy Penlington <>
nottingham,nottinghamshire,uk,Tue 29th Apr 2014 , 08:18:07 pm
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Please: news of Margaret Mary Green nee Carroll, of Huyton, mother of Carol Ann.
thelma roe <>
liverpool,lancashire,england,Sun 20th Apr 2014 , 05:07:10 am

Is this service still in operation ? There appears to be very little activity these days and I thought it may well be involved in the Council cuts ?
Pete Coy
Yorkshire,UK,Tue 01st Apr 2014 , 10:31:46 pm
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Community History Librarian
Kirkby,Wed 26th Mar 2014 , 03:42:50 pm

Hi sunny, I've sent you an email I hope you get it. I've sent it to hope u got it this time good luck. BRIAN JENKINS, KIRKBY
kirkby,liverpool,england,Fri 14th Mar 2014 , 03:07:13 pm

Looking for anyone who lived in Shepton Road in 1968 and anyone from there that went to the local Comprehensive school at that time particularly if you left that year. Thank you.
Jill <>
Lancaster,Lancashire,UK,Tue 04th Mar 2014 , 04:35:19 pm

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Community History Librarian
Kirkby,Knowsley,Mon 03rd Mar 2014 , 03:04:29 pm

I am looking for information about the Martin family who lived at St Johns Road Huyton in the 1960s... Mother, Joan Margaret Martin and daughter, Margaret. Joan died in 1995 and I have lost contact with Margaret.
m ward <>
stoke,staffordshire,england,Sat 01st Mar 2014 , 10:01:18 am

I am trying to find where Tarbock Lane was in Whiston about 1860. My gggrandmother was born in one of the cottages.

Thanks for any help.

Derek <>
Lancashire,Wed 26th Feb 2014 , 03:57:42 pm

Does anyone know Wally Marr, John Moore? We use to drink together in the Dovecot pub, Huyton in the 60`s. I lived in Beechburn Crescent.
Anyone else who may know me. Come on, you can't all be dead. lol

les Edwards <>
Dunstable,Bedfordshire,United Kingdom,Tue 25th Feb 2014 , 03:33:48 pm

Went to Millbrook Primary and Junior Schools from 1965 - 1971. Teachers I remember: Miss Price, Mr Baines (the headmaster) and the inspirational Tony Hemingway. Played football for the school team and went on tour to London!! Players I remember: Ian Silver, Paul Critchley, Robert Tomlinson (moved to NZ), Barry Foy, Neil Clarke, Mike Jones.
Played for Kirkby Boys then moved to Wakefield in 1971. I am in touch with Sylvia Gore and Angela Taylor via FB and remember Aileen Moore, Jeanette Gibbs and Maureen Reynolds. Iain Wilson was one of my classmates.

Phillip Ennis <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Fri 14th Feb 2014 , 05:51:20 am

Can anyone help in tracing a Kirkby family from Southdene named Russell around 1962/1963 who went to Perth Western Australia? Mother Lilian father Danny, children Linda, Danny, Norman and Ray. Would be very grateful regards Eddie Fitzsimmons
Fitzsimmons. Edward <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Thu 13th Feb 2014 , 11:00:36 pm

Hello, I am trying to find any relatives of my aunt, Doreen Williams nee Dickinson, I believe she died in 2008. Her Husband was called Billy, they had seven children I believe. Any help would be grateful.
K <>
Liverpool,Fri 07th Feb 2014 , 09:32:15 pm

I have tried to find a friend from my time in Kirkby, but had no luck. Then a response, I was instructed to search for him in Skelmersdale. How do I go about this? (webmaster any ideas?)
sonny blundell <>
kitchener,ontario,canada,Wed 05th Feb 2014 , 03:32:16 pm

Hi, My family are looking for information regarding a tragic accident that happened in Lordens Road Huyton in 1962/63. A young boy aged about 4 was killed crossing the road from an ice cream van. We understand the boy's name was James. My brother was a friend of James and was at the scene of the accident. He has never ever forgotten his friend James and would like to know maybe where James was buried. We understand James family left the area shortly after the accident.
Any information will be gratefully received and respected.
Chris H

Chris <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Mon 03rd Feb 2014 , 04:01:16 pm

Anybody out there went to Skerr's College, Liverpool, between 1950-1956?
Keith Stirrup <>
Ashton-in-Makerfield,lancs,Sat 25th Jan 2014 , 02:19:10 pm

I used to deliver the Echo to McCartney's house in Roach Avenue. They lived next door to Hilda and Brian Rawson who, as far as I know,kept in touch after they had moved back to Liverpool.
Remember Tommy Evans of Badfinger. They had close links with Paul too and sang his songs on quite a few records. Tom and his mate Pete Ham wrote Without You, which was recorded by Harry Nielson, is to this day still played all over the world. Sad that all three have since died. Tommy was born and bred in Knowsley and lived in Penrhyn Road and Berry Hill Road next door to Trevor Davies. He should be included in the famous people list don't you think, as should Gladys Ambrose??

Peter (Cautious) Coy <>
North Yorks,uk,Fri 24th Jan 2014 , 05:53:40 pm
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Hello, I don't know if I can be of any help, I was brought up in St Nicholas Road, Whiston, until I was eleven years old. I left there about 1958 when I got married. I moved back there from about 1970 until about 1980. So if I can be of any help, I will be only to glad.
Richard Mather <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 19th Jan 2014 , 07:16:49 pm

Is there anyone from St Nicholas Rd, Whiston, Brooklyn Dance Academy, Roby,
Skerry's College, Rodney St, Liverpool
1942-52 aprox?

Olga Schnell <>
New York,USA,Thu 16th Jan 2014 , 10:21:46 pm

Interested to see mention of Willy Russell living in Knowsley. I can vouch for that as he lived next door to me in Knowsley Drive, on the Maypole Estate. His parents were Marj. and Bill. They owned two shops at the Admin. on Kirkby Industrial Estate. This whole estate was an ROB munitions factory during the war.

Knowsley Historical Society (now disbanded), of which I was a member, produced a book of people's memories of Knowsley. I contacted Willy and asked if he would contribute his own memories, which he very kindly did.

Re. Paul McCartney. I was aware that he lived in Roach Avenue (on the Maypole Estate) for a very
short time, as a youngster.

I have very fond memories of those halcyon days in the 19th.

Joseph Swindells <>
UK,Fri 10th Jan 2014 , 01:40:19 pm

I left England in 1953 and wanted a picture of the house at 48 South Drive Victoria Park Liverpool 15.
Yvonne <>
Largo,Florida,USA,Thu 02nd Jan 2014 , 04:07:39 am
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Fond memories of 70's Kirkby. Would love to hear from you Ant. Mag. and Franny Mooney (as was)
Ro Harris <>
Leeds,Yorkshire,UK,Tue 31st Dec 2013 , 06:38:48 pm

Hi, I'm looking to find more relatives of David Richard Williams (age 60 aprox) from Stockbridge Village. I believe he might be married and have a son and two daughters. I'm hoping to contact them if so. Thanks.
Blonde <>
Fri 13th Dec 2013 , 11:05:11 pm

Our family lived at 44. Penrhyn Road, just down from the shops and 200 yards from the dump. My sister Susan and I attended the primary school opposite the cenotaph. Graley was the headmaster, and I remember Mrs Cook, Miss Abrahams and Mrs Pilgrim.

I played football with the guys in the cleared space in the woods opposite Roach Avenue. Went eventually to my parents' surprise to Prescot Grammar. I remember well Chris Gregson, Les Butterworth and Johnny Brownbill. Johnny emigrated to South Africa taking with him the 20 quid I loaned him to buy his wedding pictures.
We moved to Sugar Lane, can't remember exactly the number, may have been 8' but the Barlows were our neighbours I think.
I hung with Alan Ainsworth for many years and I understand he still lives in Knowsley.
I remember the three Upton girls that lived in Homer Road, Denise Bradley that lived up Kitling, Rita Dears and many others.
Funny story: while I was in the Merchant Navy, I wound up in Melbourne, Aussie, and had dinner one night with a nurse who said that she lived in New Zealand but was training in Aussie. Long story short, she said her parents had immigrated into Kiwi from the UK, Knowsley to be precise, that they had lived on Tincle Peg Lane, how about that!

Have lots of good memories of the old estate and the people who lived there.


Frank Highley <>
Wellington,Florida,Usa,Fri 13th Dec 2013 , 06:46:14 pm

Just been reading comments it's fantastic bringing back memories of St Marie's and St Kev's
Frannie maher <>
Nottingham,England,Thu 05th Dec 2013 , 09:51:26 pm

I am looking for memories of a farm at the top of Stockbridge Lane, Lord Derby's estate, and Longview Secondary Modern School which I attended from 1939/40. I can't remember my teacher's name, the headmasters were Mr Roberts and Mr Selwyn. I lived in Filton Road, Page Moss. I am writing about the war years, can anyone help. Thanks
Margaret Blackwood <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Mon 02nd Dec 2013 , 01:34:09 pm

Does anyone know what happened to Denstone Crescent in Huyton? Trying to trace someone that lived there in the early 80's but it doesnt seem to show up on any present day maps. Thanks
Greg Brownbill <>
Mold,Clwyd,wales,Mon 02nd Dec 2013 , 04:27:11 am

Hi Brian, I think your email is not right. Please contact me on mine.
sonny <>
kitchener,ontario,canada,Sun 01st Dec 2013 , 07:03:24 pm

Why isn't Willy Russell mentioned as a famous Knowsley former resident ???

Also did you know that Paul Macartney lived in Roach Avenue as a youngster?

Both of these guys went to school in Knowsley

pete coy <>
North Yorks,uk,Thu 28th Nov 2013 , 06:55:31 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Good question! Willy Russell will be included in any future lists for sure! Incidentally, Liverpool John Moores University has recently acquired and made available Willy Russell's archive...

Hi, I am looking for any information about my late nan, Lillian Borthwick, born Lillian Barnes in Bootle 12th July 1920, she was adopted along with her brothers and sisters but not sure who by, she did marry a Robert Peggy but he was killed in the war, she then married my grandad, Johnny Murray Borthwick from Harwick, Scotland, we know very little of her early life so any information would be great to find out.
lee brookes <>
shrewsbury,shropshire,england,Sat 23rd Nov 2013 , 09:25:17 am

Hi, I'm trying to trace a family for someone I know. He is called Michael Andrew Reed he was born in Prescot D.O.B 7/7/67 his mother was called Teresa. He was fostered at the age of 6 months, she worked in a local pub. He has 4-brothers & 1-sister. ANY HELP INFO WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.. 07544875775
Simon <>
Colne,Lancashire,UK,Thu 21st Nov 2013 , 08:59:15 pm

Hi Sonny, Brian Jenkins here. Hope you are ok - long time since you were on here. I've tried looking for your best mate - someone in Sennen Road said that he had moved but they didn't know where to! Sorry but I tried. Hope you read this. All the best for Christmas and New Year, hope to hear from you soon. PS let me know how the rest of your kin are doing. Good luck BRIAN JENKINS, Kirkby.
Brian Jenkins <>
Kirkby,England,UK,Wed 20th Nov 2013 , 11:47:29 pm

Anyone live in BUXTED WALK - SOUTHDENE -KIRKBY between 1960 to 1975? Please get in touch with me and help me trace a friend I lost contact with.- Tom.
Tom Parry <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,Wed 20th Nov 2013 , 06:02:19 pm

What a site. Haven't posted for a while, but would just like to touch base. Getting toward the end of this life's journey and would like to try and contact some of the characters from my time in Kirkby late 50s to 1967. Lived at 12 Lydbury Crescent in maisonettes (not there now). Through Google Earth I've noticed a lot of changes. I am very impressed at the way Kirkby looks now. You can take the people and buildings away, but you can't take the memories away (I have lots). Would love to share them with old friends. My given name is Arthur but went by Sonny. Went to Rushey Hey then Brookfield 'til 67. Best mate Ray Gardner from Sennen Rd, Southdene.
Sonny Blundell <>
Kitchener,Ontario,Canada,Fri 15th Nov 2013 , 02:19:15 pm

I have seen posts about a policeman in Knowsley village. The posts have him as P.C Clark. His actual rank was Sergeant. His colleague was PC Brocklebank and they were as different as chalk and cheese.

I see that the former moved to Cornwall. But I would love to know what became of both of them in later life.

Joseph Swindells <>
..UK..,Fri 15th Nov 2013 , 01:54:21 pm

Trying to contact with Marilyn Johnstone nee Maddocks dob 16/10/1939, last known address 52 Jefferies Crescent, Roby. Married Angus Johnstone, son Paul Johnstone.
Also John Briscoe dob approx 1938 -last known address 11 Woburn Hill, Stoneycroft.

Susan Gregson <>
Didim,Turkey,Tue 12th Nov 2013 , 02:10:08 pm

I am trying to find my birth mother. Her name was Marilyn Maddocks of Jeffereys Crescent, Huyton. She will be about 74 now. I was born in January 1957 in Warrington and adopted about 6 weeks later. I know she married a number of years later and had a son Paul. I would love to make contact with her.
Susan gregson <>
Didim,Turkey,Fri 08th Nov 2013 , 07:20:23 pm

Hi everyone. I am an old resident of Knowsley I left about 1960 but I go back about every two years to tend my parents grave. I live in Thailand but do frequent world travel as part of my job as consultant barge engineer about 6 years ago I happened to be in Perth Oz and arranged to meet Allan Hewitt another ex-Knowsley resident we had a long chat about the old days but alas no invite to the oft mentioned study. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me. Kind Regards. Ray Luttman.
Raymond Luttman <>
Banglamung,Chonburi,Thailand.,Wed 06th Nov 2013 , 08:17:46 am

Hi. I went to Longview infants and then juniors' school from 1956 - I then went to Huyton Hey Secondary Modern from age 11 until 15 - then on to Prescot College from age 16 for a year - would love to see any school photographs as my Mum used to throw everything out so don't have any! Great site
Joan Roach <>
Wirral,Merseyside,UK,Tue 05th Nov 2013 , 06:51:59 pm

I am trying to trace an uncle of mine who was born in Southport who was in the Navy in the 1940's called Edward Charles Riley, who had sisters called Dorothy, Jean & Olga. I think he would be in his 80's now.
Sandie <>
France,Tue 05th Nov 2013 , 04:01:18 pm

My aunt, Mamie Evans, of Jeffreys Crescent, Roby, after the death of her husband Bert, went out to South Africa in the 1980s to live with her son, George Dennis Evans. I have lost contact with them, so any help or memories would be greatly appreciated.
David Evans <>
Beauly,INVERNESS-SHIRE,United Kingdom,Mon 28th Oct 2013 , 07:20:11 pm

I lived in Halewood in the 60/70s at No.12, Birchen Road.
Does anyone remember our family Susan, Robert, Diane, Elaine, Kevin, David? Mum was Teresa and dad David. Left to live with our mum around 71/72. Would like to catch up with my friends from Halewood especially Stan Burns, Paul Mckentyre and his twin brothers. Also, Paul Brown myself and Phil Brown had an accident around 1966 I would like to see how things are with you now.

Kevin Bushrod <>
Telford,Shropshire,England,Sun 27th Oct 2013 , 04:19:33 am

Interesting site. It's a long time since I lived in Kirkby - left in 1976 though I still have some family there. I am a teacher of Maths and Physics and have worked in USA, Qatar, UAE and China. Also former ACF Officer and Scout leader. I was a member of 2nd Kirkby Scouts and I am racking my brain trying to remember the colour of the scarf we wore. Any help?
Peter Malone <>
Doha,Qatar,Sat 26th Oct 2013 , 08:10:30 pm

Searching for Harris family of Percy St. Could have been No.50 Percy St, Bootle? Wendy, Linda or Danny
Karl Greenblatt <>
orange,ca,usa,Thu 24th Oct 2013 , 04:06:01 am

Hi, my name is Kenny Latham. Is there anyone who knows me from the darts team in the Woodpecker in Northwood, Kirkby, in 70-80s? Barbara and Billy Jackson had the pub then - went to the Carters Arms. Where are they now, or any of the dart team? I am still playing darts in the Holy Angels in Westvale. Would like to hear from any of the lads who remember the good old days! Get in contact - email me.
Kenneth Latham <>
Merseyside,England,Huyton,Mon 21st Oct 2013 , 05:49:27 pm

I made a request a few years ago on here and wished to update it , but I find this site difficult to negotiate. Could there not be incorporated a 'Search' box for relevant years? Have tried using 'search' but it just takes forever
Pat Allerton <>
Bootle,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Mon 14th Oct 2013 , 11:57:16 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I appreciate your point - all of the posts back to 2002 form one chronological sequence, with earlier posts split into years. View entries for 2001 (the link at the top of the listing takes you back to previous years). Unfortunately, we are unable to alter the format of the guestbook. You might want to repost with the updated information to put it to the top of the listing. ]

Hi, I'm Glenda Nugent, was Walker. I am trying to find an old school friend Iris Vicary. Her mum was Margaret and her dad was Bert, he was a train drver. She had a sister Gillian and a brother David. Don't know if she got married. She lived next door to me in Tiverton Close, Pluckington Farm. We went to Seel Road School in 1975-6. She worked in Plesseys and I worked in Littlewoods offices in Derby Lane. Would love to get in touch with her and any old school friends.
Glenda Nugent was Walker <>
Widnes,Cheshire,England,Tue 08th Oct 2013 , 11:52:25 pm

Desperately looking for my mum's adopted sister, her birth name was Doreen Deegan born 20th March. She would be about 66. A family called the mcleans from Whiston or Prescot adopted her. My mum is 70 and would love to meet her sister. the family also adopted 2 brothers, one called Micheal please help us trace her.
Angela Letman <>
chester,Angela Letman,england,Fri 04th Oct 2013 , 10:27:27 pm

Hi im looking for my mums sister doreen maclean she was born on the 20th march and would be about mum was pat deegan and is 70, we would love to meet her.
Angela Letman <>
chester,cheshire,england,Fri 04th Oct 2013 , 10:12:59 pm

Sorry, please note correct e-mail address is

Many thanks

Karen Mullins <>
Thu 03rd Oct 2013 , 01:54:36 pm

Hi am looking for info on my great-grandad John Vincent Macdermott whose address in 1918 was stated "The Boughs, Knotty Ash, Liverpool" - can anyone tell me whether The Boughs is a house, street or place please or is there something missing from the address - thank you
Karen Mullins <>
Liverpool,England,Wed 02nd Oct 2013 , 04:23:38 pm

Hi, I am trying to find Alice Critchley who lived in Lincombe Road, Huyton, she was a close friend of my late dad Ted Felton (he died 19 years ago today, 25 Sep). If anyone knows or knew Alice or her family please, please let me know. My email is mob 07973908945 thank you
David Felton <>
Liverpool,Wed 25th Sep 2013 , 10:20:24 am

I saw a comment from a Margaret Saunders; we used to live next door to a family of that name. I was wondering if it was the same? I was friends with the sister Susan Saunders 1955 to 1966 Southdene - in Broad Lane.
Helena Campbell <>
liverpool,Tue 24th Sep 2013 , 09:19:39 pm

Janet Oakley lived in Anfield, Liverpool, in the 60s, would love to hear from her, she came to the Isle of Man - that's how we met. My name is Margaret Saunders. Thank you.
Janet nee Oakley
Liverpool,Wed 18th Sep 2013 , 09:25:30 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You need to leave your email address in order for people to contact you ]

Hi, I used to go to Gonzaga in Huyton, left in 1981. I'm looking for friends I went to school with: Olga Lynch, Linda Holden and Lillian Hardy, just wondering how everyone is, anyone know where they are now? It would be nice to catch up. My name was Yvonne Rainford x
liverpool,knowsley,united kingdom,Wed 18th Sep 2013 , 01:03:20 pm

Looking for information on Thomas and Paula BARNBY who lived at 6 Windsor Road, Roby, around 1938 onwards.

john hames <>
southport,merseyside,england,Wed 18th Sep 2013 , 11:43:06 am

I am researching the LIDSTONE family of "Sunnyfields", Roby. More specifically, I am seeking information on Edith LIDSTONE, who died in 1923, and am especially keen to obtain a picture of her for a possible book.

Please contact me via the email address or my website at if you can help.

Stephen Nulty <>
Prescot,Wed 11th Sep 2013 , 04:02:19 pm

Looking for information and contact details for family named Barnes of Windy Arbor Road, Whiston. Especially Kim Barnes.
Dave watkinson <dave_1701@hotmail.>
st helens,merseyside,uk,Tue 10th Sep 2013 , 02:08:14 am

Hi, does anyone remember me from Roby, I was there from 73-78? My surname was Newby then.
jacqui norton <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Mon 09th Sep 2013 , 09:06:44 am

Hi, seeking any info on my paternal grandfather - William Robert Burns Munroe Jack. Born circa 1905. May have lived/visited 34 Clayford Crescent, Liverpool 14 in late 1930's/early 1940's. many thanks
Sue Jack <>
Oxford,Oxfordshire,UK,Fri 06th Sep 2013 , 04:51:43 pm

I am looking for Thomas Randles, his mother's name was May Powell. They went to live in Birkenhead. He will be about 50 years old but we have not seen him since he was about 13. Love to know if he is ok. Ann Randles
ann goherty <>
liverpool,uk,uk,Fri 30th Aug 2013 , 08:11:21 pm

Hi, I'm looking for any information about my long lost family the Williams'. Hard to find with it being such a common name.

I'm searching for anything about a man called David R Williams. He was married in 1977 I think, to a Barbara Halliday (she was previously married to a Stephen Halliday who was at one time David's best friend). Barbara has 3 daughters called Tracey, Sammantha and Michelle (born 1973).

I've heard that David had a disabled sister who suffered from spina bifida. and possibly a brother called Eddy. I've also heard that David might now be living in Liverpool with another sister.

He has not seen his daughter Michelle since around 1979 and was only married to Barbara about 3 years.

It is really so important that I find any information I can about him and his family. If you can help me then I ask you to please do so. Thank you for your time.

kaylie <>
North West,Lancashire,England,Fri 30th Aug 2013 , 12:28:28 pm

Family History
I am searching for any information on Alexander Lafon(e) who lived in Eccleston at some time, the fact was recorded on his will. He died in 1799. Sue

Sue Sayers <>
England,Wed 28th Aug 2013 , 09:57:33 pm

Lived in Knowsley estate 29 Lea Road in 40's joined the Merchant Navy till 1952 then went to Canada.
Bill Irving <>
Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada,Tue 27th Aug 2013 , 04:19:36 am

Knowsley Council is submitting a funding bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to expand and develop its archive service.
The archive will be moving to the new Kirkby Centre when Kirkby Library
relocates in 2014. The archive will be renamed ‘ARK’ – Archive Resource
for Knowsley.
If the bid is successful, the funding will be used to develop the current
archive and to help residents create history for future generations through
activities and workshops. To help secure funding, we need your views.
A short questionnaire is now available on the council’s website (search for ARK or copy and paste this link into your browser ) and in all of the borough’s libraries and One Stop Shops. You can also get a copy of the questionnaire by
ringing the Community History team on 0151 443 4365.
We will also be holding special consultation events where you can find out more about the ARK project and will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire.
Join us at:
Kirkby Library
27 August
10am to 6pm

Huyton Library
19 September
10am to 6pm

Come along and discover more about the ARK...

Community History Librarian
Knowsley Archives,Wed 14th Aug 2013 , 03:02:51 pm

Does anybody remember Jonathan, Edmundson, sweet manufacturers of Colville Street, Wavertree? I worked there as a junior in the mid 195O's. We office girls loved to walk through the factory and when nobody was looking help ourselves to a few sweets, they were so delicious, red seal eclairs, buttered brazils etc. I remember Mr.Hinds in transport and Mr. James, and I think Mr.Cornwall. There was Jean Bond and she had a sister, also Nina, Hilda Merryman and Mona on reception. I worked with Teresa and Vera McNutt.
Sylvia Howarth
Wed 07th Aug 2013 , 06:42:20 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You have not left your email address for anyone to contact you regarding your post ]

Doreen Gallagher nee Jarvis from Clarendon Road, Anfield, regarding your post on 28 Oct 2012 about Linda Rowe nee Smith who moved to Kirkby around 1953 she remembers you and your brother Norman. I am her brother Barry still living in Kirkby. She would love to get in contact if you would like to e-mail me. I think we are related somehow on the Jarvis side of the family
Barry Smith <>
Kirkby Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Tue 30th Jul 2013 , 11:55:58 pm

Charlie Wheeler 1883-1961 was born in Fawley, New Forest. He was a groom and after working in several large houses, gained a post at Knowsley Hall around 1911. He worked on the estate until his retirement about 1950. He lived in Tithebarn Road until his death. I have the impression that he was a favourite of Lord Derby, driving the estate car on important occasions. Would love to hear from local residents who can remember Charlie, and tell me some stories about his life on the estate.
Barton on Sea,Hampshire,England,Thu 25th Jul 2013 , 03:59:31 pm

Looking for any classmates attending Whiston Higherside School from 1972 to 1977.
John Renwick <>
Roodepoort,Gauteng,South Africa,Tue 23rd Jul 2013 , 11:10:33 pm

Looking for my bio father Ian Smith(Smithy), from the Bluebell area of Huyton. He was born in April 1963. Any help to find him would be great.
Zoe Jones <>
ormskirk,lancashire,england,Tue 23rd Jul 2013 , 01:14:48 am

Hello, I went to Mosscroft Junior School from about 1973 to 1977. Huyton back then was really safe, Longview Drive was a lovely residential area and I was allowed to roam free up and down the area, in the field without anything happening to me. I keep hearing things about Huyton with people saying that its really unsafe, that's sad, I remember my time there as being happy. Anybody from Mosscroft between those dates email me, you never know your name just might ring a bell with me. Linda :-)
Linda Eunson <>
Isle of Wight,UK,Wed 10th Jul 2013 , 02:29:43 pm

Hi. Hope someone can help. I met many years ago a Mr Bill Rigby, came from Merseyside and was a teacher who taught in SABAH?? in the early 80s. Had a sister living in DEEWHY?? in Sydney. I met him while on travels in Malaysia in 1982. As is often the case have lost contact. Came across and old old address book and Southport Merseyside was listed. would love to renew contact. Thanks Thea
Thea van Os <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Fri 05th Jul 2013 , 07:14:16 am

I'm looking for my birth mother (Rita Scanlon). I was adopted in Liverpool when I was about 9 months old.
Stephen Akins (Martin Scanlon) <>
Galiano Island,BC,Canada,Wed 03rd Jul 2013 , 08:24:52 pm

Does anyone have any memories of Roby Sunday School in the 1960s?
jannet robinson <>
edinburgh,scotland,Sun 30th Jun 2013 , 10:37:51 pm

I have been trying to find my friend Pat Hornby. We both lived in Kirkby in the late fifties and early sixties. We went to Brookfield Comprehensive School. Later working in Llandudno and London together. Does anyone know her?
Christina Layton (nee Marks) <>
Hertford,Hertfordshire,England,Sun 30th Jun 2013 , 11:25:22 am

If you are looking for long lost friends or relatives please join this site group on Facebook as it's been going for nearly 4 years now and has over 5,000 members from all walks of life, from Expats to people living all over Britain and also still in Kirkby, Liverpool. This site is called Memories of Kirkby so please join this if you are looking for the above. Thanks.

James Brooks <>
Liverpool,Kirkby,Great Britain,Sun 23rd Jun 2013 , 02:21:19 pm

Does anyone have any photos of Cantril High School or the Divvy Club on Cantril Farm? There is a school reunion on the 14th September 2013 at St Alberts Social Club on Cantril Farm. Would love pics to display and any info on any of our teachers.
Sandra bold <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,Great Britain,Sat 22nd Jun 2013 , 11:03:54 am

Can anyone help?
I am searching for a Margaret Farrell (Margie) who used to live in Halewood in the 1980's. Either in Barn Wood Road or Hillingden Avenue. She would have attended Halewood Grange School. She had an elder brother called Alan and would be about 42 (ish) now. Used to have a black greyhound that she exercised on the field behind the old sports centre.

Andrew Brown <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sat 22nd Jun 2013 , 03:00:56 am

Attended this school in the 60's
tina johnson <>
Southport,Merseyside,uk,Thu 20th Jun 2013 , 11:33:51 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Presumably you refer to St Aloysious, Huyton, in reply to Margaret Kerwin's posting on Sat 15th June 2013 ]

If anyone lived in BUXTED WALK close to PARK BROW SCHOOL between 1960 -70 could you please get in touch with me as I'm trying to trace a friend from that period. Her name is CECELIA BUCKLES & she lived at no 9 or 19. of that address. That was her maiden name if she married.
tom parry <>
liverpool,merseyside,Thu 20th Jun 2013 , 01:12:44 pm

Calling Loretta
just a follow up on my previous message regarding a half sister Loretta
All I know is that my sisters name is Loretta and I am guessing that Billie Askew had a relationship with Lorettas mother when Billie and Eileen were apart I think that was sometime between 1947 and maybe 1952 I am guessing this as my eldest sister was born in 1945 and then mum and dad split up then my brother Eddy was born 1952. I think my parents may have been living in China street when they split up. I do rememeber that when I was about 5 (1964) dad went away for a while. I found out that he was put in jail for not paying maintenance

irene nelson <>
Wyndham Vale,Victoria,Australia,Tue 18th Jun 2013 , 02:35:53 pm

Knowsley Library Service presents a Local History Open Day at Halewood Library on Friday 28th June 2013

Explore the history of Halewood, or discover your own family's history.
Find out about Knowsley’s Archive Service and the exciting new developments and resources we have planned for 2014.

Most importantly, tell us how you would like to get involved!

For more information, contact Halewood Library on 0151 443 2086 or the Community History Team on 0151 443 4365.

Community History Librarian
Knowsley,Tue 18th Jun 2013 , 12:20:14 pm

My father John Butler committed suicide in Digmoor, Skelmersdale on 8/5/06 and I am his son and as I have grown up I've been looking up online about it. Does anyone have any news papers or anything at all would be grateful
Greg <>
Irvine,Scotland,Mon 17th Jun 2013 , 10:19:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : This tragic event was reported in the Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Advertiser. It's a little outside the Knowsley area, so you might try contacting Skelmersdale Library and Lancashire Archives to find out if they have access to newspaper back-copies. Liverpool Record Office will be able to help with Liverpool Echo reports on microfilm. Good luck with your search. ]

Calling Loretta
this is a bit of a strange one. I have found out that my father William (Billie) Askew, formerly of Kirkby had a daughter Loretta, he was in a relationship for a while when he was split from my mother Eileen Askew. All I know is her name!!!!! Would like to find out more about her.

Irene Nelson <>
wyndham Vale,victoria,australia,Sun 16th Jun 2013 , 06:18:30 am
[ Webmaster replies : Can you say when (approximately) this person was born, and where? ]

Would love to hear from anyone who attended St Aloysious when I was there.
margaret kerwin <>
liverpool,merseyside,britain,Sat 15th Jun 2013 , 08:47:29 pm

I'm looking for anyone named Kenneth Jones. Birthday; 2nd July 1971. I was adopted at a very young age, and Kenneth is my biological dad. I'm trying to find him, if you know him or any of his family please contact me!I know my mother, Patsy Finney passed in 2008.
My email is please please contact me if you know anything at all!

Sally Anne Hanson <>
Heywood,Lancashire,United Kingdom,Thu 06th Jun 2013 , 04:04:32 am

Would anybody remember an old friend of mine Christine Armstrong of 40 Sugar Lane, had sister Maureen and dad George if so could you please pass on my regards to her and family thanks
Terry Cray <>
dublin,dublin,Ireland,Sat 01st Jun 2013 , 06:46:45 pm

I am looking for my real father, I have been told he lived in Kirkby, Liverpool in 1972. Name William (Billy) Powell. If anyone has info please pass on. My mother's name at the time was June Taylor. Thanks

T Gamble <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 31st May 2013 , 02:24:12 pm

I am looking for my half Sister Karen Gee from Huyton, Liverpool. Born 1955 she was in the Prescot & Huyton Reporter newspaper on Fri 10th March 1967 for the holy communion. Any one with any info please email me. Thank you.
Kate <>
Douglas,Isle of Man,UK,Thu 16th May 2013 , 08:19:45 pm

I left Ruffwood School in 1964 and would like to hear from some old friends of mine. What a great site this is.
neil castley <>
skelmersdale,lancs,uk,Sat 11th May 2013 , 06:48:19 pm

Hi, I am looking for my dad, his name is Gary Haskit he was an ambulance driver and lived on Webster Drive in Kirkby in the 80s. If anyone has seen or heard of him please tell me.
Andrea Barrett <>
Liverpool,Kirkby,Merseyside,Sun 05th May 2013 , 07:03:47 am

With regard to twig like liquorice sticks, I remember these very well and are still available from Holland & Barratt.

Tina Swift
Wed 24th Apr 2013 , 03:26:34 am

Everybody out there, am trying to contact anybody who remembers me from my time living in Kirkby. Does anybody remember Bob Gregory from Ruffwood School or John Davidson a social worker from Kirkby council for social service. Also John Mcdonald ,Phil Griffin, Ken Bates in fact anybody.
Hope to hear from somebody soon ,
Alan Bradley

Alan Bradley <>
Birkenhead,Merseyside,England,Tue 23rd Apr 2013 , 07:57:41 am

HELLO NEIL BURROWS in Brisbane Australia.
I was in the same class as you at Whiston Central bet you don't remember me. Hope life has treated you kindly.

Arthur Jenkins <>
London,England,Wed 17th Apr 2013 , 09:48:18 pm

I am hoping someone can remember or is related to Tess (Teresa) Grainy who was born about 1920. She was friends with my Mother during WW11 and they lost touch after the war. Tess came from a large Irish/Liverpool family.
Elizabeth Guyver <>
London,Sun 14th Apr 2013 , 09:04:46 pm

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Enid Williams (this was her maiden name). She used to live at 1, Ingrow Road, Kensington, Liverpool. Age now would be round 70 years. She went to Sheil Road Secondary School. If you should know of her could you let me know as I would like to be able to contact her. Thanks to anyone who can help me
Joyce Ismay <>
Onchan,Isle of Man,British Isles,Thu 11th Apr 2013 , 10:31:31 pm

To whom it may concern. I am wanting to find the name of a lady who was a friend of the family in the year 1972. You see, I was born in southport "The Great Wall" restaurant in 1972. This lady who we called "Grandma" lived in Ainsdale, she was quite wealthy, didn't have much of a family. That's all I know about her. I will appreciate any information you can give me about her. Thank you for your co-operation. Carole
carole wan <>
rotherham,s.yorkshire,england,Tue 09th Apr 2013 , 10:34:10 am

Hi, my name is Jean Kane I am looking
for Michael Jones who is my cousin
I do not know his partner's name but they have a daughter whose name is Taylor.

Michael's father was George who died in 2002 his wife is Tessie Jones they were my aunt and uncle. He was my mother's brother, Evelyn Kane.

Is there any chance that my email address could be forwarded to Michael
I have tried to contact Tessie but have
not received a reply.

Many thanks


Jean Kane <>
Brighton,East Sussex,England,Tue 26th Mar 2013 , 05:04:49 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley connections here? ]

Looking for old workmate, member of motor racing "Team Scorpion" and last lost friend since I moved to Australia in 1970. Keith J. Norton used to live in 59 Thingwall Lane, Knotty Ash, Liverpool 14 and worked at Joseph Lucas (G.T.E.) Victor Works, Bowring Park Rd before it was demolished to make room for the end of the motorway. He was also a Venture Scout leader. If anyone knows of his whereabouts then PLEASE try and link us back together.
Henry Kennedy <>
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,Wed 20th Mar 2013 , 03:29:51 pm

If anyone knows or remembers CELIA BUCKLES from BUXTED WALK off PARK BROW who attended ST. GREGORY'S 1962-63'ish & have knowledge of how or where she is can you e-mail the information to me.
tom parry <>
liverpool,merseyside,united kingdom,Wed 20th Mar 2013 , 01:14:35 pm

Re P.C. Don Clark from Knowsley. He moved to Cornwall Constabulary from Knowsley in the '60s.

Re Patricia Croft Knowsley Police Station. Hope you are keeping well ?

Re Dianne Fitton - She moved to Australia and upto a couple of years ago was still living there with her 2nd husband. Try friends reunited because she used to request info on friends from them.

Peter Coy <>
Liverpool,UK,Sat 16th Mar 2013 , 07:52:45 pm

Re Knowsley Maypole
Would like to know whatever happened to David Bell of Penrhyn Road and Janet Pavey. Also Lorna Scott who went to Prescot Girls and lived in Holt Lane, Rainhill Thanks Peter Coy

Peter Coy <>
Liverpool,Fri 15th Mar 2013 , 03:30:07 pm

What a great site, could any one help me please. My name is Richard Poland (Richie), as a small child I lived in Park Brow Drive and Fazakerley - Haven Rd. I went to St. Lawrence's, left in about 1963 shortly after, we moved to Hull. All my family were from Liverpool and I lost all contact. My mum Christina Poland (Joan) grew up in Everton - Scotland Rd area. Her mum and dad were Ena Rigby and William Poland. Nan and grandad were Elizabeth Keating and Richard Rigby. Also, does any one know of the OConnor family from Liverpool 3? If so, could you get in touch please as I never met my real dad and he was an OConnor. Thanks. Richie
Richie Poland <>
hull,england,Thu 07th Mar 2013 , 11:06:17 am

St Andrews Church, Roby: This Church was built as an overflow Church for Roby Parish Church [St Bartholomew]. St. Andrews Church stood on the corner of Dinas Lane and Charnwood Road.

Redevelopment around 1965-6 changed the area.

Jean Jones <>
Ashton-in-Makerfield,Lancashire,England,Thu 28th Feb 2013 , 10:27:25 pm

I'm trying to find some information on the church in Roby where my mum was baptised. Her certificate states the following: 12 March 1950, St Andrew, Roby. It is signed LR Ridley. I have searched extensively on-line and asked a friend who lived in the area but it doesn't seem to have ever existed! I hope somebody will be kind enough to shed some light on it. Many thanks.
Vicky Kangurs <>
Birmingham,West Midlands,UK,Thu 28th Feb 2013 , 01:10:42 pm

Anyone have knowledge of who was living at 46 Moscow drive Liverpool in 1971/1972. Believe it could have been a boardinghouse? Specifically looking for DONNELLY.
Also, anyone know where I can find details of workers at Ogdens Liverpool particularly 1940-1955. Again looking for Donnelly.
Many thanks in advance for any assistance/tips.

S Plumb <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Wed 27th Feb 2013 , 06:51:13 pm

Looking for any photographs from woodwork class between 72-75 when I was in that class photo, I had it but unfortunatley lost it.
carol lund <>
lpool,merseyside,uk,Sun 24th Feb 2013 , 08:58:26 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Can you tell us which school you were at? ]

I lived in Linslade Close in 70's until 1981. The maisonettes I grew up in have been knocked down. I left Kirkby due to the death of my mum. I was thirteen years old and all my memories were left. I would love any photos of the Close - it would really help me find my roots ..
Michelle Dean <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,EngLand,Thu 21st Feb 2013 , 04:53:46 pm

In reply to Ms.Savage, Sorry I cannot recall you, but my brother Gordy and I lived at ll5 Cross Lane. We both went to Halsnead School and then the Central School as well as Whiston Cross Sunday School. I tried to e-mail you direct but had it returned. I left Cross Lane in 1961 and my brother in 1963. We both knew many children,shops and the various play areas we visited.Sylvia Howarth
sylvia bellis
Tue 19th Feb 2013 , 03:12:07 pm

Looking for any Ansells that may be conected to me (my maiden name). I think my father was born in a place called Monks Coppenhall 1908/9. His father was called Leonard I believe he had brothers and at least one sister called Ida would appreciate any help as I have nothing else to go on. Many thanks.
Heather (Goodman) Clark <>
Immingham,N E Lincs,England,Sat 16th Feb 2013 , 09:54:26 pm

Searching for old friends... emigrated to Australia with family in 1973. Lived at RAF Sealand in Deeside, Flintshire for 4yrs before that... Planning a trip back to the UK later this year and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me from way back then :)
Linda Smith <>
Adelaide,SA,Australia,Wed 13th Feb 2013 , 04:50:08 pm

Looking for old friends: Mary Preyer, Ann Jones, John Proctor.
joan connors <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Wed 13th Feb 2013 , 08:58:40 am

Information please - does anybody remember/have information relating to Police Constable Don Clark. He lived at the Police Station located on Knowsley Lane, Knowsley from 1958 until 1964 when he was promoted to Police Sergeant and moved on. His wife Marion Clark was the local GPO Post Woman.

Savage <>
Auckland,NZ,Wed 06th Feb 2013 , 11:57:31 am

Emigrated to Australia with my family in 1963, we lived on Cross Lane, Prescot. Love to hear from any one I went to Whiston Central School with.

neil burrows
brisbane,qld,australia,Sat 02nd Feb 2013 , 12:57:58 am

I had a Grandma who lived in Huyton, but the only thing I know of her is her name was Dolly Lowe. She wasn't my real Grandma, it seems she was my Dad's aunty or older cousin. She moved to Halewood and I never saw her again. Would love to hear from any family. My Dad was Teddy Kelly.

Pat <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,U.K.,Fri 25th Jan 2013 , 05:49:48 am

Hi just found your site. I lived in Calgarth Road Huyton (1940-1960) have sister Ann and brother Thomas (Tom) and I went to St 'Allys' secondary school on Twig Lane. Would love to contact any fellow pupils from 1951 - 1955. Some names I remember, Teresa Flynn, Pam Myers, Helen Ward, Barbara Gamble, Kathleen Martindale, Joan Braben. I am in touch with Joan Connelly (nee Brown). The Clarks lived next door to us and the Coates two doors away. My Dad (Myles Friery) was the secretary at the 'Allys' Club for many years. Would be great to hear from you.
Pat Loftus (nee Friery) <>
Rhyl,Denbighshire,UK,Tue 22nd Jan 2013 , 11:05:50 pm

What ever happened to Sheila van der Muelin and her sister Girda of Kirkby. Both Girls attended Woolfall School.
Also Lorna Scott who lived at Holt Lane in Rainhill and went to Prescot Grammar Girls.

Peter Coy <>
KNOWSLEY,UK,Fri 18th Jan 2013 , 09:54:08 pm

Knowsley Library Service is launching a new Family History Help Desk at Prescot Library...

Are you new to family history research? Are you trying to find your way through the maze of information and resources? Have you hit a brick wall in your research?

The Family History Help Desk offers expert guidance that will help you to discover your family’s past.

The Family History Help Desk at Prescot Library will open on Tuesday 29th January 2013 from 10.00am – 12.00 midday, then every 4th week. There’s no need to book in advance – the sessions are on a drop-in basis. Simply book in at the issue desk on your arrival .

For more information, call the Community History Team on 0151 443 4365 or 0151 443 4291

Community History Librarian
Knowsley Archives,Knowsley Library Service,Thu 10th Jan 2013 , 02:55:49 pm

Hi, my name was Ann Randles, I lived in Belton Road, Huyton. I went to St. Columbas School and left in 1958.
ann randles <doherty @blueyonda>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sat 05th Jan 2013 , 04:50:50 pm

Ex pupil Prescot Grammar School.
billy seiga <>
Hamilton,New Zealand,Fri 28th Dec 2012 , 07:52:31 pm

Trying to find a friend of mine who I went to school with when I was 13 years old just before we left to go to Australia, her name is Dianne Fitton. I went to Stockbridge Lane School up until we left in 1959, if she is still around I would love to make contact with her again. I'm on face book or just email me to my email address.

Joan <>
Shellharboure,Nsw,Australia,Thu 27th Dec 2012 , 11:05:54 am

I am looking to try and find an old mate of mine Lenny Woods, Lenny lived in Stonehey Rd, Southdene, Kirkby in the 70s and 80s,

Lenny was a great Drummer and played in bands and went to the Labour Club etc.

Thanks for any help

Brian Smith <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Wed 26th Dec 2012 , 01:04:40 am

My name is Solange Potts and I am looking for my stepsister, she lives in Orford, Warrington. UK. I think in Toll Bar Road, not sure? Her name is Edna Humphries - would be great if someone knows her!
Solange Potts <>
Ellezelles,Belgium,Sat 22nd Dec 2012 , 09:24:23 am

Hi, I'm Natalie. I have a very big Smith family in Huyton off the Western Avenue area and Bluebell estate. My mum and dad met in the Hillside pub 32 years ago :) my dad Micky attended Huyton Comp. in Stockbridge Lane. My mum's maiden name is McGowan she was from Knowsley Village. I really love this website. I love reading all about Huyton and am going to start a family tree :) xxx
natalie smith <>
huyton,liverpool,england,Mon 10th Dec 2012 , 10:47:48 pm

Paul that was funny :) Sonny and Brian might have had better luck putting messages in bottles.
Phil O'Brien <>
Mary Esther,Florida,USA,Wed 05th Dec 2012 , 11:40:05 pm

Paul: I had to google Mills and Boon. It appears from the email address I gave to Brian (leaflady etc) that I was female! Not so, we grew up together in Southdene, so I have no idea who the "lads in n/wood" are but thanks for sharing what I hope was a joke.
sonny <>
hamilton,ont,canada,Wed 05th Dec 2012 , 03:33:42 pm

Sonny and Brian, reading your comments to each other is akin to a Mills and Boon book. Do you remember me - Paul Smith from Centre 63 and some of the other Northwood lads?
Paul <>
Aberdeen,UK,Tue 04th Dec 2012 , 07:40:15 pm

Hi I'm glad you are ok. I sent you a letter about 8 months ago, sorry you never got it. I can't send emails, don't know how it works - I've tried and it never works for me. Send me your address again and I'll try again take care, Brian, Kirkby
Brian jenkins <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Sun 02nd Dec 2012 , 08:20:11 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Brian - check your inbox for a reply, or call 0151 443 4365. Thanks. ]

Hi Brian, good to hear from you. I've not rec'd your letter yet. I think you should try to email me at I can give you the address again. What's wrong with LFC this year? Do you remember anyone from our past and what they're doing.
sonny blundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Thu 29th Nov 2012 , 05:59:06 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Sonny - your latest message has been forwarded to Brian rather than posting it on public view... ]

Hi Sonny, did you not get my letter I sent you. Hope you are all well. Brian Jenkins, Kirkby
jenkins brian <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Wed 28th Nov 2012 , 11:02:43 pm

It's time for a memory when....there was a delivery every week for pop(lemonade), you could have a cigarette machine installed in your home, coin operated tv's, gas and electric meters are they still used? I know it was 50 yrs ago but I miss those innocent times. There were houses where you could buy candy and such on your way to school (Rushey Hey). What year did it close as a school? My dad worked at Hygena on the industrial estate, I think on the loading dock (Arthur). My uncle used to feed the sawdust into the furnace to heat the plant (Ronnie). Neither one ever missed a day of work. You could buy things on HP, and the clubman would come every Fri night or Sat morning for 5/-. Because I knew Kirkby so well he would pick me up first and I was his map. I would get 5 bob off him after breakfast in the town centre on Sat morning. I gave mum 4 a kept 1. Enough for now, Merry Xmas to all and cherish your memories.
sonny blundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Fri 23rd Nov 2012 , 12:30:53 pm

I am looking for my uncle Paul Richards' family, he was a teacher who emigrated to Canada in the 60s.
Brandall Richards <>
lansdowne,cape town,south africa,Fri 16th Nov 2012 , 04:48:47 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any connections with Knowsley Borough or Liverpool, England? ]

Any BRADBURY cousins out there...around St. Helens, Knowsley, Windle, Huyton, Eccleston, Prescot, and other places in Lancashire?
My whole line is from mostly St. Helens, would love to hear from you.

Shelley <>
Mon 12th Nov 2012 , 12:03:22 am

Hello, I lived in Fincham Road, West Derby/Huyton from 1932 until 1954. My father was the caretaker of Fincham Road School (later Knowsley Comprehensive) for most of that time. I do have a reasonable knowledge of the school and some of the pupils during the years 1943 to 1946. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries I may be able to answer.
Syd Harper <>
Great Yarmouth,Norfolk,UK,Sat 10th Nov 2012 , 01:19:20 pm

I am looking for my mate who went to Woodside School in 1974. Her name is Karon Jones - my name Debbie Dixon. Is there some one out there who knows her and also Irene Ashmore?
karon <>
leeds,leeds,yoshirer,Sat 03rd Nov 2012 , 09:06:23 pm

I am looking for my biological father Michael (Mike) Robinson born about 1964 give or take a year. Lived near the Eagle and Child pub in Huyton in 1982. Had a friend called Ian Hope. Holidayed in Rhyl in 1982 in a caravan possibly owned by his parents. Any information would be great, Thanks
Greg Brownbill <>
Mold,Flintshire,Wales,Sat 03rd Nov 2012 , 01:59:35 am

Hi, I am trying to find my mum, her name is Jillian Fullwood. She moved to Spain just after my sisters death about 10-12 years ago. She used to live in Connah's Quay in Flintshire and her huspand at the last time we met was Roy Fullwood.
Any help desperately welcome.

maurice edward harrison <>
manchester,lancs,uk,Wed 31st Oct 2012 , 06:18:47 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley connections? ]

Linda Rowe (nee Smith) was born in Clarendon Road, Anfield, Liverpool 6, in about 1944. She moved to Kirby, Liverpool in about 1953. Married and has 5 sons. My name is Doreen Gallagher, nee Jarvis and also lived in Clarendon Road
Linda Rowe, nee Smith
Liverpool,Lancs,England,Sun 28th Oct 2012 , 09:09:51 pm

Seeking Margaret (Maggie) Norris Bartholomew, niece of Winifred (Freda) Deaux. Would appreciate any information. Trying to reconnect with family.
Jannette Deaux Stryker <>
plainwell,mi,usa,Sat 27th Oct 2012 , 08:10:49 pm

Trying to find a friend Linda Dutton - that was her maiden name when I went to school with her. I've been in Australia now for 52 years. I was 13 years old when I left Huyton with all my family. I would like to know if she is still around. If she is, maybe she might like to get in touch with me.
Joan Lawlor Speelman <>
Shellharbourec,New,Australia,Tue 23rd Oct 2012 , 12:48:06 pm

I'm looking for anyone who knew the Ashton family of 61 Jeffereys Crescent Huyton. 1940 - 1970.
Thomas and Lillie Ashton and their children Maureen 1936, Joyce 1938 and Phillip 1953.
Thomas was a Pattern Maker and died Dec 1974. Lillie moved to 30 Crawshaw Court and died July 2008.
Lillie spent some time doing some volunteer work with the health service.

I'd love to find out more about the individuals if anyone recognises the names.

Ruth <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Mon 22nd Oct 2012 , 11:31:17 pm

I am looking for all ex school friends from Huyton Secondary Modern. I was there from 1950 - 1955. I would especially like to hear from Irene Booth or any one associated with her. Last seen, she lived with her family at the old Bluebell Pub, Huyton
Irene Mckinven (nee Ford) <>
Somerset,Mon 22nd Oct 2012 , 07:38:51 pm

I am looking for my husband's and sister-in-law's half sister. She was called Susan Cowell and lived I believe in the Prescot area but am told she now lives in Canada. Her sister's name was Janice. She left a message on this website in 2000, trying to contact them but the email address leads nowhere. If she is looking for John I would like her to contact me on
janet cowell <>
st helens,merseyside,england,Fri 19th Oct 2012 , 06:49:13 pm

Good site. I am trying to contact Denis Bird & Barry Alcock. Both left Whiston Sec. Mod. in 1965
leslie Birchall <>
Skelmersdale,lancashire,England,Fri 12th Oct 2012 , 01:31:32 pm

I lived in Darwick Drive from 1980-87. I went to Sylvester's primary and junior school, I was in Mr Baxter's class before I left the school. Sarah Duke, Peter Johnson, Karl Riley, Maria (can't remember surname sorry) Paul Burns, his cousin Karen Burns who had red hair are the people I remember but any info would be appreciated. I am just looking for some info regarding this part of my life and to recall some memories. Cheers for anything I can dig up.
Edward Brady <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Thu 11th Oct 2012 , 09:02:23 pm

Trying to trace 2 very good friends of my husband from 1960. Their names at the time Ruth & Eunice Taylor. They lived on the Brackenwood Estate in Bebington, Wirral. Anybody remember them from those days I would be so grateful if you get in touch with me.
Brenda Vanderwert <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Thu 11th Oct 2012 , 03:47:56 am
[ Webmaster replies : You should really try Wirral based websites... ]

Would like to catch up with my son, James Odinus Carter, he's 42. I have not even got his E address!!
Susan Linda Carter <>
Rhyl,Denbighshire,Wales, GB,Wed 10th Oct 2012 , 03:11:51 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley connections? ]

Knowsley Library Service is once again inviting Ken Pye, popular author, broadcaster and local hostorian, to give a series of talks in our Libraries. All events are free to attend and will take place on Saturday mornings 11.00am - 12.00 noon. See below for details or contact your local library for more information:

Huyton Library (0151 443 3734)
Saturday 6th October
Characters, Curiosities and Tales of Liverpool Part 1

Prescot Library (0151 443 5101)
Saturday 13th October
Street stories

Whiston Library (0151 426 4757)
Saturday 20th October
The Crows Nest - The Civil War seige of Liverpool

Halewood Library (0151 443 2086)
Saturday 27th October
Characters, Curiosities and Tales of Liverpool Part 2

Stockbridge Village Library (0151 443 2501)
Saturday 3rd November
Liverpool's lost and found villages

Kirkby Library (0151 443 4290)
Saturday 10th November
Joys of Scousers and Scouse

Community History Librarian
Wed 26th Sep 2012 , 10:20:15 am

Anyone who lived in BUXTED WALK-PARK BROW -KIRKBY between 1960-1970 and may have known CECELIA BUCKLES who I think lived at 19 or 9 who could help me get in touch with her & find out about her life after I lost contact. Or ask her to e-mail me.
tom parry <>
liverpool,merseyside,united kingdom,Tue 25th Sep 2012 , 01:52:21 pm

I'm looking for my biological daughter named Melissa Jade Atherton aged 17 dob 10-11-1994 and lives in Wirral, St Helens, Merseyside
dawn fairhurst <>
Blackburn,Lancashire,Tue 25th Sep 2012 , 03:09:40 am
[ Webmaster replies : St Helens district is located in Merseyside, Wirral district is located in Cheshire. ]

Cecelia Buckles. Would like to know how her life direction went from 1963 & to e-mail me. She lived in 19 Buxted Walk, Park Brow, Kirkby. She went to St. Gregory R.C. school.
My e-mail address:

cecelia buckles
kirkby,merseyside,united kingdom,Wed 19th Sep 2012 , 12:22:45 pm

Hi I am trying to contact my husband and sister in law's half sister. She contacted you looking for them in 1999 and 2000 but the email address leads nowhere. Her name before marriage was Susan Cowell and I believe her to be in Canada.
janet cowell <>
st helens,merseyside,england,Tue 18th Sep 2012 , 05:55:41 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Hopefully the person you are looking for will see this and reconnect... ]

I am researching some pictures of the 81st Battalion (Prescot) of the Home Guard which I have added to my website. Please look here -> and let me know if you can help


Stephen Nulty <>
Tue 18th Sep 2012 , 08:07:50 am

How come you can not email any one it keeps failing. Go on Facebook and go on Cantril Farm - great photos
carl noon <>
liverpool,Fri 14th Sep 2012 , 12:12:08 pm
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Hi - I am organising a Recruitment Fair in Knowsley aimed at our young people aged 16-25, for Jan 13. We hope to create 100 jobs and training opps at this event. We also need inspirational high flyers and entrepreneurs with Knowsley connections who would be interested in attending the event or telling us their story to help inspire and motivate the next generation by showing absolutely anything is achievable. Let’s make the future of Knowsley an exciting, successful and prosperous place to live. Interested please call Julie Anne on 0151 290 7013 or email
Julie Anne Parker <>
Liverpool,UK,england,Thu 13th Sep 2012 , 06:21:22 pm

People on this site who are looking for friends and family from Huyton, Kirkby, Liverpool and Bootle areas should look on Facebook. For Kirkby the page to look for is memories of Kirkby/ Huyton past/Liverpool past/and Bootle past. these are all brilliant pages to view photos of schools and places you may remember as well as getting in touch with old friends. Give them a try you will not be sorry.
christine potter <>
liverpool,uk,Tue 11th Sep 2012 , 10:54:47 pm

I lived on Princess Drive, went to St Dominics until I left in 76. The school as gone now but happy times there
carl noon <>
liverpool,Sat 08th Sep 2012 , 10:29:04 am

Roby Comp. reunion at Deanes House, Prescot, 21st Sept from 7-30pm. Come on yr 1978
jacquinorton <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 07th Sep 2012 , 03:19:02 pm

A Transcription of the 1918 Commercial Directory for Prescot is now available for free download (as pdf) on my website at
Stephen Nulty
Prescot,Mon 03rd Sep 2012 , 04:11:41 pm

Does anyone remember Malcolm Piper the sociology lecturer at Kirkby College of Further Education?
I would like him to know what a fantastic lecturer he was and to thank him for "kick starting" my education in 1978.

peter longman <>
liverpool,uk,Thu 30th Aug 2012 , 07:56:03 pm

With regard to twig like liquorice sticks, I remember these very well and are still available from Holland & Barratt.
sylvia bellis
Sun 26th Aug 2012 , 12:03:28 pm

I recently found a shop in Weymouth that sold 'sticky lice'. I bought some and people must have wondered why I had a piece of wood sticking out of my mouth. It brought back memories.
john currie <>
swindon,wilts,uk,Sun 26th Aug 2012 , 10:46:46 am

Hi, can anyone remember helping out in Brookfield School Friday afternoons in 1991 for the O A P's looking for a girl called Mandy from Tower Hill?
robbie <>
plymouth,devon,Thu 23rd Aug 2012 , 06:02:06 am

The twig like stick was called sticky lice (Liquorice root). You could only buy it from a Chemist shop.
Derek Jones <>
england,Wed 15th Aug 2012 , 08:25:17 pm

Wonder if anyone can help me? As a kid I can recall buying a twig like chew treat, it was like chewing wood with flavour. I can't remember what it was called and haven't heard of it since. Anyone else? Or did I just dream it?
sonny <>
hamilton,ont,can,Wed 15th Aug 2012 , 02:08:38 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Are you thinking of liquorice sticks? You can still get them - do a quick online search... ]

I went the Doms School left in 76 great school. Mrs Murphy teaching maths very funny Mr White, Mr Price, Mr Mellon, those were the days.
carlnoon <>
liverpool,MERSEYSIDE,United Kingdom,Fri 10th Aug 2012 , 12:13:57 pm

Looking for Paul Maxwell. Paul lived in Huyton, married Cathy and had three children. His Mum's name is Barbara and lived in Hillside Avenue with her Mum called Elsie who is no longer with us. Be brilliant to see how he is doing.

Thanks in anticipation,
Ray Morgan

Ray Morgan <>
Newport,Gwent,South Wales,Wed 08th Aug 2012 , 07:41:17 pm

Hello I am Jayne looking for a Terry Keyhole.
I am an old friend from Page Moss.
I use to live next door to your grandfather in Denstone. You had a brother called Lee I know you hung about around Princess Drive. Please get in touch.

jayne <>
montrose,Scotland,UK,Wed 08th Aug 2012 , 08:09:47 am

Hi Sonny, I will try again over the week end. I'll send you another letter. Hope you get this one - maybe its just not meant to be after all these years. I got your letter no problem.
Hope you're all well BRIAN JENKINS

brian jenkins <>
kirkby,liverpool,Sat 04th Aug 2012 , 02:19:59 am

Brian I don't know what's wrong, I gave you the correct address. Do you think you could download Google talk it seems to work pretty good?
sonny <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Thu 02nd Aug 2012 , 01:11:11 pm

St Kevins in Kirkby... anybody in the class 5P3 that left in July 75? Now all in our 50's, great times and great lads and some of the teachers were great. Remember Mr Cooney, Mr Murphy, Mr Channel, Mr Jolly and the headmaster Mr Masters. Does anybody know if they are still alive as we are in our 50's now. It would be great to meet some old classmates again to see how they are doing.
Pete <>
Merseyside,uk,Tue 31st Jul 2012 , 02:35:39 pm

Hi Sonny, hope you are all well. Did you get my letter i sent you? Please let me know.
brian jenkins <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Mon 30th Jul 2012 , 10:18:49 pm

Yr 1978 Roby Compr School reunion 21st September any ideas Huyton or Prescot?
jacqui norton <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 18th Jul 2012 , 02:29:35 pm

Wish to contact Vera Hewitt was age approx 18 at time who lived in Knowsley (Lord Derby Cottage) 1960s. Her Cousin or an Aunt I believe is a member of Knowsley Historical Society. I lived on Whitefield Drive, Westvale before emigrating Dec 1965 at age 19 years with family to Australia. Worked as a LCPT Bus Conductor before leaving. Would dearly love to make contact and trust you can help.
Ray James <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Wed 18th Jul 2012 , 01:58:58 pm

Issue #3 of the Prescot Roll of Honour Newsletter is now available for free download at
Stephen Nulty < mail@prescot-rollofhonour.inf>
Mon 16th Jul 2012 , 10:49:26 am

My name is Richard Robert James Deaux, I was born in Liverpool South sub district of Abercromby in the county of Liverpool in 1951. I am looking for kin to me - the family name was Norris, the only one that I know of is Margaret Bartholomew, her maiden name was Norris. I think she grew up in Manchester. Can any one help? e mail me at
richard r. j. deaux <>
beverly hills,florida citris,usa,Fri 13th Jul 2012 , 03:02:19 am

I am looking for any relation to my dad the late John Madden from Willow Grove, Seaforth. His mums name was Maggie/Margaret. The name
Hulligan from Bootle was mentioned before he died. I know he had half sisters who worked in the Bootle area, social services I think. Please contact my email address with any information thanks Chris

Christine clowery <>
Merseyside,Tue 10th Jul 2012 , 06:24:36 pm

I am still seeking information re Stanley Thomas Richards born May 1932
Bootle (Knowsley area) father Stanley Hawthorn Richards.
Please no more email scams, I will not answer without proof who person is emailing me re this enquiry thank you.

Doris Richards <>
Liverpool,UK,Tue 10th Jul 2012 , 01:03:41 pm

Sacred Heart Junior School, Kirkby: c.1962-1968. Miss Forkin's class. Recall a Mr Lavery (football coach).

St Kevins Northwood Kirkby: 1968-1975. Class: 5P1. Gregory House (football team) and St Kev's second 11.

Now: a teacher.

Anthony McCarthy <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Wed 04th Jul 2012 , 03:12:46 pm

Still desperately searching for Mary Teresa (Tess) nee Johnson born in Birmingham 1945. Mary was in Shenley Fields Childrens Home in Birmingham UK in the 1950's. Mary's mother Gladys died in 1950
christine ann henderson <>
reading,berkshire,uk,Mon 02nd Jul 2012 , 01:07:44 pm

Went to Holy Angels, Westvale, Kirkby, was in Clitherow House. Then went to Ruffwood School, was in Telford, Mr Harrison and Mrs Fitzpatrick, loved Ormside and those creepy midnight walks, left in 84. Sad to see both schools no longer there. Loads of fond memories
amnah rawlings <>
liverpool,Sun 01st Jul 2012 , 10:31:52 pm

Hi sonny, I'll resend that letter again to see if you get it. Till then good luck.

brian jenkins <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Fri 29th Jun 2012 , 08:47:51 pm

Hi Brian, sorry about the mixup, my address is 40 Grandville Ave apt 810 Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA L8E1J7. Have you ever tried google chat? It seems to work pretty good. Can't wait to hear from you.
sonny blunndell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Fri 29th Jun 2012 , 12:04:10 pm

Hi Sonny, the letter I sent months ago I got back today 28/6/2012, said address unknown. Send me your new address please and I will get back to you A.S.A.P. BRIAN JENKINS
jenkins <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Fri 29th Jun 2012 , 12:06:14 am

Trying to find my birth mother Christina McAllister, or any other family. I was born Emma Louise Burke. Torbay, Devon. Thank you.
Emma <>
Houston,Texas,USA,Wed 27th Jun 2012 , 10:01:58 pm

St Kevins in Kirkby...anybody in the class 5P3 that left in July 75? Now all in our 50s - great times and great lads and some of the teachers were great. Remember Mr Cooney, Mr Murphy, Mr Channel, Mr Jolly and the headmaster
Mr Masters. Does anybody know if they are still alive as we are in our 50s now? It would be great to meet some old classmates again to see how they are doing.

Pete <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,uk,Wed 27th Jun 2012 , 05:23:16 pm

I grew up on a farm in Mill Lane. Rainhill owned by Mr Albert & Audrey Henderson. Mr Henderson has passed away but left a son David. I am trying to contact him. Is he a relative of yours ? I have been in the USA now for 31 years and wish to share my family and grandchildren with the Henderson family. I would appreciate it if you can assist me.

Wilf Jackson.

Wilfred Jackson <>
Woodstock,Georgia,USA,Wed 27th Jun 2012 , 03:15:01 am

I'm looking for my dad Terry Flaherty last I know is he lived in Bolton. I'm twenty-five now, last time I saw him I was eight. Please let me find him.
jemma flaherty
st helens,england,merseyside,Tue 19th Jun 2012 , 06:07:28 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You need to provide your email address in order for people to contact you. Please re-submit your entry with an email address and we will update the posting ]

St.Kevs, those were the days.
gary allt <>
liverpool,United Kingdom,Fri 15th Jun 2012 , 09:36:01 pm

Hi, I am looking for my old friend Ste Fenney. He is from Tower Hill, Kirkby. He lives with his nan and used to work on the lemo van. Please email me if you know Ste. Would love to see him again.
cheryl hind <>
liverpool,Fri 15th Jun 2012 , 08:01:28 am

Knowsley Library Service is launching a new Family History Help Desk at Stockbridge Village Library...

Are you new to family history research? Are you trying to find your way through the maze of information and resources? Have you hit a brick wall in your research?

The Family History Help Desk offers expert guidance that will help you to discover your family’s past.

The Family History Help Desk at Stockbridge Village Library will open on Friday 22nd June 2012 from 10.00am – 12.00 midday, then every month. There’s no need to book in advance – the sessions are on a drop-in basis. Simply book in at the issue desk on your arrival .

For more information, call the Community History Team on 0151 443 4365 or 0151 443 4291

Community History Librarian
Wed 13th Jun 2012 , 11:17:39 am

Richard Robert James Deaux if you still need help with finding your Norris family please email me.
derek jones <>
England,Tue 12th Jun 2012 , 01:13:07 pm

Still have not been able to find my kin John Norris, Winifred Norris, sons John Richard, Bernard, daughter Winifred and myself born in the uk and still a british citizen: Richard R. J. Deaux. There was also the fact that son Richard was killed in the war. He was on a british ship that was sunk by a u boat.
beverly hills,fl.citris,usa,Tue 12th Jun 2012 , 02:43:34 am

Lived in Kirkby from 1952 until approx 1972, went to st. Gregory's school until 1967
Marie (Mary) Owen <>
Newcastle upon Tyne,Co. Durham,Uk,Sat 09th Jun 2012 , 08:07:03 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Good to hear from you! ]

I am looking for a picture of St David's Church, St David's Road, Huyton, Liverpool pre 1945 if possible. Thank you
dring <>
liverpool,merseyside,england .uk,Mon 04th Jun 2012 , 09:32:51 pm

I am trying to find the history of the cottages at the top of Dinas Lane opposite Jubillee Park.They were built in 1836, apparentley for the workers of lord Derbys estate.I have been told the info will be in the Libary, but noone seems to know where to start looking, can anyone help or guide me in the right direction please ???
Kath Clarke <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sun 03rd Jun 2012 , 09:24:09 am

i need to know if you have any record of the death of my kin john rich gallager.
beverly hills,fl.citris,usa,Sat 02nd Jun 2012 , 03:14:11 am
[ Webmaster replies : The General Register Office can supply copy certificates ]

Trying to trace an old friend named Ruth Taylor way back in the 60s She lived on the Brakenwood Estate Bebington Wirral those days. Anybody out there know Ruth or her sister Eunice I would be so greatfull if you could emailme
brenda vanderwert <>
Toronto,Canada,Tue 29th May 2012 , 02:04:06 am

have you found my cousin margaret norris bartholomew ?
beverly hills,fl.citris,usa,Mon 28th May 2012 , 10:34:04 pm
[ Webmaster replies : This Guestbook is for all things related to the area now known as the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley. You would need to give a few more details, such as dates and the area where she lived, to help people reading this to identify your cousin. If she has no Knowsley connections, you are unlikely to find her through this site. ]

looking for margaret norris bartholomew ,her father was bernard norris ,his father was john norris all from liverpool as well as me.
beverly hills,fl.citris,usa,Sun 27th May 2012 , 02:24:17 pm

I lived on Lea Rd in the Maypole Estate
left for Canada in 52,if there are still people around who knew the Irvings Ken & I we are still kicking
Love to hear from you.

Bill Irving <>
West Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada,Sun 27th May 2012 , 06:36:45 am

Would like to make contact with my father’s relatives. My grandparents were Edward Riley (1889 – 25th December, 1946) married 1911 Elizabeth A. Mitchell (1891 – 1921) Children: Catherine (b. 1912), Patrick (b. 1913), Edward (1915- 1974), Mary (b. 1917)

Grandfather married Ada Purcell 1923, who died 1945. Family resided 6 or 8 Slade Street, Liverpool.

E. Purcell was a witness at my parents’ wedding 15th April, 1941. Edward Riley and Margaret P. Shaw (1919-2010) of Paul Street, Liverpool.

If you can help, please contact

Pauline Michaluk <>
Burlington,Ontario,Canada,Sun 20th May 2012 , 05:53:49 pm

Knowsley Library Service is launching a new Family History Help Desk at Kirkby Library...

Are you new to family history research? Are you trying to find your way through the maze of information and resources? Have you hit a brick wall in your research?

The Family History Help Desk offers expert guidance that will help you to discover your family’s past.

The Family History Help Desk at Kirkby Library will open on Thursday 24th May 2012 from 10.00am – 12.00 midday, then every month. There’s no need to book in advance – the sessions are on a drop-in basis. Simply book in at the issue desk on your arrival .

For more information, call the Community History Team on 0151 443 4365 or 0151 443 4291

Community History Librarian
Tue 15th May 2012 , 02:08:05 pm

I am looking for old photographs of Page Moss School and Huyton Hey Secondary Modern School in Huyton with Roby. Also Brookfield Comprehensive School in Kirkby, all in the 1940s and 1950s. Does anyone know how I can obtain them please?
christina layton <>
hertford,hertfordshire,england,Fri 11th May 2012 , 07:33:30 pm

I am looking for a lady called Janet Stretch she was married to Andrew Stretch and had a daughter Emma! They originally came from St.Helens but moved to Great Sankey, Warrington. In about 2006/7 they emigrated to Australia I think it was Melbourne. I worked with Janet at Beverly Hill nails in St.Helens for a couple of years, if anybody knows of her whereabouts please contact me as I would love to catch up with her!
Gill <>
St.helens,Merseyside,England,Thu 10th May 2012 , 03:58:42 pm

Hi Sonny. I've sent a letter, hope you get it not to sure about your post code hope your'e all well.
jenkins <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Wed 09th May 2012 , 11:27:55 pm

I am trying to get in contact with Ray Gardener, my good friend before emigrating in 1967 to Canada. He lived on Sennen Rd, next to Cowelys. I met up on a visit about 20 yrs ago, went for a few pints talked about old times, great!! Now I have lost contact and would like to find out how he is doing. He had a brother Dave and a younger sister. I think his mum was the manager of a pub in Northwood. Last known address was Skelmersdale.
sonny blundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Wed 09th May 2012 , 05:23:31 am

What has happened to Longview Sec. school, does it still exist?
Fred Mckeon <>
Uttoxeter,Staffs.,uk,Tue 08th May 2012 , 02:11:52 pm

Please has anybody any information on Stanley Thomas Richards b.1932 Liverpool, parents Annie and Stanley Hawthorne Richards
D.E.Richards <>
Liverpool,Mon 07th May 2012 , 10:04:57 pm

I am looking for my grandad. I know his last name was Hull. He was going out with my nan Enid Mary Cheetham in 1950. My mum is Margeret Cheetham, she was adopted by Enid Cheetham's parents Samuel and Agnes Cheetham. My nan got pregnant when she was only 14 yrs old. My nan use too work on sewing machines and she used lived in the St Helens area.
Andrea Leach <>
St helens,merseyside,merseyside,Fri 04th May 2012 , 07:29:29 pm

Looking for relatives of Tommy and Sarah Morgan. Who lived at Alexandra Street before moving to Kirkby. They had three children, Maureen, Barbara and me, Raymond. They also had two children killed, Tommy and David in a road accident. Anyone who remembers them or is a relative please get in touch at: or


Ray Morgan

Ray Morgan
Newport, South Wales,Gwent,Wales,Fri 27th Apr 2012 , 05:46:06 pm

I Attended Malvern Infants and Juniors between 1952/58 with my twin brother Tony. My first teacher was Miss McLean? and then Miss Carter, in her class it was coronation year we had a party in the main hall all the tables had red white and blue crepe paper cloths, and the tables formed a union jack after the party we went back to the class and received a 5 shilling crown, coronation propelling pencils and a mug. After that summer up to the juniors for terms 1954/55,55/56,56/57, 57/58 teachers being Daniels, Kirkman, Bennett, Forshaw, Head Master was John Baggeridge.
peter bell <>
liverpool,lancashire,england,Mon 23rd Apr 2012 , 11:49:47 am

Trying to trace an old friend from the late 50s. Tony Morgan. Just to see how life has treated you Tony over the years.
Brenda Vanderwert <>
Ontario,Canada,Mon 23rd Apr 2012 , 03:37:00 am

Looking for a friend Vinny Newcombe originally from Kirkby but moved up to Scotland. Would like to know how he is.
debbie clayton <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Fri 20th Apr 2012 , 01:20:07 pm

Does anyone remember 'the glosher man' or the 'daisy field' in Longview, going to the Mayfair, the Granada, etc.?
john currie <>
swindon,wilshire,united kingdom,Thu 19th Apr 2012 , 09:26:37 am

Trying to find a guy called Phillip who I worked with from 1971 in the DHSS in down town Liverpool. We were both clerks and shared lunch each day. He went on to get married and his parents were kind enough to let my long distance boyfriend stay at their home. During our last party at the office Phillip who had left by then kissed me in front of all our co workers. What might have been?
Susan Morris nee Smart <morris.andrew@verizon .net>
Purcellville,Virginia,USA,Wed 18th Apr 2012 , 04:20:47 am

Ken Pye will be joining Knowsley Library Service this month for two highly entertaining talks about the heritage and culture of our communities...

The dates for your diary are:

Stockbridge Village Library
0151 443 2501
Saturday 21st April 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Pye - The Joy of Scousers and Scouse

Prescot Library
0151 426 6449
Saturday 28th April 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Pye - The History of Prescot Village

(Please note that the Prescot talk will take place in the new Library)

Don't miss out - come along and join us! The talks are completely free to attend, and Ken will have copies of his books available to buy on the day.

Community History Librarian <>
Mon 16th Apr 2012 , 10:35:51 am

Various 19th and 20th century maps of the Huyton Quarry and Whiston area make reference to what appears to be a building called the “Hole i’th Wall”. Close to the area of Hurst House Cottages and Whiston Hall, it has long since disappeared under the M57. But what was this place and what is the origin of its unusual name?

If you can help, please email me at

Stephen Nulty
Fri 13th Apr 2012 , 02:38:57 pm

Hi, I'm Glenda Walker looking for my old friend Iris Vickery from Tiverton Close, Huyton. She will be 51 on May 21st, worked in Plesseys then moved to Chester. She has a sister Gillian and a brother David. We both went to Seel Road School. Our friends were Tina Whitby, Diane Moore, Carole Mudge. Would love to hear from her and anybody else who remembers me.
glendawalker <>
widnes,CHESHIRE,england,Mon 09th Apr 2012 , 05:45:38 pm

Would like to hear from anyone that worked at Whelans in Sutton in the early 70's
graham finch <>
wigan,Fri 30th Mar 2012 , 05:48:11 pm

Trying to trace old friends from Bromborough. Joan & Richard - forget their surname. I first met Joan in 1984 at Arrowe Park Maternity Hospital she had a little daughter when I had my son. Wondering how life has treated them over the years.
Brendavanderwert <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Thu 29th Mar 2012 , 04:02:32 am

Love the site please help me find my relatives from Ellesmere Port, Wirral Cheshire. Mum's maiden name was Cheetham
ann sanderson ne porthouse <>
victoria,australia,Wed 28th Mar 2012 , 05:18:12 am

Want to find a friend Dianne Fitton from Stockbridge Lane School until we moved to Australia in 1959. Would love to get in touch again just email me when you can.

Joan lawlor speelman <>
Shellharboure,Nsw,Australia,Mon 26th Mar 2012 , 12:13:24 pm

I would like to know if anyone knows a Maureen Breckle, she used to live in Stockbridge Lane, off Page Moss? We were school friends and then friends till we got married and we lost touch. Thank you.
brenda hindley ne wood <loxybren@hotmail>
ellesmere port,south wirral,england,Fri 23rd Mar 2012 , 11:21:34 pm

Does anybody have any photographs or know anything about the Longview Congregational Church which is now the Apostolic Church of Liverpool? I would like to see old photographs of it.
Thank You.

Liam McKechnie <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Fri 23rd Mar 2012 , 10:39:58 pm

The Prescotian website which serves the former pupils of Prescot Grammar School, Girls Grammar and Comprehensive school has changed its web address to
Trevor Powell <>
Lydney,Gloucestershire,Thu 22nd Mar 2012 , 02:40:50 pm

Does someone out there know Joe Dixon? He was a police officer in Leeds and was my dad. I am Debbie, on face book as Taylor but at birth was Dixon.
debbie dixon <>
leeds,leeds,leeds,Thu 22nd Mar 2012 , 07:39:27 am
[ Webmaster replies : Any connections to Knowsley Borough or Liverpool area? ]

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Joanne Barton (37/38?) who lived in Cawthorne Avenue, Kirkby, in the 90s? Just wondering if she still lives locally or moved away.
Duncan <>
Exeter,Devon,UK,Wed 21st Mar 2012 , 08:51:44 am

Trying to find a lady by the name of Dot who used to go to The Tower Ballroom in New Brighton in the late 50s early 60s. An old friend wondering about you and how life has treated you. My name is Aubrey.
Brenda Vanderwert <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Wed 21st Mar 2012 , 01:48:51 am

Hi Sunny, sorry about not replying. Sadly lost mum last month. Not been in the mood to do anything lately. Will write to you soon promise. Brian Jenkins
brian jenkins <>
liverpool,kirkby,england,Tue 20th Mar 2012 , 10:10:11 pm

Hi, yes it was me who had the vw beetle at kirkby boys club where i was a member and later an assistant leader. Good times, met some really fantastic people, wonder where they are now ?
All the best, Pete Longman.

peter longman <>
merseyside,uk,Tue 20th Mar 2012 , 05:31:25 pm

If you are interested in local history, then this series of free events is a must!

Knowsley Library Service has invited local historian, author and broadcaster Ken Pye to give a series of talks in libraries on Saturdays throughout March and April.

Ken Rogers will also be appearing at Huyton Library to share his tales of Everton and Scotland Road.

Both Kens will have copies of their books available to buy on the day and all of the talks are completely free to attend.

Contact your local library for details.

Huyton Library
0151 443 3734
Saturday 17th March 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Pye -The Lost Village of Huyton

Halewood Library
0151 443 2086
Saturday 24th March 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Pye - The Characters and Curiosities of Merseyside

Huyton Library
0151 443 3734
Saturday 31st March 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Rogers - Lost tribe of Everton & Scottie Road

Stockbridge Village Library
0151 443 2501
Saturday 21st April 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Pye - The Joy of Scousers and Scouse

Prescot Library
0151 426 6449
Saturday 28th April 2012
11am – 12pm
Ken Pye - The History of Prescot Village

Community History Librarian <>
Knowsley,Thu 15th Mar 2012 , 09:31:16 am

Looking for my half brother Paul Kelly born 1965/66 - he was adopted. His birth name was Paul Ford and lived in Gwladys Street, Anfield.
debbie clayton
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Wed 14th Mar 2012 , 11:58:35 pm

If any one's here today, I'm looking for Charlie Longstaf, is he still about?

alfred beilin <>
manchester, UK,Tue 13th Mar 2012 , 10:29:11 am
[ Webmaster replies : Where is Charlie from? Would he be in Knowsley? You need to give us more information to be able to help... ]

This message to John Alexander. I left Brooky in 67 for Canada,if you scroll down to Aug 17, 2010 I have some info or contact thru google chat SB
sonny blundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Sat 10th Mar 2012 , 12:35:46 pm

Trying one more time to get in touch with Brian Jenkins from Lydbury Crescent, Kirkby. Have made contact with others using Google chat, hope to hear from you soon. Sonny.
arthur blundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Fri 09th Mar 2012 , 10:00:15 am

Hi, I left Brookfield Comp. School in 1966, would be nice if anyone left about same time as me to get in touch, remember the name - John Alexander.
john alexander <>
kirkby,merseyside,england,Fri 09th Mar 2012 , 02:17:07 am

Looking for the name of my birth mother, I was born Philip Andrew Herbert in Darlington on Sept 5 1962, I was adopted at 6 to 8 weeks old, I now have a son and have no medical information to give him, in fact I have none for the doctors about myself either.
Gordon <>
Waterbury,Connecticut,United States,Thu 08th Mar 2012 , 02:40:50 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If you obtain a copy of your original birth certificate, this will have the information you seek ]

Hi to all, i am looking for any old friends who remember me. I was born in northwood kirkby 1966, i went to Simonswood school then on to Ruffwood Comp untill aprox 1982. Would love to hear from you. contact
Barbie Lawrence <>
Salisbury,Wiltshire,England,Wed 07th Mar 2012 , 04:51:52 pm

Greetings, it is a pleasure to read so many interesting messages. I have lived in southern Ontario, Canada for the last 47 years with my wife Sylvia from the Blue Bell Lane area.
I lived on Knowsley Lane, just near Stockbridge Lane, I went to St Columba's School it was known then as the white house, alas all gone now but would love a picture of it if anyone has one.

After serving in the Kings Liverpool Regiment I moved to Canada
would love to hear from anyone, even if just to say hello. Warm smiles.

Matt O'Brien

Matt O'Brien <>
Oshawa,Ontario,Canada,Tue 06th Mar 2012 , 08:33:59 pm

I was wondering does anyone have any information on the Caplin Family from the Birkenhead area. I have recently find out that I am related to this family by John William Caplin who passed away in May 1983.
gary porter <>
southampton,hampshire,england,Mon 05th Mar 2012 , 08:47:49 am

Hi, I've recently found out I have a half brother, from my mum who gave him up for adoption, however she won't help find him. All I know is that she called him David Jones, he was born in October 1985 (no specific date) and he was born in Codsall, Wolverhampton. If anyone could help that would be great thank you!
Sarah barber <>
Stoke on trent,Staffordshire,Uk,Sun 04th Mar 2012 , 08:24:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley connections?? ]

Looking for any information on automotive engineering companies in Huyton around 1956. Also any information re Frank/Sidney Simpson around that time.

Thank you

J Banner <>
Congleton,Cheshire,England,Sun 04th Mar 2012 , 12:04:11 pm

Ok Webmaster, you have been very patient with a lot of people posting for information about people anywhere in the UK. The occasional one can be ignored but the last few months has brought out dozens of them. Can you put up a warning that they will be deleted if they are not Knowsley related after 30 or 60 days? If they complain let them add some details why it should retained on the board and re-post it.
Phil O'Brien <>
Mary Esther,Florida,USA,Wed 29th Feb 2012 , 01:38:29 am
[ Webmaster replies : A timely reminder to all that this guestbook and site are related specifically to Knowsley, Merseyside, England.

Some of the posts allowed on may appear to be obscure and unconnected, but there may be a possibility of a local connection, given, for example, the historic migration of people or the relocation of communities post WW2.

If we can redirect a poster to a more appropriate source of information, then we will use the opportunity to give that advice.

Some people may not want to give out too much information, however, a certain amount of detail is needed in order for people to identify with the poster!

The guestbook is a fantastic way to share memories and experiences of life in Knowsley, seek information on local ancestors and reconnect with friends and family but remember -

Keep it Knowsley! ]

I am looking for my birth father. Last time I was told, he lived in Leeds. His name is Joe Dixon. My name Debbie Dixon.
joe dixon <>
leeds,leeds,leeds,Tue 28th Feb 2012 , 07:52:06 am

I am looking for Edwin Hendry who lives in England. His Aunt Pauline is wanting to know how his mother is as she hasn't heard from his mother (Shirley) for two years. This is on behalf of Aunt Pauline as she hasn't got a computer. Any help would be appreciated
Brenda <>
Langley,British Columbia,Canada,Mon 27th Feb 2012 , 05:53:59 am
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley links? ]

Hi first time user. I'm looking for the Kelly family, a Patrick Kelly. He had a son Matthew Kelly b. 1917. Patrick was still living there in 1949. Any one who knows the family or any information on this family please contact on my email. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Joan
joan scanlon <>
telford,shropshire,england,Wed 22nd Feb 2012 , 01:17:32 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Which area did the family live in? Are there any possible Knowsley / Liverpool connections?

Hi, I am looking for my father. My mothers name is Bridie Daly who had a son in the 50s - from Croom in Co. Limerick. If you could please tell me any thing.
michael <>
ballyingarry,n/a,limerick,Tue 21st Feb 2012 , 04:04:46 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any connections to Knowsley Borough or Liverpool area? ]

Please can anyone tell me which would have been the nearest school for girls, to Briar Drive, Huyton in 1940? Searching for Joan Pennington who joined the R.A.F. Her elder sister was Margaret.
Their mother was Lilian who died 1940.

Janet Clarke <>
Grimsby,N E Lincs,England,Sat 18th Feb 2012 , 09:21:13 pm

Looking for infomation on a woman called Valerie who was murdered in St Helens in 1957. Not sure about her second name but she was stabbed by her ex boyfriend but at the time was dating my great uncle Stewart Greenall.
samantha barrow <>
england,Sat 18th Feb 2012 , 06:10:58 pm

First time have seen this site very interesting. I lived in Kirkby for around 12 yrs, first in Orsett Rd Southdene, then Quernmore Rd, Northwood. Got married in '64 and moved to Heathfield Tower Hill until '72, anyone remember 'The Cellarmen'? Wonder what happened to Joe Clark, Larry Brown, Joe Duffy, and Johnny Puddifer - the rest of the group members along with myself. I emigrated to Canada in 1980 from north Wales
Peter <>
Windsor,Ontario,Canada,Fri 17th Feb 2012 , 07:47:50 pm

How did Sugar Lane get its name?
Fri 17th Feb 2012 , 05:28:27 pm

Don't know if anybody who was brought up in Huyton Quarry remembers Alan Crosbie the barber? Sadly he has died - the end of an era!
Karen < Karenehalliwell@>
Huyton quarry,Merseyside,England,Fri 17th Feb 2012 , 05:14:24 pm

My mam is trying to find a long lost friend from when she lived in northern Ireland.
Maureen <>
Newcastle,Tyne & wear,England,Thu 16th Feb 2012 , 02:34:17 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have you got any further details to help readers identify this person? ]

Hi this is a great site, hope im lucky? I'm researching my family history but I'm stuck, my GG/Grandad was born in Upper Canada in 1833 his name Benjamin Henry Haynes.
According to the 1911 English census, he was a british subject through parentage. He was married to Clara, she was born in Prussia, also a b/s. They lived here the rest of their lives in Back Lane, West Derby, Liverpool. Their first daughter Mary Ann Haynes born 1868, the first census they appear on is 1871. I would be very grateful if anyone has information that may help.
Thanks June

june <>
st helens,merseyside,uk,Wed 15th Feb 2012 , 08:51:58 pm

Hi, does anyone know Thomas Randles, he will be about 49 now, his mother's name was May Powell? I think he went to live in Birkenhead when he was 13. Thanks
randles <>
liverpool,liverpool,england,Wed 15th Feb 2012 , 06:29:32 pm

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Robert A Pawson born Royston Hertfordshire 1940. Robert hasnt been seen since 1960 he was in The Royal Ord Corp. His family are desperate to find him before time runs out. Has Robert changed his name or maybe left the country ?? Please if you think you may know where he is contact me, thankyou Christine
christine ann henderson <>
reading,berks,england,Fri 10th Feb 2012 , 12:55:33 pm

a message for the web master..
1941 was a war year. Raf Pilots etc came from everywhere in the country. He did not come from Gravesend. There was an air field at Gravesend which complimented Biggin Hill. He visited there a few times. Obviously being 70 now I have little time left to find family and have to spread my final search far and wide but if you think my message is not for your site I do apologise. Julia

Julia Hubbard <>
Rochester,Kent,England.,Thu 09th Feb 2012 , 02:45:44 pm
[ Webmaster replies : We understand your comments and position ]

Hello, I am a descendant of the GRACE family, who were tenants at Speke Hall in the late 1790s. Jane GRACE (1800) married Mark WRIGHT - also a farming family in the area. I am told that Cronton Hall was built by a Richard Wright in 1840. Can anyone confirm this? I have a photo of Drivers 14th Batt. Hale R.H.A. think my father Walter WEBSTER served in this regiment in W.W.1. Does any one have any information on this Regiment? Would be most grateful for information. Have visited this site in the past and am always impressed by it all. Regards Maureen Reid (nee WEBSTER)
Maureen Reid <>
Hervey Bay,Qld,Australia,Thu 09th Feb 2012 , 01:08:34 pm

Born in May 1941 given the name Ann, Born in Gravesend, Kent, to Doreen Prior. Father RAF Pilot. Any siblings about? I have done a lot of searching over the years but have come to a standstill. On adoption, name changed to Julia. Anyone help? Would be so grateful. Thank you. Rather sadly can't give father's name but I am sure any sibling aware will know. Julia
Julia Hubbard <>
Rochester,Kent,England,Thu 09th Feb 2012 , 12:15:12 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Probably receive more response if you put this message on a Guestbook/Blog in the Kent area. We are a long way from Gravesend, Kent, here in Knowsley Borough, probably around 240 miles away! ]

Does anyone know the name of the old stone cottage at the far end of Burrows Lane, Prescot? It was right in front of the Wellington Public House. I think they burned down in the late 60s.
Mike <>
Westchester,Wed 08th Feb 2012 , 02:37:45 pm

Park View 1951-1957, Billy White, Rodger Spencer, Linda Connelly, all of Mrs Swift's class in those days, what a great teacher, oh Irene Trainer from Gentwood Road and many more people - Ann Bell, where are you all, come on send an e mail, it can't hurt. We're all in our middle 60s so come on, mail.
john begley <>
holland,Tue 07th Feb 2012 , 07:02:45 pm

Hi I am trying to find a Emma or Becky that lived in Morston Ave in Kirkby in the 80's-90's. They lived next door to Frank Carr at the bottom end of Morston Ave. Think their surname was Kear. Her uncle Jason passed away few years ago. She went to Brookfield or All Saints - she must be in her 30's now.
robbie <>
liverpool,liverpool,liverpool,Mon 06th Feb 2012 , 10:16:07 am

Great site. Came across site whilst looking for old photos of Ruffwood School which I attended from 67 to 72. Lived in Bournemouth for over 30 years now, really nice to read comments of so many people I can relate to. Take care all and may all your dreams come true. Garry Murawski
garry murawski <>
bournemouth,dorset,england,Sun 05th Feb 2012 , 01:22:42 pm

I am searching for relatives/information on my grandmother, Doreen Hicks who was murdered , at 1 Bents Lane, Bredbury, Stockport. She was survived by her husband, daughter and son
joanne <>
bilambil hts,NSW,Australia,Sat 04th Feb 2012 , 11:29:04 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Stockport Archives would be more likely to help with this enquiry - Knowsley is some way out of the area you are interested in.
Stockport Central Library
Wellington Road South

I would like to get in touch with a Mrs. Lorraine Fletcher, whom I attended Millwood County Primary School, Greenway Road, Speke Liverpool, with as a child

Looking for girls that went on pantomime with me around 1948 when we were round 11 yrs old. We went to Ipswich and and we were in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The principal boy was Lynnette Ray. I would love to know if anybody has any photos of us as mine were destroyed. I know the dance class was in Islington, Liverpool. I would be so grateful if you could help. Thanks
brenda hindley ne wood <loxybren>
ellesmere port,wirral,england,Sat 04th Feb 2012 , 12:10:45 am

Thanks for this superb site of knowledge. I'm looking for a guy who served a stay in Goose Bay, Labrador, he was a Sgt with RAF ground crew with the vulcan military. He also formed a band called Cat 5. His name is Robert Palmer, known as bob. He went back to the UK in 1972. I did chat with him in the early 80s. I forget the name of place where he lived. Thank you for possibly helping me, you can contact me at my email, regards, Isabel
isabel hagerty <>
st,john;s newfoundland,canada,Fri 03rd Feb 2012 , 01:11:25 am

Hiya I am trying to find a old family from the past. The Pouncey family from Wigan. Sonny and Ken. Sonny had a sweet shop in Wigan. They had a son called Mark Pouncey and a daughter, but cannot remember her name? I think Mark went into teaching at a 6th form college in the Manchester area having given up a high powered job. He was always a season ticket holder for Man U! His best mate was/is Mike Owen. I knew Mark better as he is my age 50 this year... so if anyone knows of any of the family and their where abouts please contact me? Would love to surprise them around his 50th! Kind regards. Helen Davies

helen davies <>
henley in arden,warwickshire,uk,Wed 01st Feb 2012 , 06:17:11 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Does the person you're seeking have any Knowsley connections? ]

Issue 2 of the Prescot Roll of Honour Newsletter can now be downloaded free of charge from

Always happy to hear from people who read the Newsletter and find anything of interest or who can suggest topics for future editions.

Stephen Nulty <>
Prescot,Wed 01st Feb 2012 , 12:37:25 pm


DAMMAM,KSA,SAUDI ARABIA,Wed 01st Feb 2012 , 12:05:59 pm

Hi, I am trying to find information on the fire at Halsnead Junior school in maybe 1974-75. As a pupil of Halsnead, I remember having to attend Southmead for at least 12 months, while our new school was being built.
I am writing a book about events in my life, the subject at the moment is 'My first day in school'. I have looked at the history of the school, but I am rather confused to find reference to only one fire, and that was in 1990. I need to get the facts right, as the book is all truth, all fact, therefore I wish to get the details right.
Any information would be a great help.

Thanks a million

Wendy Massie. x x

Wendy Massie <>
Liverpool,Prescot MERSEYSIDE,England,Mon 30th Jan 2012 , 09:16:33 am

I lived in the flats called Quarry Green from 1951 till 196. Went to St Kevins, served my apprenticeship in Wingrove and Rodgers from 1961 to 1966, I was then living at 10 Kenbury Rd, Northwood. Spent a good many of my teen years going to Billy Martins dance school. My name is Frank Boileau, any one remembering me I would love to hear from you.
Frank boileau <>
Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada,Mon 30th Jan 2012 , 12:49:43 am

Hello All
Looking for pictures, memories of the munitions factory based in Kirkby during ww2, my mum worked there (Marion Roberts) and I would like to find out as much information as possible also does anyone know if there's a reunion site of ex employees.
Many thanks John

John Oswald <>
Liverpool,Sun 29th Jan 2012 , 06:09:07 pm
[ Webmaster replies : There are images of the ROF available to view online via the Knowsley Digital Collection. Go to and follow the links to the Online Library. Make sure you've turned off your pop-up blockers, and select Knowsley Digital Collection. Hope this helps... ]

Looking for Les and Eileen Foley, left Staffordshire around 1998 after they married in 1996. They moved to I.O.W. then on to Spain.
Please help me find my lovely uncle Les.

Tracy Chadderton nee smith <>
Surrey,Surrey,Uk,Fri 27th Jan 2012 , 07:30:49 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Do they have any Knowsley connections? ]

Wonderful site, just wondering if any would know how I could reach this man, his name Robert Palmer, in the RAF, Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada, 1969 thro 1972. He also had a band called Cat 5. Any info many thanks, I. H.
isabel hagerty <>
torbay,newfoundland,canada,Fri 27th Jan 2012 , 06:37:39 pm

GREAT SITE!! does anyone remember my dad's family Joey Mcgrady, 47 Shepton Rd, Huyton, around the 40, 50, maybe 60s? Or anyone have old pics of Shepton Rd, its no longer there!! Can't find any old pics of the area, if you know my dad or have any pics please email me, thanks for your time Mark

ino putro <>
chicago,us,us,Thu 26th Jan 2012 , 07:15:17 am
[ Webmaster replies : Images of many buildings, streets, churches etc featuring townships within the Knowsley Borough can be found at by following the links to the ONLINE LIBRARY then the KNOWSLEY DIGITAL COLLECTION. Images of Shepton Road are included. Note: Pop-Up Blockers need to be turned off to view the images ]

Re the Lyon family in order to correct my earlier entry - Alfred Lyon moved to Willington in the late 1880's, not 1910 as I first thought.

Keith Bell

Keith Bell <>
Newton Aycliffe,Durham,UK,Wed 25th Jan 2012 , 10:16:14 pm

Trying to trace a D W KELLY (possibly Duncan Webster) who was residing in Bootle in the year of 1947. His father was James Malcolm Kelly and mother Agnes Webster. Regards, Donna
Yaroomba,Queensland,Australia,Wed 25th Jan 2012 , 07:52:01 am

I was taken into care after I was born and adopted at the age of 5 months and I have never had any contact with my father who is named as Kenneth Jones (Kenny Jones) who was born on the 2nd July 1971. I also believe that he served time in HMP Risley Prison which I do not know the reason for. He was about 5'8 tall, slim build, fair complexion, light brown hair, hazel eyes, had tattoo's on both arms. That is the only information I know about him which is taken from my Adopton Book. I do know that he has deceased.
If you think you may know who he was or you know someone who may of known him please can you e-mail me.
It would mean to the world to me.

Sally Hanson (Georgina Finney) <broken-on-the-inside@hotmail.c>
Manchester,Lancashire,UK,Tue 24th Jan 2012 , 04:44:00 pm

Hi, just wondering if any one from Stockbrige School is on this. I went there in 1989-1990 had Mr Murphy. Love to know how every one is doing
Kelly <>
Huyton,Liverpool,Mon 23rd Jan 2012 , 12:06:30 am

Does anyone out there know Joe Dixon? I am looking for him (Debbie Dixon) - he is my dad. He lived in Leeds. Not seen him for 50 years. I was born 15th July 1961.
joe dixon <>
suffulk,uk,uk,Sun 22nd Jan 2012 , 08:40:36 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You really need to find a guestbook nearer Leeds to hope for a reply ]

Trying to find Kelly family that left Horsforth, Leeds, in the late 50s.
Peter gill <>
Leeds,Yorks,England,Sun 22nd Jan 2012 , 08:12:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You really need to try a guestbook nearer the specified location to receive a response... ]

Around 1970 does any one remember being in a convalence home next to a convent or nunnery? I cant remember the exact year or place but it had big gates.
I lived in Kirkby and remember having to go to this place and me and another girl being totaly terrified. My name is Tina, I was about 7 but could have been younger or older but around that age hope someone remembers or recalls something and lets me know. Thank you

kieron bimpson <>
liverpool,merseyside,United Kingdom,Sun 22nd Jan 2012 , 07:19:02 pm

I am trying to trace my family history and have found that my Great Grandfather - Alfred Lyon- came from Whiston in Lancashire. He eventually moved to Co. Durham for work in about 1910. Are there any family history societies or groups in the area who may be able to help me?
Keith Bell <>
Newton Aycliffe,Co. Durham,Sun 22nd Jan 2012 , 03:14:51 pm

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any photos or remember any of the Skelhorn family and Bramcote School in Kirkby. Be made up to see any photos of my family from about 1960+
kieron bimpson <>
liverpool,merseyside,United Kingdom,Sun 22nd Jan 2012 , 11:15:19 am

Hi great site. This message is a reply to Brian Sumner who I am trying to contact. Get in touch soon as there are many things i would like to know. Thanks
sam <>
liverpool,Sat 21st Jan 2012 , 08:59:56 pm

Whatever happened to the Huyton and Prescot Reporter?
lisamc <>
liverpool,huyton,england,Sat 21st Jan 2012 , 04:35:18 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The Prescot & Huyton Reporter ceased publication in 1985. It is available for viewing on microfilm 1859-1985 in the Local Studies Dept, Huyton Library ]

I am looking for a Ms. Andrea Hicke from Scarborough, England, who used to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia in the 1980's
Martin Bayliss <>
St.Julians,Malta,Fri 20th Jan 2012 , 03:31:18 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You need to try a guestbook nearer to the location i.e. Yorkshire not Merseyside ]

Has anyone got any school photos of the Crone family my name is Maureen Crone, we lived in Attlee Road. I went to Sylvester's from 1952 - 1957 and to St Augustines Secondry from when first opened. Maureen Douglas (nee Crone).
Maureen Crone <>
Malvern,worcestershire,U K,Fri 20th Jan 2012 , 01:58:47 pm

Great site, brings back lots of memories, I was a Parkview student, a St Aly's student & remember Mr Hoolton, attended his monday morning line up of kids who missed 9 am mass. Also enjoyed Miss Joy's class. Sent to St Edward's orphanage as a day student waiting for St Ally's senior school to open.
frank stanhope <>
Vancouver,Canada,Fri 20th Jan 2012 , 07:34:45 am

Hi, I am hoping to find a man named ARTHUR MORGAN from the Wirral. He may have lived in Noctorum or Woodchurch. He dated a woman called Denise in 1984 she came fom Egan Road. Arthur had a cousin called Jane who had twins and she lived on the Noccie, she had a friend called Velda who lived on Beechwood. If any one thinks they know him can they ask him to reply to this message, its important he may be my father. Thanks
Emma <>
Birkenhead,Thu 19th Jan 2012 , 09:54:58 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have you tried Wirral based message boards? ]

Information please - does anybody remember/have information relating to Police Constable Don Clark. He lived at the Police Station located on Knowsley Lane, Knowsley from 1958 until 1964 when he was promoted to Police Sergeant and moved on. His wife Marion Clark was the local GPO Post Woman.

Savage <>
Auckland,Auckland,New Zealand,Thu 19th Jan 2012 , 01:55:27 pm

Hello ;-)
I'm writing to see if anyone could help me track down my biological Dad. As I'm longing to get in touch with him, all I know of him is that he was based in the Royal Engineers in Maidstone, Kent, around 1980. I've tried getting in contact with the M.O.D (ministry of defence) but they weren't able to give out any information due to the data protection act unless I had his regimental number (which when I asked my mum about - she said its been over 30yrs and she couldn't remember. I know my Dad PHILIP C CLARKE came from Reading area and he had a sister called Helen who married a C. Smith but over the years I've had no luck. So maybe one day someone may come across this blog and may have known a PHILIP C. CLARKE. I would like to here of any information.. regards Zara

zara clarke <>
kent,england,Wed 18th Jan 2012 , 10:33:46 pm

Does anyone have any info. on Eileen Carr who originated from Newton or St Helens?
graham finch <>
wigan,lancs,england,Wed 18th Jan 2012 , 06:56:15 pm

Hi, I'm looking for my dad, his name is David Alfred Haywood, all I know about him is that he lived at East Lancashire Road in Mersyside in 1990 and was a restaurant manager. Can anyone help?
jane <>
Tue 17th Jan 2012 , 04:29:19 pm

I attended Sylvesters school from 1952-1957 and I'm trying to track any class photos for that period.
Any photos of the Crone family. We lived in Attlee Rd. We also went to St. Augustine's school from when it first opened.

Maureen Crone <>
Malvern,Worcestershire,UK,Tue 17th Jan 2012 , 04:20:34 pm

Hi, does anyone know Margaret Harris, lived in Page Moss, Huyton, at Southdean Road? Margaret would be about 55, had 2 sisters, mum and dad have sadly passed over.
Kind regards Bernie xxx

bernie hicks <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Tue 17th Jan 2012 , 12:06:08 pm

Urgently trying to locate a Kathy/Kathleen Johnson who worked at the "She club" in Liverpool in the early 90's?? if anybody knows her whereabouts or can contact her as I have some information regarding my brother Tommy who she went out with, any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
Julia Murphy <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,England,Mon 16th Jan 2012 , 11:31:27 pm

Does anybody know anything about a dressmakers in Eccleston Lane Ends, Precot, by the name of Charlotte Brown
her kids were Reginald, Winifred and Wilfred. Her husband Herbert, I am assuming was in the ARMY as he is not known at this address so he may of been registered at his barracks.

She was there on 1911 census living over a shop and died in 1930 and is buried in St Helens Cemetery. She would of been my G Grandmother on my mother's side.

margaret Seddon <>
Lancashire,Fri 13th Jan 2012 , 03:33:58 pm


BILLINGE, WIGAN,G M C,ENGLAND,Fri 13th Jan 2012 , 01:15:32 pm

I am looking for family of Thomas Reginald Roberts who died in Aug 1999 in Knowlsey district. His parents were Charles Roberts and Winifred Roberts who was buried in St Helens Cemetery 1942.
I am the grandaughter of his uncle Reginald (Winifred's brother) and looking for my missing family
Please contact me

margaret Seddon <>
lancashire,Fri 13th Jan 2012 , 11:39:28 am

Hi, I'm searching on behalf of a gentleman in N.Z. for information about his 2 half sisters Margaret and Joan PENNINGTON. They lived 11 Briar Drive, Huyton in 1940. Does anyone know what happened to them please? Their mother died 1940 and father not around. Thanks for reading this.
Janet Clarke <>
Grimsby,N E Lincolnshire,England,Fri 13th Jan 2012 , 10:32:40 am

I am looking to locate Carol or Craig Tinsley from St.Helens. We were in Hong Kong in 1968 where Carol and I both gave birth to our daughters. Myself in 1968 and Carol in 1969. I have made several attempts to locate them, but unsuccessfully. I am hoping this notice may bring me success.
maria naylor/lever <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 11th Jan 2012 , 11:57:29 am

Hi, am looking for my daughter, who was born probably in 1980/81, she was called Maureen, her mother who was then my girlfriend was called Shally Macdonald. We met at Royal Air Force, Locking and also Marconi College, Abour Lane, Chemsford, Essex. Shally's family was at Monrovia St, Liverpool. I had to leave Liverpool urgently and go back home (Kenya) and its been so hard to get in touch. I would greatly appreciate any efforts to get back to me. I miss u very much although I never had the chance to be with you..........
Moses Muthiani

Moses Muthiani <>
Nairobi,Nairobi,Kenya,Tue 10th Jan 2012 , 04:29:07 pm

I would like to see any pictures/history of RAF FAZAKERLEY-Now field lane estate. also pictures of moor lane/ingoe lane before the construction of valley road and M57-WHEN WAS VALLEY ROAD BUILT??
neil spruce <>
Liverpool,merseyside,uk,Mon 09th Jan 2012 , 03:09:33 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You can view images in the Knowsley Digital Collection - go to, follow the links to the Online Library and select Knowsley Digital Collection. ]

i am trying to find any friends that served with the royal navy on the hms antrim from1976 to 1979
gary hanna <>
kilkeel,down,northern ireland,Wed 04th Jan 2012 , 02:38:21 pm

Hi, I am looking for my niece and nephew. Natalie and Alexander Murphy. Their mothers name was Margaret Flynn and they had a baby sister born in 1986 called Alicia. I last heard of them when they lived in Digmoor Skelmerdale in 1986. Natalie was about 7 then and I lived in Kirkby. I have missed them very much and would love to hear from them again. If you think you know who I mean can you let them know their aunty Mary is looking for them please.
Mary Maguire nee Murphy <>
Widnes,Cheshire,England,Mon 02nd Jan 2012 , 12:03:21 pm

My name is David Owen Jones and I am looking for relatives of my father of the same name born 25/05/41 whom lived at 20 Fincham Close Liverpool and immigrated to NZ in the early 60's his alas was Mush and he had 7 sisters Brenda, Lily, Marion, Margaret, Elizabeth and Sylvia. His Mothers name was Shana Jane Jones nee Blackburn and his father again had the same name. If anyone has any information of any sort I would be happy to hear from you on the email address provided as I would like to find any realatives. Thanks.
David Jones <>
Auckland,Auckland,New Zealand,Sun 01st Jan 2012 , 10:44:09 pm

Hi, I went to Stockbridge infants and then to Park View jrns and then along to Prescot Comp, yes great site, I guess it is nice to keep in touch with some of the nice people from school days..
Derek Rooney <>
Cheshire,UK,Sun 01st Jan 2012 , 06:48:18 pm

I attended St Columba's School in the early 1940's and I especially remember the "White House" Knowsley. Does anyone have memories or photos of this time? Had four sisters who attended the same school. Lived in Parbrook Road. Ann Kavanagh

Ann Allen (nee Kavanagh) <>
Connahs Quay,Flintshire,Wed 28th Dec 2011 , 02:44:19 pm

Does anybody have any photographs or know anything about the Longview Congregational Church which is now the Apostolic Church of Liverpool. I would like to see old photographs of it.
Thank You.

Liam <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Mon 26th Dec 2011 , 08:02:27 pm

I answered an old text from Tony Murray but it failed.I remember everthing Tony aboutthe stone fights,swimming in the River Alt,the fair in Woolfall.Does anyone else remember ?
john currie <>
swindon,wilts,uk,Mon 26th Dec 2011 , 10:37:40 am

Looking for an Old friend from the late 50s. Tony Morgan. He used to live in Woodchurch Birkenhead on the Wirral. If any body knows of his wereabouts could they send me an email to brenda Thank you!!!!!
Brenda Vanderwert <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Sat 24th Dec 2011 , 02:56:01 am

Hello. Peter Coy here. I lived in Penryn Road on the Maypole Estate and then in Riding Hill Road Knowsley. I attended the Maypole Primary School and Woolfall Secondary. Would love to hear from anybody who can remember me from those days. Does anybody have a map of the Maypole Estate ? Cheers
Peter Coy <>
Liverpool,UK,Fri 23rd Dec 2011 , 09:47:02 pm

I came across this site which is bringing back some glorious memories of my childhood. I grew up in Dagnall Road, Westvale, Kirkby during the 50s and 60s. I attended St Kevins school between 1962 and 1967. I was consistent in classes 1I 2I 3I 4I 5?. It would be great to hear from anyone that knew me around this time. Regards Tony
Tony Frendo <>
Witney,Oxon,England,Fri 23rd Dec 2011 , 03:57:03 pm

Well done Guest book, now in touch with someone from my past hope to hear from a few more,the Carmichael sisters,Marlene Richardson,Audrey Williams(Aigburth) thanks again guest book.
Leslie Hewitt Snr <>
Liverpool,Prescot Lancashire,UK,Thu 22nd Dec 2011 , 04:43:43 pm

Can anyone pleae help us, we are trying to save Park View School from closure and we are trying to find as many famous people to went to Park View School in the hope they may lend their support to our campaign. After 76 years the council want to close it and merge it with another school, which no one wants to happen.

Thanks for any help you can give xx

Lynne Sneddon <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Tue 20th Dec 2011 , 08:18:44 pm

We moved into our new house in Pennard Avenue, Huyton in 1940 and I left in 1956 to go in the army and never went back to Liverpool to live. In our teens we used to hang around in Old Swan.The people in Pennard were smashing people and I have missed them since.
john currie <>
swindon,wiltshire,united kingdom,Mon 19th Dec 2011 , 09:28:06 am

I am trying to find an old mate, lost contact years ago. Lenny Woods from Stonehey Road, Kirkby in the 70s and 80s, Lenny was a great drummer in bands


Brian Smith <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sun 18th Dec 2011 , 09:31:24 pm

I left Huyton in 1956 and still havegood memories of the 'Mayfair' picture house. Me and Joey Dutton started the nickname 'the ranch'. I was brought up in Pennard Avenue and we spent a lot of time in Old Swan in our teens around the Childers St area. I doubt if anyone remembers me but you never know?
john currie <>
swindon,wiltshire,uk,Sun 18th Dec 2011 , 06:03:51 pm

Hi, I am back home again to retire - I missed my old town kirkby. What happened to Kirkby town centre? Where have all the shops gone? As for the xmas lights it still looks bare. My wife Lilian said each household could help and each give a bauble to the tree - it would be better. As for down memory lane, any of my mates who did bean and spud picking on Mercer's farm do you remember the birdseye pea wagon raid top of Simonswood Lane in the 60s? As we were kids, our parents said we were naughty but it was just a bit of fun in our school summer break. Does anyone remember the Quarrygreen white usaaf base flats from the 50s - xmas and summer fairs on the old Quarrygreen square? Please contact me and all my school chums of Simonswood and Ruffwood School.

william mcculloch <>
liverpool,lancashire,england,Sun 18th Dec 2011 , 05:51:23 pm

Hello I am looking for any info on the Rainhill corp of drums. I was in the Sheffield corp of drums in the 80s and had some friends in Rainhill corp. Would be nice to find out something about them after all these years! Thanks - Lance Ellis
lance ellis <>
Rotherdam,south yorkshire,england,Sun 18th Dec 2011 , 01:28:20 pm

I have used this site with great results and have found my niece and nephew Rachael Latham and Liam Latham. I can't thank the site enough as I hadn't seen them for 20 years and they have now met their father for the first time. We really need one more bit of help and thats to find my niece and nephew's mother and my sister Mary Sumner and my other niece Samantha Latham. They could have different surnames and Sam would be about 23 and Mary about 42. The last known whereabouts was the St Helens area. Please contact me if you have any information regarding Mary or Samantha.

brian sumner <>
london,london,uk,Sat 17th Dec 2011 , 02:14:43 pm

hi sunny brian jenkins here drop me a line TO B JENKINS 47 MORSTON AVE SOUTHDEAN KIRKBY HOPE UR ALL WELL
brian jenkins <>
kirkby,merceyside,england,Wed 14th Dec 2011 , 08:22:36 pm

Does anybody have any photographs or know anything about the Longview Congregational Church which is now the Apostolic Church of Liverpool. I would like to see old photographs of it.
Thank You.

Liam <>
Liverpool,Sun 11th Dec 2011 , 07:28:24 pm

this is just an update of my email address for colin ratray and brian jenkins,i had to download windows may have to do the same,i can be reached @ i am sorry for inconvenience.
sonny blundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Sun 11th Dec 2011 , 04:30:11 pm

Looking for a old girl friend name of Donna Lathom lived in Skelmersdale. If any old friends of hers know of her, is she still married or where she lives now, thanks for any info
peter styles <>
burscough,lancashire,england,Fri 09th Dec 2011 , 01:40:35 pm

I am trying to find Bill Langton who I knew in Australia from 1965 -1971. He worked at B H P, Newcastle, NSW. I returned with my family to Liverpool in 1971, Bill was living near Sydney. When we lived in Newcastle NSW Bill often came to visit us and we often had a drink together. I dont know if he returned to Liverpool but I would like to get in touch with him again. I think he lived somewhere off Park Road prior to coming to Australia. If anyone knows Bill any information would be appreciated. Thanks. John B Nelson
john brian nelson <>
theodore,act,australia,Fri 09th Dec 2011 , 05:17:53 am

Have tried to contact old friends from Knowsley Village without success, I have seen & tried to contact the Clarke sisters that lived on Knowsley Drive, I know some of my friends (like my brother & sister RIP) have passed away but would like to hear from those that are still around, yours hopefully Les
Les Hewitt Snr <uwit17@hotmail>
Liverpool,Prescot Lancs,England,Thu 08th Dec 2011 , 03:40:20 pm

this is to let brian and colin from kirkby know i am trying to contact them via email.It says it is sent but i think i am missing something.Do you have to download a certain program for it to work?.Hope we can work it out.
arthurblundell <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Wed 07th Dec 2011 , 07:03:09 pm

Trying to find a good friend from the early 60s. Her name was Ruth Taylor and she had a sister by the name of Eunich. They lived in Brakenwood Estate Bromborough. If anybody knows of her wereabouts if they could e.mail me on brendavanderwert@hotmail,com Thanking you.
Brenda Vanderwert <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Wed 07th Dec 2011 , 01:10:15 am

I am trying to find a site which gives the names of pupils attending the Whiston secondary school in the years 1941 to 1943. I attended the school for a shot time than.
Can you please advise me?

June Houghton <>
Rhyl,Denbighshire,North Wales,Sun 04th Dec 2011 , 06:48:57 pm

Hi love the site , have tried to E mail Sonny Blundell, but E MAIL failed ,would love to make contact
Colin Mchale Rattray <elraty@sky .com>
newbrighton,wirral,england,Sun 04th Dec 2011 , 05:29:44 pm

Hi,im looking for any old friends or niebhors from 1940s onwards,our family lived in Knowsley(Maypole Estate) before moving to Home Farm rd (Knowsley)we all went to Maypole School & then Longview Sec Mod,please feel free to contact me on my E-mail address Les Hewitt Cheers
Leslie Hewitt <>
Liverpool,Prescot Merseyside,England,Sun 04th Dec 2011 , 04:00:21 pm

On behalf of my sister Emily Zalami, I am trying to locate an old friend of hers she had met back than in the late 50's early 60's in New Delhi, India. His name is Neville Barker used to call him Johnny Barker, I believe he was training at the time to to be a pilot and then went back to the UK to joint the RAF. He also had a sister named Mary and a brother named Reggie, his fathers name was Denise Barker. If anyone has come across, met, heard or know of him and know of his whereabouts, please do contact me through my E-mail address.

Kind Regards,
Guz Zalami.

Guz Zalami <>
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,Sun 04th Dec 2011 , 04:36:50 am

Great site,my brother Allan has poted a few messages on here & i was wondreing if any of my old mates were still living around the area,girls first,Marlene Richardson(Huyton) Jean Carmichael(Knowsley) Audrey Williams (Aigburth) Boys Neville Brown (Konwsley) Trevor Davies (Knowsley)any of the Farm workers on Lord Derbys estate,I went to Longview Sec Mod 1955-1959,if you remember me send me an E-mail hoping to hear from somebody Yours Les
Leslie Hewitt <>
Liverpool,Merseyside(Prescot),England,Sat 03rd Dec 2011 , 10:59:22 pm

I am searching for great aunts and uncles that may have been born in Birkenhead. My great grandfather's name was James Owen and 1910-1915. I do not know a great deal as him and my great grandmother split when she was pregnant with my nan. My great grandmother's name was Susan Mcevitte and my nan's name is Lily Mcevitte.
tara <>
stoke on trent,Staffordshire,uk,Fri 02nd Dec 2011 , 05:27:58 pm

Hi, I went out for a short while in 1967 with a girl whose name was Rita Spendlove, she lived in Finch Rd, Huyton. I think she has a sister called Shirley. Get in touch Rita, I would love to hear what you have been up to in the intervening fourty four years. Take care, Steve
Steve <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Thu 01st Dec 2011 , 01:14:59 am

Came across Guestbook and it is really interesting to read all the different comments. I am looking for a lady by the name of Dot I forget her other name She was a friend of mine from the early 60s and she used to go to the Tower Ballroom those days in New Brighton. Anybody knows of her wereabouts would you please email me on Thank you. My name is Aubrey.
Aubrey <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Sun 27th Nov 2011 , 11:52:29 pm

Does anybody have any photographs or know anything about the Longview Congregational Church which is now the Apostolic Church of Liverpool. I would like to see old photographs of it.
Thank You.

Liam <>
L36 8DW,England,Sun 27th Nov 2011 , 06:02:00 pm

I am looking for the three sons of Dennis and Margaret Caplan (or Caplin). Dennis was my Uncle, brother to my mother Minnie Ansell.
laura barnett <>
Toronto,Ontario,Canada,Sun 27th Nov 2011 , 12:58:20 pm

Went to Huyton Sec Modern from 1950 to 1954, played football for the school also for Huyton and Roby. Went to sea in 1955.
ton y boer <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 25th Nov 2011 , 08:19:00 pm

Trying to find Freda and Jimmy Downes from Kirkby, if anyone knows them, please give them my e-mail address.
Bernie Mckee (Reeves) <>
Pickering,Ontario,Canada,Wed 23rd Nov 2011 , 01:08:32 am

Looking for Billy White, formerly of Crosswood Crecsent, Huyton, or his brother Jebby, sisters Maureen and Lilly. Last saw Billy, Noctorum, Birkenhead in 1974. Billy will be 65 on the 10-01-2011. Huyton Secondary Modern 58-62 and by the way Harry Leader was a great music teacher and Mr Tattersall really helped kids with maths problems and never deserved the kids nick names. Love to here from somebody.
michael,begley <>
HOLLAND,Tue 22nd Nov 2011 , 08:29:44 pm

Hi looking for my great-uncle William Dawson, born in Liverpool and died WW1 (served with my great-grandfather Richard Jones who was living in Toxteth I think, either Tay Street or Fairview Place). William's sisters were Angelina, Eliza (my great-grandmother and Richard's wife) and Ellen. Parents George and Emma died around 1891 and William and Ellen were sent to Industrial Schools..
Karen Mullins <>
Liverpool,United Kingdom,Tue 22nd Nov 2011 , 01:07:25 pm

I would like to trace my husband's family. Harold Hughes, he was born in the Monro public house, Duke Street Liverpool, to Lill and Fred Hughes on the 28 10 1938. He also had a brother Fred and a cousin Frank Jones. Fred and Lill last address was Finch Lane, Liverpool.
bridy cullen <>
skelmersdale,lancashire,england,Sun 20th Nov 2011 , 12:51:07 pm

hi sunny its brian jenkins kirkby first time user hope ur ok
jenkins <>
liverpool,mersyside,england,Sat 19th Nov 2011 , 10:21:52 pm

Excellent site. I am looking for information on the whereabouts of my sister Mary Sumner and my neices and nephew. She lived in Huyton with her than partner David Latham but after they split up and left she or my nieces and nephew have not been seen since. This was approx 18-20 years ago. My nieces are Rachel and Samantha and my nephew is liam. Could be using Sumner Latham or other name. Just like to make contact as the rest of the family miss you. Email
brian sumner <>
london,london,uk,Thu 17th Nov 2011 , 01:21:45 pm

My mother was born 1919, Warrington road, Prescot, Elsie SAGGERSON Southwell.
Her mother was Rebecca Southwell (nee Taylor).
On 1911 Census Rebecca is down as not employed (aged 16), but have been told my mothers second name was named after a family (Saggerson) who employed Rebecca sometime between 1911 and 1919,
I have always wondered about my mothers second name.
So if anyone has info. on Saggerson family between these dates, would be most grateful.
Regards Brian

brian apps <>
birmingham,west midlands,uk,Wed 16th Nov 2011 , 05:56:21 pm

Does anyone remember a Woman named Elizabeth Woods who lived at Eden House, they were blocks of flats named after british prime ministers and were demolished during the 90's? I think it was around the Lee Park area of Liverpool, in the 60's. I think she lived with her father Sid and had two children by the late 60's
David Evans <>
Jersey,Channel Isles,uk,Tue 15th Nov 2011 , 08:28:17 pm

I am trying to find the names of my great-great grandparents. I have no idea of their names but my great grands were William Winders and his wife Martha...nee Pemberton who lived in Preston in the late 1800's...early 1900's. They were then living in Massachusetts U.S.A. in 1930! Thanks for any info that you can give me. Hugss!

Gail Dee <>
Hanson,Massachusetts, .....Plymouth,U.S.A.,Tue 15th Nov 2011 , 03:29:57 am

I am trying to trace my mothers cousins Peter and Teresa Jones who lived with their mother Florrie and Father Frank at the pig farm on Foxes Bank Lane Cronton next to the naturist site. Does anyone have any contact details for them.
Christine Yates <>
Wigan,LNCASHIRE,uk,Sun 13th Nov 2011 , 02:54:32 pm

Can amyone help. I'm seeking my biological father. He is Irish, lived in Lee park in the 60's, he was married and with a family before he met my mother, he was also a drinking partner of my grand dad sid. his name is Jim. My mothers name was Elizabeth Woods. I have a sister named Lynne who is older than me.My birth name was David James Woods.I was born in 1968 at walton hospital. We moved to Wrexham a few months later. My mother and grand dad lived at Eden House.
David Evans <>
Jersey,channel islands,uk,Sun 13th Nov 2011 , 12:54:30 pm

i am searchin for any info regardin my grandperents they married in 1913 at st cleopas toxteth they were albert reid 1890 alice maud reid/abraham from 1887.know nothin about grandad from his birth.he was a shoemaker on his marraige cert.any help please as i have hit the old brick wall.
chas reid <>
winsford,cheshire,england,Thu 10th Nov 2011 , 09:08:14 pm

I am trying to find any information about my grandmother's father. She never knew him, we are pretty sure his name was Charles Melling, He may have been originally from Wales, England. He may have been born late 1800's or early 1900's. If anyone has any info that could help us find even a picture that would wonderful.
Thank you
Dawn - Canada

Dawn <>
Oshawa,Ontario,Canada,Wed 09th Nov 2011 , 10:40:19 pm

I was born in Prescot in 1961 and lived in Windsor Road
My surname at the time was Kehoe. My mother's maiden name was Speake. My maternal grandmother's name was Railton and I am particularly interested in finding out about the Railton family.
My first school was Oliver Lyme Road Infants School. The children were then moved to Evelyn Avenue before attending Maryville Road Junior School.
I am currently researching people's memories of education in the 1960's and would welcome any thoughts you have.
Many thanks

Deborah Tierney Jones <>
LLandudno,CONWY,NORTH WALES,Tue 08th Nov 2011 , 05:20:30 pm

I wondered if ANYONE can recall a Stanley Hawthorn Richards who married Annie Davies in 1932 In Liverpool(believed they divorced later, he married Winifred)they had a son Stanley Thomas Richards, Annie originally lived Bedford Road Bootle, any information especially re Annie Davies information appreciated thank you.....
Doris Richards <cockertwo@hotmail .com>
Liverpool,merseyside,U.K.,Sun 06th Nov 2011 , 02:42:45 pm

Just found your interesing site, I am trying to find any relations to a Annie Richards(nee Davies(married to Stanley Richards early 1932,Liverpool, or Charles Coles Summers death cert.signed by Catherine Grice 1969,he married Margaret Borthwick mid 1930 not sure if this is correct procedure but thanks anyway....
Pamela Cocker <>
Liverpool,merseyside,U.K.,Sat 05th Nov 2011 , 12:05:51 pm

Hi, I'm trying to find my old friend Ste Fenney, he is from Towerhill in Kirkby. He lived with his nan. He worked on the lemmo van for years round skem. Really would love to see him again so please let me know any info.
cheryl <>
liverppol,uk,Fri 04th Nov 2011 , 04:25:06 pm

Just wondering if anyone knows the Jenkins kids? They lived on Lydbury Crescent in Southdene, Kirkby. Our family came to Canada in 1967 and lost contact. The kids are Marion, John, Brian and Ronnie; parents: Josie and John. Love to hear from or about them, I'm on guestbook regularly.
a w <>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Fri 04th Nov 2011 , 03:27:27 pm

Still trying to find the whereabouts of Kenny [henry] SMITH lived at one time in Kirkby then moved to Skelmersdale. He worked in the town centre as a butcher and then worked at coutaulds in skelmersdale.
Birthday is April 23rd 1954/55
Was at Ruffwood school in fleming house I think.
Any information would be really happy to have.
Was a really lovely guy, his family lovely people.
Looking forward to getting any info of his whereabouts now. Thank you.

gwyn penny <>
bangor,gwynedd,UK,Wed 02nd Nov 2011 , 09:55:40 pm

In the years 1968/1969 I was working at the Bull and Royal Hotel at Preston, Lancs.
I will be very gratefull for me to contact with some body who work in this hotel at that times.
I visit Preston, Manchester and Liverpool in September and will come back in July or August 2012-
Thanks very much and best regards

heriberto <>
seville,spain,spain,Tue 01st Nov 2011 , 11:53:02 pm

does anyone have any information about phil hankey of whiston a school friend was enquiring
peter flatley <>
prescot,merseyside,england,Mon 31st Oct 2011 , 10:17:30 pm

I am looking for any information about Andrew and Catherine Hale who lived on Merton Cres in 1955. Please email me any info you have, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Melaine Hale <>
Sun 30th Oct 2011 , 06:26:00 am

I am looking for photos of my grandfather Philip Valentine Wood & his family members. Please can you help. Thank you Elizabeth Powell
Elizabeth Powell <>
PONTVILLE,TASMANIA,AUSTRALIA,Sat 29th Oct 2011 , 03:27:35 am

Trying to find information on the Snow family who lived in Knowsley from 1881 to 1924 George Snow and his wife Alice Snow (nee Bygraves) lived at Ivy Cottage in Knowsley. I believe George Snow worked for Lord Derby on the Derby estate as an architect? Any info on how I can get records on workers at the derby estate. All help appreciated
Tim Snow <>
Bangor,Gwynedd,Wales, United KIngdom,Thu 27th Oct 2011 , 10:34:07 pm

Hi, I went to St Dominics from late forties untill late fifties, with a short stay at St Edwards until the new senior school was built. I would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time.
Ernie Langton <>
Burnham,Buckinghamshire,UK,Thu 27th Oct 2011 , 02:50:03 pm

To Karen Jones, I went to roughwood in the mid to late 60s, in Telford House
phil taylor <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Thu 27th Oct 2011 , 02:41:10 pm

hi im looking for my school mates who went to huyton modern com.we left 1967. i remember a few names.... ian black,brian nutty.linda dawes,her friend sue.The teachers mr halewood, eddie as we new him. mr major the head master. hope someone gets in touch would be nice after all this time to meet up again.oh one friend I forgot to mention was Barry edwards. so come on get in touch. I was in class 4ac
chris nolan <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Mon 24th Oct 2011 , 06:35:32 pm

I would like to contact Henry Cowley who lived with my parents Betsy & Jim Coonan in Port Lincoln and Lock, South Australia for 2 - 3 years in late 1940's. He jumped ship in Pt Lincoln along with Johnny Histon and Billy Bell. Henry was approx 16 years at the time. He returned to UK approx. 1950 and was enlisted in the army and sent to Korea - I believe as a gunner in the front line of the Korean war. Henry married Dorothy and had a daughter called Margaret Anne, a son Michael and I believe another son. I would like to contact Henry or any family members as my parents lost contact over the years. I was about 10 years old when Henry lived with my family (Coonan)
Henry Cowley <>
Brighton,South Australia,Australia,Mon 24th Oct 2011 , 02:52:14 am

Rachele. There was A family Named PARR, in (parr st helens). there is also some 1 named Parr on facebook stuff for free & sale.Mrs Parr was lovely lady.
joe brennan <>
St helens,mersyside,Uk,Sun 23rd Oct 2011 , 12:03:17 pm

I am researching the Heffron, Johnson and Durkin families in the Prescot area. If you know anything about these families, I would love to hear from you.

Kind Regards


Rachel <>
Thu 20th Oct 2011 , 09:12:20 pm

to PAM ROBERTS, NEE PARR i saw your reply to me. does your mum remember any of my family by name ? where about was 8a, as i cant remember which way the numbers went in gilescroft walk. did you live in the maisonettes ? do you remember jimmy molineux, two sons and one girl, i think, also jimmy brimmage, jimmy peters, the parkers, tex the dad and peter the son, the connoleys, and blanche johnson, eho had three kids, barbara, brenda, and harry. did you have a brother, chubby faced and light hair, i think he might have been called david, or am i thinking of someone else ! it was such a long time ago. we left there in 1973 and i was 11, i look forward to hearing from you, as i find it interesting
tony taylor <>
liverpool,wirral,england,Thu 20th Oct 2011 , 09:05:53 pm

Very keen to contact children of a Kenneth Jones (deceased) formerly of Roughdale Avenue, Southdene, Kirby. Kenneth was born as Kenneth MOON and I believe he was my uncle and his children will be my cousins. Plese E mail me.
Michael W MOORE <>
Christchurch,Canterbury,New Zealand,Tue 18th Oct 2011 , 10:46:17 pm

Looking for anyone who was a member of Prescot Rd cycle club 50s/60s who may have a unwanted memorabilia could you please get in touch,as its for my father-in-law
Albert Clarke of StHelens who was a member from 50s onwards. Thanks.

Tony greenwood <>
wigan,Ashton in Makerfield,uk,Sun 16th Oct 2011 , 08:46:30 pm

Looking to contact friends from Roughwood school 1966-1970
Karen Jones <>
Adelaide,South Australia,Australia,Sun 16th Oct 2011 , 08:22:20 am

I went to St Kevin's 1960s to 1970s.
Anybody who knows me it would be nice to here from you. Mr Cooney was the house master and St Augustine was my house.

brian fullerton <>
kirkby,Fri 14th Oct 2011 , 07:16:05 am

Two questions about Kirkby:
1. What happened to Kirkby College of Further Education? I finished my A levels in Math and Physics in 1981

2. What happened to Mercer Heights (Blocks A, B, C and D)? I lived in Blocks A and D from 79 till 81.

Any information would be appreciated

aziz <>
State College,PA,USA,Thu 13th Oct 2011 , 07:33:35 pm

I am looking for the Downey family who lived on North Park Road in the early 80s. Susan Downey who went to live in France in 1982 with her brother Brian after attending Kirkby College of Further Education. Susan was neighbour in Block A of Mercer Heights (West Vale).

aziz <>
State College,PA,USA,Thu 13th Oct 2011 , 05:05:36 pm

I am looking for a Eddie Campbell lived in Kirkby I think in Southdean, served his apprenticeship at English Electric in the early 60s. He was a mate of mine just wondering what happened to him.
walter brown <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Thu 13th Oct 2011 , 03:44:28 pm

Hoping Maria Murphy will get in touch with me as I went to St Dominic's and was a friend of her family. My name was S. Byfield then.
Susan Ventre <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,U.K.,Wed 12th Oct 2011 , 06:02:43 pm

Looking for my biologicol father, believe his name is James and he is Irish. I was born in Liverpool in 1968, my mothers name was Elizabeth Woods and my birth name was David James Woods, I also have a sister named Lynne. I believe he may still live in Liverpool.
David Evans <>
Jersey,channel isles,uk,Tue 11th Oct 2011 , 12:22:35 pm

Would like to find anyone who went to St Margaret Marys Schools, Pilch Lane Liverpool 14, especially photos of 1st communions 1955/1963
Sandra Brown <>
united kingdom,Tue 11th Oct 2011 , 02:25:20 am

Like to find a friend in Huyton. Her name is Dianne Fitton. She went to Stockbridge Lane School with me right up until we left for Australia in 1959. That was her maiden name then, she may can contact me on the above email address
Joan lawlor speelmans <>
Shellhaboure,New Australia,Australia,Mon 10th Oct 2011 , 11:04:57 am

I would love to make contact with my cousins who lived in Ledsham Walk Westvale Kirkby. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tommy Smith (he will be 68 now) or his sister Margaret? His parents were Annie and Tom.
Edna Deevy née Pemberton <>
Connah's Quay,Flintshire,U.K.,Thu 06th Oct 2011 , 12:46:54 pm

Hi was wondering if the person looking for George Maddocks could be looking for a George Mattick? Please let me know thanks
Michele <>
Lafayette,Colorado,usa,Thu 06th Oct 2011 , 09:47:56 am

Hi, I think this is a long shot, but does anybody have any info on Kellys sweet shop. It was somewhere in Liverpool in the 1930s.
pam simms <>
united kingdom,Wed 05th Oct 2011 , 01:47:06 pm

Hi would love to find out about my grandfather William Henry Hughes he died in an accident in Clovers Shipyard Birkenhead in 1916 when he was 37. He was born in 1879 in Birkenhead and was a member of the Orange Lodge. Anyone who can look Birkenhead News archives for details I would be obliged. Thank you
maureen smith <>
hervey Bay,Queensland,Australia,Tue 04th Oct 2011 , 08:13:32 am
[ Webmaster replies : You should contact Wirral Archives Service on 0151 606 2929. ]

Looking for dad who was in the Royal Engineers
Edward Morrison
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Mon 03rd Oct 2011 , 10:39:18 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Can you supply any further details? ]

Does anyone know a Mary Kays or Kayes, lived in Portland Gardens moved to Westvale about 1958. Would be about 70 now, love to know how life treated her.
john murphy <>
london,Mon 03rd Oct 2011 , 06:50:11 am

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ann Hopkins who lived in Stafford Close, Huyton (with her M&D and brother Mick) up until late 80's early 90's before emigrating to Australia. She had a sister (Think her name was Paula, but can't be sure) already living out there. Lost touch after joining RAF. Would love to know how she is doing and catch up.
Lisa Haynes <>
Stevenage,Bedfordshire,England UK,Sun 02nd Oct 2011 , 11:33:42 pm

Would like to hear from anybody who may know about Valerie Duff who lived on corner of Dinas La/Twig la in the 60s, or from Val herself. She was my first girlfriend I lived in Church Rd Roby in the bungalows as they were then called. I think the last time I saw her was about 1965ish. Would love to hear how she is. I am now retired (fire officer) and live in Hoylake, I went to Huyton Modern, left in 1959 Mr Tattersalls class. My name is Alan Jakulis
alan <>
hoylake,merseyside,uk,Sun 02nd Oct 2011 , 05:47:15 pm

My uncle patrick kelly of york street heywood was killed helping in a fire possibly may /early june 1934 can any one guide me in any direction to find out what happened and why. he was not a member of the fire brigade although my grandfather john holden was. patrick was his son-in-law
caroline robins <>
folkestone,kent,england u.k.,Sun 02nd Oct 2011 , 01:13:27 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You could try looking for newspaper reports of the incident in the local press. The Local Studies Centre at Touchstones Rochdale or Heywood Library should be able to help - Knowsley's local history and archive collection covers the Knowsley area only. ]

Hello, my mum is looking for her real dad, his name is Derek Alder. I assume he is in his 60's. He was born in Scarborough. My mum feels like this is the last chance to find him, all she has is a letter from him to her mother, and a dead phone number. Her mum is called Sue Lavender, and my mum, is now called Rachael Cowley. I have evidence to believe Derek used to live in Suffolk i think. If anyone can help in any way, please get in touch:
Olivia Cowley <>
York,England,UK,Thu 29th Sep 2011 , 11:21:23 am
[ Webmaster replies : Knowsley Borough, Merseyside is a long way from both Scarborough and Suffolk. It would probably be hopeful to find a guestbook/forum in those areas. ]

Hi.just wondering if anyone can help dad (Kevin O'Hare) was photographed with Harold Wilson in 1968 during a visit in Liverpool.the picture was then used as a part of his campaign.could somebody tell me where I could find this picture if it's still floating around somewhere please.much appreciated
Iain O'Hare <>
Wirral,Wed 28th Sep 2011 , 11:59:04 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You can find various images of Harold Wilson taken in Huyton and Kirkby in the Knowsley Digital Collection - go to and follow the links to the Online Library. Click on KNowsley Digital Collection to access the image files. ]

Hi just found this site. I was brought up in Shaw Lane, Prescot. I have 3 brothers we all attended Maryville Road School then on to Whiston Sec. Modern. I married Frank Doyle from Wimborne Road now deceased he went to St Dominics. Is there any one out there who remembers him his family and maybe myself. I seem to remember Cathy Skelhorne, Irene Ducket all from around the time I lived in Page Moss as a very young prescotian married to a very young lad from Page Moss, Huyton. Oh, those were the days. Thanks for reading my text. J
jeanette doyle / davies <>
sthelens,merseyside,england,Mon 26th Sep 2011 , 08:07:37 pm

I am searching for my friends sister Mary Teresa Johnson born May 17th 1945 in Birmingham, Mary was in Shenley Fields Childrens Home in the 1950's in Birmingham. If you can help please e-mail me
christine ann henderson <>
reading,england,Sat 24th Sep 2011 , 06:57:07 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have you tried posting on Birmingham-based websites for this info? Birmingham is somewhat outside the geographical area covered by this website... ]

I am looking for Paul or Marion Jones from Roby.I met Marion in 1966 in Southhampton where she was a WREN, she has just turned 16 in 1966 and Paul is a younger brother. Would love to contact either one of them with your help. Many thanks
I am looking for Paul or Mario <>
Decatur,AL,United States,Sat 24th Sep 2011 , 03:39:53 pm

Is there anyone out there who attended St.Laurences Primary 1951 - 1961 and remembers me Kathleen McAuley
Kathleen McAuley <>
London,London,UK,Sat 24th Sep 2011 , 12:33:32 pm

l am looking for any of the girls that went to Allerton Priory in the 1960s to the 1970s. Would be great to see how they are, and look back maybe even meet up.
Maggie Crosby <>
cork,ireland,Fri 23rd Sep 2011 , 12:20:54 am

Re. Tony Taylor - I lived with my family (the Parrs) in 7a Gilescroft Walk from Mar 68 to Jun 81 when Mum and Dad moved around the corner to Warrenhouse Rd. I have no recollection of UFO sightings around the time you descibe and Mum didn't recall any either. However, she does remember your family and the flat you lived in across from our maisonette. Best wishes, Pamela Roberts nee Parr
Pamela Roberts <>
Bicester,Oxfordshire,Thu 22nd Sep 2011 , 12:48:09 pm

I'm looking for family who moved to Toronto, Canada, in the 1940s - 1950s named Potts or Marston from Wolverhampton, England relations of George Marston and Ethel Potts. Would be grateful for any information. x
susan marston <>
Wolverhampton,West Midlands,United Kingdom,Wed 21st Sep 2011 , 01:45:36 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Knowsley Borough is a long way away from Wolverhampton. You should try a forum/guestbook closer to the area in question to hope to obtain replies. ]

Hi, just found this site and I am looking for anyone who knows anything about the Dodd or Plevin names in Congleton. My mother was an Elsie Plevin b.1924 and she lived with her granny Carr (nee Dodd) in Congleton. We go back a long way.
Pat Moore <>
London,London,England,Tue 20th Sep 2011 , 09:30:59 am
[ Webmaster replies : You should really place this message on a Cheshire based family history/local history guestbook but you never know... ]

I realise this is a real shot in the dark but im seeking my birth mother Georgina Jones who lived in Delamere St, Liverpool, it isn't on the map now. My birth father was Joseph Mara. I would really love to meet Georgina and fill a hole I have in my life and I have had cancer. You have a lovely granddaughter who is 27 and got a degree in liverpool. If anyone has any info please drop me a line. I have signed in with the name Georgina gave me. Thankyou.
Samantha Jayne Jones <>
London,Greater London,England,Mon 19th Sep 2011 , 06:29:56 pm

hi im looking for my brother ian clayton who was last heard of living in the widnes area any info would be apreciated thank you
ann weekes <>
manchester,united kingdom,Sun 18th Sep 2011 , 08:55:04 am

Loved this site! I left Liverpool in 1971 to come to Australia with my husband Bill Glover and our four children Sandi, Ian Deborah and Peter, My maiden name was Atherton, If there is any one who remembers either Bill or the children or me I would be happy to correspond. I am researching our family histories so any information would be welcome. Ta!
Irene Glover <>
St Agnes,South Australia,Australia,Sat 17th Sep 2011 , 01:51:16 pm

I know a lady named christine davies she has family who are walsh but she has dark hair dark brown she was blond she has a son and 2daughter i know her daughter was in school with me she was married to a walsh now shes married to malcom davies she lives in pentlan nr blackwood south wales she has family in england she said shes still slim with curly short hair she had family use to own a video shop in cwmfelinfach and family who use to rent a caravan in porthcole
leanne <>
blackwood,great britain,uk,Thu 15th Sep 2011 , 09:58:56 pm

To Karen, no I didnt see anything like you described, although I remember some people seeing a ufo acting erratically in the sky in the early 1970s.
My experiences were in my home in Gilescroft Walk, and were terrifying to me, being a young lad at the time.
Other people in that area had similar things happening, and I was hoping they would come on here and tell. Obviously if they say the same things that I know happened to me, it will give me the proof I've needed for nearly forty years.
Gilescroft Walk does not exist anymore and is a piece of waste land behing the Roughwood pub in Northwood.

tony taylor <>
birkenhead,wirral,england,Thu 15th Sep 2011 , 03:50:23 pm

Stephen Williams from Liverpool born 17 December 1953....I am looking to make contact with you as we have a son who is 37 years old who would like to meet his biological father.
I do hope we find each other soon..

Anne Seymour <>
Auckland,New Zealand,New Zealand,Wed 14th Sep 2011 , 01:28:40 am

To Tony Taylor: came across this web-site when looking for phone numbers of old friends - anyway, about your 'paranormal' experience in Kirky in the 70's
We were walking home from St Kevins Youth Club one evening in 1971 - it was still light and when we got by Kirkby Swimming baths - opposite Centre 63 - we looked up in the sky and saw a cloud ball shape that first formed into the shape of the cross and then transormed into a HUGE Michelangelo's David' type figure with the short curley hair (with laurel wreath around the head), loin cloth and sandles that criss crossed up the legs to the knees. The figure seemed to be 'lost' and was looking around trying to find which way to go - then something else was forming that turned into stairway - the GIANT SIZE figure started walking slowlwy up the steps till it reached the top then just disappeared into the sky!!!
We went to St Gregorys and the next day some people had said they saw the same thing. I've always believed we definately saw this (even though my brother-in-law says he wants a pint of whatever they were serving us in St Kevs that night)-
Tony - is this the same thing you saw in the 70's or does anyone else remember seeing it - would love to hear from you if you did.
Karen :)

Karen Wall <>
Jersey,Channel Islands,Sat 10th Sep 2011 , 02:09:55 pm

Im looking for Christine Walsh from Liverpool, she lived at Boundary Farm Road, Halewood. Christine worked with us in Amsterdam in the early 80"s. The above address is from her mother, where Christine also lived. She had blond hair Farah Fawcet style and was long and slim.
I hope someone can help me find her...She may of course be married now and have another last name.

janice <>
hoofddorp,holland,Sat 10th Sep 2011 , 01:46:55 pm

Hello, my name is Cathy Skelhorn, I attended St Dominic's school Southdean Road Page Moss, I lived in Wimborne Road, (its still family home) my mam was Kate n dad Steve, both deceased, sister May died in 1964 brother Billy died 86 and mam 89, I was wondering does anyone remember me from Wimborne or the Dom's? I left school in 1964, also does anyone know a Frieda and Valery Bernard they lived somewere in Anfield. I used to stay with them, mum an dad was aunty Winnie and uncle Fred. They weren't my real cousins but they were related to the Angels out of Saxby Road. Aunty Winnie gave me my 1st bra, b4 they hit the floor ha ha. I was in school with Sally Feeley, Anne Cavaner, Irene Duckett, Joyce Hannratty, John Dware, Vinny Doyle (deceased). I was in Mr Callahans class and Jack Creedon was the headmaster. You can get me on
love this site xx

catherine mcdonough skelhorn <>
liverpool,huyton,UK,Fri 09th Sep 2011 , 05:55:50 pm

To Kathleen Gallagher - I knew a James Pickavance, known as Jimmy during my time at Halsnead School Whiston (Nr.Prescot) - he lived in the Tarbock Road area and I believe their was a big family. S. Bellis
sylvia bellis
Shropshire,England,Fri 09th Sep 2011 , 02:46:22 pm

95 years ago today, on 9th September 1916, the Prescot Civic War Memorial was unveiled at the junction of West Street and Church Street. Dedicated at the height of the Somme battles, it was one of the first civic memorials in the UK.

On the same day, my great Uncle, James Nulty of Hill Street, Prescot, was killed in action while engaged in the Battle of Ginchy with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

James Nulty and over 300 other men of Prescot who fell in the Great War are commemorated on my website at

We Will Remember Them

Stephen Nulty <>
Prescot,Fri 09th Sep 2011 , 08:14:31 am

I was brought up in Knowsley but have family connections with Bootle. For Michael Brown and others, a very good Bootle site is 'Bootle Times' at
ken mason <>
melbourne,victoria,Australia,Thu 08th Sep 2011 , 11:13:09 am

Hi love the sight
Im trying to find my cousin Phylis House
she attended Whiston Secondary Modern for girls , married Malcon Yates , had son called Tim went on to marry Christopher House last known to live in Milton Keynes . Any info please email or

steve price <>
Mon 05th Sep 2011 , 02:01:11 pm

hi my name is tom kelly went to st aidans then st augustines in huyton left st augustines in 1985 looking for anyone who went to them schools at the same time
tom kelly <>
liverpool,lancashire,england,Sat 03rd Sep 2011 , 06:56:33 pm

Hi, I'm looking for my birth father....I dont know much about him but his name is Ian Kennedy....I know he used to live in Netherton with my mum Julie Smith when I was a little girl.....He has a brother called Mally and his mum and dad used to live in Cinder Lane, Bootle....From what I've heard, he still lives in Bootle/Litherland with his now wife/girlfriend and children....If anyone has any information about his where abouts, please get in touch with me...Thankyou.
Gemma Cornmell <>
Liverpool,England,Fri 02nd Sep 2011 , 01:00:24 am

Hi. I'm looking for descendents of George Pickavance(1905-1984 b.Prescot)and Rose Breen Pickavance (1911-1982 b.Ireland, my great aunt), which may include their children Patricia (b.1931), Gerard (b.1934) and Cornelius(b.1936). George Pickavance was living in Knowsley at time of death. I am making a trip to Liverpool from US in Oct, 2011. Thank you.
kathleen gallagher <>
savannah,georgia,usa,Thu 01st Sep 2011 , 07:43:25 pm

This message is for Neil Castley. Neil I tried to get in contact with you via e mail but I got a delivery failure notice. I used your e mail listed is this correct
Chris Condron <>
Grimsby,Ontario,Canada,Tue 30th Aug 2011 , 03:20:08 pm

I am looking for Marjorie nee Mchugh born in liverpool England 1950, went to school with me in Kirkby, Park Lane School. Would love to find her! Thanks
CALGARY,CA,Wed 24th Aug 2011 , 02:57:04 am

l am looking for a person called Denise Greenhalgh who lives in Blackpool. If any one knows her can they ask her to ring 07597449374 it's very important l am Micheal Stovolds wife.
audrey stovold <>
elstead,godalming surrey,england,Sat 20th Aug 2011 , 03:38:02 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Knowsley Borough is located over 50 miles away from Blackpool but you may be lucky... ]

My name is Val Davies nee Kerr we lived in Ogwen St, Liverpool. My father's name was Valentine and I believe the family lived in Goldsmith St. His mother's name was Annie Bodell. He had a sister Alice, brothers George, William
and Robert. Alice's married name was Warren. She had three children their names are Ann, Cyril and Alice. over the years my mother lost our photo album and I would so much like photos of two weddings I was bridesmaid at: to Alice and Anne Warren. Just hoping some one can help.
thank you

val davies <>
canberra,australia,australia,Fri 19th Aug 2011 , 03:07:31 pm

I'm looking for someone I worked with at St Margarets Bay holiday camp Nr Dover Kent England in the summer of 1964 I only know his first name was Michael and he lived in Deal Kent
Margaret Marsh <>
Huercal Overa,Almeria,Spain,Fri 19th Aug 2011 , 10:03:05 am
[ Webmaster replies : Knowsley is a Metroplotan Borough situated in the North West of England ( whereas Kent is in the South East: you may have more success posting on sites relating to the Kent area... ]

Like many others just found this site and was hoping to find anyone who attended Brookfield school between 1957-1961 who might remember me. Would like to hear from them.
Alan Thwaite <>
Northwich,Cheshire,UK,Fri 19th Aug 2011 , 12:34:42 am

Looking for anyone who remembers The Richardsons in Morcambe. They owned a chemist and had a son Ronald. Trying to trace Ronald.
helen white <>
Lymington,hants,uk,Thu 18th Aug 2011 , 01:57:20 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Morcambe is a long way from the Borough of Knowsley. You should try to locate a guestbook/forum a little nearer your target area ]

Hi I went to Saint Dominics School from 1959 - 1969, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was there when Mr Murphy was the Headmaster.
Maria Murphy <>
Vancouver,Canada,Tue 16th Aug 2011 , 10:35:15 pm

mary <>
north wales,uk,Thu 11th Aug 2011 , 09:16:07 pm

I am trying to find my Mothers cousin SANDRA CONLAN who used to live in Thursby Crescent Kirkby and went to Cherryfield Comp in the 1960's. Her Mum was Doris & her Dad was John.
Any info would be welcome
Jan Thorpe

Jan Thorpe <>
Stafford,Staffordshire,UK,Mon 08th Aug 2011 , 03:45:52 pm

I am trying to trace my old frend Noreen Baker fron Mytle Gardens Liverpool/7 now living in Huyton with her husband John Baker / 6 children
Noreen Baker <>
Huyton,Liverpool,England,Mon 08th Aug 2011 , 02:40:37 pm

I am trying to contact Maureeen & Teresa Conby (I don't know their married names- Lived in Prescot, Lancashire in the 50s and 60s Last heard they were living in the Birkenhead area.
Dorothy Chant (nee Bamber) <>
Brockville,Ontario,Canada,Tue 02nd Aug 2011 , 07:45:51 pm

I am looking for my brother,John Thomas last known address eaton street in prescot.His wifes name is Lidia & they had a son named John.Ithink they live in roby.Iwould love to hear from them.I think this guestbook is brilliant.what wonderful work you are doing.Thank you
betty thomas <>
wallasey,wirral,cheshire,Mon 01st Aug 2011 , 11:33:38 pm

I'm trying to find an old friend of mine by the name of Gordon Wilson. He was on the teaching (IT) staff at the Community College, Kirkby, Liverpool. He used to live in Skelmersdale. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you.
Thomas Connor <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,United Kingdom,Mon 01st Aug 2011 , 07:08:58 pm

Hi, does anyone remember me from the Birds eye foods in Kirkby I worked there from 78-86 ..
Paul Ridgely <>
Edinburgh,Scotland,Mon 01st Aug 2011 , 09:17:37 am

Re: the following question -

Researching Brennan/Unsworth family, Westhoughton, UK., around 1908.
Can anyone help?
Harry D Brennan Jr.,
Connecticut, USA.

To which, the webmaster replied -

"Westhoughton is well outside the Knowsley Borough boundary. You would be better trying to locate a similar forum in the Wigan area ..."

However -

Westhoughton is a long way from Wigan and is well outside the Wigan borough boundary too.

You would be better trying to locate a similar forum in the BOLTON area.

James Hanson <>
Westhoughton,Greater Manchester,England,Sun 31st Jul 2011 , 06:21:34 pm

Chris, i have just been informed about this site and didn't realise you left a message for John, Myself and the rest of the lads to get in touch. Hope all is well. Joe Hennigan.
Joe Hennigan <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,Liverpool,Sat 30th Jul 2011 , 04:54:55 pm

I'm trying to find Eileen Elizabeth Russell born 28th November 1944
yvonne foley <>
Thu 28th Jul 2011 , 02:31:48 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Do you have further details: born where? lived where? ]

To the post about Molly's shop, I lived in Jacqueline Drive and remember Molly. I babysat her kids and sometimes she would let me serve in the shop. My sister Kathy actually worked there after school. I cannot remember her husband's name. I thought he was American? I remember going into the house and thinking it was very posh - she had bear skin rugs. I thought that was chic then. Anyway nice memories of the old shop and you're right, many a gossip went on in there......cheers
anne <>
vancouver,bc,canada,Wed 27th Jul 2011 , 08:48:24 pm

I attended Brookfield Comprehensive from 1956-1960. My brother Jimmie Condron also went there. Mr. Bury was the Headmaster and Miss Collins the Headmistress. I know it's a long way back, but worth a try. We lived in Westvale and then Spinney Road, near the Trading Estate until 1965. I worked at The British Trailer Co. on the Trading Estate and then AC Delco before moving to Canada.
Joan Condron <>
Ancaster,ON,Canada,Mon 25th Jul 2011 , 12:49:24 am

I lived 22 Windy Arbor Rd from 1954 - 1970. Schools: Halsnead, Whiston Higherside, Widnes Tech [catering]. Any one remember me or my twin brother Tony?
alan bird <>
bridport,dorset,uk,Thu 21st Jul 2011 , 11:16:03 pm

Looking for my friend Angela (born around 1954). Angela's maiden name was Radczynski. Angela and her parents emigrated to South Africa in the early 60s then Angela and her parents went back to the UK (Merseyside, Liverpool) with her young daughter Michelle. Angela's married name then (around 1975) was Du Rand as was Michelle's. If anyone can help me find Angela or has any info, please contact me.

Thank you.

Marion Marburger (nee Johnson) <>
Bonnyville,Alberta,Canada,Thu 21st Jul 2011 , 05:48:11 pm

I'm a Kirkby lad brought up in the southend we moved when we were kids slum clearance from Toxteth, big family. We went to St Marys, then St Kevins & the girls to St Gregs. We used to sag on the back of the running track & the woods in between SC Ruffwood School as we used to say. Used to go the commo in Gilescroft to watch saturday matinees, Centre 63, by St Chads for a snog after the disco if you were lucky and used to get picked up by Farmers Arms on tractors for spud picking. Used to go the witches hat park in Southdene and the travellers fairs & circuses came there as well. I left to join the Army at 15 didn't look back. I am up home next week - Mums 91st birthday god bless her. Kirkby, my home town no matter what! Take care all out there - Alan
Alan Cole <>
Wales,Thu 21st Jul 2011 , 09:29:53 am

I was a pupil at Chidlwall Valley High School from 1940 leaving in 1947. I would like to make contact with any former pupils of that time. Particularly Margaret WRIGHT aka Peggy. I am interested in Family History and have a connection with both GRACE & WRIGHT families. They were farmers in the area in the 18 hundreds. Think Margaret and I could be related. Many thanks Maureen
Maureen <>
Hervey Bay,Queensland,Australia,Mon 18th Jul 2011 , 08:01:44 am

Looking for Joyce Walton, nee Anders, twin sister of Margaret, formerly of Dragon Drive, Cross Lane, last heard of living in Australia. Any help would be appreciated.
sylvia bellis <>
Fri 15th Jul 2011 , 04:37:28 pm

Regarding Cumber Lane School, My Aunty worked there as a cleaner, Did you leave chewing gum under your desk? My grandmother lived at 10 Cumber Lane. I have fond memories of riding with my brother down Windy Arbour Road to collect train numbers at Ditton Junction during the late forties and early fifties. Happy Days
sylvia bellis <>
Thu 14th Jul 2011 , 04:06:50 pm

I came across this wonderful site. I am 78 year old. I grew up in Hazel Rd. I have just learnt how to do this. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I remember Joan Fallon, Irene Kenadale, Joyce Savage, my bridesmaid Gladys Wildman. This took me back to my childhood. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot.
betty metcalfe.nee thomas. <>
wallasey wirral,cheshire,england,Wed 13th Jul 2011 , 10:00:20 pm

I am from windy arbor rd whiston,I went to cumber lane school.then catering at Widnes Tech then I went to London to work
Alan Bird <>
charmouth,dorset,uk,Tue 12th Jul 2011 , 10:17:39 pm

Graduate and postgraduate surveyor. Hope the Higherside class of '81' are all doing well.
Anthony Rundle <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Fri 08th Jul 2011 , 08:21:38 pm

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Briggs.Married a girl called Joan in about 1974.They lived in Huyton for a while.Jim had 2 brothers lived in kirby went to Australia and came back.Jim was working on the oil riggs would love to meet them after all this time Pete & Judith
Peter Green <>
Leeds,West Yorkshire,United Kingdom,Fri 08th Jul 2011 , 01:39:33 pm

The Prescot Roll of Honour web site has now been modified to include a newsletter, with Edition 1 available for download.

The newsletter gives some background on the research, with four articles in this first edition:-

- How many Prescot men died in the Great War?
- The Camera Returns
- Visiting Thiepval
- Prescot Burials

Please visit and click on the "Newsletters" link to access and download.

Thank you

Stephen Nulty <>
Prescot,Thu 07th Jul 2011 , 02:47:12 pm

Well Done!
Impressed to go through The Collection of Photographs that have been accumulated. Would be glad to return to site again.


Stan <>
Leeds,West Yorkshire,UK,Thu 07th Jul 2011 , 07:43:02 am
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you! There are many more images online in the Knowsley Digital Collection - go to, follow the links to the Online Library and select Knowsley Digital Collection to view - there are currently over 2500 images of historic Knowsley townships available... ]

Ive lived here on mosscroft since 76. Iwent to Mosscroft primary and Seely 79 to 84. Just thought youd all like to know sadly our Mollys shop shut down in the late 90s then was demolished early 2000s.I miss going there for a natter. I remember the owners in the late 70s June and Jim.They were great with us kids they were like our aunty and uncle. I wonder how they are now. Len Val and MORRIS where the ownwers when they left. Then Dave and Pauline owned it in the 90s.I grew up with MOLLYS it was part of our lives seeing everyone there and catching up on the gossip I still miss it. When Dave split up with his wife he met me because of Mollys and we eventually married.Ive got alot to be grateful for because of our old corner shop.
michelle mckune
huyton,liverpool,england,Wed 06th Jul 2011 , 07:10:06 pm

Just want to find out if there are any memories or photographs of Layford Close, Hillside Avenue.


Paul <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Tue 05th Jul 2011 , 11:40:52 pm

Just come across your website by chance. I grew up in Tower Hill, then moved to Field Lane Estate. I went to St Lawrences RC primary school then on to St Greg's. I just read Debbie McGuinness's entry and remembered my mum asking her to look after me on my first day at school coz I was crying loads.
Cathy Marsh <>
Blackburn,Lancashire,Tue 05th Jul 2011 , 08:20:33 pm

hi there jayne i av just been informed that you are looking for me on here i have tryed to email you but for some reason they not sending how are you i was quite shocked when i found out u was lukin for me we aven seen each other for bout thirty years if you want you kan add me on facebook my name is now terry edwards and there is a black and white pic on there i look forward to hearing from you bye for now xx
terry kehoe
liverpool,merseyside,united kingdom,Tue 05th Jul 2011 , 11:31:00 am

Attended Ruffwood Comp from 1965 - 1970 and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am now living in Worcestershire and live with my wife and two sons. Reg Denning was my housemaster and the great Mr Barnes was head master. Would love to hear from anyone who was there then.
Dave Schofield

Dave Schofield <>
Worcestershire,UK,Mon 27th Jun 2011 , 11:08:31 am

I am searching for relatives on my mother-in-law's side of the family who went from Chester, UK to Tasmania, Australia possibly in the 1920's. Teddy Vickers left England to work in Tasmania when he was young lad of 15 or 16.
Please email me if you have any information on Teddy Vickers.

Many thanks.

SL Brett

Siew Lee Brett <>
Sutton West,Ontario,Canada,Mon 27th Jun 2011 , 12:44:34 am

I loved reading all the texts. Fond memories. Floods back all the good times. Dolcorswyn Hall, going on the Cannon Ball coach to get there. Names I remember, Neil Gaskell, David Woodward, Elaine Brayshaw, Evelyn Atkinson, Susan Molloy, Jefferey Williams, Barbara Wagstaff. I was born in 1955. Went to Park Brow School (Which is closed)Infants and Junior, then to Brookfield Comprehensive. I remember Mr Bury,Mr Nelson, Mrs Bryant, Mr Lancaster and Mrs Lancaster. I left after the 6th form. One boy was Eddie Pratt. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me or the era we were all about. Take care of yourselfs. Until we meet again XXXXX
Yvonne (Lee) McGuinness <>
Llandudno,Conwy,North Wales,Sun 26th Jun 2011 , 12:12:48 am

i am looking for my real mum joan frederica harris her father was frederick harris they lived on aviemore road in wavertree
malcolm stewart taylor <>
bolton,lanchashire,england,Sat 25th Jun 2011 , 07:16:51 pm

I'm looking for my father his name is Peter Gallagher and would have been in Wavertree in Liverpool in 1979 would have had a relationship with Denise Rotheram of the Willowbank pub on Smithdown Rd in Liverpool email on
ken godby <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Fri 24th Jun 2011 , 04:33:25 pm

Trying to trace my father Alan Bradley he had two daughters before me Jacki and Susan and was married to a woman called Joan his mother was called Olga and he had a brother and a sister her name was Cheral and she emigrated to Austrailia.
Joanne Bradley <>
Liverpool,Englaqnd,merseyside,Fri 24th Jun 2011 , 06:49:47 am
[ Webmaster replies : What area is he from? ]

There has now become available, the most comprehensive film material ever gathered,about Prescot. The material was gathered together for over 20 years, and includes lots of cine footage from the 1930's and 1950's.
There is over 5 hours footage and is free to view at :

p.s. All the footage has been snapped up by both the North West Film Archive, in Manchester. And also the North West Sound Archive in Clitheroe,Lancashire.

Kind Regarda.

Prescot Film Archive Society
Wed 22nd Jun 2011 , 03:59:13 pm

hi im looking for old photos of my mum an dad sandra an neil kuiper we lived in northwood 6a treecastle road my mum died the 12th of july last yr an i would like to do somthing for my dad an i think some old pics wud bring back some fond memories for him would really appriciate if any one had any to send them to me thankyou
cathy kuiper <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Sun 19th Jun 2011 , 10:18:34 am

looking 4 good friend ann roberts,lived in denstone cres. 1 of at least 12 kids . willbe 53 -54 2nd november, moved from huyton to morton late 80s she had twin girls who will be about 30 now, husband was called rob would love to hear from her if anyone knows her whereabouts.

susan harvey jones <susanjones>
Llandudno,conwy,Thu 16th Jun 2011 , 10:28:28 pm

Hi I'm trying to find Christine Walsh who lived at Quarry Green Kirby in the 1980s please reply
Steven David Etchells <>
Urmston,Manchester,Thu 16th Jun 2011 , 12:50:38 am

Visit MEMORIES OF KIRKBY on facebook, here is the link :!/home.php?sk=group_125484222504

Just copy and paste it into your address bar :)

Scouse Land <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Tue 14th Jun 2011 , 06:06:13 pm

Hi, does anyone have any Photographs of St Joseph the Worker Church Choir (Kirkby)? If anyone knows me you can contact me at the Email address Ta
Steve Park <>
Davao City,Mindanao,Philippines,Tue 14th Jun 2011 , 05:40:41 am

I once attended St. Monica's Catholic School in Bootle, Liverpool, England in 1936. I'm looking for my classmates.
Joan Wright
Liberty,TX,USA,Tue 14th Jun 2011 , 04:09:21 am

Hi just came across this site,anyone remember me from 61-64 attended ruffwood school,I used to live in warrenhouse rd northwood,my best friend was steven kelly,it would be great to hear from him again.
neil castley <>
skelmersdale,lancashire,uk,Sun 12th Jun 2011 , 11:56:14 am

Hi I used to go to Cherryfield school , then Simonswood school, then on to Brookfield left school 62 , got married and left Kirkby 71 , still go back every week .
Gillian Smith nee Bacon <>
liverpool,lancashire,england,Sat 11th Jun 2011 , 04:21:47 pm

went to simonswood school onto brookfield comp at the time opened by harold wilson m.p.
david owen <>
merseyside,kirkby,uk,Mon 06th Jun 2011 , 08:21:38 pm

if you would like to see some news reel footage of huyton internment camp go to ON THE HOME FRONT - it the first time i have seen actual news footage of the camp.

j moore <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 03rd Jun 2011 , 04:44:52 pm

Memories of Kirkby is on Facebook. There's some excellent old photos of the pupils and schools. Email me if you can't find it and I will send you a link.
Phil O'Brien <>
Mary Esther,Florida,USA,Wed 01st Jun 2011 , 03:32:14 am

I am researching the Walker family. Edward (Ted) was under butler to Lord Derby, living in St James's Square, London, in 1903 and at Whitegate Lodge in 1911,. Who is the archivist for Lord Derby as I would like to research the servant records?
Dianne <>
Solihull,Tue 31st May 2011 , 10:41:37 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Contact details can be found on the Knowsley Estate website - ]

Pete Longman,

Saw your comments on Kirkby Boys Club. Lots of good times there and friends made although we went back a lot longer than the boys club. Noticed your photo and retirement comments in local paper. Best Wishes

Bernie Jones

Bernard Jones <>
Merseyside,United Kingdom,Mon 30th May 2011 , 07:53:59 pm

Jenny Bush,
I would love to check-out the new memories of Kirkby web-site. The only problem I have is: What address do I use to access it?

Ray Morgan <>
Newport,Gwent,South Wales,Mon 30th May 2011 , 12:30:07 am

Check out the new memories of Kirkby site, brought back lots of happy childhood memories
Jenny Bush <>
Sydney,Nsw,Australia,Thu 26th May 2011 , 11:08:26 pm

webmaster, how do i change to my new email address.would not let me send on it but still accepts my defunct one new email is

david george fletcher <>
skelmersdale,lancashire,uk,Wed 25th May 2011 , 03:28:40 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I would suggest maybe checking your settings, but this email seems to have got through fine... there's always a delay in messages appearing online as the board is moderated. Hope this helps... ]

what did the name of woolfall heath sec mod get
changed to?

david fletcher <>
skelmersdale,lancashire,uk,Wed 25th May 2011 , 09:34:22 am

hi my name is katie ahmed,(was ward) i was born 2/7/1985, in whiston hospital knowsley, i was put in to foster care at a very young age, along with my other siblings, my birth mother is carol ann swinburn, she was born in sleaford lincs, i dont now much about her, maybe she has left the country, not sure, i have been told that she may of, but if any one knows any one by this small info i give pls contact me
katie <>
liverpool,uk,england,Wed 25th May 2011 , 12:02:35 am

Moved to Kirkby as a 2 year old with my parents and brother Kevin, sister Agnes in 1955 still living in Kirkby. Went to the best school ever St Lawrences when Mr Cunningham was our headmaster. My mum Agnes Byrne worked at the Commonwealth Curtains Co which was owned by Canadians (not sure if they were brothers) My dad Pat Byrne worked at Campbell & Isherwood. Me and my sister worked at John Dickinson's Co. Ltd and my brother Kevin Byrne worked at the Co-op all in Kirkby !!! x
Frances Hilton <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 22nd May 2011 , 03:01:03 pm

Can anyone tell me why the King George V playing fields in Prescot is known as Browns field? Thank you.
joan halliday <>
merseyside,Fri 20th May 2011 , 04:47:13 pm

Researching Brennan/Unsworth family, Westhoughton, UK around yr 1908 Can anyone help
Harry D Brennan Jr <>
Connecticut,US,Fri 20th May 2011 , 01:11:15 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Westhoughton is well outside the Knowsley Borough boundary. You would be better trying to locate a similar forum in the Wigan area, but you never know, one of the Guestbook viewers may be connected to the names mentioned... ]

TRYING TO TRACE jOAN moran now know as dixon married to christopher j dixon maybe one daughter eilleen elizabeth any infornation would be a great help .
dixon <>
london,england,Wed 18th May 2011 , 03:31:20 pm

Hello again. Trying to trace the Family of James Perry, dob around 1916, I think he had 2 or 3 sons but think had at least one son James born in the early 40's and lived in Whiston at the time. Not sure of the time factor but later in life he had a grocer shop in Dragons Lane near Whiston Hospital but later sold it and moved to Cronton. Please, any info or leads would be helpful however small.
Tessa Cole <>
Larnaca,Cyprus,Wed 18th May 2011 , 09:52:49 am

Trying to find whereabouts of Marilyn Maddocks who married Angus Johnstone in 1964 had a son Paul?
Any news?

sue gregson <>
wigan,lancs,england,Tue 17th May 2011 , 04:00:00 pm

Check out Memories of Kirkby on Facebook now on the new format. 1,500 photographs of Kirkby and its people and a membership of 2755 Kirkbyites lots of ex pats. Look forward to seeing you there.
Geraldine <>
Kirkby,Liverpool,United Kingdom,Tue 17th May 2011 , 12:43:34 am

Trying to find Terry Keyhole. I was just young at the time we met back in 1981-1982. He came to visit his grandad in Denstone Cresent, Pagemoss, Huyton. He had a brother called Lee and an auntie called Jenny. Not sure what his mothers name was. I think his brother died .... I know he use to hang about Princess Drive, Lordens Road back in his younger days. Also trying to find Alan Walker from Princess Drive. We grew up together. He has 2 brothers and one sister called Ann. Thank you for reading my add. I do hope some one can help me.

liverpool,england,england,Mon 16th May 2011 , 08:39:56 pm

I am looking for Marie Higgins.
Attended Kirkby College of Further Education 1979-1981.

aziz <>
University Park,PA,USA,Fri 13th May 2011 , 08:40:56 pm

Went to huyton modern secondary school to 1959, also longview, and stockbridge lane juniors, left huyton 1967, served 27 years firefighter and operational watch commander nuclear fire and rescue service (BNFL) retired. Now fire safety and training consultant.Would like to hear from any body who may have known me in huyton in the 60s.
alan jakulis <>
hoylake wirral,merseyside,united kingdom,Fri 13th May 2011 , 07:19:18 pm

just wondering going back 20 years or more, did the makro ever sell minks fur coats then at the price of £900
leanne <>
liverpool,england,uk,Sat 07th May 2011 , 03:05:49 pm

Hi, jusy wondering if anyone cares to recall kirkby boys club 1968 1974 when i helped out running the club with frank munn . we had some fantastic footballers and characters and good times. paul bolan ,jimmy wilson , paul wilson , hattie gallagher mike whelan bernie jones , bobby dillon ,billy burns r.i.p., the youth nights were also brilliant. hope you are all well
Peter Longman
merseyside,uk,Tue 03rd May 2011 , 04:04:19 pm

originally from huyton trying to look up old mates
michael mannion <>
thornbury,ont,canada,Fri 29th Apr 2011 , 03:35:25 am

I am seeking the history of Bullens Farm at Kirkby. I think it is where my ancestors farmed: Hugh Bullen (c.1800-61), his son Richard Bullen (1840-after 1900) etc. It was at Broad Lane End, Briton Brow, next to Athertons House.
Selby Whittingham <>
London,England,Sun 24th Apr 2011 , 09:53:00 pm

Another great site that ties into this is MEMORIES OF KIRKBY on Facebook. Over 1,000 photos of the area, all the schools and many students and teachers.
USA,Wed 20th Apr 2011 , 08:24:01 pm

Came across this site whilst trying to look up archives for the Prescot Reporter Circa 1956-1960. My email address should have 'om' on the end but the space allowed would not take it. I attended Prescot Grammar from 1953 to 1958 and Eccleston Primary from 1950-1953 anybody remember me please feel free to get in touch.
Clive Baxendale <clive.baxendale22@btinternet.c>
Clackmannan,Scotland,UK,Wed 20th Apr 2011 , 03:50:35 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Reply to Clive Baxendale at email below:


live in mosscroft huyton went to mosscroft school also the bektts then park way
paula hughes <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Sun 17th Apr 2011 , 12:45:38 am

URGENT REPLY NEEDED PLEASE AS AM VISITING PRESCOT ON SUN 17TH 18TH 19TH FOR RESEARCH. does anyone know where the records for the Petty Sessional Division of Prescot from 1948 are held. Have tried Huyton library, St Helens etc, no luck They MUST be somewhere. HELP NEEDED
tessa cole <>
london,kent,uk,Thu 14th Apr 2011 , 05:35:56 pm
[ Webmaster replies : These records are held in Knowsley Library Service's Archive at Kirkby Library and are subject to a 30 year closure period. The Archive is accessible by appointment only, Monday to Friday, and you can arrange a time by ringing 0151 443 4365. I have emailed you with the available times on the dates you mention. Hope this helps... ]

I am looking 4 a Thomas Lain was Randles he lived in Huyton then went 2 live in Birkenhead when he was about 13 he will be about 46 now. His mother's name was May. He worked in a wood yard I think
lane <>
liverpool,uk liverpool,england,Tue 12th Apr 2011 , 01:22:47 pm

I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of Whitfield farm, Old Hut Lane. I'm doing some genealogical research and the name keeps coming up, yet I can find very little mention of it on the net. Any info would be great appreciated!
Tracey <>
Winnipeg,Canada,Mon 11th Apr 2011 , 09:09:59 pm

Love this site brings back lots of memories of my time in Kirkby lived there from 1957 till 1977. Went to Simonswood School 58 my Dad used to work there as a caretaker in them days. Lived in Minstead Avenue where simonswood was.
Went to Ruffwood School 63 to 69 happy days

Hilary Byrne <>
Wallasey,Wirral,UK,Mon 11th Apr 2011 , 02:49:21 pm

good to see there are some of the old guard still standing, centre 63 founder member when it was run by dave woodhouse and was sighted next to the 1st kirkby scout hall at ruffwood school, and shacklady,s tuck shop
remember seeing a band called the hideaways who were well liked at the time on many occasions

perth,wa,australia,Mon 11th Apr 2011 , 06:06:31 am

Anyone know the whereabouts of Gary Foy from Tower Hill in Kirkby, also James Rigby and Andrew Eccles (kidder) also from Kirkby?
james jackson <>
liverpool,knowsley,uk,Wed 06th Apr 2011 , 06:49:30 pm

liverpool,St.Helens Merseyside,U.K,Tue 05th Apr 2011 , 12:50:25 pm

I am trying to trace anybody who knew Lillian Wilkinson (nee Hewitt) who lived in Delph Cottages, Knowsley in the 1950s. I believe she may have a daughter living in Canada.
ian forsyth <>
uk,Sun 03rd Apr 2011 , 09:15:36 pm

Hi, anyone attend Ruffwood Comp 1980-85? I was in Nightingale, our housemaster was slobberchops Mr Keane would be great to hear from fellow ex pupils, I miss those years x
george howard <>
Liverpool,kirkby,Sun 03rd Apr 2011 , 06:46:28 pm

Hi would like to hear from anyone that was in Mr Edward's class. My name was Carol Campion. I left Brookfield 1984 be lovely to here fom anyone in my class.
carol lawton <>
liverpool,Sat 02nd Apr 2011 , 09:55:36 am

Please disregard my previous references to James Perry Dragons Drive, wrong J Perry. I apologise to the Perry's that used to live there, I have been informed there was another Jimmy Perry that used to work at BICC then later owned a corner shop in Dragons Lane. He would also now be in his 80s or early 90s. He sold the shop but if anyone can give me info on him or his sons I would be greatful. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of Perry's in the area but hopfully not many with an address in Dragons Lane etc. ps Been getting a lot of disturbing junk mail from Africa saying they are getting my e-mail from this site.
Tessa Cole <>
Larnaca,Cyprus,Fri 01st Apr 2011 , 08:23:20 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Regarding the receipt of junk email, we can remove your messages from the guestbook if you wish, but obviously this will remove both the messages and your email address which people need in order to respond to your query. Please advise if you would like your messages removed ]

If you are interested in Liverpool & Wirral from 70s to 2011. Have a look at this flickr photostream.There are lots of places that no longer exist.

Bernard Rose <>
Neston,Sth Wirral,Cheshire,Tue 29th Mar 2011 , 08:31:33 am

My grandfather, Peter Thomas Wearing, (originally spelled "Waring") was born in Tarbock in 1855. His father, Joseph Waring, was a blacksmith in Tarbock as was his grandfather, William Berry. Joseph Waring and William Berry, together with their wives, are buried in the churchyard of St. Michael's, Huyton.
Joseph Wearing <>
Toronto,Ontario,Canada,Sun 27th Mar 2011 , 08:05:13 pm

Any one out there ,that went to St Doms.Iwent there from 1947and left in 1957-8,and also went to the Eddies Orphanage,when the new doms was getting built.I had some great mates when I was there ie Richie Maguire,Matty Barigan who I met recently, John Tommo,Archie Rimmer Georgie Robbo,Lenny Cambell,Mick Levons and loads of lads that I played Footie with,for the Doms teams,and also Huyton & prescot schools representative team.If anyone of you are reading this mail give us a line and I would like to meet up with you.They were the best days of my life,as there were no scallies like there are these days,and we loved hanging around with each other.Some other names that have just come to mind are Dom Cullen,Vic Martindale John Seddon.I lived in 42 Southdean road.Hope to hear soon.Ta ra
billy hill <C39F4@HOTMAIL.CO.UK>
LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,United Kingdom,Fri 25th Mar 2011 , 04:42:16 pm

hi did anyone have paranormal experience in gilescroft walk kirkby in the early 70s i lived there then
i know its been knocked down now, but it was behind the ruffwood pub
i have been intrigued for nearly 40 years whether anyone experienced what my family did

tony taylor <>
wirral,Fri 25th Mar 2011 , 10:50:28 am

Trying to discover the reason why ancestor born Knowsley early 1800s left for Australia approx 1830s. His name was william Henry Ormsby Little Tyrer. Possible parents William and mary nee Branwood all from Knowsley. William senier may have been a saddler. William junior a carpenter, any details of social history would be appreciated, regards from Carol.
carol flint <>
Latrobe,Victoria,Australia,Mon 21st Mar 2011 , 11:08:18 pm

Hi Sophie Allan Hewitt is my brother & moved to Australia in the 60s,we lived on the Maypole Estate before moving to Homefarm Rd,Allan was born in 1943,I was born 1943.Would like you to get in touch.
leslie hewitt (snr) <>
liverpool,prescot,england,Sat 19th Mar 2011 , 11:30:30 am

I was a student at the Malayan Teachers College in Kirkby in 1960-1961
I met a lovely family - The Pyes -John and Dorothy(Dolly)who lived at 48 Station Road (off Waddicar Lane)Melling. Would anyone know the whereabouts of their children - David and Jean? I would love to have news of them.

ajmer singh gll <>
sydney,new south wales,australia,Thu 17th Mar 2011 , 11:54:23 pm

Hello, I was wondering if anyone went to school with a lady named Jennifer Harrison she would have lived in Shepton Road Huyton around 1965 - 68 and would have attended the local secondary modern. I am researching my family tree and have hit a dead end the family moved around 69 - 70. If anyone could help that would be great or if the lady herself sees this even better! Thank you - great site.
Jill <>
Newcastle,Newcastle,UK,Thu 17th Mar 2011 , 08:37:13 pm

left Prescot Grammar 1959 & lived South Africa & New Zealand since 1965.
Would like contact with old friends.

billy seiga <>
hamilton,New Zealand,Tue 15th Mar 2011 , 07:10:10 am

Went to ruff wood school 1971-1976". Was in shackle ton house. Married my wife maureen 11 years ago. She attended ruff wood 1971-1976 and was in Shakespeare. Her name was Maureen board man. Her dad was caretaker of the flats facing.
Paul grice <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,England,Mon 14th Mar 2011 , 11:30:27 pm

Looking for former friends who attended Huyton Hey (Seel Road) secondary modern school in the early 1960's
Lost touch with everyone, thought it would be good to see whats happening.

Colin Williams <>
Te Aroha,Waikato,New Zealand,Sun 13th Mar 2011 , 10:08:58 pm

st joseph infant school riversley park nuneaton between years 1963 till 1969 can you remember who the headmasters name was also deputy heads thankyou
julia bannister
warwickshire,Fri 11th Mar 2011 , 10:52:40 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You need to get in touch with Warwickshire centred websites/guestbooks/local history services - we are Knowsley, Merseyside-based... ]

Would like to trace Thomas James Perry born in 1943 in Whiston and lived at 15 Dragons Drive as a child. His father was James Perry who died in 1989 and I think his mother was Rita Mather but not sure about that. Thomas lived for a while at 15 Weelsby Grove in Grimsby but moved on, have no idea where. If anyone has any info on Thomas Perry or his siblings please contact me, it's quite important. Very good site, very useful
Tessa Cole <>
Larnaca,Cyprus,Mon 07th Mar 2011 , 12:49:50 pm

looking to contact june fletcher, she went to park brow school in 1956 think she went to brookfield after that, lived in birkin close, southdene kirkby. sister name is christine, she sent me a birthday card after many years. did not put her married name, said she would call but our number has since changed, any help would be appreciated she was my BFF

valerie ainsworth mcdonald <>
London,ON,Canada,Fri 04th Mar 2011 , 11:17:34 pm

Does anyone know what happened to the Price sisters they lived in William Roberts Avenue, Westvale in the middle flat. Think there was 4 of them Linda Pam Carol cant remember other one. The dads name was Peter, had a dog called Tanya didnt like me just wondering how they all are.
jimmy cairns <>
liverpool,england,Fri 04th Mar 2011 , 03:31:29 pm

Looking for Barbara Edwards.. worked with her in the 1970's in Woodburn Oregon at Birdseye frozen foods, She then moved to Portland and that is the last time i saw her
Joseph Labansky <>
Eugene.Lane,USA,Wed 02nd Mar 2011 , 01:59:38 am
[ Webmaster replies : Is there a possible link here in that there was a Birdseye plant in Kirkby, Knowsley, England... ]

anyone remember steve tony chris elly?
liverpool,kirkby,england,Sun 27th Feb 2011 , 05:15:49 pm

Futher to my post yesterday, My name is Jeffrey Walsh, my parents lived at Bretherton road, Prescot, My Parents names were Margaret Walsh nee Bibby & Peter Walsh, they were married on the 18th Feb 1950. my mother Died in 1952 and I was born in 1951, Both my parents worked at BICC...any info would be great as I know nothing at all about my Mother, as far as I know she lived at Longton Lane, Rainhill and her mother was called Sarah Ellen Bibby...Thank you.
Jeffrey Walsh <>
Cartmel,Cumbria,uk,Fri 25th Feb 2011 , 09:24:12 am

Hi, did not include the info -
my name is Jeffrey Walsh, My parents were Margaret Walsh nee Bibby from Rainhill, and Peter Walsh, Both worked a Bicc in 1950, my mother died in 1952. they were married on the 18th Feb 1950.

Jeffrey Walsh <>
cartmel,cumbria,uk,Thu 24th Feb 2011 , 06:03:38 pm

Hi, I am trying to trace any photo of my mother she died when I was 10months old, over the years have asked all my surviving family but no one for some reason would tell me anything about her or provide a photograph, I did have one in the 1960's but got lost on a house move, my wife has tried tracing through the newspaper library in london to see if there was a wedding photo but turned up nothing, I recently got a copy of my parents marriage certificate and they were married in 1950 at Chapel of the Blessed Virgin ever Immaculate and St Joseph in Prescot. Any Help would be appreciated.
Jeffrey Walsh <>
Cartmel,Cumbria,uk,Thu 24th Feb 2011 , 04:44:04 pm

Hello, really enjoy perusing your web site and very informative at times.

Looking for relatives I have lost contact with and any one who remembers me. Went to Ruffwood School 64-68, Telford house. I lived in Lindby Road, Southdene Kirkby. Would be nice to hear from any one who knows the where about's of my sister Barbara. She went to Brookfield School, married a chap called Dennis Dillon, had the one son, Christopher.

Looking forward to hearing from any one with any news.

Best egards,

Ray Morgan

Ray Morgan <>
Newport,Gwent,South Wales,Wed 23rd Feb 2011 , 12:36:38 pm

1438 Prescot Air Cadets will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary.
So to all ex air cadets of 1982 Huyton and 1438 Prescot its both squadrons anniversary this year . Both squadrons are doing well . Would be good to here from ex cadets !

Tony Howard
WO 1438 Prescot ATC

Tony Howard <>
Liverpool,Huyton,Fri 18th Feb 2011 , 10:55:35 am

Does anyone know of a James Perry from Whiston who was a comittee member of the BICC Social Club in Scotchbarn Lane between 1973-1986. I think he may be deceased as he would now be in his 90s but any info on him or his family would be good

Tessa Cole <>
Bermondsey,London,England,Thu 17th Feb 2011 , 05:34:42 pm

maggy guy <>
liverpool,huyton,ENGLAND,Thu 17th Feb 2011 , 03:41:07 pm

I cant get a message to helen jones re john lucas builders is there a fault with her address?
ken chamberlain
Wed 16th Feb 2011 , 04:51:51 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The only contact details available are those provided by the poster and attached to the post as you see it - unfortunately, we have no way of verifying email addresses... ]

I'm trying to locate the guest book for 2008 onwards without success as I've enjoyed early ones and found people whome I hadn't heard from in years.
Frederick Whitfield <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Tue 15th Feb 2011 , 10:20:25 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If you scroll down the page, you will see all of the entries from 2002 onwards.Click on the link at the top of the page to view entries from 2001 and before. Hope this helps. ]

update on previous message below about James Perry and Nuttall family of Whiston. I also spend time in London and will be there in April for a few weeks and plan to visit Whiston. I would be sooo happy to receive any message or contact with the James Perry family. Any info would be good as I would like to know a little bit about my Dad although I accept that he is probably now dead as is my Mother who never married therefore I have no siblings except of course the Perry family. I am married with 2 sons who both live in London and are both as eager as I am to make contact. Please get in touch if you read this message and if anyone reads this who knows the Perry family please pass it on. Many thanks, Tessa Cole
Tessa Cole <>
London,Bermondsey SE1,England,Tue 15th Feb 2011 , 11:44:25 am

would like any info on James Perry of Whiston. If he is still alive he would be in his 90s. I know he had 3 sons probably born in the 40s but not sure if any children born after the war. He worked at the BICC and have been told that he worked with a chap by the name of Nuttall also of Whiston and lived in Dragons Road.Any info would be good as James Perry is my father and I have no info on him. I was born in 1946 and had no contact but as I am doing a family tree it would be nice to fill in the blanks. If any of the Nuttall family read this then please get in touch also. I would also be more than pleased to hear from the Perry family as well.
Tessa Cole <>
Larnaca,Cyprus,Tue 15th Feb 2011 , 12:18:44 am

looking for any information associated with John Lucas and Son builders. my grandfather worked for them for a very long time and i'm interested in anything to do with this company
Helen Jones <>
Warrington,cheshire,england,Sun 13th Feb 2011 , 02:40:44 pm

am looking 4 an old friend linda field who lived in delaware crescent westvale kirkby she married an went 2 live in canada dont knoe her married name. i would realy love 2 hear from u or anyone who might know of ur wereabouts.
janet newcombe <>
liverpool,mereyside,england,Sat 12th Feb 2011 , 06:06:46 pm

ATTENDED/ 1980/1985 Sacred Heart Infants/Juniors Primary Westhead Avenue Northwood Kirkby Liverpool L33 ATTENDED/1985/1986 the last year of St Gregorys before commercing with St Kevins 1986/1990 All Saints High School Southdene Kirkby L32
aintree,liverpool,merseyside,Sat 12th Feb 2011 , 06:10:21 am

hi ,i,m keith hooley still have family in kirkby went to st chad,s and ruffwood left 1971 john and dot hooley where my parents ,brothers kevan and kieron emily campbell is our aunt ,makes agood read the guestbook ,also michael mordaunt leaves not far from me in melbourne he was in 1 sheakespeare with me 1970 1971 small world cheers aussie keith
keith hooley <>
melbourne,victoria,australia,Sun 06th Feb 2011 , 04:19:52 pm

Looking for relatives of Winifred Constantine of Liverpool, England
Winifred Besser <>
Staten Island,New York,USA,Sun 30th Jan 2011 , 02:22:31 am

looking for my brothers son thomas randles he will be about 46 now his mothers name was may randles i think he went to live in birkenhead if you no thomas could you let me no i would love to no how he is geting on
doherty <>
liverpool,liverpool england,england,Wed 26th Jan 2011 , 12:03:11 pm

Iam planning a visit to England this year would like to look up old friends of mine and my family,used to live in Sugar Lane Knowsley mom Dolly Spackman sister at email att.
Harry spackman <>
aurora,colorado,usa,Mon 24th Jan 2011 , 01:25:03 am

keith <>
st helens,merseyside,u.k.,Sat 22nd Jan 2011 , 09:28:27 pm

knowsley woolfall secondary modern 1957.-1961
kevin peters <kev.peters46'@gmail .com>
winsford,cheshire,england,Tue 18th Jan 2011 , 07:43:22 pm

just thought i would drop a line to say how impressed i am at the new pictures and stories about lpool that has been added to the net.thank you to those responsible.i,m also ecstatic about google earth,the world seems to be shrinking.i like to think i,m taking a drive to and around,any where i choose,i was drawn to tears seeing how kirkby oops! knowsley has changed since i left in1967,but enough remains to bring back memories that otherwise would have been forgotten.Never thought i would be typing on a computer at 58 yrs old,i noticed that st lawrences church is down also the maissonettes on Lydbury crescent #12 was our house.still like to hear from anyone from around there during 50s 60s.
sonny blundell <arthur>
hamilton,ontario,canada,Tue 18th Jan 2011 , 05:10:01 pm

Still looking for JOYCE ANDERS, twin of MARGARET, lived in 4Os in Dragon Drive, Whiston and in late 5Os Cross Lane before moving in 6Os to Melbourne, I understand Margaret still lives in Merseyside. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Sylvia Howarth.
Sylvia Howarth <>
England,Tue 18th Jan 2011 , 03:11:35 pm

hoping to find family in Bootle, Liverpool. My mothers family name is Ellison.
valerie whittington--- connor <>
perth,west australia,australia,Sun 16th Jan 2011 , 05:52:49 am

It seems like many others, I came across this website purely by accident, and it's really interesting to read peoples comments about the places I grew up in like Huyton/Knowsley and Liverpool. I knew a lot of kids from the Knowsley "prefab estate" as they attended Knowsley Woolfall secondary modern school, I then lived in Huyton, Barkbeth Rd. We all became close mates, long after leaving school! Obvious early friends were (in no particular order)Pete Coy, Roy Burdette,Brian(Harry)Harrington,Johnny Johnson,Rita Dears, Carol Woodward,Barbra Henshaw etc. Others I met from the estate who are still friends to this day are; Eddie Krol, Ian Cambell, Trevor Davies, I've got great memories of our "capers" on the estate after school! lots of "teenage Stuff" some of you may recall! some of us learned to play guitar/drums etc. and went on to form "groups" one lad who did make the "big time" was Tommy Evans, sadly not with us now, but should be in your local "hall of fame" (check him out on google)Anyway, My name's Jim (Jimmy)Mawer, I now live in Spain, and, I'd like to wish everyone all the best.(ps. my era was the 50s at school, and I left Huyton for London in 1966)
Jim mawer <>
San Miguel,Alicante,Spain,Wed 12th Jan 2011 , 11:01:37 am
[ Webmaster replies : Welcome to the site, and thanks for sharing your memories... ]

does any one no what happend eddie bully french of belton rd huyton worked coop in pilch lane early 60 joined RAF
keith <>
st.helens,merseyside,uk,Mon 10th Jan 2011 , 09:08:58 pm

Hello All
My Name at the time was Margaret Rose
of the Cherry Tree Hotel Kirkby. I went to the Maypole School between 1946 and 1951..Head Teacher was Mr Railton. top class Teacher mr Challinor.
My classmates were.."Barbara Seed" who later married Fred Payne. "Maureen Aldrit" "Pauline Warnap" "Mathew Finigan" "David Greenhaugh" & Fred ?
If anyone remebers me, please email on
I would love too hear from you.

good luck
Margaret Rees (Rose)

Margaret Rees (Ne Rose) <>
Durrington,Nr Salisbury,Wiltshire,Fri 07th Jan 2011 , 11:45:08 am

Attended Whiston Secondary Modern School from 1957 to 1962. A big thanks to Mr Fairclough my chemistry teacher. Partly thanks to his encouragement I, a dozy lazy pupil, finally became a chemistry teacher and, although retired for nearly eight years as Head of Chemistry at Whitby Community College after 25 years service in the 'North Riding' I'm still teaching indirectly via 'Doc Brown's Chemistry' at !
Dr Phil Brown ('doc brown') <>
Castleton Village,North Yorkshire,England,Thu 06th Jan 2011 , 07:33:23 pm

would like to no what happend to pat french of belton rd huyton
campion keith <>
huyton,merseyside,uk,Tue 04th Jan 2011 , 09:14:02 pm

i went to roby comp in 1978 and had good memories there i even went to st michaels as well we had a schhol reunion and it was good that was 3 yrs ago try and get another one organised
jacqui norton <>
merseyside,liverpool,england,Tue 04th Jan 2011 , 04:45:36 pm

does anyone know a mr gerry roache from st johns from 1980's
leanne donohue <>
mersyside,Sat 01st Jan 2011 , 04:39:56 am

does anyone have any information,on bob tootill,houemaster,(bede)early1960, kevins comp,kirkby merseyside.thank you.
bob.rowan <>
wirral,merseyside,england,Fri 31st Dec 2010 , 08:15:07 pm

Hi im looking for info on george maddocks not sure if thats the correct spelling of his surname! I believe him to be my father. He was in the military with my uncle tony heffield , i believe he also worked for lord sefton. He was from the anfield area of liverpool . I would appreciate a ny info
gary heffield <>
nelson,new zealand,Tue 28th Dec 2010 , 07:47:22 am

I went to Halsnead School from l946 and then Whiston Secondary School from l952-l956 - want to trace Joyce Anders who wanted to contact me about 8 years ago, last place known Melbourne. Also Jean Spooner, her dad had Spooners Cycle Shop in Prescot, last heard living in Jo,burg S.A.
sylvia howarth <>
ruyton xI towns,shropshire,u.k.,Thu 23rd Dec 2010 , 11:52:30 am

I went to St.Dominics secondary school when Mr Grangier was the head.It wasnt the happiest time of my life but it would still be nice to know what happened to people.Mrs Brean was the head of the junior school.Mr Swift the deputy head.
colette hunt <>
Liverpool,England,Sat 18th Dec 2010 , 10:42:55 pm

I have just stumbled across this site after recently discovering my ancestors who lived in and around Huyton during the 1800's. I love that web site.
Böcek Ýlaçlama <>
istanbul,turkey,turkey,Wed 15th Dec 2010 , 12:11:23 pm

Any body attend Parr Central Sec Mod from 1962 to 1968 would love to here from any old class mates (John Mclroy, Jean Foster Kevin Gannon and any others)
Kevin Ashcroft <>
Formby,Merseyside,England,Tue 14th Dec 2010 , 01:08:19 pm

Grandfather George Curd Coachman and Groomsman Lord Derby 1890s, father George born Sugar Lane Knowsley.Anyone got info?
I was Born Whiston hospital 1945 my Mother Veronica Lived in Childwall after dad died in 1961.
Veronica and brothers Ged and Keith lived in Prescot.My brothers they died of Cancer in 2000 and 2001.After leaving school I had a junior clerical role at BICC LTD then in 1969 I went into Nursing in Merseyside and Lancashire.I am on facebook and friends.
If anyone knows or can contact old friends in Prescot as they got married or moved and lost touch.
Dorothy and Sylvia Dixon, Pam Murray,
Susan Pritchard, Angela Green, Margaret Mills, Susan Chorley,Margaret Walsh,and Kay Howard get in touch.John 01704225801

John Curd <>
Southport,England,Thu 09th Dec 2010 , 02:28:41 am

I am looking for any photographs or information about the Police Station on Archway road. My grandad was the policeman there with my dad and his family in the late 50's early 60's. The family name was Wearden and my grandad was called James and my Nanna, Annie.
Thank you

Rebecca Eddisford <>
Rochdale,Lancashire,UK,Tue 07th Dec 2010 , 07:45:02 pm

Looking for relatives of ERIC LLOYD. He lived at 20 GILBERT ROAD, WHISTON. He died in August 1968. Thankyou.
Angie Tyrer <>
Mon 06th Dec 2010 , 11:07:34 pm

I have just returned from a two week holiday back to see my family in Kirkby after almost 16 years since my last trip.I used to go to Ruffwood school 1960 - 1964 but alass it's no more, what a horrible building they have erected on the corner of County Road and Ruffwood Drive, this a school!When driving past this new school, 2 boys were climbing over the fence to escape, i don't blame them. Even went to the Friday markets at the centre, some good buys.Went to see the Albert Docks, great and Liverpool 1 even better.Had a great time will come back in a couple of years.
Brian Williams <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Fri 03rd Dec 2010 , 05:43:05 am

Did you go to Prescot Grammar, Prescot Girls Grammar or Prescot Comprehensive School? Then vist for a site full of nostalgia and over 2300 former pupil contact details.
CHEPSTOW,Monmouthshire,Wales,Wed 01st Dec 2010 , 09:20:06 pm

Looking for LES/WALTER(not sure which)DEVITT school friend from HUYTON SEC;MODERN,Rupert Road,1942/45 period.
Alan Mutch <>
Penketh,Cheshire,Wed 01st Dec 2010 , 05:20:27 pm

GREAT SITE!! does anyone remember my dads family? joey mcgrady, 47 shepton rd,huyton,around the 40,50,maybe 60s? or anyone have old pics of shepton rd,its no longer there!! and cant find any old pics of the area,if you know my dad or have anypics please email me, thanks for your time Mark

mark mcgrady <>
bootle,sefton,Fri 26th Nov 2010 , 10:04:56 am
[ Webmaster replies : Hi

You can view some Archive images of Shepton Road online via the Knowsley Digital Collection - go to and follow the links through to the Online Library... ]

re suez crisis 1956 after n/s demob in 1955 i was attached to 82 port operations reg,t army emergency reserve the squadron i was in 173 port-maintainance mostly came from the old liverpool dockboard employees does anyone know where i can aquire the transpotation arm badge with wavy lines
john dixon <>
hagley,worcestershire,uk,Thu 25th Nov 2010 , 10:39:17 pm

Trying to contact Fred Carr a good friend circa 1955 time.He lived in Bruton Rd Huyton attended Prescot Grammar School.On leaving school worked for a short time for "Scotts bread"prior to starting an apprenticeship in the printing industry.
Fred. Mckeon <>
Uttoxeter,Staffs.,UK,Thu 25th Nov 2010 , 07:19:09 pm

Hi,great site.Does anyone have any info about the fire in 1978.It was supposed to be a circus tent went on fire???Loss of lives and some unidentified.Any help with info would be much appreciated.Thank you,Liz
liz kavanagh <>
ballingarry,limerick,Tue 23rd Nov 2010 , 11:25:42 pm

what a great site, i went to overdale then on to ruffwood, i would like to find old friends that was in ruffwood shakespear or darwin house from 75 80 or anyone who can remember me, keep up the good work
kevin goodwin <>
bridlington east yorks,england,Tue 23rd Nov 2010 , 01:30:01 pm

Hi, Great site.

I have seen references to the name HOLLAND on the site. I have an Aaron Holland born Prescott about 1800. Aaron married Jane Peers in 1822 and settled in Wigan. If anyone can connect with this name could they please get in touch as I cant get any farther back than Aaron.


Tue 23rd Nov 2010 , 03:54:31 am

Hi I am trying to trace a lady by the name of Kay (nee) Nolan who in 1950 worked at Littlewoods Pools, Walton, house 55 Charnock Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L67 1AB. My father Denis Wakefield who at that time was in the royal navy, had docked at liverpool, met kay when visiting - they use to go dancing. Father is still dancing but just needs to change his dancing partner. I wish I could dance like him, I am Paul Wakefield looking on behalf of father, as father has no computer. If anyone living in Merseyside or used to live in Liverpool, Merseyside can help us - Kay may still be in Liverpool but probably not at Littlewoods. Thank you for your time. PW on behalf of DCW
Paul Wakefield <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sun 21st Nov 2010 , 09:02:01 pm

Looking for Ann Griffiths who lived off Bluebell Lane in 1976 She was my bridesmaid in that year and I would love to find out what she has been doing allthis time
Gill Atkinson <>
Betws yn Rhos,Conwy,Wales,Tue 16th Nov 2010 , 09:54:56 pm

Hi All

I am looking for anyone who may have known my Granddad Harry Mitchell when he lived in Liverpool/Kirkby in the 50's/60's/70's. I am researching his life in view of writing a book about his services in the Royal Artillery in WWII and his life after. I believe he worked on the docks in Liverpool and I know he lived in Ennerdale Close in Tower Hill in Kirkby around the late 50's early 60's. If anyone remembers him regardless of what info you have, please get in touch.



Lee Capie <>
Warrington,Cheshire,England,Tue 16th Nov 2010 , 03:46:11 pm

Happy memories of my time at this school. I left in 1973 to go onto high school. Are there any former pupils out there?

Joy Woosey <>
Tue 09th Nov 2010 , 12:38:01 am

Hi Everyone - Anyone out there who is due to retire in 2011 at 60 or, anyone attend Ruffwood Comp between 1961 - 1967 (Nightingale House) or any other House Block during this period. I would love to make contact. I am also on SKYPE.
Pam Faulds (now McConnell)

Pam Faulds (now McConnell) <phil@pmcconnell.fsnet>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sun 07th Nov 2010 , 10:11:35 pm

I was a student at the Malayan Teachers College in Kirkby in 1960-1961
I met a lovely family - The Pyes -who lived at Waddicar Lane. Would anyone know the whereabouts of their children - David Pye and Jean pye? I would love to have news of them.

ajmer gill <ajmersinghgill@gmail. com>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Sat 06th Nov 2010 , 11:51:13 am

G,day my name is Richard McCauley, I am trying to contact any relatives of Mr Richard McCauley, born in balbriggan ,Ireland (now deceased)I know he married and had twin boys, John and Philip and a daughter Patricia, all born about1955-1960and were born in the Bristol area, I was told patricia was thought to be living in the Plymouth area. I was born in scarborough Yorkshire in 1945 and now live in Australia. thanks R A McCauley.
Richard McCauley <>
perth,western australia,Australia,Mon 01st Nov 2010 , 06:45:08 am
[ Webmaster replies : A long shot really as this website is viewed by people mainly interested in the Knowsley area... ]

hello went to st aloysuis from 55 to 65 got married when i was 20 moved to haydock lived there 6 years then moved to ashton in makerfeild .then in 84 emigrated to south africa [[east london]]had 14 years fantastic time .kids came back here so could not be there and them here i have a joinery buisness in my class some names tommy cane..terry keating john heinz harry turner geoge porter.joey johnston john gavin girls angela kerr .joan kelleher.joan forshaw.eileen mains christine finnigan cathleene emmett and rita pickering do you remember she used to cry when it used to thunder also tommy kelly pah oreilly kevin burns anthony redhead..
john nick name jackie allen <>
wigan,lancashire,england,Sun 31st Oct 2010 , 11:26:31 am

Would like to contact Julia Gordon who attended Knowsley Longview School and lived across from the shops in Longview. I don't know Julia's married name but I do remember that she had two brothers one named Reece and three sisters, Audrey, Norma & Beryl. If you remember Julia, or me (Carol Mooney, then), please contact me.
Carol Sebastian <>
Port Coquitlam,BC,Canada,Sat 30th Oct 2010 , 11:10:13 pm

Trying to find my best man from 1963 Alan Sumpter lived by the bridge in Huyton Quarry fathers name Stan mothers name Olive went to America came back and formed a packingage company down south,any help to find him would be very much appreciated
gordon howarth <>
arnside carnforth,lancs,Fri 29th Oct 2010 , 03:02:03 pm

Carol Jones, you could apply for a copy of your parent's marriage licence, that would have their DOB on it. You can get it from The General Register Office, probably online.
maria <>
liverpool,liverpool,United Kingdom,Fri 22nd Oct 2010 , 03:14:25 pm

Tried adding to the guestbook, but see that my comments are not I using the right method (I put them in here........

Barbara Joy (nee Clark)

Barbara Joy <>
Auckland,n/a,New Zealand,Sun 17th Oct 2010 , 04:18:37 am
[ Webmaster replies : This is a moderated guestbook so there is always a delay before posts appear... ]

Hi All

I am Sophie Higgins Auntie Barbara - just to add to her comments, we originally lived in the now mythical BUNGALOWS at 13 Lea Close, then 25 Knowsley Drive from which I was married in the Village Church on 20th July 1957. My name was then Barbara Clark. Started school as a five year old in the Village School (now restaurant) Would love to hear from any school friends & neighbours - Mum was the local postlady for many years, and Dad on the Old People's Committee and many others...but mostly I would love to find my best friend & bridesmaid Pat Carr....she lived in White Horse Yukon for some years as the Head Matron at th hospital...any clues???

Barbara Joy <>
Auckland,New Zealand,n/a,Fri 15th Oct 2010 , 08:28:00 pm

The Prescot Roll of Honour commemorates the 300+men of Prescot who fell in the Great War, and also those who served and returned.

I have today added the 44 men named on the BICC War memorial but who had not been included initially as my research suggested that they did not live in Prescot, but in places such as St Helens, Warrington, Huyton Quarry, etc.

Being named on the BICC memorial, however, I decided that they do in fact have a place on the Roll of Honour, although I have not done as much research on them.

I will be happy to add any information relating to any of these men which is supplied by visitors to the site.

There are still two men named on the BI memorial who I have been unable to positively identify; T ASHTON and W ATHERTON. Any help which you can give in identifying these men would be gratefully received.

Please contact me via my website at
or just visit anyway to view the story behind these men

Stephen Nulty
Prescot,Fri 15th Oct 2010 , 09:43:53 am

Tony Hickey never left an email address. Does anyone know it. Pete
Peter Gallagher <>
Tauranga,New Zealand,Fri 15th Oct 2010 , 02:59:11 am

Hi, I saw that Tony Hickey from Lydney Rd was looking for people who knew him. I used to go to school with you Tony. I used to live in Greenway Close. I think we were in the same class. I started work in Guinness Exports and you were an apprentice electrician. I've been in New Zealand since 1967.
Peter Gallagher <>
Tauranga,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand,Thu 14th Oct 2010 , 08:41:11 am

I was born on January 15, 1937 in Childwall to Peggy Elizabeth and Hugh Arthur Jones. I was told we moved to Wrexham where my brother Peter was born. My mother and brother have died and doubt my father is still alive, not having contact with him for many years. I was christened in Childwall but have been unable to find dates of birth of both my parents because they said it was none of my business to know. Does anyone know if the church would have any record since the info. is not listed on my birth certificate. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Carol Patricia Jones <>
Bandon,OR 97411 - Coos County,United States,Mon 11th Oct 2010 , 09:25:02 pm

Hi i'm looking for information about the melody family who lived on knowsley lane in the 70's and 80's.
victoria <>
bristol,britian,Mon 11th Oct 2010 , 06:11:46 pm

I went to Whiston Secondary Modern in the 50s Played on the BICC Rounders and basketball teams- Lived in Station Road, Prescot. Trying to locate Maureen and Teresa Conby - last heard Maureen lived in Birkenhead. Would love to hear from anyone who thinks they might know me.
Dorothy Chant <>
Brockville,,Ontario,,Canada,Sat 09th Oct 2010 , 02:39:34 pm

hi to all my cousins from my dads family my dads name is mr thomas mcculloch every one called him tom lived at 39 hogarth road kirkdale back inthe 30s 40s my granmother alice and aunty ann both of them past away in the early 60s any of my cousins of lal .bella fanny noras family iam trying to get hold of any photos or my dads dad ww.1 medal please can you pass em on to me thankyou your cousin billy lot of love
william mcculloch <>
whiston merseyside,lancashire,england,Fri 01st Oct 2010 , 06:07:48 pm

hi i know this sounds weird, but i lived in gilescroft walk behind the roughwood pub from 62-73, does anyone in the area remember any paranormal exoeriences, as our flat was, we think haunted.
i would be interested to know if anyone knows anything, as the "ghost" did very specific things, and it would be interesting if someone had the same things happening.

i'm not strange, it really did happen !

tony taylor <>
liverpool,wirral,england,Tue 28th Sep 2010 , 05:47:26 pm

Hello! Does anybody remember the butchers in Huyton Village ran by a man called David Bennett. I believe he also had a butchers in Old Swan. I would most grateful if anybody can provide any information about his whereabouts or could pass on my email for him to contact me. Thanks!!
Gemma <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Mon 27th Sep 2010 , 05:03:23 pm

Im trying to locate a company that was in knowsley around the 1960's/1970's, I remember it being called Trenthams in Kirkby Industrial Estate and Oliver Ricks Commercials on Orrell Lane! Anyone have anymore info for me on these two companies?
Liverpool,Mon 27th Sep 2010 , 11:47:08 am
[ Webmaster replies : You need to leave your email address in order for people to contact you ]

Hi Brian Williams from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, do you know Irene Culverston nee Whelan, my wife Lilian's mum, used to live by Whitakers funeral parlour? Her dad was a chief petty officer in the Royal Navy on HMS Prince of Wales, he was under HRH Lord Mountbatten. Lil's father comes from Ullswater Street off Breckfield Road. Brian, do you remember the olley factory and the coffin factory? When I was fifteen I left school, I had a job in the paint factory only 3 months my mum and dad said where are you working son? I said cheekly to them the n.i.c. They said what! I reply Northern Industrial Chemicals on Ashcroft Road, by the concrete works, next door to Arthur Greens Metals. Any one, do you know Mr John Franklin the boilerman in the old Quarry Green? Last time I saw Mr Franklin he was in his late 70's, 3 years ago. Does any one remember the sunday school big tent off Quarryside Drive facing Simonswood schools? I still know a lot about Kirkby in the fantastic 50's. Bye for now I must sign off now Billy Mac
william mcculloch <>
whiston,lancashire,england,Fri 24th Sep 2010 , 01:35:05 pm

Lived at 62 Calgarth road page moss.Anybody remember the Weston's?
Christine Wilson nee Weston <>
Norwich,Norfolk,England,Thu 23rd Sep 2010 , 12:28:06 pm

Nice to hear from you William McCulloch.I am 61 years old and grew up in Kirkby- Southdene. We moved to Kirkby from Breck Reoad Anfield in 1953. There were not many houses in Kirby when we moved there and no schools. I had to go to Quarry Green school and one of the teachers used to pick me up at the junction of Broad Lane and County Road. Northwood did not have any housing then and you could walk across fields from Southdene to Quarry Green. I remember the white square houses oppisite Q G school. Then i went to Simonswood school until Park Brow opened, stayed there until i went to Ruffwood in 1960. Left Ruffwood in 64.I remember the aeroplane dump, on the estate, we used to go and play in the bombers and had a geat time. Also the seven hills, the old underground rail bunkers from the war.The BTC were we used to get world war 2 tin hats, as they made them there.Walking from Park Brow across filds to St Chads and Kirkby railway station. Taking the train up to Rainford. I remember the trams from the Cherrytree pub to Liverpool.The great time in Spinny woods and the woods that were there before they built the Delco and Otis and Kraft on Morgate road. The long walks down Morgate road to the shop in the old farm by were the Kraft is now. Blackburns farm at the end of Britenside Ave where the Boffin is now. The corn field next to Park Brow school, when it was a real corn field.
Playing in the vicarage at St Chads and up in the bellfry were the bats where. I to can go on and on, it was a great time in the late 1950's but they spoilt it when they built Westvale and Northwood.

Brian Williams <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Thu 23rd Sep 2010 , 06:15:06 am

william mcculloch <>
liverpool,lancashire,england,Tue 21st Sep 2010 , 04:54:22 pm

LIVERPOOL,KIRKBY,ENGLAND,Sun 12th Sep 2010 , 09:50:24 pm

I can recall the red sandstone "landmark,"resting stone" on St Lawrences Church land.We used to live in Kersey Rd,from 58 to 2006.I believe theres a Doctors surgery there now.
mick gaskell <mgaskell@yahoo .com>
worthing,sussex,england,Sun 12th Sep 2010 , 05:29:39 pm

While on night shift today 9/9/10 I happenened on Whiston/Rainhill as I lived here from 1949 until I emigated to WA in 1970 I attened Whiston sec modern from 1960-1964
michael Doran <>
Rockingham,Western Australia,Australia,Wed 08th Sep 2010 , 07:31:29 pm

lived in kirkby 1956/1972 left ruffwood school.anyone remember me?
john quinn <>
liverpooll,lancs,United Kingdom,Thu 02nd Sep 2010 , 08:54:15 pm

any one remember brookfield school around 1974 to 1979
geraldinebpotter <>
liverppol,kirkby,england,Thu 02nd Sep 2010 , 07:30:22 pm

john graham asks does any body remember the name of butchers shop facing the Railway pub? i lived in westvale 1967-1987
there was a mace run by the chisnall family ( Chisnall's ) that's what everyone called it

dave graham
Tue 24th Aug 2010 , 09:56:43 pm

i am looking for a victoria ann green she went to parkway or parkview school with my mum karen jones if anyone know's her or has any information on her PLEASE let me know THANKS
nicola <>
liverpool,united kingdom,england,Sun 22nd Aug 2010 , 12:56:31 am

Ann Ross <>
Aberdeen,Aberdeenshire,Scotland,Fri 20th Aug 2010 , 03:02:31 pm

looking at comments funny as 1 said born 1944 and went to comprehensive school 1989 u would of been 45 lol oh and as 4 doris evanson looks like we have the same mum then only she lives in crewe and my father lives in winsford david mcdean as doris adop me at birth i have all details as well as contact with doris regards [tracey evanson] now mizzy
mizzy lynch <>
manchester,uk,uk,Wed 18th Aug 2010 , 03:13:35 am

ST Kevins......great days, great lads, great teachers.....Still got the scars from Mr. Cooney's strap!!!.......Regards to all.
mike berry <>
uk,Tue 17th Aug 2010 , 10:08:06 am

h.WHAT A SITE ..PT.2 just a followup to my 1st visit.i dont know if anyone else experiences the same flood of memories both good and bad..that seem to be important to oneself but n so important to others iwould like to share some of mine with you...iwas at 55 hibbert st in1952 i remember playing across the street on site of a bombed out bldg for hours.if you are fam with hayworth st close your eyes and go back to any sat morning rain or shine.large barrows lined both sides of the street all the way up round the bend sidewalks jammed with shoppers merchants yelling out prices of their wares..sights sounds smells of a true scouse (Lpool)neighbourhood.Alas it all had to come to an end.We moved to kirkby!!!12 lydbury Cr we had every thing you could want.St lawrences Sch football field just b ehind us church and school one side park brow pub and shops on other in front was the rose garden (the rosie)then up kerseyRd tbroad lane Within them boundaries lived the most down to earth,Get on with it!collection of people.Ive watched for but never seen a movie or documentory of kirkby circa 60s or 70s I have read guestbooks of Lpool and knowsley (in canada its pronounced kirkby)How could you cast a movie like that!! Anyway....Who remembers the swing in Spinney Woods?airplane factory,collecting ay nd gaurding bommy wood.riding the 15D to norris green baths the springboard was my limit.Or the 92 to queen st baths thrippence for as long as you want.Remember tinsleys farm and van or any of them Pk brow Henlow Ave et al.I guess they were the forerunners to convenience stores.I like to think I developed my work ethic growing up amongst the strongest willed people youcould ever imagine.I remember riding my bike @ 5am to Mainbrace getting picked up w/others to pick beans at a farm,getting paid daily meant i would be able contribute to houskeeping and keep a little for The baths,or pigeon food.I hear they took down most of the maissonnnette in kirkby,(asbestos?).I`d like to hear from or about any one who remembers the Blundell`s from No12 josiejohn jenkins,kids marion ronnie brian and john,healys,hunts taylors robert wright from findon rd I`m going to signoff now save some for another time
sonny blundell <>
kitchener,ontario,canada,Sat 14th Aug 2010 , 04:03:14 pm

WHAT A SITE...just wondering if anyone can remember these names and places from southdene in 60s we emigratd to canada in 67 back afew times but lost contact...lydbury crescent at No 12 from new til 67 neighbours jenkinses whites caves armstrongs wafers lucases around the corner the bibbys ratrays walkers not to forget best mate ray gardener.went to rushy hey school and brookfield high purcel house til 1967 love to hear from anyone mentioned or knows any info to reminisce and keep contact
sonny blundell <>
kitcheneront,ontario,canada,Thu 12th Aug 2010 , 02:49:23 pm

Came accross this site by accident, have read some of the comments, very interesting. I attended St Columba's school on Knowsley Lane it was known as the "White House when I was there". I left school in 1953 and went to work in Vernons pools at Bowring Park.Left Liverpool early 1962 for AUSTRALIA. I would like to contact a Bernadette Woollam who was one of my bridesmaids when I got married at St Columba's Church, Hillside Ave, Huyton, UK. If any of Bernie's sister's are on this site, they may be able to help.My married name is Fitzgerald, didn't change it much did I. Great site thank you.
Great site, thank you

Margaret Fitzpatrick <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Wed 04th Aug 2010 , 01:45:29 pm

Just found this site, I went to Ruffwood School Kirkby between 1960 - 1964. Lived in Southdene near the Boffin.Went to Park Brow before Ruffwood. Second eldest of 8, my sister Valerie also went to Ruffwood, the others all went to Brookfield. Been in Australia since 1971, only been back a couple of times.
Brian Williams <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Sat 31st Jul 2010 , 07:07:00 am

I was born in Western ave in 1944 and lived in the bungalows until 1949 when we moved to a brand new council house in St Johns Road-Huyton.So the Bungalows really existed!
david woods <>
blackpool,lancs,england,Mon 26th Jul 2010 , 08:50:17 pm

I attended Knowsley Maypole Primary School, on Tingle Peg Lane in the 'Old Estate' as it was affectionately known.
I then attended Woolfall Heath Secondary Modern School, on Stockbridge Lane from 1961 to 1965.
Would like to hear from anyone who went to either of these schools at that time. Also anyone who lived in Knowsley village or still lives there.

Paul Lawrence <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,Wed 21st Jul 2010 , 09:52:37 pm

hey i went to ruffwood comp 1979 to untill 1984. wot a ball we had mr barnes head teacher and mr railton the deputy. anyone attended in this era get in touch for a catchup
karen mitchell <karenmitchell1@live,>
Kirkby liverpool,england,england,Mon 19th Jul 2010 , 12:54:47 am

I enjoyed reading the information about Knowsley. Looks like a very nice place with interesting history. I'll keep reading.
Thanks for the great info!
Barbara Koch

Barbara Koch <>
San Antonio,Texas,USA,Wed 14th Jul 2010 , 12:41:01 pm

very good site i cant keep off it
alan forsyth <>
crawley,west sussex,england,Wed 14th Jul 2010 , 10:45:32 am

I'm looking for anyone who remembers the Birches of Dragon Lane Prescot in the 1940's/1950's/1960's. Samuel and Eliza Birch and their sons Roy and Alan(Kevin). Samuel Birch was active in the unions and held a council seat.
Caroline Birch <>
Safety Harbor,Florida,USA,Wed 14th Jul 2010 , 12:14:30 am

joan speelman <>
wollongong,nsw,australia,Tue 13th Jul 2010 , 07:21:31 am

I went to park view school in the 50's we use to walk up charnwood cres to dinas lane then cut through by the cottages onto the park. does anyone remember the little shop in the first cottage? also Mrs Atwell who took the baby class?
GLASGOW,SCOTLAND,Sun 11th Jul 2010 , 06:37:35 pm

Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of George Edward STANLEY. He lived with his family on Elm St. Huyton-with-Roby. His brother and father were named Archie and his mother, Anne.

I believe he may have emigrated to Australia around the early 1980s. He married Ilse and had two daughters, Susan and Joanna.

I desperately don't want to lose touch completely and would appreciate any clue as to how I could possibly find him or any members of his family.


Pamela Anders <>
Powell River,B.C.,Canada,Sat 10th Jul 2010 , 08:37:59 am

Hi I wonder if anyone remembers the feeney family who lived around the corner from me in Pinfold crescent southdene Kirkby. Brenda was my best friend at school and she and her family Jimmy, Willy, Maureen and Michael and her mum and dad emigrated to australia in the 60s. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks
beesley (nee Pearce) Cathy <>
perth,western australia,Sat 10th Jul 2010 , 02:35:48 am

Does anybody remember the prefabs in Longview Lane Huyton early fifties, now demolished I lived there with my mother and father my name then was Pauline Burton, I can remember Monica Tobin, Carol Perkins, the bungalows were situated on St. Geoges Playing Fields Huyton, Happy times.
pauline nolan <>
knowsley liverpol,merseyside,england,Thu 08th Jul 2010 , 05:19:37 pm

Page Moss School Reunion for ex-pupils & teachers is to take place on 17th Septemberf 2010 at the Huyton Suite.
This event is open to the pupils in the following school years of A - H
Tickets (priced £5) are available from the Huyton Suite or from Ray on 07989056758. Early signs are that this event will be very well supported so it is recommended that YOU GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY

hazel jones <>
liverpool,merseyside,united kingdom,Wed 30th Jun 2010 , 10:09:22 pm

I'm looking to get in touch with Debbie Fletcher from Huyton who went to Page Moss Comprehensive from mid-1970s to early-1980s. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Richard McClure <>
London,UK,Wed 30th Jun 2010 , 05:19:28 pm

i would like to find my friend linda dutton who lived in marsdale road huyton i use to live in 59 cartmel road huyton up until 1959 until we went to australia when i was 13 years old when i left hope i can find her somewere if anyone knows of her could you let me know i would love to catch up with her again if see is still alive and kicking
joan lawlor /speelman <>
wollongong,nsw,australia,Wed 23rd Jun 2010 , 01:10:49 pm

Hi, I am a Rushton on my fathers side and have traced the name back to 1830 where my Great Great Grandad married and lived with Mary Riding in Sugar Lane, knowlsey for many years. they had 4 sons, James, Thomas, Edward, Robert and a daughter Mary. Is there anyone out there with the same family tree.
Trish Bonham <>
Chester,England,Sat 19th Jun 2010 , 11:10:25 pm

I have an Ancestor on my fathers side called John Rushton, who married Mary Riding in the middle 1800 and lived in Sugar Lane, Knowsley. Can anyone help.
Trish Bonham <>
Chester,Fri 18th Jun 2010 , 03:44:31 pm

GLASGOW,SCOTLAND,UK,Mon 14th Jun 2010 , 06:59:51 pm

Good local history and genealogy resource. Keep up the good work.
Adrian Hobson <>
Cardiff,Wales,Mon 14th Jun 2010 , 10:30:22 am

would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me from st edmund arrowsmiths school in1965/66.prescot.
sheila kelly <>
derby,derbyshire,england,Wed 09th Jun 2010 , 11:13:30 pm

I am trying to contact Katrina Joyce Gosling (originally from Torquay Devon). She had a baby boy on 1 April 1981, Whiston Hospital.
Ann Hughes <>
Wed 09th Jun 2010 , 09:02:47 pm

hi,grew up in huyton quarry 63-70 lived in russell road,keith adair,stuart corns were my friends later moving to paramout estate,tarbuck rd,does anyone remember me.
ian davies <>
maidenhead,berkshire,united kingdom,Mon 07th Jun 2010 , 11:15:07 am

Was 2006 when I last made entry on this page. Anyone approaching 60th birthday in 2011-Went to Ruffwood Comp,Nightingale House, left in summer of 1967. Anyone who remembers me, would like to get in touch with a view to meeting old friends.
Pam Faulds <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sun 06th Jun 2010 , 11:18:18 pm

Hello, I am hoping for a long shot here. I am looking for my long lost aunt Margaret Mary Morgan. Who left Ireland in 1961, when she was 21yrs old to live.... we think at 102 Vine Street, Liverpool 7 and went to work at a local hospital. We think she stayed there until the early 70's.If any knows any info, or worked in a hospital there and think they might be able to help, would be great!
Martin Morgan <>
Kenmare,Kerry,Ireland,Wed 02nd Jun 2010 , 02:13:11 pm

Sophies mention of Home Farm Road in Knowsley brought back some memories. There was a field opposite with a dense hedge, we used to tie cotton to the door knockers, stretch it across the road, hide behind the hedge and make people answer their doors. It took them about 3 trips before they realised what was going on as the third time they would be waiting to catch someone and open the door instantly but find nobody there, rip the cotton off and start yelling threats.
Phil O'Brien <>
Mary Esther,Florida,USA,Wed 02nd Jun 2010 , 12:10:13 pm

I attended St Kevins KIRKBY from 1968 to 1971 i am living in leigh gtr manchester
Peter Hollomby <>
manchester,gtr manchester,england,Mon 31st May 2010 , 07:21:54 pm

Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with someone who's left comments in the guestbook before, but his email address no longer works. His name is Allan Hewitt and, going by the details he's given, I think he must have known my mum growing up in Knowsley. If anyone can put me in touch with him I'd be very grateful.
Or perhaps someone else remembers her - she was called Wendy Clark back then, and lived on Home Farm Road with her sister Barbara and mum and dad Laura and Bill. Mum was born in 1943 and lived in Knowsley throughout her childhood. She went to Prescot Girls' Grammar School from 1955-1960 I think. Does anyone remember the family, or did anyone else live on Home Farm Road at that time? I'd love to hear from you if so!
Sophie Higgins.

Sophie Higgins <>
Bristol,UK,Mon 31st May 2010 , 06:20:58 pm

I went to higherside comprehensive around about 1989 ,and was in the same class as Helen Clarke,Sylvia Hill,Karen Holland etc
Vicky mcDonald <>
Liverpool,page moss,Huyton,England,Sun 30th May 2010 , 01:01:02 am

Attended Halsnead Primary. And Whiston
secondery modern. both in Whiston. Also Skerry's college Liverpool. Learned a poem--at one of these schools.---Clean Clara the poet sings ,cleaned one hundred thousand things.---- Does anyone
know the rest of this poem?

Olga Schnell <>
Stony Brook,New York,USA,Sun 23rd May 2010 , 04:46:35 pm

Previous post about a Governess at Knowsley Hall, the lady's name was Miss Hornby if anyone has any idea about her.
Kind regards

gail donnan <>
Ripon,N yorks,United Kingdom,Thu 20th May 2010 , 07:03:59 pm

Our family are looking for the name of a Governess/Companion to the Wife and children of 17th Earl of Derby (Edward Stanely Villiers) at Knowsley Hall from 1900-1918. We have evidence she worked for the family but would really like to know her name if anyone could help?

gail donnan <>
Ripon,N yorks,UK,Thu 13th May 2010 , 02:34:40 pm

Looking to find a few friends of mine.Phil and Frank Kelly of Warrenhouse Road. Joe and John Hennigan of Shacklady Road. Josh D'Arcy of Roughwood Drive.
Gerry Heeney who lived opposite Kraft in Southdene.All of us went to St Kevins Comprehensive.Left for Canada in 1965 and went back for a visit in or around 1972-1973 and met up with some of the lads for a drink. Unfortunately like everything else I lost touch. If you know of any of the above please have them contact me at my e mail address.

Chris Condron <>
Grimsby, Ontario,Canada,Fri 07th May 2010 , 03:52:11 pm

I grew up in Huyton and came to Canada when I was 15 yrs old. I attended Longview Secondary until 1965. Just wondered if any of the kids I went to school with are still around. My single name was Doyle. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.Thanks Hilary

Hilary <>
Abbotsford,BC,Canada,Mon 03rd May 2010 , 09:32:16 am

Does anyone have any photos/details of the ROF factories at Kirkby (which made shells) and the one at Stopgate Lane, Fazackerley (which made Sten and Bren guns and .303 Rifles). My parents both worked at the latter and that is how we came to live in Knowsley (in the bungalows).
Joe Swindells <>
Formally of Knowsley Village,Merseyside,england,Sun 02nd May 2010 , 10:48:22 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have a look at the Knowsley Digital Collection for photographs of the ROF... Go to and follow the links to the Onliine Library. Once there, click on Knowsley Digitial Collection - the images are in the Kirkby, ROF folder. ]

Does anyone have any photos of the !st Knowsley Scout Troop from the 1950s. Particularly the scout hut, exterior and/or interior. Or photos of camps in Knowsley Park and the trip to the World Scout Jamboree at Sutton Coldfield (Nr Birmingham) in 1957?

Joe Swindells <>
Formally of Knowsley Village,Merseyside,Sun 02nd May 2010 , 10:42:09 pm

plymouth devon,ENGLAND,Thu 29th Apr 2010 , 02:52:22 pm

Looking foran old friend Phillip McDonald who lived in warrenhouse road had a twin brother Patrick and a sister Ruth
Helen <>
Tue 27th Apr 2010 , 11:51:28 pm

good site
Alan Jenkinson <>
Huyton,Fri 23rd Apr 2010 , 01:41:55 pm

Good day

Thankyou for a brilliant site.
I am trying to contact a school days friend, Brian Kemp of Altmoor road
Liverpool 14,any help would be much appreciated

Dave willis

Dave Willis <>
Durban,KWAZULU NATAL,SOUTH AFRICA,Mon 19th Apr 2010 , 12:59:52 am

LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,UK,Sun 11th Apr 2010 , 02:32:02 am

Can anyone give me any information as to how I could get in touch with a girl called Karen Anton or Anten who lived in Whiston around 1974 etc I think eound Dragon Lane but not certainabout address been a long time ..
Leslie Cross <>
uk,uk,Thu 08th Apr 2010 , 02:03:13 am

Does anybody remember a man he used to black his face and take Al jolson off
he lived in West View Huyton Quarry
and I think he died young

Allan Haddock <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,England,Tue 06th Apr 2010 , 11:42:00 am

Hi, I have an ancestor who lived at Park Side Lodge in Knowsley in 1861 and was described as a Groom. Does anyone know if this is the same Park Side Lodge belonging to Knowsley Safari Park and would previously have been at Knowsley Hall? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Viv Frodsham <>
Wed 31st Mar 2010 , 07:46:29 pm

hi love 2 here from any1 that went parkway in the 70s i left there 1977,so any1 plzz get in touch has any1 seen or heard from vicky green me old mate love 2c her.she left 1 melbury rd in 77 love 2c her.remember mr keen with red hair he came to my wedding and remember pe teacher miss johnson,,any1 from 70s plezz e,mail love to no how every1 is,karen jones now wood] best years parkway comp stockbridge lane.
karen jones <>
liverpool,mersyside,england,Sun 21st Mar 2010 , 03:03:36 am

could knowsley local history site make a request for new photographs and film of people and places in knowsley.
there must be hundreds of photo`s and 8-16mm film that could be added to this excellent site.

james moore <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sat 20th Mar 2010 , 11:01:02 am
[ Webmaster replies : There are almost 2000 additional historical images of Knowsley in our sister collection - the Knowsley Digitial Collection. This is the access point for photographs held in the Archive.
Go to and follow the links to the Online Library. Once there, click on Knowsley Digital Collection to begin viewing the images.
Of course, we are always delighted to hear from anyboby who has photographs or moving images of the people and places of Knowsley which they would be interested in loaning or donating to the Archive - please do get in touch on our email address: ]

just been reading this site wonder i anyone knows of a david j mcdean born 1938 in winsford cheshire think he was a builder my mum is a doris evanson who i have regular contact with also from cheshire her married name now is moyle thanks
mizzy lynch <>
uk manchester,uk,manchester,Sat 06th Mar 2010 , 07:46:40 am

Hi there, great site. Lived in huyton in there 1970s
would love to post arequest on the front page,guestbook how would i go about this? as this seams the only page to send mesages from.

brian russell <>
wrexham,wrexham,n/wales,Wed 03rd Mar 2010 , 09:51:57 am
[ Webmaster replies : The Guestbook is the only place where you can post messages... it's moderated regularly, which is why there is a timelag between you posting and the post actually appearing on the page. The most recently moderated posts are displayed on the front page of the Gustbook.

Hope this answers your query... ]

Hi there, great site. Lived in huyton in there 1970s
Always come back for a nose, lived in bower rd
And went to St agustons for a short time loved it
There, would love to hear from anyone that may
Be or related to, or know of a family by the name
Of Anderson? They lived at Arnhem rd, on the
Blue bell estate, may be no 23 but its along

brian russell <>
wrexham,wrexham,n/wales,Wed 03rd Mar 2010 , 09:46:09 am
[ Webmaster replies : You might also be interested in making contact with people connected to the Bluebell Estate through the Bridge Over the Bluebell project, exploring the history of the estate and its links to Wartime Huyton... you can follow it on Facebook (login to Facebook and search Bridge Over the Bluebell)



Hi, love the site, looking for lost friends: Colin Robinson or Simon Jones, from Kirkby. Anyone knows them get in touch at my e-mail address:

Kind regards, Ray Morgan

Ray Morgan <>
Newport,Gwent,Wales,Fri 26th Feb 2010 , 02:54:24 pm

looking for a old photo of my dad and grandad in 1972 x
katie gardiner <>
liverpool,uk,Wed 24th Feb 2010 , 09:45:08 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have you had look at the Knowsley Digital COllection featuring images of the Knowsley area? Go to, click on the Find it online link in the right hand side of the page and follow the links though to the Online Library. Once there, click on Knowsley Digital Collection to start searching the images... ]


liverpool,Sun 21st Feb 2010 , 06:33:32 pm

I attended Millbrook primary from 1978-1984 and Ruffwood Comp from 1984-1989 and would be delighted to hear from anyone that attended these schools at the same time.
David Clarke <>
Ashford,Kent,UK,Fri 19th Feb 2010 , 10:53:40 pm

i went to parr central school left 1965 i lived at xx cotswold grove i would like to hear from school mates
jim kelly <>
sydney,nsw,australia,Wed 17th Feb 2010 , 11:58:17 am

Thank you for an excellent site.I am Peter Veevers and lived in 23 Sedbergh Drive in the old bungalows in Huyton in the 50s and 60s.Went to St aloysius all my school days.What great days they were,lovely people all round though times were tough.I have 3 brothers Dave, Paul and Joseph though they went to St Augustines after we moved to the new houses on Bluebell estate 20 Ardennes road, what luxury after the bungalows!!I remember digging up the garden with dad and finding lots of "treasure" left behind when the area was an interment camp(am I correct?)I loved Huyton in those days, so much has changed!I joined the army cadet unit in liverpool road( the 31st tank regiment it was then, then after a spell as an apprentice plumber joined the regular army Royal Engineers in 1968, which is officially when I left Huyton. I still go back occasionally but so much has changed. I would love to connect with people who recognise the Veevers name from those days, especially from the bungalows and St aloysious from 1955- 1965 and any neighbours from the Bluebell estate.
Thanks again for a wonderful website.

Peter Veevers <>
Eastbourne,East Sussex,England,Tue 16th Feb 2010 , 01:21:43 pm

Great website! You could spend hours on it. I lived at 86 Penrhyn Road from 1946 and recognize many of the names on this site. I went to the Maypole school and Knowsley Woolfall. My mother and sisters still live in Knowsely Village. The old estate was such a wonderful place to grow up, and I look back on my childhood with many fond memories of great neighbors and friends, were doors were left open and everyone helped each other.
I emigrated to the USA in 1967, but go back to Knowsley at least once a year. I love to walk the neigborhood and remember the old days. Sandra...thank you!

Carol Stock (nee Woodward) <>
Glen Burnie,Maryland,USA,Sun 14th Feb 2010 , 12:18:46 am

I was a pupil at Childwall Valley High School from 1940 - 1947. Several of my classmates came from the Huyton & Roby areas. Would like to hear from any who may read this. Gladys Austin,Marji Lewin,Margaret Wright & Vera Ford are some of thenames I recall. Regards Maureen Aus.
Maureen Webster <>
Southport,Queensland,Australia,Sat 13th Feb 2010 , 09:50:56 am

Hi All Again,
Had no luck so far looking for Alfred Edward Berry and his Mate Henry John Hendry.Both Dock Gatemen 1895.My Grandad Alfred Edward Berry was Master of the Alexander Towing Co,
Tug "Waterloo" He was on board during the night of the 1911 census will list
names of the crew and details if you want a copy just drop me an email N/C
Alfred Edward Berry. Crew. 43years old Married. Master. Lancaster Liverpool.
Albert Brooky?? Crew. 40years old Married Mate. Wallasey Cheshire.
John Hilton. Crew. 24 years old. Single. Sailor. Bebington,Cheshire.
Phillip Knowley. Crew. 22years old.
Single. Trimmer. Liverpool Lancsshire Edward Steele. Crew. 34 years Old.
Married. 1st Engineer.Liverpool Lancs.
Thomas Naylor. Crew. 40 years Old.
Married. 2nd Engineer. ??????? Island
Hope to hear from some one Best Regards Ken B

Ken Berry <>
Tawa.,Wellington,New Zealand,Fri 12th Feb 2010 , 08:39:33 am

could any one help i have bean tring to get the photoes up on this site i am looking for photoes of belton road in the 50 thanks for any one that can help me ann randles
doherty <>
liverpool,uk,Wed 10th Feb 2010 , 05:34:01 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Photographs on this site are from Knowsley Libraries' Archive collection: unfortunately, the Archive doesn't have any images of Belton Road in the 1950s -perhaps our readers can help here?
To browse the photos on this site, go to the Huyton homepage, select 'browse' then click on the browse photos and highlights options. You can also view images at - follow the links to the online library and select Knowsley Digitial Collection. Hope this helps...

hi could any one help me i am looking for a may randles is might have maried a gen she has a son thomas he will be about 46 years now he left huyton about 34 yeares ago i would love to no how he is geting on his mothers name was powell i think thay went to live in birkenhead i thank is mum is a bout 69 i would be very grafell to any one that can help me
doherty <>
liverpool,uk,uk,Sun 07th Feb 2010 , 07:43:02 pm

Hia all readers. Im still trying to locate Clare Leyland who lived in 64 MOSSBROW ROAD, Huyton. She had a brother, Peter Leyland and a sister whos name i think was Judith Leyland. She married a lad called Stephen Griffiths. They left there about 1973, and emergrated to Canada. Im lead to belive they got divorced and he came home. Dont know if she did though. Any information, no matter how small please let me know. Thank you. ALF OWEN
alf owen <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Sat 06th Feb 2010 , 09:50:41 pm

Looking for Fred.Carr Good friend of mine in the Fifties .He lived in Bruton Rd. Huyton and attended Prescot Grammar School. on leaving school he went to work for Thomas Scott &sons the Bakers but later started as an apprentice in the printing industry.
Fred. Mckeon <>
Uttoxeter,Staffs.,UK,Fri 05th Feb 2010 , 04:11:52 pm

Kia ora
Its a long shot but I would like to know whether you know the where abouts of my cousins brother and sisters John and Carol Looker (?) they used to live aoff the road that leads from the Rocket to OLd Swan liverpool. Their mother Elizabeth Williams came from Caernarfon married Jack .John would be about 66 and carol in her late 50s.

alwyn parry <>
wellington,new zealand,Wed 03rd Feb 2010 , 09:45:24 am

My grandson had to do a family tree for his homework. This left me astounded To find I know very little about my family. I found this site so thought that maybe someone will be able to help. I was born 1953 at 133 Ashbourne Crescent, the bungalows off Western Ave. My name was Valerie Collins (now Whitelaw) my mum and dan were Tessie and Jimmy Collins, mum worked at Huntley and Palmer Biscuit Factory on Wilson Road Huyton from when I was 6 months old. My dad was the caretaker at Park View School. My sisters Jean, Brenda, Carol and my brother Ray are older than me and Debbie is younger than me. I went to Page Moss Infant school, then Park view school and the Huyton Hey (Seel Road). We moved to St John's when I was 6/7 years old. My grandparents on mum's side were Florrie and Albert Shuttleworth they lived at 39 Lordens Road the kids:- Tessie, Ronnie, Dolly,Gerry, Norma, Jimmy, Brian, Billy, Iris. Neighbours I remember mum talking about Johnny Higgins and the Swarbricks. My dad had brothers Larry and John and sisters Matty and I think Maureen. My dads mum I know only as nana Coll. I think she was married to a Patrick Collins. I know very little about dads family only that dad was born on a gypsy campsite. I think his brother Larry emigrated to Australia. If anyone can help please contact me.

Val Whitelaw <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Tue 02nd Feb 2010 , 01:32:21 pm

Looking for information about my grandfather (for family history). His name was Frank Simpson - died in 1956. May have worked for an automative engineering company in Huyton (may have been in Huyton Hey Road). Any info would be appreciated either about him or the engineering company.
Mrs J Banner <>
Congleton,Cheshire,England,Sun 31st Jan 2010 , 05:17:56 pm

Could anybody help? I am trying to find some street maps or photographs of Wheat Road, Knowsley. (1950s prefab estate) Now long gone, it was in the area of the Knowsley Industrial Park. Any help would be most appreciated.
Barry <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Tue 26th Jan 2010 , 10:52:47 pm

Hi All,I'm trying to trace where my Grandad worked as a Dock Gateman in Bootle and then a Freight Clerk.Alfred Edward Berry Sometime between 1895 till 1910.From then he was with the Alexander Towing Co,Master of the "Waterloo" 1911 census have names of crew if any one has a rellie will send copy.Then he was captain of the "Bramley Moore" till retiring in 1945.His mate Henry John Hendry was also a Dock Gateman.He died in 1896 My G/D married HJH's widow Minnie Hendry,1897.She had two sons by HJH William John and Thomas.Thomas Hendry is on the Bootle War Memorial Scots Guards 16089 Thomas Hendry Died of Wounds 11/04/1918.They lived in Potter street,Hero Street,Sydney Street.Minnie lived in Elaine Street before she married HJH.Any smallest detail would be appreciatedBest regards Ken Berry
Ken Berry <>
Tawa,Wellington,New Zealand,Sat 23rd Jan 2010 , 10:13:41 am

im looking for eileen anderson could be barton from ainfield liverpool july rd.she should be about 70 years old last seen her when i was six years old about 40 years ago. any information would be gratefull please.
lawrence hughes <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 20th Jan 2010 , 10:41:01 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You could also try Liverpool related websotes too...

[Edited to remove your mobile number] ]

Re Whiston Workhouse

If anyone is interested I will be selling the new Whiston Workhouse book at Huyton library on Saturday 23 January between 1-4pm cost £10
Lots of new photos from the archives, newspaper articles 1859 to 1930, architects drawing etc

Pauline Hurst <>
Widnes,England,Wed 20th Jan 2010 , 10:04:19 pm

Looking for any members/relatives of the James Berry family that lived at 31 Aspinall Street Liverpool, UK - on the 1851 Census
Elle Berry <>
Port charlotte,fl,usa,Mon 18th Jan 2010 , 12:44:04 am

I went to ST Josephs and left in 1975 it was the best days of my life . Great school . Good luck and take care .
Margaret xx

DERRY CITY,N.IRELAND,N.IRELAND,Sun 17th Jan 2010 , 01:01:40 am

trying to contact june or paul lonergan
lived in Kirby Merseyside

norma cosgrove <>
liverpool,england,Fri 15th Jan 2010 , 08:50:38 pm

My father Eddie Kelly used to run the social club of Kirkby town fc in the late 60's -70 's . His father also before William Kelly . Many great memories of the club , stock car racing , sat night cabaret nights . Wally lancley , His wife ann ,'big colin ' and kenny and may te barmaid - where are you ?
photos would be great if anyone has any .

Cheers - gary kelly - son of eddie

Gary kelly <>
birkenhead,cheshire,england,Fri 15th Jan 2010 , 02:36:42 pm

i am looking for laura bolton who i met in torquay in 1972. she worked at the belgrave hotel she was a liverpool girl and then worked in kensington london. we were goodfriends and i would love to here from her again if any one knows let me know
kim bradshaw <>
leicester,leicestershire,uk,Thu 14th Jan 2010 , 12:26:14 am

do,s anyone remember me?i left the u.k in 79.was in 4 shakespeare,ruffwood with mr williamson as my tutor.would be great to hear from some old class mates or some of my olds neighbours.
andrew hassell <>
zions hill,saba island,netherlands antilles.,Wed 13th Jan 2010 , 11:57:05 pm

very interesting site. stumbled upon completely by accident. I'm going to use it to try and contact an old firned of mine from our schooldays.
BEESLEY (nee Pearce) Catherine <>
perth,western australia,australia,Mon 11th Jan 2010 , 09:10:13 am

Does any one remember the Barkers who lived at 84 Marton Road Huyton in the 1940s? I'm doing a family tree and would love to hear from anyone who has any memories or infomation about.
Lynda Sergeant <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Fri 08th Jan 2010 , 07:59:58 pm

A wild guess, does anybody remember/have information relating to Police Constable 2129 Donald Clark. He lived at the Police Station on Knowsley Lane, Knowsley from 1958 to 1964, when he was promoted to Police Sergeant and moved away.. He was the village Policeman having resoponsibility for the then Lord Derby and Knowsley Hall.
Savage <>
Auckland,Rothsay Bay,New Zealand,Thu 07th Jan 2010 , 10:40:32 am

Does anyone know anything more about the Kirkby ordinance factory? My grandmother worked as a clerk for the Ministry of Supply which had its headquarters in London but she lived in Liverpool so I'm guessing she was based at the Kirky factory. Can anyone help me? Thanks
Nancy <>
Liverpool,UK,Wed 06th Jan 2010 , 09:51:12 pm

hi my name is jayne piggott. i was bornin huyton in 1966,on the Blue Bell estate.We moved to Whiston when i was very young. I went to Hightside school.I left school in 1982. my family and i lived at 18 Hazel Ave,Whiston of Dragon Iane from about 1970 to 1980.Then we where taken into care. My sisters and i lived in Beech Grove chilrens home Huyton on Huyton Lane from 1980 untill 1983. do you know me or my family. We would love to hear from you.
jayne piggott <>
manchester,Wed 06th Jan 2010 , 06:34:01 pm

I am looking for fellow pupils who attended St Aloysius Secondary Modern, Twig Lane, Huyton from 1946 to 1956. Or neighbours who lived in Fairclough Road and friends David Willis( Shipwright} and Colin Martin (sheet metal worker) both who emigrated to New Zealand. Would appreciate any help.
I enjoyed looking through the site and think I recognised some of the names from the streets around my former street.
The area has obviously changed from when I lived there as a child. I remember looking forward to the annual fair on spare ground opposite Woolfall Heath Ave shops and not looking forward to the occasional stone throwing fight with the "Bookies"( I think they were called that because they came originally from Bootle ) from across the River Alt. I have many other memories of growing up there some pleasant some not so pleasant but Huyton wasn't a bad place to live. Anyone remember the Mayfair Cinema and the Saturday afternoon cowboy films and the Flash Gorden (or is it Gordan) series? We all went home riding horses!! Or when we used to build a dam on the Alt and swim!! My mother wasn't very happy about that. The farmer from a farm on the other side of Stockbridge Lane and further along the river used to come along and break up the dam because his cows weren't getting any water.
Surely there's someone out there who remembers some of this?

Tony Murray <>
Newquay,Cornwall,England,Tue 05th Jan 2010 , 05:12:44 pm

Have spent hours reading the comments on the site from people who like me lived in kirkby, i was thrilled to see so many names from my past and would like them to get in touch. Some were posted years ago and the e mails have changed, and some didn't put them on.
So some of the names were Dianne Holden, Kathleen McKay, Ken Myers. But i would also love to hear form anyone else who remembers me from either Rushey Hey School or Brookfield Comp.
This site is fantastic, so many memories, but no photos of Brookfield or Rushey Hey. Thats a shame, and i don't have any to send in, sorry.

Amy Wilson <>
Liverpool,United Kingdom,Sun 03rd Jan 2010 , 08:46:47 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thanks for your comments... you can view more images of Kirkby (and the rest of Knowsley) by going to and following the links to the Online Library, then click on Knowsley Digital Collection to see the photographs. ]

trying to contact my godson paul james lonergan and his sister june lonergan last known living in kirby merseyside around 1965/1966
norma/donachie/costigan <>
rainhill merseyside,lancs.,Sat 02nd Jan 2010 , 04:01:48 pm

Does anyone know of any person interested in family history who would be willing to look in the Knowsley Registry Office for the record of a birth in Knowsley 1848? If so please contact me by e-mail. I live in New Zealand so cannot look myself.
Marion Brignall <>
Tauranga,Bay of Plenty,New Zealand,Sun 27th Dec 2009 , 11:22:43 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Email details of your enquiry to and we'll do our best to find the information you are looking for... ]

hello went to st chads then ruffwood 1971 great site.michael mordaunt and i both live in melb .and where local lads .i remeber jacki thompson and cristine .my father was john hooley and drank at the woodpecker great to here from anyone g/day keith hooley
keith <keith.hooley@y>
melbourne,vic toria,austalia,Fri 25th Dec 2009 , 09:09:46 am

If you have family who worked for BI & HC in the 1920’s, you will enjoy this set of films from the Pathe archives.

“Stranded in Prescot” has four sections and covers work at the BI in Prescot along with Huyton Quarry and Helsby. There are lots of extensive sequences of the workforce and who knows, your nan or granddad might be on there.

Stephen Nulty <>
Mon 21st Dec 2009 , 09:28:20 am
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for highlighting this... ]

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help. My Dad originates from Huyton Quarry. I am trying to find a book store/web site where I can find him a book with the history and pictures of the area from his childhood onwards (BORN 1943) He told me of a barber still in Huyton Quarry who had shown him a book recently but can't find it now for him to borrow. I would love to give a copy of it to him for Christmas. Can you help?

Janet Lawrie <>
Wed 09th Dec 2009 , 10:58:11 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Huyton with Roby by Allison Cassidy is a pictorial history with annotation about the area - published by The History Press Ltd as part of its Nonsuch Publishers Pocket Images Series. ISBN 10: 1845882806; 13: 97818845882808. It costs around £5.99 from any bookseller / online store, or is availabale to loan from Knowsley Libraries. You might also be interested in Beautiful Huyton with Roby by Andrew Colwell(published 1980, now out of print but may be available via Amazon etc) ]

found you by chance, lots of stuff and names that i remember from growing up on the bungelow estate at knowsley dave fletcher
david g fletcher <>
skelmersdalelancashire,lancashire,u.k,Sun 06th Dec 2009 , 09:29:06 pm

does eny one remember jim kelly from cotswold grove st helens or from parr central high school left 1963
james tait kelly <>
sydney,nsw,australia,Sun 29th Nov 2009 , 10:22:34 am
[ Webmaster replies : Can any Knowsley people help? ]

does any body remember the name of butchers shop facing the Railway pub?
KIRKBY,KNOWSLEY,Sat 28th Nov 2009 , 09:41:10 pm

Hi everybody, i left St. Doms. in 1961 when jobs were a lot more plentiful. I am the oldest of 5, Maureen, Kathleen, Irene and Clare are my sisters, i feel sure some of you will know at least 1 of them. Mr. Jack Creedon was the head teacher at the time. About eight years later, around 1969 i was visiting an aunt in Broadgreen Hospital and literally bumped in to Mr. Creedon once again. His wife was in the next bed to my aunt and my sister Maureen was a nurse on the ward. This led to me catching up with Ken Roche our Science teacher. I could go on all day with this but the main reason i am posting here is to ask a favour. I hope some of you will know or are in contact with some of the following, it would be great to be back in contact. Frank Fallon, Tony Holland, Peter Dunn, Mike Shannon. Peter Madican,Henry Atkinson. John Monerghan. Michael Bolton,Paul Kane, or any of my other classmates male or female from the year ending 1962. Kind Regards, Joe Rusk
Joe Rusk <>
ST. HELENS,Merseyside,UK,Mon 23rd Nov 2009 , 08:25:53 pm

Hello,Ilove your website.I have been trying to locate my cousins Susan Fletcher,don't know married name or her brother Stephen in Burton.My mother and I were born there and last saw them back in the 7o's when we visited back home.If anyone knows of them,please e-mail me.Thank you.
m.jones <>
ashtabula,ohio,u.s.a.,Mon 23rd Nov 2009 , 03:20:49 am
[ Webmaster replies : Burton is somewhat out of the Knowsley area...

Whiston Workhouse -If anyone is interested there is a talk on the Workhouse at Whiston at the Town Hall in St Helens on Thursday 26 November 7pm - Everyone is welcome £1 entrance fee. Also launch of new CD on the Workhouse

Pauline Hurst

Pauline Hurst <>
St helens,Sun 22nd Nov 2009 , 04:34:19 pm

hiya think this is a bit of a long shot but im wondering if anyone remembers my mum collette Thow im looking for my biological father john mawdsley i was born in 1988 at mill road hospital we moved up to scotland not long after i was born but my mum grew up in the area. it says on my birth certificate we lived at abdale road but im not too sure where that is lol my mums brother is peter and sister ann her mum my gran is Mary iv been told that my gran drank alot in the old swan pub haha if anyones remembers the name collette thow or john mawdsley please get in touch thanks emily XxX
emily <>
aberdeen,aberdeenshire,scotland,Fri 20th Nov 2009 , 07:25:06 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Try Liverpool centred websites as well... ]

Hi, I used to be pen pals with a girl named Jennifer Naylor. She grew up at 75 Jubilee Way, Ditton, Widnes, Lancashire, England. We were still writing to each other when we were married, and having our children. Her married name was "Edwards". We lost track of each other in the 70s. I do not know if she is even still living or not. If she is, I sure would like to correspond with her. Is there any way to find her? Thank you, Linda
Linda Hansen (nee Bell, Lind) <>
Annandale,MN,USA,Mon 16th Nov 2009 , 09:44:06 pm

hello i was just randomly google-ing my nlast name and i found this website and i have to say its awsome to no my name it a place if any one has any more info please tell me
emma roby <>
barnsley,south yorkshire,england,Sun 08th Nov 2009 , 11:25:42 pm
[ Webmaster replies : For more pictures of the area, visit the Knowsley Digital Collection: go to and follow the links to the Online Library, where you can search historic photographs from the Archive collection... ]

Hi! what a great site
Does anyone remember the Edwards who lived in Landford Ave Sparrow Hall back in the 50s It was my Gran's place.
Love to hear from someone

Harlen Trish <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Sun 08th Nov 2009 , 04:16:44 am

I am Elaine Pinnington who lived at Ropers Farm Whiston, a Gordan Howarth is trying to make contact with me.
You now have my correct email address
I now live in Cheshire.
please get in touch

Elaine Pinnington <>
Manley,Cheshire,Fri 06th Nov 2009 , 10:54:50 pm

As we approach Remebrance Sunday and Armistice Day, please take tinme out of your busy days to recall those who fell in service. Visit my website at to see details of the 300+ men of Prescot who fell in the Great War
Stephen Nulty
Prescot,Fri 06th Nov 2009 , 04:00:56 pm

hello can anyone recall me love to hear from kevin burns kevin monaghan robert howard went to st kevs im 47
alan forsyth <>
kirkby,liverpool,merseyside,Mon 02nd Nov 2009 , 05:45:05 pm

this is a message for gill bacon to please get in touch with me as i know the name smith as wasnt that the maiden name 4 michael mcdeans mother who married a pauline latham 1965 or 64 in july aug sept in marriages soz mike married pauline lol
miriam lynch <>
manchester,u.k,uk,Tue 27th Oct 2009 , 05:40:32 pm

Trying to get in touch with Paddy O'Hanlon, Ellen O'Hanlon, Joan Mcuiness
Any of the Howard family from Warrenhouse Road...Peter Wilson who used to live behind the shops on Ruffwood Drive or anyone from the 60's 70's in Kirkby...
pls email me on

David Bolderston <>
Skelmersdale,Lancashire,England,Mon 26th Oct 2009 , 12:03:13 am

Hi, lived in cherryfield up to 1968, rember Karen Jones, Susie Smith had sisters linda and susan. Had a good time.Thought the golden eagle hotel was really a posh hotel...not a pub!!!
angeline dalgleish <>
shropshire,england,Wed 21st Oct 2009 , 09:13:32 pm

hi just found this great site hope it can help me to find elaine pinnington who lived at ropers farm dragon lane whiston merseyside.i new her family well and she was appealing to any one who new them to get in touch i can be contacted at
gordon howarth <gordan.howarth @btinternet .co>
arnside carnforth,lancs,Wed 21st Oct 2009 , 10:36:38 am

Hi all..,am tracing family,lossed all,except family photo,s and remember my grand dad / granma..,being..,JOHN & ANNIE PINNINGTON..,JOHN PINNINGTON DIED..,BURIED..,ON ..,20TH MARCH 1957..,AGED 71 yrs..address living at as a child was 35,Persy Street,off knowesly road liverpool.., my granma was to see for the last time moments before she died at this address..,anyone fill me in ? ?..
Ron Sumner <>
Harrogate,North Yorkshire,England.,Tue 20th Oct 2009 , 11:45:41 am

Is there any way of finding/seeing staff records for Knowsley Estate to the Earls family around the 1820s. My g.g. grandmother worked there at this time and I am searching a bit of family history about her - Mary Murphy was her name.
r kirby <>
france,Sun 11th Oct 2009 , 06:36:02 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Knowsley Library Service Archives do not hold any staff records from the Knowsley Estate. You would need to contact the Estate direct ( may also be worth contacting Liverpool Record Office, where some records from the Estate are also held - ]

hi there my names daniel leo ardle and my father thomas leo ardle passed away in 1987/1988 in essex. he had some family in county durham north east somewhere. my mam said he had a brother called terry thats all i knw and that he also had another son and daughter? i would realy like to find out who they are so if u could help it would be most appreciated to the highest thanx regard danny ardle
hull,goole,east riding of yorkshire,england,Sat 10th Oct 2009 , 11:08:10 am
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley/ North West links? ]

hi i am looking for any one whoknows my dad hi name was george randles he was a professional boxer he was known as red randles if any one has a photo of him when he was a boxer i would love to see it thanks
doherty <>
liverpool,liverpool,england,Fri 09th Oct 2009 , 06:26:37 pm

I went to St Kevins in Kirkby from 1968 to 1974 and lived in Northwood where it was a pleasure to live and taught us all about life as well as prepared us all for adulthood .In St Kev's managed to stay in P4 stream all the way through school.Remember Davey Judge Paul Bromley and many others far too many to list. Moved away to various UK locations over time but always get back to family where great memories of Kirkby/St Kev's/StGregs and every thing associated with life in Kirkby in the late 60's and 70's always remain prominent-If memories come back don't hesitate to e-mail
Joe Hurst <>
Kendal,Cumbria,UK,Tue 06th Oct 2009 , 07:42:24 pm

would like to get in touch with anyone from my class 4 b at st alosius school .1952 or 1953 or before.
ena magan now thomasina selman <>
chigwell,essex,england,Fri 02nd Oct 2009 , 02:57:36 pm

hi this is a message for a gill smith who has a 1/2 brother david owens i was adop in the 60s along with my brother and would like some info on my family tree looking 4 a david j mcdean michael p mcdean my birth mum was a doris evanson not sure if she was a smith with a jaqueline darren mc sheila also a powell georgina whos mothers maiden name heycock where a brenda kay married a d. mcdean as well as david marrying a kay galley so theres a link on both sides 4 me and my adop brother wow we could actually b related after 45 years of not knowing i will keep u all posted thanks my birth name was tracey evanson 1964 brother mark powell 1961 now im miriam lynch
mizlynch <>
manchester,Mon 21st Sep 2009 , 12:00:21 am
[ Webmaster replies : Does your family have any Knowsley connections? ]

iam trying to find old school friends from ruffwood i attended from 1966 to 1970 i was in telford house this is a great site would like to also find relatives surname eccles whos grandparents lived in stuart road walton liverpool
sandra williams nee eccles <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,United Kingdom,Sun 20th Sep 2009 , 12:11:00 am

I Left Merseyside in 1969 I am fortunate enough to return anually and would love on one of my trips to catch up with Raymond Lewis and any other friends from school
Carole Hall <>
Hobart,Tasmania,Australia,Thu 17th Sep 2009 , 10:19:35 pm

what a great site, i wonder if anybody remembers me, i used to live in copthorne road westvale kirkby then later in Simonswood lane northwood kirkby, i went to Brookfield school up to 1968, then got my first job at comonwealth curtains kirkby, i have lived here in Holland for 30years
Vivienne Hassell <>
Netherlands,Sat 12th Sep 2009 , 12:33:31 pm

lived in kirkby 50s/60s like 2 hear from anyone who remembers me.
john quinn <>
liverpool,lancs,england,Sat 12th Sep 2009 , 09:13:15 am

I'm trying to find out all the names and sites of the tower blocks in Kirkby especially Northwood. Can anyone help me please. I know that Cedar Larch Oak and Maple Towers were known as Roughwood Heights; did all the blocks have different names and then a collective name? Many of these will now of been demolished but as many as possible will be helpful
Alexandra Knight <>
Liverpool,U.K,Tue 08th Sep 2009 , 10:14:00 pm

Hello,I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this great site,I grew up in Northwood in Kirkby and went to Sacred Heart, and St Kevins schools, in the 60,s and 70,s was in Bede House from 67-72. I remember Mr Tootle the housemaster (BOB, we called him, behind his back) and Mr Cunningham was our tutor (we called him Elmer Fudd)
Do you have memories from the same time,if so i'd like to hear them.
I played football after leaving school in the saturday afternoon Business Houses League for a team called PARK MOUNT FC, we played a good game, and played against lots of top Liverpool amateur sides in the cup.
Did you play for PARK MOUNT? Do you know anyone who played for them? Do you know these players, if so I would like to hear about them...Steve Clark,
Dave Mackrell,John Arends, Tommy Keegan,Peter Short,Kenny Wingle,Alan Ward,Ray McGuinness (GINK),Alan Kelly (great goalie) and Brian Hoyles.
Our trainer and coach came from Knowsley village,Daryl and Trevor,can't remember surnames(they both worked for Kraft Foods in Kirkby.
I served an engineering apprenticeship with Wingrove & Rogers on Kirkby Industrial Estate 68-73, what happend to Wingroves?
I have lived and worked in the Netherlands for the last thirty years and have little info on the above, if you can supply me with any info it will be greatly appreciated.
Larry Byrne

Larry Byrne <>
Vlissingen,Zeeland,Netherlands,Tue 08th Sep 2009 , 02:14:29 pm

i am looking for any one that went to school with me i went to st columbers i left in 1958 my friends was kathleen rowlands lilly clark pat and sheala carney my name was ann randles i lived in bellton road
doherty <>
liverpool,uk,uk,Sat 05th Sep 2009 , 08:24:11 pm

like 2 hear from any 1 who knows or remembers me.
john quinn <>
liverpool,lancs,england,Thu 03rd Sep 2009 , 07:57:53 pm

i am looking for a thomas randles he lived in huytonhe will be about 46 he went to live in birkenhead when he was 13 years old is mother was may powelif any one knows him could you let me know i would love to know how he is geting on thanks
doherty <>
liverpool,uk,merseyside,Wed 02nd Sep 2009 , 06:21:40 pm

hi, does anyone have any ghost sightings in northwood in 1970s ?
i lived there till 1974 and my childhood was blighted by what we believe to be a ghost, and this was not uncommon at the time.
i am desperate to hear from people who might have seen or heard the same things.

tony taylor <celebrity.images069@ntlworld.c>
liverpool,Tue 01st Sep 2009 , 09:50:43 pm

Hi. Jimmy Leight, pianist with jazz band, from Huyton. Does anyone remember him, He was my grandfather and I'm trying to get more background information on his musical life.
Helen Leight <>
Liverpool,UK,Tue 01st Sep 2009 , 12:48:33 am

I was Joan Karran and I must be one of the ancient ones adding to this site. I came across a couple of people I know. I went to Sylvester School in Huyton then onto Huyton Sec. Mod. on Rupert Road. Someone was mentioning the teachers at both schools. I remember Mr. Welsby at Sylvester. Also Mrs. Sanders at Huyton. Mod. I don't think she liked me I always seemed to be in trouble with her. I remember Miss Davis who taught English, one of my favourites. Also Mr. Leader who taught music, funny how things turn out, I married someone keen on the piano and he ended up giving my husband lessons. I seem to remember a Mr. Cook who took kids out in the corridor to punish them with the cane, he said he could get a better swing out there, not very nice I think. I can remember a lot of names from the two schools. One of my best pals was Christine McMahon, sadly she died when she was only 13, she was attending the Art School at that time. Norma Tunstall was another friend, also I think Sylvia Reynolds. My two favourite boys were Gerald Pickering and Dudley Skinner. I left Huyton and moved to Lydiate about 1966, then in 1979 we moved to Canada. Lived in 3 cities here, now sadly, I am a widow, but have my son and daughter here, and two grandchildren. I lived in Calgarth Road till I got married then lived in a caravan in Halsnead Park in Whiston, till we got a house and moved to near Bowring Park, then to Lydiate.
Joan Ennis <>
Windsor,On,Canada,Sun 30th Aug 2009 , 05:16:10 am

Wow,,St Gabriels. I grew up on Elm st and remember the old school. All the kids who were brave enough would sneak into the empty building crawl under the floor boards looking for old pencils and stuff... crazy days... We would all hold hands and walk the airraid shelter, thinking we were the bravest kids ever..........
Anne <>
usa,Mon 24th Aug 2009 , 03:21:55 pm

I wonder if anyone can help me I am looking for a family called taylor who moved to wallace dr? huyton in 1990 from whetstone london.
there was mum kate, dad john, the kids john.richard, micheal and carrie.
I have been searching for many years but came upon your site and thought I would give it one more go. Please help if you can thank you

elzabeth collins <>
derby,uk,Tue 18th Aug 2009 , 01:27:23 am

I was born in 1961 and attended park viewschool mosscroft and huyton hey stubled on this website and thought i would track down some old friends
Eileen Wheeler <>
Liverpool,England,Sun 09th Aug 2009 , 12:40:40 pm

Hi, I was wondering in anyone had a photo of the original St Gabriels Infant School in Huyton Quarry? I was born in Cowper Way, St Johns in February 1956 and started at the school in September 1960. While I was there the new infant school was opened - I remember the day we were all walked across Ellis Ashton Street and into the new school, then the old school was demolished. Also i'd really love to see any photos of Cowper Way or Darwick Drive taken in the 50's, 60's or 70's.
I know this is a long shot but my best friend, Margaret Brooks, who was at Huyton Hey Sec Mod with me, emigrated to Australia in about 1966 or 67. It would be great to hear from her or anyone who knows her - I've missed her since she went. I was,in those days, known as Beryl Smith. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me!

SHELLEY SCHOFIELD <>,CHESHIRE,ENGLAND,Fri 07th Aug 2009 , 11:45:14 pm

Just wondered if anyone can help me locate Billy Wynn who used to live in Huyton in the early 1960's, he would be about 64 or 65 years old now. He used to live with his mum and sister and maybe other family members. It would be really great if I could find him.
Thank you

melissa moore <>
Weston Super Mare,n. somerset,uk,Tue 04th Aug 2009 , 09:21:56 pm

hiya iwent to st alex,s st johns rd, then to westminister rd ,then english martyrs,fountains road,i left there in 1970,i lived in rosalind st, kirkdale ,being looking for any information on the beattie sister,s they moved from liverpool,to carfield,digmoor skelmersdale ,around 1972,any one remember me out there get in touch ok.
jimmy marr <>
liverpool,merseyside,u.k,Mon 03rd Aug 2009 , 10:27:33 pm

Hi can anyone help me. I have been trying to find out who established the first Quarry, that was situated behind the nurses home in Delph Lane, and Longview Road, (not the quarry that was on delph lane as this was quarried much later). Due to family research I have some information that the older quarry was started by a distant relative who was appointed as the first official judje in Australia, he came back to England and started the quarry. The name I have been told was Ingham-howell. any information would be a great help.
Michael Beattie <>
Whiston,Merseyside,uk,Thu 30th Jul 2009 , 02:10:30 pm

is the chareles hough who worked in borthwicks in bootle this is his old mate
did he live in mosscroft estate huyton
john forsyth

john forsyth <>
liverpool,great britain,Thu 30th Jul 2009 , 10:02:57 am

Hello ~ I am desperately trying to find my cousins, who are children of Davey Grimes & Lily Spencer. They are David,Lily (who married Terry O'Brien) William/Billy, Robert (who may be deceased), Jimmy, Sammy, Irene, Dolly and Peter. Please please can anyone help? I believe that Billy, Peter, Lily & Dolly are still in Kirkby?
Julie Grimes <>
Denbighshire,UK,Wed 29th Jul 2009 , 11:09:46 am

I am doing a university task for history and I need to find information about the past of my home and community.

I live in Cuper Crescent just off Liverpool rd . .if anyone has any old pictures they can send to me or information it would be very grateful thanks katie x

Katie <>
Tue 28th Jul 2009 , 06:00:52 pm

Any pupils from 1964 to 1966 St Columba`s out there especially the Fifth form girls from Mrs Murray`s class 1965-1966, what are you doing now?
Maureen (Terry ) Upfield
Tue 28th Jul 2009 , 05:28:32 pm

Anyone remember Brian Carr, who used to live in Knowsley. He wld probably be about 60 y.o. now, perhaps a bit older, perhaps a bit younger. A lady who used to be his nurse is trying to locate him.Her first name is Carys, of Welsh parents. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact my email address.Iver'Tracing Missing Persons Specialists'.
Iver Mackay <>
London,London,United Kingdom,Sun 26th Jul 2009 , 07:46:13 pm

I am trying to find anyone who worked at crawford's biscuit factory in 1963. I can remember the supervisor was Jack Shack. Please do get in touch.
ormskirk,uk,Fri 24th Jul 2009 , 03:35:44 pm

My grandad was born and lived in pilch lane in dovecot and often mentions a path he used to walk to school down by a farmers fiel. He cant remember what its called but it was nicknamed "the pile path". Does anyone know what it was called and if its still there as i would like to take him there so see it again.
Alan Parks <>
Liverpool,Fri 24th Jul 2009 , 01:58:55 pm

Anybody remember 4T class at brookfield school around 1968/69
mike byrne <>
london,Thu 16th Jul 2009 , 01:44:37 pm

iam trying to find my mate michelle moroski she is about 26 here mum and grandparents live there to i think her nans name is jean and her mums name is chris they all live in kirkby
addycorson <>
h,england,Wed 15th Jul 2009 , 03:06:41 pm

I have a 1935 map which has Liverpool Lodge clearly marked. As stated earlier, it was at the junction of Stockbridge Lane and Knowsley Lane. I'm happy to provide copies of the map if you email me at

Stephen Nulty <>
Tue 14th Jul 2009 , 08:31:23 am

Hi Liz

My Great Grandparents Lived at Liverpool Lodge on the 1861 census they where Thomas & Ellen Gore, by 1871 they had moved to Rainhill. I live in the area and did not know where it was so it answered a question for me.

Mavis Heaps <>
Rainhill,Prescot,Merseyside,Sat 11th Jul 2009 , 05:55:07 am

One of my ancestors appears to have been brought up by grandparents at Liverpool lodge prescott, huyton his name was John wainwright and was 7 in 1871 does this place still exist? or does anyone know anything that may help. I am stuck x
Liz whittaker <>
cambridge,england,Wed 08th Jul 2009 , 10:04:49 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The Grand Lodge (also known as the Liverpool Lodge)on Lord Derby's Estate stood near the junction of Stockbridge Lane and Knowsley Lane, Knowsley. Unfortunately, it was demolished in circa 1972 to make way for the M57 motorway. There are some images of it in the Knowsley Digital Collection - go to and follow the links to the Online Library; from the Online Library select Knowsley Digital Collection. You can then search for the images. ]

In reply to Geoff Taylor's post, my mother in law who is now 93 years old remembers the case as she lived a few doors away from the children in Derby Terrace, Huyton, who were taken in by thier grandparents the Blinko's she remembers Jeffery very well and recalls that he died when about 8 or 9 of menigitis, she said he was a lovely blond curly haired boy and she was much younger than him but thought he was wonderful, in fact she says she gave her only son ( my husband) the second name of Jefferey as a result. Hope this is of interest
Eileen Brodie <>
LancashireUK,Sun 05th Jul 2009 , 06:31:39 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for sharing this... ]

anybody knowing the late mike chiocchi who was stabbed 4th july 2004 and killed, could you contact me, as mike was an old friend and i would love to contact the family, thanks x
karen ann mousdell <>
st helens,merseyside,uk,Sat 04th Jul 2009 , 06:46:30 pm

Hi does anyone remember me Colin Leybourne AKA (Beetle)from Longview school during the 70s. Do you remember Andrew Fennah who i still keep in contact with or those lost friends i see no more: Peter malone - Frank murthy - Lee bennett - Michael powell - Tommy guild - David marsden - Terry foy - Marie carrol - Sandra hinton - debbie arnold - jackie osborn, and good old Mr Wright. There are other names that will come to me over time, but for now this is a quick message that i hope someone can answer soon. I still live at the same address, only now with my wife. Take care everyone, bye for now.
Colin Leybourne <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Thu 02nd Jul 2009 , 11:18:05 am

Remembering today, 93 years on, the following men of Prescot who were killed on 1st July 1916, the infamous “First Day of the Somme”.

Cpl Henry Byron
Pte John Copple
Pte George Hamer
Pte James McDonald
Pte Patrick Plunkett
Pte John Warbrick
L/Cpl Arthur Brown

For more details of these men and the other 300+ Prescot men who fell in the Great War, visit

or email to

Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Wed 01st Jul 2009 , 11:16:24 am

I am looking for a James Marchant who married Elizabeth Pearson (Parsons?), they had a son John Marchant, who was born in 1883 Middlesex, London, England, he later married Agnes Marie Heydinrych. Any help would be great. Contact -
Loretta Marchant <>
Hobart,Tasmania,Australia,Tue 30th Jun 2009 , 11:16:16 am
[ Webmaster replies : You may find that this website's coverage is outside your area of interest... ]

Does anyone remember the stone (mile stone or landmark) that used to stand at the corner of Lydbury Cres and Leeside Avenue (on St Laurence's Church grounds)? Does anyone know what happened to it? I know there is one in St Chads Park (wondering if it was moved there)
Teresa Lunt <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Wed 24th Jun 2009 , 03:33:55 pm

I was born and brought up in Cronton and lived there until the 1960's. Hoping to find information about people who would remember me
Don Burgess <>
Shrewsbury,Shropshire,UK,Thu 11th Jun 2009 , 08:42:49 pm

Hi Well aim trying to find anybody who went to whiston secondary modern school, The male side there was two sides male and female with a basket ball court between them,
I think the years i was ther where1959-63???My name is kevin griffiths I used to knock about with collin davies janice england ray ford susan ball frank brisco ian lomax the prscot twins,heather/helen, geoff berry nick smyth dennis christine, the list goes on,if you did lets email and chat,
KEVIN GRIFFITHS whiston secondary modern school.
joe connley

kevin griffiths <>
Rochdale,Lancashire,England,Thu 11th Jun 2009 , 07:25:48 am

Does anyone have any 1950's memories of my father Roy Birch and his brother Keith (Alan) Birch?
Caroline <>
Safety Harbor,Florida,USA,Mon 08th Jun 2009 , 05:17:17 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Do you have any other details, such as roughly where they lived? ]

Hello, looking for info on the Killen family from Southdene, Kirkby. Get in touch if any of the above have read this.

Regards, Ray Morgan

Ray Morgan <>
Newport,Gwent,Wales,Sat 06th Jun 2009 , 10:30:20 pm

Hi - Due to my family breakdown i was placed in care and lived in a childrens home called Poplar Bank House, Derby Road Huyton. I recently visited the area and their is now a bingo hall there. Poplar Bank House i believe was the old council offices - it was a very large building with large gardens and a beautiful church inside the house. I would love to have some photographs of the house - is anyone out there that can help me please. Thanks Sue
Sue <>
manchester,uk,Fri 05th Jun 2009 , 10:42:43 pm

RE- hi does anyone remember a bright light in the late sixtys shooting across the liverpool sky the head line in the liverpool echo read what was that bright light in the sky
joe williams
liverpool,Sun 13th Apr 2008 , 05:03:01 am.
Hi yes I remember it well it came in the direction of manchester heading towards, I would say southport around 5.30 to 6pm me and my mates nearly fell out of a tree we used to climb it two-butt lane whiston. I was about 10yrs old, ran home to tell me mum, she saw it disapearing into the distance.


Michael Beattie <>
Prescot,Merseyside,uk,Fri 05th Jun 2009 , 12:31:58 pm

best football team ever to grace all schools they played .1976-1981.
david brocklehurst <,u>
kirkby,merseyside,uk,Thu 04th Jun 2009 , 10:26:27 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Which team was it? ]

I'm hoping to track down my old mate, Kenny Lovelady, who used to live at 54 Montrovia Crescent, Fazakerley. Ifanyone knows of his whereabouts, I would love to hear from you. We went to Kirby College together and were the best of mates.
Gary Bigelow <>
Waikanae,New Zealand,Wed 03rd Jun 2009 , 10:36:43 am

For those with an interest in Prescot, past and present, a series of discussion forums have been opened on the St Helens Connect site. You can find the Prescot forums here -

They allow discussion threads on Prescot genealogy, history, people, places, pubs, events, etc. and are an ideal place for discussions about the town.

Stephen Nulty
Mon 01st Jun 2009 , 10:26:26 am
[ Webmaster replies : Thanks for this useful lnk ]

I am searching for relations in Australia.
My name is Ernest Tuff; my mother’s maiden name was Maria Peacock. She had two brothers William John and James Craig Peacock. These brothers left Northern Ireland and went to live in Scotland in the early 1900s.
William, I think it was, who had a son named James he married Josephine? They came to spend their holidays at our house every year. They had a son named James born in 1948.

James my cousin and his wife Josie with their son James set sail from Port Glascow to Australia on the 27th.Sept 1950, Arrived 1/11/1950. As I was only twelve at that time it was my mother who had any correspondence with them. Then when my mother died all contact ceased.
I am now doing our family tree and would like to contact James and Josie if still alive or their son James, I think that they also had a daughter.
Thank You.

Ernest Tuff <>
Ballymena,Antrim,N. ireland,Fri 29th May 2009 , 08:04:54 pm

I am 25 now an am trying find my real dad.My mum Tracey Michelle Graham 160166 me daughter Lauren Marie Graham 1984 seeking GREGG please x

Lauren Marie <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,uk,Thu 28th May 2009 , 07:20:55 am

Did you go to Prescot Grammar, Prescot Girls Grammar or Prescot Comprehensive School? Then vist for a site full of nostalgia and over 2300 former pupil contact details.
Trevor Powell <>
Chepstow,Tue 19th May 2009 , 06:03:20 pm

I was compere at the Cherryfield Club round 1990ish. What a great club, also Danny Duffy was the DJ at the time, and since, has remained a good friend.
Bob Lawson <>
Liverpool,United Kingdom,Sat 16th May 2009 , 12:15:00 pm

Does any one remember the Duggan twins who went to St Laurences Junior school in Kirkby. They left Kirkby in 1970 to live in Ellesmere port in between Birkenhead and Chester. I would like to hear from any one who can remember them.
Sheridan Duggan <>
Ellesmere Port,South Wirral,England,Fri 15th May 2009 , 11:43:34 pm

I attended St Agnes RC Secondary Modern between 1972-77. I am interested in trying to find former colleagues to discuss our different paths.
Jeanette Berry <>
Chester,Cheshire,England,Thu 14th May 2009 , 08:21:40 am

great site im looking for old school friends from st heart kirkby then st kevins from 65 to 1968 i lived in northwood colwall walk off simo lane any one know me pls get in touch my mate was tommy kearns if you know him pls get in touch many thanks
james newhall <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 13th May 2009 , 09:48:59 am

I used to live in CHANGFORD ROAD in NORTHWOOD and went to ST ANTHONYS & ST GREGORY'S schools, and have 6 brothers & sisters - IRENE, HUGHIE(UGGIE), MARGARET, PAT, BOBBY, & JOHN. Sadly we have lost our lovely Mum & Dad now HUGHIE & SADIE, so it would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers them or any of my family. Any stories you have would be really great to hear, and I am sure there is loads out there?
Maria Dillon <>
Kirkby,Liverpool,England,Tue 12th May 2009 , 11:47:34 am

Not been on this site for a few years, I thought it was no longer still going.

I left Liverpool in '79, but would love to try and catch up with a few people I lost touch with...

Sean O'Brien, lived in the close just opposite the Woodpecker pub in Bigdale Drive Northwood, Kirkby. Not seen Sean for about 12 years, heard he may have been on the black taxi's, or even running how own taxi form.

Tommy Brannigan - lived in Quernmore Walk off Brook Hey Drive.

Ronnie Smith - lived in one of the tower blocks is Quarry Green, just near the woods. Ronnie was a guitarist, and we tried forming a band together, along with Paul Wilson on bass, and Dave Maher on guitar. He spent some time in London, but went back to Liverpool in the early 90's.

Vinnie Farrell - lived around Mosslawn Road or nearabouts off County Road. Was also friends with Robert Coulthard (no, not THAT one) and Paul Cunningham.

Paul Orrett - his father Ronald was a local councillor back then, and his family lived in a big house at the top of South Park Road near the train station.I have a feeling Paul got involved in politics as well.

John Morley <>
London,London,UK,Sun 10th May 2009 , 04:48:01 pm

To Christine Robinson - re Paul Cahill.

I don't remember the 'Yank' nickname, but I knew a Paul Cahill who went to St Kevs. Was this the same Paul Cahill that starred alongside Drew Schofield and Jeff Rawle in Willy Russell's Death of a Young, Young man play on TV in the early 70's?

I believe you can contact him via Friends Reunited, I had a brief exchange of words with Paul on there a year or two back.

John M
London,london,UK,Sun 10th May 2009 , 04:34:02 pm

I found your site by accident and Wow did it take me back. I was born at Whiston Hospital and lived on Lydney Road going to St. Aloysius School, Twig Lane,Leaving in March 1959. I have already contacted John Enell who also attended the Allies Junior School but no reply yet. If anyone out there remembers me please contact me.
Tony Hickey

Tony Hickey
Flintshire,U.K.,Sun 03rd May 2009 , 04:02:31 pm

I am looking for information on Derby Square in Prescot and the Lawrenson family. The family at the square was Thomas/Lily (my grand father/mother), Trudy (mother),George, Tom, Ada, Lily, Jenny, Bill. Both Jenny and Tom (married to Martha)lived in Cook street for sometime. Jenny had two sons Roy and Brian. The other names that came out of the family were Sparks and Heaps.
I have lots of old photographs. Hope someone can help.


Janice Rawsthorne <janice.rawsthorne@btinternet.c>
Knutsford,Cheshire,UK,Sun 03rd May 2009 , 02:55:59 pm

all the lad's that john ball was trying to trace still live in kirkby with the exceptions of tony newhall and john marsden.
the highams's(frank,terry,jeff)still live in northwood norman mac still in colwall.
jimmy ,paul , and ronnie musker still in kirkby.emma o'neill(liverpool).
terry baines (southdene).john gray (southdene).

jimmy mclean <>
kirkby,liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 29th Apr 2009 , 08:49:15 am

I went to Whiston Sec Mod 1968 I am 56yrs old. Would love to hear from anyone in Prescot who knew me.
susan (Watts) Brizell <>
Bakersfield,CA,USA,Mon 27th Apr 2009 , 08:47:10 pm

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim and Joan Briggs.Last heard of in about 1974.Jim worked for Craft Foods in Kirby and later on, the Oil Rigs.Joan was a hairdresser near Alder Hey Hospital.Last address was Shepherds Avenue Nr Huyton.Pete&Judith Green
Peter Green <>
Leeds,West Yorkshire,UK,Fri 24th Apr 2009 , 02:23:15 pm

In addition to the Great War research work undertaken for my web site at I am also interested in the background to the 73 men who fell in the Second World War and who are named on the BICC Memorial.

I have identified the majority but need additional information on the following 13 men. Many of these have lots of “possible” entries on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, so I am looking for information which will confirm their identities.

If you can help, please email me at

R Attwood
J Battersby
E Brooks
J Cathcart
J F Davies
R B J Edwards
J Galloway
J Greaves
A H Henry
L Parr
W Ralphs
J H Riley
C Webster

Many thanks

Stephen Nulty

Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Thu 16th Apr 2009 , 03:28:04 pm

Hi, great site..I am looking for any old friends from northwood in Kirkby..I lived in Mintor rd form 71 to 74 and used to hang around with lads from mintor/colwall rd--used to play footy on simonwood field for hours during the summer....the names I remember are Maca,benny, terry and frank highams,bottles,gerry haligan,john marsden,john grey,nipper,tony newhill,john o,neill ,carl murphy,okey and the musker others i cant remember right now..would love to meet up with them all again..drop me a email
John <>
skelmersdale,lancashire,uk,Fri 10th Apr 2009 , 04:25:54 pm

I am trying to trace family members of my mother Edith May Rylance( known as May) born 13/10/1919 she also had two brothers called Joseph (Joe) who worked Crossfields now known as Lever Bros. Jack who after the WW 11 married and moved to Swindon. My grandfather worked at Clock Face until his death in 1926 his name was also Joseph Rylance. My grandmother was named Edith May nee Grimshaw and her father was a baker in the Manchester area who sometime in the early 1900 emigrated to NewZealand with a younger daughter Sylvia where she met and married and Micheal McKay. My mother lived in Gilbert Road Prescott for some years and worked during the war at BICC. Married a few days after her 21st birthday and a few years later moved to Portland in Dorset. My two older brothers where born at Whiston Hospital where as my younger brother and I where born in Weymouth, and much to my amusement we spent our holidays visiting nan in Prescott while other people visited Weymouth. Apart from the latter ramblings if anyone recognises anything please get in touch.
Frances MacGowan <>
Reading,Berkshire,Sat 04th Apr 2009 , 06:16:50 pm

Does anyone know Jimmy Drew from Kirkby? He was the best man at our wedding or does anyoneremember my hus band Harry Spackman.
Gill Spackman <>
aurora,colorado,usa,Sat 04th Apr 2009 , 12:41:57 am

i went to st doms from 1957 till 1967 i lived in finch lane,i remember the twigs,peats,hassets,billy rivers,the pollards,the duffys,fighting with the prodies frm fincham rd school,happy days,,what happened to the yewtree bow and arrow and the eagle,get in touch anyone.danny murphy.
danny murphy <>
wakefield,west yorkshire,england,Mon 30th Mar 2009 , 11:27:26 pm

I am desperate for information about my beloved grandad 'mac' mcgiveron. He died not so long ago at the age of 93 and was born in India as his father was serving as a seargent in the army over there. After this they came to liverpool to live. He joined up for WW2 at 16 I believe and served in the royal signals as seargent. i think mcgiveron is an northern irish name? if anyone has relevant info i would love to hear it. Thanks
Salisbury,Wiltshire,England,Fri 27th Mar 2009 , 12:17:30 am

Hi great site, i went to St Josephs and St Augustines on Longview lane, left in 1972. I was in the football teams throughout, would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
paul campbell <>
liverpool,england,Wed 25th Mar 2009 , 09:39:19 pm

I was just wondering if anyone had any infomation on the Barker and Dobson sweet factory on whitefield road in liverpool,or any photos. I would like to no when it was knocked down ect.Iam doing this on behalf of my partners mother who worked there for 20 years and left in 1964 when she got married and came to Darlington,nora is now 80.I have had a job finding infomation about the factory.I would be very greatful to anyone with info thank you.
Julie Mcleod <>
Darlington,Co Durham,England,Sun 22nd Mar 2009 , 09:55:31 pm

Can anyone tell me the whereabouts of Billy Wynn(e)who lived in Huyton in the early 1960's. He would be about 64/65 years old now. He lived with his mum and his sister.
melissa <>
Weston-Super-Mare,North Somerset,United Kingdom,Sat 21st Mar 2009 , 10:21:22 pm

Hi Looking for information on Peter Burke who lived at 74 Parbrook rd Huyon liverpool 14 Thanks Kathy
kathy buoey <>
liverpool,merseyside, england,Sat 21st Mar 2009 , 01:39:18 am

Great site, our Mother Charlotte Elizabeth Henderson Grant Holder is THE person after which Charlotte's Pagsy is named. Should you require further information please email.
Best wishes...Stewart Henderson Holder (2nd Son)

stewart henderson holder <>
west hallam, ilkeston,derbyshire,uk,Fri 13th Mar 2009 , 06:45:23 pm

Hi great site I lived in southdene when first went to live in Kirkby went to Cherryfield school 1953 to 55, moved to northwood lived Wylin rd went to simonswood school 1955 to 58 , then to Brookfield school 1958 to 62 .lived in Kramer walk then thats the end of westhead ave by the towny . Someone must remember me not many people with the name of Bacon , get in touch if you know me thanks
Gill Bacon now Smith <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,England,Fri 13th Mar 2009 , 04:40:56 pm

Hi my name is Eddie and i am looking for any photos and imformation on my Dad is name was William Edwards we lived at 31 PENNARD AVE, from when the house new i think this was 1940/1 .
I have no photos or imformation of him after my Mum and he divorced in 1948 other then knowing he remarried after my Mum [AGNES] passed away which was around 1971/2 ,
He was living in ropers green whiston at the time and then he and his new wife moved into Prescot some where behind the old printing works,
He worked for Prescot council working in the Cemetery as the Grave digger also worked on the Bin Waggons he was called by nicknames such as Lofty and Arther. he also worked for Whiston Council doing the same sort of work.
Ihave been searching for any photos of him for a long time so my Grandchildren cansee what he looked like and i want to know what did in the years i did not know him,
Iknow he diedin Whiston Hospital of Cancer when he was in is 70s hope somebody can be of help.
Thank you.

edwards <>
Nantwich,Cheshire,UK,Sat 07th Mar 2009 , 07:24:15 pm

Great site, really enjoyed it. Looking for friends from school Ruffwood 1964-1968. please get in touch via my website at if you remember me, cheers, Ray Morgan.
Ray Morgan <>
Fri 06th Mar 2009 , 12:05:01 pm

Hi I lived in Kirkby from 1952 to 1971 went to Simonswood then Brookfield school left school in 1963 . Does anyone remember me lived in wylin road , then kramer walk both northwood , I had 3 sisters Angela Pamela Valerie Bacon and 1 half brother David Owen if any one remembers any of us please get in touch thanks...
Gill Bacon now Smith <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,England,Wed 04th Mar 2009 , 05:09:39 pm

I'm trying to locate the whereabouts of an old school friend from the 1960's. His name is Dennis Roberts and he used to live in Melverley Road Westvale.He has a sister called Carol.
He was one of my best friends along with Ritchie Thomas and Peter Sheehan.
I'm returning to Kirkby in August to attend my youngest son's wedding and would love for us all to catch up

Joe Hackett <>
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,Mon 02nd Mar 2009 , 10:15:50 pm

I am trying to trace any friends of Joan Wells her married name was Doolan. Also my uncle Joseph Wells who lived at 62 Cartmell Road Huyton and went to St Aloysius. They both grew up at this house from the late 1930's onwards. Both are now deceased and I am trying to establish if anyone knew about the family make up within the household and information about Elizabeth Wells(mother) and John Wells mothers partner.
Both my mum and my uncle do not have the surname Wells on their birth certificate and I was advised by my mum and uncle that their father was not John Wells. If anyone has any informtion to support this it would be most helpful.
Many thanks

Lorraine Crichton <>
Liverpool,Sun 01st Mar 2009 , 01:22:44 pm

lived in prescot in late 19th cent and early 1920's. worked as watchmakers and also B.I.C.CABLES
stott family
prescot,lancashire,uk,Tue 24th Feb 2009 , 01:59:32 pm

i found this site helpfull i would also be interested in getting in touch with anyone who went to st doms huyton between 1957 to 1968
nicky mains <>
liverpool,uk,uk,Mon 23rd Feb 2009 , 05:08:02 am

I am trying to find details of my Great Aunt: Miriam Napier. According to my family oral history, she was, sadly, murdered by her husband in 1917. He is said to have avoided arrest and fled to Bristol where he committed suicide by jumping off the Clifton Bridge. A sad tale and devastating for their children who were then brought up by their Grandparents. They resided either in Huyton or Prescot.
Geoff Taylor
UK,Tue 17th Feb 2009 , 10:36:48 pm

I'm doing a family history so that my Aussie grandkids will know something of their English heritage. My family moved to Longview when the estate was first opened in 1930's & I went to Longview School when it was first built. I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me where I could get early photos of the school & estate & possibly a school history. My name in those days was Jean Hignett, if there's anyone still around from that era I'd love to hear from them.
Jean McGrath <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Tue 17th Feb 2009 , 05:56:52 am

Hi there - I would like to know if anyone has old photos or other information regarding a watchmaker's workshop that used to exist on the land behind the Old Mill pub on Mill Street. My great uncle - Professor David Torrens - had some connection with this site and I would love to learn more about it.
John Wilson <>
Macclesfield,Cheshire,UK,Mon 16th Feb 2009 , 12:58:55 pm

wonderful site. i wentto st kevins from 1968 till 1972. we were the last to leave at 15.there was only ne good teatcher and that was Mr Eric Rimmer.
jimmy nolan <>
livepool,england,Sun 15th Feb 2009 , 04:33:14 pm

looking to find old school friend sharon lynch she lived in page moss has a brother phil a joiner he is married sharon attended st agnes all girls school old swan and has children living somewhere in liverpool we drank in oak tree pub liverpool road would love to contact her
caroline wood <>
conwy,north wales,north wales,Sat 14th Feb 2009 , 10:59:52 pm

Hi there I'm currenlty a staff member of 1438 Prescot Air Training Corps, and while cleaning out the squadron HQ loft i have discovered lots of photos from the 1940's an 50's of cadets a parades around prescot . I was wandering is the website interested in them ?
Tony Howard <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Wed 11th Feb 2009 , 01:27:34 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you very much indeed for this kind offer... ]

can across site by chance am trying to info on a sgt thomas watson border regiment kia 21/9/44 buried at oosterbeck son of joseph and agnes watson came from blyth if anyone can recall any info or photos would be greatly recieved thank you.irene
irene thomson <>
kincardineshire,scotland,uk,Wed 11th Feb 2009 , 09:04:25 am

MABEL FLETCHER Tech College 1972. I am looking for info. about how to access my EXAM RESULTS taken in 1972.
This is a great site, thank-you! geraldine

liverpool,lancashire,england,Tue 10th Feb 2009 , 05:40:50 pm

Great site, really enjoyed it. Looking for friends from school Ruffwood 1964-1968. please get in touch if you remember me, cheers, Ray Morgan.
Ray Morgan <>
Newport,Gwent,Wales,Sun 08th Feb 2009 , 07:41:42 pm

My family spent a lot of time in Tea Street, Prescot. The question is, where is it now? I can't find it on the map. In the 1891 census it references Forbers Court as linked to it but can't find that either. Any ideas? My family is the Brodericks of 20 and 25 Tea Street.
Matthew Webb <>
Pinner,Middlesex,UK,Mon 02nd Feb 2009 , 01:22:13 pm

A few years back, the building which housed the United Reform Church in Aspinall Street, Prescot, was converted into apartments. At some point during the redevelopment, the church’s war memorial seems to have been misplaced and as part of my research into Prescot and its men who served in the Great War, I am trying to locate the current whereabouts of the memorial.

The memorial commemorates John Ackers, Gordon Downie, William Hulme, David Francis Roberts and Alfred Taylor. The stories of these men may be found on my website at

Two men who fell in the Second World War are also named but I do not have details of these men.

The United Kingdom Inventory of War Memorials still records the memorial as being in the church. I have contacted the Mersey Synod of the church to ask if they have any additional information but they have been unable to locate the memorial.

If you can help in any way to locate the memorial, please contact me at the email address

Please don't use the email address shown below as it is not correct.

(Guestbook Webmaster/Moderator - the box asking for email addresses on the Guest Book form needs to be longer to accept longer email addresses)

Stephen Nulty <>
Prescot,Mon 26th Jan 2009 , 02:20:19 pm

Hi does anyone have any photos of the bungalows on western avenue. This is in response to a firm of solicitors who have e-mailed me in connection with a lady who lived in the bungalows who has asbestosis and they are trying to establish the construction materials used.Also if anyone has any memories of these house would be very helpful. Many thanks.
jan <>
wrexham,wrexham,n. wales,Tue 20th Jan 2009 , 11:28:20 pm

Hi, great site. anyone out there remember me? I attended cherryfield from 1964-1969 then brookfield from 1969-1975.Has anyone got any class photos of those times that you could scan and email to me ,that would be fab.
john woolley

john woolley <>
southport,merseyside,uk,Mon 19th Jan 2009 , 12:41:40 pm

What a superb site!

I am currently researching my great grandfather who was from this area, before he moved to Norfolk for work.

His name was Benjamin Anthony Cook. If anyone knows the name, please do get in touch with me.

Lynette Lynton <>
Norwich,Norfolk,UK,Sun 18th Jan 2009 , 10:12:40 pm

hi i know its a long shot but my fella's mum lives in page moss but worked in wavertree at the olive mount childrens hospital between 1960-1965 i am lookin for people who worked there between this time who may know her, her name is margaret butler (nee caplin) if you know anyone who worked there or are one of these people who know margaret please get in touch any information greatly appreciated
thank you

clare <>
liverpool,merseyside,Fri 16th Jan 2009 , 10:40:51 am

Mr Alan Barnes
Was A Fantastic mentor rest in peace a former pupil

James Arands <>
liverpool,Merseyside,england,Thu 08th Jan 2009 , 10:45:10 pm

The BBC are working on a three part series for BBC Four on airports. The films follow on from the critically acclaimed series The Secret Life of the Motorway, which explored the history and cultural impact of motorways in Britain and was broadcast last year. In The Secret Life of the Airport we will be similarly following the development of airports from sites of unalloyed glamour and delight, to spaces with more complex associations. A social history of how airports came into being, the series is also an affectionate and entertaining look at how we got used to living with them and the ways in which they changed us. It will be broadcast in 2009.

We are looking for local people to talk to us about their feelings about Liverpool Airport. We are particularly keen to speak to someone who can remember the pre-war opening of Speke in all its glory, watching the planes come in as a child, through the post war years of having to travel to Manchester if you wanted to fly anywhere but Dublin or the Isle of Man, to the pride of now having John Lennon Airport which operates over 50 routes. We are particularly interested in exploring the regional significance and pride in Liverpool having its own airport.

If you have this personal connection to the history of Liverpool's civil aviation then we would love to speak to you. We will be filming next week so please do get in touch as soon as you possibly can. You can call Jennifer Forde on 020 8008 5933, or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Forde <>
London,Mon 05th Jan 2009 , 02:31:30 pm

Found this site by accident, so I thought I would drop a line.
I lived at 60 Mintor rd, northwood, Kirkby. Attended Brookfield school until 1962. Joined Royal Air Force in 1964.
Emigrated to Australia in 1982. Still here. Any remember me and want to get in touch, please do.

Jim Fellowes <>
Bunbuy,Western Australia,Australia,Mon 05th Jan 2009 , 02:11:22 am

Hi, I am researching my great grandfather John Milner born in 1853 in Huyton. His other was Elizabeth Swift and Father Samuel Milner. Would be grateful for any leads.
Carolyn <>
Canberra,ACT,Australia,Sat 03rd Jan 2009 , 05:28:52 am

I am looking for any information or relations of Lilian Mary Wilkinson nee Hewitt who lived at Delph Cottages in the Knowsley/Prescot area circa 1950 and was born around 1910.
Richard Taylor <>
Milton Keynes,Bucks,UK,Fri 02nd Jan 2009 , 01:35:38 pm

hi does anybody remember me kevin obrien off the bluebell estate ive got 5 brothers like many familes we were born in a baby boom and the bluebell estate had a lot of large families we used to help run the community centre on salerno drive and the divvy club as well i have very fond memories of the bluebell estate and would like to share those memories with anyone from near by or off the estate ps ive got the original blue bell from the pub and a couple of bricks from the bluebell pub when it got demolished email me at glad to hear about this site came across it when looking for information on 1 of my old schools gonzaga comp and st aidans.
kevin obrien <>
liverpool,huyton/knowsley,england,Sat 27th Dec 2008 , 03:21:23 am

hiya am david williams sumtimes known as toffee.i was born in 1955 and went to simonswood an then in 1968 went to ruffwood comp just lookin sum friends from back then.
david williams <>
liverpool,england,england,Mon 22nd Dec 2008 , 09:54:39 pm

hi my name is julie cavanagh i went to st dominics school and left in 1965 i am looking for anybody who was in my year/class and has the school class photograph? because i would really like to show my children/granchildren the class mates i can remember are tressea smith, jean wilson,josie willams, linda worthington, lillian clayton, ann laurence, frances acid, <a
julie kadýn <>
new york,new york, usa,Mon 22nd Dec 2008 , 03:28:24 am

Hi I'm looking for any imfomation about my mum and dad, Joseph Alan Marsden and Dorothy Rose Marsden (nee Norris) They emmigrated to Australia in 1958ish. The whole Norris family came out.My parents then moved over here to N.Z. two years later. I was born in Prescot, and would love to hear from anyone who knew them or of them...The only address I have is 11 Woolfall Close Huyton. Also keen to get any pic's or links to pictures of modern day Prescot.
Alan Marsden <>
Ashburton,Canterbury,New Zealand,Fri 19th Dec 2008 , 09:12:17 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You might be interested in some of the photos in the Digital Collection. Go to click through to the Electronic Library and then select Knowsley Digital Collection for images of Prescot (and the rest of Knowsley borough)past and present... ]

Prescot In The Great War

Regular visitors to the site will be aware of my own web site at which commemorates the men of Prescot who fell in the Great War. For those who are not aware of the site, I’d like to recommend a visit !

One of the next stages of development on the site is an area provisionally titled “Prescot in the Great War” and in this I wish to give a detailed impression of the town at that time, looking at the people and the environment.

If anybody has any information, narratives, pictures or anything else that they feel they can share with me which will help to develop this area of the site, then please contact me at the email address below, or via the contact points on the web site. All items and information used will be fully acknowledged on the site, and I would stress that this is not a commercial venture in any way.

(Note that the email address below needs to have “com” instead of just “c” – the input box was too small to allow me to input the complete address !!)

Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Thu 18th Dec 2008 , 02:15:19 pm

Hello Mr Much, now you have my email address. Jamie
Jamie Williams <>
Liverpool,UK,Wed 17th Dec 2008 , 01:27:42 pm

just found this site and it brought back so many memories i lived in barkbeth rd and went to the allys til 75 i wud love to hear from anyone who was there at that time
helen <>
wigan,lancashire,england,Thu 11th Dec 2008 , 11:24:45 pm

I am looking for any information on either James Marchant who married an Elizabeth Pearson. As far as I know they had 1 son John Marchant, but they could have had more children. John was born in Middlesex London in 1881 or 1883 I am unsure. Any information or photo's would be kindly accepted. I have been stuck for the last 2 year's trying to find out more information.
Loretta <>
Australia,Wed 10th Dec 2008 , 06:14:13 am
[ Webmaster replies : Does anybody recognise any Knowsley links for this? ]

Any information on the Saggerson brothers Watchmakers and there family would be gratefully accepted. Thanks.


Andy Saggerson <>
Oldham,Lancashire,UK,Tue 09th Dec 2008 , 03:10:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Saggerson's workshop was at the rear of 5 Cross Street and was one of the largest examples, being built in the late 1800s. For images of the workshop taken in 1970, go to and follow the links to the Electronic Library; select Knowsley Digital Collection. The images have the reference numbers PT93-57 and PT93-58 ]

KNOWSLEY,LANCASHIRE,ENGLAND,Sat 06th Dec 2008 , 11:30:45 am


joe hampson <>
st helens merseyside united ki,united kingdom,Fri 05th Dec 2008 , 10:48:28 pm

joe hampson <>
merseyside,united kingdom,Fri 05th Dec 2008 , 10:31:44 pm

does anyone remember the double child murder in whiston in 1980
william johnson <>
southport,merseyside,england,Wed 26th Nov 2008 , 01:15:50 pm

Hi Thomas,

It was Parr's Square Prescot, now know as Highfield Place, West St Prescot

Mavis Heaps <>
Rainhill,Merseyside,Mon 24th Nov 2008 , 01:59:33 pm


It isn’t “PARRIS Square”, but “PARR’S Square” and I’m reasonably certain that it was approximately where the line of shops opposite the parish church now stands.

On the 1841 census, Enumeration District 2 includes “the eastern and southern sides of Church Street to the corner of Parr’s Square” and Enumeration District 3 says “Parr’s Square, the northern side of Eccleston Street….”.

Hope this helps.

Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Mon 24th Nov 2008 , 01:27:26 pm

<i>1841 census records my ancestors lived in PARRIS square, Prescot, I know it doesn't exist now, but can anyone tell me where it was.</i>
Sun 23rd Nov 2008 , 10:41:05 pm

Hi I am desperately trying to find any photographs of my late mother jane beech(nee Peters) she died in 1960 aged 35. We lived on Western Avenue in the bungalows. Mum came from a huge family who lived in bakers green huyton g.parents Margaret and William Peters. If any-one has any memories or a precious photo I would be so grateful many thanks.
jan davies <>
wrexham,north wales,uk,Wed 19th Nov 2008 , 05:36:06 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Can anyone help? ]

hi my name is julie cavanagh i went to st dominics school and left in 1965 i am looking for anybody who was in my year/class and has the school class photograph? because i would really like to show my children/granchildren the class mates i can remember are tressea smith, jean wilson,josie willams, linda worthington, lillian clayton, ann laurence, frances acid, john quirk, joan owens and john green. please get in touch julie x
julie <>
liverpool,huyton,england,Thu 13th Nov 2008 , 10:08:56 pm

came across this site its great. i live at 60 calgarth rd. my name then was brenda dunn now whiteside i went to stockbridge infants. then on knowsley. woolfall. good old days .i remember mr torrance.,mr smith,went therefrom 1955. 1960. now live in preston lancs. still feel like liverpool calls me home. went back the other week with my bus pass , and a old school friend , ann gardener and went on the number 12 bus it does a round trip ,it was great seeing all the old places. miss it all my email is love to hear from any one
brenda ,dunn (whiteside) <>
preston,lancashire,united kingdom,Sun 09th Nov 2008 , 05:52:39 pm

Remembering Joseph William Taylor born in Prescot 90years on who died 1917 and is buried in War Grave in Basra, only 21.
He was my great uncle.
How strange that British troops are in Basra 90years after his death and many of his fellow comrades.
Brian Apps in Birmingham England

Brian Apps <>
Birmingham,West Midlands,England,Sun 09th Nov 2008 , 01:55:56 pm

Hi All, I saw a reference to an Italian POW camp in the Maghull/Ormskirk area. on your site. Tried to find the reference to it but could not. I remember visiting this POW camp when I was about 4/5 years old. with my father who was posted there as a Sgt major near the end of WW 11.the Italian Prisoners where very good to me and gave me a Model of a Mosquito aeroplane which they had made from scrap timber to pass the rime away.They had lots and lots of models. I still have my Mosquito. I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers the camp. I lived in Knowsley in Halewood until a year ago when we moved down here to Banbury. Great site wish I had found it when I lived in Knowsley Regards Brian
Brian Kennedy <>
Banbury,oxfordshire,UK,Fri 07th Nov 2008 , 07:07:44 pm

tryin to get in touch with Anthony manuel born november1946 mother name ann
shirley mcgowan/manuel <>
merseyside,liverpool,england,Wed 05th Nov 2008 , 04:16:34 pm

Samuel and Elizabeth Birch (sons Roy and Alan) - Whiston 1940s/50s/60s

Libby, ( inquired back in '03 about the Birch family - Sam and Elizabeth (nee Pickevance. )I have been trying to get in touch with you for several years.

Sam and Elizabeth were my grandparents. They had two sons. Roy (my father died in 1980) and Alan (my uncle) died just yesterday in Coventry. I recognize the list of Elizabeth's siblings that you put in your post.

Roy Birch went to Prescot Grammar and then on to Oxford University. Samuel was a local Councillor and union activist, I believe. I know he had some reknown in the community. He and Elizabeth died very close apart in the late 1960's when I was a small child.

I would so love to hear from Libby or anyone who remembers this Birch family. It is of especial importance to me since my Uncle Alan and I were trying to build a family tree prior to his recent death.

Caroline Birch <>
Safety Harbor,Florida,USA,Mon 27th Oct 2008 , 03:30:46 pm

Hi, I am trying to find out information about my grandad. His name was SAMUEL FOX. He lived in Knowsley and was killed outside the Derby Arms on 20th March 1954 by a hit and run driver (it was the day of his son's 8th birthday). He worked for English Electric i think and had a wife Amy and 3 sons (Rod, Philip and Chris) and a daughter (Gillian). After he was killed 2 of his sons were sent to manchester and then the whole family left in 1956ish to go to scarbrough. My family would love to hear from anyone that knew him, my dad was only 8 when he was killed and knows very little about him.

Sinead Fox <>
sheffield,UK,Fri 24th Oct 2008 , 08:27:31 pm

hi still looking for any pics of the williams family from richard hesketh drive christine jack benny gerry joey vinny joan and kathleen can anyone help ?
joe williams <>
Sun 19th Oct 2008 , 01:17:42 am

The Prescot Roll of Honour website has had some recent updates, so why not pay a visit to check them out.

I have now loaded all of the available casualty data online and in addition to my continued research into those men who died, I have now added the first draft of an "Also Served" page. I am going to develop this page to include details of all the Prescot men who I come across in my research who survived the war and returned home. Sadly, some of them were wounded and scarred physically and mentally, in many cases leading to an early death. In my view, their story also deserves to be told.

The first release of this page contains narrative on just 13 men, including my grandfather Thomas Nulty. But my database contains details of over 100 more and their stories will be told over the coming weeks.

Follow the link below to see the latest on the site. I also have more pictures of the men from the "Prescot Reporter" archives and these will be loaded by the end of the month. See the "What's New" headline on the Home Page for details, and keep coming back to check out the updates.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stephen Nulty <prescot,great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Tue 14th Oct 2008 , 05:05:57 pm

I went to St Michaels Junior school on richard hesleth drive kirkby in 1977 to 1981. I am trying to find out the name of the teachers from the school, or would anyone actually know the first name of Mrs Harwood?
debs taylor (butler) <>
Fazakerley,Liverpool,England,Thu 09th Oct 2008 , 12:16:45 pm

I knew all the Leight's,we lived in no 1 West View. and they lived opposite
in west View ave You have left no email address

ALLAN HADDOCK <alan-marjorie@hotmail.comII>
Sat 04th Oct 2008 , 06:32:42 pm

Hi I am trying to locate francis charles biggs (Lowery)B-1896 Annie victoria biggsB-1897 Orbost parents francis charles biggs and florence biggs divorced 1904. These children must have children. Did not know francis had been married before and had children. Francis married again 1925 and had one child francis charles biggs b-1926 only child we thought! now we find out he has a step brother and sister! brother of the same name. anyone with infor please.
glen <>
kalorama,victoria,australia,Fri 03rd Oct 2008 , 02:07:24 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley connections here? ]

Dear Webmaster,
I confirm your remarks regarding spam e-mails.Since posting commemts on the site I have received several from Africa.

david jenkins
Fri 03rd Oct 2008 , 09:17:44 am

Does anyone remember my dad, James Leight(Jamie), who played the clarinet? Lived on St. Johns. Or my grandfather James (Jimmy) Leight, who played the piano? Lived in Huyton Quarry.
Helen Leight
Wed 01st Oct 2008 , 05:48:25 pm

I have found this site very interesting and it's like a walk back into my childhood.I was born in Roby and went to Huyton with Roby Secondary Modern. Your site brought back many happy memories.
R Mooney <>
Glasgow,scotland,Sun 28th Sep 2008 , 06:30:06 pm

Knowsley Historical Society


Knowsley Village and its People

At: The Mezzanine Gallery
Kirkby Library, Newtown Gardens, Kirkby L32 8RR

In celebration of the Capital of Culture, the exhibition features photographs of the Earls of Derby, old villagers and the Maypole Bungalow Estate.

The exhibition records memories of local people and highlights some of the famous faces who have links with the Village.

The Exhibition will be on display throughout September, OCtober and November 2008 during normal Library opening hours.

Supported by: Knowsley Libraries Archive Service and Knowsley Arts Service

Contact 0151 443 4365 for details.

Thu 25th Sep 2008 , 12:59:01 pm

There have been recent comments from posters relating to spam emails being received after posting an email address on this site. This is one of the hazards of publishing your address on the web - spammers use programs to trawl the internet, harvest and target email addresses.
If you do post your email address, check your email settings to block unwanted communications - and be very wary of opening messages from unknown sources.
If you are concerned, seek advice from your email service provider.

Thu 25th Sep 2008 , 11:31:27 am

I recently bought a mourning ring inscribed Wm Bullock died 220 Oct.1843.I checked the 1841 census and found he was from the Wirral.Does this connect with anyone.

david jenkins <>
hertfordshire,Mon 22nd Sep 2008 , 06:28:38 pm

Hi I am looking for my grandfathers sister Molly Green (nee Ronan) she and her husband Davie and their family emigrated to Australia in the 1940's or 50's from New Ross in County Wexford Ireland. I am trying to find out where they are now because I am trying to put together my family tree and it would be lovely if I could add their family to it too.
Ireland,Sun 21st Sep 2008 , 08:42:20 pm

hi, im wondering if anybody has any information on a Charlie Smith From Hyton Or Close By.He was born around 1954.He Has Olive Skin And Dark Hair.He Also Had A tash Around 1970.And Was Quite Small In Height.I Would Be Grateful If Anybody Could Help Me. And Would Love To Know Information. Thankyou.
Tracie <>
Liverpool,Prescot,England,Sat 20th Sep 2008 , 11:21:17 pm


Glasgow,Fri 19th Sep 2008 , 07:27:57 pm

Hi my name was williams when we lived in kirkby westvale I lived by the fantail went to westvale and brookfield,my best friend were elaine marsden and diane storey.When I worked in valusta on the admin making shirts Jimmy Saville paid us a visit I was lucky enough to have my picyure taken with him and was featured in the kirkby reporter,if any one has a copy of this I would be gratefull to have a look at it just to show my children.I met my husband John whilst working there he worked at Lunts the engineering place,we have 3 children one girl two boys and eight grandchildren love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Pat McDonnell nee Williams <>
Thu 18th Sep 2008 , 04:54:27 pm

Hi all,My name is Frank Heaps I was born in Whiston in 59 and lived off Larch Rd until I was 5[in the prefabs] then we moved to Rainhill King Edward Rd,then we moved yet again over to Knowsley Lane until I left in 75 and now live in London.I would like to see if anyone remembers me from then,I used to go to St Edmund Arrowsmiths in Prescot.Thanks,oh I nearly forgot my parents are George and Pa[patricia].
Frank Heaps <>
London,London,England,Tue 16th Sep 2008 , 07:57:01 pm

For a long time now, I have been researching the men of Prescot who fell in the Great War and my recently launched web site at carries tales of most of the men.

However there are a few who have proved elusive and I have as yet been unable to identify them.

The names below appear on the memorial and I would be grateful for any information which can a) identify or confirm the name of the individual and b) provide some clue as to the date and/or location of death. I suspect that in several cases, as with some of the men I have identified, the death will have occurred after the war, probably from wounds incurred.

S Canavan
J Carroll
J Corns
A D Cunningham
F Jolson
W T Lowe
Wm White

I can be contacted at

Thank you

Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Mon 15th Sep 2008 , 07:53:03 am

Knowsley Historical Society, meets on the third Wednesday in the month and there are talks on various historic subjects. We are a small Society that meets in Knowsley Village Hall and always welcome new members and visitors. We are dedicated to promoting the history of Knowsley Village and have held three Exhibitions during our first 10 years.

Copies are still available of our recently published book - Knowsley Village and its People which is being sold for the reasonable price of £5.
There are also a few still remaining of the Societies first book Knowsley Lane - A Walk Back in Time which is being sold at the reduced price of £2.

We are always looking for information about people who have lived in Knowsley Village, their memories and photographs. If you can help us to continue presenting interesting exhibitions and books or if you require further details about the Society or the books, please contact the secretary.

Sandra Drakefield <>
Merseyside,England,Sat 13th Sep 2008 , 10:15:33 pm


Can anyone help me find Kathleen Nugent who married a John Robinson in 1960? All replys handled with sensitivity.
With thanks.

Jackie <>
Canterbury,Kent,Uk,Sat 06th Sep 2008 , 09:18:30 pm

hi,family search and would like the history ofthe cunard hotel, when it was 28. lock promanade.douglas family worked there.thank you . jan. 1945-8
janet thomas <>
london,essex,england,Sat 06th Sep 2008 , 04:22:56 pm

I am trying to trace my family history on the Liverpool side. I don't have much information except that my Family name is Morris (Parents = Donal & Eileen) and my mothers maiden name is
McCormack. My mothers Mum and Dad were Emily (Doyle) & Harry McCormack. They originally came from the East Coast of Ireland. If anyone recognises any of the names I would be most grateful for any information.

Mike <>
Wigan,Lancs,England,Sat 06th Sep 2008 , 11:23:35 am

Remembering today, 3rd September, Flight Cadet Joseph Edward Denton who was killed on this date 90 years ago, aged 18.

Born late in 1899, Joseph Denton was the youngest child of John and Alice Denton, who lived at the rear of 3, Houghton Street, Prescot. Alice had died before Joseph’s first birthday, leaving John, a Railway Shunter, to bring up their 6 children.

Joseph was training with No 21 TD Squadron in Yorkshire and was flying an AVRO 504, numbered D3610. He was in a low dive when a mid-air collision occurred, killing him instantly.

Prescot Parish Magazine of 24th September 1918 reported “Flight Cadet Joseph Edward Denton, 18, was accidentally killed in an unsuccessful effort to avoid a collision in the air in Yorkshire. He was born in Eccleston Street, where the watch factory now stands”.

Joseph is buried in Pudsey Cemetery, Leeds.

For details on other Prescot men who fell in the Great War, please visit

Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Tue 02nd Sep 2008 , 12:20:55 pm

Hi I wonder if any one has any memories or information about Quarry Cottage in School Lane Knowsley Village?
I know a family called the Browns lived here for many years before it was sold in the late 80s.We have lived here since 1996 and would love to have more information about the history of our home.

Steph Schofield <>
Knowsley Village,Merseyside,Uk,Sun 24th Aug 2008 , 02:17:06 pm

Hello, looking for Diane or Carol Sanderson, Daughters of George Sanderson and Edith McLachlan. They lived on Sugar Lane in Knowsley Village until at least the 90's. Thankyou. Rob McLachlan.
Robert McLachlan <>
Lowton,Warrington,UK,Fri 22nd Aug 2008 , 09:52:05 pm

Hello, I am trying to trace Carol or Diane daughters of George Sanderson and Edith Mclachlan. Edith born about 1916. They apparently lived on Sugar Lane in Knowsley until at least the 1990's. Please get in touch as I have hit a wall with the old family history! Thankyou. Rob McLachlan.
Robert McLachlan <>
Lowton,Warrington,UK,Fri 22nd Aug 2008 , 09:09:02 pm

Looking for Lawrence Gordon born 1930 West Derby & Eric Gordon 1931 Prescot, Sons of my Late Great Aunt Martha Saunders and William J Gordon, at one time they lived St Helens Rd St Helens.
Many thanks Mavis

Mavis Heaps <>
Rainhill,Merseyside,Thu 21st Aug 2008 , 08:19:33 am

I am organising a Malvern school reunion to celebrate the book launch of MALVERN MEMORIES. The event will be taking place at the Huyton Suite on Friday,24th October. For tickets (£5) or further information please contact me at
mark <>
Tue 19th Aug 2008 , 05:34:37 pm

Hi, Great site I check it every week, found many contacts for my Family History research, but need to update my email which is
Look forward to further contacts.

Mavis Heaps <>
Rainhill, Merseyside,Wed 13th Aug 2008 , 06:43:54 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thanks for the update... ]

To Helen Canavan married name Gaynor looking for Susan Mather i have e-mailed you but they get returned i am Ricky Susan's Brother if you e-mail me i can give you her Phone No, Ricky,
Richard Mather <>
Prescot,Merseyside,England,Tue 12th Aug 2008 , 03:25:22 pm

Hello, I am from Prescot and from the Downey family. Does anyone have any info about my grandfather Patrick Downey Married to Louie. Patrick died at the age of 47 around 30 years ago. Nick named Paddy seemed to be a character in the pubs in Prescot. Very invovled in the darts at the Crown pub. He had 4 children the eldest being my dad Michael, Elsie, Patrick and Patricia. He worked athe BICC. My grandfather died when i was about 7 and would just like to find out abit more about what he was like and if anyone has any photos of him.Thanks for your time.
Barbara Smith <>
St.Helens,merseyside,england,Mon 11th Aug 2008 , 03:04:38 pm

hello Alan Haddock,
Did you live in Elm St? Or Derby St? Your about the same age as my mum and Dad.We lived in #5 Elm St

anne <>
Sun 10th Aug 2008 , 12:31:34 pm

Knowsley Historical Society's most recent publication - Knowsley Village and it People is available for £5 plus Postage and Packing.
A previous book Knowsley Lane - A Walk Back in time is also still available for £2.50 plus Postage and Packing.
Knowsley Historical Society meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in Knowsley Village Hall, new members and visitors are always welcome.
For further details please contact Sandra Drakefield nee hewitt.

Sandra Drakefield nee Hewitt <>
Liverpool,Sat 09th Aug 2008 , 05:11:24 pm

trying to find relations of my dad is chris walls lived in princes drive page moss his dad lived in wimbourn close with his 4 sisters his dads name walter his mum christina madin name hall he went to st dominics school he lived with his nin email if you now him
julie walls <>
merseyside,prescot,england,Sat 09th Aug 2008 , 07:55:24 am

hi my name is elizabeth but people call me ann im looking for a lady by the name of francis glover who was a friend of my mother alice morgan {nee) crellin in the 1950s they both lived in kensington the last time i recall meeting her i was around 8 or 9 years of age the reason im looking for her is to see if she has any photos of alice {my mother}as all photos were destroyed in a fire in the 60s shortly before she passed away if anyone can help me in anyway please dont hesitate to contact me on my grandaughters hotmail thanks and best wishes from kirkby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
elizabeth ann morgan <>
liverpool,lancs,england,Fri 08th Aug 2008 , 05:23:21 pm

Born in Prescot Mines Ave.(The Alps)
Whiston Secondary Modern 1947-1952
Like to hear from people I knew or knew me:Or Gillian Heaps (Nee Carrier)

Bob Heaps <robert.heaps@btinternet.con>
Prescot,Merseyside,England,Tue 05th Aug 2008 , 08:35:40 pm

Hi just joined this web site interested if anybody remembers me from Huyton Quarry in the 40s 50s &60s
I am 75 years old today

Allan Haddock <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,England,Sun 03rd Aug 2008 , 08:10:49 pm

I am trying to obtain info of my maternal grandparents.My mothers name was Dora Hand and she together with her siblings were placed in what I believe to possibly be a Dr Bernardos home in Fazakerley round about 1905+-. Her sisters were Alice, Phylis, May and brother John(George??)I do not hae any information on my grandparents at all, other than they probably died of consumtion.
Angela Madine <>
Edenbridge,Kent,Uk,Sun 03rd Aug 2008 , 02:22:25 pm

hi great site found a few of my long lost friends if theres any one that would like to get in touch with me just write to my e mail address i am particularily looking for a friend from park view school i know her name is linda but cannot remember her last name if you know me i would love to hear from you
kerry condron <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Thu 31st Jul 2008 , 04:12:07 pm

OXFORD,ENGLAND,ENGLAND,Wed 30th Jul 2008 , 06:13:14 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Any Knowsley connections able to help? ]

Anyone remember Brenda Webb, Ashbourne Crescent, I would like to contact her.

John Petrucci <>
London,uk,United Kingdom,Wed 30th Jul 2008 , 07:24:42 am
[ Webmaster replies : Also, don't forget Friends Reunited etc... ]

regarding mr segar the undertaker. i do remember him through my mu the late henrietta sandringham, telling me about him, he was a very well respected man on liverpool road wich is now still a undertakers. he would let bereved people pay what they could by instalments so that there loved ones could have a decent buriel,my mum spoke highly of him, and his son james who comented about him on this guestbook would be very proud of him best regards to all of you out there doreen kennedy- barnes {nee sandringham].
doreen kennedy barnes <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Tue 29th Jul 2008 , 03:13:38 pm

I'm trying to find Alan Brown who went to St columbas in the early sixties. he lived on Almoore Road. Last knew of him Wigan area.
Bob Murdock <>
Warrington,Tue 29th Jul 2008 , 01:22:50 pm

I am interested in Munitions Workers in WWI in Oldham that worked on the Hanley Page Project. I am looking for advice on how to find my Grandfather's wage records. Although it was a Govt project he was subcontracted to Trollope and Colls. Can anyone help?

Donna <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Fri 25th Jul 2008 , 12:46:33 am
[ Webmaster replies : Try Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preston P1 2RE, tel: 01772533039, email ]

HI, Anyone remember me.does anybody have any class photographs of Sylvester infants and junior school from the 1950's love to see my school mates from more than 50 years ago.I have one...taken by the dining room at the junior school. ( Miss Bells class) willing to share photo's
Dave Eccleston <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 20th Jul 2008 , 10:50:20 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Would you be interested in sharing your photos with the Archive service? We can scan your original and upload it to the Digitial Archive(go to and follow the links to the Knowsley Digital Collection to have a look) Contact us via the links on this site... ]

to trace old friends from Hunssanton, Norfolkm School and from St Christophers pre 1950.
Ian E Paige <>
Church Stretton,Shropshire,UNITED kINGDOM,Sun 20th Jul 2008 , 08:37:03 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Can anyone from Knowsley help? ]

Hi, does anyone remember me.David Eccleston.I attended Sylvester Infants and Junior schools during the 50's. does anyone out there have any class photographs. I have just one, it was Miss Bells class, who later married the Headmaster Mr, me to look back on my childhood. I also moved on to Huyton Hey, which is now named...Knowsley Hey Arts college.Hope to hear from old school mates
Eccleston <>
Liverpool,Mersyside,England,Fri 18th Jul 2008 , 10:51:15 pm

A very interesting site. I was born in Knowsley in 1955, have an older sister & brother also born in Knowsley in 1950 & 1946. I was born in Penryn Road, but as we moved to the other side of the country when I was young I cannot remember much. Would love to know if anyone has any photos, maps or info of Penryn Road & surrounds they would be willing to share, or anyone who lived there around the 1955 -1958. My mum was born in Liverpool. My maiden name was Wood. Thanks for any help.

Linda Rowley <>
Redcar, Cleveland,Cleveland,England,Fri 18th Jul 2008 , 01:33:48 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thanks for dropping by... Many photos of the Knowsley area are now online - go to and follow the links through. On the electronic library homepage, select Knowsley Digital Collection to view the images... ]

dad was from liverpool.grandparents lived at long lane dad was john penlington but died in 1968.anyone remember him?anyone out there related to him?my name is died in nottingham august 5th .shot dead i am sad to say.need to find out about my dad and his family.hope someone can help me.someone out there must remember him.
trudy penlington <>
nottingham,england,Sun 13th Jul 2008 , 09:17:24 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Try Liverpool sites as well... ]

does anyone remember my dad john penlington who was shot dead in nottingham on 5th august 1968?dont know much about paternal side of my family but my grandparents lived on long lane fazakerley.any relatives out there?

trudy wheat <>
nottingham,england,Sun 13th Jul 2008 , 04:26:45 pm

i am andy o neill from page moss any one from tommy becket
andrew o neill <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 11th Jul 2008 , 10:50:20 pm

Please visit the web site to see the stories of the men of Prescot who fell in the Great War. The initial set of casualty information has been loaded, surnames Ackers through to Byron, and the remainder will be loaded over the coming weeks.
Stephen Nulty <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Fri 11th Jul 2008 , 04:10:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thanks for the link... ]

hello everyone. i remember an anne murphy who went to park view school then on to huyton secondary modern she left at the same time as me in 1955 although we were not friends i seem to find her name familiar. if she views this web site regularly she will se my entry, lower down. i am doreen sandringham {nee}. she may also remember the names of friends and teachers whom i named i would be glad to hear from her or anyone who remembers me. well i am sitting here at my computer looking out onto the rain and wishing i could move to spain or greece sooner, but will have to wait untill house prices start to get better so we can go and live in the sun. do any of you remember car lane i used to play there with my mates one time we were pea picking {pinching peas} in the farmers field there, when we got caught by a policeman he said have you been pinching peas and i said no sir, just as i said it all the peas fell out of my knicker leg where i had been stowing them, he looked and said whats them then, he had a chuckle took our names and adresses, gave us a telling of and sent us running of home was my face red. also does anyone remember slaters shop it was opposite car lane i used to have to run on a sunday to get bread for my mum at top speed running from cotsford road where i still live now or i would get a telling of if i was late back. i have many memories of roby where we used to pinch apples from the posh houses as we called them then, got caught to by some of our school teachers too.we seemed to be always doing naughty things but never anything realy bad. well best regards to everyone and anyone who knows me. doreen kennedy barnes {nee sandringham}
doreen kennedy barnes <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 09th Jul 2008 , 04:19:29 pm


james segar <>
wallasey,wirral,merseyside,Wed 09th Jul 2008 , 03:08:28 pm

Hello all,
It's been a while since I revisited the Knowsley Website (I've left a fair few messages and memories on it, going back a few years). Tonight I came across your May 13 entry about the exhibition. I was born in Knowsley (Maypole bungalow estate) in 1943. Lived at 5 Ormskirk Road. I left to live in Australia in Feb1960 and though 48 years have passed I still love to visit the site to see if I know anyone that passes through. I am still very much interested in the village and it's spreading girth; in fact my sister still lives in the village (Sugar lane).My five brothers all live very close by. My parents are now deceased.
I was wondering if any of the exhibition will be posted on the internet site and whether it will be possible to purchase the new book, "Knowsley Village and its' People". Perhaps any such information could be posted on the website as I'm sure there are many people like myself that would love share the exhibition virtually, if not in person.
Hoping this finds you well. Best regards
Allan K Hewitt.

Allan K Hewitt <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Wed 09th Jul 2008 , 12:35:06 pm

I am looking to get in touch with a Mr. Peter Forshaw I believe used to live in Lordens Road, Huyton. He should be in his early 50's by now and I believe he has a daughter possibly by the name of Laura in her 20's. If any one can help me get intouch I would be extremely greatful as I would like to contact them both as soon as possible we have not been in touch for 30 years.
Anthony Winterton <anthony,>
Washington,D.C.,USA,Mon 07th Jul 2008 , 08:36:35 pm

Maureen Oboyle Nee McCormack. Is Yankee Cahill anything to do with Paul Cahill, known as Yank. He was mates with my brother, James. They went to St Laurence's junior school in the late 60's then St Kevins. Yank went back to America to live with his dad following the death of his mum, prob early 70s. He has two sisters, one named Shelley. Have been trying to contact Paul for years. Last heard he was living in Philadelphia. If so, do you have any contact details. Email address is below.
Christine Robinson <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sat 05th Jul 2008 , 12:59:54 am

Does anyone remember whatever happened to Sister Marie (Gallagher) St Gregory's School, Kirkby, I was in her classes until 1965
Carole Fryer <>
Liverpool,Fri 04th Jul 2008 , 08:46:34 pm

Remembering today, Private 35664 Frederick Stanley, 2nd Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers.

Died of Wounds 26th June 1918, aged 37.

The Stanley family lived at Eccleston Lane Ends, where Frederick was recorded in 1901 as a Teamster on a Farm.

Frederick did not see overseas service until after the beginning of 1916. By May 1918, the 2nd Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers was located around Bethune in the Pas De Calais. Extracts from the War Diary of the month give an indication of their activities around this time, and the number of casualties being incurred on a daily basis even though they were not involved in any major operations.

24th May – 2 Other Ranks (OR) wounded
25th May – 4 OR wounded
26th May – 2 OR wounded
27th May – 3 OR wounded
28th May – 1 OR killed, 3 OR wounded
29th May – 1 OR killed
30th May – 1 OR wounded
31st May – 1 OR killed, 2 OR wounded

It can be seen from this extract that casualties were being incurred almost on a daily basis throughout the month. It is possible that Frederick Stanley was one such casualty. His death occurred in London in June 1918, which would fit in with the usual timeframe for a soldier moving through the chain of First Aid Post, Casualty Clearing Station, Field Hospital, etc., although it is possible that he was wounded earlier.

His family chose to bring him home for burial and he rests in Prescot Churchyard

A forthcoming website will tell the story of Frederick and the 300+ other men of Prescot who fell in the Great War. Although not fully online until September, a “holding” page is now available at

Researcher <prescot.great.war@btinternet.c>
Prescot,Thu 26th Jun 2008 , 11:28:02 am

LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,ENGLAND, UK,Mon 23rd Jun 2008 , 05:13:57 pm

hello everyone, its been awhile since ive been on this website, hope everyone is staying fit & healthy. been very busy traveling & babysitting plus putting out a veggie garden. hope i hear from friends from huyton modern school, parkviews school& stockbridge lane school. left huyton modern in 1955 regards annie(murphy) buck
annie buck <littlelimey-2001us@yahoo.comno>
athens/guysville,usa,Mon 23rd Jun 2008 , 04:53:40 pm

would like to contact girls from whiston girls from 1953-56 pamela barton. barbara lyon. sylvia brooks. anita parker and any others that may remember me. pamela and l went onto Mabel Flecter College Liverpool.
pat blakemore <>
brisbane,queensland,australia,Sat 21st Jun 2008 , 02:15:52 am

Hi everyone, what a great site this is full of local knowledge and photo's of Huyton Village and surronding areas. My e-mail address has changed so anyone wishing to make contact with me please disregard the previous e-mail address. Thanks, regards to all. Shirley
Shirley Silvers nee McCulloch <>
Stoke on Trent,Staffordshire,England,Thu 19th Jun 2008 , 12:22:53 pm

looking for anyone related to doreen evans who married david henry. Nans name annie evans. also Paul Thomas who had a sister called margaret.lived in the prescot whiston area.Any information however,would be gratefully received.Annie Evans had a number of children steve, joey,ted, bill,dick,tommy,and george. Annies maiden name was swift, she had a sister who lived in prescot near the royal oak. many thanks
ann henry <>
exeter,devon,england,Tue 17th Jun 2008 , 07:56:21 pm

my name is doreen <nee sandringham i used to go to parkview primary school then on to huyton secondary modern left school 1955 i have many happy memories of my last year at school my favourite teacher being mrs twist i remember harry leader i was terrified of him mr major was head master he was so handsom lots of us girls had a crush on him mr stone history was a good teacher, mrs sanders cookery, and domestic science, mr johnstone music was my very favourite teacher, i had such a serious crush on him. mr and mrs tattersall were also there . my school palls were jean anderson, pat allan, gladys brierly, jean wright, grace cannel,barbara jones,. i still live in the huyton erea, but hope to be moving to either spain or greece, there are lots more people i remember but too many for me to mention, please get in touch through this wonderfull site that i just stumbled onto many good wishes to any one who remembers me
doreen kennedy barnes <>
huyton merseyside,england,Sat 14th Jun 2008 , 04:07:30 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thanks for your comments and for sharing your memories... ]

Just revisited the site. Would love to hear from old friends from Prescot and surrounds.

Take care,

Alan BURTON <>
Tasmania,AUSTRALIA,Fri 13th Jun 2008 , 01:49:56 pm


I am trying to find any information on Lyme Grove Lodge or Lyme Grove Cottage in Knowlsey circa 1900 please.

It is listed as the residence of my Great Grandfather and family on the 1901 census and his first child's birth certificate.

Any information gratefully received.

Many thanks

Barb Holliday

Barb Holliday <>
Ellesmere Port,Cheshire,UK,Thu 12th Jun 2008 , 12:52:51 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The Team will take a look at this - in the meantime, can any of our Readers help? ]

Webmaster, this is not a real busy site with people posting thousands of messages. I don't see a problem with people posting that are looking for old friends.Sometimes they are interesting.
Phil <>
Mary Esther/ ex Knowsley,Florida,USA,Tue 10th Jun 2008 , 12:19:47 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Sometimes they are... in fact, it would be good if more people were to share their memories, queries and knowledge about the area too...

The guestbook was always intended to act as a catalyst for discussion about Knowsley, for people to share their experiences and so on. When people post looking for old friends, I just point them towards sites that specialise in reuniting people.

It's good to see that you are reading the comments and responses -you must have some interesting memories of Knowsley yourself? ]

Would like to hear from any old school mates from Knowsley Woolfall Srns School, Stockbridge lane.
I Still wonder what you are all up to. I married a Georgie not a scouser.He is a Firefighter. Emigrated to Cansda in 1988 with our 2 sons.I still have my scouse accent though. Like they say you can take the girl out of Liverpool but you can't take Liverpool out of the girl.
Hoping to hear from anyone

Rita Hann nee Mansfield <>
Brampton,ON,canada,Tue 10th Jun 2008 , 01:30:38 am
[ Webmaster replies : Did you know that Friends Reunited is now free to use? Social networking sites are of far more value when trying to contact old school friends. This site hopes to explore the rich history of Knowsley ]

i am trying to find any one who knows stanley harrison last know in the birkinhead area or maybe walasey he would be in his late 50s early 60s he had two children by the name david.joanne and was in the armed forces in 1967 aprox please if you are a member or know him please e-mail me thank you
joanne harrison <>
bromsgrove,uk,worcs,Sat 07th Jun 2008 , 02:37:36 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Birkenhead is a little way outside the Knowsley area... Do you know which regiment he served in? Good luck in your search... ]

Took me back to when I taught at Cantril High School. does anyone know the whereabouts of Geoff Dunn from the History Department??
Ron Ringer <>
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia,Mon 02nd Jun 2008 , 11:13:44 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Why not try looking on Friends Reunited...? ]

Shauna Jhappan (sisters Carol and Chanday)is my cousin. I left Liverpool years ago. I live in LA and would love to email her. Her mother is my aunt Alice and they lived in Elm Road. My mother Patricia was her mothers elder sister.
Any help to make contact would be great.

Peter Keys <>
Los Angeles,CA,USA,Mon 02nd Jun 2008 , 10:14:55 am
[ Webmaster replies : There are Elm Roads in Walton and Seaforth as well as Kirkby - try related websites and social networking sites for more effectve results. The theme of this site is Local History relating to the Knowsley area ]

looking for anthony (tony) john parry born september 1945 played football for hartlepool united
anthony parry <>
hartlepool,cleveland,uk,Sun 01st Jun 2008 , 11:23:27 am
[ Webmaster replies : Does this person have local (Knowsley) links? This website has a Knowsley focus and the guestbook is intended for the discussion of Knowsley related topics... ]

I have just come across the site in a search for my family tree. Is there anyone out there who can help has any links with WILLIAM MELLING born 1839ish and died in potico Lane Prescot 6th nov 1905(friend of Richard John Seddon NZ Prime Minister).I think he had a STONE MASONS business in RAVEN STREET. He had a brother THOMAS MELLING LINKED TO THE RAINHILL IRON WORKS.
Sandra Wright <>
Warrington, Cheshire,england,Sun 25th May 2008 , 04:13:26 pm

i lived in kirkby all of my life before i moved to huyton.i went to st.kevins in around 1967 left in 1972 i think any1 who knows give me a bell be great to hear from you!!
anthony mc guinness <>
liverpool,huyton,Sat 24th May 2008 , 11:47:29 am
[ Webmaster replies : Just a thought for those of you who want to get in touch with old school friends... why not give Friends Reunited or some of the social networking sites a try? They would be more effective than a local history website. You never know, you might find that your friends are looking for you too! ]

I am looking for Janet Kelly, who was married to Paul Kelly, Paul was a milkman and they used to live in Colwell Road off Princess Drive. Janet was my daughters god mother. That was 29 years ago. I would love to get in touch . Any info would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this site is fantastic.
Linda Connolly <>
Whiston,Merseyside,England,Wed 21st May 2008 , 01:42:59 am

My name is Ann Hansen used to be Molyneux. I came from Grange Park, Leslie Rd, St Helens. My Dads family came from Toll Bar, Roby Street. My Father was in the R.A.M.C and we travelled a lot during my early years. After a spell at Central Modern in St Helens we moved to Northern Ireland.
On our return we moved to Eccelston,Nr Prescot.
My mothers family went by the name of Green and were very well know in Grange Park.
I am trying to trace my Fathers family who used to live in Fingerpost, st Helens and some of them went by the family name of Wall.
Also a members of my mothers family by the name of Alan and Leslie Johnson who I think imigrated to Edmonton Canada. Their mothers family name was Kersey.

I would be happy if any one seeing this who knew me personally or knew of my family could email me.
Ann Hansen, Nee Molyneux.

Ann <>
lagos,Algarve,Portugal,Sun 18th May 2008 , 06:51:46 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Try websites relating to the St Helens area too... good luck! ]

Trying to research family history. Anyone with any information on Zion Independent Methodist Church on Kemble Street, Prescot or the Beesley Family from Liverpool Road Prescot?
sue morris <>
England,Sat 17th May 2008 , 07:47:46 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have a look at the Knowsley Digital Collection for a photo of the Chapel (Zion Chapel and School, Kemble Street, Prescot. Erected in 1884)How to find the Digitial Collection: go to; click on electronic library and follow the onscreen instructions ]

im trying to find the sons of a brian hewitt,who came from the huyton area,does anyone know of their whereabouts,they are my two half brothers
hewitt <>
liverpool,Sat 17th May 2008 , 11:17:00 am

To Celebrate The Capital of Culture in Knowsley Village, Knowsley Historical Society are presenting an Exhibition in Knowsley Village Hall on 14th June. Displays of photographs of the Earls of Derby, old villagers and those from the Maypole Bungalow Estate. Census from 1841 to 1901 will be available. A new book Knowsley Village and its People will be available, aswell as memories from residents and those whose lives have taken them thousands of miles away, playwright Willy Russell has written a piece and so has the Earl of Derby.
All will be welcome, refreshments will be available at a reasonable price.
Hope to see you there. Sandra Drakefield (Secretary)

Sandra Drakefield <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,England,Tue 13th May 2008 , 11:52:03 pm

Anyone interested in images of Huyton past and present should check out the website ;-)
Huyton Resident <>
Huyton,Merseyside,UK,Wed 07th May 2008 , 11:36:27 am
[ Webmaster replies : Interesting site... did I spot some photos from Knowsley's Archive Collection in there? ]

LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,ENGLAND,Tue 06th May 2008 , 11:26:29 pm

Did you go to Prescot Grammar, Prescot Girls Grammar or Prescot Comprehensive School? Then vist for a site full of nostalgia and over 2300 former pupil contact details.
Trevor Powell <>
Kilgetty,Pembrokeshire,United Kingdom,Thu 01st May 2008 , 09:46:08 am

i left perth western australia in 1979 returned 19yrs later but left again i have two brothers tom and joe and a sister liz nye iv lost touch last place i new they were was manjurha not sure of spelling on the west coast im flying over at christmas with my daughter and would love to see all of them if anyone knows of my family email please. joe was a landscape gardner tom was in building liz accounts /MY HAVE CHANGED SO HEARS HOPING

margaret nye

margaret madilene nye <>
glasgow,scotland,britain,Wed 30th Apr 2008 , 12:18:40 pm
[ Webmaster replies : A reminder... this site is focussed specifically on the Knowsley area of North West England, and attracts people who have an interest in the people, places and heritage of the Borough. You may have to narrow your search to get results... ]

hi my name is jim flanders.i have a twin brother gerard.we had the nickname of kida from huyton page moss .we used to go to st aloyuisis school twig in perth wa anyone out their remember good to hear from anyone back home ..
jim flanders <>
perth,west australia,australia,Wed 30th Apr 2008 , 09:43:24 am

I attended Longview Secondary Modern School from 1939/40 and lived in Filton Road, Huyton. Love to contact past students or anyone who remembers me the walk over the river Alt past Knowsley Hall. Jacksons farm. the black woods. great memories.
Leslie Lees. Dorothy Winslow. Minnie Taylor. Evelyn Evans. does anyone remember

margaret blackwood nee Dougher <>
Queensland,Australia,Wed 23rd Apr 2008 , 09:37:25 am

I am trying to find a Michael Swainson that my mum used to play with when my gran helped out at Knowsley Hall in approx 1937. She remembers playing with him in the playroom and outside. Michael she things would have been about 9yrs old she was about 7. If anyone can shed light on who this Michael was she would love to know. (and so would I). Any help much appreciated.
Carol Bamping

Carol Bamping <>
Manchester,England,Sat 19th Apr 2008 , 12:59:09 pm

hi im need help finding my greatgrandmother Harriet Foulkes, she was born on the 10th of june in West derby Walton. im also trying to find my Greatgrandfather Albert Hayworth, he was born on 18th October 1915 in west derby they were both orphanages in Fazakerley between 1915 and 1916
Rebecca <>
Cardiff,wales,Fri 18th Apr 2008 , 02:01:53 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Just a suggestion... the areas you are interested in are covered by Liverpool(this site is Knowsley centred) so it might be worth investigating similar Liverpool websites. Good luck in your search... ]

Grew up in Kirkby Morston Cresent Southdend, Attended St Josphes And St Kevins, Left in 1965 and in 1967 want into the army 1st Kings Regiment got out in 1977 naver came back to live in kirkby. Know living in Accrington,Clayton Le Moors. looking for any class mates from Mr davis Class,1960/61.Also looking for (Harding Aneater,) she moved to birkenhead in 1960. Maureen Lynch, Pauline Holliday, We all set togather Don't forgetthis is 1959/60/61. if this works then your site is like gold to people who never got a cumputer untill i retierd.
Ken Hargadon <>
Accrington,Lancashire,Lancashire,Fri 18th Apr 2008 , 12:26:53 pm

i would like to no if you have a pitcher from the kirkby reporter about 1965 -1970 we were in the paper for the largest family in kirkby i would like 2 see it also the right up about us i would be grateful of your help in this matter we were know as the hamid family from 1 briery hey ave northwood kirkby i would like to have a copy of the phptp thank you for your help
hamid <>
kirkby,england,liverpool,Tue 15th Apr 2008 , 05:07:55 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The Kirkby Reporter is held at Huyton Library on microfilm, covering the years 1955 - 1979. You can search through the relevant years to find the article and picture you're interested in. As the Local History Library can be quite busy, it's best to make an appointment to use one of the reader printers by contacting Huyton Library direct on 0151 443 3738 ]

I am trying to trace family of a Henry Cahill. He would have been born between 1900 and 1920. He was a soldier in the Second World War. He was in the Lincoln area or Derbyshire area in April/May of 1940. Wonder if there is any one who can remember him. Would like to know if he married or had any children. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him.


I am trying to trace a George Haynes of Dumfries in Scotland who was in the forces world war 2.A friend of mine who was in the Land Army during that time wishes to contact him please try and find him for her she lived in the North of England.
George Haynes <>
Bristol,Avon,England,Mon 14th Apr 2008 , 02:20:09 pm

hi does anyone remember a bright light in the late sixtys shooting across the liverpool sky the head line in the liverpool echo read what was that bright light in the sky
joe williams
liverpool,Sun 13th Apr 2008 , 05:03:01 am

I am trying to trace an old friend I knew in Huyton in the fifties.
His name was Fred Carr lived in Bruton Rd.and attended Prescot Grammer School.
I believe he married the girl next door.Sounds like a cue for a song.

Fred Mckeon <>
Uttoxeter,Staffs.,UK.,Fri 11th Apr 2008 , 07:32:48 pm

I am looking for Elizabeth Casey. She went to Mosscroft School in Huyton and left in 1984. If anyone remembers her please can you get in touch, many thanks

Rebecca Hughes (nee Harthen) <>
Fri 11th Apr 2008 , 12:45:13 pm

Can any body out there on guest book help me,?
I am trying to find a friend that i have lost touch with,
Her name is Jean Kain, she used to live in Longborough Road Knowsely in the Sixties,
she had brothers one Alan and one Peter
and a sister theresa.
if you can help please get in touch with me many thanks.

Norman R <>
London,UK,Thu 10th Apr 2008 , 09:08:25 pm



DERBY,UK,UK,Wed 09th Apr 2008 , 08:31:22 am

Hello everybody,I lived in Penrhyn Road.The so called Bungalow estate.Does anyone have any photo,s or maps of the estate they would like to share with me.I would be most grateful,if you could email me a copy.Best Regards Brian Harrington.
Brian Harrington <brianh45@hotmail,>
Wed 09th Apr 2008 , 12:52:02 am

found this page while trying to find info about my old school Gonzaga comprehensive in huyton.It seems to have sunk without a trace.Does anybody remember me kathleen mcbride old friends included diane boyle, marie bowden and paula joyce.
kathleen barrett <>
manchester,lancs,england,Mon 07th Apr 2008 , 03:42:03 pm

hi lee your dad was a popular and well loved person in the prescot area.i used to live in the longview area myself .brian was four years o lder than me but i used to have a drink with his brother if i am right called kenny on a sat lunch in the hilside pub i think you must know most of his old friends as they all still live in the prescot area.
john james lafferty <>
liverpool,Fri 04th Apr 2008 , 12:21:50 am

BRIAN STOREY...Hi Im looking to see if anyone knew my father BRIAN STOREY.He grew up in the 50s & 60s in Barford Road Huyton,then after marrying my mother he lived in MoLYNUEX CLOSE PRESCOT in the 1970s.He worked in the B.I.C.C. Prescot in 1976/77,he had a tragic accident at work in december 1977 & passed away aged 32.He was popular in the Quiet Man,the Ealgle & Child,the Bath Springs & other popular pups around Huyton & Prescot.If you knew him Id love to hear from you.Thank you....Ps A great site
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Thu 03rd Apr 2008 , 12:49:40 am

Can anyone help me find John Anderson from the yorkshire area who plays rugby for Selby. I believe he is self employed dealing in bathrooms. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Erin Sullivan <>
Charlestown,MA,USA,Wed 02nd Apr 2008 , 07:27:53 pm

hi great site just stumbled on it been reading for 2 hours now i would like to trace ginger who was with my husband in malaya husband still talks about him the were both engineers ginger came from scotland also my cousins thomas henry allen cahill and frances known to me as yankee cahill
maureen oboyle nee mccormack <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sun 30th Mar 2008 , 07:01:20 pm

I remember the two boys murdered in Whiston, yes one was Gary Miller and the other boy was John Greenwood hope this helps you. I live opposite to there at present it is now called Stadt Moers Park, used to be Tushies tip.
Diane Parker <>
Merseyside,England,Tue 25th Mar 2008 , 12:53:56 am

Delf Cottages
Can anyone give me information re Delf (ph)Cottages Year of build.Who owned them.
I know that there was an active History Group is it still running ?and does it have 'open days'
Regards Ken Chamberlain

Ken Chamberlain <>
Ipsley,Worcestershire,England,Mon 24th Mar 2008 , 11:09:30 am

i am looking for a carol liveingston i used to work for her at a ladies hair salon in kingsway huyton hair affair,i would just like to know that carol and her then partner jimmy are ok .
annemarie <>
liverpool,mersyside,kirkby,Sun 23rd Mar 2008 , 03:33:13 pm

Hello! Hello! - I went to St. Columbus School in Huyton. Have been living in the U.S. since 1980.....would really like to hear from any long lost friends out there.


Annette Moogan nee Windle <>
Irvine,Californina,U.S.A.,Fri 21st Mar 2008 , 12:12:21 am

On 21st March 1918, the German army in France launched “Operation Michael”, an offensive which they hoped would lead to the end of the war. Over the first week of the offensive, the British forces were pushed back across a broad front and incurred heavy casualties.

The following men from Prescot became casualties of the first few days of this offensive. As we reach the 90th anniversary of their sacrifice, we remember them and all others who died in the conflict, many of whom have no known grave.

21st March 1918
Pte Edward ROBBINS, 11th Bn., South Lancs Regt.
Son of Henry and Harriett Ann Robbins, of 32, Platt's Bridge, Whiston, Lancs
No known grave, remembered on the Pozieres Memorial.

22nd March 1918
Pte John Richard DILLON, 17th Bn., Manchester Regiment.
Aged 19, born in Prescot, Son of Mr. R. E. and Mrs. E. Dillon, of 16, Chatsworth St., Liverpool
No known grave, remembered on the Pozieres Memorial.

23rd March 1918
L/Cpl Michael MADDEN, Royal Engineers
Aged 23, son of Patrick and Ellen Madden. Originally lived in Mill Street, Prescot.
Died of Wounds and buried in Bac-Du-Sad British Cemetery

Pte. Joseph MALONEY, 16th Bn., Cheshire Regiment
Born in Prescot, age & family unknown
No known grave, remembered on the Pozieres Memorial.

25th March 1918
Pte Robert Arthur FRANCE, 1st/6th Bn,. Northumberland Fusiliers
Aged 40, son of Robert and Elizabeth France, who owned a Draper & Outfitter’s shop at 16/18 Eccleston Street, Prescot. Married Margaret Pemberton in 1913
No known grave, remembered on the Pozieres Memorial

28th March 1918
Pte. Andrew WATKINSON, 18th Bn., King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
Aged 24, born in Prescot, son of Henry and Jeanne Wilkinson. Henry had been a stock manager at the Watch factory
No known grave, remembered on the Pozieres Memorial

29th March 1918
CSM Herbert Louis BOYER, 11th Bn., South Lancs. Regiment.
Aged 40, born in West Derby, the husband of Sarah Boyer (nee Pemberton), of 19, New Cross Street, Prescot.
No known grave, remembered on the Pozieres Memorial

Researcher <>
Prescot,Thu 20th Mar 2008 , 02:07:39 pm

There have been a few entries in the Guestbook relating to a book produced in or around 1944, which lists all pupils at Prescot Grammar School.

As part of my research into the men of Prescot who fell in the Great War, I have some queries regarding Grammar School boys, and I would be grateful if anybody who has access to this book could drop me an email to the address below.

Many thanks

Researcher <>
Prescot,Thu 20th Mar 2008 , 11:41:46 am

Still a great site.... Still looking for old friends from myn Rushey Hey Junior School....1957-1962, and Brookfield Comp. from 1962-1966. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.... especially those of you who attended the 40th Anniversary of our starting in Brookfield.... in 2002. It was a fabulous day, and well worth the trip from Canada to be there.

Susan Button nee Blundell <>
owen sound,Ontario,Canada,Wed 12th Mar 2008 , 07:14:20 am

Remembering today, 10th March, two men of Prescot who were killed in action on this date in 1915.

Private 1230 Thomas SMITH, 5th Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment was a native of Prescot and a reservist.

The 5th Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment, had just started its annual training in camp when war broke out in August 1914. It was sent to Edinburgh until October, then moved to Tunbridge Wells until February 1915. It was then ordered to France, sailing on the 13th aboard s.s. King Edward. Arriving at Le Havre the same day.

Over the next few days the battalion marched to billets at Le Bizet, and then undertook instruction in trench warfare. The system was for companies from a battalion to be attached to other battalions for spells in the line, before the sector was allocated to the battalion on its own. In addition to the trench duty, the battalion undertook its share of pioneer work and training in rapid fire.

This period of initiation continued throughout March, with no specific actions. Just two casualties were recorded in the whole month, one of whom was Private Smith. He rests in Calvaire Military Cemetery.

Private 3106 Frank HAYES, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment was 21 when he died. He was the eldest son of Thomas and Emily Hayes, of "Clifton," Old Lane, Eccleston Park, Prescot Before joining the army he was employed in the General Office of the B.I. and H.C. Ltd., Prescot. He was a Sunday School scholar at the Holt Congregational Sunday School, and was also a member of the church and the choir. He joined his regiment on 14th November 1914.

On the 21st February 1915, the 5th (Territorial) Battalion of the King's (Liverpool Regiment) left Canterbury, where they had been in training, and headed by train for Southampton. They boarded the "Duchess of Argyle" and "Queen Empress" and sailed for France. The battalion consisted of 31 officers and 1,100 other ranks. They sailed at 5.30 p.m. and arrived at Le Havre around midnight, disembarking at 8 a.m. the next day. They then marched to rest Camp No 1 at Adresse where they were accommodated for the day. The weather was so cold that fur coats were issued, along with other clothing and necessities.

On 8th March, the battalion were still undergoing instruction in trench warfare when 6th Infantry Brigade received orders to attack the enemy on the morning of the 10th.

The attack was against the German trenches opposite Givenchy and the 1st battalion were recorded as fighting "most gloriously" in "one of the finest things ever done". The 5th were also for the first time, engaged in battle, though the battalion itself did not attack, but was split up and attached to the attacking columns, and was also placed in the front line trenches to maintain a covering fire during the operation.

Ultimately, the attack was a failure owing mainly to the uncut barbed wire entanglements. But it did succeed in preventing the enemy from sending reinforcements to the main attack. The behaviour of "B" and "D" companies, who had been attached to the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, was especially commended by the Commanding Officer of the latter regiment.

Private Hayes was one of the casualties of this action. His body was recovered from the battlefield and he now rests in Guards Cemetery.

Research of the above named men and all other casualties of Prescot is currently being undertaken. If you can provide any additional information on the above men, especially, Private Smith, please reply to the email address shown below.

Researcher <>
Prescot,Mon 10th Mar 2008 , 10:05:40 am

if anybody knows of any of the chiocchi family related to the late mike chiocchi who lived in norris green, could you please email me as i would love to speak to you.
karen <>
st helens, merseyside,uk,Sun 09th Mar 2008 , 08:01:28 pm

I am looking for members of family - BOULTER's from BIRKENHEAD and Cheshire.
Parents names were RICHARD AND EMILY BOULTER - if anyone out there knows of anything, I would be grateful if you could contact me.

LONDON,Tue 04th Mar 2008 , 05:43:32 pm

Hi Guestbook,
Can anybody out there help ?
Iam trying to find, Frank Lowrie ,Eddie Lloyd,and Albie Rudkin,
who played in in a Kirkby/Huyton group,
in the Sixties,the group was called the "FOLLOWERS", the group played a lot around Kirkby /Huyton and Liverpool, plus other parts of the country, if any one can help please get in touch with me,i played bass for group.
many thanks if you can help.
Robbie B.

Robbie B. <>
London,UK,Tue 04th Mar 2008 , 05:03:43 pm

My Ancestors are all from the Merseyside area. Some lived at Speke Hall - they were tenants Farmers family name GRACE. Several members of the GRACE family married members of the WRIGHT Family who were also Farmers and connected with Wright House and Croft Farm. Any information most welcome and I would love to connect with some WRIGHT cousins. Best regards Maureen Qlds Aus.
Maureen <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Tue 04th Mar 2008 , 07:29:28 am

If anyone knows Peter Burke who lived 74 Parbrook Road ask him to get in touch with me I lost his e-mail address tell him I'm back in England and would like to meet up

kathy buoey <>
liverpool,england,Mon 03rd Mar 2008 , 05:51:45 pm


I attended Cherry Field and Brookfield Comprehensive ( 1966-1971) I moved to Canada in 1974 I lived at 2 Hartwood Close Southdene Kirkby. Not sure if anyone will remember me.

Norma Wainwright <>
Whitby,Ontario,Canada,Sun 02nd Mar 2008 , 11:35:22 pm

Looking for Eric Patterson, mums name June Coop of Beech Road in Huyton Merseyside last known to be in Australia. Cousins waiting to chat and catch up. My married name is Parker but was coop daughter of Derek and Carole and sister of Tracy. Any one who knows of any family i would be grateful to hear from them.
Diane Parker <>
Liverpool,Whiston Merseyside,England,Mon 25th Feb 2008 , 11:50:37 pm

I am looking for members of family - Boulter's from Birkenhead and Cheshire.
Parents names were Richard and Emily Boulter - if anyone out there knows of anything, I would be grateful if you could contact me.

Elaine Boulter <>
london,England,united kingdom,Wed 20th Feb 2008 , 01:29:02 pm

hi anyone with information about Stanley Cairns on trafargel road wallasey wirral uk please email me Thanks
james <>
uk,Tue 12th Feb 2008 , 04:25:09 pm

Hello Knowsley Local History -

I came across this in my search for information on my gg-grandmother.

Her name was Ann Molineux or Mullenux.
She was born 1837 in Huyton Lancs. or 1839 Brindle, Chorley Lancs.

I need to find out who, for sure, her parents were.

She married my gg Charles Knowles.
He was born 1833 in Manchester, Lancs.

Their daughter Louisa was my g-grandmother and she was born in 1872 in Wortley, Yorks.

I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard.
I do have the barest of info. that someone gave me of the 1861 & 1871 Census, but it doesn't give her parents' names.

Also, Charles' parents I need as well.

Layna Jan Wilson,
Vancouver, Canada. More fotos from the 1800's of people would be great, but it looks good as it is.

Layna Jan Wilson <>
Vancouver,B.C.,Canada,Sun 10th Feb 2008 , 08:30:32 am

Attended St Aloysius/Gonzaga Comp until 1978 and lived in Cartmel Road, Huyton until 1981, when I moved down to the Midlands.

Would love to hear from any old friends who remember me.

Philip McAlenan <>
Birmingham,West Midlands,England,Mon 04th Feb 2008 , 05:34:25 pm

i came across this site by accident. what a good site. i im looking for pictures of my dad who passed away 31 years ago he was called kenneth smith he lived in chorley lancashire and went to all saints church on sundays and played cricket at all saints school. he went to southlands high school. also i would like to know if anyone knows a man called robbie fielden or fielding he lived in roby huyton i knew him around 1988 he will be about 36 yrs old now would be nice to see how hes doing
samantha <>
abbey village,lancashire,england,Sat 02nd Feb 2008 , 12:28:28 pm

I am looking for history on Knowsley Hall/House the home where my great grandfather Henry Brook Martin was a gamekeeper in late 1900's I think the owner was the Duke of Devonshire OR Lord Derby but cannot be certain at this moment.
Jane Fennell (nee Heywood) <>
Shoreham-by-Sea,West Sussex,UK,Thu 31st Jan 2008 , 12:39:16 pm

My Great Great Grandfather, Robert Thompson, lived with his wife and children at Bridgefield in Halewood in the late 1800's. He died in 1899 and is buried in St Nicholas Church in Halewood. I am seeking any information and photographs about him, his family and/or the House.
C Thompson <>
Wed 30th Jan 2008 , 04:33:15 pm

trying to trace photo's or information of orwell road mum is hoping to find old friends,she lived at 135 orwell road and worked in irwin's.her name is joyce grierson(1940's)any info would be gratefully received.
denise anders <>
warrington,england,Sun 27th Jan 2008 , 07:30:40 pm

Hi all, i lived in kirkby,i went to cherryfield(1964-69) and then brookfield(1969-75) ,too many good people to list, if you remember me ,it would be good to email.
john woolley <>
ainsdale,Mon 21st Jan 2008 , 02:06:16 pm

What a great site this is,love looking through it to see if i can come across any old friends.I lived in Merton Drive Roby,till 1967,attended Dovcote Primary, and then Huyton Modern, left there in 1958.I do remember some of the teachers that people have said about on the the site,had some good laugh's there.
Worked at Whitakers nursery at the bottom of Prescot Hill,when i first left school [does any body remember it ] i think it's a garden centre now, then worked for Huyton College,for girls, Blacklow Brow, next to Huyton Station and the Queens pub,I have heard that all the college playing fields,have gone, and house's built on them,Ive marked out many,a tennis court and hockey pitch on those playing fields, and also the swimming baths that was in the Rooley have gone,great place to work ,but rubbish money,
As kids do remember playing in Bowering Park,as it was just up the road from us at the end of Pilch Lane East, especialy the two ponds, that were on the golf course, spent hours fishing with nets on a cain there, also playing down Carr Lane, off Roby Road, and not forgeting the top field,as we called it at the bottom of Merton crescent.
Did play for a while in a group called the "Followers" and did play in Kirkby a lot, as Two of the group where from Kirkby,Eddie Lloyd, and Albie Rudkin, Eddie's brother played in a group called the "Kirkby's" does any body remember they's groups, we played at the Raffa Club, and the 21 club,plus other venue's in Kirkby, and around Liverpool.
Left Liverpool in 1967, and have lived in different part's of the country,and now live in Lincolnshire, but there's no place like home, {Liverpool}once a scouser always a scouser.
If any body out there that remembers me ,do get in touch,
Once again what a great site, it does take you back down memory lane,keep up the good work.
Rob Barton [Robbie]

Robert Barton <>
Lincolnshire,UK,Tue 15th Jan 2008 , 07:02:50 pm

went to barlows lane cp in fazakerley then on to sherwoods lane also fazakerley then moved to richard kelly place in clubmore weny to roscoe garsfeild school trained as a nurse at fazakerley hos and walton hospital trying to find any one wh remembers joan irene worthing one brother bill went to alsop high and one sister anne
van dijk <>
richards bay,natal,south africa,Sun 13th Jan 2008 , 08:31:11 pm

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me, My Sister Linda Askew Married Alan Charles Boles at St Chads on 18th April 1965. Lin died a few years ago and Alan died yesterday (10/1/08)
Al has been very sick for about 12 years and a lot of people would only know him as he was when he passed. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason there is only 1 wedding photo in existance and hardly any other photos. Alans son is trying to do a tribute to his dad for the funeral which is to be held here in Australia on Thursday 17/1/08. I know its a long shot but if anyone out there has a photos of Lyn or Alan please can you scan them and email them to me. We used to live in I think 59B Bramcote Road, Northwood, Kirby. I still have cousins (Ellis & Kendall) that still live in the area but I have lost contact with them and I would also like to try and let them know.

Thanks for taking your time and reading this. God bless.

Irene Nelson <>
Werribee,Victoria,Australia,Fri 11th Jan 2008 , 04:19:00 am

I used to live in CHANGFORD ROAD in NORTHWOOD and went to ST ANTHONYS & ST GREGORY'S schools, and have 6 brothers & sisters - IRENE, HUGHIE(UGGIE), MARGARET, PAT, BOBBY, & JOHN. Sadly we have lost our lovely Mum & Dad now HUGHIE & SADIE, so it would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers them or any of my family.
Maria Dillon <>
Liverpool,Wed 09th Jan 2008 , 10:35:35 pm

Hi, I came across this site by accident. I am researching my family history and would be interested if anyone knew of my Grandparents Austin and Mabel Durrans they lived in Seel Road, Huyton and he was the manager of the New Mayfair Cinema. I seem to remember the names Mrs Jackson and Miss Oliphant being mentioned, I think they worked in the box office.
Colleen Knowles <>
Hoylake,Wirral,UK,Sat 05th Jan 2008 , 10:53:35 am

I am trying to trace a long lost girl friend. Her pre married name was CLAIR LEYLAND, she attended Longview secondary school, and left in about 1969. She used to live in MOSSBROW RD. She also had a brother but i dont know his name, but i belive he joined the navy. She married and emergrated to CANADA. She divorced, and her husband came back to the UK i belive. Any help no matter how small please let me know. Thank you.
alf owen <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Fri 04th Jan 2008 , 07:34:21 pm

I'd just like to say i think the website is great, I've lived in Huyton all my life, attended Parkview and Roby Comp, leaving in 1984. I still live in Huyton and would love to hear from anyone who knows me.
Sue Tyrer <>
Huyton,Liverpool,Merseyside,Fri 04th Jan 2008 , 09:49:50 am

Great site,Hi my name is Irene(Moss)Left Ruffwood in 1965,House Shakelton.Mr Looker,House Master, Mr Barnes, Head Master.My best mates were Enid Morris,Cristine Rutter,Cristine Farmer, Jean Farley.Any one got any photo`s,of this time would love to hear from you.My old address 47 Madrayn Ave,Northwood.
Irene Donaghy <>
Blacktown,Sydney,Australia,Fri 04th Jan 2008 , 09:23:24 am

Hello, does anyone remember the Drury family that lived in Burnard close, Northwood, Kirkby, Liverpool. I went to Ruffwood School in Wedgewood House. We are talking about 1965/1972? Please contact on: I would like to hear from anyone who still remembers us, wow! have I got a tale to tell, if your interested!
Steve Drury <>
buckingham,buckingham,england,Thu 13th Dec 2007 , 03:52:12 am

hi i am anji burgan trying to find old school friends who went to either st joseph's or all saints in kirkby would be nice to keepin touch.. inow live in anfield.. used to live in southdene kirkby send me an email if you remember me.. anji xxx
angela burgan <>
liverpool,kirkby,england,Sun 02nd Dec 2007 , 11:01:42 am

Remembering today five men born in Prescot who were killed in action this day 90 years ago, 30th November 1917.

Private Fred Eaton, 1st. Bn., Kings (Liverpool Regiment), aged 19
Sapper Vincent Gallagher, 422nd Field Company, Royal Engineers, aged 28
Private William Hornby, 166th Coy., Machine Gun Corps.
Private John King, 1st/5th Bn., South Lancs. Regt.

The above four men have no known grave and are remembered on the Cambrai Memorial

Private Oliver Jones, 25th Bn., Royal Welsh Fusiliers, aged 31

Private Jones has no known grave and is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial

Any additional information on any of these soldiers is always welcome.

Researcher <>
Prescot,Fri 30th Nov 2007 , 01:20:15 pm

I'm trying to get in touch with Jennie Leidstrom who used to live in Parbrook Road Huyton in the early 80's.
Any information greatfully received.

Tony Moore <>
Brighton,East Sussex,England,Fri 23rd Nov 2007 , 11:24:53 pm

Remembering today the men of Prescot who fell in the last few days of the Great War in November 1918.

5th November.
Private Thomas Davies of the 1st Bn., Royal Fusiliers. Aged 19, he was born in Prescot, the son of John Atherton Davies and Emily Davies, of Ivy Cottage, Huyton Lane. He has no known grave and is remembered on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial to the Missing.

6th November.
Gunner Edward Charles of 544 Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Born in Prescot in 1882, he was 36 when he died and lived with his widowed mother Celia in Everton. He died of wounds at 1st Australian Casualty Clearing Station and rests in Fretin Communal Cemetery.

Any information you have on these men would be gratefully received.

Researcher <>
Prescot,Tue 06th Nov 2007 , 10:25:36 am

With the impending arrival of grand children I felt it was time to put a little research into where ou family came from and was surprised to see that my maternal line flows from around St Marys with relations living in Peacock House, Sugar Lane, Pinfold Lane and, according to the census, the "Village". This web-site has helped tremedously to build a better picture of my great-great-great grandparents but I'd still like some help if anyone can assist.
The family name is Thornton and I can go back to the early 1800's but I believe one (or more of my relations were "involved" in the running of the church. Cn anyone help?

Peter Gleaves <>
Crowborough,East Sussex,England,Sun 28th Oct 2007 , 04:00:09 pm

Hi Just stumbled across this website and noticed a question about Seth Powell. Seth Powell was my great uncle and he was also mayor.He and Auntie Jessie are remenbered with great fondness as his house was always full of family and music (Mostly Tom Jones and Englebert). I remember he was a staunch Labour man and was great friends with Mr Wilson.
nicola blackmore <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 19th Oct 2007 , 08:16:21 pm

Currently I am writing a biography on Richard John Seddon, our longest serving Prime Minister who came from St Helens and grew up wandering around the estates of the Earls of Derby-with the gamekeepers' permission! His garndfather Richard was a tenant of the 13th and 14th Earls. Can anyone please check this for me-I can't pay much but might run to a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Also is there anything surviving on the Grammar school at Eccleston where his father, Thomas, was headmaster and the Earls sat on the Board of Governors?
tom brooking <>
Dunedin,Otago,New Zealand,Fri 19th Oct 2007 , 04:13:07 am

Hi all I was born and grew up in Warrington way back - am trying to find out if St Marys Church that was on St Mary's Street is still there- also any class mates from St Marys Primary School around 1970 or Beaumont Technical School 1975 - 1977
thanks all

Peter <>
Houston,Texas,USA,Wed 10th Oct 2007 , 10:42:38 pm

Looking for Dorrie Boulter - Iim trying to get in touch with Dorrie Boulter who lived in St Helens. She was a theatre nurse at a private hospital in the area. Has a sister called helen and gillian.
Andrew Gale <>
Javea,Alicante,Spain,Wed 03rd Oct 2007 , 01:16:31 pm

I am looking for information about Jack Mcmahon. bcirca 1896/98. Apparently at the turn of the century his mother owned a pub in liverpool his father was a provendor. He for some reason had an affinity with Birkenhead and Wallacy, maybe they moved there.
During the late 40s/early 50s he holidayed in the marquis's at moreton. At age 45 years plus he worked as a breadsalesman in old trafford Manchester. does anyone know of him or the pub in Liverpool.
Did he have any family in Liverpool or birkenhead.Was there a wife or children.

jack mcmahon <>
ballarat,victoria,australia,Mon 01st Oct 2007 , 11:26:27 pm

calling anyone who was in mrs batsons class at huyton modern secondry school rupert road huyton my name is jackie navarro if anyone remembers me i would love to hear from you .
jackie navarro <>
liverpool,england,Sat 29th Sep 2007 , 01:23:59 am

hiya just fell across this site while looking up my old schools,westvale and brookfield.i used to live on melverley rd from around 1977 my mum was called dot !! dorothy bellamy then dortthy taylor then she was last known by dorothy mclure she died in 1984 and i was just wondering if anyone remembered her ?before she moved to westvale she lived in towerhill she was known as taylor there and her husbands name was george.they had 3 girls beverley michelle and cathy.does anyone remember dot or george taylor ? thanks
catherine taylor <>
thornton,merseyside,england,Fri 28th Sep 2007 , 01:05:06 pm

my names karen roberts and i'm looking for a friend i went to school with 30 yrs ago.. we went to higherside school between 1972 - 1977 and her name was alison gregory.. would be nice if anybody else remembers me to get intouch.

karen roberts <>
liverpool,whiston,u.k,Fri 28th Sep 2007 , 12:36:50 pm

im 26 yrs old and wanted to find anyone that attended whiston willis school, milton avenue between 1984 - 1991? be good to hear from any teachers aswell
thanks x

lisa malone <>
liverpool,whiston,u.k,Wed 26th Sep 2007 , 01:07:11 pm

does anyone know where i can view old pictures of kirkby and st kevins school
joe wiliiams <>
Mon 24th Sep 2007 , 03:23:32 pm

grew up on bishop drive,went to halsnead and higherside before moving to wavertree.great times on the tip and fishing down at big with saint nicks,bri lee,s disco at the village hall (lol)
the cricky,the colliery etc

john constantine <>
seymour,connecticut,usa,Mon 24th Sep 2007 , 02:54:27 am

Enjoyed the website trying to locate the wedding of Grace Terry of Huyton Quarry to John Lowton of Whiston probably 1926/7 My Dad was Robert Lowton of Jubilee Drive worked at Tushinghams & Cronton Colliery loved Whiston proud of his roots.Related to Cyril & Tommy Smith of Quarry Garden Nursery. Does anyone remember the Lowton family we were small Dad had 1 sister Betty.Thanks Kathy Schofield
Kathy Schofield nee Lowton <>
Runcorn,Cheshire,UK,Thu 20th Sep 2007 , 10:59:31 pm

attended Prescot Grammar School from 1953-1959. Have lived in South Africa for 20 years and have been living in New Zealand for the past 21yrs. Could any of my old mates contact me.
Billy Seiga

Billy Seiga <>
Hamilton,Waikato,New Zealand,Sun 16th Sep 2007 , 06:01:10 am

I am a grandson of Mrs Evelyn Scott, and Walter Scott, who lived opposite Knowsley Secondary School. My grandmother had been a cleaner at the school, and raised her family in the house, living there until her entering hospital soon before her sad passing in September 1980. I have been estranged from my family for many years, and am trying to piece together my family history on my Mother's side, especially of the grandmother I loved very much. I know that she had a few children, (Jean, Glenys, John and a son who died very young (my brother was named after him i was told - Neil). If anyone can provide any information on when she passed away, the exact address of where she lived, where she is buried, her maiden name - anything, I would be eternally grateful. Allow me to fill in these details of a woman whose memory I treasure to this day.
Thank-you for your kind attention, and to the wonderful work of this great site.

Keith Molloy <>
Cairns,Queensland,Australia,Mon 10th Sep 2007 , 12:13:31 pm

Remembering today three Prescot men who were killed in action on this date, 7th September, in 1916 during the battle of the Somme. All are named on the War Memorial behind the parish church and the Rood Screen inside the church.

All three served with the 1st/5th Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment and are recorded as “Killed in Action” (as opposed to “Died of Wounds”, “Illness”, etc.)

Private Edward Waine, aged 32, was the son of William and Mary Waine of 13, Yates Court, Sewell Street. He rests in Delville Wood Cemetery.

Private John Robert Valentine, aged 22 was the son of John and Ann Valentine, of 35, Derby Street, Prescot. He is buried in Caterpillar Cemetery, Longueval.

The third man was Corporal William Edwards, about whom I have been unable to find further information as yet, other than the fact that he was born in Prescot. He has no known grave and is remembered on the Thiepval memorial to the missing of the Somme campaign.

The 1st/5th Battalion had been moved around extensively during the Somme campaign, having first moved from Sombrin on 20th July. They moved to trenches in front of Delville Wood on 5th September and along with the 1/10th Kings (Liverpool) Regiment, they dug a new forward line. This will have been subject to constant German artillery shelling, and it is likely that this is how the men were killed.

Researcher <>
Prescot,Fri 07th Sep 2007 , 01:49:18 pm

Remembering today, three men of Prescot War Memorial, all who died on 31/08/1918

Pte. 12965 Francis Brooks, 13th KLR, Aged 21. Son of Edward and Sarah Brookes, the family were from Sewell Street. Francis also served with 4th KLR and 11th KLR. He enlisted on 22/08/1914 and went to France on 20/05/1915. Remembered on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial.

Pte. 53149 Robert Donnelly, 10th South Lancs. Aged 40, he had moved from Prescot with his wife Ada and lived in Yarm, Yorkshire. He enlisted in Middlesborough and was formerly 16065 Yorkshire Regiment, attached to 50 Bde. HQ. He lies in Wavans British Cemetery.

Pte. 24286 Joseph Scott, 13th KLR. Aged 33, he was married to Susannah and lived in Church Road, Knowsley. He lies in Ecoust-St-Mein British Cemetery.

Researcher <>
Prescot,Fri 31st Aug 2007 , 11:15:43 am

Hey everyone: I lived in Merton Drive Roby in the 60's. Used to hang out in the Bowring Park area.(which is what the kids did, at that time)
If anyone remembers me, please contact me at the above email. I'd love to hear from old friends.
Steve Herrick, Steve Robson,Dave Reilly, Sid Arslanian, Tommy Arslanian. Steve Kelly. Any of you still out there, floating around?
Kathie Butterworth-Ropele

Kathie Butterworth-Ropele <>
Longboat Key,Florida,United States of America,Wed 29th Aug 2007 , 04:26:08 am

Can anyone tell me how I can find the PLOT NO & AREA where a person was buried in April 1900 in Prescot Municipal Cemetery? Lancashire Record Office advised me to write to Knowsley Bereavement Services which I did but I have had no reply. The person in question was Catholic.
Pat Berry in Australia

Pat Berry <>
Wollongong,NSW,Australia,Thu 23rd Aug 2007 , 12:15:21 am

hi can anybody help me am looking for any family members by the name of UNDERWOOD am from huyton myself and dont know were anybody else is from my dads name is john underwood and my grandads name was eric underwood from st johns eastate drop me a line if anybody knows me or any of my family members ....yours sincerley
paula underwood

paula <>
huyton,uk,liverpool,Tue 21st Aug 2007 , 01:20:44 am

Great site I came upon it by accident
I lived in Huyton with Roby. On Jeffereys Crescent. I attended Park View School from 1951-57 and Huyton Secondary Modern School on Rupert Road
until December 1960. Does anyone remember me. I was Carol Simpson and I had 2 sisters Janet and Rachel
I would like to fine Leona Mann who was in my class. And Joan Smith who was younger than me she had several sisters Irene was one I remember They lived in the bungalows or prefabs as we called them.

Carol Hartman <>
Foxboro,Ontario,Canada,Thu 16th Aug 2007 , 09:10:06 pm

Hello out there i am trying to trace a woman called nora kelly from kirkby, i think she was once married to a man called william robert malone, is there anybody out there who can help? her daughters or sons might be able to help me, thank you very much and i would appriciate any help
B. Malone

barry malone <>
liverpool,merseyside,whiston,Thu 16th Aug 2007 , 01:29:45 pm

I am trying to research the Doubleday family my grandparents were Martha and Richard Doubleday living in Huyton early 1900's. My grandfather was a dock laborer My father Henry (Joe) Doubleday was born 1912 the address was 4a Arkwright Street, Liverpool. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Barbara Cunningham (nee) Doubleday.

Barbara Cunningham <>
Atlanta,GA,USA,Sat 11th Aug 2007 , 03:16:53 pm

I am writing a book does anybody know the family of Harold Winstanley who tried to murder Lady Derby in 1952. If not members of the other families involved in this incident

Thank you

Francine <>
London,Chelsea,England,Thu 09th Aug 2007 , 01:29:27 pm

Does anybody remember Mrs Bigelow, who used to be school secretary at Whitestone Primary School on Sugar Lane, and prior to that at the Maypole School when Jack Challenor was headmaster? She died in the Isle of Man, ten years ago. Also does anybody remember my brother David Bigelow, and sisters Valerie and Heather?
Gary Bigelow <>
Waiakane,Kapiti Coast,New Zealand,Sat 04th Aug 2007 , 11:08:01 pm

I am trying to trace anybody that remembers the bungalows on Beechburn Crecent (just off Western Avenue in Huyton)and the surrounding area. Does anybody remember what the bungalows were made out of? or have any photographs? Any information would be great, Ellen.

Ellen <>
Wed 01st Aug 2007 , 09:50:40 am

would anyone know what pagsy field in melling mount is named after?

clare <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sat 28th Jul 2007 , 01:59:31 pm

hi 2 all, i waz just wondering if anybody has any info on the farrell family as im starting 2 do my family tree my nan waz evelyn farrell(ne tetlow)my grandad waz thomas farrell both lived in ashbury rd page moss and i know of 1 antie that lives in the same rd (spinks) if any 1 can help me out on this it would be much appached point me in the right direction please thank you xxxxxx
farrell <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 27th Jul 2007 , 02:32:34 am

hi 2 all,im sarah and looking 4 patrick hughes (paddy)last knowen address waz wingate towers by the blue bell pub. he dated a lady called josephine farrell in the late 60's an i waz born in 1975 as a result of there relationship.patrick as been seen around the page moss area as he use 2 drink in the egael an child pub.if any 1 knows him or knows anythink about him please get in toutch an drop me a line. thank ya's all look 4ward 2 here from some1 wiv some information even if its just a little. xxxxx
sarah j farrell <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Thu 26th Jul 2007 , 12:06:11 am

I am researching GRACE & WRIGHT family history. Both families were Farmers in the Merseyside area with strong links to Speke,Widnes,Childwall,Halewood etc. I have tried to contact a lady Helen who left a message in March 2007 seeking GRACE information. Would like to hear from her. Great site. Maureen Qld Aus.
Maureen <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Tue 24th Jul 2007 , 02:46:56 am

Hi Kirkbyhites

I moved to Perth, Australia when I was 19 years old. I went to Brookfield Comprehensive between 1966 and 1971. The teachers I remember are Mr Major, Mr Halliday, Ms Pickles, Mr Banner (PE teacher that never wore shoes) and I think the Head Principal was Mr Bury.

I was a good friend with June Harkness, Ann Stokes and so many more. I can see their faces clearly but the names escape me.

Does anyone remember the time Mr Major (very serious English Teacher)fell on the floor after sitting down on his chair and it collapsing in pieces on the floor. He applauded whover had tampered with the screws in the chair. It serves as very memorable moment at a sometimes scary school (especially when you were in the 1st or 2nd year. I believe my form was 4A5.

Would be great to hear from anyone that remembers any of the names or the stories in this email.



Gillian Munn <>
Perth,Australia,Sun 22nd Jul 2007 , 12:26:20 pm

Looking for information on Oswald Adams who died June 1948 in works accident- High Speed Alloys? Widnes
His son William Adams died 6 months later at sea aged 27. William was my grandad.
Any info on Adams from Widnes would be fantastic. My dad was just 1 when his dad died and hes 60 this yr. Doing this 4 him xxx

jill adams <>
buckinghamshire,england,Wed 18th Jul 2007 , 10:20:59 pm

Am looking for information on my grandfather Thomas Edward Farell who worked as a construction worker in the Knowsley area circa 1934 -1935.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

JJ Farell <>
New York,NY,USA,Wed 18th Jul 2007 , 02:30:34 am

My name is Kathy Gibbon. I was born and lived in Whiston for twenty years, and i am trying to trace two old friends. One Gordon Swift who lived in Huyton Quarry and Colin Pimblet who lived in Whiston near the Carrs Hotel. I havent seen either of them for years,and it would be fantastic to hear from them.
kayhleen gibbon <>
warrington,cheshire,england,Mon 16th Jul 2007 , 02:53:37 am

Hi I am trying to trace any descendants of Thomas Thomas, a coal miner from North Wales. He died in 1930 at Lyme Cottages in Whiston, his eldest son was Robert Lloyd Thomas(b 1883?), and then Robert's son is Alan Lloyd Thomas I think Alan's wife was called Isabelle. They are all buried in the graveyeard at St Nicholas church in Whiston. Any infomaion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Cass <>
Australia,Sun 15th Jul 2007 , 06:54:10 pm

I am searching for any information on my great-grandfather, Francis Edmund (or Ernest) Hughes, sports writer for The Liverpool Echo, in the late 1890's and early 1900's. He was married to a Marie Hughes, and they had three daughters Julie, Rose and Adelaide. They lived at 111 Kingsley Road, Liverpool in 1898. This is a wonderful site, please keep up the good work.
Joyce Murdoch

Joyce Murdoch <>
Placitas,New Mexico,USA,Wed 11th Jul 2007 , 05:13:38 pm

Great site.
I attended Whitestone Infants School,in Knowsley Village between 1970 and 1976.If anyone would email me pictures of the end of year photos,between these years .I would be be very gratefull.

Paul Johnson <>
London,Gr London,England,Wed 04th Jul 2007 , 05:12:51 pm

Hi, i lived in Huyton Church Road, i went to St Aloyius RC School in the early seventies. If any remembers me i would be made up to hear from you.
paul jones <paul>
Birkenhead,merseyside,uk,Tue 03rd Jul 2007 , 09:20:40 pm

Great site, superb photo's!

I'm researching my SIMKIN (Simpkin)family who lived around Kirkby /Melling in the 1600's - 1800's. I have found a number of baptisms and burials at St Chads and on the hunt for some marriages now. Having been there in the past at a cousins funeral it was nice to find I have connections to such a lovely church.

My branch of SIMKIN's moved to Liverpool Central where my 4x Gt-grandfather Henry Simkin was a Cotton Merchant/Broker. His father & brother despite living in L'pool were buried at St Chads in the 1830's.

An excellent and very informative site, keep up the good work!
Val Wall, L'pool born

Val wall <>
Lancashire,Mon 02nd Jul 2007 , 06:40:41 pm

A PS to my mail below. Hannah was the daughter of James Molyneux born 1811 in Knowsley.In 1841 he was living in Huyton Village with his family including Dorothy Molineux age 80 who I presume to be his mother.
Valerie Humphreys <>
Dublin,Dublin,Ireland,Sat 30th Jun 2007 , 07:20:10 pm

This is a tremendous website.Thank you for all the effort put into it. I am researching my husband's family connections in this area. I would love to hear from anyone with information on the Humphreys family of Knowsley or the Molyneuxs. William Humphreys married Hannah Molynuex from Huyton in 1861 and had a large family.We believe a branch of the Molyneux family ran Knowsley post office.We also have connection with the Palmer family of Prescot.I have quite a lot of information to share.My husband's grandfather (Arthur) is on the picture of the 1908 village cricket team.
Valerie Humphreys <>
Dublin,Dublin,Ireland,Wed 27th Jun 2007 , 10:46:13 am

I went to st Johns school Kirkdale,. with Andy, and at 17 or 18 years of age he went into the merchant navy with Alfred Holt, Blue funnel line, He lived in Upton, on the Wirral,during the late sixtys I lost touch with him.Ive now heard hes pashed away.

I would be gratefull if Winny, Jimbo or Peter could get in touch with me,and tell me what happend .

Best wishes.
Con Reardon.

Andrew Wafer <>
Winstanley, nr. Wigan.,Lancashire,u.k.,Sun 24th Jun 2007 , 10:20:02 pm

1841 census records my ancestors lived in PARRIS square, Prescot, I know it doesn't exist now, but can anyone tell me where it was.
Mark Malone <>
Prescot,Merseyside,England,Fri 22nd Jun 2007 , 04:33:58 pm

Wow, I've learned alot from this site.Must have been on for 3 hours? Love the pictures. I'm a born and bread Kirkby girl living in New York City. I get home once a year, most of my family are still there. If anyone wants to contact me or my family drop me a line. Mothers name is PAT COLLINS (maiden) has 5 sisters and 3 brothers from BIRKIN RD 1950's and from then on CAWTHORNE AVE Southdene. I attended Cherryfield and Brookfield schools until 1993. Great childhood memories x
julia collins <>
New York,USA,Sun 10th Jun 2007 , 01:59:56 am

I am researching my friends family tree their surname was SMITH Edward & Lucy nee Holland in the 1880/90's they lived in Huyton at 16 Dogkennels,which was next door to Dogkennels House at No15, & Rose Cottage No.14 I think this was Mill Lane Huyton. Can anyone help me with any info it would be much appreciated. Great website
Smith's & Holland <>
Hastings,East Sussex,England,Thu 31st May 2007 , 07:25:51 pm

Great site. I lived in Kirkby from about 1963 to 1981, lived in Southdene, went to Park Brow school from 1965 to about 1969, moved to Warrenhouse rd about 1969, went to Overdale school then Ruffwood school til 1976. My family moved to Runcorn in 1981,what happened to everyone?
I remember the Bells family in Warrenhouse rd, also the Mahers. Feel free to get in touch.

billy hearne <>
runcorn,cheshire,uk,Thu 31st May 2007 , 03:45:40 pm

Hi in reply to Christine Robinson previously of Rusland Road Kirkby. I lived across the road from you Number 14 the Mckays. I am Tricia, the Youngest one of the twins. My sister Kathleen who lives in Leeds found this and told me about it, so I thought I would reply. Annette my twin lives in Newcastle. Kevin lives in Ireland, Colin in Wales, Michael in London, Maureen in Somerset.
Patricia Mckay
Newcastle Upon Tyne,Tyne and Wear,Wed 30th May 2007 , 11:34:56 pm

Hey guys wonderd if anyone could help me track down a family that once lived in Parbrook Huyton called Halliday. I know one was called Stella if so email me thank you
michael <>
liverpool,knowsley,uk,Tue 22nd May 2007 , 02:26:53 am

Hi my names claire, and i'm trying to find any information,on a road accident on east prescot road liverpool on the 16 november 1963 i know it was a long ago but any information,I would be grateful the accident involved my uncle who was killed his name was Alfie Hoult thanks for your help claire
claire hoult <>
st helens,merseyside,Fri 18th May 2007 , 12:06:36 am

pauline(paula now) <>
plymouth,devon,uk,Tue 15th May 2007 , 03:09:54 pm
Hi I am trying to find anyone with information on the Tinsley family who lived next door to Birches dairy in Glovers Brow Kirkby. I was born their and my father was Ronald Tinsley his mother and father were Thomas and Sarah Tinsley.

Pam Hamilton nee Tinsley
Fri 11th May 2007 , 01:37:32 pm

I am researching the Benyon family who lived in Whiston in the first part of the 19th.C. If anyone has any information to share / swap I'd love to hear from you.
Ken Onion

Ken Onion <>
Nottinghan,Notts,UK,Sun 06th May 2007 , 10:18:05 pm

I am trying to trace anyone who may have known my late widowed father Bill Burns (born 1927), Dorothy Burns (nee Grayson - born 1928), Harry Hockley (also known as the galosher man), Maggie Hockley, ‘Tinsley’, John Kay, Thomas Grayson, Edward Teggin, or Jim Burns (Bill’s father) who lived in or around Sutton Road or possibly Boundry Road, St Helens, Merseyside in the 1940’s. Bill, Harry and ‘Tinsley’ were friends in the area at that time. Bill and Dorothy at one time worked for United Glass Bottle and had two sons Terrence and Robert who were later adopted after the couple parted. Dorothy went on to settle with her partner John Kay.

I am Bill’s only daughter from his second marriage and have recently made contact with my half brother Robert.

By his own admission, as a young man in St Helens, my father sometimes, regrettably, used to get into ‘a bit of bother with rival gangs in the area’, so I understand he may not have been well liked by all in the community at that time but Robert and I are seeking to make contact with anyone at all who may be able to give us a little more insight into the past lives of Bill and Dorothy.

Also if anyone has any photos of Sutton Road or Boundary Road around that time (particularly 143 Boundary Road – now ‘Chipmunk’ or 365 Sutton Road,) we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Sue <>
Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire,UK,Wed 18th Apr 2007 , 09:24:56 pm

Hi my name was Helen Canavan and I lived at 63 Saunders Ave in Prescot, I went to St Lukes Primary School in the mid sixties and from there to Our Lady of Mt Carmel in St Helens.
My father was Matthew Canavan(Matt) who worked in the BICC as an estimator until 1966 when we came to live in Ireland.
His father -also Matthew and his mother Katie-lived in 1 Vicarage Place Prescot, right next to the church.
Wonder are there any relations out there that I don't know about? The Canavans were seemingly a large family but not unfortunately a very close one.
Also does anyone have info on Sue Mather who used to live in Cross Lane Prescot, her father was Ronnie and she had 2 brothers one of them was called Peter, shse went to St Lukes and then to Prescot Grammer School, love to hear from anyone who knows her or knew me or my family,

hoping to get some feedback
Helen Gaynor-nee Canavan

Heln Gaynor nee Canavan <>
Ballygoman,Barntown,Co Wexford Eire,Wed 18th Apr 2007 , 09:35:26 am

Looking for relatives of ERIC LLOYD. He lived at 20 GILBERT ROAD, WHISTON. He died in August 1968. Thankyou.
Angie <>
Wirral,Tue 17th Apr 2007 , 09:48:44 pm

I am trying to gather information about my Frodsham ancestors, one of whom was working as a groom at Knowsley Hall around the time of 1861 census. He is residing at Park Side Lodge which I gather was on the Liverpool Rd side of the estate, adjacent to 'Turkey Lodge' and 'Forest Lodge'. Would anyone have any further information on this, and also of the 'Eagle and Child' on Liverpool Road which is also listed and where my forebears were inclined to congregate? Thanks. Great Website!!

Chris Lovgreen <>
Liverpool,U.K,Mon 09th Apr 2007 , 04:15:32 pm

Family research - TWISS or TWIST.
My Twisses suddenly appeared in Huyton in about 1700. They seem to have been a prominent family as they have two large graves in the church yard. Later generations moved to Knowsley.
I would like to correspond with anyone related to this family or who can help me to find where my earliest known Twisses (who married in Huyton in 1702 and 1704) came from - the name does not appear in the Parish register before these dates.

Jeremy Bonnell <>
Caves Beach,New South Wales,Australia,Mon 09th Apr 2007 , 03:11:39 am

I am wondering if anybody has information on the Plumbley family history especially photographsof my great great grandfather Richard Plumbley who was born 1932 in lathom. I know he was from a very big family I would love to hear from any body who has any details thank you.
Sandra Thomas <>
Liverpool,England,Fri 06th Apr 2007 , 09:07:58 pm

Hi, I wondered if any one out there has information on Hoult`s Corner which used to stand on what is now St Oswald`s Street. Also does anyone have information to do with a Lord Derby who had a daughter called Ann Woods Born 1780-1785, and that he disinherited.
June Calvert <>
leeds,west yorkshire,England.,Wed 28th Mar 2007 , 04:20:30 pm

Hi all...hope you're all enjoying this site as much as i am!

I am looking for anyone who remembers or knows of the HUGHES family who lived at 19 Fairclough Road, Huyton from the late 1930's - early 1980's. My Grandad RONALD HUGHES (1935-2002) lived their with his parents LOUISA ("Marsy") & GEORGE HUGHES and siblings GEORGE HUGHES,JEAN HUGHES & ERIC HUGHES. My Great Uncle George was a drummer and quite a talented boxer...I also know that my Great Aunt Jean had a friend called PEGGY GOODALL.My Grandad's nickname was "Little Yozza 'Ughes" (as his brother George was known as "Yozza 'Ughes").

Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers them or has any information regarding the family!

Many Thanks!

Gemma Louise Hughes <>
Essex,UK,Mon 26th Mar 2007 , 12:41:29 am

Re-visited this fantastic sight in March 2007. Attended Huyton Hey in the mid-sixties and was taught by such luminaries as "Packy" Proven, Mr Mc Ardle, Mrs Iddison, Mr Critchley. The Head changed from Old Mr Fitton to Mr Whitehead. Names such as Paul Fry, John Molyneaux, Andrew Colwell, Liz Mc Ardle and Linda Hill are fellow students that spring to mind.
If any one remembers me and would like to talk about old times then don't hesitate.

Graham Walker Ledson <>
Newton-le-Willows,Merseyside,Sun 25th Mar 2007 , 09:24:55 pm

My dad Vincent Siner would love to find out more about his dad who boxed all around liverpool and as far as Morecombe back in the 1940s. His boxing name was Paddy Bennett (JOE SINER) dose anyone have any photos or storeys to tell about my grandad? Somtimes my dad would go along with him as a kid from what he can remember it was fantastic. It would be a great honour if anyone out there in our big city wohas any information about this thank you.
lesley halligan,siner clayford <>
Liverpool,Kirkby,England,Fri 23rd Mar 2007 , 12:18:15 pm

I have traced my family back to the Grace family in Halewood, does anyone have any information please?
I understand this was a large farming family and I was wondering about the link with Hilton Grace? Also Yew tree farm?


Helen <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Fri 23rd Mar 2007 , 12:43:42 am

I was a pupil at Huyton Secondary Modern from 1956 - 1961. I remember Mr. Leader the Music teacher and would love to know if he's still around. He was really nice - hope he still is! Although I know some where afraid of him but he was a very good teacher. One of the best there. I wonder what John Major's son (the Headmaster - John Major) is doing now. He was very nice. Good fun! Hope to hear from someone!!
Colleen Fry nee Gasteen <>
Uckfield, (Maresfield),E Sussex,UK,Thu 22nd Mar 2007 , 12:58:09 am

Was there a Mill Lane hospital in
Liverpool 1930 to 1940?

Regards Frank

Frank Moran <frank.moran>
England,Wed 21st Mar 2007 , 07:28:05 am

William Holme & Mary Ann Hunter of Knowsley

This is the family of William Holme of Knowsley. William's brother Edward Holme married Ellen Jane Hunter the sister of William's wife Mary Ann. I have just discovered this family in the 1901 census and would love to contact any descendants. (I am descended from Edward & Ellen Jane)

William Holme
Born: 1866 in Eccleston
Baptized: 06 May 1866 in Christ Church, Eccleston, St. Helen's
Occupation: 1901 census General labourer
Father: Michael Holme
Mother: Ann Knowles

Wife: Mary Ann (Marianne) Hunter
Married: 1896 in St. Mary, Knowlsey
Born: 1865 in Knowsley
Baptized: 12 Nov 1865 in St. Mary's Knowsley
Occupation: 1881 census Farmer's grand-daughter
Occupation: 1901 census Unspecified
Father: William Hunter
Mother: Alice Gore

Child 1: George Holme
Born: 1898 in Knowsley

Child 2: Annie Holme
Born: 1899 in Knowsley

Dave Johnstone <>
Sat 10th Mar 2007 , 03:49:02 pm

Anybody remember me ?I lived in Hillside Rd.(in the Prefabs) and attended Longview School, I moved away in June 1956 with my parents when my fathers job took him to Southampton.
Fred Mckeon <fredmckeon>
Uttoxeter,Staffs.,UK,Wed 07th Mar 2007 , 08:43:22 pm

I lived in the Huyton area until my family & I immigrated to the states in 1977 when I was 15. Dad died unexpectedly 4 yrs later in the states, mum eventually went back to Huyton to live & recently passed away at age 70. (Mum & dad's name Peter & Margaret Blong) Have 2 brothers Peter & Kevin that also live there, sister Christine & I stayed in the states. I went to St Dominacs infants school 1 yr (lived on Ashbury Rd) then family moved to a new housing estate on the corner of Twig lane & Roby (Garrowby Dr). So went to St Aloysius infants, juniors & then new school (new then) the Gonzaga, only went there a year before we immigrated, the whole school had a going away dance for me that I'll never forgot, still got the big card that everyone signed. That was in 1977, I'm 44 now. Have been lucky enough to go back & visit, have very fond memories, although I'm probably Americanized now, I will always be a scousa at heart & I still miss it terribly. Would love to hear from any old class mate's. Kept in touch with some over the years, my best friend was Pat Kerwin, got to re-visit with her a few years back but then lost touch again. The Liverpool people are the best in the world. Fond memories I have are going to Ainsdale beach, all piled in an old van my dad had, going to Newsham Fair with my best friend, going to the Pier Head & across to New Brighton. Chester zoo with the school, one memorable occasion made the news, we went on a double decker buss with the school & our driver took a short cut & hit a bridge that was too low, sliced the top of the bus off! Then there are a million memories in between, the old Roby church graveyard, playing around there & down in the subway by the tracks, walking miles & miles to a park. Going to rumage sales & bingo with my grandma who also lived with us & had an interesting life! (Her name was Hanna Brady (maiden name Owens). Boy did she have some stories!! Remember going to teen dances at the various churches or hall's around Huyton, Page Moss, Cantril Farm etc. I could go on & on, but would to hear from anyone, mum & dad had lot's of brothers & sisters (still over there) so our path's may have directly or in-directly crossed. Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to take a trip down memory lane with me.
jeanette (Blong) phillips <>
Kansas City,MO,USA,Tue 06th Mar 2007 , 05:06:41 pm

Looking through what is a very interesting and informative website, I am dissappointed that there is no mention of the bungalow estate off Western Avenue, it is as if it never existed.
I have very happy childhood memories of growing up, in what was a wonderful community.
I believe the bungalows where built as temporary accomodation for ammunition workers during the war.
I was born there in 1947 and left in 1962 a few years before they where replaced by modern much for temporary.It would be interesting if there are any pictures in the archives, that they be put on the website.I am still in touch with friends from my childgood and we always hark back to growing up in the bungalows... but was it a figment of our imagination as even on maps of Roby and Huyton they don't exist.
It would be nice to hear from anybody who grew up there and remembers them.
I lived in Sedbergh Drive and was Culshaw then.I attended St. Aloysius School in Twig Lane.
Josie Robertson (Culshaw)

josephine robertson
runcorn, CH,Mon 05th Mar 2007 , 12:27:29 pm

Does anyone know of the Lester family who lived in West View at the turn of the last century? I think West View, was part of the lord's estate?
Frank Lester who was born in 1896 in West View went on to win the Victoria Cross in the Great War.

Any information anyone would like to share will be greatly appreciated.


Seamas O'Murchu <>
barrow-in-furness,cumbria,england,Mon 05th Mar 2007 , 12:25:12 pm

Hi, I am still tracing my family history in the Huyton and Cronton areas. So if there are any CAUSER'S out there who think they might have a connection please send me a little email. My ancestor's moved to the area around the 1920's and worked in mines. Thank you and look forward to hearing from anyone.
Penny <>
Hitchin,Hertfordshire,England,Sat 03rd Mar 2007 , 09:22:10 pm

I have been writing my family history and my mother lived in Huyton, she went to school at Rupert Rd and Parkview and married my father at Roby church. I have been looking for photos of these buildings and cannot find one, does anyone have any photos that I can download into the book I would greatly appreciate it for any help, or if anyone knows a web site with the info. Regards Di Shaw
diane shaw <>
perth,wa,australia,Tue 27th Feb 2007 , 11:16:18 pm

I have just started researching my family history and have found this site very interesting and informative . My family are all from the Prescot area . I recently visited St Marys church yard in hope of finding my ancestors but was very upset at seeing how overgrown it has become and was unable to locate anyone . Does anyone know if there are any rcords remaining as to who was buried in St Marys graveyard prior to 1930 ?
Sian <>
Swindon,Wiltshire,England,Thu 22nd Feb 2007 , 03:48:36 pm

I happen to come across this site as I was searching for information on my grandparents. Awesome guestbook-the world really is such a small place.
I'm looking for any info on "3 SchoolLane",Huyton Quarry-1913. My grandparents lived there as well as "Hey Road".They were married at Huyton Parish church-1913. Family names are Hall,Coop and Bellis.
Anyone with any information,please give us a shout! Thanks so much,

Susan Hall
Stirling, Ontario

Susan Hall <>
Stirling,Ontario,Canada,Thu 22nd Feb 2007 , 04:24:25 am

What an interesting site. I am researching family history and am trying to get some more information about my grandfather. He was a gamekeeper on Lord Derby's estate just before the 1st world war possibly 1900-1913, he then joined up. He was from Sheffield and returned there.Has anyone any ideas how to make progress?

Mike Knowles <>
Leyland,Lancashire,UK,Tue 20th Feb 2007 , 10:48:32 am

Hiya am looking for people who went to St.Dominics Comprehensive school in the class of 1980-81. If this means anything to you send me an email and I will get back to you. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Carol Jones <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Mon 19th Feb 2007 , 01:32:44 am


Born in Westvale, lived their from 58-80 Dad was an active member of the British Legion from 67-82 trying to find more info on the British legion and the commitee from that era. Names I remember are Matty Boyd, Tommy Pickeskill, Harry Scarasbrick. Things I remember, Rememberance day, my dad standing on the podium taking the salute with other people and laying a cross at St Chads Church,I remember laying one myself not knowing what I was doing....... Dad passed away in January this year. I have got his service records from WW2 but no history from the British Legion in Hesketh Drive Westvale. Can anyone help?

Lukas <>
London,England,England,Sun 18th Feb 2007 , 10:37:41 pm

Looking for people from Kirkby who remember me. Lived in Bernard Close, Northwood. Went to Ruffwood School, in Wedgwood House. Left about 1972.
there must be someone who wants to talk about old times !

Steve g drury <>
milton keynes,buckinghamshire,england,Tue 13th Feb 2007 , 01:31:29 am

Hi, What a great site plenty of information on the area. Iam looking for any information on George Cheshire Tagg who was head Coachman to Lord Derby until his death in 1936, any help would be great thanks.
John Davis <>
London,Middlesex,England,Mon 12th Feb 2007 , 12:39:22 pm

Looking for people who knew my mum. Anne Soffe ( now Baggaley) she attended Knowsley Secondary Modern and left in 1965. She now lives in Lutterworth Leicestershire and I would like to track down some old school friends for her as I love her soo much and no she would appreciate any feedback.


Karen ball <>
Lutterworth,Leicestershire,Wed 07th Feb 2007 , 11:21:47 pm

Kenny Myers....California ..... can you hear me from there ? I tried to reply to your e-mail address but no reply. try and get back to me on this address. Also ChrisWint looking for Leeside Avenue, I lived in 3 houses in that street for 35 years, if you ned any info, write to me.


john radcliffe <>
lancaster,cumbria,england,Tue 06th Feb 2007 , 10:26:08 am

I have just completed the tour of archive photographs on the site of Huyton. I was Christened/married at St Michael's church and was confirmed at St Gabriel's in Huyton Quarry. I also recognise the photograph of the house 'Holmfield' Tarbock Road as the Morgan family lived there in the 60/70's, I was a friend of Philip Morgan and had been to the house many times.
Shirley Silvers <>
Stoke on Trent,Staffordshire,Sun 04th Feb 2007 , 02:19:59 am

Hello Everyone, I can't believe that it's been nearly six years since I posted a note in the guestbook. My maiden name was Shirley McCulloch and I used to live at 12, Longview Lane, Huyton. I went to Sylvesters school as an infant then onto Longview junior/secondary school,Astley Road, Huyton. I am now 58 years old and am living and working here in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. I would love to hear from anyone who knows me so we can catch up on the years that have shot by. Happy days.
Shirley Silvers <>
Stoke on Trent,Staffordshire,England,Sun 04th Feb 2007 , 01:56:55 am

Im looking for a John Bramhill/Bramhall born 1806 in Huyton by Roby. Has anybody got information of this family from the era.
Ps this is a fab site,,well done

Alison <>
Liverpool,England,Fri 02nd Feb 2007 , 12:56:50 am

Looking for Green family. Ray green living in the area in the 50's.

thank you


sharon <>
Thu 01st Feb 2007 , 08:14:12 pm

I spent hours reading all the messages what a great site. Does anyone have any history or any photos on boxing back in 1940 / 45? My grandfather was a boxer back then his name Paddy Bennette/ Joe Siner, he was from Kirkby but boxed all around Liverpool and as far as Lancaster. I would love any history on him or photos. My father Vinny Siner would be most grateful as he use to go with him thank you.
lesley halligan,siner clayford <>
kirkby,liverpool,england,Thu 01st Feb 2007 , 04:11:02 pm

Does anyone have a photo of the folk group that Mr Philips, formed between 1970-74. St Augustines Secondary School, Longview Drive Huyton. Sorry can't be more specific about dates.

maria disley (geraghty) <>
melbourne,victoria,australia,Wed 31st Jan 2007 , 11:24:50 am

you were born on the 8th august 1943 birth name was barrie murphy you were later adopted your two sisters are desperately trying to find you.last time seen was at our grandmothers if you see this message or any one who thinks they may know you please contact me please please
ann votier <>
spain,Tue 30th Jan 2007 , 08:01:20 pm

Hi, does anyone remember the name of the cinema when it was first opened. Next to the J&A bingo in Kirkby town centre.
billy <>
liverpool,Tue 30th Jan 2007 , 05:33:13 pm

I had been searching for the original location of the Tarbox family for a long time. I am grateful for all the history that is available on this website, including the photos. The first Tabox, John, who left England for this country was around 1640 and the families multiplied since. There is a lot of genealogical history going back to the Domesday book but the location was always vague. It was always called Tarbock Hall for over 300 years. And the family name changed slightly over this time. So thanks for clearing up the location. I can now answer people with proof of where John Tarbox came from when he emigrated to this country.
Ken Tarbox <>
Chelmsford,Mass/Middlesex,USA,Sun 28th Jan 2007 , 03:53:35 am

love your web site.brings back happy memories.i moved to wigan 1967 when i married carol.sadly a widower now. Even after 39 years I still miss huyton. Had nice neihbours in Reeds Road. Are any still there?I remember the Clarkes,Merrils, Hughes, Edgars, Byrnes Nellie and John (no relation)Atkinsons,Georges,Murpheys,Kings,Broughams,Heslops( Michael and Kathleen)and Andersons Fond memories.I had sisters Mary Aggie Pattie Teresa and brothers Peter John Jimmy.Would love to hear from old mates Dessie Brophie,Martin McKeown,Harry Flight. I left St.Columbas S,M.1959 can only remember Malcolm Ellis and Peter Rainford from Mr.Devines class, strict teacher but fair. My favourite teachers Mr.Morrison Miss Duffy.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Good luck to all huytonians.Chris Byrne.(Christy)
chris (christy) byrne <>
wigan,grt.manchester,england,Tue 23rd Jan 2007 , 11:05:43 am

Hello all,I am researching a family tree and wondered if anyone remembers a man who was killed in The BICC factory Prescot maybe in the 40s 50s 60s..I think his name would be Dyson or Green i am not sure.any help would be great..Billy Marr
Billy Marr <>
frodsham,England,Mon 22nd Jan 2007 , 11:21:29 pm

hi does anyone remember Phipps crisps in Kirkby.I worked there for awhile in 1956 and I recall the girls sang all day long while they were working and I remember their favourite was (Nora Malone} this is just a trivial piece of nostalgia.
brian sullivan <>
LIVERPOOL UK,Fri 19th Jan 2007 , 08:53:06 pm

Hello. My dad, Arthur Weldon originated from Huyton Quarry, I was born in Liverpool and in 1968 the family moved to Pottery Lane, Whiston. My new school became Whiston County Secondary Modern and I attended from 1969 to 1974.
I'd love to hear from old friends or people who used to know the family (my dad was a taxi driver and also an ice cream man) and we had a shop on Milton Avenue. We had many happy years in Pottery Lane and I made many good friends at School. If anyone is listening, please contact me for a chat.

Dave Weldon <>
Oshawa,Ontario,Canada,Tue 16th Jan 2007 , 02:13:13 pm

I am interested to find out if any Church records are kept at Our Lady Immaculate & St Joseph R C Church in Vicarage Place Prescot. I am interested in the years 1898 and 1902. Also is there a Cemetery attached to the Church grounds?
Thank you
Pat Berry in Australia

Patricia Berry <>
Wollongong,NSW,Australia,Mon 15th Jan 2007 , 02:39:25 am

Stumbled on this site by accident, its sad to see so many Kirkby-ites all over the world, but we all share fond memories of our time living in Kirkby, how times have changed. I am looking for anyone who lived in the Elstead road of westvale in the 80's.
brian higham <>
liverpool,merseyside,Fri 12th Jan 2007 , 09:48:45 am

Grew up on Hillside Avenue at # 136 (next to the arches that led through to Bruton road). I googled it recently and it looks like that part of hillside has been demolished, (sorry to see that). It has been a long time since my last message, pop in often just to catch up on the news. Still have two sisters living "across the pond" Helen in Huyton Village and Ann in Whiston. Best whishes to ALL from America.
Anyone in touch with John Power, who lived at 111 Pennard Avenue (next to Mrs Savage the Toffee Apple woman). Ask John has he learned to ride a bike yet?? Cheers!! Pete Penlington (Peno)

Peter Penlington <>
Brewster,Massachusetts,USA,Mon 08th Jan 2007 , 03:18:30 am

I was Born in 1940 and lived at 32 Cromford Road, Longview, Huyton, until 1955
St Columbas 1945-1951
St Edwards Broadgreen 51 -55
Moved to Glos. in 1969
Moved to Australia 1974
Love to hear from anyone in my past

Philip Taylor <>
Hervey Bay,Queensland,Australia,Fri 05th Jan 2007 , 11:46:20 pm

Does anyone remember a man named Barry who used to be a musician in O'Sullivans by the Philharmonic in the 1960's. If so i would like to locate him.



Sara <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Thu 04th Jan 2007 , 06:54:53 pm

I wonder if anyone on here can point me in the right direction, maybe local newspapers of that time? I have just received a death certificate of a William Rimmer, who died on 1st of April 1846, aged 31 (in Ditton, Farnworth, a sub district of Prescot). I was hoping that information given might show that he was my gt gt grandfather. However, the informant is the coroner, as the cause of death was 'a blow on the head with a poker by Thomas Davey, manslaughter, lived 11 days', so I am no nearer, but very intrigued. I would be grateful for ideas on how to find out more.

Barbara Delafield <>
Mon 01st Jan 2007 , 10:12:58 am

Is anyone else researching into the RENSHALL family of Prescot? My 3x gr-grandfather was Thomas Renshall, b.c1789, and I am trying to find a connection between him and any of the other numerous Renshalls from the Prescot area. Thomas was a bricklayer, as were all his sons (Matthew was my 2x gr-grandfather). Most of the other Renshalls appear to have been working in the watch-making industry, or else were cloggers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
Eileen Grimes <>
Astley, Tyldesley,Manchester,UK,Sun 31st Dec 2006 , 12:39:55 pm

this is the first time i have seen your web site and i have found a lot of things that i have forgotten about over the years, like my old school and how much it has changed, now my kids are going their now. i hope that this web site will be around for when my kids get older and can understand the history that much better. thank you for the memories.
carol Wilson <>
HUYTON,LIVERPOOL,ENGLAND,Sun 31st Dec 2006 , 12:57:28 am

My wife grew up in Huyton and recently saw a book "Beautiful Huyton with Roby -A Charming Residential Suburb bt Andrew G Colwell.
Would anyone know where I could purchase three (3)copies.One for my wife and one for her sister and one for her brother.
Many thanks.

John Fraser <>
Sydney,NSW,Australia,Wed 27th Dec 2006 , 12:35:37 am

Anyone remember the Harris family of Dagnall Rd,Westvale,Kirkby,please get in touch.
tommy harris <>
crewe,cheshire,uk,Thu 21st Dec 2006 , 04:50:28 pm

Wishing everyone all they wish for themselves for Christmas and New Year. I've enjoyed reading all the messages, good luck to anyone who is searching for a lost friend or family member.
All the best,


Tracey Scully <>
Liverpool,UK,Thu 21st Dec 2006 , 11:51:40 am

Im trying to find any family members. My father was WILLIAM EDWARD POWELL DOB 04/03/1952. He has 2 brothers Norman and Derick, and I think 4 sisters Anita, Anne, Lillian and Pauline. All were brought in Kirkby. I believe I have several half brothers and sisters, Antony, Billy and Gillian and Brook Mathew, Rebecca Lauren.
Mandy <>
Auckland,New Zealand,Tue 19th Dec 2006 , 01:39:55 pm

I just came across this site by accident when looking for some other information about Kirkby. I was very suprised to see an entry from an old schoolfriend, Paul Martin. Hi Paul. I saw you on Questiontime a few years back. Hope you are well.

I remember those days very well and, sorry to disagree, but Roger McGough wasn't our form master. That was Mr Singleton. Roger McGough was our Geography teacher and we would get him onto his favourite subject of Lancashire dialect tales. He always carried, with him, a small book of stories which he would read in various accents. Far more entertaining than geography.

Fascinating site. I'll check back again.

Andy McDonald
Sat 09th Dec 2006 , 07:57:47 pm

For everyone interested in archive photographs of the various townships that make up the Borough of Knowsley i.e. Cronton, Halewood, Huyton, Kirkby, Knowsley, Prescot, Roby, Tarbock and Whiston, you’ll be pleased to hear that KNOWSLEY LIBRARY SERVICE together with PRESCOT MUSEUM are at present in the ongoing process of digitising their photographic collections and making them available on the internet as a link within the Library Service’s e-Library pages. The web-address for public access to the Knowsley Library Service catalogue (and within it the digital archive images) is as follows: Scroll down and click on the link to 'Knowsley Electronic Library' (this opens a new window). Then simply click on the link for the 'Knowsley Digital Collection'
Any comments or queries about the digital collection please e-mail:

Rob O'Brien <>
Knowsley Archives,Info and Heritage Services,KMBC,Wed 06th Dec 2006 , 10:01:29 am

HEWITT-Thomas Raymond RAFVR Killed in flying accident on 15.3.1944 while Navigator of a Stirling returning from raid on Amiens.Parents listed as Thomas & Mary Ellen Hewitt of Runcorn Thomas is buried at Runcorn Cemetery. aged 21 when killed.Are there any relations out there?Am writing an article about Thomas & his crew.Many thanks.
Linda <>
Heacham,Norfolk,England,Mon 04th Dec 2006 , 03:37:31 pm

Hi, looking for June Hobson who attended Knowsley College...just lost touch
Ann Helsby <>
Sun 03rd Dec 2006 , 03:30:10 pm

i am researching ABRAHAM family name they were living in PRESCOT for around 60years,they had a farm (REY HEY) and some of them lived in SNIG LANE and PRESCOT WOOD.
Any information on family and places would be appreciated.
regards brian

BIRMINGHAM,WEST MIDLANDS,ENGLAND,Tue 28th Nov 2006 , 10:01:51 am

I am trying to find more info on the history of the cottages at the top of Dinas Lane Huyton, opposite jubilee park. I beleive they were built about 1836 and were workers houses within Lord Derbys estate, I would love to find some origional pictures and any info as to who lived there etc at this time, can anyone out there help me ??!!
Kath <>
huyton,liverpool,england,Fri 24th Nov 2006 , 01:22:14 am

Hi i was wondering if anyone could give me some history of the brick wall inn in tarbock as i have just taken over the tenancy and would like to know some of the history. their is an old photo of mrs Ambrose if any one knows any information on her please thank

michelle <michelle,>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 22nd Nov 2006 , 01:18:14 pm

this is for brian crone ,regarding your entry in the guest book oct.I did send a email to you but it came back default.please get intouch at
I was also at the school in the time frame you mentioned.
thx anne

anne <>
vancouver,b.c,canada,Tue 21st Nov 2006 , 08:26:39 pm

Hi my name is Ann cKenna and went to St Luke's school in Shaw Lane Prescot. Would love to hear from any one who went there from 1975 to 1980.
Ann Mckenna <>
whiston,merseyside,England,Sun 19th Nov 2006 , 04:29:10 pm

I am trying to research something told to my father-in-law by his mother about how he came to be named Ivan in a family of brothers called George, John, Dennis, Alan and Lesley and a sister called Jean. He was told he was named Ivan after a friend of the Allen family who was the head gardener for the Earl of Derby and that he was a friend of the Allen Family. He believes he was christened in his christening robe. I am unsure about how to verify this story but found this site and thought it a good place to try. I would be glad of any information even if it is a few pointers on the best place to research a possible employee of the Knowsley Estate. Thank you in anticipation of any help
Helen Allen <>
Long Eaton,Nottingham,England,Thu 16th Nov 2006 , 02:51:27 pm

Hi, is there anybody on this wonderful site who knows the where-abouts of Joan Gleaves, believed born Bootle,1928. She served in WAAFs 1948-52. Service friend Jane, is hoping to trace her. Thanks, Ron
Ron Sherrington <ronaldsherrington@btinternet.c>
Bootle,Merseyside,england,Thu 09th Nov 2006 , 11:19:31 pm

kirkby liverpool,merseyside,england,Tue 07th Nov 2006 , 06:07:59 pm

Re: Irene Fitzpatrick of Stockport. I am related to John Bullock of Prescot who was a watchmaker around the 1870s and 1880s. I've not had any luck with your email as the post is now 4 years old!
Message for Craig in Atlanta: Did you ever contact Irene or do you have any info on the Prescot Bullock families?

Mark Armstrong
Sun 29th Oct 2006 , 05:57:27 pm

I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm looking for any pictures of Mintour Road Northwodd Kirkby in the very early 70s prefably the flats that were once there. Also any pictures of the flats that were on Westhead Walk right behing the Molly pub facing County Road (early/mid 70s), any info or pics i'd really apprieciate
thank you...

julie orford mitchell hynes <>
liverpool,Sun 29th Oct 2006 , 01:46:41 pm

I am trying to find the Kelly family, who use to live on Elizabeth Road, St Johns Estate in Huyton. They moved a good few years ago now to Holland, I was in contact with Thomas, they came back every so often. Last I heard they moved to Germany and we have lost contact. Anyone know anything please let me know!
Michael <>
Huyton, Liverpool,England,UK,Sat 28th Oct 2006 , 05:43:54 pm

My name is Sharon Brooks,i lived in Warrenhouse Rd Northwood Kirkby from 1970 till 1986.I went to Overdale School and Ruffwood School. I remember the Hearns, Bells, Unsworths, Daniels, Mr& Mrs mMaher, Whittakers, Noons, Harold Evans, Chrissy, Mannings, Mary Hughes, Parrs, Lennons, Prestons, Lynskeys & many more. If anyone knows me please get in touch.
sharon brooks <>
liverpool,knowsley kirkby,england,Thu 26th Oct 2006 , 07:32:50 pm

Could anyone help me with information about
Mary Ellen Anders b 1854 Haydock
Mary Jane Anders b 1877 St Helens
Daniel Potter Prescot
James Bonner Srevenson St Helens
Charles Leonard Doherty St Helens
Ernest Longmore Moss Bank and Peasley Cross (newsagent shop)

Ann Wilkinson nee Longmore <>
Hobart,Tasmania,Australia,Thu 26th Oct 2006 , 08:28:20 am

Family history research! Does anyone know of or remember the Reed family, formerly of Ackers Street Prescot circa 1947-1970ish? Father was Peter Kenneth, who had a firm called PKR Joinery; mother Teresa; and three children Peter Kenneth, Paul and Elizabeth. Any info gratefully received, thank you.
Clare Carr <>
Telford,Shropshire,Tue 24th Oct 2006 , 11:00:37 am

i am researching some relatives who lived at DYE HOUSE FARM TARBOCK in the 1960s. they were NINION and SIMON. Probably THWAITE. does anyone know anything about them or the farm?
g. holmes <>
Sun 22nd Oct 2006 , 10:32:41 pm

I am trying to contact Libby about the Birch family that lived in Dragon Lane Whiston up till 1965. I am Elizabeth and Sam's younger son. Libby requested information in 2003 her then e-mail was mine is cheers
Alan Birch <>
coventry,west midlands,england,Sat 21st Oct 2006 , 06:29:19 pm

It has been a long time since I hit on this site. So many of you have lovely memories of Kirkby. Does anyone remember living in the old cream Quarry Green two story flats with the drill square in the middle where we had a huge xmas tree? Xmas party at the old Quarry Green Club ? Who attended the old village St Chads School in the fifties (you would be in your fifties now). Anyone who attended Overdale Juniors in the 60's - would love to hear from anyone.

Also, any of my girl guides at Overdale Juniors in the 60's - I was your young Guide Captain (blonde hair, tall, name Pam) Would love to hear from any of you and where and what you are all doing now. Keep well and safe all of you.

Pam Faulds <>
Halewood,Merseyside,UK,Sat 21st Oct 2006 , 06:17:51 pm

I would like to here from anyone who attended St Augustines now Thomas a Beckett between 1962/66
Brian Crone <>
Nelson Bay,NSW,Australia,Mon 16th Oct 2006 , 11:09:49 am

Was born in Kirkby, went to St Maries then on to St Gregs, spent most of the late 70,s+ 80,s in the Carters,12/5, Labour Club + The Mainbrace to name but few.Moved to Germany in 83 my maiden name was mcGowan, would love to hear from anybody from back then.Great times were had!!!
Tracy <>
Bonn,Germany,Sat 14th Oct 2006 , 09:03:22 pm

I am looking for a photo of the old St Columbas church about 1946 I lived at 42 Shepton road I went there today to get a photo but it had all been knocked down.

terence bennett <>
skelmersdale,Wed 11th Oct 2006 , 12:19:12 am

Just discovered this site. Terrific| My family moved to Rosebank Road,Huyton in 1938. I left for the US in 1957. I attended Huyton Senior School, Rupert Road approx. 1942-1946. My classmates were Margaret Henwood, Doris Kitching and June Kingsley, just to name a few. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. At school I was known as Lynelle (Lyn) Johnston.

Greetings to all of my fellow Huytonians.

Lynelle Ritchie <>
Oakland,California,USA,Mon 09th Oct 2006 , 08:02:58 pm

For anyone who used to have a regular Friday drink in the Swan on Kingsway in the late 1990s, especially ex-Access students and staff from Knowsley College, then a few of us are meeting up on Friday 13th October 2006 (Ann Helsby, Brenda Croughan, Debbie Alty, Steve Wood,...). Please feel free to come and join us. Someone should be there from 5.30 onwards.
Debbie Alty <>
Bury,Lancs,Tue 03rd Oct 2006 , 11:16:49 pm

I was wondering of anyone could help me, I'm looking for a book of the history of Knowsley Village to give to my mother as a gift. She was born in 1945 and was brought up in Knowsley Village, and often talks of it fondly. I haven't had much luck finding anything on the internet. If anyone has any ideas, it would be lovely if you could mail me them. Thank-you.
Emma Hayden <>
Southport,Merseyside,England,Sun 17th Sep 2006 , 01:34:15 am

Hello - my maiden name was Morgan and I was born in Wimborne Close in Huyton and then moved to Bruton Road and Stockbridge Lane. Does anyone have any photos of these places in the early 1940' 50' and 60's.

Many thanks Margaret

margaret (Morgan) Wareing <>
Runcorn,England,Sat 16th Sep 2006 , 07:26:16 pm

looking for the name R Stacey who won a award from the Wirral and Birkenhead agricultural society in 1908 anyone throw any light please

john moaby <>
gloucestershire,england,Sat 16th Sep 2006 , 11:22:24 am

Does anyone have photos of all saints primary school, church street, Runcorn.1970-1990 class, individual or building (old or new building) please xxx
debbie bellis <>
runcorn,cheshire,england,Tue 12th Sep 2006 , 04:54:30 pm

I'm researching my family tree and noticed that there are others also looking into the same surname of Cumine. My gt-grandmother was Elizabeth Cumine, she was born in liverpool in 1885 and lived in the Litherland area. She had a twin brother called Joseph. Their parents were from Scotland. Would like to hear from anyone who thinks that we may be connnected
sandra <>
wigan,lancashire,england,Mon 11th Sep 2006 , 02:42:48 pm

I have just stumbled across this site after recently discovering my ancestors who lived in and around Huyton during the 1800's.
The family name is BARRIGAN, and it was a large family all the males were connected in some way to the railway either as guards, engine drivers, or station managers. In the 1841 census the BARRIGAN family lived at Huyton Quarry Railway station, thery were still at that address in 1851. James BARRIGAN my GGGGrandfather was born in Ireland in 1801, he married a Helen or Ellen Lawrence born 1806 from Whiston. The family married within the area, and seem to have stayed within the West Derby area. I would love any info re the name if its still around there. Also any one know where I could get more info on the railway from that time as I am sure they would have to hold some information. This site is really well done, it was nice to look at that old photo of the railway station taken in 1860.
regards to all Lesley

Lesley Anton <>
Australia,Mon 11th Sep 2006 , 05:56:32 am

Peacock Farm - Knowsley

I saw Judith Clare's message on this excellent site

The reference to Peacock Farm and Mrs B Smith was particularly intriguing. My great uncle was Ted Smith who farmed Peacock Farm in the first half of the 1900s. I know his second marriage was to his cousin Bessie (nee Greenall) I wasn't aware that Bessie had any children although I know her marriage to Ted was her second - as it was for him. Judith - Can you tell me anymore about your link to the family?

I am descended from Ted's brother Fred Smith who farmed New Road Farm, Knowsley between 1924-60. My dad, Brian took over the farm before we moved to Bickerstaffe in 1965. I went to Knowsley school for a year and do remember Mrs Cook and Mr Grayling. Maybe we were there at the same time!

I would love to see a picture of Peacock Farm and am happy to share the growing amount of family history stuff that I am accumulating on the Smiths and the Greenalls.

I wasn't enable to contact you at the quoted e-mail address hence the response via the message board. Hope you get to see it!
Look forward to hearing from you.

Keith Smith <>
Royston,Herts,UK,Thu 07th Sep 2006 , 10:49:55 am

I am researching my family tree and i need info on the manchester family from
Kirkby, plus any info on Jane Andrews and William Henry Carr farm workers from Melling Mount.

Anne Parry nee Carr <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sat 02nd Sep 2006 , 07:51:43 pm

What a nice site! All my family left Kirkby some years ago, my mum and all are fine. We lived in Westvale then Cleadon Road Southdene then Northwood. I left St Gregs comp in 1978. I had some sad times in Kirkby but some great times and i keep touch with some old mates from Southdene. Would like to hear from some other old mates. Bye for now to all Kirkby buddies.
Lilian Venables <>
Reading,berkshire,Fri 01st Sep 2006 , 04:25:43 pm

Does anyone have any information on Clock Face Crisps? My Great Grandparents used to own this, so I'm told.

I'd appreciate any information or pictures.

Julie Bosworth <>
Brantford,Ontario,Canada,Sat 26th Aug 2006 , 12:23:24 am

Left Prescot Grammar school in 1959, anyone who remembers me please contact me. I am also often in Australia.
billy seiga <>
Hamilton,New Zealand,Mon 21st Aug 2006 , 10:51:50 pm

Am looking for KATHLEEN NUGENT or anyone who knows of her. Please email me on
With thanks

Jacqueline Hammond <>
Canterbury,Kent,UK,Wed 16th Aug 2006 , 05:33:21 pm

Looking for POWELLS" who lived at Langtree Farm. Kirby & West Derby. I understand that they lived on Knowsley Lane near Earl of Seftons Lodge on the same side of the lane Marjory Powell
used to be a leader with the Scouts?
She joined the army in 1939 and died in Scotland 1958. Happy to hear from anyone who know of the family. Regards.
Eric Down Under.

Eric Dermott-Powell JP <>
MORTDALE,N.S.W.,Australia,Mon 14th Aug 2006 , 02:36:21 am

I am looking to trace my ancestors. James Keegan was born around 1875, he died on the titanic in 1912, where he was employed as leading fireman. He was survived by his wife Alice Keegan (formally Alice Duruil) and four children, Joseph John Keegan, Lawrence Keegan, Sydney Francis keegan and Alice Ellen Keegan. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Donna Keegan <>
Ireland,Tue 08th Aug 2006 , 02:45:13 pm

Hi I went to Sylvester Primary from 1969- 1976. I was Sandra Leight. It would be nice to hear from any of my old school mates. Hope you are all well.
Great website

Sandra <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 06th Aug 2006 , 11:03:19 pm

I have found out that I am related to John Wycherley (1817- 1891) watchmaker based at 4 Warrington Street Prescot. I know someone else related to him has been on the site but email no longer works. Does anyone else know anything about him or his wife/wives? Please get in touch.
Sue <>
Leeds,West Yorks,England,Fri 04th Aug 2006 , 07:22:45 pm

Trying to find information on an army camp in Hillside Road Huyton 1939-45 to trace Sergeant John Kinsey or anyone who might have information about him.
jacqueline <>
liverpool,uk,Thu 27th Jul 2006 , 02:19:30 am

Jessie Thompson <jessie@boardman 18.>
dalbeattie,dumfries and galloway,scotland,Sun 23rd Jul 2006 , 09:44:47 am

looking for info on william Adams who was lost at sea aged 27 onboard riverloyne on dec 7th 1948. I believe all crew of 5 were from the Wirral area. It was captained by his uncle Archibald Carmichael. Williams mum was Jane and his father Oswald (who died 6 months previous june 1948 in a works accident I believe to be at High speed alloys?) If anyone can help please message me & Thanku for ur time x
jill adams <>
uk,bucks,Fri 21st Jul 2006 , 04:16:06 pm

Does anyone know how I can get a copy of a story that was in the huyton and prescot reporter in 1973. I know its a big ask but I will be very grateful for any help. F Peters.
F Peters <>
Tue 18th Jul 2006 , 09:46:27 am

Great site. I lived in Kirkby from about 1963 to 1981, lived in Southdene, went to Park Brow school from 1965 to about 1969, moved to Warrenhouse rd about 1969, went to Overdale school then Ruffwood school til 1976. My family moved to Runcorn in 1981,what happened to everyone?
I remember the Bells family in Warrenhouse rd, also the Mahers. Feel free to get in touch.

bill hearne <>
runcorn,uk,Sun 16th Jul 2006 , 08:10:10 am

Does anyone have any information on the Shamrock Tavern which was situated at 14 Tea Street Prescot in 1901. Mary Ellen Comer was listed as a Beer House Keeper at that address in the 1901 Census and a James Higgins was a boarder. They married in 1902 and became my grandparents but I never knew them as they both died before I was born. Any information on the Shamrock Tavern, Tea Street or the Comer family who are listed on the 1881 Census as living at 15 Tea Street.
Pat Berry

Patricia Berry <>
Wollongong NSW Australia,NSW,Australia,Wed 12th Jul 2006 , 02:18:22 pm

Hi, just wondering if any one has a photo of Squires place in Prescot(if it still exists)My great grandfather used to reside in this street,THANKS.
Neville Hollihead <>
PERTH,WA,AUSTRALIA,Sat 01st Jul 2006 , 05:13:45 am

I found this website following a family search, I lived in Tarbock on New Pale Farm, Whitefield Lane, from 1975-1995, they were wonderful happy days for me, the information and pictures on this site were great
It was really great to see Tarbock and its history I never realised its background before
I have some ariel pictures of the farm land and surrouding land which were sold as part of the Merseyside forest - very willing to share

Jennie Williams <>
Newton Le Willows,Merseyside,UK,Wed 28th Jun 2006 , 11:31:35 pm

Looking for Pam Lewis of Dovecot,went 2 Calvary Church, with an old friend Pat Dennett,would love 2 hear from Pam for old times sake. My step daughter has tried 2 trace Pam since before my 60th birthday as she would,have liked Pam 2 have been there so anyone with information could you please email my step daughter as i would be grateful.
lewis <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Mon 26th Jun 2006 , 12:20:44 am

Two brothers William & Henry Norris appear on the First World War memorial tablet in the church.

Their younger brother Richard died in the Second World War and is buried in the churchyard.

William was with the 20th Battalion King's (Liverpool) Regiment and was killed in action on the Somme 30 July 1916. He has no known grave and his name appears on the Thiepval memorial to the missing on the Somme, France.

Henry was with the 1st/7th Battalion King's (Liverpool) Regiment. He died 30 June 1918 and is buried in the Niederzwehren Cemetery, Germany. He was a prisoner of war.

Richard was a sapper with the Royal Engineers on bomb disposal. He died in the UK 20 Feb 1945.

They were the sons of John Norris (b.1862) and Ann Burrows of Tithebarn Road, Knowsley.

Does anyone have photos of these young men? They are my second cousins-twice -removed.

Dave Johnstone <>
Lancashire,UK,Sat 24th Jun 2006 , 04:00:41 pm

Hi am looking for information about my Uncle who died in 1954. His name was Bobby Linder. He went to longview school in Astley rd, where He fell from a tree and died. I am looking for old school photo's, or news clips,
Thank You
P R Linder

Linder <>
liverpool,merseyside,England,Thu 22nd Jun 2006 , 04:30:09 pm

I am a member of Knowsley Historical Society.
If anyone is interested. We wrote a booklet about Knowsley Lane. It has lots of interesting details including some photos about the Lane which runs from the Hillside pub (now gone) right through Knowsley Village to the East Lanc's Road.
We hope to do another all about the bungalow estate and would welcome any memories that would be considered for inclusion in the book.

Joe Swindells <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,uk,Tue 20th Jun 2006 , 08:41:32 pm

Hi Everybody

My gt gt gt gt Grandfather, Aaron Holland, was born in Prescot c1800. He moved to Wigan and married Jane Peers in 1822. Are there any church records online for Prescot? I would love to find out who Aarons parents were.

Aaron became a Master Clogger. He died in 1866 at Wigan.

Any information about the Holland family of Prescot would be useful.



Jacqui Kilcoyne <>
Wsthoughton,Lancashire,England,Sun 21st May 2006 , 11:22:55 am

Hi does anyone have any pictures of Mintor Road in Northwood in Kirkby in the 1970? I'm after pictures of the flats that were there. Thanks for any help you can give me.
julie <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 17th May 2006 , 08:23:30 pm

Hi. Just been lookin at the site and wanted to say that i come from Huyton. I was born in 1950 and lived there until 1968. Noted comments on the old Manor Farm. i have spent many a happy time in the old house, before it was renovated into a nursing home.
I remember it as an old "farm", belonging to or run by Jim Perkins. It was used as a dairy and people used to come for eggs and milk.
My Aunt Jean used to run it for him and she was a real character,people must remember her walking up St Johns road often with a following of cats ,dogs,and ducks they would come to greet her as she started work at the farm.
i remember it had a huge kitchen and an old pantry in the back where the eggs were kept. Old stone flooring and high ceilings. From the kitchen you went into the dining area that had a big wooden dresser on one wall and a great big old oven in the generous hearth. So big we used to sit on a big fire surround the ovens had different compartments in and was made of cast iron (i think).There was a big oak topped table and chairs were we would all sit at of a night and do jigsaws or play cards or hangman.Through the dining room was the hallway, this had a huge wide staircase going up to a bathroom halfway up on a landing.
I used to be terrefied of going up there by myself as rumour had it that the old place was haunted and i myself have witnessed the old rocking chair by the hearth start to rock when nobody has been near it.
I used to love to sit in the porch on the front as it had two wooden benches on either side, lovely in the summer months. Some said that there was a crypt underneath it which you entered by a door next to the stairs, i ventured halfway down once but my nerve left me and i came scammpering back up faster than a jack rabbit. There is also supposed to be a passageway right through to St Michaels Church in the village.
i would love to know if anybody else remembers my aunty Jean and her milk dairy. Or how the staff at the Manor Home find it to work in. Any of them had any spooky meetings.
happy ,happy days so different to now.

keep up the good work

eileen <>
runcorn,cheshire,england,Mon 15th May 2006 , 08:09:01 pm

Do any of you have any knowledge of haunted houses in the Huyton, Page Moss area?

Anthony Gillon <>
London,Sun 14th May 2006 , 02:36:54 am

Joe Swindells <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,uk,Sat 13th May 2006 , 08:31:38 pm

I am currently researching the men name on the civic War Memorial in Prescot, with the aim of creating a web site in their memory.

I would be grateful for any pictures of the memorial which anybody could provide (please include details of copyright), or pictures/details of any of the men named.

I will add a new entry to the Guestbook when the web site is launched. The current target date is September 2006, to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the memorial being unveiled.

Many thanks in anticipation.

SN <>
Warrington,Wed 10th May 2006 , 08:20:41 am

I am researching into to name PRESTON. My G Grandfather John H Preston lived with his grandparents William and Alice at 31 St Helens Road, Prescot in 1880. They were watch hand makers and so was most of the Preston family. Williams Daughter Sarah married Peter PENDLETON who was also a watch hand maker.

What I would like to know is which watches did they make the hands for?

Are there any Prestons of Pendletons still living in Prescot and surrounding areas that would like to email me?

Are there any gravestones in the local church with the Preston name on dating before 1900?

Any information would be greatfully recieved. Thanks


Sue Smith <>
Sheffield,S Yorkshire,Sun 07th May 2006 , 09:28:07 pm

Hi what a great site, i lived in Southdene Kirkby from 1954 till 1973,i left St Kevins school in 1961 and got a job as a butcher in ER Hughes butchers in the town centre.

i moved to st Helens in 1973 and i still live there today,still got a brother Tony who lives in Westvale, would love to hear from anyone from St Kevens or Brookfield school were i had many friends.

Mike MCcarthy.

Mike Mccarthy <>
St Helens,Merseyside,England,Fri 28th Apr 2006 , 12:13:41 pm

I stumbled across this site while experimenting with my new computer(promising myself the first thing I would do was look up Kirkby) I am very pleased with what I found. This is a great site.
I spent the first 10 years of my life in Kirkby before leaving for Australia with my family in 1966.
I have very strong memories of my life , my friends and the school I attended, although I don't remember the name of the school I do remember it was Catholic. Both my parents are deceased
so I can't ask them(didn't think about before). The school was next to a Protestant school and backed onto the old Quarry Green shops(remember this is the memory of a 9 year old).
At 4 years old I started Morris Dancing
at the old Quarry Green pub I remember
Mr Dods was our teacher (how sad I remember feeling when I said goodbye).
I have a lot of names in my head of the children I spent time with in that first (almost) 10 years of my life, believe it or not but those memories are much stronger than any other I have.

With fond memories
Gina Donnelly.

Gina Donnelly <>
Town/Denmark,Western Australia,Australia,Sun 23rd Apr 2006 , 03:59:28 pm

Has anyone out there got a copy of a photograph I once saw in a book of Roby Station at round about the turn of the 20th Century. It showed the Station with the Platforn in the centre of two railway lines. My grandson Sonny aged 7 is a great railway enthusiast and I made the mistake of telling him about the photo and now I cannot find out where I saw it. If anyone can tell me where I can find it I would be most grateful. Wonderfull web site. I live in Roby and the station is at the bottom of my Road so all the info is very interesting. Doreen Monks
Doreen Monks <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Mon 17th Apr 2006 , 11:23:52 pm

Hi, I used to study at Skelmersdale College between 1978 and 1981. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gillian Sharrock (maiden name) who used to live on I believe Hesketh Drive, Rufford? Or do you know if any of Sharrocks still live at Hesketh Drive ?

I would appreciate it if anyone can pass this on.

Shashi Nayee <>
Crawley,West Sussex,UK,Fri 14th Apr 2006 , 10:27:53 am

I am trying to find some information about my paternal great grandfather Henry Brook Martin who was a gamekeeper at Knowsley during the late 1890s and early 20c. He married Mary Molyneaux, had four sons, and a daughter Annie, born 1898, who was my grandmother. I would be grateful for any information.
Patricia Heywood-Jones <>
Swansea,South Wales,UK,Thu 13th Apr 2006 , 09:01:05 pm

Loved this site found it by accident, I lived in Northwood Until 76, attended Ruffwood School till 74 was in Shaftsbury house. My maiden name was White and my family still live in Northwood. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me.
Maggie Pearce <>
Wolverhampton,West Midlands,England,Wed 12th Apr 2006 , 06:06:52 pm

What a tremendous website. The memories come flooding back as you read the message board look at the photos (Kirkby Market!!). I will forward you a photo of St Kevin's so that it can be enjoyed by all who have asked for one.

We lived in Southdene for about 6 years, leaving for California in 1971. I went to St. Lawrence's and St. Kev's and have great memories of both.

I used to work at a pet food and supply stall in Kirkby Market. Remember the really big stall there run by the yank? They sold all dead cheap stuff and he paid the kids who worked for him next to nothing and promised them a free trip to the States if they lasted a year. I don't think any of them did.

I happened across this website as I was doing my usual searches on google, etc. looking for ex-mates from my Kirkby days. Are any of these lads out there somewhere (to name but a few of the ones I'd like to find): Brian Hill, Paddy Cushley, Bernard Fanning, Stanley Dalziel and John Radcliffe. And Maria Joyce (I still love ya).

Ken Myers

Ken Myers <>
Cerritos,California,USA,Fri 07th Apr 2006 , 07:45:33 pm

My son Simon Gray (Kirkby C of E School & Knowsley Youth Orchestra) sent me this site. In the late 60s and 70s we had Local History Group based in the Library and also a Local History research course. Sorry - last year I threw away my folders of research - you might have found it useful, although the Local History Librarian Christine (Dunne?) was also a member of the group so you could probably already have it. We had such fun touring round the area and researching in church and the Preston Record Office. We left Kirkby in 1976 but Simon kept on going to Orchestra until he went away to Music College (Trumpet). My Husband was the Pottery Teacher at St Kevin's. We'd love to hear from anyone who remembers us.
Gail Gray <gail@thegraycorner.freeserve.c>
Southport,Merseyside,Thu 30th Mar 2006 , 12:09:10 pm

hi does anyone remember the common wealth factory in kirkby ?
joanne <>
liverpool,merseyside,Wed 29th Mar 2006 , 11:42:58 pm

margaret halsall <>
burscough,lancashire,england,Wed 29th Mar 2006 , 02:21:24 pm

I grew up on the old housing estate in knowsley (croft road). I went to stockbridge junior school in the late 50's and ruffwood comprehensive in the early 60's. I emigrated to Ausralia in 1972. I was keen on photography at school, even using ruffwood's lab after school to develop photos. But I have only one photo (of the rugby team 1963-64) these days. If anyone has photos of the old knowsley bungalows or ruffwood school in the early 60's and would like to share them please get in touch. I've noticed email addresses from this site sometimes loose the last few characters - my address in
Regards, Ken Mason

ken mason <>
melbourne,victoria,australia,Sun 26th Mar 2006 , 10:43:54 am

Hi just found this sight by accident. Was looking for anyone who worked on the Kirkby Reporter In the 60s and 70s and might remember my dad Raymond Rogers. He mainly covered the Kirkby Boy's Football team and other sporting events. He was also a photographer (but not for the paper)and I have lots of his old slides. I am looking to visit the archives one day and find some of his old reports. Maybe do a swap?
Would love to hear from anyone who worked with him or was photographed by him. He died 11/01/72
Please contact me!
Sandra Rogers

Sandra Rogers <>
Torquay,Devon,England,Sat 25th Mar 2006 , 08:21:48 pm

i am looking for info of cheetham family in st.helens. does the name thomas cheetham,william cheetham or agnes cheetham ring any bells from 1800s-1900s.
andrea leach <>
st helens,merseyside,united kingdom,Thu 23rd Mar 2006 , 09:08:47 pm

Been waiting awhile for any contact with the Binsteeds/Binsteads.
No contact up to now, so have decided to include the Prendergast side of the family.
I'm descended from Isaac Binsteed and Mary Prendergast,not after money,your virtue or the shirt off your back,just family history.
Districts known as previous neighbourhoods,Liverpool 6 + 7,any one interested?

george kay <>
adelaide,sth aus,australia,Thu 23rd Mar 2006 , 10:59:52 am

I am currently trying to trace my family tree. I am looking for information on a lady who apparently was a Lady Mayoress of Knowsley around the 1970s/80s. All I know is that her name was 'Lena' and she ran a centre for adults with learning difficulties. The centre was called the Picott Centre and it was in Widnes. Her mother was also called Lena. I would be very grateful for any information at all. Thank you.
Susie <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 19th Mar 2006 , 01:17:32 am

Hope someone can help with info in regards to my father Allan Greenwood a pupil at Prescot Grammer 1946 - he was also a member of Sefton Harriers and is now retired on the Gold Coast - thanks
Janet Greenwood <>
Gold Coast,Queensland,Australia,Sat 11th Mar 2006 , 02:10:06 pm

I have noted that one of your readers has the same grandparents as me John Berks Langford and Harriet Hughes. The person said the father was a farmer at Hewits lane East lancs rd. I too used to visit a farm where I used to ride as a youngster and have tea. Do you suppose this person will contact me if you have their e mail adress as we no doubt are related
Carol Patricia Langford now Ni <>
St Helens,Lancashire,England,Fri 10th Mar 2006 , 12:03:46 pm

Very informative indeed. Is there anyone out there that attended St Kevins RC Comp Northwood Kirkby if so can you send me some pics and info and any pics of Kirkby in the 60s and 70s also 80s
r mckechnie <>
kirkby liverpool,merseyside,england uk,Thu 09th Mar 2006 , 06:57:48 pm

Hi My Name is Steve Viner, and I have lived in Halewood for 44 yrs, living first with my family in Honey Hall Road off the Torrington Drive Estate, talking of Torrington Drive, there used to be a very large house at the top of torrington drive with its junction with Higher Road, i am trying to find out any history about this building, would appreciate any help or references to the above,

Steve Viner <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Tue 07th Mar 2006 , 06:21:38 pm

Im looking for a Carl Donaghue who attended st lukes on shaw lane whiston 77-81 and st edmund arrowsmith scotchbarn lane prescot from 81-83 if you read this DONNY get in touch for old times sake
Mark Owen <>
Prescot,merseyside,England,Tue 07th Mar 2006 , 05:04:03 pm

My sister Ann Patterson and myself are doing the family tree for Whitfield and Whittaker families. My father James Whittaker was born in Wigan, born 1909 and the family then moved to Whiston and lived in Halesnead rd whiston and worked in Cronton collery. He had a sister Hilda and a brother Tom. If anyone has any info would be great, my mothers father Henry Lancaster Whitfield was born in Kirkby and was christened in St Chads Church and lived Ingo Lane ,Kirkby. My great grandfather leased a plot of land on Lord Sefton's estate which is now owned by Lord Derby, his name was John Whitfield and used the land for a pig farm. if anyone knows any info would be appreciated. Regard Christina Shipard nee Whittaker and Ann Patterson
christina whittaker <>
adelaide,south australia,Australia,Sat 04th Mar 2006 , 04:09:05 am

Hi, I am trying to find and contact any relatives of mine. The family name is FLYNN and they lived in Calgarth Road in Huyton. Joseph Flynn was my father and he died when I was about 2years old. I had contact with the family until I was about 3years old, I remember my uncle Terry who was about 16years old at the time he used to take me to Woolworths Store which was then situated near Princes Drive, and buy me toys. I would love to know if anyone remembers the Flynns.
Sharon Stone <>
Liverpool,England,Mon 27th Feb 2006 , 02:14:49 pm

Hi, i am trying to find out some info on a place in kirkby(towerhill) liverpool the name of the place was Tanpit House or Red Brow Farm, as far as i can see on the old maps the farm stood just off headbolt lane just facing the old water tower. This is for a friend who is trying to find his past as he lived there some 40 years ago can any one help with any info or pictures would be fantastic you can send them via email to thank you and regards Andy
andrew fisher <>
liverpool,Sun 26th Feb 2006 , 05:42:38 pm

I lived in Knowsley Village in 1970 before my daughter Lisa was born. I returned home to South Africa in May 1970. Guess what? I spent Christmas 2005 in Knowsley Village. 1st time in 35 years. My Aunt May Gartland and my daughters father Doug Tope gave me a wonderful Christmas. I attended Christmas Day Service at St Mary's. I will never forget this.
Jane Kriel <>
Celtisdal,Centurion,South Africa,Thu 23rd Feb 2006 , 07:18:36 pm

Chris Graham July 2001.

My brother, Anthony Parry, attended st lukes and st edmunds during the dates mentioned. Ive told him about your entry and he recognises all the names. He would like to get in touch, however he isnt on the internet anymore. I have sent you an email but have not received a reply.

angela arnold <>
prescot,merseyside,uk,Wed 22nd Feb 2006 , 06:02:10 pm

Reference, Tony Baxendale. My cousin, John Kirwan, attended st columbas in the 70s. Also the name Baxendale is familia. My mum lived in 59 bruton road, now demolished, she used to tell me stories of her life there. Im possitive she has mentioned a Tommy Baxendale in her tales.
angela arnold <>
prescot,merseyside,uk,Wed 22nd Feb 2006 , 05:37:28 pm

hello everyone its been awhile since ive been to this site hope all is well. i have a question are there any entries from 2001 to 2006. anybody have any pics of woodlands rd before they built a housing project around the area, any info would be appreciated regards 'annie"
ann buck <>
guysville/athens,ohio,usa,Tue 21st Feb 2006 , 06:27:43 pm

Does anyone connect with John Berks LANGFORD of St Helens Lancs Born 1880. His father was William Henry Langford a collier. John married Harriet Hughes of St helens , and their son was Lesley John Langford a proffessional photographer of Charles Street he was my father. Would welcome any connections.
Your site is very good.

Langford John Berks <>
St helens,Lancashire,England.,Tue 21st Feb 2006 , 12:44:56 pm

hi everybody i was born 1965 now 40 went to ruffwood school grew up in mottram close
patricia robinson <>
liverpool,liverpool,england,Thu 16th Feb 2006 , 07:17:25 pm

Hello, Can any body supply me with any information regrding the Cumine Family. My father was Martin Cumine, Son to Sheila and Tommy. I would appreciate any details as I have not had contact for years.


Lee Cumine.

Lee Cumine <>
Solihull,West Midlands,England,Tue 14th Feb 2006 , 10:30:32 am

I like the site. Approaching my 40th birthday and feeling pretty nostalgic it was something of a shock to look back and see some of the photos of the area I was born and raised (Halewood) I remember having to go the library and trying to desperatly to find a book my dad had NOT read! When I first moved away in 1982 I thought I'd never return. On trips back by train I'd know I was close to home and I'd get a lump in my throat when the lights of Elsinor Heights would appear in the distance...Sad to say they are now gone, as have a lot of other landmarks. It would be great to be able to publish photos on this site, you'd not keep nostalgia freaks like me away. Keep up the good work.
Paul Miller <>
Cambridge,GB,Sat 11th Feb 2006 , 10:00:57 am

Does anyone know of any black people that worked in the R.O.F. FACTORYS during WW2 around 1941 I am looking for a Richard Johns a black person who worked in the R.O.F in 1941 at Kirkby.
Folkestone,kent,England,Wed 08th Feb 2006 , 09:28:38 pm

i have lived in huyton since i was born 26 years ago i attened park view school from 84-91 then went on to bowring comprehensive school i still now live locally would like to get in touch with old school friends from either school although i was kerry roberts when i was at park view and then condron in bowring would particulary like find out about a girl who was at park view with me her name was lyn fletcher she used to live in denstone crescent then moved on.good site very interesting
kerry condron <>
liverpool,united kingdom,Tue 07th Feb 2006 , 09:02:10 pm

hello looking for anyone that attended long lane,dalbury lees C.E primary school. kirk langley 1967 -1972-73.
linda <>
derbyshire,England,derbys,Sun 05th Feb 2006 , 10:42:44 am

looking for karen emily smith(nee james)lost contact in october,not been well since.hoping she is well,also her brother kevin James...I still care...lets try me. Miss your visits. LOVE alan xxx
alan pollard <>
Derby,Derbyshire,England,Sat 28th Jan 2006 , 12:46:33 pm

Would like to hear from anyone who has photographs of the cottages that were located at Halewood Green on the corner of lydiate lane and gerrard's lane on church road - i was born there!.
Nic <>
Atlanta,USA,Tue 24th Jan 2006 , 11:00:32 pm

Anyone remember Brenda Webb, Ashbourne Crescent, I would like to contact her.
reg leyland <>
liverpool,lancs,england,Sat 21st Jan 2006 , 01:15:26 pm

I am trying to find a church in Wallasey, called St Columbo's. I was baptised there in 1937. Hoping you can help. Thank you.

Dorothywilliams <>
Cheshire,Sat 21st Jan 2006 , 12:06:23 pm

I would like to know if anyone knows of the hughes family? Harriet was my Grandmother and was born in about 1880 and she married John Berks Langford also of St Helens in Sutton parish. Harriets father was William Hughes (electrical engineer) . Her marriage was witnessed by John Charles Hughes and Rose Hughes who could possibly be her brothers.

Harriet Hughes <>
St Helens,Lancashire,England,Thu 19th Jan 2006 , 10:25:07 am

I have an old photo of a baby named Roy, on the back is the name & address Mrs I Birch, 7 Tincle Peg Lane, Knowsley, does anyone know who they are? The photo was in my Mothers possession until she passed away in 1970. I started my family tree about 3yrs ago & I would like to get in touch with anyone related to this family. Thank you.
Regards, Alison

Alison Sword <>
Edinburgh,Midlothian,Scotland,Sun 15th Jan 2006 , 01:01:22 am

Great site went to St Columbus anyone remember me please feel free to contact me.
joe murphy <>
liverpool,huyton,england,Thu 12th Jan 2006 , 07:54:39 pm

I am replying to message posted by William Hardman 23.12.05. Please send me an email as I belive I may have some info that will assist in your attempts to make contact with Christopher Pearson,my fathers name is George Pearson and he has a brother named Chris who worked at stoves in the 60's - my dad was excited to read your posting and was disapointed that our attempts to contact your email address failed. hope to here from you soon

Sandra Dalton <>
NSW,Australia,Tue 10th Jan 2006 , 10:33:56 pm

I went to St Kevins in Kirkby from 1966 to 1970. I was born in Buxted Walk Southdene Kirkby. I would like to hear from anybody who knew me, it's been a long time.
brian fullerton <>
birkenhead,wirral,england,Tue 10th Jan 2006 , 11:37:52 am

Hi,i'm trying to trace any information
about Albert Edward Causer or his brother Joseph Causer last known where abouts bootle merseyside.
Please contact me on
any information will be greatly apreciated.Michelle.

michelle kenny <>
Manchester,england,Sun 08th Jan 2006 , 09:42:38 pm

i found your site very interesting i am an ex Kirkby boy and St Kevins
you bring back so many memories.I now live abroad but i can share so many memories.I can relate to all alison says about her memories

tony mounsey <>
manila,philipines,Thu 05th Jan 2006 , 07:10:20 am

I really like this page(guestbook).Iwas in Kirkby college at 70's. I also was in St. Helens F E college(1976)Iused to go out with Claire M. Beesley.Haven't heared from her since then,if any of you could give me some information about her,I would appriciate it.thanks.Joseph
Joseph Biglari <>
Glendale,Ca./LA,Los Angeles,Wed 28th Dec 2005 , 10:32:05 pm

My maiden name was thompson I went to StAloysius school in the war years I lived at 137 Lincombe Rd. my late husband was Jim Boardman who also went to St aloysius school in the war years, he lived in Woolfall cresent Is there anyone out ther who remembers us . the school produced all the Gilbert and Sullivan opera.s and we were both in all the shows I would love to hear from you
Jessie Boardman <>
Dalbeattie,dumfries and Galloway,scotland,Sun 25th Dec 2005 , 03:32:50 pm

I am trying to find my wife's father Christopher Pearson who i believe is living in huyton ,she would like to get information about him to get in touch He use to work at stoves in the early sixties and drinks in the HUYTON QUARRY pub, He had brief affair with my wife's mother and was told to keep away when she became pregnent and never made contact since ,my wife would like get in contact with him to find out more about him and to just say hello
Willam Hardman <>
St helens,Meseyside,England,Fri 23rd Dec 2005 , 12:13:06 am

I'm trying to find out something about my mother's wartime experience. She worked at Kirkby ROF making detonators, and one day (I believe 3 Feb 1942) there was an explosion in which she was blinded and I believe at least one person killed. Her name at the time was Stella Connor, aged 21, and she came from Ormskirk. I'm pursuing other avenues (eg Liverpool Record Office have offered to check local newspaper reports), but I'm wondering if anyone out there has any information on the event. My own connection with Kirkby is that I worked at the Unemployment Benefit Office in the town centre from 1972 to 1974, which was a great experience.
Frank Gorman <>
Bromley,Kent,UK,Wed 21st Dec 2005 , 04:09:10 pm

Stumbled across this site and was fascinated to see all the old pictures of Kirkby. I grew up in Mount Road on the Park Estate and have many happy memories of my childhood there in the late 40s & 50's I attended the old church school (headmaster Mick Irlam teachers Miss Archer& Miss Cunningham)before transferring to the brand new Simonswood Primary School (Headmaster Norman T Railton a rugby league ref) and then on to Brookfield 1958?-62.
I grew up with Jimmy Whitaker, (now in Texas, see below)Paul Rawsthorne, Robbie McNamara & Warwick Holmes and occassionally enjoyed a pint in the Carters Arms in the 60's when Ted Beaumont was landlord. As a kid I helped out on a milk round with Don Birch and I recall Irene Birch writing a book about old Kirkby. I was a choir boy at St Chads when Cyril Wallbank was vicar & Bob Bretherton was choirmaster.
I have remained in contact with schoolmate John Stephens and remember others such as Paul Jordan, Peter Davis, Peter Cambell, David Lloyd, Linda Roberts, Ruth Crowhurst, Margaret Bridston, I recall having a teenage crush on Joan Rawlinson (related to Robbie Mac and friend of Sandra Caroll see below)who lived at the top of Sugar Lane, Knowsley, near the lodge, I think her dad worked on the Derby estate. Where are you all? I moved away from the area in the early 70's but seeing those old pictures brought all the memories flooding back.
Best of luck with the site
Gerry Powell

Gerry Powell <>
Shoreham,West Sussex,UK,Fri 16th Dec 2005 , 04:41:44 pm

I have 41 Hunter relatives in my family tree, almost all of them were born in Knowsley. The earliest is John Hunter born 1796. He married one Betty Jump in 1821. All Hunter people of Knowsley that I have identified so far are descended from these two. Many are buried in St. Mary's, Knowsley.

Does anyone know John Hunter who died May 21 1967 aged 67 years? His wife Agnes Mary Hunter died Oct 28 1965. They are buried together at St. Mary's.

There is another grave of Charlie Hunter died Aug 23 1967 aged 65 years and his wife Margaret Hunter died Dec. 3 1976 aged 72 years.

I am struggling to connect John & Charlie to my tree as they were born after the 1901 census.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes..and Happy Christmas!

Dave Johnstone <>
Lancashire,UK,Thu 15th Dec 2005 , 09:42:21 pm

hello,great site.i migrated to australia in 1966 with my family just before my 10th birthday . i lived in kirkby before that, i remember so much about that time. first we lived a stones throw from the old quarry green pup in what was once a bomb shelter there was no roads in the estate and we would play outside till dark.i did morris dancing taught by mr dodd at the quarry green pup and was very disapointed to find they did'nt have it in australia.i went to the catholic school there, i even remember the children i played with. we moved to madren ave not far so my friends remained the same. i could go on for along time, maybe i'll ad more at a later date. its been nice to share this with you.thankyou regards gina donnelly.
gina donnelly <>
town of denmark,western australia,australia,Tue 06th Dec 2005 , 11:35:28 am

good site would like to see if anyone remembers frank irlam school at anytime when it was open would love 2 catch up with anyone ? heres hoping

kirkby,liverpool,uk,Tue 29th Nov 2005 , 10:19:20 pm

Anyone know what happened to the maisonettes known as Whitefield Square in Westvale?Heard it may be related to something to do with asbestos used during construction!
RO <>
TAUNTON,SOMERSET,UK,Thu 24th Nov 2005 , 10:16:41 pm

I lived in Fairclough Road, Huyton 1941-1954 and last visited there about 12 years ago. I found this site while looking at the history of Whiston Hospital,Prescot, where I was born. I was also fortunate enough to have worked as a porter at that hospital 1958-1960 after which I joined the army, got married and blah blah blah.

While I would be more than delighted to find anyone who remembers me, I am particularly keen to find a young lady who was a nurse at Whiston Hospital during my time there. Her name then was Janet Ashcroft (who had a smashing Vespa scooter!)and she lived in St Helens. I couldn't find anyone I knew when I visited Huyton but I do intend to have a closer look for childhood pals and old workmates as soon as I get a new zimmer-frame!. Brilliant site is this.

Martin Murphy <>
Middlesbrough,Cleveland,United Kingdom,Mon 21st Nov 2005 , 02:01:27 pm

Great Site. Does anybody know when 196 Parbrook Road, Huyton was built? My Dad and his parents lived there around the 1930's after moving out of Hornby Street, off Scotland Road, Liverpool. Somebody told us though that Parbrook Road was NOT built in the 1930's?
Maureen <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom,Wed 16th Nov 2005 , 11:06:43 pm

I lived at 11 Woolfall Close 1963-1972, The house was haunted, does anyone have any info they can pass on, I also attended Park View School from 1967-1972 when we moved to Rainford at the age of 10, anyone remember me? Love the site.
Christine Blacklock <>
Okehampton,Devon,UK,Tue 15th Nov 2005 , 11:04:20 pm

hi i am lookin for my best mate emma ashley we were in the same class as each other we went to Ashley school together since 95-2000 i will be grateful if you can help me find her
janet quinn <>
Runcorn,cheshire,united kingdom,Fri 04th Nov 2005 , 10:56:25 am

This is a real shot in the dark, i was born in Knowsley on 4th August 1975, my father Peter David Roberts was from there (his mothers name was Joyce, he had 2 brothers and if i'm not mistaken 2 sisters, Gail and Jillian i think, my mother was Margaret Elizabeth Roberts nee Spedding) and i'm searching for any family members / anyone at all that can tell me about my father, he passed away in September 1981 before i really got a chance to know him
Kelsia Roberts <>
Johannesburg,Gauteng,South Africa,Thu 03rd Nov 2005 , 01:51:50 pm

Down memory lane.It was the autumn of 1960 and me and some friends were riding past the old Kirkby trading estate and as we looked over there was a bulldozer ploughing thru a field of golden wheat.most unusual.Anyway 2 years later I found myself working at the factory that had been built.I was an apprentice there.I remember carving my initials and date in a concrete wall in the press pits.Stood back and thought what would someone think in a 100 years time.Well I went past the place I think in 1999 and all that stood was a pile of rubble.So much for immortality...would be pleased to here from anyone that remembers me.
jim whittaker <>
arlington,texas,usa,Mon 31st Oct 2005 , 06:17:29 pm

hello, im trying to obtain a book on huyton with roby, showing you some of the bungalows that i used to live in i would like to have an address to get this book any info would be greatly appreciated hope everyone is doing ok& ready for the winter thats coming, we had our first snow last week. gotta go now take care, have a good year whats left of it regards "annie"
annie <>
guysvile,athens,usa,Sun 30th Oct 2005 , 06:38:00 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,
As I look over the photos of old and new Kirby I remember my time as a child at Northwood(formerly Quarry Green)and I see places and buildings have changed for the good hopefully, anyway keep up the good work keep me informed of changes to this site as I will be visiting this area in 2006 when I will be on a lifetime trip back after 45yrs away,thanks.

Alan Bond.

Alan Bond <>
Liverpool,Sydney,N.S.W.,Australia,Sun 30th Oct 2005 , 01:14:24 am

We have aquired a needlework sampler by one Catherine Holden Aged 13 in 1828 at The Countess of Derbys School Knowsley , does anyone have information about the school or the girl, interesting site many thanks john.
John Shepherd <>
Ashford,kent,Mon 24th Oct 2005 , 08:03:10 pm

Brothers William Norris and Henry Norris appear on the war memorial tablet in St Mary's church, Knowsley.
Only this week I have linked them into my family. They are my second cousins-twice removed.
I wonder if anyone out there has photos of them?

My main families in the area are Hunter, Holme, Knowles & Gore.
Members of my Hunter family married Holden, Oakes, Davies, Norris, Gore, Wilkinson Owen, Hesketh, Ratcliffe, Holme, Scott, Pople.
Norris relatives married Cheetham and Burrows.

Many of my family are buried in the churchyard at St Mary's. I visited for the first time in Sept 2005.

I am more than willing to share my research.
Best wishes,


Dave Johnstone <>
Lancashire,UK,Mon 24th Oct 2005 , 02:38:15 pm

hi just wanted to know does anyone know my grandfather his names was william gallagher lived in northwood in the 1960's died at a young age off 40 he was married to a mary gallagher

thank you

billy jones <>
liverpool,knowsley,Thu 20th Oct 2005 , 10:44:48 pm

Does anyone know about a mining accident on 10th May 1806 in the Prescot/Whiston Area any infomation would be very welcome.
Mavis Heaps <>
Liverpool,Mon 17th Oct 2005 , 11:02:49 am

Could anyone tell me the whereabouts
I am looking for a JOHN ROBINSON WHO
lived there 1912.

Frank Moran <>
St Helens,Lancs,England,Tue 11th Oct 2005 , 09:39:07 pm

would love to hear from anybody who attended St. Gregory's school kirkby between 1966 and 1970 anyone with photos of teachers of the day, and any one from northwood would love to see some pics especially between 1960 and 1976 Gell Ridings
Geraldine Robertson <>
Manchester,Lancashire,U.K.,Mon 10th Oct 2005 , 10:58:20 pm

interested to hear from anyone who attended st kevins between 1973 to 1978,mainly those from 4c3/4,5c3/4,
newman and aquinas. GREAT SITE by the way.

tommy parle <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 05th Oct 2005 , 06:47:06 pm

Hi went to st columbas school (72 to 77) would like to hear from anyone who went there at that time. cheers
tony baxendale <>
liverpool,longview,england,Tue 04th Oct 2005 , 07:21:32 pm

Looking for anyone who lived in Aylton Road Huyton, between 1935/55.
Also anyone who may remember me from Huyton Modern Secondary School, Rupert road.
Some names I recall are Frank Bennett, my best friend in those days. He joined the army. John Stapleton who joined the navy. The Shinkfield family, the Workmans.
Any information will be welcome. I am writing a book about childhood in Huyton.
Thanks in anticipation,.
My nickname as a child was 'Dicko'.

Brian J Dickenson <>
Moreton,Wirral,England,Tue 04th Oct 2005 , 10:43:55 am

this is a site worth visiting.
any one like to find out things get in touch. i hope to try and help you in the kirkby area

thomas molyneux <>
liverpool,mersyside,uk england,Mon 03rd Oct 2005 , 04:20:28 pm

Does anyone know the family of Myles Smith from Huyton Quarry 1880?, he had a number of children, one by the name of Joeseph who died when he was in his 20s, he would be my Great Grandfather, would love any information at all

Elaine Pinnington <elaine>
Chester,Sun 02nd Oct 2005 , 06:08:16 pm

does anyone remember the williams family from westvale kirkby there was christine / jack /benny gerry / joey / vinny /joan / and kathleen i am looking for any old photographs of us i would be greatful if anyone has any i can copy
joey williams <>
liverpool,Mon 26th Sep 2005 , 08:41:40 am

hi i was just wondering if anyone had any ruffwood school photos from the 70s 1971 to 76 i was in nightingale fleming house my husband john stirrup was shaftsbury shackleton, my maiden name was gillian wilkinson, or any photos of ormside, i am trying to get a ruffwood,in the seventies page up and running would love any photos of class mates or group photos or kirkby feel free to email me thanks gill, my email adress if

gillian stirrup <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Sat 24th Sep 2005 , 09:53:04 pm

Does any one know of Freddie Goodwin,he had a son colin in 1965 with chris Marks. sadly they spilt up while colin was still a baby.
can you help?

christine <>
hertford,Herts,uk,Sat 24th Sep 2005 , 12:14:30 am

Please can any one help. Does any one remember the Marks family who lived in beechburn cresent,western avenue,huyton.Frank Marks who died in his early 40's,Christina (his wife)and his two daughters Beatrice also known as bea bea and younger christina. My mum is christina.
Also can any one help or know - Pat Hornby who was a good friend with my mum. love the site hope you can help.thank you

chrissy Stevens <>
hertfordshire,uk,Sat 24th Sep 2005 , 12:11:34 am

I'm trying to locate my son, Jamie Allen Humphries. Last I heard, he was living with his mum and family around Mandurah, W.A. Jamie, if you're out there know that I love and miss you very much- not a day goes by when I don't think of you and wish we could get to know one another. I'm here- I would never want to upset your life but I want you to know that I am here if you ever want to contact me. We have alot to catch up on.

Love from your dad (Allen)

allen humphries <>
williams lake,british columbia,canada,Fri 23rd Sep 2005 , 08:46:28 pm

hello people this is steve Drury nickname (nickers)I went to Roughwood between 1965-1973 is anyone still alive that remembers me? would love to hear from anyone!
steve drury <>
milton keynes,Buckinghamshire,uk,Sat 17th Sep 2005 , 10:55:53 pm

I am looking for anyone with memories of Sylvester County Primary School around the WWII era.
As a Governor at the school we are seeking to renovate an old air raid shelter that is within the grounds of the junior school. Anyone who has memories of life at Sylvesters at the time, or indeed of Huyton itself I would be very interested to hear from you.
We hope to use the air raid shelter to help educate our pupils on life during WWII and have recently received funding from The Big Lotter Fund to do so.
Hoping someone out there can help.

Sue Price <>
Huyton,Liverpool,UK,Thu 15th Sep 2005 , 02:54:52 pm

What a great site!

Lived in Kirkby from 1957 to 1981 ( had a short spell in Skem)I left to come to live in Canada.
Lots of happy memories.

Liz Welsh (Gannon) <>
Toronto,Ontario,Canada,Wed 14th Sep 2005 , 06:12:51 pm

Please has anyone heard of mary anne stanley born 1801. possible spelling standerley. this lady married a peter brown of newton in makerfield born 1800.
i understand that she may have been related to the Stanleys at Knowsley but feel that she may have sidelined by the family by marrying an estate worker.she always insisted that family memebers were christened at st michaels huyton uptp 1879ish. thanks r

robert hewitt <>
cheshire,uk,Sat 10th Sep 2005 , 11:14:18 pm

Please does anybody have any information regarding either the Hewitts or the Phillips (org. from Coventry) who were watchmakers around Prescot circa 1898?
thank you Susan

susan hewitt <>
warrington,Sat 10th Sep 2005 , 11:06:03 pm

Thank you for your help of your guest book I have found my nieces after all these years.
Helen Mc Fagan

Helen Mc Fagan <>
Mon 05th Sep 2005 , 10:22:33 pm

Hello - My Dad was from Huyton but moved to Carmarthen South Wales in 1950s, I have lost touch with his family from Huyton since my Dad past away over 20 years ago. Does anyone know Billy Armstrong, Violet Armstrong (maiden name), Maureen Armstrong, Chris Armstrong,I would love to hear from them.
Julie MacGregor nee Armstrong
Sat 03rd Sep 2005 , 09:31:08 am

Searching for the birthplace of Ellen Finneran.Could anyone please help with the search of our GGrandmother. Ellens father Laurence and mother Ann (nee Collins) came from Ireland Roscommon we think in the late 1830s
their son james was born in Prescot in 1840 and Ellens younger sister Ann born Prescot in 1846, marriage.death certificates & census show Ellen to be born about 1843 somewhere in Prescot but we are unable to obtain a birth certificate for her she died in our home town of Castleford West/Yorks in 1913, Laurence ,Ellen father died in 1847 at Slutch row ? can,t fine this on any old prescot maps. Ann remarried to Richard Leather of prescot in 1848 she was still alive on 1891 census
Please note any bits of information will help

anthony moseley <>
castleford,lancashire,ENGLAND,Sun 28th Aug 2005 , 10:01:24 pm

Hi, Great site.

I have seen references to the name HOLLAND on the site. I have an Aaron Holland born Prescott about 1800. Aaron married Jane Peers in 1822 and settled in Wigan. If anyone can connect with this name could they please get in touch as I cant get any farther back than Aaron.



Jacqui Kilcoyne <>
Westhoughton,Lancashire,England,Sat 27th Aug 2005 , 11:10:21 am

I would love to know the wherabouts of Jane maiden name Sanders who emigrated to Adelaide Australia in 1964 or 5 with her Mother and father and 2 brothers Michael and Stuart.
Rita Wilson <>
Rushden,Northants,England,Thu 25th Aug 2005 , 06:49:11 pm

Hi everyone! I check the web site occasionally to see if I recognize any one out there.Grew up on Hillside Ave.
Hope all is well at home.
Great site webmaster keep the good work.

Pete Penlington <>
(Cape Cod),Massachsetts,USA,Thu 25th Aug 2005 , 03:20:16 am

I'm trying to track down an old girlfriend, Maureen Haycock, who lived at Bootle Road, during 1974/1975. We met on a blind date set up by my mate Kenny Lovelady from Fazakerly. If you know of her whereabouts, I would be grateful to hear from you.
Many thanks

Gary Bigelow <>
Waikanae,Kapkiti Coast,New Zealand,Wed 24th Aug 2005 , 10:11:34 am

Sorry I am contacting you again but I need to give more information.My neices were called Carol,Qwenda Maureen and Helen the Mother was Audrey and Father James I would love to hear from anyone of them.I am their Auntie. Keep your gustbook going it is like going down Memory Lane.
Thank You

Helen Mc Fagan nee Page <>
110 Sandown Road,Shanklin,Isle Of Wight PO37 6HZ,Mon 22nd Aug 2005 , 06:12:51 pm

We are trying to discover the exact date that Kirkby Church of England Primary school was first used as a school in 1806. As it celebrates 200 years next year, we are planning many celebrations for the children, but would dearly love to have an exact date to celebrate ! Any information on this matter would be extremely greatfully received. Many Thanks, Elaine.
Elaine Parr <>
Merseyside,Merseyside,England,Fri 19th Aug 2005 , 10:00:02 pm

I have just come across your site, and found it brought back many memories.
My husband Joe Byrne, was Music/English teacher at St Kevin's in Kirkby in the 60's and he formed a fabulous boys choir. I was just wondering if any of those boys remember him from way back then. Joe has just retired but I know he would be delighted to hear from any of his former pupils.
I would also love to hear from anyone who can give me details of the whereabouts of the following friends from Northwood Kirkby, the first is Margaret Brown Nee Burke, she lived in the flats in Nthwood, and Maureen Haxforth who lived near the fire station in one of the small close's I would loved to hear from them or anyone who knows how I can contact them
Many thanks,
Here's hoping

Dorothy Byrne <>
Wed 17th Aug 2005 , 03:38:25 pm

I am looking for any of my neices who lived in Kirkby in the 50's. 4 girl's I would love to hear from them.H.Page.
Your site is great.
H.Mc Fagan (Page)

Helen Page <>
Isle Of Wight,England,Sun 14th Aug 2005 , 07:25:19 pm

Great site, love reading through the guest book. The person who would like a picture from the 60's needs to visit the library in Huyton where back copies of the Kirkby reporter are kept on micro film. I've been able to get copies of old pics for just a few pence.
joan (cuddy)Largue <>
kirkby,merseyside,Tue 09th Aug 2005 , 10:06:28 pm

Hoping to hear from anyone who lived on Croxteth View in Kirkby and/or attended Brookfield Secondary School between 1953 and 1967. Does anyone recall Jimmy Redfern? He was a pro footballer who went on to play for the Washington Diplomats in America.
steve wilson <>
tucson,arizona,united states,Sat 30th Jul 2005 , 11:43:26 pm

Searching for the step sister of Mary Teresa Williams (nee Winn) & Francis Winn - I only know her name is Isobella Winn (marriage name not known). Parents were James Winn b:1900 d:1951 worked on Cunard liners between 1930-1950. Isobella Williams & Step Mother Mary Teresa Winn b:1900 - 1968 - Also worked on liners & was milner. Grandparents G.Sanderson & Angelica Sanderson Married 12/09/1881 (can provide copy of original wedding certificate) at St Francis of Xavrh.
Please if anybody does know of her or any of her family, please let her know we are looking for her. My mum would love to see her. Has not seen her she was about 12 years old. PLEASE HELP
Thank you for your time.
I would love to locate Isobella as she is the only sister my mum has left. It would be great to bring them together if possible. My only other knowlege of Isobella is the married and moved to the Wirral. Date not known.

Also anyone who worked or went to Mayfair Cinema, I would love to hear your stories. I am researching the cinema & it's movies. please drop me an email

Jamie Williams <>
Liverpool,knowsley,England,Mon 25th Jul 2005 , 03:07:20 pm

hello, this annie buck jsut surfing in to say hello to everyone. does anyone remember any history of the bungalows off western ave, i remeber my mother & father saying that they were built for WW2, apparentley the british or germans stayed there during the war, the windows were painted black so none could see throught them, i know of this bit of history as i lived in one of them plus i had to scrape the paint off the windows, i lived at 19 woodlands rd off western ave huyton-roby liverpool, so if anyone else has any more info on that it would be great. bye now have a good year regards "annie"
ann buck <>
guysville,ohio/athens,usa,Wed 20th Jul 2005 , 09:23:07 pm

My name is susan mcgarry, (nee lawrenson/lol)I went to longview secondry school in 1971 to 76.If you remember me email me,Id love to hear from anyone.Do you remember lawrence cuddy and john lawless if so email me,the good old days.
susan <>
liverpool,england,Wed 20th Jul 2005 , 08:17:01 pm

Thanks for the memories, born whiston hospital 1942. lived edward rd whiston to 1950, noved to shaw lane prescot, spent $10.00 moved to australia 1967. whats the chance anybody will remember me.
David Walsh <>
Sydney,N.S.W.,Australia,Tue 12th Jul 2005 , 12:40:29 am

I was born at Whiston Hospital in 1966,my father is John Morland Kenneth Pinnington, and my Mother is Sylvia Pinnington previously Wightman.
My Mother and Father lived at Ropers Farm Dragon Lane Whiston, together with my Gran Elizabeth Pinnington, they had the Milk Round. My Mothers family Wightmans had the Chip Shop in Derby Square Prescot.
If anone can remember any further information or would like to contact me please do so.


Elaine Pinnington

Elaine Pinnington <>
Chester,Cheshire,Mon 11th Jul 2005 , 10:25:41 pm

Am researching family history - looking for information on grandfather - Frank Simpson - lived in Huyton in the late 1940's - 1956 (when he died). Had a daughter called Helen - partner Doris (Reid I think). Any info would be helpful. Thanks
Jane Banner <>
Congleton,Cheshire,England,Sun 03rd Jul 2005 , 04:58:30 pm

I have traced my ancestors back to 1798 in Prescot.
William and Ellen Berry lived at 9 Kemble Street as did later generations of my family. They also lived at 7 Kemble Street and 59 Toll Bars which I havn't located as yet.
Paul Berry

Paul Berry <>
Stoke on Trent,Staffordshire,England,Thu 30th Jun 2005 , 04:21:39 pm

Great website - thank you for it. However, there is one piece of information I wish to confirm that I cannot find on it: the date of the marriage of William Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, to Elizabeth de Vere. I have come across two dates: 26 June 1594 and 26 January 1594/95. Do you know which is the correct date? Your website simply says 1594 which could be either.
I would appreciate your help.
Many thanks
Tony Thistlewood

Tony <>
Sydney,NSW 2066,Australia,Tue 28th Jun 2005 , 10:41:11 pm

I am seaching for any information about my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Goodman Kitchen - he and his wife Elizabeth lived in a large house (which I have a photo of)on St Marys Road Huyton from mid 1800 to 1909 when the house and contents were auctioned off after his wife had died.
He was chairman of the council for the then St Agnes Ward during the 1890's - any information would be welcomed.

Jeff Kitchen <>
Colne,Lancashire,Tue 28th Jun 2005 , 10:02:52 pm

I was born in Knowsley and lived in Penrhyn Rd by the estate office and shops. My dad's family were farmers in Hewitts Lane off the East Lancs Rd.
My mums family came from Anfield to live in Homer Rd when Grandad got a job at Napiers, my Nan,Mrs Ennis was a dinner lady at the Maypole School.
Mr Chaloner the headmaster was tough but well liked,he never threw a board duster at me, thank goodness
My Auntie Dot worked in Mrs Waltons shop, she married Norman Antrobus.
I love Knowsley and with a friend founded Knowsley Historical Society in 1997,I am the secretary. We had a booklet about Knowsley Lane published a few years ago. It is very sad to see the changes Knowsley has undergone in recent years, today on the site of our bungalows stand many factories.
Does anyone remember Mrs Rushtons shop?

Sandra Drakefield nee Hewitt <>
Liverpool,Knowsley,England,Mon 27th Jun 2005 , 11:36:18 pm

I was at The Sylvester School infants and junior and then Huyton Hey (Seel Road). Left Huyton in 1979, returned to Liverpool area in 1980s for a few years before leaving England. Does anyone know the origin of the name "Sylvester" for the school?
Ron Smith <>
Houston,Texas,USA,Thu 23rd Jun 2005 , 06:57:22 pm

I would like to find a Micheal Allen lived in Huyton,Liverpool in 60's used to go to Hylton Hall to stay during holidays we were great friends he would have been about 14, we used to fish in the pool during the summer.would just like to know how his life has been.
Sandra Downes <>
Sun 19th Jun 2005 , 08:19:08 pm

Your site has helped before.Maybe you can again.Will MIKE who's looking for NATHAN STANLEY get in touch. We have found the connection with HENRY. I can not get an e mail through to you.
Joan. Keep up with the good work on tjis site. Its very helpful.

Joan Halliday <>
prescot,Merseyside,england,Sun 19th Jun 2005 , 01:13:36 am

Looking for relatives in Prescot !
My father was Matthew Canavan, born in 1914, lived at 1 Vicarage Place, Prescot
Married my mother Bridget Fitzpatrick in Prescot in 1942 lived in 63 Saunders Ave, Prescot untill moving to Ireland in 1966 He worked as an estimator in BICC my brothers name was Tony. I went to St Lukes In Whiston and than Our Lady of Mount Carmel in St, Helens
Would love to hear from old friends Sue Mather 127 Cross Lane. Denis Edwards
Have relations in Prescot in St Helens Rd Any info would be greatly apprreciated
Helena Gaynor nee Canavan

Helena Gaynor (Canavan) <>
Barntown,Wexford,Ireland,Fri 17th Jun 2005 , 10:19:23 am

FAO Steve Wilson, yes that is the same Denis Mortimer. Its a pity he's not recognised on the Knowsley website!!
Liverpool,Wed 15th Jun 2005 , 07:03:44 pm

Has anyone got any idea where Maurice Scott is these days. He attended Knowsley Secondary Modern School, and was a very good pianist too. Please let me know.


Donald Knox-Richards <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Tue 14th Jun 2005 , 03:22:57 pm

Wow, what a site and about Huyton. I grew up in Manchester my Dad was from Huyton, Calgarth Road. My maiden name was Doubleday. I spent many a happy summer growing up with my Liverpool family. we would all get together in Huyton I remember the adults would frequent the Eagle And Child pub (is it still there?) as I now live in Atlanta, USA. We would go camping in Llangollen and for fun go to Rhyl, Prestatyn, Colwyn Bay. Ferry across the Mersey to New Brighton and Birkenhead. Oh what happy days. Cheers Barbara.
Barbara Cunningham <>
Atlanta,Georgia,U.S.A.,Mon 13th Jun 2005 , 02:40:10 am

hello just found this website ,i have done a family tree which goes back to 18 hundred, if anyone needs any help send me a mail.i lived in kingsway road huyton from 1964 till 1981.then i joined the army,my parents bill and marie carden moved then to old swan.
mike carden <>
lemke,nienburg,germany,Wed 08th Jun 2005 , 06:08:12 am

how about digging up some photo's from the sixties? There must be an archive in existence from the Kirkby Reporter. also, there was a publicity mag (aimed at attracting business to Kirkby piblished in the late 60s. There is a picture of me and my brother pushing our (then) little brother in a pram in St Chads Park. Would love a copy of that. I lived in Cherry field Crescent and also remember the W German football team at the Golden Eagle in '66.
Syd Scott <>
York,UK,Tue 07th Jun 2005 , 01:36:02 pm

Looking for Geoffrey Heaps lived Elm Street Huyton Quarry parents Les & Elise Heaps, hoping he can help with family history. Many Thanks Mavis Heaps
Mavis Heaps <>
Liverpool,Mon 06th Jun 2005 , 09:45:33 am

hi ,i was born in huyton 1964 and lived in 28 kingsway road til 1981 when i joined the army .just wanted to say hello to any body who knows me ,i now live in germany .havent been back for a while just found this site its brill,i hope it keeps going for a long time.all the best.mike
mike carden <>
lemke,nienburg,germany,Wed 01st Jun 2005 , 08:34:50 am

Can anyone give me history on Rushey Hey School, Kirkby, I left there in 1960 and went on to Ruffwood Comp. Family disagreement, was it army camp as in Concentration camp or what?
Joan Bradley (Phillips) <>
Liverpool,England,Sun 29th May 2005 , 12:31:55 pm

I attended the Brookfield school in Kirkby and I wonder if a classmate, Dennis Mortimer, is the same Dennis who was the Aston Villa captain that won the European Cup in the 80's. I left England in 1967 when I was 15. I would also love to hear from anyone who attended Brookfield when I did. I lived @ 24 Croxteth View and also attended the Cherryfield school. Congratulations to LFC in their victory over AC Milan. Steve
stephen wilson <>
tucson,Arizona,united states,Fri 27th May 2005 , 06:48:57 pm

Are there any Blundells out there Decendants of James Blundell (file manufacturer)and Mary Brown.Children James b1869, Mary Alice b1869, William b1873, Annie b1875, Lillie b1879, May b1882, May b1882, Ada b1886, Lived in Prescot.Can you help fill some blanks in family Tree.
Joan Halliday <>
Mersyside,England,Sun 22nd May 2005 , 09:31:08 pm

My grandfather worked at Knowsley Hall around the turn of the 20th century. I have a picture of the greenhouse staff in front of a wall of ivy. There are twenty men and two women in the picture. I am trying to date the picture. Can you help?
Dale Gregory <>
Vancouver,B.C.,Canada,Mon 16th May 2005 , 11:58:11 pm

I am searching for any Information on the farms that once occupied land on what is now Cantril Farm/Stockbridge village.Also I have tried without luck to find a detailed map of this Area.1940/60.Would be grateful for any Info. Thanks Tony.
Anthony Gillon <>
London,Mon 16th May 2005 , 04:00:40 pm

just found your website. I lived on the Maypole Estate during the late 40s and through the 50s. I have lots of memories of that 'magical' place. We lived first at Penrhyn road then in Knowsley Drive, next door to Willy Russell (playright). I am a member of Knowsley Historical Society.
joseph swindells <>
liverpool,merseyside,united kingdom,Wed 11th May 2005 , 01:12:13 pm

Still trying to find info on Ronnie and Jackie Riddick twins from Northwood.
Went to school with them would like to try and get in touch.
Also Kenny Smith was a butcher in Kirkby town centre and then he moved to Skelmersdale where he worked at the time I knew him at courtalds.
He is 50/51. Just like to get in touch. Belieive he still lives there in the Ashurst area. Also Lillian Finnigan from scoter rd northwood think she may have left and gone to Australia but not sure.
Please can anyone help.
Miss being in Kirkby, live in Wales and would just like to get in touch with the above any news would help.

Gwyn Penny <>
Bangor,Nth Wales,Sun 08th May 2005 , 09:27:33 am

I really like this website!!!!
Jimmy Gerding <>
St. Paul,Minnesota/Ramsey,USA,Sat 07th May 2005 , 08:36:14 pm

i am trying to trace my father who lives in liverpool he has got a brother called billy fathers name is frederick sloan.i would be very grateful for any information.i was born at 7 warburton street edge hill liverpool7 on the 2 july 1962. my mothers name was jean buckley.
rosalene buckley <>
manchester,england,Sun 01st May 2005 , 09:36:51 pm

I used to live in mosscroft towerhill 70's and 80's went to st kev's for a while, as little as possible to tell the truth used to bunk off all the time then get the strap the next day then bunk off again and so on.
left liverpool when I was 13 or 14 went to london and am still here

Dr.Eze Mgbada Edgefield <>
London,Colchester,UK,Sat 30th Apr 2005 , 03:42:58 pm

I would like any information regarding my Father, Martin Cumine, I was born in Kirkby March 1976 and would like contact him as I havn't seen him since I was 2 years of age. I would appreciate any information on Martin and any other relatives.
Lee Cumine <>
Solihull,West Midlands,England,Thu 21st Apr 2005 , 02:30:59 pm

I am Head of history at a prep school in Berkshire. We have been conducting a project on Old Boys of our former senior school, Beaumont College, who perished during the Great War. One of these was Major E.H. Molyneux-Seel, who is buried in the Catholic Church, in the family vault, in Huyton. We can, however, find no further details regarding Major Molyneux-Seel - his regiment, the Liverpool Regiment, have no information on him.

I should be very grateful for any information that anybody could provide.

Steve Baybut <>
Southampton,Hampshire,England,Mon 18th Apr 2005 , 11:30:29 am

Does anyone remember the Pinnington Family from Roby and Huyton and then later Whiston if so please contact me.
Elaine Pinnington <>
Chester,England,Fri 15th Apr 2005 , 10:09:08 pm

Does anyone have any old school photographs from St. Columba's RC school in Hillside avenue Huyton between 1970 & 1973. I remember Stephen Jacobson, Paul Hamilton, Alan Middleton, Tony Siebenthaler(who all went on to go to SFX with me afterwards), Michael Saracen, Carole Cassidy, Ruth Brazier, Amanda Poole, Jolene Tierney, Debbie,Mark, Nicky Morris(who both went on to St. Edwards), Julie Doyle, Suzanne O'Neill & Mike O'Neill, Michael Veary. Not forgetting Paul Griffiths (Biffo) who was a few years older & lived near me in Knowsley Lane. remember Miss Mulroy. Great if anybody can! cheers Eddie
Eddie dalton <>
liverpool,merseyside,England,Mon 11th Apr 2005 , 04:13:25 pm

Hello. I am researching my family history. I am trying to get information from the St Helens area in paticular descendents of Jane and Henry Watkinson who were involved in watchmaking in St Helens and also their son Henry Alexander who moved to Prescot where he worked in the large watch factory. Any one doing research with the same name get in touch. :0)

Les Watkinson <>
Kirkby,Merseyside,England,Mon 11th Apr 2005 , 02:40:30 pm

Thanks for the sight & insight. I had information from my grandparents regarding my being a decendant of Lord Stanley(s). Being able to obtain this fascinating info when when is on the other side of the pond is great. Thanks!!!
Janet E. Miller <>
Cruz Bay, St. John,US Virgin Islands,US,Sat 09th Apr 2005 , 09:57:03 pm

I am looking for information on the D Napiers & Son and later English Electric works in Aintree. My Dad worked there from 1940 until made redundant sometime in the 1970's. We visited the works on several occasions when they held their sports day, The families were permitted to tour the works (and very impessive they were. Dad had a photo taken there with two other people a high company executive and King George V. How he managed to get into the photo I don't know. I remember the photo from the 1950's when I lived at home. Dad has now passed away and the photo hasn't been seen for years.
The Maypole Estate was primarily built for employees of D Napier & Son during the war or just prior to it. Now that both the works and the old estate have (almost) gone the link between them should be cemented. I have no idea of what material has been preserved but would welcome any pointers or memories from any of the old estate survivors (a few are still around) or their ,now adult, children.

Allan Hewitt <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Wed 06th Apr 2005 , 03:03:55 pm

I used to live in mosscroft towerhill 70's and 80's went to st kev's for a while, as little as possible to tell the truth used to bunk off all the time then get the strap the next day then bunk off again and so on.
left liverpool when I was 13 or 14 went to london and am still here.

john morgan <>
london,Sun 03rd Apr 2005 , 07:39:21 pm

Just a quick point regarding your 'famous people' list. I wonder if you are aware that Chris Lawler, the former Liverpool player lived in Knowsley, and also a guy called Tommy Evans, who wrote the song 'Without You' (recorded by Nilson and many others) lived at the top end of Frederick Lunt Avenue. If I ever get famous, you can add my name too!
Gary Bigelow <>
Waikanae,Kapiti Coast,New Zealand,Sat 02nd Apr 2005 , 07:06:31 am

I was wondering if there is anybody who worked at Makro back in 1974/75.
Also anybody who lived around Frederick Lunt Ave., Sugar lane, Homer Road back in 1965 onwards....anybody remember Mill lane, and the Vicarage where garden fetes were held......or who knew the Roscoes,(Tom, Roc, Danny) Peter Nelson, Roy Graham.. the Ainsworths lived opposite me. Just thinking of other names...Mrs Little, the old lady who looked after animals....Stan McGurk, Allan Marriot, Roy Barlow, David Brady, Ian Oliver, Eric Jay..........Stinky Bomb lane, the 'River Ault', 'Three Ponds' 'The Grove', Jacksons Garage, Mr Mace grocery shop in Sugar Lane... or does anybody remember Croft Road on the old estate? Is the bus stop still outside number 4 Frederick Lunt?
I think it is important that some records are gathered of the old Maypole estate..this was a community that lived through hard times in rather basic housing that was meant to be lasted 25 years!....yet it was a close knit community, with its own dramas and personalities. Most of the people who lived there formed the core of the new community that was established in the new council housing estate and I recall the time when there was a kind of exodus from the Maypole estate to the new houses of Homer Road, Singleton Ave., Frederick Lunt, Sugar lane and so on. The Maypole school continued for some years until the new school was opened (Whitestone) in Sugar Lane where my mother worked.
I hope this jogs some memories.

Gary Bigelow <>
Waikanae,Kapiti Coast,New Zealand,Fri 01st Apr 2005 , 03:30:18 am

Does anyone have any pictures of a mrs jean kay she was born on 12.06.1940 and died on 30.01.1975. She came from st.helens she was married at st.mary's church. anyone with any pictures please can you email them.

sarah <>
st.helens,merseyside,england,Thu 31st Mar 2005 , 12:44:27 am

I spent some very happy years in Kirkby, both as Compere for the long gone "Cherryfield Social Club" and later on I set up my business "Harbour Promotions" Entertainment Agency in Kirkby on The North Mersey Business Centre. During this time I made a friend with, amongst others, Danny Duffy who is a true kirkby lad and a top DJ also a true professional. My ex wife has also taught in kirkby for at least 32 years and is very proud of her accomplishments. so well done kirkby, keep it up!
Bob Lawson <>
Liverpool,Lancashire,UK,Sat 26th Mar 2005 , 06:40:20 pm

I'm trying to track down family with the name "SEPHTON". My Grandfather is ill and will not be around much longer. I want to search down family to create a Family Tree. I'm a 1st generation american, and have made contact with Sephton's in England, Scotland, Australia, and Canada... Any help is greatly appreciated.
Ian Sephton <>
San Diego,Ca,USA,Sat 26th Mar 2005 , 04:23:52 pm

anyone remember me from st augustines longview drive huyton 1966 1968 just found this great site my maiden name was davenport my cousin joan went there too. now they are closing it down. hope to hear from someone soon this is my partners email address
janice <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 25th Mar 2005 , 07:43:33 pm

I am writing because i need to get in contact with Jacqueline Anderson who was last known to live in brierfield
if anybody knows her address or e-mail address could you please e-mail me with it.

Tim Sorsby <>
York,England,Wed 23rd Mar 2005 , 10:22:07 pm

John price we need to talk again soon it took over 27 years to speak over the phone please e-mail me or ring me ...
bill shaw <>
perth,wa,Australia,Wed 23rd Mar 2005 , 04:01:53 pm

does anyone know me?I went to ruffwood in 1961-1965/6
i lived in mainside road.would love some school pics.
thanks ron

ronald(ron)allen <>
ardrossan,,ayrshire,scotland,Sun 20th Mar 2005 , 01:02:30 am

Does asnybody know where i can get information on watchmaking in prescot , for coursework please?
bec <>
liverpool,england,Sat 19th Mar 2005 , 09:43:46 pm

great site,very interesting,i am trying to compile my family tree,fathers name William Edward Sephton,can anyone give me advise on how to start,Ellen
ellen stanley <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Thu 17th Mar 2005 , 02:20:33 pm

Does anyone have any photographs of Primrose Drive Lpool 36? ( Before 1970)

I would love to see them if possible. by email maybe? Ps I love the site ;o)

Jean <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Mon 14th Mar 2005 , 06:53:36 pm

Kirby c.1790's to 1840's--Family History
I am trying to trace descendants of families ,names of Atherton,Owen,Fleetwood,Webster who lived in this area at the time.Anyone with any information ,please contact me on

Pam Partridge <>
UK,Sat 12th Mar 2005 , 02:47:06 pm

Does any one remember the "Kirkies going up Manchester road Prescot to the BI.We used to wait at the bottom of Manchester Road and swing on the back of them till we got to Sewel Street.James'es sweet shop by the Engine pub.I lived in Prescot from birth 1934 till I joined the army in 1952.Would be nice to hear from any one who remembers me.
George Jones <>
West Dorset,UK,Fri 25th Feb 2005 , 11:41:58 pm

This is for the attention of JOAN HALLIDAY.
I don't know if I'm one of the Hollands that you're looking for but;

My name is Valerie McSperritt(nee Holland, I was born at home in Page Moss Lane in 1964, my dad's name was Reginald Holland AKA Reg,my mum's name was Margaret Holland(nee Wilkie) AKA Peg or Peggy and I am the youngest of four daughters.
My dad had one brother who was considerably older than himself.

I would be very interested to know if I am one of the Hollands that you're looking for

Valerie McSperritt
Wigan,Thu 24th Feb 2005 , 11:50:28 pm

I'm trying to get in touch with Jennie Leidstrom who used to live in Parbrook Road Huyton in the early 80's.
Any information greatfully received.

Tony Moore <>
Brighton,Sussex,UK,Tue 22nd Feb 2005 , 12:51:28 pm

bill <>
wigan,lancashire,england,Sun 20th Feb 2005 , 08:54:23 pm

I attended Knowsley Maypole school from 1960 to 1965, when Jack Challenor was head. I remember Mr Topping, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Welsby, Mrs Duggan. My mother was school secretary, (Mrs Bigelow) and continued at Knowsley Whitestone after Maypole closed down. Many names I recall.........June Reese, Barry Ainsworth, Steven Brislin, Kenneth Rudkin, Linda Comber, Ann Merrills, David Brady, Gary Townsley, Ian Oliver, Andy Pearse, Paddy Bains, and Eric, Mugger, Allan Cain, Allan Williams, Peter Duvall, the Scales twins whom my mother was very fond of.........and lots more. I remember the 'Home james' school bus, and the outdoor toilets that froze during winter....I remember the dinner time walks with Challenor around the derelict estate.....and I also remember his brutality........I remember the Christmas times, when we would have the school party, with fizzy drinks, and the fields surrounding the school with the rabbits, mice and other creatures....It would be nice to hear from anyone who shares the same memories. I lived in Frederick Lunt Avenue, off Sugar Lane..I now live in New Zealand now, with my lovely wife and my son. It certainly evokes a lot of feelings and memories, finding this site. maybe someone can add to the memories. Good to see your site.
Gary Bigelow

Gary Bigelow <>
Waikanae,Kapiti Coast,New Zealand,Sat 19th Feb 2005 , 07:56:50 am

starting my family tree and would like any information on a david whittle who was married to elizabeth peterson think they married in bootle merseyside had 2 children theresa and billy whittle then moved to parbrook road huyton any info would be apprieciated thank you liz
liz <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 18th Feb 2005 , 05:39:30 pm

Am VERY interested in contacting Paul or Marion jones from Roby both should be in their 50's
James MacIlveen <>
decatur,alabama,USA,Wed 09th Feb 2005 , 09:38:02 pm

love this site all of kirkby's history a real eye opener but i'm wondering if anyone can help me i'm looking for a web site similar to this but about the streets of liverpool 'Brunswick Gardens' to be exact both my parents were rised there and i would like a bit of history around that area so they to can remember the good old days

Thanks Liz

liz malkin <>
liverpool,england,Wed 09th Feb 2005 , 04:01:34 pm

any trace of the Binstead family out there?Billy snr+Amy,Billy jnr+Patricia.
late 50,s-early 60,s is the closest I can get.
Cheers, george.

george kay < aus>
Adelaide,Sth Aus,australia,Mon 07th Feb 2005 , 06:09:35 am

My grandfather worked in the drafting department at BICC. His last name was EDMUNSON and I am trying to find any information I can about him and his work.
Mike Ross

Michael Ross <>
North Bay,Ontario,Canada,Fri 04th Feb 2005 , 12:43:57 am

Looking for Kathleen Nugent born in Huyton. Please email me.

Jacqueline Hammond <>
Canterbury,Kent,England,Wed 02nd Feb 2005 , 08:23:55 pm

my name is anne margret walsh. i was born sept 72 in broad green hospital .and lived in max rd dovecot . i lost my mum patricia walsh (33) in nov 77 . and lost my dad stanley walsh (42) in may 85. i am trying to get in contact with my dad's brothers jimmy and freddie walsh .i only know they were from halewood . i would be grateful of any information anyone can give me to their whereabouts thanks for taking the time to read this anne xx
anne margret walsh <>
merseyside,england,Tue 01st Feb 2005 , 09:43:37 pm

my name is shirley spencer nee hardy I am the daughter of john hardy doncaster brother of Hayden.Forty years ago Douglas emigrated to New Zealand.I would like to hear from him or if anyone has any information of him or his family.
Douglas Hardy
New Zealand,Mon 31st Jan 2005 , 11:30:38 am

Looking for my father, Michael Brian Creggon. I have him as living in Nelson, Leeds Road untill last year but dont know after that!
Carla Creggon <>
London,UK,Wed 26th Jan 2005 , 04:50:37 pm

Having just recieved a grant to rebuild The Kirkby War Memorial at St Chads Church I am in serch of photographs of the original memorial. Once the memorial is rebuilt we need to make sure that the names of all the people from Kirkby who Died in conflict since WW11 are added to the Memorial if you can help please contact me
Danny (Kings Regiment Association Knowsley) Our branch meets at Kirkby Conservative Club Southpark Rd Kirkby on the first Friday of every month. All x service people are welcome

Danny Farley <>
Kirkby,Merseyside,uk,Wed 26th Jan 2005 , 02:27:43 am

Good to visit the site again and browse the emails, always a treat.
Brenda Mcdonald who Emailed in 2004, did you live opposite No 23,and had a brother Keith,
I left wimbourne in 1969 to join the Air force, also attended St Dominics.
Any one out there that knows me, or my brother Eric, drop us a line.

Terry Atherton

Terry Atherton <terence.atherton2@btinternet.c>
England,Mon 17th Jan 2005 , 06:03:38 pm

can anyone tell me anything about the kirkby RAF camp, my uncle was there around the 1950`s but did not know about this until he died.What was the airfield called then?
r.thompson <>
maidstone,kent,united kingdom,Tue 11th Jan 2005 , 06:21:21 pm

anyone connected to henry case born
prescot 1811 george case born1806
whiston and anyone connected to the
cases of prescot

graham case <grahamcase02@hotmail .com>
coventry,england,Thu 06th Jan 2005 , 09:36:36 pm

Can any one please help me to get a photograph of the 'bungalows' that used to be near Dinas Lane, Huyton in the 1950's. I lived in one at 158 Asbourne Crescent before we moved to another one at 88 Windsor Road. I have tried Knowsley Council and Liverpool Council but they can't help. I think the bungalows were built for munitions workers but I can't find any history on them. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me in getting a photograph of one of them or the area .


Peter Mason

Peter Mason <>
Thu 30th Dec 2004 , 11:27:31 am

Hi, My ancestors came from Huyton, Lancashire. I can trace the female line back to Sarah Davis who was married to Thomas Williams. They had 7 children, Catharine, Sarah Ann, Thomas, Mary Ellen, Agnes, Lucy Catherine & John while at Huyton.
If anyone knows the names of the parents of Sarah Davis who was Christened in Manchester, Lancashire I would be grateful, as I have come to a stop.

Mary Ellen Blyth <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Wed 29th Dec 2004 , 02:17:53 pm

I lived in Scoter Road,Kirkby from 1957 to 1968 and went to Ruffwood Comprehensive School from when it opened in 1959.I was the first person from that school to get to a university(Manchester).The headmaster at Ruffwood was Alan Barnes-very strict and fierce!!
After Manchester University,I lived in Cambridge for many years,and then moved to Cornwall.
I remember several people from Ruffwood-Paul Bedford,David Furnival,Colin Neve,Harry Roberts,Bill Self.This is in the early 1960s.
My mother lived at 24 Scoter Road for decades,but I lost touch with her.
Is she still alive??-if not,did she leave me any money in her will?I often think about Kirkby and my long-ago youth at Christmas.I regret losing contact with my old mother who loved me as no-one has ever done since.
Kirkby in the 1960s was a very innocent place compared with now-there was no drug taking and arguments were settled after school with boots and fists not guns or knives.Although I now have many famous friends-including Rowan Williams,the Archbishop of Canterbury,I am still working-class,proud of it,and love fish-and-chips!!

William Hutton <>
Penzance,Cornwall,England,Fri 24th Dec 2004 , 01:08:19 pm

Hi Any one from Huyton or Longie S /M
1956 TO 1970

D Crookham (Snooky) <>
HUYTON,MERSEYSIDE,U.K,Wed 15th Dec 2004 , 10:16:27 pm

My Dad is looking to find out what happened to Cyril Jones, his old art teacher from Ruffwood Comprehensive.

Can anyone help and let me know please.


Michael <>
Tue 14th Dec 2004 , 09:43:31 pm

i think your web site is great and the photos of Liverpool were great i wish they had some of the older photos as all the places i had lived in are not around not even the schools I lived on Spencer street went to Steer street school then moved to Cantrel farm Marled Hay now known as Stockbridge Village and i saw your web site and it made me homesick even after 46 years keep up the good work
margaret spurlock <>
Corrigan,Texas,U.S.A.,Sun 12th Dec 2004 , 02:33:02 am

Can any on provide any information on Ellen STANLEY,born 1840 at Prescot.
England. She married my Grandmother's
Father, John LOMAX. This information
is from my Grandmother's birth certificate. (place RADCLIFFE lanc's)
I can not find a correct birth record or marriage record for Ellen.
Ellen STANLY used to go to visit Knowsley hall by horse and trap quite
often according to my grandmother.
Any information appreciated thanks.

Mel LOMAX <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Tue 07th Dec 2004 , 04:18:49 am

Looking for info on watchmaker James Lomax of Blackburn who lived about the second half of the 18th century.
eric drew <>
Sat 27th Nov 2004 , 02:35:07 pm

Hello all, I just found out that my Nana's family lived on Woolfall Crescent during WW2. A long shot I know but does anyone have any memories/info about the CHIOCCHI family, particularly my Nana, ALICE?
Cheers all.

Gary Bundy <>
Barrow-in-Furness,Cumbria,UK,Wed 24th Nov 2004 , 11:31:11 pm

hi does anyone know what the cinema in kirkby was called. thanks
joe fulham <>
kirkby,liverpool,Fri 19th Nov 2004 , 11:12:59 pm

It was nice to read about something in which I share the same name, and I would be interested in finding out if any of my family originated from the areas mentioned.
Thank you,
Carol Kirkby

Carol Kirkby <>
Thunder Bay,Ontario,Canada,Fri 19th Nov 2004 , 02:06:30 am

This site is extremely useful, interesting and valuable. Please contact me via email, as I am mindful that Whiston Hospital is going to be totally knocked down and re-built, and i want to know what historical evidence we have of its past nursing, culture etc
Thank you
Christine Wall

Christine Wall <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 17th Nov 2004 , 12:15:15 pm

I am looking to find any relatives of either Beatrice Twist or Thomas Anders who lived in St-helens Merseyside. Both have since passed away. I am really looking to find either David or Keith Anders. We lived in Charnwood Street St-Helens. Please reply with any details.
Sheila <>
St-Helens,Merseyside,England,Tue 16th Nov 2004 , 06:45:05 pm

Great site, nothing in here about Woolfall Hall, looking for picture of it. Can anyone help?
Jan Byers <>
Liverpool,Bootle,England,Tue 16th Nov 2004 , 04:52:47 pm

"Your site is fantastic-- ...Thanks for all of the work you do!"
Petruccio <>
NY,USA,Mon 15th Nov 2004 , 08:17:52 am

ANNE OWEN of jacqueline dr please contact Alf Owen on ,
alf owen <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Thu 11th Nov 2004 , 07:24:06 pm

Sometime since I have visited but it is as good as ever. Have a special request this time - My Ancestors had some connection with the Olde Hutt and I now learn that my Father Walter Webster served in WW1 in the 'Hale Horse Artillery' this was part of the Royal Horse Artillery - may have been the 14th battalion. Seems this 'Hale Horse Artillery' was raised by the Ireland/Blackburn family. Does anyone know anything further of this regiment. Best wishes Maureen Reid (Nee Webster)
Maureen Reid <>
New Zealand,Sun 07th Nov 2004 , 04:07:27 am

I have family from this region so found it interesting to have a look around the site and learn more about the area.
London,London,UK,Fri 05th Nov 2004 , 03:19:22 pm

Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information!
Cheryl <>
NY,USA,Thu 04th Nov 2004 , 02:33:05 am

Hollands from Huyton & Roby. Browns from Prescot and Stanley's from Eccleston get in touch to help with family tree.
Great site

Joan Halliday <>
Merseyside,England,Mon 01st Nov 2004 , 03:21:11 pm

MIKE Looking for the Stanleys Henry was my gt gt grandad. Ihave some info on the Stanley's that moved to Oldham.
Could not send you an e mail. Is your address right. Please get in touch. My mother was a Stanley. Joan
I've not been on this site for a while what an improvment,

Joan Halliday <>
Merseyside,England,Fri 29th Oct 2004 , 04:55:07 pm

Wonderful site. I am attempting to compile a 'family history'. My mother Isobel Robinson was superintendent of Roby Sunday School in the fifties and sixties and was a regular churchgoer at Roby I was also. My father Ron Robinson still lives in Tarbock Road. I would be very grataeful for any memories of my parents......or even of myself. I attended Tower College and then Huyton College. My grandmother Mary Macgillivray lived in Dinas Lane Roby until 1950.I also had cousins living in Max Road which I think is Page Moss..they were called Donald and Brenda...but having left Hyton In 1966 my memory is suffering from senior moments and I cannot recall which school they went to. I am attempting this family history as my daughter has been born and brought up in Scotland and I want her to be aware of her Liverpool roots.Many thanks if you can help
jannet robinson <>
edinburgh,scotland,Thu 28th Oct 2004 , 10:29:00 am

Hi, I am trying to find Claire. She was Claire mcCabe before she married. Her husbands name was Bill ?
We both worked in Woodsons Grocery Store in longview.
Claire had a younger sister, Margaret.

Toronto,Canada,Mon 25th Oct 2004 , 09:52:56 pm

Researching the Fairclough family tree. Trying to verify family information that John Fairclough was the landlord of the Bluebell pub, Huyton around 1885 and that his son, also John Fairclough was born there. Senior apparantly later worked as a gamekeeper on Lord Derby's estate in Knowsley. I have trawled your guestbook and have already discovered that the Knowsley estate did not keep employee records but hoped someone may have discovered some information or have some history for the Bluebell pub.

Toni Fairclough <>
Sun 24th Oct 2004 , 09:40:39 pm

This is a genealogy-related question. Can anyone this list tell me if there are any books available on Monument Inscriptions for the city of Southport? I am trying to find the grave site of my great-grandfather Robert Rimmer, died 09 July 1912. I believe he is buried in Holy Trinity Churchyard. His wife was Mary Wright who died between 1895-1900.

It's very difficult researching from across the pond.


D. Mather

D. Mather <>
Ottawa,,Ontario,Canada,Sun 24th Oct 2004 , 02:39:52 am

trying to make contact with the family of barkley coomer, lived in brasenose road, bootle
bill <>
wigan,lancashire,england,Sat 23rd Oct 2004 , 11:51:59 pm

NAIJA,ABA,U.S.A,Sat 23rd Oct 2004 , 09:53:04 am

I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks !
Cheryl <>
NY,USA,Sun 17th Oct 2004 , 09:46:08 am

Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information!
Rita <>
NY,USA,Wed 13th Oct 2004 , 12:10:22 pm

I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks !
John <>
NY,USA,Sun 10th Oct 2004 , 11:45:38 am

Anyone remember me. Went to Colwell Rd, Primary 1958-1963, Prescot GS 1963-1970.
Lived in Wimborne Road, Huyton 1963-1973.
Good site, very interesting reading.

Brenda McDonald <>
Manchester,England,Thu 07th Oct 2004 , 09:53:15 pm

Seeking information on Councillor William John Lucas, JP, who was chariman of Prescot council from 1915-1917. He suggested the erection of the war memorial in Prescot in late 1915/early 1916 and I am wondering why he did this.

Thanks in advance for any information supplied.

Steve <>
Thu 07th Oct 2004 , 01:57:36 pm

I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks !
John <>
NY,USA,Tue 05th Oct 2004 , 01:59:21 pm

Lokking for relative in the Huyton area or Liverpool area with the surname Eaton! Can any one help?
Ben Eaton <>
Wirral,UK,Mon 04th Oct 2004 , 03:53:38 pm

Found this fascinating site while surfing the internet. Its so interesting to see how places have changed over the years.

Keep up the good work!!

I moved to Kirkby when I was five, went to Millbrook and then Ruffwood. Left there in October 1979 (after one month in upper sixth!) to work in Maxwell Entwistle & Byrne Solicitors in Kirkby Town Centre. They're still there.

Married in 1981, emigrated to Canada in 1982 and returned in 1989. I now work in the City as a Legal Executive.

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me to talk about old times!!

Pam Graham (nee Dooley) <>
Kirkby,Merseyside,UK,Sun 03rd Oct 2004 , 11:22:24 pm

This site is really great!
Ron <>
NY,USA,Sat 02nd Oct 2004 , 10:18:14 pm

John price I lost contact 20 years ago I don`t want to lose it for another 20 years .
billy <>
perth,wa,Australia,Fri 01st Oct 2004 , 06:23:45 pm

i`m interested in family links to dads` family lived in fincham road but his vague memories still confuse 30 years on. he also had a photo of an old lady on the back of which is written `54,parbrook`. it seems to be from the 1930s but we`re just guessing.
reid <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Thu 30th Sep 2004 , 08:50:35 pm

Great site.
Barry Radley
UK,Tue 28th Sep 2004 , 09:29:47 am

My e`mail address is incorrect
B.John Lucktaylor, Lived 22 Bower Road Huyton with Family,
Victoria, and children, Hilary, Colin, John, children went to Longview school
untill we migrated to South Australia
in 1965, My wife and I returned for a holiday in May 2000, We did not reconize Huyton Village as it had change so much, Still miss Liverpool and all the people we knew there,
Any person remembers our family, send emails

It has all ways been

John Lucktaylor <>
Woodcroft,Adelaide,South Auatralia,Mon 27th Sep 2004 , 02:42:08 am

Does anyone remember my Dad, Bill Harrington? Am particularly interested to locate pictures of Huyton Quarry station which he still remembers. Any feedback would be appreciated and would be glad to pass any messages on. Have fond memories of the old steam engines passing the garden of 90 St. Gabriel's.

Mark Harrington

Mark Harrington <>
Ely,Cambridgeshire,UK,Wed 22nd Sep 2004 , 09:53:36 pm

hi, i lived in northwood, in gilescroft avenue 1962-74. i know this will sound strange but does anyone remember living in a haunted house during those dates, as where we lived was plagued with things happening. i really would like to hear any stories, and see if they were similar to what we experienced.
Tony Taylor <>
liverpool,Mon 13th Sep 2004 , 08:48:56 am

like to hear more about the lads from the fiftys fron huyton that went to malaya on active service or are these lads forgotten
zaina bowles <>
boston,lics,uk,Thu 09th Sep 2004 , 09:58:51 pm

just passing through.nice to hear about kirkby.our town. barry
barry hawkins <>
france,Tue 07th Sep 2004 , 05:39:33 pm

Does anyone no where John doughty is,He was living in Marnwood road westvale I think he moved to Milton kynes.His nephews where Stephen and kevin.
bill <>
perth,western Australia,Australia,Sun 05th Sep 2004 , 04:00:02 pm

Just started to research my ancestors, interested if any one knows anything about a William Henry Anders, born 1900 in St Helens, married Margaret Bryan. Love to hear anything
Caroline Giedl <>
Warranwood,Victoria,Australia,Thu 02nd Sep 2004 , 04:26:41 am

I have just started reaseaching my family tree. I am looking for any one who knew my father Francis William Walton born 1941 to Edwin Francis Walton and Lily Birch, they lived at The Cottage, Suutons Lane, Halewood.Would love to hear any info
Caroline Giedl <>
Warranwood,Victoria,Australia,Thu 02nd Sep 2004 , 04:22:57 am

was looking for information on the bluebell pub and come across this site very interesting will be back liz
liz <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Thu 26th Aug 2004 , 03:26:43 pm

wow this site has greatly improved since i was last on it..i love the history of prescot and surrounding areas.Im originally from Whiston my name was Janet Whitehead it would be great to hear from old school friends and others.
janet <>
merseyside,prescot,england,Tue 24th Aug 2004 , 11:51:19 am

Would love to contact elaine carney, who lived in Sugar lane knowsley village in the mid 60's, knew her when she worked at A J Wright electrical wholesalers in Liverpool
Hope somebody can help

alan bradley <>
birkenhead,uk,Sat 21st Aug 2004 , 08:41:51 pm

Good site.
Herry <>
NY,USA,Tue 17th Aug 2004 , 07:49:50 am

A great site
muguguyman <>
abaa,lome,togo,Fri 13th Aug 2004 , 05:40:27 pm

hi, anyone know ray blackhurst from kirkby ? i used to see him at goodison in the 80's watching everton.
other mates were ste, phil smith, roddy "dozy arab"may. not forgetting joe90

tony taylor <>
liverpool,Wed 11th Aug 2004 , 07:23:35 pm

left my beloved huyton in 1967 for wigan.married for 35 years but now a widower.where are you dessie brophy martin mckeown harry flightgood mates 1960s. left st.columbus sec.mod. 1959.a very good web site well done
christie byrne <NB001K0536@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK>
wigan,lancashire,england,Mon 09th Aug 2004 , 02:51:43 am

I have been trying to trace a few peeople from school.
Ronnie and Jackie Riddick, [Twins] from Northwood, Kirkby. I cannot find them on friensreunited, Can anyone help?
Also Kenny Smith. from Ruffwood school. lived in Kirkby then moved to Skelmersdale. Worked after he left school at the butchers in the town centre.Hid date of birth was 23 April 54/55. I ahve been trying to find him for sometime, just as a matter of interest to see how he is doing. Please does anyone know of his whereabouts? Again I have tried friendsreunited but he is not registered.
Lillian Finnegan of scoter rd northwood, moved I think abroad, maybre Australia! must have been in the 60's. again any help in finding any of the above greatly recieved.


Gwyn Penny[nee Jones] <>
Bangor nth Wales,Sat 07th Aug 2004 , 10:22:17 pm

can anyone help lookin for pictures from thornton gala 1978/79 or write ups if anyone can help please plz e mail me lookin for pic of morris dancers majorettes and winner of fancy dress (harlem globetrotters)
thank you

henry <Francis>
blackburn,lancs,england,Wed 04th Aug 2004 , 11:33:15 pm

i am reasearshing the Heaps family tree.My fathers name is Carl Heaps and he my nan and my unle moved from prescot/rainhill when my dad was very young so anyone who could help me in any way with the tree please get in contact with me anyting will help

Lauren Heaps <>
England,Sun 01st Aug 2004 , 02:01:05 pm

I love the page.
Uchenna <>
Asaba,Aba,OWERRI,Sat 31st Jul 2004 , 12:49:38 pm

trying to make contact with hayward,last contact was in dec.1970 before departing for australia
hayward green
liverpool,lancs,england,Thu 29th Jul 2004 , 03:04:39 pm

Hello, my name is rita flanagan from kirkdale. I am looking for my cousins Marie and Alfie Hope, who's mother's name was nellie owens (my aunt).At one time they lived in norris green.I would be greatful for any information regarding this.
rita flanagan <>
newmarket,england,Tue 27th Jul 2004 , 04:23:47 pm

good to read about people from kirkby L32 i was born in hallsands rd s/dene in 1956 letf to join the army in 1975 (19 yrs old )
keith jones <>
glasgow,scotland,Sat 24th Jul 2004 , 05:09:35 pm

hello i am trying to trace my family tree can anyone give me any info on the stockley family of prescot my grandads name was sandiland stockley some of my relatives moved to australia also the sanderson family from everton my nans name was minnie hulme sanderson.
angela stockley <>
prescot,merseyside,england,Fri 23rd Jul 2004 , 10:56:33 pm

Looking for information about Cuerdley/Widnes.1800/1950.
Connections to Taylor family late of Moorfield Road. Also where Fiddlers Ferry is.

S. Burton <>
England,Mon 12th Jul 2004 , 08:09:50 am

Calling Eileen Walton (George), if you go to the Friends Reunited web site , you will find Rita Luby. Best of luck in your search.
Alf Owewn <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Sun 11th Jul 2004 , 05:14:37 pm

Calling ANNE CORMACK/OWENS,iused to live in 21 Jacqueline Dr, i tried to mail you at the two address's you have left. But they keep getting returned. Please reply to mine.
alf owen <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Sun 11th Jul 2004 , 05:11:19 pm

doing family research I have found out that my great grandmother was born on 18th May 1859 at THE CAMP PRESCOT. Could anyone tell me what or where was the camp? Many thanks
pat <>
newton le willows,uk,Sun 11th Jul 2004 , 05:08:54 pm

The Prescotian Webzine for all former pupils of the Prescot Grammar and Comprehensive Schools has moved to over 2200 contact names, photos and message boards!
Trevor Powell <>
Narberth,Pembrokeshire,United Kingdom,Wed 07th Jul 2004 , 02:41:52 pm

I am researching the Gascoyne/Gascoigne family, and understand that Sir Isaac Gascoigne, 9 times MP for Liverpool in the late 18th century and early 19th century owned Roby Hall, and left it to his son, General Frederick Gascoigne. Can anyone confirm this?
helena drysdale
Wed 07th Jul 2004 , 10:03:36 am

i have been trying to locate a guy from Liverpool.His name is Dave Brookes and he lived in Railway cottages off spekeland road liverpool 7.That was in the late 50s he had a mate called Eddy who useto write to my friend Brenda.Dave was my penpal.I would love to hear from him again,or from anyone who knows him or knows of him.his is a excellent site.Please email me with any info you may have on Dave Thanks
christine richards <crichards'>
swansea,west glamorgan,south Wales,Wed 23rd Jun 2004 , 08:16:47 pm

What a great surprise. I left Knowsley in 1958. I attended the village school and fondly remember Mrs. Cook. My surname was Crosbie and I believe we lived in the bungalows on Knowsley Lane. The website was like going back in time. I still remember waving flags when Queen Elizabeth came for a visit in 1954. Thanks for the memories.
Yvonne Lenfesty <>
Oakville,Ontario,Canada,Tue 22nd Jun 2004 , 09:11:41 pm

wondering if anyone has heard from or about Noreen O'Rourke she used to live near Page Moss Huyton.
Vera Connor (Crockford) <>
Colton,California,CA U.S.A,Fri 18th Jun 2004 , 10:54:54 pm

1976 to 1980, does anyone ever remember going to text house in clitheroe with me mcgiveron, out science teacher? memories and any pics would be appreciated
st. columbas rc school huyton <>
liverpool,knowsley,england,Thu 17th Jun 2004 , 10:52:53 pm

i couldnt find my last message so thought id put in another. i was born in whiston in1947 and lived in st nicholas rd. my mother was elsie whitfield and my father was james whittaker. my father worked in cronton collery. my mothers father henry lancaster whitfields family had a pig farm on lord seftons estate and i was wond if anybody has any info, also would be nice to hear from any friends. it was great to see whiston again
christina shipard whittaker <>
adelaide,south australia,australia,Tue 15th Jun 2004 , 01:46:49 pm

hi great web site, i was born in whiston and lived in st nicholas rd till i was 15 and then moved to australia, i am doing a family tree on whittakers and whitfields, also any old friends that are still around. my grandfathers parents being john whitfield had a pig farm on lord seftons estatein knowsley which is called lancaster house,any info would be great, my fathers parents lived all their life in whiston and my father james whittaker worked in cronton collery till he came to aust in 1963 anybody with any info would be great
regards christina also known as tina

christina shipard whittaker <>
adelaide,south australia,australia,Mon 14th Jun 2004 , 04:10:43 am

left stockbridge village 1 year ago,now living in a small village in the yorkshire dales,good and bad memories of canny farm.not going back there anymore.
kyle price <>
cumbria,england,Wed 09th Jun 2004 , 07:08:37 pm

Great site.
Left Sandhurt Rd Rainhill in 1970.
Just wondering if Eric Atherton is the same guy I knew from Longton Lane.
Anybody else from Rainhill who remembers me please get in touch.

David Taylor <>
Wundowie,Western Australia,Fri 04th Jun 2004 , 12:08:56 pm

went to st gregorys school from 1969 untill 1974 can any body remember us anne and yvonne bennett southdene kirkby
yvonne and anne bennett <>
liverpool,england,Sun 30th May 2004 , 10:50:43 pm

For Mr Scarle wanting a copy of "Beautiful Huyton and Roby":
why not try (Secondhand Search)?

Pat Illingworth <>
Lancaster,U.K.,Fri 28th May 2004 , 01:04:38 pm

looking for raymond simmons moved to canada.looking for old friends.pat mcquire lived at 76 gleblands road milford haven pembrokshire.looking for irene dryer and elizabeth hewson use to go to school with whiley bay northumberland.looking for Dr.Elizabeth dancey last worked in a london hospital lived in hemel hempsteadlost her address and phone no.
I came across this site by accident but found it very interesting.
Still very active do a lot of snowboarding with a group we have our own website age range from 3yrs to 56 yrs yes i think am the oldest on.I got with this group through my son gary.we have a wild time.
love to here any info on my search

alison kershaw <>
camberley,surrey,england,Wed 26th May 2004 , 11:19:16 am

The light Joey Williams asks about was most likely a meteor which broke up over the British Isles about 1968.Although the light looked spectacular and was seen over a wide area,the meteor pieces were relatively small and the bulk of the particles landed in the north of Ireland.
John Doherty <>
London,Wed 19th May 2004 , 10:29:56 pm

I went to Ruffwood school between 1969-1974.Does anyone remember Sally Hunter, Gillian Alger or Irene Foulkes.
Please get in contact.Good memories

marilyn <>
liverpool,england,Tue 18th May 2004 , 08:57:02 pm

Ken Chamberlain, the first battallion prince of wales regiment of yorkshire does indeed have a horse as its cap badge, it is a horse on ground with the word, " yorkshire " written across it.
I know this because I was in the regiment from 1978 until 1984, a little odd I know being a born scouser !

Bill Hearne <>
runcorn,cheshire,uk,Mon 17th May 2004 , 03:10:21 pm


Mavis Heaps <>
Liverpool,UK,Sat 15th May 2004 , 08:23:27 am

I didn't know there was a Wycherley St in Prescot. It was probably named after my distant ancestor John Wycherley (1817-1891) who was was a master watchmaker based at 4, Warrington Rd and invented interchangeable parts known as the JW movement.He was ahead of his time.
Sylvia Walker <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Wed 12th May 2004 , 08:43:03 pm

I was an evacuee during the war to Huyton and I am trying to find a copy of a book "Beautiful Huyton-With-Roby
By Andrew G. Colwell (1980)
If anyone knows wher I may get a copy please e-mail me at

Dagenham,England,Wed 12th May 2004 , 02:01:26 pm

I am looking for Jack who served with me in the King's Own Regiment from 1944 until 1947-8 We served together at GHQ 2nd Echelon in Madaloni and other places in Italy.
Jack Rimmer <>
Southport,LANCS,England,Wed 12th May 2004 , 11:30:39 am

Wonderful site, came across it by accident. I went to school at St Lukes in Whiston 1952-58 and then to Our Lady & St Joseph's on St Helens Rd. I am still in touch with a few of my old pals, although we are scattered a little now. Would love to hear from anyone who went to either school between the years mentioned.
Julie Ball nee Naylor <>
West Sussex,UK,Tue 11th May 2004 , 10:37:25 am

Answering Stephen Nulty, whose email address did not appear. With ref to the BICC War Memorial, the following info comes from someone who knows what they are talking about. Maurice Lyon of Rainhill, who has just retired as an electrician at BICC, says the Memorial was moved to a site at the Continuous Cast Rolling Dept at Carr Lane, Prescot, where a wall was built to support it. A man named Dougie Caldwell looked after it until he retired. It is still in the same place, but who knows for how long?
Neville Walker <>
Llandudno, N. Wales,Mon 10th May 2004 , 04:17:14 pm

For my family research, I am looking for any descendants of John and Alice (Harrison) Brown. On the 1881 census they lived in Huyton Quarry. Their children Charles b 1872, Sarah A b1874,and Thomas b 1874 were born in Whiston. James b 1879 was born in Huyton Quarry.
There must be some more "Brown's" out there.

Pam Medlicott <>
St Ives,Cambs,U.K,Sun 09th May 2004 , 08:41:17 pm

Hi Joey,
If this is the same ball of light I saw in North London,it was in about 1968.A meteor broke up entering the Earth's atmosphere above the British Isles and parts of it were seen glowing over many locations above Britain.Although the light looked spectacular,by the time the bits landed they were relatvely small.The bulk of the surviving pieces,I am told, landed in the north of Ireland.

John Doherty <>
London,Sun 09th May 2004 , 07:43:01 pm

Does anyone remember a big ball of light shooting through the night sky in the late 60's. The Liverpool Echo had the headline "what was that brightlight in the sky" .
Joey Williams <>
liverpool,Sun 09th May 2004 , 12:36:32 pm

Great site - I left Prescot in 1979 for the Middle East and later to Australia. Went to PGS (seen their site). Lived originally in Cross Lane, then Driffield Road and then the family home in Wycherley Street. Dad (Stanley also PGS and a councillor for many years) and Mum Ena May (nee Young). Bother Anthony lives now in Tilehurst in UK
John Mercer <>
Cooma,New South Wales,Australia,Sun 09th May 2004 , 09:43:17 am

hi pat byrne i lived in longview huyton in lime grove 1968 /76 anybody remember me
pat byrne
liverpool,kirkby,Thu 06th May 2004 , 12:23:39 pm

if anyone has any information on Joseph Henry Briggs born in Norwich-Norfolk March 1901. Travelled to Victoria Australia early 1900's son of William Henry Briggs.
Briggs <>
Attadale,western australia,australia,Thu 06th May 2004 , 12:22:31 pm

history of cantril farm and pictures
anthony midgley <>
grimsby,humberside,england,Wed 05th May 2004 , 08:42:54 pm

Diallo <>
cotonou,Benin,Wed 05th May 2004 , 02:43:40 am

like to see pictures of where i used to live
anthony midgley <>
grimsby,humberside,england,Tue 04th May 2004 , 11:47:49 pm

I have come across this surname in the census returns for Prescot.There was a family of butchers by the name of Dennett living in Presciot at the turn of the century. They were located at the corner of Market Place and Church St.
Thomas Dennett was born in 1837 the son of a clock maker. The family lived in Vicarage Place.I have seen various photographs in books available from Prescot Museum.

I have a copy of a book called Prescot Grammar School 1544-1944 which was issued to commemorate the first 400 years of the school. It lists students between 1877 and 1944. An S.I Dennett attended from 1943.

Hope this is helpful.
Sylvia Walker
Researching the surnames RANGE and TAYLOR in Prescot.

Sylvia Walker <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Mon 03rd May 2004 , 09:17:35 pm


Family history research into Barkers of Huyton/Roby, Dennett/Bate of Prescot

Please email if any info

Thanks a lot

Jonathan Barker

Jonathan Barker <>
London,Fri 30th Apr 2004 , 05:08:44 pm

Sorry Stephen, I was referring to the War Memorial that was situated outside the Dean's House, I didn't know there was one inside the BICC site.
Ann McCabe <>
Perth,Western Australia,Mon 26th Apr 2004 , 11:21:53 pm

The War Memorial is now situated behind Prescot Church.
Ann McCabe <>
Perth,Western Australia,Mon 26th Apr 2004 , 11:18:48 pm

hi everyone just checking in, hope everyone is doing ok, love this sight alot of helpful information if you need it. bye now regards annie
annie buck <>
guysville,ohio/athens,usa,Mon 26th Apr 2004 , 08:00:24 pm

Can anybody advise me what happened to the War Memorial which was sited inside the gates of the BICC factory in Station Road, Prescot.
Stephen Nulty
Fri 23rd Apr 2004 , 11:29:51 am

Dave - the cinema in Kirkby Town centre was called the J and A. It was next door to a bingo hall of the same name and was directly above the old Woolco dept store (worked there for a while). It was a bit tatty, but it was ours I suppose.
John Morley <>
London,London,UK,Tue 20th Apr 2004 , 08:57:27 am

I am interested in finding out about buildings throughout Knowsley that are supposed to be haunted!! If anybody has any information at all, please get in touch with me ASAP as I am involved in a project with Knowsley council and am going to make a DVD and go round haunted buildings and try to catch some paranormal sightings on camera!! Many thanks and kindest regards..... Joanne x
Joanne Goodall <>
Tarbock,Mon 19th Apr 2004 , 09:33:22 pm

fine site
maga <>
lome,lome-togo,togo,Mon 19th Apr 2004 , 06:42:56 pm

Hi to everyone and a sad farewell to you Eileen. Thanks for all the help on the old Knowsley estate you have rendered me in the past. It's been beaut (good) to find someone as helpful and obviously as dedicated as you have been to this very worthwhile site. As you once said, You didn't realize how many of us Ex Pats (from such a small corner of England) were spread around the world. For us this site was and still is, an amazing find and brought a lot of us together via the internet. You've done a stirling job. I don't know if you were born locally but if not, I'm sure you know a great deal more about the history of Knowsley village and its immediate surroundings. Thank you very much for you service and commitment. Your new employer sure has struck it rich. Good luck and God bless.

Allan Hewitt <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Mon 19th Apr 2004 , 02:39:04 pm

Hi I lived in Ackers Hall Avenue and went to St Dominics School.I am trying to find any photographs taken at the school between 1966-1973. I am trying to piece together as many names to faces during this period. Take Care Everyone.......Regards...JK
John Kane <>
Liverpool,UK,Sun 18th Apr 2004 , 01:05:31 am

I went to stockbridge jnrs and then over to Knowsley woolfall, that was in 1971 -75, great times in a great school,my old mates will not understand me saying this cos I sagged a lot, but still miss the 5 a side with edgy (mr Edge) sorry sir..
anyone who went there or who new me please drop us a email...

Willy Clark <>
Liverpool,merseyside,uk,Wed 14th Apr 2004 , 12:09:00 am

When I was younger (around 1977)I used to go the picture house in Kirkby town centre (next to where the bingo hall is now) could you please tell me the name of the picture house that was around at that time


Dave <>
Kirkby,Merseyside,England,Tue 13th Apr 2004 , 01:47:22 pm

Hi. Found your site by accident.
I lived in Knowsley from 1942 to 1960, in the old bungalows #47 Knowsley Dr, and then #42 Longborough Rd.
I attended the old village school and Longview school.
Your site brought back a lot of old memories.
Thanks. Raymond Luttman.
If anyone remembers me I would like to hear from them.

Raymond Luttman. <>
Pattaya City,,Chonburi,,Thailand.,Wed 24th Mar 2004 , 12:25:00 am

I would love to hear from anyone with the surname RANGE in the Prescot area. My grandfather was Edmund RANGE (1851-1912) of 11 West St Prescot. The 1881 census shows that there were only 131 people with this suname in the whole of the country of whom 68 were born in Lancashire. I have been fortunate enough to get in touch with a Janet Range who lives locally who has traced the family back to the 1600s in north Lancashire (Cartmel) Her branch moved to Sefton and mine moved to Prescot.I look forward to hearing from you.
Keep up the good work Eileen (Sylvia, whose grandfather published the Prescot Weekly Times)

sylvia walker <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sat 20th Mar 2004 , 09:29:26 am

i am looking for my daughter,rebecca ronan, she would have moved from kirkby to maghull, i think in the early 90s, she has an elder brother name of mark and her mothers name is donna,
graham stevenson <>
worcester,vermont,usa,Fri 19th Mar 2004 , 08:10:31 pm

Good site.Go forwad.
Mugu,Lome,Tg,Fri 19th Mar 2004 , 04:57:18 pm

Kings Regiment.Thanks to all for the responses,particularly Neil for the two websites(a trip to the Regimental Museum is being arranged)and to Danny grate ful for that fascinating mini history. Ken C
Ken Chamberlain
Thu 18th Mar 2004 , 02:10:26 pm

I have read with interest the comments to Ken regarding his father’s regiment. Knowsley itself is steeped in history of the kings regiment. It is said that in one morning during the 1914/18 war the lord or Earl of Derby recruited a full battalion of Kings. My gut feeling is that if your father was working at Knowsley hall he would have undoubtedly been influenced by the Earl and his family. In those days the Kings regiment had over 80 Battalions within the regiment including Scotish and Irish battalions. They where made up of light and heavy infantry and a soldier was either called private or rifleman. Today there is only one Battalion of King’s (The1st Battalion King’s Regiment) 8th of foot making them one of the oldest regiments in the British Army. Today the only city regiment left in the British army. They are called King’s men today but that’s another story. And a great honour. If you email the photo I think I can give you the information you want. The only unit to wear the rocking horse today is The Liverpool Officers Training Centre at Liverpool university

Danny Farley <>
Kirkby,Thu 18th Mar 2004 , 10:34:31 am

Perhaps in the cold sober light of morning I may have been a little harsh with my words last night. perhaps you could tell me who is the responcible body for the up-keep of the grounds of st chads. I had always thought the church was responcible
Danny Farley <>
Kirkby,Thu 18th Mar 2004 , 09:48:18 am

tx,ny,usa,Wed 17th Mar 2004 , 02:13:00 pm

Ken, Just done a little more research and the web master could be right, The Liverpool Kings Regiment does indeed have a Horse on their Cap Badge.


thomas totten <>
Singapore,Wed 17th Mar 2004 , 08:48:19 am

The Kings Regiment (Liverpool) is also the White Horse of Hanover , a picture available here...

Also more information here...

Though it is true that the PWO badge also features a White Horse of Hanover ( hence the nickname ‘rocking horse rangers’). Orthe West Yorkshire, one the regiments that formed the PWO. Other possibilities include ‘Queen’s Own Hussars and the 3rd Kings Own Hussars ( very similar to the PWO), Queen’s Own Royal West Kent, Queen’s Own Buffs ( White Horse of Kent for the last two), not forgetting the REME who also feature a horse.

It must also be added that several of the Yeomanry Regiments also have similar badges, such as the Berkshire Yeomanry. Good hunting.

Neil Wells <>
Tue 16th Mar 2004 , 06:29:59 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for this information ]

In answer to Ken Chamberlaine question regarding his fathers regiment, I think it could be The Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire, their cap badge is a Horse.
thomas totten <>
singapore,Tue 16th Mar 2004 , 03:57:44 am

I have recently discovered a photograph of my fatherin army uniform. He was working at Knowsley Hall at the time of enlistment ,the cap badge appears to be a Horse,anyone know which Regiment this would be ?
Ken Chamberlain
Ipsley Redditch,Worcestershire,Mon 15th Mar 2004 , 10:25:47 am
[ Webmaster replies : The two main regiments that recruited around Knowsley were The Liverpool Kings Regiment and the Liverpool Scottish, but it could have been another. I suggest you write to the Public Record Office in London or the Ministry of Defence to confirm. ]

I wrote to Knowsley Hall ,a few years ago,regarding employee records and they rreplied that thay did not have any,having sold the records in previous years
Ken Chamberlain
Ipsley Redditch,WORCESTERSHIRE,Mon 15th Mar 2004 , 10:08:09 am

There is an old tale within my family that one of my grand fathers ancesters was the illegitamate son of Knowsley arostocracy. While tracing my family tree I have come accross such an individual Henry Dewhurst b1827 son of Ellen dewhurst from Accrington. Do you have any records showing either of these working at Knowsley between 1820-1840.
Andrew Bennett <>
Blackburn,Lancashire,UK,Sat 13th Mar 2004 , 01:33:33 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I am sorry but we do not have any records of Knowsley Hall in our archives. I suggest you contact Knowsley Hall itself but think there are no surviving employee records ]

I am trying to research my GG Grandparents. I have several of my GG Grandmother's gold gilt edged calling cards that say "Mrs. G.P. Creighton, Knowsley Hall". The full name is George Platt Creighton. They imigrated to Ontario Canada around 1845 and raised a family there. Based on the substantial house they built in Owen Sound, Ontario, they must have brought rather significant wealth with them to Canada. I have emailed Knowsley Hall but have had no response...any help would be most appreciated.
John Macdonald <>
Woodside,CA,United States,Sat 13th Mar 2004 , 04:19:41 am

Iam lookin for my adopted brother birth name MARK VINCENT FREEMAN born in ISLINGTON 31st MAY 1967 adopted in BEXHILL SEPTEMBER 1968 would dearly love to meet him I was also adopted

england,Thu 11th Mar 2004 , 08:06:37 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Again I have to say I do not think this is the most appropriate site to post a request for this type of information. I suggest you contact archive/local history sources in the south of England and even contact adoption agencies or else the Salvation Army. I do hope that you meet up with your brother. ]

Lived Malvern Crescent, Bowring Park 1940 -1960. Winstone Road Scool, Dovecot then Prescot Grammar School 1945 -50
Anybody out there????

Frank Hodges <>
Liverpool,UK,Wed 10th Mar 2004 , 09:38:23 pm

Great site, I would be interested
to hear from any fifth, formers of
St. Columba`s R. C. Sec. Mod School
Knowsley lane Huyton from the sixties.
My father was a serving soldier and
we moved to Alamein barracks in 1964
where we lived until early 1967.
My brothers went to their very first
football match at Goodison Park and have remained staunch Everton supporters!
I have very happy memories of my time
spent in the North, of schoolfriends,
teachers and the late Father Vincent Dooley who kept in touch with me and
opened my eyes.
Names I remember from school are:-
Patricia Thompson, Angela Wells, Barbara
and Janine(Twinnies)Mary murphy,
Eileen Houghton, Maria Bahan, Pauline
Gallagher, Jeanne Campbell,Margaret Bowman(Minty) and Pat Baker (who lives
fairly close by.) If any of the above read this I will be delghted to hear from you.

Maureen Upfield <>
Oxfordshire,England,Tue 09th Mar 2004 , 09:05:45 pm

I have just happened upon this very interesting site. I read a message from MATTHEW DE-GIER, who lived in Emstrey Walk, Westvale from 55-72, we lived at 11 Emstrey Walk from 56-64 before migrating to Australia. Hello Matthew if you are out there, the Lennon family say hello, we are all living around Brisbane about 30 miles apart. Paul and myself were really delighted to read you message. Cheers Matty, from the Lennon family, we would like to hear from you,
philip Lennon <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Sun 07th Mar 2004 , 02:57:31 am

I have just happened upon this very interesting site. I read a message from MATTHEW DE-GIER, who lived in Emstrey Walk, Westvale from 55-72, we lived at 11 Emstrey Walk from 56-64 before migrating to Australia. Hello Matthew if you are out there, the Lennon family say hello, we are all living around Brisbane about 30 miles apart. Paul and myself were really delighted to read you message. Cheers Matty, from the Lennon family, we would like to hear from you,
philip Lennon <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia,Sun 07th Mar 2004 , 02:55:36 am

To Matthew De-gier, I recently read your message about getting in touch and the Lennon family are still living in Queensland. Paul said to say hello, we do not know your email address.
Philip Lennon <>
Ipswich,Queensland,Australia,Fri 05th Mar 2004 , 08:47:34 am

Great local history site, but I think you should be aware that your photo PT256 "An Old Mill Building, Prescot" is actually a picture of the north west tower in the town walls at Great Yarmouth. I'm an ex Prescotian now living in Norfolk - back in the late 1980s I did some research on Prescot's mills which is now in Prescot Historic Society's archive - the same photo was in the Prescot Museum files described as a local brewery, but it's definitely Great Yarmouth! Flint, pantiles and painted weatherboarding just aren't Lancashire building materials.
Gareth Hughes <>
Norwich,UK,Thu 04th Mar 2004 , 12:51:35 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I think we have had a similar posting before and have altered some information but it is the caption on the photograph. Hopefully someone might have a copy of the 'proper Prescot Mill' ]

great site
mugu <>
uk,london,eg,Wed 03rd Mar 2004 , 11:53:52 pm

If I'm not mistaken, the photo of Knowsley Post Office dated approx. 1985 was taken by my mother, Audrey Travis, who still lives at Middlehey Ave. in the village. It was one of a set of postcards that were sold at the post office at the time. Very much enjoyed browsing the images.
Ian Travis <ian.travis@datadesign-online.d>
Leer,Germany,Sun 29th Feb 2004 , 06:59:12 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If possible please ask your mother to contact me at Prescot Library I would love to see any other photographs she has. Eileen Hume, Information and Heritage Co-ordinaror,0151 426 6531 ]

NAIJA,,ABA,USA,Sun 29th Feb 2004 , 03:36:32 am

Trying to find descendants of Joseph Jones, born 1881.
He was born in Bolton, Lancs,& moved to Prescot at some time.
His parents were Richard & Mary Anne,
sisters, Lily, Maggie,Lizzie.
Please contact if he is a relative of yours.

Jean <>
Lancs,Fri 27th Feb 2004 , 12:09:34 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I think you will have to give more information than this if you expect further information. Have you checked the electoral roll to see where he lived and a possible move date to Prescot. Good luck ]

Great to find this site, it had brought back a lot of old memories for me. I was born in 1976 and lived in longmeadow roadi until I was 9. I was one of the last pupils at the old primary school before it moved to the new building. I always thought it was shame it became a restaurant but glad to seeit is still going strong. I found a photo of me meeting Lord Deby in the church the other day from 1982, seems such a long time ago now.
James Christian <>
Southampton,Hampshire,England,Wed 25th Feb 2004 , 02:29:21 pm

i love tis page. keep it up
asaba owerri <>
aba,lagos,Tue 24th Feb 2004 , 07:31:23 pm

It's been a while since I last posted a message here although I have visited quite regularly for a dose of nostalgia!! It's great reading about other peoples memories and finding that so many of them are shared.

I lived in Gentwood Road until 1966 and attended Park View Primary (left in 55) and Rupert Road Secondary Modern (left in 59). I was also a member of Holy Trinity (Page Moss) Youth Group. I went to Wigan Tech for a couple of years before joining Liverpool City Police in 1963. I left the police in 1971 when I emigrated to Australia in 1971. I was a member of the Australian Customs Service until I retired in 2000 and I currently live in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales with my wife Sandra (nee O'Brien).

I have been able to get in touch with some old friends through this site in the past (thank you muchly)and hope that this message may reach one or two others.

Hope to hear from long lost friends!!!!

Ron Redfern <>
Bundanoon,N.S.W.,Australia,Tue 24th Feb 2004 , 12:34:09 am

I have really enjoyed reading this informative site.
i was born at 674 Knowsley lane,these cottages with no bathroom or indoor toilet were demolished and pensioners bungalows built on the site.My granmother,Mrs B Smith came to live in one of them until her death.She had previously lived at Peacock Farm,in Tinclepeg Lane,a lovely old farmhouse which was demolished completly needlessly.I think I may have a previous photo of this if it would be of use to the site.
My sister Janet and I attended the village school where Mr Grayley was headmaster and Mrs Cook the teacher of the first school.If you remember the egg and spoon races during the 60's at this school,the eggs were mug eggs and borrowed from my grandad!
My paternal grandparents lived at Knowsly Waterworks-my grandfather was an engineer there before he retired.All my grandparents are buried in Knowsley churchyard,I was christened and confirmed at the church and my parents were married there.
I have so many happy memories of the village and growing up in a real community-my best friend when I was pre schoolwas Robert Grayson the vicar's son.I am still in contact with the Grayson's who now live near to Carlisle.

Judith Clare <>
kensworth,Beds,UK,Mon 23rd Feb 2004 , 05:35:35 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your lovely comments, we would always like to receive photographs, either for inclusion on the site or else for adding to our collection in Knowsley Archives. If you do not want to send the original a digital copy would be OK.
Please send to or else to Eileen Hume, Information and Heritage Co-ordinator, Prescot Library, 1 High Street, Prescot, Knowsley, Merseyside, L34 3LD ]

Got to your site by accident really, but it brought back a lot of old memories. I am the daughter of the late Rhoda and Vic Kilshaw and lived in Birch Road off Tarbock Road from 1948 until I married in 1975. I got very nostalgic when I looked at the pictures of Huyton village (Derby Road). I remember the cobbles and old shops and banks really well, but my fondest memory is of my nanna and I going to Richardsons bakery. The bakery was owned by a family of German origin so my nan told me, and was previously called Reichards (not too sure of spelling) - they anglicised their name around the time of W.W.1 so as not to offend people, or so the story went. What I remember most is going up the steps into the shop. There were sacks of grain, flour, oats etc., to the left of the door, a huge set of scales and great brass scoops used to put grain onto the scales. There were also always a couple of sleepy cats lazing on top of the sacks, weary after their night long vigil no doubt. To the right, there was the shiney wooden counter with its glass front displaying all the little fancy cakes. I remember some shaped like upside-down toadstools with butter icing gills and marzipan stalks. Others were like little pastry boats with glazed fruit or frangipan inside them - they had angelica masts and rice-paper sails. The upper floor of the shop must have been used as a store room for the bakery as they had a deep window above the front door, with a hoist above it, and above that, an owl window like you used to see in barns. My nanna told me it was for the giraffe to peep out of. Can't remember ever seeing the giraffe, no matter how hard I looked!!

Thank you webmaster for a good site, and for the helpful advise you give to people. I too work at a library, but we don't have anything like your site. Well done. Regards, Janet

Janet Lowe <>
Ashton-in-Makerfield,Lancashire,England,Fri 20th Feb 2004 , 02:02:04 am
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your lovely comments. I work with someone who still lives in Birch Road. ]

Hello mates,

I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful site there. Keep up the good work.


Marsha <>
Twinholm,UK,Tue 10th Feb 2004 , 10:40:27 am

Researching my family tree any info much appreciated SOUTHWELL FAMILY.
Lived 83 Warrington Rd 1919 PRESCOT
EDWARD (1889/1960)
Before marriage lived at 5 Mines Avenue ? PRESCOT
This must be the best site on the web.

Brian Apps <>
Birmingham,Warwickshire,England,Mon 09th Feb 2004 , 10:22:27 pm

Hi, i am trying to find CLAIR (nee) LEYLAND, who used to live in MOSSBROW RD, HUYTON. I belive she lived with her father and step mother and also had a step brother. After her parents died her brother joined the merchant navy. She attended LONGVIEW SECONDARY MODERN in ASTLEY RD LONGVIEW. Any help is most appreciated. thank you
alf owen <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Sun 08th Feb 2004 , 09:28:01 pm

Hi, I'm Paul & I went to Ruffwood Comp in the 70's. I am married with 2 children (3yrs & 17mths). My wife also attended Ruffwood and her name is Maureen (mojo) Grice (nee)Boardman. She was in shakespeare and left school in 1976 (may). Does anyone remember us? if so, please email us on our email address.

paul grice <>
kirkby Liverpool,knowsley,england,Fri 06th Feb 2004 , 11:08:20 pm

i am married to richard cousins whose mum was mary fincham and whose families still live in and around littleport i also lived at fincham where my parents still live hope to here from someone thanks julie cousins
fincham <>
ely,cambridgeshire,england,Tue 03rd Feb 2004 , 12:22:18 am
[ Webmaster replies : Are you referring to Fincham Drive in Page Moss Huyton? ]

I've found the site for the first time. The only item I recognised was from Neil Foster who attended Prescot Grammar School between 1952 and 1956. I was there from 53 - 58 and remember all the teachers and "pop stars" he mentioned.

If anyone who knew me would like to get in touch, the email address is

Eric Atherton <ericdot@atherton02.freeserve.c>
Cirencester,Glos,Mon 02nd Feb 2004 , 05:39:15 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have you found the site for Prescot Grammar School yet? Look back on the guestbook for Trevor Powells posting it is a really excellent site. ]

Oops!. I got the wrong date for the birth of Ellen Travis when I sent my earlier message. She was born in 1868, not 1848 (she died 1948). Her father, Joseph Travis, was born in 1850. I hope somebody recognises some member of this family.
Anita Brown <>
Liverpool,England,Sun 25th Jan 2004 , 09:30:53 pm

I`d very much like to hear from anyone who can help me research my Great Grandfather, Joshua Williams, I`m told that he was murdered in Whiston at some point between 1906 and 1941. Is there anyone out there can give me any advice as to how I can find out more.
Please contact me on either, or

Gordon Caldecott <>
St Asaph,Denbighshire,North Wales,Tue 20th Jan 2004 , 06:59:30 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You could always try looking at the back copies of the local newspapers on microfilm. These would probably be the Prescot Reporter and the Liverpool Echo ]

We are researching the family of my husband's grandmother. She was born Ellen Travis at Whiston Lane Ends in 1848. Her parents were Joseph and Esther(nee Hayes), married a few months earlier aged 17 and 18.More children were born :John, Joseph, George Green and Sarah Ann, but Esther died in childbirth in 1880. Young Ellen was in service on the 1881 census, and the four young children seemed to have been fostered by that time, because they were living in Elephant Lane in the Sutton area of St. Helens with a couple named John and Ann Swift who had a child of their own also. I have been unable to locate their father, Joseph Travis. He was only 30 when his wife died. Did he remarry? Did he emigrate? Are you descended from one of the four children who seem to have been fostered by the Swifts? Esther Hayes/Heyes had several brothers & sisters: Caleb, Drusillah, Josiah, Racabinah, Haomi, Charlotte. Her father was John Hayes and her mother was Esther (nee Chorley). Joseph Travis' mother was Ellen Green, from the Winsford area, but the Travis, Chorley and Hayes families seem to have been around the Huyton, Whiston, Prescot area for some considerable time before 1850. Please get in touch if these names are in your family tree.
Anita Brown <>
Liverpool,England,Sun 18th Jan 2004 , 12:06:33 am

I am descended from a number of families in the Knowsley / Kirkby area. The surnames are Holme, Gore (Goore), Knowles, Hunter.The Holme family were tenant farmers of the Earl of derby and resided at Little Longborough farm, Knowsley. (William & Mary Holme married around 1835 in Skelmersdale.
The Gore family were tenants of the Earl of Sephton and farmed on Sandy lane Kirkby. (John Gore & Isabella Taylor married 19.04.1802 at St Chad's, Kirkby)
Has anyone got a photograph of Little Longborough Farm?
Happy New Year to all readers,

Dave Johnstone <>
Chorley,Lancashire,UK,Fri 16th Jan 2004 , 11:46:58 am

hello bramley,
i was born in 1938 ,liven in seymour st bramley until 1943,can you tell me how i can seek out old contacts from pre war,
thank you
bill broadbent

bill broadbent <>
coffs harbour,nsw,australia,Thu 15th Jan 2004 , 11:25:28 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I suggest you post your message on a site that is closer to the area you used to live in. Knowsley is in the North West of England. You will probably have a greater chance of success then, good luck. ]

Hello All. I'm looking into my family history, the names WELDING, STOCKLEY, BYRON, HARDMAN are all relevant. My great-great grandparents (WELDON/STOCKLEY) lived in Kemble Street in Prescot, prior to that it was called Hillock Street. I lived in Pottery Lane where another half of the great-great grandparents lived (HARDMAN) down at the pottery - I aslo went to the long gone Whiston County Secondary School. If anyone wants a chat about Prescot, Whiston, Huyton or the family names, give me a shout!
Dave Weldon <>
Toronto,Ontario,Canada,Tue 13th Jan 2004 , 04:33:32 pm

i am trying to find any one named carney born in harroate nidderdale area
teresa carney <>
harrogate,north yorkshire,england,Mon 12th Jan 2004 , 04:47:37 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I think you would be better posting to a site that has a greater interest in the Harrogate area. Knowsley is in Merseyside quite a distance from the area you are interested in. ]

Many thanks for the info,regarding the BICC, I will get in touch with the museum.
Pam <>
Cambridge,Cambs,U.k,Mon 12th Jan 2004 , 04:35:17 pm

I am trying to find where BICC Prescot,keep there old records. I am trying to find some info, for family research.
I would appreciate any help.

Pam <>
St Ives, Cambs,U.K.,Wed 07th Jan 2004 , 09:43:23 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The records of the BICC are stored within the archive repository of the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside. They are currently unavailable due to problems with the building. The archivist in charge is Mrs. Dawn Littler who can be contacted at the Maritime Archives and Library, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock Liverpool. I suspect they will be closed to the public for some time. Please contact me again if you require any further information ]

Great site . found it by accident. brought back a lot of memories. and laughs.(to myself) kids think I gone mad .Now 2004, 50 this year,aaggghhh. But hey, Kirkby , Brookie, still there .
Rob Sutton <>
Kirkby,Merseyside,England,Sat 03rd Jan 2004 , 02:07:08 am

Ii live in marnwood road in kirkby i have lived here for 15 years the part of kirkby i live is westvale i used to attend st. kevins school in northwood i am looking for an old friend of mine is name was james callaghan he lived in southdene in kirkby his address was in dalry crescent if any person nows his where abouts please give him my e.mail address id like to meet him again thanks

I am looking for my roots.
My birthname is Roby, I am as far as I know, the only one in the Netherlands with this sirname. Is there someone, who knows or can help me with some information? I would be very happy!
Thanks. Anna

anna hendriksen-roby <>
Huis ter Heide,Utrecht,Netherlands,Fri 02nd Jan 2004 , 12:50:20 am
[ Webmaster replies : Why don't you contact the Guild of One Name Studies to see if there has been any work already undertaken concerning your family name. ]

hello everyone happy new year to you all, you too eileen, just sufing in to say hello. would like to hear from anyone who lived in the western ave area or woodlands rd. i left school in 1955, went to parkview, stockbridge lane, & then huyton secondary modern school left in 1955, sure would be nice to hear form someone. have a good year ok regards annie b
annie buck <>
athens,athens/ohio,usa,Thu 01st Jan 2004 , 06:13:06 pm

hiya I am doing a website of the history of Huyton and would love any old photgraphs to lend of the eagle and child pub, or of any other old pictures of the area.

wendy <>
liverpool,Wed 31st Dec 2003 , 04:23:33 am


I am researching information on an old Wells family home, Rose Cottage in Tarbock. It was originally owned by Henry Sanders Wells ( my Great Grandfather) and passed to his youngest son George Blackly Wells and was sold by his wife Ruth after George’s death in 1992. I know Rose Cottage still exists as I have driven past it on trips to Liverpool, even stayed at the Motel on Wilson Road several times.

I remember going there in the early 50's and taking my daughter in the late 80's to see George. I remember as a child being fascinated by the well under the path in the back garden and of course the woods attached to the property were a child’s dream play ground ( even if my mother disagreed).

What I would like would be any information about the Rose Cottage before Henry Sanders Wells bought it, any information about his tenure and who exactly owns it now? Any copies of old photographs of Rose Cottage would be most appreciated or memories of the Wells’s who lived there. As well as Henry Sanders, there was his wife Susan Everest Wells ( nee McKee). She was a distant cousin of Sir George Everest. Their children, Barbara ( moved to South Africa), Isabella ( whose son was an RAF ace during WW2), Henry, Edith, Rebecca , Thomas , Norman ( my Grandfather), Harry ( another Henry Sanders), James, Blanche, Susan ( Girlie) and George.

I realise it is a long shot, but it would be nice to add flesh to the old photographs of these people.

Neil Wells <>
Tue 30th Dec 2003 , 06:49:14 pm

Would ANYONE out there please have a photograph of DERBY SQUARE PRESCOT? I lived there 1958-63 and need photo for my Family History book. I know the place has been demolished & since rebuilt. Please get in touch if you can help.
Many thanks. Rita

Rita Ramsdale <>
Campbelltown,NSW,Australia,Sat 27th Dec 2003 , 09:06:02 pm

Nice web,about a nice place,full of nice people (Hi Ernie ! )
dorothy eagle (nee Jones /Deri <>
windsor,berkshire,england,Fri 26th Dec 2003 , 10:13:00 am

I went to see the lights in northwood they are better than blackpool. i go to see them every year and they are getting better all the time. Joshy age 6
Joshua Carroll
Kirkby,Merseyside,England,Thu 25th Dec 2003 , 03:36:33 pm

Not a Northener myself but have many good friends there. Liverpool is a sailors second home, and my favourite hotel was the secombe ferry. married a girl from a prescot family . The Deri family, my wife Dorothy's mother Margaret was one of Lady Derby's cooks who married Francis Jones (one of his Brothers was Mayorof Blackpool) ,sister Elizabeth married a Thompson and lived in Manor Farm, Huyton. "Uncle" Ernie still lives in Prescot. then the Feeney's came in. I have some of the Family Tree if anyone is interested.
Dick Eagle <>
Windsor,Berkshire,england,Tue 23rd Dec 2003 , 11:54:41 pm

Just a small comment to the web master I wonder why you always re direct people who are making appeals about districts in Liverpool to Liverpool web sites when it is quite obvious that they want there appeal to go to Knowsley as well and being on the www, they are going to reach a wider audience, and lets not forget that some Knowsley residents were once Liverpool residents and vice versa and still pop back for a look on this web site,Which does reach a wide audience looking at the address's on the guest book entries, sorry if this is long winded but cant seem to put it any other way, Thanks.
Sharon <>
LIverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sun 14th Dec 2003 , 10:56:32 am
[ Webmaster replies : I take your comments on board but still think it is more appropriate to post messages on the site where they expect to find contacts. However I DO ADD the posting. Perhaps it might encourage some other local authorities to do similar websites? ]

could someone maybe help me.I am trying to findout anything about my father and i cant find a website for it, if i explain alittle someone might beable eo help.
My father meet my mum in morecambe england,1973,he worked on a holiday camp, he had a fling with my mum and then she left, being pregnant with me. I dont know anything other than he was between 16-21 at time, would be around 47-51 now. i have abit more info. I have been looking on web for awhile now and dont know where to go to put mgs up or find the holiday camp, this is the first time i have left mgs anywhere. do you know where i could look. please.

sharon <>
Basildon,ESSEX,england,Tue 09th Dec 2003 , 11:36:59 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I am adding your message however I do not think this site is appropriate for this request. I think you need to talk to someone who deals with this type of research I think it would probably be Pontins holiday camp in Morecambe, why not phone the local council to double check. Have you contacted the Salvation Army as they do wonderful work re-uniting families. I think your first step should be to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and they can help you in this matter. I think that you should seek professional help and counciling since this is a very complex situation. I do hope you can find some sort of solution ]

great site
i lived in kirkby from about 1963 to 1981, lived in southdene, went to park brow school from 1965 to about 1969
moved to warrenhouse rd about 1969, went to overdale school then ruffwood school til 1976
my family moved to runcorn in 1981,what happened to everyone?
i remember the bells family in warrenhouse rd, also the mahers.
feel free to get in touch

bill hearne <>
runcorn,cheshire,uk,Sun 07th Dec 2003 , 07:53:10 am

Great Site recently found it, I spent many happy days in Prescot in the 50s and 60s as my mother was born in Kemble Str. in 1919.
She married a brummie and moved to Brum in 1942 where she lived, worked and died in 1986.
My grandparents lived at No 35 Kemble Str. where I assume my mother was born,in 1919.
According to the 1901 Sensus that address was the Bee Hive Inn.
Is there anybody out there who can verify that there was an Inn at that time.
My mothers maiden name was Southwell and her mother Taylor who lived in Kemble Str. for many years.
I have emailed Prescot Museum concerning the BEE HIVE INN, but so far have not had a reply, so if anybody can help me out I would be most grateful.

BIRMINGHAM,WARWICKSHIRE,ENGLAND,Sat 06th Dec 2003 , 10:38:19 am

What happened to John Lucas [Builders}
Eccleton Street Prescot.I served my apprenticeship there along with Tommy Kaye Brian Cross Eric Williams etc wonder how life has treated them?
I remember with mouth watering delight Whittles Pies

Worcestershire,England,Fri 05th Dec 2003 , 04:26:32 pm

Looking for my friend Ann Griffiths who lived in Huyton on the 1970s She was my bridesmaid in 1976 when I married Trevor Atkinson in Crosby I also worked with Ann in Laces & Co solicitors in Castle Street Liverpool Would love to hear how she has been over the past 27 years
Gill Cropper(Atkinson) <>
Betws yn Rhos,Conwy,North Wales,Wed 03rd Dec 2003 , 10:44:32 am

My Name is Debbie Musgrove I was born in Guildford Surrey, i have a sister called Karen My Fathers Name is Raymond Musgrove I no i have relatives some where if you see this please would you get in contact.
Debbie Musgrove <>
Salisbury,Wiltshire,England,Tue 02nd Dec 2003 , 11:05:57 am
[ Webmaster replies : I think it would be more productive to your research to post a message to a site that is geographically more applicable. Knowsley is in the North West of England quite a distance from Guildford Surrey ]

Further to message posted 14 Nov. - my 1st cousin - James HIND is the son of Frederick Charles HIND 1893/1948 and Jessie ?, his sister was Pat who I think married George JUDSON. They used to live in Warrington Rd. in PRESCOT. That is all the info I have, any help would be appreciated.
Does anyone remember my Father's ironmongers shop (HWG HIND)in Eccleston St. & Williams' bakers shop next door? They were demolished in the early 60s. The house in Aspinall St. were I was born & lived has also been demolished.
Thank You.

Elizabeth Butterworth <>
Gt. Saxham, Bury St.Edmunds,Suffolk,Sun 23rd Nov 2003 , 08:31:48 pm

Good Web Site, reading the comments about St Dominics School, which I left in July 1960 brought back lots of memories, both school and the Huyton area.
WIRRAL,ENGLAND,Sun 23rd Nov 2003 , 11:05:31 am

hello, just cruising in again, hope evryone is ok.again this a wonderful sight, would love to hear from anyone who knew me from huyton secondary modern school,parkview or stockbridge lane schools, or anyone who lived in huyton around the woodlands rd area off western ave, regards ann buck
ann buck(murphy) <>
guysville,athens/ohio,usa,Sat 22nd Nov 2003 , 06:37:04 pm

I used to attend St.chads Infant school in Kirkby and later Ruffwood. It was 1965 when I left Ruffwood but I would be interested to hear from anyone who used to go to the old St.Chads school. My maiden name was Angela Fletcher.
Angela Robertson <>
Billinge,Lancashire,England,Sat 22nd Nov 2003 , 01:01:47 pm


VANCOUVER,BC,CANADA,Sat 22nd Nov 2003 , 05:49:06 am

The Saggerson family of Prescot who were involved in the watch and clock industry. I have plenty of information to share.
Lee <>
Nelson,Lancashire,Tue 18th Nov 2003 , 05:23:52 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If you would like to contact me at the followingaddress I would be very interested to see what information you have.

Eileen Hume, Information and Heritage Co-ordinator, Prescot Library 1 High Street Prescot Knowsley L34 3LD
Tel: 0151 426 6531
Email: ]

hi its me again would like to hear from anyone that used to live in coleridge st kensington liverpool merseyside who new the gill family ,friends,neighbours,or relatives please contact me on my e-mail address.thank you.
frank gill <>
widnes,cheshire,Sun 16th Nov 2003 , 04:16:49 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Again see your previous message as to a more productive site for your request for information. ]

hi anyone that was living in elcho st in kensington liverpool 1940s50sor60s would like to hear from anybody who remembers the atkins family.neighbours,friends,or relatives.please contact me at above e-mail.
frank gill <>
widnes,cheshire,england,Sun 16th Nov 2003 , 04:09:31 pm
[ Webmaster replies : This site is primarily for the Knowsley area, perhaps you should consider also posting a message to the Liverpool site since the area you are interested in is within Liverpool. ]

Does anyone have a contact address or information about my cousin JAMES (Jimmy) HIND, son of Frederick Charles HIND and Jessie? I would like to get in touch with him. I have just made contact with another cousin Peggy AMES (nee HIND) Thank You.
E Butterworth (nee HIND) <>
Great Saxha, Bury St. Edmunds,Suffolk,UK,Fri 14th Nov 2003 , 08:43:59 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I think you need to supply a little more information if you require any success from your posting ]


LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,ENGLAND,Fri 14th Nov 2003 , 10:31:10 am
[ Webmaster replies : I notice that you live in Liverpool, therefore you could visit Huyton Local Studies Library and search out the back copies of the Kirkby Reporter on microfilm. Alternatively you could visit Liverpool Central Library and look at the back issues, again on microfilm, of the Liverpool Echo. ]

I attended Ruffwood school from 1971-76.
I would like to hear from anyone who was at the school at that time. The peoples names I remember are far too many to list, so I'd like to hear from anyone who was there at the time.
Hope to hear from you soon.

John Cave <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Tue 04th Nov 2003 , 10:10:43 am

great history site.
To jonatHan....
when u get this ring me.
yOu know the nuMber...
cAtch ya laterS.

alexander gartshore
leeds,west yorkshire,united kingdom,Mon 03rd Nov 2003 , 07:03:25 pm

Hi All,
I lved in Westvale, Kirkby after moving from Scotland Road. Attended St Kevin's from 60-66. Sadly it's now been demolished and developed as a housing estate.
I would love to hear from anyone who knew me at the time who has photographs of the school or of any events that took place plays, the school choir,school holidays at Arun Mawr in Wales etc.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks Bill Fitz

Bill Fitzsimmons <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sun 02nd Nov 2003 , 12:04:27 pm

Being from Knowsley myself,I visit the sight quite regularly and as usual there's always something that catches the eye or prompts the grey matter to relive days gone by. This time, I just have to leave my calling card due to a very unexpected sighting, today, as I was driving to my local DIY super store. I'll mention specifics just in case the person concerned happens to read this.
I was stopped at the lights at Whitfords Ave and Marmion Ave and as usual, to pass the time, looked around at the cars in close proximity. To my amazement there was a red ute in the right turning lane (north into Marmion Ave) with a personal number plate proudly sporting the word KNOWSLEY. I was dumbfounded. I was firmly locked into the strait ahead lane and had no chance of intercepting it. I know for sure that there is another Knowsley in Victoria; a few hours drive from Melbourne but somehow I don't think that is the Knowsley it refers to. Should the owner of the ute read this and presumably be an expat from Knowsley (England) perhaps he would reply to this as it made my day.
Special hello to anyone who may know me. Best regards to all. It's great to be able to go home any time I like.
Allan Hewitt.

Allan Hewitt <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Tue 28th Oct 2003 , 11:23:54 am
[ Webmaster replies : Nice to hear from you again Allan. Have you had a look at the new website Port Cities, the Mersey Gateway this is a site developed by Liverpool as the main partner but with contributions from all the other local authorities in the area, including Knowsley. It has quite a few new images from Knowsley archives included. It is not quite finished but there is some material available online.

Eileen ]

Researching family history. Any information on the Beesley family from Liverpool Road Prescot.
SusanMorris neeBeesley <>
Morecambe,Lancs,England,Sun 26th Oct 2003 , 01:00:23 am

Hi everyone great site just thought I would put in this comment in to see if anyone remembers me Pam Cullen I went to page moss comp I was one of the first ones to go there as it was a new school so we where always the oldest in the school. I used to hang around western ave with my mates but lived in pagemoss. Would love to meet up with you guys again I live in london now but still come up and see my family xx
Pam <>
London,Fri 24th Oct 2003 , 06:52:12 pm

very good site from kirkby now living on the isle of man
alan <>
isle of man,british isles,Fri 24th Oct 2003 , 03:31:35 pm

I am looking for my long lost first cousins, Dorothy Kay Clarence and Margaret June Clarence. Spelling may be wrong. Daughters of Dorothy Clarance nee Brookes. They lived near St Helens. If anyone knows of them please let them know they are being saught. Thanks.
Hilary Everitt nee Brookes.

Hilary Everitt <>
Chemainus,BC,Canada,Thu 23rd Oct 2003 , 01:11:35 am

Researching family history am interested in any information on the Beesley family from Liverpool Road.
Susan Morris nee Beesley <>
Morecambe,England,Mon 20th Oct 2003 , 06:21:25 am

I am trying to locate Eric Mellor ex Widnes Central School in the 1940s Have not seen or heard of him in 5o+ years.Last
known address Mersey Rd.Widnes.

Fred Lawley <confred @>
Fort Worth,Texas/ Tarrant,U.S.A.,Sat 18th Oct 2003 , 07:29:12 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your comment to the guestbook. I think it would be advisable to try the libraries in Widnes and Runcorn these are part of Halton Borough Council now and part of the Cheshire area. ]

Lived at 51 Britonside 13years up to 1972, went to St Lawrences & St Kevins. Like to hear from anyone who lived there around that time
Stephen McBride <>
Fri 17th Oct 2003 , 05:58:26 pm

Hello I am trying to find out some information about my Grandad Albert Cooper.
He was married to Lily Dobson and they have a daughter called Sheila Kathlyn.
My grandad used to be chairman of the royal british legion many years ago.
I would really like to find out more about my Grandad.

Susan <>
Mon 13th Oct 2003 , 11:08:08 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I think you will need to add a little more information if you want to trace someone. What area of the country they lived in would be helpful and some dates ]

Great Site! There was some interesting Informations on this Page! Really nice! Thank you!
Matrha <>
http://www.altaenlosbuscadores,USA,Tue 07th Oct 2003 , 12:15:44 pm

Hi everyone...I'm trying to contact anyone from Kirkby who attended St. Anthony's in Northwood between 1963 and 1969, and St. Kevin's between 1969 and 1975. It would be really cool to see how everyone got on. Names I would be really like to contact are: Peter Wilson, John Anderson, Paddy o'Hanlon, Susan Clayford, Ellen o'Hanlon, Joan McGuinnes, From Warrenhouse Road, Northwood: The Kelly family, The Wafer's, The Howards, The Bells, The O'Sullivans, and any one else who knows us!!! It will be great to hear from you...
David Bolderston <>
Skelmersdale,Lancashire,UK,Tue 07th Oct 2003 , 10:59:58 am

Very good site i lived all my life in Whiston untill 1987 then moved to Wales,i went to Higherside school till about 1977 looking for a old freind Steve Smith lived in Lunt ave area if anybody knows of him would like to contact him thanks
Terry Doyle <>
Brecon,Powys,Wales,Wed 01st Oct 2003 , 11:55:37 pm

Lived in westvale, kirkby,remember stan mc call john price,wendy mason,jackie collins,used to go to the centre 63 from 1971-76 terry gibson,john davis and bommer dawn tanner,connie,bernie,terry o`flaughty,
good memories of kirkby...

billy <>
perth,western Australia,Australia,Sat 27th Sep 2003 , 07:51:46 pm


I am looking for the 1963 edition of the Bootle Times, when it was printed at the,Oriole Road,works.
I am interseted in a photograph of a pop band from Liverpool that was in one of the editions between May-Oct63, the band was known as "The Liverpool Senators". The photogrph was for promoting a demo record that they had recorded. I have tried to access the Bootle Times Archives through the Liverpool Library, but up to now I have had no luck. If you have one or know how to get it, it would be most helpfull. Also anyone who may have a copy of the record, " Can't You Tell" get in touch with me. Also where is Bernard Starky, who was their manager.

lots of thanks.

Jimmy Maher <Jimmy>
Liverpool,England,Fri 26th Sep 2003 , 12:52:03 am
[ Webmaster replies : Please see previous posting ]


I am looking for the 1963 edition of the Bootle Times, when it was printed at the,Oriole Road,works.
I am interseted in a photograph of a pop band from Liverpool that was in one of the editions between May-Oct63, the band was known as "The Liverpool Senators". The photogrph was for promoting a demo record that they had recorded. I have tried to access the Bootle Times Archives through the Liverpool Library, but up to now I have had no luck. If you have one or know how to get it, it would be most helpfull. Also anyone who may have a copy of the record, " Can't You Tell" get in touch with me.

lots of thanks.

Jimmy Maher <Jimmy>
Liverpool,England,Fri 26th Sep 2003 , 12:35:13 am
[ Webmaster replies : We only hold microform copies of newspapers relevant to our own areas. This is part of the collection policy of the Merseyside Archives Liaison Group. I suggest you contact Crosby Library to see if they hold copies of the Bootle Times. Alternatively look at the British Library, Newspaper Library site this will let you know if the copy has been filmed and its coverage ]

Message for Elizabeth Whiston.

Tried to send you info on The Whistons but cannot get through on your posted email address.

Contact me on

thomas totten <>
Singapore,Thu 25th Sep 2003 , 07:55:52 am

Message for Elizebeth Whiston,

Tried mailing you but your mail cant get through.

I have info that may help you.


Thomas Totten <>
Singapore,Singapore,Singapore,Tue 23rd Sep 2003 , 07:45:54 am

HI... im not really looking for anyone, but i just need help for my history project. We are doinng a family tree and i was wondering if there is anyone in England in the Staffordshire area that might know anything about 'The Whistons'

Elizabeth Whiston <>
Mexico City,Mexico City,Mexico,Sun 21st Sep 2003 , 09:02:43 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I will add your message to the guestbook in case someone can help, but I think you will need to look at some of the family history magazines to find someone to undertake your research for you. ]

Hi Elaine regards to Northwood community centre,I think it opened July 1963 and Daid Whitfield was at the grand opening ,He may have cut the ribbon,I do remember vaguely...It was a huge opening celebration,they used to show movies( Saturday morning I believe)Sory I can
ali <>
n.y.,usa,Fri 19th Sep 2003 , 11:59:08 pm


Elaine Oakes <>
Kirkby,liverpool,England,Tue 16th Sep 2003 , 04:56:17 pm

Am searching for info on any Hedg(e)cocks. Have come across Hannah Hedgcock on the 1881 website with her 3 sons and 1 daughter. They lived at 135 Wilson Street, Eccleston in Prescot. Any information on them or the address greatly appreciated.
Love the website!

Andrea Hedgcock <>
Mortlake,London,Fri 12th Sep 2003 , 05:45:54 pm

HULL,MASSACHUSETTES,U.S.A.,Fri 12th Sep 2003 , 03:35:45 am
[ Webmaster replies : I think you might have a greater chance of finding information about penpal if you post your request on a more appropriate site. Knowsley is some distance from Stockport. I hope you are successful. ]

I'm trying to trace my family history and came across your wonderful site. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any info. regards the Woods family - in particular Doreen Woods. From what I have found so far they appear to have been living on Knowsley Park (maybe gamekeepers?) during the early 1960's. Many thanks and keep up the great work!
Andy Tatlock <>
Bolton,Thu 11th Sep 2003 , 01:26:24 am

hello everyone,just visiting again.hi lilian walsh, i too lived in the bungalows, in huyton off western ave, the name of the was woodlands road. just thought i would run that by you, i lived there from late 40s to early 60s. well im out of here, bye wonderful site regards ann(murphy)buck
annie buck <>
athens,athens/ohio,usa,Wed 10th Sep 2003 , 12:39:52 am

I was bitterly disappointed to discover that "Whiston Central" had been demolished and replaced with a housing estate even though I hated every minute I was there! I wish I was still there!!!Nice site, keep it up
Edwin Stockley <>
Fri 05th Sep 2003 , 10:49:41 pm

I am seeking information regarding Charles Ashley born in the Runcorn area in 1842. He married a Fanny Shaw at St.Elphin's at Warrington in 1866 who lived near Walton(Warrington ?). Sometime later they moved to Widnes in the West Bank area.
T.Ashley <>
Lowton,Cheshire,England,Wed 03rd Sep 2003 , 11:30:47 am
[ Webmaster replies : I have added your comments to the guestbook but think it might be more productive to your research if you contact the relevant local authorities and see if they have similar web guestbook facilities. ]

This site is interesting as well as informative. Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings.
Manuel <>
Madrid,Madrid,Spain,Sat 30th Aug 2003 , 10:14:03 am

I have not seen this site for A while,great viewing paul blot have gotten your e-mail but cannot send you one...
bill shaw <>
perth,western Australia,Australia,Wed 27th Aug 2003 , 06:01:01 pm

Anyone remmeber the Howe`s who lived in Pitsmead Rd, Southdene, Kirkby between 1959 and 1962 ??? My dad was a teacher at St Kevins.
Michelle Howe <>
Blackpool UK,Lancs,Tue 26th Aug 2003 , 10:44:42 pm

I am looking for a man named John Clarke who lived in the Parbrook, Belton Road area of Huyton in the early 50's. He seved in Korea and went out there on HMS Devonshire. He had a friend named Kenny Hughes. Mr Clarke would probably be in his late 60's early 70's now. If you have any info please contact me.
Gillian Saunders <>
St Helens,Merseyside,England,Sun 24th Aug 2003 , 02:23:21 pm

Does anyone know the whereabouts of John Clarke.He would be in his late 60's early 70's. He came from the Parbrook, Belton Road area of Huyton. He served in the Korean War and left on HMS Devonshire. He had a friend named Kenny Hughes who married Nora Sullivan. I have been searching for him for quite a while, if anyone has any info please let me know.
Gillian Saunders <>
Liverpool,Sat 23rd Aug 2003 , 06:06:53 pm

I remember the Mayfair cinema very well as we used to go there quite often with my mam and dad. We used to get the number 74 bus from page moss to Huyton Village. I remember there was a big tree at the turn around point for the bus and this tree was surrounded by a small wall which we used to play on. This was adjacent to the tunnel under the railway station and in front of what we were told was "The Naughty Girls Home". I remember that road being lined with lovely big houses. The old school clinic was around the corner. Lovely memories.
ann cox <>
warrington,cheshire,england,Sun 17th Aug 2003 , 11:24:47 pm

i went to the mayfair with my mother when i was about 12 [1959]. we saw 2 films "jolson sings again"and the b picture was "silver chains" a western. if you look at the outside of "boots" you can see it was a cinema
dave tully <>
huyton,merseyside,england,Wed 13th Aug 2003 , 07:26:08 pm

I believe the site of the Mayfair Cinema is now occupied by Boots the Chemist. I seem to remember my Mother telling me this many years ago.
Whiston,UK,Tue 12th Aug 2003 , 06:04:39 am

hello again, i must comment on the wonderful job eileen hume is doing with this web-site, exellent!!--- i would like to know if anyone knew of the cinema called the "mayfair" in huyton village, it was on the left going towards the station, i think its a bingo hall there now, i was an usherette at the mayfair cinema, worked there for afew yrs. just thought i would jog someone's memory alittle to see if they remember the cinema or not. love this site, i will be back regards ann
ann buck (murphy) <>
athens,ohio/athens,usa,Sat 09th Aug 2003 , 09:39:43 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your nice comments. I have only seen a photograph of the mayfair cinema once and that was at an exhibition of Stuart Bale photographs at the Museum of Liverpool Life, am not sure if they have a copying service to enable you to obtain a copy, Eileen Hume ]

Subject: the search for Christopher Haynes born in Fakenham, Hants in 1951, current age 52 and VSO teacher 1969/70 NW River, Labrador

I am assisting Canadian Senator William Rompkey in searching for the
British Voluntary Service (V.S.O.) 18 year old teachers who served in the
Coastal communities of Labrador, Canada from 1960 - 70.

A Get - Together is already arranged from Friday 1 - Sunday 3 August 2003 at Pateley Bridge about 15 miles from Harrogate, Yorkshire, England but Chris Haynes is still "lost." We know Chris was born in fakenham, hants in abut 1951 believe he taught in NW River, Labrador from 1969-70 and would now be about 52 years of age. Should you have any information whatsoever about his current whereabouts would you kindly let me know as soon as possible?
Or, if you wouldn't mind forwarding or circulating this letter and photograph to your family, relations and any other people from your Address Book whom You think may be able to help that would be a most important contribution. Please do not allow this search to cease.
A Lifetime Honourary Award could be yours.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
All the best
Llewelyn Pritchard M.A.
CONTACT: Telephone: 44(0)1454 610050



llewelyn pritchard <>
Bristol,south glos,england,Sun 27th Jul 2003 , 08:14:01 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I have added your message but really do not think it is the most appropriate place to post, good luck anyway ]

Does anyone have a photograph of Roby Parish infant school? It was in station road, roby. It was pulled down and a new school built on the land which was itself pulled down some time later. The old school had just two classrooms in the early mid 50's with a screen separating them.
It was a small stone school similar to the old welsh schools on the same side of station road as the black and white cottages, placed between them and Roby station. If anyone has a photo of the old vicarage of Roby Parish church which Cannon Jarvis lived in could they contact me please, or in fact any old photo's of Roby.
Thank you, great site by the way.
Shirley Fletcher

Shirley Fletcher <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 27th Jul 2003 , 08:47:16 am

Nice site! Found it because of the mention of the Australian Thylacine - never realised one had lived so near Huyton! I was born in Whiston Hospital. When my father was demobbed we lived for a while in one of the little row of damp cottages behind the hospital just off Dragon Lane. Then moved to Liverpool 8 and around 1953 my father became manager of Cravens at Page Moss and we lived on the premises behind the shop. Saw some photos of Pagemoss shops recently and it has not changed much except the lurid advertising has spoiled the appearance of the Coop block. Seems Mr Frasers Garage still going opposite; he was a great and generous help with my first car, a 1930 Austin 10. I remember the little Lancs Public Library in Huyton with great affection. It was one of the best stocked for its size that I have ever encountered. Best to all,
Austin Hughes

Austin Hughes <>
Melbourne,VICTORIA,Australia,Tue 22nd Jul 2003 , 12:00:50 pm

It's been a while since I placed my first comment here in reference to my grand dad, HERBERT RAYMOND DACRE ROBINSON b. October 1902 PRESCOT & have also had a change of email so thought it best to update. Still enjoy reading all the mail, keep up the good work. Van Townsend.
van townsend <>
Quakers Hill,NSW,Australia,Fri 18th Jul 2003 , 09:46:34 pm

I attended roby comprehensive school and left in 1979 i am trying to trace a Then Diane Wright who lived at Bluebell lane huyton and also a cathy jordan i have lost contact over the last 15 years and now living in london and would love to hear how they are getting on the last i heared of diane is that she got married and had a child.
i am emigrating to portugal in 3 years time and would love to see them again before i go.

ruth ketchenson < .Net>
london,manor park,Fri 18th Jul 2003 , 01:38:46 pm

hello i've been reading the entries from feb 2001 and i came across one from tricia williams. i went to ruffwood around the same time and i know alan. i hung around with tommo, duffy,and derek green as well as alan. i think he's on the cabs now.haven't seen tommo for years though.
joe fulham <j.>
liverpool,england,Thu 17th Jul 2003 , 12:00:03 pm

Brilliant Site, I was actually looking up the villiage of "Clutton" and then decided to search further afield until I got "HOME". This site has brought back some wonderful memories. I used to live in Montgomery Rd, on the Bluebell Estate from 1964 to 1969. We then emigrated to Australia, I attended St Aiden's Infant's (Mrs Faulkner was the headmistress and Miss Mooney one of my teacher's)and Junior school (Mrs Darwin/Derwent ? being one of my favorite teacher's). Does anyone remember, Joe, Marie, Janet,Bernadette,Susan and Gary CLUTTON.
I remember, Kim Round, Anne and Linda Spoforth, Cathy Renison, Linda Doyle, Janice Cullen. I remember going past St Micheal's church every weekend on the way to my Grandma's, being brought up Catholic, St Michael's was strictly off limit's, but at the right old age of 9yr's, I went on the biggest adventure of my little life and entered the Church of St Micheal, and guess what?, nothing happend to me, not a bloody thing. Sure glad I was brave enough to go in there though !! hahaha

Janet Nicolson (Nee CLUTTON) <>
Canberra,A.C.T.,Australia,Fri 11th Jul 2003 , 05:03:51 am

i lived in 1 granite terrace hale veiw road huyton quary in 1950s up untill 1958 then we moved to wales, their was a railway accross the road from our house then , i wander if anyone else reading this will remember us our name was ambler, my dad had an ice cream van and sold icecream, i had a brother called peter, and a sister called dot, also a brother name is pauline, iwas chosen to be coronation queen in 1953 ,we held it in attwoods sheds because it was raining onthatday. please email me if anyone remembers our family.
derbyshire,england,grt. britain,Tue 08th Jul 2003 , 06:12:59 pm

My sister Sandra Carroll Kay just told me about the site and I love it. We lived in Knowsley in the 1950's and 60's. I would love to know more about the Maypole school that was located on the old estate. The head master was Mr. Chandler and he had 2 corgi's that he took to school with him every day. We lived on Kitling Rd. and then Riding Hill Rd. when the new estate was build in the early 60's. Any pics of that time period?
jacqueline Carroll Lopes <>
warwick,rhode island,usa,Tue 08th Jul 2003 , 02:32:26 am
[ Webmaster replies : Sorry we do not have photographs of the Maypole Estate in Knowsley Archives. However take a look through the past guestbook comments and you will find details of others that lived there ]

Just browsing for family lines & hope you've got a 2003 guestbook!!
I lived Prescot 34 years, now in Oz but very involved in family history so always seeking the following names:
Would anyone have a photo of DERBY SQUARE PRESCOT? It's gone now but if anyone has an old photo, please write as I need this to put in my family book and show the grandkids where we started married life.
Regards to all readers
Rita in Oz!

Rita Ramsdale <>
Sydney,Australia,Wed 02nd Jul 2003 , 08:53:12 am

does anyone remember quarrygreen school in northwood. some history and photos would be good. i left there in 74 or 75, can't quite remember that far back. i know mr topping the head master moved to eastcroft park in towerhill and their football team still wore the green and yellow colours. mr quarmby was a right swine but mr loydd (is that how you spell it)was great. thanks
j. fulham <>
kirkby,Tue 01st Jul 2003 , 10:42:06 am
[ Webmaster replies : It is an excellant idea to have some photos from Quarry Green on the site. Unfortunately we do not have any deposited in Knowsley Archives, if anyone wants to donate any or loan for scanning we would be very grateful. Initially contact Eileen Hume on the following email address ]

Hi, I'm trying to trace a Harold Pye, who was living or around Broadgreen in the mid 1950's. His parents may have been Jim and Annie Pye (nee Southart,and he may have married a girl with the surname Rigby, back in 1957. I'd really appreciate an email from anyone who thinks they can help me trace Harold Pye.
teresa wainwright <>
adelaide,australia,Tue 01st Jul 2003 , 04:43:00 am
[ Webmaster replies : I suggest you contact Liverpool since this is really their area, hoever hope you recieve some replies from this posting ]


Can anyone help, I am looking into family history, and I probably shouldn't. But I am trying find any information on the Birch family that lived in Whiston in the 1960s. There was Sam & Elizabeth, Elizabeths sisters were Ivy,Clara,Eliza,Effel Picklevance and a brother called James.
Sam Birch was quite well known & I belive had Birch Avenue named after him?

I would be greatful for any info.

Libby <>
Tue 24th Jun 2003 , 04:43:03 pm

hi can anyone tell me where i can find ancestral information of the stanley family.My GreatGrandfather George Jackson married the Earl of Derbys daughter around the 1800s hence the name Stanley-Jackson.My Grandfather was their youngest son Ely Stanley-Jackson,And my father would visit the late Earl at Knowsley when he was young but lost touch when my Grandmother passed away.He has since passed away and i would like to get more information about my family can anyone help? I would be very grateful
katrina stanley -jackson <>
Hastings,East Sussex,England,Sat 21st Jun 2003 , 11:55:24 pm

Does anybody no the height of Mercer Heights flats? We are having a debate about this. Some say they are 150 feet high.

Anybody know the actual height?

Ian Doyle <>
kirkby,merseyside,Tue 17th Jun 2003 , 12:54:10 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Have you tried contacting the planning department of Knowsley Council, they would very probably know ]

Hi There,
I hope you don't mind my writing you. I'm doing my family history and my BARR line came from Huyton with Roby. One of them was at Pinnington Place. My Robert Barr married Kate Bradbury of St. Helens in 1886 and I would love to find anyone on this line or Roberts Siblings. He was son of Walter Barr and Agnes Clave.
Roberts siblings were Alexander Clave Barr born 1860 Mochrum, my Robert Barr b. 1864 Claughton, John Barr b. 1866, James Barr b. 1870, William Barr b. 1872 Roby, Mary Barr b. 1873 and Elizabeth Barr b. 1877.
Thanks a lot,
B.C. Canada

Shelley Prelusky <>
Saanichton,B.C.,Canada,Tue 17th Jun 2003 , 08:51:46 am
[ Webmaster replies : I think you need to contact a private researcher to undertake this type of research. We do not have the facilities at the local history libray in Huyton to undertake this depth of search. have a look in any of the Genealogy magazines for addresses. ]

I was born in whiston and grew up there as a dad was born and bred there too..does anyone remember the murder that took place in whiston..2 young was gary miller(my cousin) the other i cant remember the name of...if any one has any info please forward it to my email address...many thanx
aj peers <>
luton,beds,uk,Sun 15th Jun 2003 , 12:31:03 am

Details of past members of the Knowsley Youth Orchestras and Choirs from 1974 - 1994

Where are members now?

Have members gone into professionals to do with Music , Dance and Drama

paul morris <>
Fri 13th Jun 2003 , 08:15:23 pm

I am trying to locate descendants of a Robert Atherton who married a Betty Fleetwood in 1813.They seemed to live in Kirkby and were farmers.There children were Thomas,Mary,Ann,James,Catherine,Elizabeth,Ellen,Margaret,Jane,Robert and William.If you can help i would be glad to hear from you.
Pam <>
Staffordshire,Uk,Thu 12th Jun 2003 , 09:56:25 pm

Paul Jones
LIVERPOOL,ENGLAND,ENGLAND,Tue 10th Jun 2003 , 04:45:03 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I have just discovered there is a technical glitch in that messages to the guestbook are not being forwarded to me for moderating to the site. many apologies I will sort it out as soon as possible.

Eileen Hume ]

ORLANDO,FLORIDA,USA,Tue 10th Jun 2003 , 02:45:32 pm

ORLANDO,FLORIDA,UNITED STATES,Tue 10th Jun 2003 , 02:08:27 pm

This is just a great site to go down memory lane, wonderful job indeed!!i lived in the bungalows in huyton, 19 woodlands rd, the rd is still there but not the bungalows,had some wonderful memories living there most specialy nieghbors& friends, the dugmoore's the taylor's the twiggs, the moore's, humphries. & friends like harold briggs, maureen draper. the was alot but i can't think of their names off hand. is there any maps of western ave& woodlands rd jeffries crescent, i would love to see them, plus anyone who knows me,my name was ann murphy.may contact me for old times sake thanks ann buck
ann <>
guysville,ohio/athens,usa,Mon 09th Jun 2003 , 05:12:18 pm

In the late 40s early 50s I lived at 169 Knowsley Lane. Directly across from our house there was farmland stretching as far as the boundary wall of the Earl of Derby's estate. I have been trying to find the name of the farm at that time. I think it was Patten's/ Patton's or something very like that. Does anyone remember? Also, as far as I can tell,the farmland, which stretched right up the Knowsley Lane hill to the main road to Prescot, has been built upon. When did that happen? Does anyone remember harvesting on the farm - the machine cutting first the outermost edges of the field and working bit by bit to the centre which drove all the field-mice into a sort of large boxing-ring whence they scarpered pretty quick! There were three shire horses on the farm. I think their names were Sam, Patsy and Dinah. Am I right? I would love to have pictures relating to what I describe and any bibliographical help relating to the history (18th century and onwards) of agricultural small-holdings in the Knowsley area. At the beginning of SONS & LOVERS Lawrence describes the effects of mining on the countryside of East Nottinghamshire. What I sense, reading in this site, is something similar. My memories are of green fields and woods and houses. But much of the country feel of Knowsley seems to have been diminished. Not lost entirely but somewhat lost (not to mining) but the need to extend the built environment. Quite unrelated, but interesting in another way - does anyone remember the cinema in Huyton? It was on the road leading up to the station on the left. It used to provide a 6d show for kids on Saturday mornings: cartoons, Flash Gordon and a big picture too! Seemed like good value, even then!
vincent paul <>
London,Sat 07th Jun 2003 , 11:48:24 pm

In the late 40s early 50s I lived at 169 Knowsley Lane. Directly across from our house there was farmland stretching as far as the boundary wall of the Earl of Derby's estate. I have been trying to find the name of the farm at that time. I think it was Patten's/ Patton's or something very like that. Does anyone remember? Also, as far as I can tell,the farmland, which stretched right up the Knowsley Lane hill to the main road to Prescot, has been built upon. When did that happen? Does anyone remember harvesting on the farm - the machine cutting first the outermost edges of the field and working bit by bit to the centre which drove all the field-mice into a sort of large boxing-ring whence they scarpered pretty quick! There were three shire horses on the farm. I think their names were Sam, Patsy and Dinah. Am I right? I would love to have pictures relating to what I describe and any bibliographical help relating to the history (18th century and onwards) of agricultural small-holdings in the Knowsley area. At the beginning of SONS & LOVERS Lawrence describes the effects of mining on the countryside of East Nottinghamshire. What I sense, reading in this site, is something similar. My memories are of green fields and woods and houses. But much of the country feel of Knowsley seems to have been diminished. Not lost entirely but somewhat lost (not to mining) but the need to extend the built environment. Quite unrelated, but interesting in another way - does anyone remember the cinema in Huyton? It was on the road leading up to the station on the left. It used to provide a 6d show for kids on Saturday mornings: cartoons, Flash Gordon and a big picture too! Seemed like good value, even then!
vincent paul <>
London,Sat 07th Jun 2003 , 11:47:47 pm

Interesting photographs of huyton and its people.Anyone know where there are any photographs of John Pendleton?. He was probably one of the first registrars of births and death in the area. He was the son of Peter Pendleton who was a school master. John was born in 1825. Other names related through marriage include Sephton,Ireland,Webster,and Wales. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
roberts <>
wigan,lancashire,britain,Sat 07th Jun 2003 , 12:10:58 am

Great site. I`m researching the history of Fazakerley and would welcome any suggestions you might have.
Any memories, stories, or photos anyone out there has would be truly appreciated.
Do you think the fact that the area crosses Liverpool city council and Knowsley council could hinder my progress?

Phil <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Thu 05th Jun 2003 , 05:12:10 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I suggest you contact Liverpool for information from that area ]

hi, iwas brought up in huyton quarry ,i lived at 1 granite terrace in the 1950s,my name was pauline Ambler.i was picked to be the coronation queen in june 1953,iwas crowned by a man called mr bob fowlks,he was a counciler ,harold wilson was intending to to do it but couldent attend. my father used to sell ice cream, my mother was a nurse at whiston hospital. ihad 2 brothers peter and david,asister dorothy, my parentshad more children but had them sister was adopted to the williams family in hoylake.they had a butchers shop. iwent to seel road schoolafter ileft huton hey school. i also went to st gabriels infant in the quarry. somebody must still have photoes of the street party held in granite terrace on june 2nd mothers name was margaret and my dad joseph,they called him freddy when he was out selling ice cream for pendletons.he later workedasthe gate man at b.i.c.c cables. if any person has any information and knew of us please email thanks.
paula britton <>
s.derbyshire,midlands,england,Wed 04th Jun 2003 , 09:42:06 pm

what a wonderful web site this is,thank you. i would like to see more photos& information of the "Bungalows" on western avenue in huyton. i lived in woodlands rd #19. off western ave. I left rupert rd huyton secondary modern school in 1955, i have fond memories there of my childhood days. i also went to parkview school, then went on to stockbridge lane school,for about 2 yrs, i was the oldest kid in the whole school there, played on a rounders team for the duration of my 2 yrs there, ah, those where the days i think mrs preston was the head mistress there at stockbridge lane school. thanx for the memories Eileen appreciate it, bye now ann(nee murphy)
ann buck(nee murphy) <>
guysville,ohio/athens,united states,Wed 28th May 2003 , 03:36:36 am

I would really appreciate it if anyone has a very old photo image of Court Farm Halewood or of the Old Brewery around 1880? it is now Court Avenue.

The Brewery was owned by the Moss family and later became Court Farm.
I would gladly pay for a reproduction of this image.
Many thanks. Danielle

Danielle Freedman <>
Liverpool,UK,Thu 22nd May 2003 , 04:56:11 pm

LOOKING FOR FRED BUMSTEAD OR HIS SISTERS BERYL AND CLARRISA.Fred was born in a bungalow at Rye mill my mother was Winifred Webb there mother and mine were good friends would love to here from them Fred is somewhere in Lethbridge Alberta Canada
candish <>
Rye,east sussex,England,Sat 17th May 2003 , 07:07:21 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Do not think you will have much success finding contacts from this site since it is used by people from Knowsley. Please try a site from East Sussex ]

I have come across an entry in my family tree that says "Thomas Molyneaux Seel Unsworth inherited the estate and manor of Huyton Hey in 1814.

I know a little about his son, also his father and grand-father and would be interested if the name appears in Huyton Hey's records?

Bob Unsworth <>
Bracknell,Fri 16th May 2003 , 10:39:28 pm

i am trying to get intouch with anyone who attended seel road school till 1973 i can remember some name from my class they were rita luby norman griffits gary dermott alan coddling sue webster if they are you or you know them please get intouch as it is now 30 yrs since we left.
eileen walton [george] <whatsthepigfor@ AOL.COM.>
knowsley,liverpool,Tue 13th May 2003 , 11:56:51 am

i attended seel road school till 1973 i am looking to meet up with anyone from that year rita luby alan coddling cary dermott norman griffits alan pool dave carr if you know any of these people or you are them please i would love to hear from you xx
eileen george
liverpool,knowsley,Tue 13th May 2003 , 01:07:22 am

hello, this website is awsome just came off it awhile there anyone out there who went to huyton-roby secondary school in the mid 50s, i would sure like to hear from you. trying to contact old friends from that school also from parkview school too thanks annie buck(nee murphy)

ann buck (nee murphy) <>
guysville,ohio/athens,united states,Thu 08th May 2003 , 07:13:05 pm

im trying to find some information about my school friends form huyton-roby secondary modern school class of 1955(thats when we left school) any information would be appreciated, i have afew names but no addresses thank you ann buck
ann (murphy) buck <>
guysville,ohio/ athens,united states,Thu 08th May 2003 , 05:32:24 pm

Does anyone remember Brookfield school Kirkby earlier than 1960 the only reason I ask is I left in 74 my sister Brenda left in 69 my other sister Susan left in 67 and my other sister was at brooky when it was A junior school for 4 years before that and if so when was it changed to A comprehensive school?and when did it open?and if anyone knows who was the first Headmaster.

bill shaw <>
perth,western australia,Australia,Mon 05th May 2003 , 05:25:14 pm


I was at Prescot Grammar School 1951-6 and still have my school report!

Stuart Sutcliffe(the so-called 'Fifth Beatle') was in my class at one time and in fact he told me he was in a beat group when I met him in 1960 in Liverpool. I was so surprised when he told me the silly name of the group("Beetles" - he didn't explain it was a pun) that I forgot to laugh.

Also in my class was Michael Cox, who had a minor pop hit in the 50's with his cover version of "Angela Jones". I have concentrated on pop music because I have been a rock'n'roll fan since 1955.

Whatever happened to Chris Hillier, who was my rival in English?(C.G.Hillier) From time to time I meet old PGS pupils but only a few. Who out there remembers "Spud" Hayward, "Judder" Hawthorne, Mr Scott, the French master, "Nanny" Huckle, "MEB" and the unforgettably sardonic and amusing Charlie Middlehurst?

Let me know if you do.

Neil Foster

Neil Foster <>
Brierfield, Nelson,Lancs,England,Wed 30th Apr 2003 , 09:53:57 pm

Great site , found as usual by chance.
Anyone attend St.Augustines , about 61-66 ??? Would like to here from you .
All the best...Willy :)

willy mc gowan <>
Hannover,Germany,Sun 27th Apr 2003 , 02:06:30 pm

Its great to read all the comments and the local history...paul blot e-mail me.
bill shaw <>
perth,w.a,australia,Thu 24th Apr 2003 , 08:14:00 pm

hello everyone who attended roby comp in the late 70;s.I've not lived in liverpool for a number of years as my husbands job as taken us to various location,s until we have now ended up in the fantastic city of perth western australia.I have on visiting Huyton bumped in to some old school friends but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.Can I just apoligise to any of my old teachers (if any are still alive) sorry for the hell I put you through but honestly i'm a changed person.
glenda coulthard nee mcgovern <>
perth,western australia,australia,Mon 21st Apr 2003 , 03:24:07 pm

Lillian Walsh (Nick Name Nelly)

I lived in the bungalows in Ashbourn Cr would love to here from any one that new me.

Lillian Walsh <>
Wales,Sat 19th Apr 2003 , 09:24:48 am

I am trying to trace a family that lived in Liverpool in the 1950's the name is William Balfour and Margaret Brown Nicoll, they had a son called William Andrew Nicoll, they lived at 136 Princes Road, Princes Park Liverpool 8 around 1950 and around 1956 they lived at 9 Dagnall Road, Westvale, Kirkby, Liverpool. Any information on the family would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you
Maggie Swaine

Maggie Swaine <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Fri 04th Apr 2003 , 05:28:07 am

I'm not exactly sure if this Knowsley refers to the one in Australia in the state of Victoria. My Great Grandfather lived there, his name was Thomas Milsom and there is a Milsom Street in Knowsley.
he origonaly came from bath and there is a Milsom Street there to.
If any one has any info on the Milsom family, and also was the street here in Australia named after this family.

danielle <>
Mooroopna,victoria,Australia,Mon 24th Mar 2003 , 12:21:38 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Sorry the Knowsley Local History site reflects the history of the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley and its predecessor authorities in the North West of England, formerly in the County of Lancashire before government reorganisation in 1974 ]

This is an impressive site, way ahead of other sites.
leo,lome,TOGO,Sat 22nd Mar 2003 , 07:15:36 pm

My Great Grandfather was a watchmaker in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, Moses Linton. He lived there from 1878 to 1891 when he passed at age 40. I am looking for information on him as well as my Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Linton (nee Bodell) who then moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada with my Grandfather and his brother where my father, Ralph Dale Linton was born in 1912.
Thank you.

Deborah Linton <>
Oshawa,Ontario,Canada,Sat 22nd Mar 2003 , 03:09:29 pm

I work for QVC on Knowsley industrial estate and someone has recently posed a question. Was the site QVC is constructedon, an old burial ground? I think there used to be a factory built there before QVC. Does anyone know, or can anyone point me in the right direction to finding the information as the curiousity is starting to drive us all mad!!!!!
Colin Cureton <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Mon 17th Mar 2003 , 11:26:32 pm

Hello all - can anybody help me find Sheila Byatt whom I knew in the late 60's. She lived in Kirkdale with her parents and brother. Did anybody know her ?
Leigh <>
Windsor,Berkshire,UK,Fri 14th Mar 2003 , 04:54:58 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Not sure how much success you will have posting this message to the Knowsley site since Kirkdale is in Liverpool, a separate local authority ]

I think the nearest School to Dinas Lane would be Huyton Sec Mod in Rupert Rd
Thomas Totten <>
Singapore,Singapore,Thu 13th Mar 2003 , 07:35:56 am

I can't seem to find any info on Whiston Central/Secondary Modern/Comprehensive(it was Known byall these names.I left school in 1970 and my maiden name was Duberry.Would like to hear from any ex pupils who knew me.
By the way, great site.

Christine Renshall <>
Prescot,UK,Wed 12th Mar 2003 , 12:47:53 am
[ Webmaster replies : The reason there is no information about Whiston Secondary Modern School on the site is that we do not have any deposits from the school in the archives. Have you tried looking at Friends United site ]

I'm trying to find out as much history as possible about the origins of the Hillside estate in Huyton. I would appreciate any photo's or info thanx it'd be a great help!
John Thompson <john.thompson83@btopenworld.c>
Merseyside,Tue 11th Mar 2003 , 11:13:17 pm

Does anyone remember the Griffiths family who lived at 14 Charnwood Rd Roby, I lived there in the 40's.
Pauline Murphy(nee Griffiths) <>
Randburg,Gauteng,South Africa,Tue 11th Mar 2003 , 06:19:16 pm

do u remember leeside ave?? and centre 66??
christine winters <>
Newry,down,n.ireland,Sun 09th Mar 2003 , 10:18:46 pm

Could anyone help me with some research please. I am trying to establish what Secondary School someone living in the Dinas Lane area of Huyton would have gone to during the 1960s. Many Thanks
Kay Cox <>
Birmingham,Wed 26th Feb 2003 , 11:04:28 pm

Found this site today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lived in Prescot from '42-'45 (father was in the Lancashire Constabulary.) Attended Prescot Grammar School (the wooden one!). The photos brought back some wonderful memories but I am wondering if time has affected my memory. PT 92 15 photo of ploughing? Looks to me like harrowing.PH 74 photo of German POW's? We lived on Central Ave and I distinctly remember Italian POW's working on the infrastructure prior to the pre-fab construction. This area used to be an old garbage dump often occupied by 'travellers' (gypsies)and towards the golf course were well occupied allotments. I am only sorry that I do not have a picture of the old steam engines, with solid tires, delivering copper billets to B.I.C.C
Altogether, one of the best sites I have ever visited. Best regards and thanks for the memories. Terry Alderson

Terence D Alderson <>
Don Mills,Ontario,Canada,Mon 24th Feb 2003 , 09:56:22 pm

Found your site whilst looking up uk history in general,although I have an interest in mainly Welsh history it was an evening well spent. Diolch yn fawr from Wales. If any visitors to your site have an interest my own site is located at
elwyn jones <>
holyhead,Gwynedd,wales,Mon 24th Feb 2003 , 07:39:42 pm

ive lived in ravenhurst way, whiston, merseyside since 1986.if anyone knows me u can send an email to
kerrie ferguson.

kerrie ferguson <>
liverpool,merseyside,uk,Fri 21st Feb 2003 , 12:20:02 pm

HELLO there I came accross this site accidently while searching for my ancestors David Williams Married Margaret Jones in 1903 or 1904 they came from Prescot Shaw Lane, also the Longworth family from Longtons lane in Rainhill, where I lived until 1950 and then came to Australia where i have been ever since, I attended Prescot CofE school and then attended Whiston secondary school my maiden name was Barbara Williams I have two sisters Margaret and Gwen, keep up the good work it is a great site regards to all
Barbara Gregory <>
WOLLONGONG,N.S.W,AUSTRALIA,Thu 20th Feb 2003 , 04:54:32 am

Looking for the class of '92 from Middleton Idaho.
Davida A. Ness <>
Great Falls,MT,United States,Thu 20th Feb 2003 , 04:17:16 am
[ Webmaster replies : Not sure how much success you will have from posting on this site since we cover the area of Knowsley which is in the North west of England. Good luck anyway ]

GREAT SITE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK more pics of page moss please eagle n child. princess drive. the shops
terry nelson <TERRY775715688@AOL.COM>
LPOOL,Sat 15th Feb 2003 , 04:19:56 am
[ Webmaster replies : Sorry we do not have any more photographs of the Eagle and Child or the area of Princess Drive. If you manage to find any though I can scan them and possibly add to the site. Please contact me, Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Kirkby Library, Newtown Gardens, Kirkby, Knowsley, L32 8RR 0151 443 4291 ]

Great site, i didnt realise that there was so much local history.
Has any body out there got information / photos of Stoves Ltd, or as it was known years gone by as Valor.

Keith Hynes <>
Rainhill,Merseyside,England,Tue 11th Feb 2003 , 10:19:48 pm

Enjoy the site.I am researching the family of JOHN BROWN who married ALICE HARRISON in 1871.On the 1881 census they lived in HUYTON QUARRY and 4 children including my grandfather THOMAS born 1876.
Keep up the good work.

Pam Medlicott (Brown) <>
St Ives, Huntingdon,Cambs,U.K,Tue 11th Feb 2003 , 08:51:26 pm

I am searching for any family information for Cornelius Fay born in Co.Offaly Ireland who married Anne Welden from St.Helens in the late 1800's.
Cornelius Fay <>
St.Helens,Lancashire,England,Tue 11th Feb 2003 , 10:56:23 am
[ Webmaster replies : I will post your message onto the guestbook but perhaps this is not the most appropriate site to ask for this information, since it is primarily about Knowsley. Do St. Helen's not have a similar facility? ]

this school is really good education wise
becky savage <>
redditch,worcesterhire,england,Mon 10th Feb 2003 , 04:40:45 pm
[ Webmaster replies : This site is not actually a school site it depicts the history of the area of Knowsley. ]

did anyone go to the Maypole school during the early 60s i am trying to trace angela carney I am the one the teacher tried to strangle ha.ha.
if you remember me get in touch

ocal115454 <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Wed 05th Feb 2003 , 02:21:49 pm

I am robin o'bobs (Robert Atherton)I have been in our loft recently and found many peoms written by Robin o'bobs.

We also found Roberts will and letters sent to him by the queen. We also found many Bibles in the loft presumably belonging to him, as he was the reverend in St chads church.

Great site by the way. I would like to trace our family tree further back but i'm not quite sure how to go about it, can you help?

Carole Atherton <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Tue 04th Feb 2003 , 11:47:47 pm
[ Webmaster replies : There has already been a great deal of research undertaken about Robert Atherton by a member of the Atherton family I suggest you contact them. ]

Just been browsing your site. fantastic and informative. Any chance aerial Photos of Kirkby might be included? St Kevin's School, All Saints, Ruffwood etc? think that would be interesting!
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Wed 29th Jan 2003 , 09:29:39 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If we had the photographs they could be added. The only ones we have that include St. Kevin's have already been included on the site. Will keep on searching for any possible ones to add though. ]

had hoped to find info on Shinkfield family from the area....Any ideas
Steve Cuthbert <>
Folkestone,kent,u.k,Wed 22nd Jan 2003 , 03:55:50 pm
[ Webmaster replies : You will need to employ a private researcher if you wish to do this type of research, contact details can be obtained from any of the family tree magazines. ]

just found the site, anybody out there go to st. columbas 1958-1962
tony bell <>
timaru,sth. canterbury,New Zealand,Wed 22nd Jan 2003 , 08:35:02 am

Hi Anyone go to knowsley woolfall 71-75?
send us a mail if you remember me or even if you don`t
I just wish I never sagged so much now.
where is everyone from then??
Also anyone who knocked around with me after school,woolfall shops or page moss shops ,get in touch.
take care now.

Willy Clark <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sat 18th Jan 2003 , 12:45:48 am

What a good site got it from my cousin in NZ He like me started life in Huyton
Im looking for people who went to
Grant Road school in about 1950 to 1954
it`s about the only school not listed but a lot of people from Huyton with Roby attended Im now 64 and have some old photographs and lots of memories
good luck to all Tom

Tom McCarthy <toms fakenham@toms>
Norwich,Norfolk,Wed 15th Jan 2003 , 03:50:05 pm
[ Webmaster replies : If you look back on the earlier guestbook pages I seem to remember other people who now live in New Zealand that originally came from Knowsley. If you want to share your photogrpahs if you send them to me, Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Kirkby Library, Newtown Gardens, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 8RR
email we can save copies in our new socail archive of Knowsley that we have just started. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Eileen Hume ]

I just surfed in. Looking for people who know any interesting sites about Aintree village 1909 to date. THis info is to be used for my presentation in two weeks time.
Mark <>
Liverpool,Aintree,UK,Wed 15th Jan 2003 , 01:56:08 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Again, Aintree is in Liverpool why don't you contact Liverpool Record Office and the Local History Library in William Brown Strrt Liverpool. They will probably have lots of information that you can use ]

Hello, Ex Pat from Liverpool area - interested in Family History surnames Grace & Wright both from the Merseyside area Farmers and Publicans. I was a pupil at Childwall Valley High School from 1940 leaving in 1947 - love to hear from any old classmates or anyone who was a member of Childwall Youth Club around 1947 - 1949. Best Regards from down under Maureen Reid (nee Webster)
Maureen Reid <>
Brisbane,Queensland,Australia.,Sat 11th Jan 2003 , 04:00:19 am
[ Webmaster replies : I have added your request for information but it must be remembered that this site is aimed primarily for people from Knowsley. I suggest you contact the Liverpool website for specific information from that area. However look out for a super new site that will be available later on this year, The Mersey Gateway. There will be lots of information and images from the whole of the Mersey Basin area online then ]

I am tracing my Mothers family tree. They were called Stanley and lived in Lane Ends, Eccleston from at least 1811 but some moved to Oldham in the late 19th century. Originally Henry Stanley b. 1811 was a blacksmith and his son James took over before 1881 when there were at least 3 Stanley families in the area - I assume at Lane Ends. can anyone point me in the right direction to follow this up - Census locations, parish records etc. Great site by the way.
Mike Hoddy <>
Worthing,West Sussex,England,Fri 10th Jan 2003 , 03:18:41 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your email enquiry. At Huyton Library we have the Census returns available and also Parish Records. You might have to consult the Local Studies Library in St. Helen's since Eccleston is in St. Helen's. Look at the Knowsley web page, and follow the links to the library pages and the local studies holdings. You will find details of all the parish records held there. Unfortunately we do not undertake research for private individuals so if you cannot make the journey up to Huyton you will need to employ a researcher. Please contact me (Eileen Hume) on 0151 443 4291 if you any further advice ]

Its been a few months since I last visited this site and what a lot you have added since then. My ancestors came from the Knowsley area and its nice to see all the old photos of what the area looked like in their day.
dawn chadwick <>
kendal,cumbria,Thu 09th Jan 2003 , 09:22:22 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your comments. If you have any material that you think would be appropriate for inclusion on the site, i.e. old photographs please send them, along with a short description to Eileen Hume, Local Studies and Archives Librarian, Kirkby Library, Newtown Gardens, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 8RR telephone 0151 443 4291 ]

Would love to know the whereabouts of two very good friends who attended the Prescot Grammar School in the late 30's John Chant and Billy Lyon.My E-Mail address is
My phone Number is area code is 518 346-1114.Thank You

Jeannine -Coates LLoyd <>
Schenectady,NY,USA,Thu 02nd Jan 2003 , 10:04:10 pm

I am researching the history of two families in Prescot namely RANGE and TAYLOR.
My ggrandfather Edmund RANGE 1851- 1912 lived at 11 West St and 8 Atherton St. I have a copy of his Obituary from the Prescot Weekly Times. He originally worked in the watch industry but later became the Assistant Overseer for Whiston.Iie administering the Poor Law relief)I have compiled an extensive family tree and would love to hear from any descendants of the RANGE family.

My grandfatherJoseph Critchley TAYLOR ran The Prescot Weekly Times at 6 Chapel Street (also known as Short St)and at Eccleston St and Market Place from 1892 to 1916 when it was auctioned by the local firm of Halsall's due to the outbreak of the War.I would love to obtain any copies of the newspaper and /or photographs of the shop etc.

I have received help previously from Eileen Hulme and the staff at Prescot Museum but thought it worth posting again in case any new readers can make a link.
PS Happy New Year to everyone

LIVERPOOL,MERSEYSIDE,ENGLAND,Mon 30th Dec 2002 , 12:14:38 pm

hi i am looking for anyone who went to st dominics rc huyton between 1972 and 1976 look forward to hearing from you.
pamela hutton <>
liverpool,huyton,england,Sun 29th Dec 2002 , 01:58:58 pm

I am triying to find out about school gangs in the late 1950's please help it is for a school project and i nneed it by 12-29-02 thanks.
Makeba manigat chatman
Sat 28th Dec 2002 , 07:32:11 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Sorry but we have no information available on this topic. Please consider contacting the archives of local newspapers. ]

Hi again
Had to change my email.Well looks like nobody's been in here since i last left a message.Sue Callaster email me.

Anne Cormack <>
Vancouver,BC,Canada,Tue 17th Dec 2002 , 07:26:34 pm

Its been awhile since i last visited this sight.I had a lot of probs on the pc so gave up for awhile.
Love the sight and reading all the entry,s,hope some time i will regonize a pal or they me.I never had much luck in tracking down a pal or someone that remembered me i guess i didnt leave to much of an immpression on any one back then.Here goes,i lived in jacquline dr,Huyton.Went to St Augustine of Canterbury on longview dr,(now thomas beckitt).between 1962-1966,had a twin sister called kathy,i went under the name anne owen.
Shot in the dark but you never know.
Bye for now

anne cormack <>
vancouver,bc,canada,Thu 05th Dec 2002 , 08:12:52 pm

I went to Whiston Secondary Girls school from 1969-1973.
Names I remember in my class are Nigel Backhouse, Angela Derbyshire, Susan Dennett, John McAleavy, Margaret Davies (from Huyton) with long red hair.
Does anyone remember me? It would be lovely to hear from you.

Susan Fitch (nee Good) <>
Norfolk,England,Thu 05th Dec 2002 , 03:18:57 pm

Family History
I am searching for any information on Alexander Lafon(e) who lived in Eccleston at some time the fact was recorded on his will he died in 1799. I wonder what made him move from Marylebone to Eccleston.

Sue Wilkie <>
NR. NEWBURY,ENGLAND,Sat 30th Nov 2002 , 06:04:23 pm

To help you with family history research, you are invited to view the detailed memorial inscriptions for St Chad's in Kirkby, Lancashire at
Rosalind Lloyd <>
Fri 22nd Nov 2002 , 11:50:39 pm
[ Webmaster replies : It would have been nice if you had asked permission to add the material from the Knowsley Local History Website to your information about St. Chad's Kirkby. This material, text, images and towntrail is all copyrighted to Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Please contact Eileen Hume Local Studies and Archives Librarian at Kirkby Library, Newtown Gardens Kirkby for clarification ]

Does anyone have any information on the life, forebears or descendants of Andrew Barclay Walker, the man who provided most of the capital for the building of the Walker Art Gallery in William Brown Street, Liverpool? He was also a famous brewer in Warrington, Burton-on-Trent and Liverpool.
He had 3 sons, Peter Carlaw Walker, John Reid Walker and William Hall Walker, all of whom were in the brewery business.
The connection with Knowsley Borough is that Andrew Barclay Walker’s burial is registered at Prescot in 1893, which appears to be his only link with Knowsley, unless someone knows differently.
Incidentally, keep up the good work with your fine site which is always interesting to someone like myself, who considers himself to be both an ex-Prescotian and an ex-Huytonian.
Neville Walker, Llandudno.

Neville Walker <>
Llandudno,Conwy,Wales,Thu 14th Nov 2002 , 04:55:21 pm

I went to St Lawrences school in Kirkdale between 1957-1963, I would love to speak to anyone from that time who went to St Lawrences, names I remember in my class were David Bentley, Stanley Cook, David Lloyd, Sidney Kirby, Love of my life at the age of 8 Lorraine Allen, the school is now an old folks home but the original building is still standing. I left Liverpool over 20 years ago, and now live in wales, but often visit Liverpool, and drive past my old school and as I said before would love to speak to any of the above or anyone else who was at the school at the same time, I had 3 brothers at the school, Walter,George,James,

Dave Cowling

David Cowling <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Wed 13th Nov 2002 , 09:22:44 am
[ Webmaster replies : I think you would be better posting your message on the website for Liverpool since this site deals with people that have been associated with Knowsley. ]

what a great site:
im looking for anyone who went to stockbridge juniors or knowsley woolfall school around 70/74, or anyone who new me (willy clark)
i used to knock round page moss and woolfall shops and would love to hear from anyone from back then, was it really that long ago?

Willy <>
Liverpool,uk,Wed 06th Nov 2002 , 08:46:48 pm

I am reading your web site for the first time, my husband Bill has told me about the site. I am actually trying to find a Pat Shinkfield (not sure of the spelling), she was my mums' best friend and bridesmaid 53 years ago, my mum is now 73 and has always wondered what happened to pat, mum lived at 45 aylton road Huyton for years, she married and left there and is now living in Kallaroo Perth West Australia. If anyone has information on Pat please e mail me.
Diane Shaw <>
perth,wa,australia,Wed 06th Nov 2002 , 11:19:24 am

Looking for info on Ann Stanley born Calke 25th Dec 1781 is said to be daughter of Edward Stanley 12th Earl of Derby and Elizabeth, Ann married Charles Brookes and they had a son Edwin Stanley Brookes who went to New Zealand any help in confirming this would be great.

Charlene Yetman <>
Newcastle,NSW,Australia,Wed 06th Nov 2002 , 06:34:29 am

The Prescotian Webzine for all former pupils of the Prescot Grammar and Comprehensive Schools has moved to over 1300 contact names, photos and message boards!
Trevor Powell <>
Bexhill-on-Sea,East Sussex,United Kingdom,Sun 03rd Nov 2002 , 11:29:26 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Long time since you posted a message, I was getting concerned. I think your website is excellent and refer enquirers to it regularly. Eileen Hume ]

The early editions of the Prescot Reporter include advertisements for my G Grandfathers Chemists shop in Market Place Prescot and among the listed items is "shot for the coming shooting season" This of course meant in Knowsley Park and I would assume it referred to the deer.This may help your query Charles Ellis
Charles Ellis <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,UK,Sun 03rd Nov 2002 , 04:05:21 pm

I've recently bought a pair of deerantlers mounted on a wooden plate stating 'Knowsley sept 19th 1859 H.J.'.
In doing some research I came upon this wonderful site for which I give you my sincere compliments. It was a real joy going through the history of your village. Anything you can tell me about the initials? Was there any hunting going on (by the earl's?) in the 19th century? Regards, Tony from the Netherlands.

Tony van der Heijden <>
the Hague,Netherlands,Wed 30th Oct 2002 , 09:01:17 am
[ Webmaster replies : Thank you for your nice comments about the site. There was hunting in Knowsley Park, it was one of the original deer parks in the area. In fact there are still shoots going on for pheasant etc. I suggest you contact Lord Derby's agent for information about the deer antlers. If you would like to email me at I will pass the details onto you. ]

Subject:- Family History
In researching my family history, I need details of my late mother’s parents, Thomas & Louisa Worboys who lived in Crossvale Road, off Tarbock Road in the early 1940s. They both died around that time but I can find no record of their funerals in the Huyton area.
Thomas was a gardener working at one of the big houses around Huyton Village, possibly one occupied by a gentleman named Tom Stone.
I realise the chances are slim of anyone being around who might remember anything, but if anyone does have any knowledge relevant to the above, including the whereabouts of Tom Stone’s house, please contact me.
Neville Walker, Llandudno

Neville Walker <>
Llandudno,Wales,Tue 29th Oct 2002 , 11:02:28 am

Excellent historical site,pity no photos of St Kevins RC Boys school which was in Northwood.When I was there it was the biggest Catholic Boys school in the world.cant remember but over 1000 boys in 8 houses.Cheers
Paul Keegan <>
Widnes,Cheshire,England,Mon 21st Oct 2002 , 04:05:56 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Sorry, but we have no photographs of St. Kevins school just some images with it in the distance, do you have any that you would like me to add to the site? Email if you have any images to add ]

I found this web site by mistake and thoroughly enjoyed reading some of the comments. I attended St Aloysius Twig lane Huyton from 1969-1980(Gonzaga)I remember the circus coming to town, staying one night and then vowing never to return, anyone who went to Gonzaga will remember the fun getting on the bus and getting off. They were the days!
michael pines <>
liverpool,huyton,england,Thu 10th Oct 2002 , 09:44:37 pm

I'm searching for a lady called Sarah Chadwick who used to teach P.E at beechwood school who left between the years of 2000-2001. Please e-mail me if you have any information that will help me contact her. Thank you xox
Stacey Summers <>
Slough,England,Mon 07th Oct 2002 , 05:50:57 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I suggest you contact the school. There are issues about data protection that you need to consider about passing on current addresses ]

I am wondering if site is active. I sent comments a few days ago but nothing has appeared. Any chance of acknowledgement. Comment related to book sought called Huyton with Roby
Graham Stevens <>
Upper Hutt,Wellington,New Zealand,Mon 07th Oct 2002 , 07:38:52 am
[ Webmaster replies : Yes the site is active I moderate it everyday except when I am on annual leave ]

Are ther any older Prescotians out there with nostalgic memories ? A few names spring to mind-Harvey Edwards,Ottie Ward,Donnie Green the milkman (twice daily),Nurse Walters Macdonalds the fruit and veg man Jim Weston and Harold Price the two Barbers in Kemble st, Lyons cake shop, the school board on his bike, Fish Maggie.The Sunday night parade along Eccleston St Market Place Kemble St and Aspinall St. Come out of the woodwork and give us your memories. Regards Charles Ellis
charles ellis <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,U K,Sun 06th Oct 2002 , 08:08:05 am

Fantastic site. Can someone help ex pat Scouse. I'm trying to get a copy of book "Huyton with Roby" by Alison Cassidy. ISBN: 0752403508. It has great photos ( a friend here showed it to me ). Will obviously be more than happy to pay cost plus postage. Thanks. Graham Stevens
Graham Stevens <>
UPPER HUTT,WELLINGTON,NEW ZEALAND,Thu 03rd Oct 2002 , 02:14:06 am
[ Webmaster replies : Have sent a copy of your email to the reference library in Huyton about the availability of this book, they will contact you soon ]

Steve Hesketh <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,G.B.,Sat 28th Sep 2002 , 03:15:50 pm

Does anyone remember an unfortunate incident in Knowsley Park early in the war when two Home Guard commandos were drowned whilst on exercise. They were swimming across the little dam when they became entangled in the weeds. The Father of another namely Bob Montieth rescued his son from a similar fate.It was a weekend training exercise with many unable to help.I was a member of the bugle band at age 16. Charles Ellis.Halewood Liverpool
charles ellis <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Fri 27th Sep 2002 , 08:12:22 pm

ST HELENS,M/side,uk,Tue 24th Sep 2002 , 10:32:54 am
[ Webmaster replies : It might be advisable to post this message on a site relating to Liverpool as well as the Knowsley site since we are a separate authority from Liverpool ]

Can anyone confirm the story I heard years ago that the Brickwall Inn at Tarbock was originally a slave compound and nothing more than a brick wall, hence the name. Thank you. Charles Ellis
charles ellis <>
liverpool,merseyside,england,Mon 23rd Sep 2002 , 09:28:39 pm

Just found the site. I was born in Moss st in 1926 then moved to Station Rd. Went to Oliver Lyme rd school(Mr Barnett)Whiston Central school left at the beginning of the war. Later lived in Manchester Road. My Mothers family were the Prescot Websters and I have a lot of the family history but could use more. Regards Charles Ellis
charles ellis <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 22nd Sep 2002 , 10:57:16 pm

this site is cool. i live in stockbridge village. ive lived here all my life but i didnt know there was so much history around here. i found this site by mistake but ill add it to my faves.
steve jones <>
liverpool,Sat 14th Sep 2002 , 03:45:56 pm

I am looking for Betty Gibbons, Lenny Watson, Gerald Murphy, Dave Hayes. We all lived in Barford Road, Huyton in the
1947-1950's. I went yo Longview Comprehensive School, so did Betty Gibbons. I left Liverpool in a hurry and didn't say goodbye. I would love to get in touch with any of these people. My website address is

Sheila Edwards <>
Leeds,North Yorkshire,England,Fri 13th Sep 2002 , 12:02:55 pm

LIVERPOOL,KIRKBY,ENGLAND,Fri 13th Sep 2002 , 01:17:22 am

Family History request.
I am searching for descendants of the HIND family. They were recorded as living at 42 Eccleston St. Prescot on the 1901 census. My Grandfather HENRY WILLIAM GLAZEBROOK HIND, who founded the ironmongers shop in Eccleston St. was the head of the household, his children:- HERBERT HENRY: WALTER JAMES CROSSLEY (my father): EDITH ANNIE: & FREDERICK CHARLES. his two sisters EMILY ELIZA & ALICE HELEN & brother ALFRED PERCY all lived with him.
I would welcome any information. I would be willing to share what information I have. Thank you.
Could you please give me the contact address for the Prescot Historic Society. I think it was run by Mrs. Bailey of Stanley Cres. (my ex. teacher)
Elizabeth Butterworth (nee HIND)

Elizabeth Butterworth <>
Bury St. Edmunds,Suffolk,UK,Tue 10th Sep 2002 , 09:36:27 pm
[ Webmaster replies : The latest contact we have for Prescot Historic Society is Lily Glover on telephone number 0151 426 2870. The Society meet at the Methodist Centre, Atherton Street prescot on the 4th Thursday of each month starting from September at 7 O'clock ]

Family History request.
I am searching for descendants of the HIND family. They were recorded as living at 42 Eccleston St. Prescot on the 1901 census. My Grandfather HENRY WILLIAM GLAZEBROOK HIND, who founded the ironmongers shop in Eccleston St. was the head of the household, his children:- HERBERT HENRY; WALTER JAMES CROSSLEY (my father);EDITH ANNIE: & FREDERICK CHARLES. his two sisters EMILY ELIZA & ALICE HELEN

Elizabeth Butterworth <>
Bury St. Edmunds,Suffolk,UK,Tue 10th Sep 2002 , 09:28:47 pm

what an interesting find i will definetaly be keeping an eye on this site,2 questions Q1.where did the name charlottes pagsy come from for the woods at the top of melling mount, do i get into the knowsley archives? thanks ill definetly send this site to my brother in n.z.

michael mawdsley <>
LIVERPOOL,kirkby,england,Tue 10th Sep 2002 , 12:29:31 am
[ Webmaster replies : To gain access to Knowsley Archives please contact Eileen Hume, the Archivist on 0151 443 4291 or email
The archives have been closed for 3 months due to rewiring and we have only just regained access this week so work needs to be undertaken tidying up etc. Access is by appointment only. Please contact me on the above number/email and let me know what type of records you are interested in. ]

xstepgirl <>
buffalo,N.Y.,usa,Mon 09th Sep 2002 , 10:35:52 pm

Hi there, I was born and bred in Prescot, joined the Royal Navy in 1953 at the age of 15, previously attended Our Lady & St Josephs school on Scotch barn lane. After discharge in 1960++ and a disastrous marriage, came out to Thailand where I've been ever since. Any one remembers me after all this time please get in touch. Would particularly like to hear from those guys who were in the navy at the same time, e.g Peter Derbyshire, Roy Kenyon, Johnny Ellison and others. Would also love to hear from anyone who was in the Huyton & Roby Sea Cadets with me, around 1951/52Looking forward in anticipation to some kind of response. Cheers!!
Jim Hargate <>
bangkok.,Thailand,Thu 05th Sep 2002 , 09:37:55 pm

Attention Irene Fitzpatrick of Stockport. I know some Bullocks but did not have any luck reaching you, contact me if you would like to follow up. As for this website enjoyed it very much. spent much of my youth Holidaying in around Merseyside specifically Huyton where my great Aunt lived. Have great memories of playing on King George playing field and later in life going out to the "locals". Maybe an addition to this site could spotlight the pubs of these towns, bye for now.
Craig <>
Atlanta,GA,USA,Mon 02nd Sep 2002 , 08:03:23 am

Just reposting my surnames on the offchance that somebody else may have a connection.I am researching JOSEPH CRITCHLEY TAYLOR
sylvis walker <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Sun 01st Sep 2002 , 08:10:25 am
[ Webmaster replies : Not sure what information you require, perhaps it would be better to post a message again including more details ]

Born in Huyton 1944, lived at 43 Huyton House Rd until moving to Bristol in 1965. Worked at Cronton Colliery as a fitter, and now trying to find out more about the colliery, and also trying to contact friends on Merseyside and elsewhere from the 60's and before. Lots of info about the area on the web site, needs time to scan through it all. Good to see people who have left for foreign parts still want to maintain contact
John Enell <>
Bristol,England,Fri 30th Aug 2002 , 08:11:47 pm

i am looking for greenalls from st.helens. my grandfather james greenall was born in 1890. his mother alice greenall later married john brown miner from isle of man. if you are or know of any greenalls that could be related i'd like to hear form you.
georgia booker <>
niagara falls,ontario,canada,Thu 29th Aug 2002 , 10:30:52 pm
[ Webmaster replies : I suggest you contact the Local Studies Library at St. Helen's since they will be more likely to hold the appropriate records ]

I am interested in SPEKEFIELD COTTAGES on Wavertree/Tunnel Road. I don't know if they're still in existance... but I'd love to have a photo of where my gg grandparents lived. Can anyone either give me a more accurate address, or know the whereabouts of an old photograph?? I didn't have any luck at the Huyton Library.
suzy withers <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Tue 27th Aug 2002 , 08:02:14 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Suggest you try Liverpool Central Library, Local Studies Section or Liverpool Record Office at William Brown Street Liverpool since this is their area and they would be more likely to have the photographs (if they exist) Huyton Library only have the lists of the photographs of Knowsley Archives ]

I am tying to tace any members of Knowsley Youth Orchestra or details about Knowsley Youth Orchestra.

The conductor was Mr Morris and his wife conducted Knowsley Youth Choir.

I enjoyed many happy years with the Orchestra and we played at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall every year for a Christmas concert.

Any information would be appreceiated

Margaret Quillan (nee Lloyd <>
Liverpool,Merseyside,England,Fri 23rd Aug 2002 , 08:44:42 pm

I went to Oulton High Schoolin 1935 ,the girls moved to Childwall Valley and I was there until 1942when I went to Liverpool University . I married Paul in 1946 and we migrated to Australia in1965 . I would be interested in any shared memories
Jean Ritter (nee Finch) <>
Perth,Western Australia,Australia,Fri 23rd Aug 2002 , 09:30:39 am

As an old boy of Huyton Secondary Modern, having left in the same year as Freddie Fowle(Freddie Starr, the comedian) in 1958, I cannot understand why you have chosen to leave him out of the "Famous People" page? I am now living down in Buckinghamshire, in Princes Risborough, Freddie, I believe lived about twenty miles from me in Virginia Water until he took up residence in Spain. I moved down from Huyton in 1987 having lived there since 1945 prior to this I lived in Scarletts Well in Bodmin and North Wales where I was born on the 18 May 1943 in Tyn Ffrywdd Farm, Penrhyndeudraeth. I have two sons who still live in the Merseyside area.

David B Sears <>
Princes Risborough,Buckinghamshire,England. UK.,Mon 19th Aug 2002 , 04:19:24 pm
[ Webmaster replies : It has to be remembered that this site was completed in only 3 months so we had to be selective on the material we used. At that time we had no information available on Freddy Starr, if you would like to provide some information about him I will try to add to the site but technically it is difficult to add to that particular section. We are hoping in the future to undertake a community history web site and we could possibly include information about him then.
At the end of this year there will be a super new website available called The Mersey Gateway which shows the development of Liverpool and the Mersey basin, all the local authorities have submitted material for inclusion into this site. ]

I have been in contact with a number of ex colleagues and friends who worked for Huyton UDC in the treasures Dept who have asked me to to arrange a reunion. If anyone is interested please e-mail me.
Alan Gray <>
Wed 07th Aug 2002 , 11:38:28 pm

I'm doing my family history, looking for the names WITHERS and CASHMORE. Resident in Huyton around mid 1850's. Even the smallest piece of information would help... Hopefully I can make a trip to Huyton soon, is there a genealogy society in Knowsley??
Suzy Withers <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Wed 07th Aug 2002 , 11:31:52 am
[ Webmaster replies : Sorry but there is no genealogy society in Knowsley, quite a few small local history societies though but they do not undertake genealogy research. However there are a tremendous range of resources available at Huyton Library in the Local Studies section. When you visit please telephone 0151 443 3738 and book a reader printer. The staff are very knowlegeable and will point you in the right direction for appropriate material. In the mean time have a look at the Knowsley library web page
follow the links to library resources and most of the genealogy material in fiche/film format is listed. ]

I'm interested in Kathleen Freeman (1897-1959) - father Charles Henry Freeman of Birkenhead and mother Catharine Mawdesley of Southport. I do not know where Kathleen was born. She attended university in Wales and lived near Cardiff. She wrote Classical books and (as Mary Fitt) novels, mysteries and children's books. Any information would be gratefully received.
Eleanor Irwin <>
Toronto,ON,CANADA,Tue 06th Aug 2002 , 05:46:48 pm
[ Webmaster replies : Not sure if you will receive any feedback concerning this enquiry from this site since it is really aimed at the Knowsley area. Suggest you look for a more general list to post this request for information. ]

Hello everyone in scouse land!
Brilliant site - I like the Web masters comments too.
I have just come back to the site after
a year absence. My email has changed and
I would like to hear from any old mates
(or new ones).
Does anyone know - Brian Ferrington,
David Gambon, Mike Hartley, Stan Phillips,
Mary Breen, Gail Sommers?
I went to Saint Kevins 1962-1966 then joined
MANWEB and loved going to Billy Martin's Dance
school and the 'She club' are they still
going? I emigrated to Canada in 1975.
I Would love to hear from old friends.
Please contact me with any information.

David Mansfield <>
Calgary,Alberta,Canada,Mon 29th Jul 2002 , 07:08:38 pm

This is a great site,but, it seems that all the people I went to school with have either dropped of the planet or don't own a PC.Come you lot let's be havin' you.
Brian Heaps <>
W-S-M,Somerset,Sat 27th Jul 2002 , 11:30:51 am

I lived St David's Road Liverpool 14 Went to St.Dominic's I now live in Tennessee.Anyone remember me??Please get in touch.
Does anyone know of a Peter Burke who lived on Parbrooke Road would like to know how he's doing

Kathy Klopfer Buoey <>
Nashville,Tennessee,United States,Thu 25th Jul 2002 , 10:29:03 am

I am amazed at the history that Huyton has and i lived their most of my life.
Its a shame that the Schools in my time did not do the history of huyton.
Which i think would give people a pride in where their roots are.

Terry Harrison <>
Maidstone,Kent,United Kingdom,Mon 22nd Jul 2002 , 01:53:00 pm

Just revisting the site again. Mainly to change my email adress and to say keep up the good work, It is a way of keeping contact with the 'old' country.
Thanks to this site I have been in touch with an old friend of my childhood, we had not seen or spoken to each other for 50 years. I spoke to her the other night on the phone and we now are in contact by email. A big thanks to Jim Baxter who managed to track me down from my last visit to this site.
June Berman (qualter)

H.June Berman (nee Qualter) <>
Melbourne,Victoria,Australia,Mon 22nd Jul 2002 , 05:29:23 am

I went to live in s.dene Kirkby appros. 1954 when it was all new. I was one of the first pupil;s at Brookfield. comp. Came to Aust. 1963...just fro 2 years but forgot to go back. Have had 3 trips back home. last one for 12 months...far too long...those awful short days...that awful cold...but the lovely people made up for that. Names that come to mind...Vonny colbeck. carole beesley. Ivy connoly. valerie webb. Brenda & eunice reid.Johnny spong. So many to mention. would love t